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28 February 2014

A wild lily in the Sabie area after the recent rains.

SIC for sick computers 8

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From the editor

stant factor is God. Our future is not in the politicians hands, but in His. Our country is unique in its makeup, and although the rainbow in the rainbow nation sometimes is not so bright, we still are fortunate to stay in this beautiful country. We complain and whine when things are not going our way, but have you ever thought that it only takes one person to change the world? If each one of us let go of the ungodly trinity in our lives me, myself and I and replace it with you, us and God, we will have a country of heaven on earth. Let us with this election have patience with each other, respect each

GPS News 22 Main Road, Sabie Tel: 01 3 764 31 27 Fax: 086 574 3454 Editorial/Advertising: Valerie Kemp, tel: 083 565 9458 E-mail: Reporters: Gerda van den Bos (Graskop): 083 324 7254 @GerdaGraskop Michle du Plessis (Sabie): 072 797 1 487 Graphic design: Belinda van der Sandt Editing and layout: Pedrie Roberts
others views without violence and intimidation, and care for each other. It is, after all, our country.

res. Jacob Zuma announced that South Africas national and provincial elections will be held on Wednesday 7 May. Immediately when hearing this, depending on your age, your mind wanders back to the first free elections in South Africa in 1994. All the fear and uncertainties of that time was the topic of the day. Twenty years down the line, there might be more potholes, major service delivery problems and more crime, but the uncertainty is still prevalent. My comfort, and I am sure for millions of other South Africans too, is the fact that there is one thing that never changes. The one con-

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26 February




Jackaranda Breakfast Show broadcasted from Petenas Pancakes in Sabie. 06:0009:00. Meet and greet Jackaranda presenters 09:001 0:00.

Idea for guitar finger picking workshop

I invite all young guitarists of Sabie to a guitar finger picking workshop that I would like to hold in Sabie. The way I see it happening is like this: we all meet on a Saturday afternoon at a venue in town and I show you the various finger picking techniques I know. Then you all go home and practice for a couple of weeks, and apply it to your own music. We will then hold another workshop to see how you are doing, and from then on you are on your own. It wont cost you anything, other than having to buy some thumb-picks, possibly a capodastrae, and of course start growing the nail of your first finger of your strumming hand. I think you will find the experience quite inspiring, and if you are interested please phone me, Tony Moore, at 013764 2553 to take the idea further. Tony Moore

man om n bietjie deur die dorp te ry en dit te besigtig. Groot was ons teleurstelling toe ons sien wat n varkhok jul dorp regtig is. Dis is seker van bo blink en onder stink. Ons kon nie glo Sabie was die dorp van die jaar nie. Waarna het hulle nou eintlik gekyk? Ons kom gereeld Sabie toe (twee keer per jaar) en ons kan ongelukkig die agteruitgang waarneem. Die strate is in n toestand (slaggate en geen rommelverwydering) nie. Ook word gras nie gesny nie en die sypaadjies lyk chaoties. Maar nou ja, dis seker maar weens geen dienslewering nie, soos by so baie munisipaliteite. Die GPS Nuus wat ek gratis gekry het, het darem interessanthede vir n besoeker bevat. Daar is nog mense wat omgee. Hou s aan. Cecile Rademeyer, Germiston

1 March

Painting demonstration in oils by Louis Audie. Bookings essential. The Loft at Trips ZA opposite St. Peters church, Sabie. 09:30. Contact: 01 3 764 11 77.

1 March

Fundraising for Pro Life Pet Rescue. Theme: 1 01 Dalmatians. Dress: black and white. Floreat Riverside Lodge, Sabie. 09:00. R1 00 per person (includes a light lunch). Contact: 084 764 9066.

Thanks for help with mile

Sabie Swimming Club would like to give a big thank you to Keith Coghill, Greenview Spar, The Woodsman and Les Lithgou for their help with our fourth mile swimming event on 8 February.

8 March

Local businesses deserve support

Ladies golf day in Pilgrims Rest. Contact: 084 060 5023.

We all need to eat, and with the price of petrol, and although Sabie is a small town, it is becoming more and more feasible to do our grocery shopping at our local Greenview Spar, even though we are spoilt for choice. Greenview Spar is very much part of the community, and we are fortunate to have Gerhard, Rina and their team in our town. I also noticed that a new butchery called Meat King opened up at the bottom of Main Street next to Supa Quick. When satisfying my natural inquisitive nature, I was pleasantly surprised. Their staff were friendly, and the interior and exterior of the shop beautifully decorated in Big Five motives. I would like to wish these youngsters all the best with their new venture, and would like to appeal to our residents to support them. Their prices are very reasonable and the biltong excellent. In the difficult economic circumstances in South Africa and worldwide, they are very brave, but I am sure with hard work, quality products and a positive and friendly demeanour, they will make a success.

1 4 March 29 March

Are you brave enough?

As a responsible, law-abiding citizen I would like to ask my fellow residents the question: If you are faced with corruption and bribery from government officials, do you pay up or shut up? In our society, we are usually too scared to speak up about wrongdoings, and thus the people get away with it. On the other hand, if you speak up, you open yourself up to victimisation. It is a difficult situation that I am sure many South Africans of all races have to deal with. What will you do when faced with such a situation? Our country is beautiful and we have so much to be grateful for, but I just feel that if we keep quiet, we actually give our approval and the corruption will not stop, but escalate. I honestly think that if we as fellow citizens do the right thing and stick together, we will be able to make our country a better place. South Africa needs people to stand up not by violence, but by reporting bribery cases. And if there is no response, to take it further to the media so that the perpetrators can be exposed. Are you prepared to risk it?

Local Gospel Skouspel. Manna Church, White River. See p. 9. Donkey derby. SCCT fundraising event. Contact: 072 1 28 1 098.

1 9 April

Sabie Primarys annual Gods Window dirt ride. Contact: 01 3 764 1 328.

Dorp is n varkhok
Ek was bevoorreg om die naweek van 16 Februarie n gas in Sabie te wees. Ons was die Sondagmiddag n bietjie verveeld (n kuier en besienswaardighede besoek) en toe besluit ek en my

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Kiesers s hul s
Op 7 Mei gaan Suid-Afrikaners weer in die nasionale en provinsiale verkiesings stem. Michele du Plessis het n paar plaaslike inwoners gevra of hulle vertroue in die regering het en of hulle gaan stem.
Andrew Mashaba: Yes, I did register and I am going to vote. I still have faith in the government because Ive seen a lot of changes since I started to vote and we will still see a lot of changes.

Jenifer Nomsa Sedibe: I registered to vote. I still have faith in the government, but they need to change some things. They must fight corruption. They must think about the ordinary people. They must stop employing people in departments of which they have no knowledge. Jolandie Ferreira (34): She must still register to vote and want to go and make her cross. She has no confidence in the government because of the high crime rate, corruption that is rife and the poor service delivery in Thaba Chweu.

Kristie Vorster (19): Sy het nie geregistreer nie en sal nie stem nie. Sy meen dat die regering net beloftes doen en dan die beloftes verbreek. n Regering het n verantwoordelikheid teenoor sy kiesers. Daniel Mamabolo: I did register and I will vote. After every vote, I see a lot of changes. But, the wealth should be spent more wisely, not just on one person. There are a lot of criminals and I believe if there are more jobs there will be less criminals. I think a woman president will be the right choice because women do more for the people. With men everything goes too slowly. Nhlanhla Mokoena (22): He registered, but is still deciding whether he will vote. He has no faith in the government, and thinks that it is not doing enough for the youth. The unemployment figure is high, and maybe a new government will do better.

Ben van Jaarsveld (72): Hy het geregistreer en sal stem. Hy meen dat as mens verby die kleiner goed kyk, is die regering in die algemeen nie te sleg nie. Hy meen mense moet saamwerk, nie teen mekaar nie. Margret Gumede (50): She registered and will vote. She thinks the government is okay, but is worried about the high level of corruption, which is doing a lot of harm. Local service delivery is bad because there is not enough competent people doing the jobs. They must employ people who are fit for the jobs.

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Divine Junction in White River.

A passion to help in the struggle to lose weight

ivine Junction Medi Spa in White River was born out of a vision in a dream given by God.

At the head of the medi spa are Dr. Hendrik Toerien and his wife, Marinda. His passion for the treatment of overweight patients started 16 years ago and has grown from just an interest to an absolute passion to help people who struggle to lose weight. Toerien is a general practitioner in White River, and has also joined the Slender Wonder group. Slender Wonder is a medical weight-loss programme that treats patients who struggle with being overweight or obese. Only Slender Wonder-accredited doctors who were trained by the organisation are allowed to prescribe and distribute the programme. Besides the weight-loss program, Divine Junction offers laser treatments, Botox and fillers, chemical peels, cellulite treatments, hair styling, massaging and also full-spectrum beauty products and treatments. The centre has a coffee shop on site, as well as an interior design branch of Lateral Designs managed by Iilona van Niekerk. The centre is a tranquil haven designed to soothe your senses and create a sanctuary where you are spoiled and pampered. Experienced therapists are waiting to welcome you with a host of pampering experiences designed to meet your personal needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Hendrik Toerien and his wife, Marinda... owners of Divine Junction. The centre is a member of Aamsa (Aesthetic and Antiageing Medical Society of South Africa), and Toerien is an executive member for Mpumalanga. In 2011/12, Toerien received Slender Wonders national Top Doctors award. Join Divine Junction for a pampering spa experience that will leave you revived, relaxed and rejuvenated at affordable rates that will have you returning again and again.

Tannie Dollie word 88

Willie Kruger
Tannie Dollie Snyman, n inwoner van Sabie Aftreeoord, het op 9 Februarie 88 jaar oud geword. Tannie Dollie is in Kuruman gebore en het op Douglas grootgeword en skoolgegaan. Sy het in die munt in Kimberley gewerk, en late baie jare lank in Saltlake en Pretoria gewoon en gewerk. In Julie 1997 het sy na Sabie verhuis. Sy is een van die oudste inwoners in Sabie Aftreeoord. Sy is al baie jare lank vir die aftreeoord se tuine verantwoordelik omdat plante haar passie in die lewe is.

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Oscar swem om te help om geld vir behoeftige diere in te samel, met Kobie Gruber aan sy sy.

4de Sabie Myl bring rekord

Michele du Plessis

ud en jonk het die vierde jaarlikse Sabie Myl, wat Sabie Swemklub op Saterdag 8 Februarie aangebied het, aangedurf, voltooi en geniet. Deelnemers aan die Sabie Myl swem 1600 m, of 64 keer die lengte van Sabie Country Club se swembad van 25 m. Annemarie Dressler het n nuwe rekord van 23 minute 4 sekondes opgestel. **Sy is n geregistreerde, praktiserende biokinetikus en meesterswemafrigter. Kobie Gruber, mylorganiseerder en afrigter by Sabie Swemklub, s: Ek dink dit is merkwaardig dat vier van die tien mense wat die beste gevaar het, ouer as 50 jaar is. Annemarie Dressler, die 50-jarige vrou wat die beste tyd behaal het, het ook n alghele rekord opgestel. Swem is n sportsoort wat almal selfs honde kan beoefen. Mense van alle ouderdomme kan daaraan deelneem, ook kompeterend. Swem oefen elke belangrike spier in jou liggaam, veral die hartspier, en die kans op beserings is baie klein, s Kobie. Romilly Abercrombe, op 65 jaar die oudste swemmer van die vierde Sabie Romilly Abercrombe (65 jaar), oudste swemmer van die Myl, het die 64 lengtes in 45 minute vierde Sabie Myl (45:51). By hom is sy kleinseun. Die groter 51 sekondes voltooi. Romilly het n sy seun is Jol van der Walt (13)van Sabie Swemklub wat die myl soos n sterk en gesonde jong man uit tweede beste plaaslike swemmer was (24:48). die swembad geklim en alle eervir sy gesondheid en die geleentheid om aan s n op24 minute 48 sekondes die tweede beste onder die bouende sportsoort te kan deelneem, aan die Here plaaslike swemmers en algeheel vyfde. Heinrich gegee, s Kobie. Gruber, met n tyd van 24:59, was sesde en Kobie Carola du Plooy (Van Dam) was algeheel tweede Gruber sewende met 26:17. Elke swemmer het n met n tyd van 23 minute 36 sekondes. Die eerste medalje en n geskenkpakkie, geborg deur Van plaaslike swemmer, en algeheel in die derde plek, Heerden Apteek, ontvang. was Francois Retief met n tyd van 24 minute 15 Sabie-inwoners wat nog voor die winter n sekondes. Hy is n voormalige provinsiale swemmer. amptelike myl wil swem, kan Sabie Swemklub by Jol van der Walt (13)van Sabie Swemklub was met kontak.

Oscar swem vir Pro Life

Michele du Plessis
Oscar, hond van Anton en Kobie Gruber van Sabie, het op Saterdag 8 Februarie by die Sabie Myl sy kant gebring om geld vir Pro Life Pet Rescue te help insamel. Oscar, n kruising tussen n sleehond en n rifrug, het in die geheim geoefen om n hele nege lengtes te kon swem. Daardeur het hy R350 vir Pro Life ingesamel en ook gesorg dat nog drie kaartjies vir die organisasie se 101 Dalmatians-modegeleentheid (op 1 Maart; lees Sosiale Kalender op bl. 2) verkoop word. Terwyl Oscar geswem het, het Debbie Mller omstanders meer vertel oor Sabie Pro Life se werksaamhede om behoeftige diere te help. Elke jaar durf n geheime swemmer die Sabie Myl aan. Oscar was die eerste viervoetige deelnemer, en by sy aankoms is die liedjie Who Let the Dogs out gespeel. Hy het ook n medalje ontvang wat Debbie aan hom oorhandig het.

Tien topswemmers

1 . Annemarie Dressler 23:04 (nuwe rekord) 2. Carola du Plooy (Van Dam) 23:36 3. Francois Retief 24:1 5 4. Ernest Coetzee 24:1 7 5. Jol van der Walt 24:48 6. Heinrich Gruber 24:59 7. Kobie Gruber 26:1 7 8. Kobus du Plooy 26:1 9 9. Jedidja van der Walt 27:34 1 0. Sonet Vermaak 27:45

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A bright green tale...

Richard Allingham
The gardener, who was assisting with the search, shrieked out in panic, saying that the owner must have left it there as a deterrent to thieves. With its bright green colour, one could have thought it to be a plastic toy snake. But I immediately realised that it was indeed an unannounced guest trying to sneak into a bit of free accommodation. The gardener was ready to fetch a big stick to beat the intruder to death, but I managed to gently remove the drawer, covered it with a cardboard box, and carried it out into the veld. It took quite a bit of firm coaxing with a long stick to try to dislodge a now very agitated snake out of its cosy sleeping quarters. Then, suddenly, it sailed off and disappeared into the grass. The wily creature actually got away without paying for its overnight stay!

When my wife, Tina, and I get to manage various lodges as locums, we have some interesting challenges to contend with from time to time. There are occasionally the more mundane problems... broken pipes, power failures, or TVs, lights and geysers getting blown out by power surges. Weve even had a rain storm washing half of a lodges garden into the swimming pool. However, I recently had a rather unusual experience with a very irate guest at a lodge out on a farm. One morning, I was looking for keys in the office. After pulling open the top drawer of the desk I froze. There in the drawer lay a curled up, vivid green snake. Later, we were able to confirm that it was a boomslang.

Scaly intruder in the office drawe of the lodge.

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The skilled team at Sabie Internet Caf... Sumarie Steenkamp, Jan-Hendrik du Plessis, Darrel Roberts and Tinus van Jaarsveld.

Computer repairs and IT solutions at local cafe

s the popularity of using computers for just about everything continues to increase, people without their own computers, business travellers and those on holiday have a growing need to be able to gain quick and easy access to computers and the internet. Filling this gap is SIC, or Sabie Internet Caf, which also provides comprehensive IT solutions, service and sales. The driving force behind SIC is Jan-Hendrik du Plessis (23), who is pouring all his IT passion, experience and skills into this business. As an entrepreneur Jan-Hendrik saw that a need in the market for such a business due to the volume of tourists in the area, and because of the

distinct shortage of IT professionals who can assist both businesses and individuals with their computer and networking needs. At the age of 14, Jan-Hendrik started to experiment with and to repair computers, using magazines to expand his knowledge while learning by trail and error. After he had matriculated, he studied at Computer Technical Institute (CTI) in Nelspruit and obtained a diploma. He worked at York Timbers in Sabie as an IT trainee. After three years and having been promoted to senior technician servicing all branches of York across South Africa he resigned. Jan-Hendrik has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to build

up his own company. The companys employees are a young, vibrant bunch, ready to assist with computer breakdowns. Their services range from computer repairs, virus and malware removal, Windows repairs and data recovery to hardware upgrades and replacements in fact, any IT-related hardware or software problems. They will even install printers. An important part of their business, is to install and maintain both cable and wireless networks for businesses. They have recently completed setting up Wi-Fi hotspots for local business clients. They also offer a professional and affordable web designing service tailored to the specifications of the

client. Their IT sales include mice, keyboards, cables, flash drives, memory cards and other peripheral items, while they can sell and custom-build computers and provide printers and cameras. And then there is the all-nightlong LAN evenings held every second Friday at the shop. The cost involved is R150 if you use one of their computers, or R100 if you bring your own. Now no youngster in Sabie can complain about being bored on a Friday night. The shop in Main Street (next to Dr. Wynne Lieberthals rooms) is also a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have a sick computer, trust SIC to help.

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Spectacular night of praise coming

If you love gospel music then the Local Gospel Skouspel is a must on your calendar. The show will be hosted at Manna Church between White River and Rockys Drift on Friday 14 March. Marinda Toerien created the vision and dream to start a gospel show with local talented artists three years ago. With no experience of planning or organising such an event, Marinda started and hosted an extremely successful event that has grown over the years. The event is hosted as an annual fund-raising project for Children in Distress, a non-profit organisation that has been looking after elderly people and children in the greater White River area since 1989. Children in Distress hosts a number of drives that encourage the community to become involved in the outreach, and together with Local Gospel Skouspel they will be able to achieve their goal of reaching out to other. A saying by Mother Theresa If you cant feed a 100 people, then feed just one drives them to assist in the fight against hunger and poverty. Some of the artists performing at Skouspel are teachers, pastors, students, housewives, estate agents, farmers and even a comedian who all have a passion for Jesus, and the event is to inspire the audience and to motivate them with the powerful message of love and hope while bringing praise and worship to God Almighty. Local Gospel Skouspel promises a spectacular night of musical praise and workshop. Do not miss out on this evening. The tickets are on sale for R100 and R50 for children under 12. Tickets will be available at the door, or call Marinda on 013750 1406 or 082441 6694. Tickets will be on sale of GPS News office in Sabie as well. The event starts at 19:00. Refreshments will be on sale during the break.

Polkors se sprokiespolisie

Polities korrek. Alles moet mos deesdae polities korrek wees. Daar is soveel minderheid- en meerderheidsgroepe wat op die korrekte terme aandring dat ek nie meer byhou nie. Volgende gaan daar n groep wees wat kinderstories ook na n polities korrekte weergawe sal wil verander. Akroniem: Polkors Polities Korrekte Sprokies. Dit sal meer aanvaarbaar vir almal in ons rainbow nation wees. Dink maar aan Jan en die boontjierank. Dit sal nou Jonas en die patatranke word. Sneeuwitjie en die sewe dwergies sal Renboogrosie en die sewe lengtegestremde persone wees. Of alternatiewelike, kort persone. Maar definitief nie dwergies nie. Aspoestertjie gee die greenies en feministe aanstoot. So, sy sal Groenpoestertjie word. Die toaster verander in n elektriesekarretjie-koets. Die lelike susters sal nie meer fugly wees nie. Dis te lelik om so te s! Hulle sal as visueel onaanvaarbaar beskryf word. Die goeie fee sal die Unemployed Persons Employment Consultant word en in vinnige Afrika-tyd vir haar n rok saamflans van recycled materials. Ek glo Black Label-doppies en swart sakke sal heavy feature. Die prinses en die ertjie verander in Precious en die peanut. Beauty en die Beast word Tandeka en die Tokkelossie. En die hemel val nie meer op die hoendertjie se kop nie dit ontstel die vegetarirs heeltemal te veel as iets

Alternatiewe Anna
met n free range hoendertjie gebeur. Raponsie word nie meer in n toring toegesluit nie. O nee! Sy word nou n political prisoner op Robbeneiland en haar hare is afgeskeer om luise te keer. Maar die prins wat haar moet red, het nog stds n Flat Wheel. Geen prinsesse soen meer paddas nie, want dit is seksuele teistering en dieremishandeling. Die Grimm-broers draai in hulle grafte om en Hans Christiaan Anderson kou sy eie polse af. Enige nuwe stories sal draai om die tema van Sipho red n renoster of Winnie en die walvis. So kan ek aangaan tot mre toe. Dalk ook nog die politiek bysleep. Die meeste beloftes van politieke leiers is ook mos net feeverhale, of hoe? Poof, en weg is die RDP-huis. Dis nou n R200 miljoen mansion. Cool, n?


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Doeltreffende stellings om voorspoed te lok

ons vir n kind s moenie daaraan raak nie, doen hy dit dikwels juis. Positiewe resultate word verkry deur positiewe verklarings te doen. Deur n positiewe stelling te uiter, verkry jy die verlangde resultaat. Ek is kalm en rustig in elke opsig van my lewe! pleks van: Ek verloor nie my humeur nie. Sit gevoel in jou stelling Benadruk sekere woorde in jou stellings. S dit asof dit reeds gebeur het. Glo dit! Ek s kalm en rustig in elke opsig van my lewe. Versterk die stelling deur sterk positiewe emosies te gebruik Hoe sterker die emosie, hoe groter is die trefkrag van die verklaring. Ek en my kind respekteer en vertrou mekaar; ons luister en hoor mekaar. Ons verhouding groei elke dag en in elke opsig! Wees persoonlik en op die man af Die verklaring moet bereikbaar en onderhoubaar wees. Ek is positief teenoor _______ (noem die naam). Ons verhouding groei elke dag. Ons beweeg nader en nader aan mekaar. Wees spesifiek met die einddoel My kind voer my versoeke uit. Hy is elke dag getrou in sy huiswerk. Of met massa as voorbeeld: Die ideale massa vir my is ______. Stel ho verwagtinge wat amper aan die onmoontlike grens Die ideaal is dat jou verwagting, droom of wens jou eintlik bang moet maak. Mense s dikwels: Ek kry nie genoeg geld nie; aan die einde van die geld is daar nog baie maand oor! S dit positief: My inkomste s voldoende. Ek kom al my finansile verpligtinge met gemak na! Dit is ook belangrik om dan verantwoordelik op te tree. Dis baie belangrik om te onthou dat n positiewe verklaring soos n leun voel, want dit is mos nog nie waar nie. In Hebrers 11:1 staan daar ons moet oortuig wees van die dinge wat ons nie sien nie. Plaas n wag voor jou mond en let op wat jy kwytraak. Jy kan voorspoed of tespoed oor jou, jou gesin, die samelewing en die regering verklaar. Wat jy s, is wat jy gaan kry. Aanvaar die positiewe, die oorvloedige, die gelukkige en die mooi in jou lewe wat jy verdien. En verklaar dit.

ukkel jy om die geluk te kry wat jy voel jy verdien? Ervaar jy dat dit wat ek wil doen, dit doen ek nie, maar dit wat ek nie wil, dit doen ek wel? Gebruik eenvoudige, direkte en positiewe verklarings vir wat jy wil bereik. Die onderbewuste reageer nie op negatiewe verklarings nie. Inteendeel, wanneer ons positiewe verklarings gebruik, kry ons resultate. Die positiewe verklarings is die enigste en beste manier om die brein te herprogrameer om die gewenste resultate te verkry. Hier is n paar wenke om jou brein te herprogrameer en in die lewe te ervaar wat jy glo jy verdien en jou toekom. Herhaal die positiewe verklarings wat jy begeer elke dag 20 tot 30 keer.

Sarah-Jane Siebrits Geregistreerde private maatskaplike werker 084 500 6519

te kyk wat gebeur. Maak n stelling asof dit reeds be-reik is Ek s kalm en rustig! pleks van: Ek kan kalm en rustig wees. Wees in alle omstandighede posi-tief Die brein registreer nie negatiewe stellings nie, byvoorbeeld: Moenie aan n pienk olifant dink nie. Of as

Gebruik die teenwoordige tyd in jou stellings Ek s in elke opsig van my lewe georganiseerd, pleks van ek wil nog.... Gebruik woorde asof dit reeds waar is, of dit nou is of nie. Gerbuik di stelling as jy gewig wil verloor: Ek is elke dag maerder en maerder, ligter en kleiner. Of in Engels: I am slimmer and slimmer every day, lighter and freer in every way. Ek daag jou uit om dit elke dag 20 tot 30 keer te s en

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Valentines celebrated with dance

Michele du Plessis

Valentines Day ought to to be celebrated, and the leaders at Sybrand van Niekerk High School held a romantic dance for the pupils. Prizes were awarded to the following people: Valentines ball winner best couple: Muelelwa Nempumbuluni and Lebo. Best-dressed couple: Brenda Matubatse and Life Silaule. Mr Independent: Ntando Mdhluli. Miss Independent: Sbongakonke Shange. Best-dressed female: Ripfumelo Nkuna. Best-dressed male: Keith Mawela.

Attract sunbirds with feeders

Attention all bird lovers: Feeding hummingbirds is an easy, inexpensive and rewarding pastime. All you need is a feeder, white sugar, colourant and water, and you are all set. You make a nectar mixture of 15%-18% sugar in water to attract and feed the birds. The most important criteria when selecting a feeder are that it is easy to clean and easy to fill. In order to be a responsible host, you must keep your feeder very clean and full of fresh nectar. Choosing a feeder that makes these tasks easy to do. Feeders should be able to come apart so that all parts can be reached for cleaning. The good news is that a local gentleman, Vernon Scooby, produces stunning and practical feeders. The retired engineer started producing the bird feeders at Aster Garden @ Sabie, his wife, Barbaras, florist shop. They are on sale at the shop, and will provide hours of entertainment watching colourful sunbirds come to feed on the nectar. This is an ideal gift for a bird lover close to your heart.


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Apartment to rent
Upstairs apartment to rent. R4 000. In Sabie town centre. 2 bed, 2 bathroom (1 en-suite). Pre-paid electricity. Available immediately. Not suitable for elderly or disabled. Andrew: 083 966 5089.

Scrap removal

Broken, unwanted scrap removed for free. Contact: 079 829 9095.

Sudoku: The objective is to fill the 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 33 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.

The next issue of GPS News will be published on 14 March 2014. The deadline for adverts is 5 March.



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Graskop athletes stay busy

Gerda van den Bos

In February, Graskop Primary Schools athletes competed in three events in six days. At the circuit athletics meeting in Sabie on Friday 7 February, they won 11 gold and 7 silver medals. Twenty of the schools athletes qualified to compete in the district athletics championships to be held later this month. The next day, they competed at Skukuza in a friendly competition between five Lowveld schools. On 12 February, the sprinters and relay athletes competed against schools from as far as Barberton and Malelane in the second Lowveld Speed and Relay Bohlale Sebopela and Itumeleng Ngobeni Athletics Challenge at won gold medals at the friendly athletics Horskool Rob Ferreira in championships held at Skukuza Primary. White River. Afterwards, the Photo: Graskop Primary School young Grassies were all smiles as everyone brought an award Louisa Matthee, athletics manager, home: first, second and third place said they are pleased with their athathletes received gold, silver and letes performances. The school is bronze medals, and fourth, fifth and proud of Vuyo Kock, who is in gr. 7, sixth placed athletes received gold, but competes for Horskool Rob Fersilver and bronze certificates. reira in the u/14 age group.

Panorama announces leaders

Panorama Secondary School in Graskop announced its prefects and class leaders for 2014 during school assembly on Wednesday 19 February. The class leaders, a boy and a girl for each class, were chosen by the learners. The school has 11 prefects this year 5 of them are in gr. 12, 4 in gr. 11 and 2 in gr. 10. They are on the left from the top: Duncan Seoke, Haran Zitha, Mphoentle Gwaze, Ziggy Masuku and Shorn Tieties. Right from the top: Praise Mathebula, Charisma Mashego, Lethabo Maboi, Lethabo Malebe, Sizwe Mhalanga and Enrica Mkhonto. Gerda van den Bos


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Going all NATURAL

Gerda van den Bos
Natural is in, weaves and braids are out. The girls at Panorama Secondary School are sporting creative natural hairstyles after the principal announced that an old rule to ban weaves and braids was to be reinforced again. Rachel Jacobs said some of the girls wore artificial weaves that looked untidy and out of place with the school uniform. She encouraged the girls to go all natural. At a recent visit, GPS News took photographs of the more creative styles among the gr. 8s.




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Principal Daan Rossouw (middle) with Glory Hill Primarys new teachers, Maretha Visser and Nesbert Wafawanaka.

Glory Hill Primarys star athletes... In front is Nhlanhla Letswele. Middle: Nake Mogau, coach Aubrey Sibiya and Manzini Zwele. Back: Tshegofatso Sithole, Tumisho Monareng, Ndlovu Itumeleng, Charlotte Masehgo and Attalia Monareng.

New teachers for Glory Hill

Gerda van den Bos
Glory Hill Primary in Graskop welcomed two new teachers this year. This was after its farewell of Alta Rossouw end of last year. Alta now teaches at Sabie Primary. Maretha Visser teaches Afrikaans for the gr. 4 classes, while Nesbert Wafawanaka is shaping the young minds in gr. 5. Principal Daan Rossouw said the school is grateful to have the two new teachers on board as Glory Hill Primary now has grown to have 925 pupils.

Athletes perform despite lack

Gerda van den Bos
Graskops Glory Hill Primary recently competed in the circuit athletics championships in Sabie. Even though the school does not have its own athletic track and field to practise on, ten of its athletes qualified for the district championships that will be held in Sabie on 28 February. Attallia Monareng won four gold medals, while three of the schools athletes won hurdle races even though it does not have hurdles they can use for practices.