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14 March 2014

Jacaranda brings love 8

Hope for the roads 4

Wet wet wet 14

Victim centre needs help 14

101 reasons to support Pro Life

Fashion event brings in R45 000 for pet rescue read p. 3

Marina Good playing the part of Gruela de Vil at the 101 Dalmatians event presented by Sabie Pro Life Pet Rescue.

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From the editor

One year old already, is that possible? With a shock I realised that our newspaper will be turning one year old on 1 April. It is with a grateful heart towards God, my colleagues and the advertisers for making this possible. We plan to give the newspaper a facelift I believe that a change is as good as a holiday, but need your help and assistance. From this issue on, we are also expanding to White River. If you have any information or story that you think should be in the newspaper, please let us know. Our towns are blessed with so many interesting and diverse people, artists, athletes and many more. Help us to share your good news with the community and readers. Contact us, and help us to make GPS News an interesting and worthy newspaper, filled with pos-

GPS News 22 Main Road, Sabie Tel: 01 3 764 31 27 Fax: 086 574 3454 Editorial/Advertising: Valerie Kemp, tel: 083 565 9458 E-mail: Reporters: Gerda van den Bos (Graskop): 083 324 7254 @GerdaGraskop Michle du Plessis (Sabie): 072 797 1 487 Graphic design: Belinda van der Sandt Editing and layout: Pedrie Roberts
more? In the final analysis, GPS News is there for you and about you, but without your input it is impossible. I pray that our in our second year we will go from strength to strength.

Social Calendar Sosiale Kalender

Let us know about any events for placement in the Social Calendar. It is free!
If you are is interested in playing chess every Thursday afternoon at Sabie Country Club, call Alfred on 076 901 9858.

itive community news. Give us some feedback on the past year. What did you like or dislike? Do you want the word search or not? What should we report on

1 5 March

Sabie Flea Market. Covered area at Pets of Eden. Contact: 073 706 1 027.




29 March 29 March

Donkey derby. SCCT fund raising event. Contact: 072 1 28 1 098. Sabie street fair. Between Post Office and Standard Bank Contact Jackie for a stall: 072 61 9 3271 .

Thank you, Peter and Telkom

I had been without my landline for five days, with no sign of anything happening. With a sick husband at home and the need to phone doctors, family, etc., I was becoming somewhat frustrated. One day, whilst in my car in town, I saw a Telkom van. I stopped and called out to the driver and told him my problem. I didnt think much more about it, but the next day I received a phone call from Telkom whilst in oncology at Mediclinic. Unfortunately, the caller was not able to hear me and all I could say was: Phone me at 2 p.m. At 14:00, a Telkom van arrived at my gate, together with the gentleman I had seen the previous day. Peter Makofane immediately set to work to attend to my problem and assured me that, with a sick husband, he was not going to leave until my landline was working again. He was true to his word and sorted everything out in short order. Thank you, Peter, for caring and for resolving my problem so quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. You really went above and beyond the call of duty and I truly appreciated your efforts on my behalf. I phoned Peters supervisor to tell him what an excellent man he has in Peter, and Im sure others will at some time or another benefit from Peters expertise and commitment to his job. It was a great experience for me to receive such excellent service. Keep up the good work, Peter and Telkom! Jean Roberts

needed new tyres. I called late in the afternoon, and Wimpie assured me it would be there the next morning. They called me and said I must bring my vehicle in. One of the staff members noticed that there was brake fluid leaking onto the tyres due to rubbers perished, and notified me thereof, but because of the emergency, I decided to have it investigated at a later stage. Just as I wanted to leave to start the journey, I realised there the brakes were not working at all. I returned to Supa Quick and they solved the problem for me in a record time. Appointing Wimpie as the new manager was a wise move, and I will refer all my friends and family to Supa Quick Sabie. I thank you for excellent service. Anne-Marie de la Rey

29 March

Painting demonstration in oils by Louis Audie. The Loft at Trips ZA opposite St. Peters church. 09:30. Contact: 01 3 764 11 77.

11 -1 2 April 23-25 Mei

Sasol International Rally. Vrouekamp te Aan De Vliet. Aanvoerder van die stryd. Spreker: Dr. Leonie Jonker. Kontak: 082 525 1 684.

Surprised by friendliness
Firstly, greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My wife, Jackey, and I recently moved to Sabie and we were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the town folks. Besides the beauty and splendour of the surroundings, the residents are outgoing, and they welcomed us into their community. I am a professional hair stylist with more than 30 years experience, including international, competing in the London Hair Olympics in 1994. My wife is a professional nail technician with 18 years experience, and we plan to open up a related business in Sabie. Until we find suitable premises, we will be working from our salon at our house. We want to bring world class service to our town at affordable prices. Look out for our advert in the next issue of GPS News. Blessings, and remember Joshua 24:15: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (NKJV). Keith Henriques

7-8 June

Orienteering. Contact: 082 447 8876.

1 4-1 5 June

The Graskop Blue Swallow Festival. To participate contact 082 465 2827 or

Supa Quick is really quick

I would like to thank Wimpie (the new manager at Supa Quick, Sabie) and his staff for their professional service. I had an emergency and had to go to Vanderbijlpark, and

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Fashio nable to care for animals T

he 101 Dalmatians fashion show and fundraising event brought in more than R45000 for Sabie Pro Life Pet Rescue. The event was held at Floreat Riverside Lodge in Sabie on Saturday 1 March. Locals modelled morning, afternoon and evening wear donated by various boutiques and individuals. Clothes, wine, paintings and other items were auctioned. Marina Good played the part of Cruella de Vil, the evil woman in the 101 Dalmatians movie. Lunch was provided by The Woodsman restaurant. The master of ceremonies was Dave Walters of MPower FM. Debbie Mller was the event coordinator. The purpose of the event was to raise funds to build kennels in Nelspruit for the local organisation to assist distressed animals. Karin Erasmus started Pro Life Pet Rescue in 2011 after she had received a call from the reptile park in Hazyview informing her that someone sold a dog to them for crocodile food, but they did not have the heart to use it. For the past three years, they helped on average 400 abused, homeless and hungry animals animals per year. Pro Life will not euthanize animals unless a vet suggests it due to health problems. In 2012, Annelize Cloete of Sabie joined forces with Karin and became Sabies representative. Debbie assisted with the search for local premises, but later they decided to rather build the kennels for Sabie animals at Pro Life Nelspruit. Debbie said: Many people helped to make this possible. I cannot thank everyone by name, but it is not possible. However, I want to single out Joy Comley as the person without whom this would not have been possible. For more information on Sabie Pro Life Pet Rescue contact Debbie on 082 222 2204. The banking details are: Pro Life Pet Rescue Nelspruit, Standard Bank, 030260965. As reference use Sabie and your name.

The winning table of Vernon and Barbara Scrooby of Aster Garden @ Sabie.

Barbara and Vernon Scrooby with Debbie Mller at the winning table.

Two of the models... Danuelle Burger and Gladys Mashego.

Annelize Cloete, Karin Erasmus and Debbie Mller at the presentation of the money.

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Jacaranda FM se Love Tour-but langs Petena Pancakes in Sabie.

Jacaranda FM besoek Sabie

Michele du Plessis
is nie aldag dat jou gunstelingstemme op n radiostasie jou dorp besoek en jy die mens agter die stem kan ontmoet nie. Op Dinsdag 25 en Woensdag 26 Februarie het Sabie-inwoners die kans gekry om die aanbieders van Jacaranda FM se ontbytprogram te ontmoet waar hulle van die parkeerterrein by Petena Pancakes uitgesaai het. S n toer verg baie opofferings van baie mense, nie net die aanbieders nie. Khumsa Mlungwana, die radiostasie se bemarking-en-geleentheidskordineerder, s dis soms baie moeilik. Ons staan elke oggend vieruur op om te gaan werk. Ons hou maar deur BBM tred met ons geliefdes. Die mense in die klein dorpies is so vriendelik en tegemoetkomend. Hulle laat ons welkom voel. Sarel van Sabie het n dis onder aanskoue van die omstanders voorberei. Hy is beoordeel deur Richard van Petena Pancakes, Stefan van Laevelder en MJ Mashego van die polisie in Sabie. Richard het gedink die kos is baie lekker, veral die salsa, en het Sarel n volle 100% gegee. Stefan en MJ het hom sewe en agt uit tien gegee. Bronwyn Hardick, wat sosiale media vir Jacanda FM hanteer, het ges Sabie is beslis die mooiste plek wat hulle op die toer besoek het. Die uitsig is die mooiste van al die plekke van waar ons uitgesaai het. We came to spread love on the Love Tour, but instead we received so much love from the people we met. Ill definitely come back to visit Sabie. The people are just amazing! Intussen het die leiers van Laerskool Sabie die haka in hul Jacanda-T-hemde gedoen. Die aanbieder Maljan het ges dis ongelooflik om die mense te ontmoet en die energie te ervaar. Dit is ongelooflik vriendelik in die kleiner gemeenskappe. Hy s mens raak gewoond aan die hotelkamers en dat hy sy nonnatjie van die afgelope sewe jaar baie mis as hy weggaan. Die een mens wat hy op die toer ontmoet het wat hom die langste sal bybly, is die Sabie-inwoner George Georgiades. Al die aanbieders stem saam dat die kos wat hulle by The Woodsman geet het, die beste op die toer was. Dit was rrig comfort food, het Bronwyn ges.

Rian van Heerden, hoofomroeper van Jacaranda FM se ontbytprogram.

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Tour falls in love with Pilgrims

Frieda Paton

he team from the Jacaranda Love Tour were given a solid taste of the experiences Pilgrims Rest has to offer, even though it was a short lunch-time stopover. These included Royal Hotel, gold panning, and a donkey cart ride. Locals dressed in Victorian attire were amongst the crowd that met the colourful bus when it rolled into Uptown. The first stop was Royal Hotel. A drink and a chat in the Church Bar were followed by a choice buffet in the restaurant. After lunch, presenter Maljan had a chance to try his hand at gold panning. Pilgrims resident David Kahtz gave a demonstration in the panning pit in front of Stables Restaurant, and then it was Maljans turn. Even using a small childrens pan seeded with extra large nuggets he complained that it was not as easy as it looks. That was when Olive, the proprietor of Stables, ran up with a fiery shooter for courage. Maljans first find was a golden ring that which was placed in the pan. This was, after all, the Love Tour. The next stop was Downtown and Piet Langoor Oosthuizen brought the donkey cart, pulled by Vonnie and Meraai, to pick up the passengers. But they had to wait, and carrots were brought for the restless donkeys. The reason was that presenter Dianne Broodryk just had to do some quick shopping at one of the local gift shops.

Maljan has his turn trying to find gold in the pan.

Jacaranda FMs communications manager Ryan van Heerden with Sarel van Sabie and GPS News staff members Shilleen van Niekerk and Belinda van der Sandt during the stations Love Tour visit to Sabie.

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Plans in place to fix Graskops roads

Gerda van den Bos
hlanzeni District Municipality appointed a contractor to fix the potholes and drainage problems in Hugenote Street in Graskop. The project was delayed due to rain. According to Kemmy Mashego, municipal unit manager for Graskop, the project was due for completion middle December this year, but the weather conditions disrupted the schedule. He asked residents and visitors to be patient as all the road closures in the area will soon be a thing of the past. Mashego said the stretch of road in front of the municipal resort will not be tarred again. This time they will use concrete as this stretch is build over a wetland area. He said the district engineers will make sure that the project is completed professionally. The contractor also uses local labour to do some of the work, and thus creates job opportunities. According to Mashego, the rest of the towns roads will receive attention in due course. One of those that will be fixed first is the dirt road used by school buses to get to

The current state of the road that school buses used until one of them got stuck in January. Plans are in place to fix this road. Graskop Primary and Panorama Secondary School. After a bus got stuck in the mud for hours in January, the road has been blocked off with two heaps of stones and gravel. Mashego said he has the support of the Department of Roads and Transport and this road will be leveled as soon as the raining season is over. Proper water trenches will also be installed. Chinese project According to Mashego, the Chinese housing development project is nearing completion, with all the necessary sewerage pipes already having been laid. He said that the project is handled by the Department of Human Settlement and Thaba Chweu municipality. Exactly who will be housed and what, if any, costs will be involved is up to the Department of Human Settlement to decide. Business involvement Mashego thanked all local businesses that have helped to ensure that the vehicle testing station is fully operational again. He also thanked Hein en Otto Moore for their help and continuous support to control Graskops landfill site.

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Woodlands takes care of toddlers

Woodlands School in Sabie is now offering a pre-school toddler class between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Heading up this new toddler class, called Blou Hasie (Blue Rabbit), is Ilsa Lawrie, who will be instilling love of learning in the children by playing whilst being educated. It is not only a playgroup, but a learning group as well. Most of the critical periods of human brain development occur in the first three years of a childs life. At no other time is the brain so receptive and responsive. Many of the neurological connections that govern a lifetime of skill and potential are beginning to take shape. Children in this stage gain more control of their bodies, and their motor skills develop. They become more aware of other peoples feelings and begin to learn to share. Language and vocabulary is stimulated and learned at this age. Ilsa Lawrie, teacher of the new toddler By the age of three, much of class at Woodlands School. a childs brain growth and density is complete. The brain patthen provide a good education from a terns that will guide a childs developvery young age, because it shapes ment are already well established. their whole life. If you want to give your child an inFor more information contact heritance worth more than all gold, Woodlands School on 013764 1741.

Money returned
Paul Janse van Rensburg, manager at BP Sabie, and Cynthia Moshego, BP employee. Cynthia recently found R3 000 left in the money slot at the ATM at the garage, and took the money to Paul. She had earlier seen a man at the ATM, and when he came back, she called her manager, who returned the money to the rightful owner. Michele du Plessis

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Oom Frikkie Myburg

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Donkey derby promises lots of fun

The Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (SCCT) plans a great evening of fun and laughter, guaranteed to leave you horse. It is called a donkey derby. It will take place on Saturday 29 March at 18:00 at Floreat Riverside Lodge. A donkey derby is a fun-filled evening of horse racing with dice. There are 6 horses per race and 12 races. Each member of the audience will have a race card with the names and colours of the horses. At the start of every race each horse is auctioned. Auctioning and betting can be done in syndicates or by individuals. The tote is then opened and betting begins. You can buy as many tickets as you like at R5 each for a horse in that particular race. The race is played on a grid of 6 by 20 blocks. The first dice rolled establishes what horse will move on the grid. The second determines the number of paces. After the race, the master of ceremonies announces the winning horse and the tote pays out the winning ticket holder. Only the winning horse receives a pay-out. The chamber will take a percentage of the takings and pay the balance to the winners. Tickets are R100 per person, including dinner. A cash bar will be available. Tickets can be bought from Lesley Turner (072128 1098) or Anne Coetzee (082562 4609).

Rose and Don Grey

Graskop se renvalkenner
Gerda van den Bos
homself. En as hy so na die statistieke kyk, sien hy Graskop kry nou minder ren as vroer jare en dat daar ook heelwat minder mis is. Oom Frikkie reken as mens ordentlik ren wil meet, moet jy n regte renmeter h, nie die plastiekgoed wat mense in hul tuin het nie. En jy moet mooi kyk waar jy die meter aanbring dit moet op die regte hoogte wees en verkieslik naby bome vir n bietjie windweerstand, anders waai die ren mos skoon by die meter verby. Sy liefde vir die natuur strek veel verder as die renval. Vlak by die kombuisdeur is n bakkie met brokkies kaas. Dis vir die janfrederik en die glasogies. Die duiwe kry hul brood op die stoep, saam met ander vols wat die vrugte kom eet wat hy vir hulle neersit. Op 29 Maart word oom Frikkie 90 jaar oud. Hy bestuur hy nog self sy motor Sabie toe vir banksake, en as hy die dag stilsit, is hy n bron van stories oor Graskop se verlede.

om Frikkie Myburg woon al byna 58 jaar lank in Graskop. Hy s toe hy in 1956 met sy gesin na die omgewing verhuis het, het die baie ren hom dadelik opgeval. Hy het op plase in die Dordrecht- en Sterkstroom-distrik in die Oos-Kaap grootgeword waar daar baie droogte was. Hy s tot vandag toe kan hy nie verstaan as mense oor ren kla nie, want hy het gesien wat groot droogtes aan mens en dier kan doen. In 1972 het oom Frikkie n spesiale boek by die destydse Weerburo in Pretoria gekoop om renval op te teken, maar hy het eers in 1977 begin om elke dag se weerbesonderhede aan te teken nadat hy n amptelike weerburorenmeter gekry en by die weerburo geregistreer het. Hy het toe jare lank pligsgetrou die renvalsyfers aangeteken en maandeliks n verslag Pretoria toe gestuur. Hy teken steeds elke dag die renval aan, maar s dis sommer net vir

Greys celebrate 64 years

Gerda van den Bos
Don and Rose Grey celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on 4 March with a dinner at Gods Windows Rest Restaurant in Graskop. Rose said the secret to their long marriage was communication. If you have a problem, sort it out. Talk to each other, was her advice to younger couples. She added that a couple should also appreciate each other. The Greys have been living in Graskop since 1977. They had seven children together and have a dozen grandchildren.

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Politieke polemiek oor n kepsie

Dit moet vreeslik moeilik wees om n politieke leier te wees. Veral nou met die Oscar-saak, wat al die nuustyd oorvat. Al die politieke leiers wil so graag op die TV wees en hulle word ge-outshine deur n mannetjie wat op lemmetjies rondhardloop. Shame. Miskien is dit hoekom sommige van hulle nou in sulke outrages fashions op die kassie rondparadeer. Kyk nou maar net weer vir ou miesies Zee. Eers is tekkies en African print die inding. Dan T-shirts en whatever met cheap plastic krale. Nou, heaven forbid, het sy wragtig n designer outfit wat spesiaal met die DA-logo be-print is. Soos daar op hospitaallakens staan: property of... Moet ook nie die nuwe blou beret vergeet nie. Almal het mos berets: ANC, EFF en die Green Berets ook. Daarenteen lyk ou Julius heel colour coordinated. Met sy black en red en red beret. Miskien is al kinderstorie wat hy ooit gehoor het, die een van Rooikappie en die wolf. Maar hyt die hele storie verkeerd. Nou dra die wolf n rooi kepsie en hy grinnik ook soos een. Maar hys ten minste FCC fashionably color coordinated. Oor ou Patsy kan ek nie veel s nie. Soms vervelig, maar meestal beskaaf. Geen outfit tricks om die limelight mee te steel nie. Behalwe miskien die keer met die kraleding om haar kop. Lindiwe sal ek nie breedvoerig beskryf nie. Dalk moet haar ondersteuning net bietjie meer ondersteun vir die sware politieke las wat

Alternatiewe Anna
sy saamdra. Mr. Zee lyk, soos gewoonlik, afgerond. Maar met so baie vrouens om jou te vertel wat jy moet aantrek, kan hy seker nie te veel foute maak nie. Ek wonder of hulle beurte maak om sy klere te kies? Of het hy n professionele gay persoon wat dit doen? Net, die wit tekkies by sy tradisionele drag op sy troue was nie so cool nie. Was dit miskien n politieke stelling? Al die polemiek oor die politieke fashion het my weer laat dink oor hoe ek gaan vote. Maar nou weet ek. Die een met die coolest outfit kry my vote. Miskien gee hulle my dan ook n kepsie.

Graskop wins inter-primary athletics

Gerda van den Bos
On Saturday 1 March, Graskop Primary School made history by winning the inter-primary athletics championships in Ohrigstad. Graskop competed against Laerskool Atokia, Calvin College, Laerskool Clivia, Laerskool Ohrigstad and Laerskool Skukuza, and came home with13 gold, 20 silver and 18 bronze medals. From early on it was clear that Skukuza and Graskop were the strongest teams. At one stage, Skukuza won so many track items that the announcer declared it must be because they are used to running away from lions in the Kruger National Park. This didnt deter the Grassies, who competed with determination and enthusiasm. As ten-year-old Kabelo Mokoena said after finishing second in the 1200 m: We are doing it for our school. He was convinced that Graskop Primary would win. Tshepang Monareng became a star when he broke the record in the 60 m race for eight-year-olds. The record stood at 9,7 sec and he won in 9,44 sec. Tshepang received the trophy for the best sprinter, as well as the best achiever award. Another record was smashed in the 100 m for 11-year-old girls. A girl from Clivia won, but Kgahlego Sekgobela, who came second, also broke the record. Dakalo Tshamano broke the high jump record for 10-year-old girls with 1,03 m. Sibusiso Malopane received the trophy for the best middle distance athlete. He won the 1200 m in

Plaaslikes help Botha met album

Gerda van den Bos
Die Afrikaanse sanger Danie Botha het spesialiste en kunstenaars in Graskop betrek om die omslag van sy nuutste CD, Ge-anker, te ontwerp. Om die fotos te neem is Casper Visser se ateljee, lasers en beligting gebruik, terwyl RoeMa Photography vanRoeloff en Maria van Vuuren van Graskop die fotos geneem het. Maria het ook die finale omslagontwerp gedoen. Maria s Danie en sy vrou, Daleen, het haar genspireer. Hulle het hul 22ste huweliksherdenking verlede jaar met sy optrede in Graskop gevier, en sy s sy het beleef hoe die Bothas alles saam doen en mekaar ondersteun. Sy s hulle is vir haar n voorbeeld van die eenheid in die huwelik waarvan die Bybel in Markus 10:6-9 praat. Die CD se kleure is simbolies van die eenheid tussen man (blou) en vrou (rooi) wat saamsmelt tot pers. Dit pas ook aan by die titelsnit, Ge-anker, wat Botha vir sy vrou geskryf het. Daleen Botha het in n telefoniese onderhoud aan GPS Nuus ges al het hulle om praktiese redes n paar veranderinge aan die omslag aangebring, was hulle baie tevrede met die diens wat hulle in Graskop gekry het. Hulle het regtig uitstekende werk gedoen.

Photo: Mark Matthee the 10-year-old category in a time of 4 min 35,45 sec. There was a festive atmosphere at Ohrigstad throughout the day, with Afrikaans music playing while the athletes competed, and flavours spreading from the food stalls next to the track.


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Woonstel te huur
Gedeeltelik gemeubileer, stil omgewing. R2 000 p.m. Water en ligte ingesluit. Deposito: 50%. 082 940 3560.

Free service

Broken, unwanted appliances removed for free. Contact: 079 829 9095.

Bumper for sale

Nissan X-Trail 2007. Good condition. R2 000 o.n.c.o. 082 922 81 24

Pedigree Yorkies for sale

3 x 2-week-old females. Dewormed. R2 500. Contact: 071 600 0491 .

To be kind is more important than to be right.

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Property valuation roll open for inspection

Michele du Plessis
Thaba Chweu municipalitys updated property valuation roll can be inspected at the municipal offices in Sabie and Graskop. The valuation roll has not been approved yet and property owners can still lodge an objection with the municipal manager before the closing date of 4 April. The final valuation roll will be published on 3 July, and the new rates and taxes will also come into effect on this date, Rodney Malepe, municipal official in Sabie, said. Property owners can lodge an objection if they do not agree with the valuation. Objection forms are available at R5 each. Owners are advised to make a copy of the completed form for their own records and hand the original in at the municipal office. They will receive a response after a time to tell them whether the valutaion was amended. The final decision is up to the acting municipal manager, Godfrey Nkosi, in Lydenburg, Malepe said. The valuation roll is also available on the municipalitys web page at UNICIPALITY-24Jan2014.xls

Janelcos friendly management team: Monique, Jaco, Koos and Johan Du Venage.

Janelco still the all-in-one store

shop, Ansa Du Venage. Ansa loved being creative and her passion was clear from the way she assisted numerous people with school projects, market days and functions and brides with their weddings. She was dearly loved by the community. Her bubbly personality has made this shop sparkle, but sadly she was lost due to illness. Janelco is managed and operated by Koos, his two sons, Johan and Jaco, and daughter-in-law, Monique. Middle 2012 they decided to add Janelco Printing to their business. Janelco Printing offers digital printing and signage, as well as engraving, sandblasting and laser cutting at extremely reasonable prices. Due to their phenomenal growth, they are relocating to White River industrial area close to the licence department. Janelco offers friendly professional service. If you cant find an item; you will most probably find it at their shop in White River.

Over 22 years of doing business in White River, Janelco has emerged as one of the Lowvelds bestloved and most fascinating stores. Shoppers will never cease to be amazed by the vast range of interesting, unusual and hard-to-find items. Janelcos reputation for professional and friendly service and for providing quality recommendations to customers has become respected far and wide. Janelco was established in 1992 by two business partners, Koos Du Venage and George Hockey. The business started off as a packaging material and plasticware supply shop. After a devastating fire at their warehouse, losing most of their stock, they decided to start a new business venture. In 2000, Hockey relocated to Potgietersrus to start a new business. In the late 1990s Janelco started with a new product line of party accessories and arts and crafts. This initiative was the idea of the heartbeat of the


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Centre struggles to care for abuse victims

Michele du Plessis
he Sabie Victim Empowerment Centre helps and comforts rape and abuse victims, but is facing a real challenge to keep its doors open. Ntombifuthi Ngwenya, coordinator at the centre, which is situated at the police station, says Child Welfare supported them in the past, but now they are on their own. The people of Sabie dont know about the challenges we face. We are now a NGO and we must raise the money to keep this centre functioning. The centre in Graskop had to close its doors because of a lack of funds. All their victims are now sent here to Sabie. The centre operates 24 hours a day in collaboration with the SAPS, and provides not only counseling, but also acts as short-term overnight shelter for survivors of violence and abuse. We have four caregivers that work 12-hour shifts. There must always be someone here, because most domestic violence and rape cases happen at night. We are here to provide a place of safety for these women, children and sometimes also

Coordinator Ntombifuthi Ngwenya, with volunteers and caregivers Basolang Mashabane, Pat Hamanburg, Ian Mdluli and Mavis Mabunda. men that need our help, Ntombi said. Its been ten months since we have had any coffee here. Weve got nothing to give the victims. When we need to keep child victims of human trafficking here, we do not have food to give them. We had cases where the children had to stay here for longer periods. Female victims receive a care packet that includes basic toiletries and also a teddy bear. The teddy bear is very important. Not only does it relieve the stress of reliving the traumatic event, it also provides comfort to the victims when they hold it. The centre has only five care packets for traumatised victims left. A care packet consists of: teddy bear or soft toy, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, lotion, panty liner and panty. The centre is in need of: rice, mealie-meal, soya mince, coffee, tea, juice (e.g. Super 7 or Oros), coffee creamer, sugar, canned food, cooking oil, washing powder, body soap and toilet paper.

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Eenmaal n Robbie, altyd n Robbie

Horskool Rob Ferreira in Witrivier het vanjaar tien oud-Robbies in die personeel. Al tien hierdie lojale Robbies het self op die skoolbanke gesit en n hul omswerwinge hul pad terug na die skool gevind. Voor: Piet van Tonder, Cornelia Roodt, Bianca Nel, Bianca Grobler, Sizwe Mashile en Francois Erasmus. Agter: Chris Joubert, Wikie du Plessis, Martie Stoltz en Nico Bekker. Carolina Botha Dawie Oberholzer, nuwe hoof van Horskool Rob Ferreira.

Hou ons dop! s Rob se nuwe grootkop

Carolina Botha
Groot opwinding heers by Horskool Rob Ferreira in Witrivier oor die aanstelling van Dawie Oberholzer, tot vroer vanjaar die adjunkhoof van Horskool Sybrand van Niekerk in Sabie, as nuwe hoof. My droom vir Rob Ferreira is om wyer openbare ondersteuning en erkenning te kry vir die uitnemende opvoeding en onderrig wat by hierdie skool plaasvind, s hy. Net so belangrik as wat die ontwikkeling van die potensiaal van die leerlinge is, is die bemagtiging en ondersteuning van my personeellede. Ek wil self groei sodat ek die mense om my kan inspireer om ho aspirasies te h. Ondanks baie probleme in die onderwys is hy positief oor die toekoms van Rob Ferreira. Hy beskou die skool as n baken van uitnemendheid en beklemtoon sy visie dat groot groei vir Rob voorl. Dit is immers n plek waar gewone kinders die geleentheid kry om buitengewone dinge te doen. Dis tyd dat meer mense van Rob kennis neem. So hou ons dop! Dawie het in 1981 aan Horskool Lydenburg gematrikuleer, waarna hy onderwys aan die Universiteit van Pretoria gaan studeer het. Hy het sy diensplig aan die infanterieskool in Oudshoorn voltooi waar hy tot luitenant bevorder is. In 1988 is hy by Sybrand van Niekerk aangestel waar hy later tot adjunkhoof bevorder is en ook die senior koshuisvader was. In di tydperk het hy nog drie onderwyskwalifikasies verwerf.

n Nuwe personeelspan
Voor: Denine Jacobs, So-Mari Basson, Matia van der Westhuizen en Bianca Grobler. Agter: Tuli van Heerden, Marinda Loock, Rudolf Conradie en Nico Bekker. (Afwesig: Arista Bothma.) Carolina Botha

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GPS Nuus word nou ook in Witrivier versprei. Om die kans te gebruik om te adverteer, of om die koerant te ontvang, kry die kontakbesonderhede op bl. 2.


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3 000 mountain bikers took on Sabie Classic

Michele du Plessis

bout 3 000 mountain bikers descended on Sabie for the Sabie Classic Mountain Bike race, the second leg of the 2014 MTN National Marathon series, for the 16th time. The heavy rains on Friday 21 February turned one of the toughest events, with extremely rough terrain and an elevation gain of 2920 m, into a slippery and muddy extreme challenge. The event included a 113 km ultra marathon, a 75 km marathon, a 45 km half marathon, a 16 km fun race and a 10 km fun ride. The MTN series organiser, Advendurance, ensured that Sabie formed part of the marathon world series. Mountain bikers in the top 20 will be guaranteed to qualify for the marathon world championships later this year in Pietermaritzburg. European riders Team Bulls, Urs Huber and Karl Platt, beat South African Kevin Evans into third position, despite his effort to beat them to King of the Mountains at 27km. According to route director Dennis Lawrie, the 75 km marathon was just as tough for most local riders, with some taking over ten hours to complete the distance. Many riders had problems due to mechanical problems, cold and exhaustion.

Samantha Sanders and Amy McDougall represented local team Valencia in the 75 km race. Sanders crashed down a technical descent on the slippery rocks that resulted in a deep gash in her left arm and a frac-

tured right thumb. McDougall finished third overall, after she started in ninth place. The 45 km half marathon on Sunday was a lot more enjoyable in great weather conditions with over

700 riders completing a challenging route, Dennis said. Hanru Lubbe (youth rider) was the overall winner of the 16 km race, beating sub junior Ryan Terry by 39 seconds.

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Sybrand triumphs at prestige event

Michele du Plessis
On 22 February, Sybrand van Niekerk High School hosted the prestige athletics event for small schools in Sabie that was attended by seven schools. Even though the rainy weather put a damper on the proceedings, it did nothing to dampen the spirit of the athletes. Athletes, teachers and coaches from Balfour, Belfast, Carolina, Groblersdal, Hendrina, Highveld Park and Morgenzon Landbou Akademie came together to compete and participate in the event. The blue machine of Sybrand van Niekerk preformed best and won hands down, making sure that the trophy stayed at home. Brian Mdhluli (boys u/19) won gold medals in the 400 m hurdles, 110 m hurdles, high jump, long jump and in the 100 m. Brian set a new record in the 400 m hurdles with a time of 57,70 sec. He was second in the 200 m. Fortunate Maseko (girls u/14) came first in the 400 m, 200 m and 100 m, setting a new record in the 400 m. She took silver in the 90 m hurdles. The boys u/15 4x100 m relay set a new record with a time of 48,95 sec. Democracy Malaka (boys u/19) earned gold in the 800 m, silver in the 3000 m and bronze in the 400 m. Christopher Maartens took gold in shotput, javelin and discus for boys u/19. Monde Sibeko (boys u/15) earned gold in the high jump, 300 m hurdles and 100 m hurdles.

Alexander Maartens... second in 100 m hurdles, third in 100 m and 200 m for boys u/19.

Mongezi Lubisi... first in high jump and 400 m for boys u/16.


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Golf fight against cancer launched

his years Sanlam Cancer Golf Challenge was launched at White River Country Club on 22 February, and was attended by 127 players from all over the Lowveld. Jacqueline Weideman and the Cansa team ensured that the table was set for another season of great comrade golf and the awareness of cancer. R17 000 was generated for the fight against cancer on this day. Braam Haasbroek from Kruger Park Lodge Country Club who was the 2013 National Cansa Challenge champion at Sun City, also attended this years launch. Some great golf was played. The eventual better ball winners were Clayton Schmidt and Thinus Neethling. Casper Strydom and Jurie Grobler were second, with Ruan Dreyer and Dewald Stoltz in third place. The Cansa club championships will be hosted by Jacqueline and Dewaldt Beukes. The dates are: 10 May White River Country Club 17 May Lydenburg Country Club 7 June Sabie Country Club 7 June Chrome Country Club 21 June Kruger Park Lodge 21 June Nelspruit Golf Club 28 June Pilgrims Rest 5 July Skukuza Some club dates are still outstanding. The finals will be held at White River Country Club on 20 August.