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Usage of Surfactants As corrosion Inhibitors Field Of The Invention:The present invention relates to providing steel and zinc- treated

steel mill products with protection against corrosion during fabrication shipping and storage as well as enhanced lubricit!"

#ac$ground Of The Invention:Steel including zinc-treated steel is sub%ect to corrosion during storage and transportation" &orrosion can cause such steel to be sold at distressed prices and thus adversel! affect steel mill economics" &orrosion-inhibiting formulations commonl! used to minimize such economic losses utilize $erosene- or other oil-based solutions which ma$e for ver! mess! operating conditions" 'oreover such formulations are environmentall! undesirable because of their h!drocarbon content( i"e" The! are flammable and the! contribute to both air and water pollution" In addition it ma! be necessar! to remove such corrosion inhibitors before final processing steps are carried out in the steel mill thereb! adding e)pense to the process" *nown water-based formulations reduce or eliminate the water and air pollution and flammabilit! concerns of and can be more readil! removed than oil-based corrosion inhibitors" +owever $nown water-based corrosion inhibitors t!picall! do not provide enough corrosion protection and the! ma! contain environmentall! undesirable zinc salts and metal chromates" Attempts have also been made to replace oil-based formulations used in stamping mills with dr! coatings however dr! coatings are not readil! removed thus ma$ing it difficult and e)pensive to paint or carr! out other processing of steel surfaces"

#rief Summar! Of The Invention:The present invention relates to compositions and processes which provide steel with protection against corrosion during fabrication shipping and storage" The compositions and processes of this invention additionall! provide enough lubricit! during normal mill fabrication operations that one application thereof eliminates the need for application of various mill oils for e)ample those used for tempering operations ,tempering is a process which involves sub%ecting long steel sheets to great pressure and stress via cold rolling using rolls running at differential rates of speed in e)cess of -... feet/minute0" The compositions of this invention not onl! remain on the steel and perform as anticorrosion and lubricating agents during routine treatments of steel such as tempering and stamping but will remain on the steel and function as an anti- corrosion agents during shipment to customers as well thus eliminating the need for application of an! shipping oil"

1etailed 1escription Of The Invention:The compositions of the present invention comprise a surfactant and a al$!l acid phosphate which when applied together provide superior corrosion protection on steel surfaces including but not limited to mild steel and zinc-treated steel surfaces" Optionall! the composition additionall! contains dodecen!lsuccinic acid ,11SA0 and/or one or more other carbo)!lic acids having both a h!drophilic end and a h!drophobic end" The compositions of this invention can be applied to steel with or without neutralization" For e)ample it can be advantageous to neutralize the compositions before appl!ing them to zinc-coated steel" On the other hand one can appl! the compositions to mild steel without neutralization" In a preferred embodiment the compositions of this invention are prepared and applied to steel surfaces as a2ueous formulations" The compositions of this invention provide superior corrosion protection under normal and humid storage conditions when compared to that provided b! an! of the individual components of the composition" The compositions of the present invention shows other advantages including absence of zinc or chromate salts commonl! associated with anti-corrosion agents" The compositions also can be prepared and applied to steel in the absence of significant volatile organic solvents such as $erosene( the! are non-flammable and readil! removable b! a detergent wash before further processing such as phosphate surface treatment and painting" The compositions of this invention are effective at low surface loading rates compared with conventional coatings such as petroleum-based Ship Oils thereb! providing economic advantages during application and greatl! reduced waste disposal when the protective coating must be washed off" A further aspect of this invention is an increase in lubricit! for the surface which reduces or eliminates the need for of an! other lubricant for metal processing" The surfactants useful for the present invention ma! be anionic cationic non-ionic or mi)tures thereof preferabl! nonionic surfactants" 3on-ionic surfactants preferabl! have +4# values between 5"6 and -5 ,7The +4# S!stem8 published b! I&I America7s Inc" 9ilmington 1elaware0" :)amples of surfactants are given in but not limited to those disclosed in Table -" The al$!l phosphates useful for the purposes of this invention are those of the general formula: ,;O0m-<-,.0-,O+0= wherein ; is an al$!l group having > to ?. carbon atoms( m is - or ? and n is 5 - n" One can also use mi)tures of such al$!l phosphates" In an embodiment one uses al$!l phosphates wherein ; is -..@ &AB- In a preferred embodiment one uses a mi)ture of al$!l phosphates wherein ; is a mi)ture of &g through &i " In one embodiment of the invention the surfactant and al$!lphosphate are mi)ed in water in a ratio b! weight of from -.:- to -:-. ,surfactant : al$!lphosphate0 preferabl! in a ratio of about -"6:- to 5:- to form an a2ueous emulsion" The surfactant and al$!l phosphate can be added to the water se2uentiall! or simultaneousl! at an! concentration level which supports the formation of the emulsion in water" A single phase solution after mi)ing is indicative of the formation of the emulsion" The emulsion is ad%usted with base to a p+ of from C to -. preferabl! from C"6 to D and most preferabl! from E to E"6" An al$ali metal h!dro)ide such as *O+ can be used but an! base which does not interfere with the formation or stabilit! of the emulsion can be used e"g" 4iO+

3aO+ or ammonia" The emulsion can be diluted further with water to a final concentration for application to a metal surface" It is preferable to neutralize with an amine rather than an inorganic base" An amine can be added to the a2ueous solution of the surfactant and al$!l phosphate" The amine ma! be a primar! secondar! or tertiar! amine chosen from al$!lamines al$anol amines or aromatic al$!l amines" An amine containing a h!drophobic group appears to be the most effective" A preferred amine is 3 3-dimeth!lc!clohe)!lamine" :)amples of other amines are given in but not limited to Table ?" The a2ueous emulsion comprising the neutralized al$!l phosphate surfactant and optionall! the amine provides effective corrosion protection to steel surfaces" So as to achieve ade2uate corrosion inhibition it is necessar! at minimum to completel! cover the surface of the steel with the compositions of this invention( an! incompletel! covered areas will corrode" The upper limit to the amount of the compositions applied to the steel surface is controlled b! cost constraints and practical limits as to the amount of material that can be applied to the surface" There is a point after which additional material is not beneficial in further inhibiting corrosion" It is advantageous from a material and cost standpoint to coat the steel surface at the lowest level practical which provides corrosion protection under the conditions of interest ,temperature and humidit!0" This can be readil! determined b! visual observation" 'i)tures of surfactant and neutralized al$!l phosphate are effective in inhibiting corrosion on steel surfaces at application rates of from - mg/ft? to -... mg/ft?" In another embodiment of the present invention dodecen!lsuccinic acid ,11SA0 is added to the mi)ture of surfactant and al$!lphosphate with or without neutralization in a concentration of 6 to >. percent b! weight relative to the combined amounts of surfactant and al$!lphosphate" 11SA greatl! improves the corrosion-preventing properties of the combination of the surfactant and al$!lphosphate on zinc-treated steel under humid conditions" In !et another embodiment of the present invention another carbo)!lic acid is added to a mi)ture of the surfactant al$!l phosphate and 11SA in addition to or in place of 11SA" That additional carbo)!lic acid can be added with or without neutralizing said mi)ture" The carbo)!lic acid used in this embodiment is a long chain h!drocarbon acid with a h!drophilic and h!drophobic end for e)ample a fatt! acid a branched al$!l carbo)!lic acid a dimer acid and mi)tures thereof ,hereinafter referred to as 8h!drophilic-h!drophobic acids80( specific e)amples include oleic acid lauric acid stearic acid sebacic acid adipic acid the &Fg unsaturated acids of the :)amples and the li$e" The h!drophilic-h!drophobic acid is added at a concentration of from 5.@ to --.@ b! weight based on the combined weight of surfactant and al$!l phosphate" The resulting composition can be neutralized with inorganic base or an amine and further diluted prior to application to the metal surface" The addition of a combination of 11SA and a h!drophilic- h!drophobic acid to the mi)ture of surfactant and neutralized al$!lphosphate provides the most effective corrosion protection for zinc- treated steel surfaces particularl! under high humidit! conditions" That mi)ture is effective in inhibiting corrosion on zinc-coated steel surfaces at application rates of from - mg/ft? to -... mg/ft?" 'i)tures of the surfactant 11SA and fatt! acids/amine without the al$!l phosphate give much lower corrosion protection" <referabl! the compositions of this invention are prepared in water and applied to steel as an a2ueous composition" Thus for e)ample the use of an a2ueous composition for application to steel is advantageous because the presence of water lowers the viscosit!

of the composition ma$ing it easier to appl! it to steel also because the presence of water helps to control application rates" On the other hand it is possible to prepare and appl! the compositions neat ,i"e" no solvent or other li2uid medium0" If prepared neat these compositions optionall! can be diluted with water for application to the metal surface" The compositions of the present invention can be applied to the surfaces of manufactured steel or galvanized steel sheet or stoc$ or the li$e b! dipping spra!ing or other appropriate methods and the steel dried b! air %ets or other appropriate method prior to conventional storage and transportation" The treated steel is well protected from ambient moisture either as li2uid water or as ambient humidit! during storage and transportation" 1epending on the subse2uent processing removal of the corrosion protection ma! be necessar! for instance prior to plating painting or surface coating" The corrosion inhibitors of this invention can be readil! removed from the treated steel surfaces b! washing with a solution of an appropriate al$aline surfactant in water" The corrosion inhibiting compositions of this invention also impart enough lubricit! to the metal surface that no additional surface treatment is necessar! prior to other mill operations such as tempering or stamping"