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Mantra for diseases *Dhanwantari Mantra - god of ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda)* *Lord Dhanwantari is regarded as the god of ayurvedic

medicine (Ayurveda) in the Hindu religion. Peo le ray to Dhanvantari! as"ing him for im roved or good health for themselves and for others. Dhanvantri Mantra forms the art of rayers offered to the lord. Mantra of Dhanwantari with its meaning is as follows# * $%m &amo 'hagavate Maha (udharshana )asudevaya Dhanvantaraye* Amrutha +alasa Hasthaaya (arva 'haya )inasaya (arva ,o"a &ivaranaya -hri Lo"ya Pathaye -hri Lo"ya &ithaye (ri Maha )ishnu (waru a (ri Dhanvantri (waru a (ri (ri (ri Aoushata .ha"ra &arayana (waha$ Meaning# /e ray to the 0od! who is "nown as (udarshana )asudev Dhanvantari. He holds the +alasha full of nectar of immortality. Lord Dhanvantri removes all fears and removes all diseases. He is the well wisher and the reserver of the three worlds. Dhanvantari is li"e Lord )ishnu! em owered to heal the 1iva souls. /e 2ow to the Lord of Ayurveda. *-he Magnificence of Mantras#* 3ven in this resent age of materialistic life Mantra-(ha"ti can rove to 2e more owerful than the 4antra-(ha"ti. Mantra is a divine instrument with the rare otential of arousing our dormant consciousness. -hus it hel s develo our latent owers and 2rings our original greatness to the fore. -he arents give 2irth merely to our hysical 2ody whereas the -rue 'rahmanishtha (adgurus! the ersonages esta2lished in their -rue (elf! give 2irth to our .hinmay )a oo through Mantra-Di"sha. Man can attain greatness 2y develo ing his dormant owers through Mantra. -he regular 5a a of a mantra reduces restlessness of the mind! 2rings restraint in life* and wor"s wonders in develo ing the concentration and memory. A Mantra has different effects on different energy centres of the 2ody. Many ersonages li"e Mahavir! 'uddha! +a2ir! 0uru &ana"! (wami )ive"anand! ,am"rishna Paramhansa! (wami ,amtirtha! Pu5ya aad (wami (ri Lilashah5i Mahara5! etc. have attained res ect and reverence all around the world through their awareness of the -rue glory of Mantra. 'ee5 Mantras# -

"# ( #

! ! $%! %& $' ! )&*+&! .! , & -

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-o marry to good hus2and &ew6

! % , 2 5ai 5ai girivar raa5 "ishori! 5ai mahesh mu"h chandra cha"ori .................................................................................. ....... -ulsi Mantra ) 3 %. 4

%+& 567$5 8$ 9$ : maha rasad 5anani sarvasau2hagyavadhini aadhi vyaadhi 5ara mu"tam tulsi tvaam namostute ... 'rahmcharya ,a"sha Mantra ; <5= > 7 %m Aryamaayai &amah 7 1a a this mantra whenever anti-2rahmcharya thoughts comes in mind! Do 5a a for 89 times 2efore going to slee to avoid wet dreams. ...

Health Protection Mantra % > 7 ; % %m hansam hansaha7 %- ?@)-5 4 A-A ... *Mantra to attain /ealth* Peo le ractise several methods to ac:uire La"shmi (wealth) at the time of Di awali. ;ollowing is a very sim le <-day method for this ur ose# (tarting from the day of Diwali till the day of 'hai Doo5 (for < days)! light Dhoo ! Dee = Agar2atti in a clean room early in the morning! wear yellow colored clothes! ut the -ila" of +esar (saffron) on the forehead! then do 8 mala of the following mantra on a mala with 2eeds of (fati". om namah 2hagyala"shmi cha vidmahe7 ashtala"shmi cha dheemahi 7 tanno la"shmi rachodayaat 7 icture of B 7 %%=

>t is more 2eneficial to do 5a a 2y concentrating on the La"shmi! 0uru or >shtha (-rata").

Dee awali is the 2irthday of La"shmi 5i. La"shmi 5i had a eared at the time of the (amudra-Manthan from the +shir-(agar. -herefore La"shmi 5i 2estows her 2lessings to the erson who does this sadhna with the desire that La"smi stays in his?her home! overty gets removed = one is a2le to earn daily 2read = 2utter easily.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*,ama (Healing Mantra)# %m A adama a Hataram Dataram (arva (am adam Lo"a 'hi ,amam (ri ,ama 'huyo 'huyo &amamyaham * $-his is a long mantra to ut in a cha ter for those 5ust starting off! 2ut is laced here 2ecause it is the most owerful healing mantra > have ever encountered. -he very rough translation is! *@%m! %h most com assionate ,ama lease send your healing energy right here to the earth! to the earth (twice for em hasis.)@ * > have seen this mantra com letely cure one erson from a schiAo hrenic 2rea" who was in a loc"ed ward. -he sychiatrist said he would never lead a life on the outside again. >n the middle of a BC day sadhana done in his 2ehalf! he was living in a @halfway house@ for those on the road to recovery. After BC days of a s iritual disci line done on his 2ehalf!

he was on his own. He has since graduated from Art (chool which he attended on scholarshi ! and is wor"ing as an artist. Another individual who was on medication! too" off s urning his ills and disa eared for a time. After a BC day sadhana done on his 2ehalf! he had sta2iliAed his life and was 2ac" on his medication without com laint. A woman > "now was in constant ain for four years. (he undertoo" this disci line and after 5ust a few wee"s was in less ain than at any time she could remem2er over the ast several years. (he is still doing the mantra an eD ects to 2e ain free relatively soon. Although the mantra is long! it is sim le to say honetically. >f you can! say it 9CE times in a sitting. >f you are 5ust starting out! this may initially ta"e u to one hour. After you are comforta2le with the mantra! it will only ta"e you <C minutes.$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*(ome mantras#* *-o .ure Piles* >nfuse water with mantra thrice and wash the rivate lace with this water. -a"e a red cotton thread and ut F "nots in it. >nfuse this thread 89 times with the a2ove mantra and tie on 2ig toe of foot. Piles will 2e cured $+harman "i tenishaha "huni 2adi dauno 5aay umto chal chal (waha$ *.ure ;rom 3 ile sy* /hen one suffers from the feet of e ile sy. /rite this mantra on 'hoo5 Patra with Ashot 0ard and ut it on the nec" of the Patient. %ne will 2e cured $Hal her sargam Mandi"a Poodi"a (hri ,am Phoon" mirgi vayu su"he om the tha (waha$

* Dharmara5avrata (mantra mahodadhi) 3liminates all diseases#* 3ven if you are suffering from incura2le diseases wa"e u morning! early in the

aum "raum hrim a am vaivasvataya dharmara5aya 2ha"tanugraha"rite namah Do constant 5a of this mantra. >t will hel deliver you from all sins and afflictions. cure all your Diseases and

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for all "inds of illnesses# this is a "ind of all in one mantra. 3s ecially useful when a erson is suffering from a malady of illnesses.* *%m van me 2aithi vanari an5ani 5ayo hanumanta! 2ala damaru vyahi 2ilai aan"h "o ida chawrasi 2ai 2ali 2ali 2hasma ho 5aye a"e n fute ita "are to gora"h 5ati ra"sha "are guru "i sha"ti meri 2a"ti furo mantra vacha * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for 'lood Pressure * %m 'havani Panduranga --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for Migraine* %m 1ay +rishna --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*$Aruna mantra$ for eye diseases. >t has to 2e re eated 9C!CCC times* -hen water is urified 2y chanting the mantra F times and the water used to wash the eye .* %m Arun Haem Phut (waha ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for Paralysis* %m (hri ,am 1ayram 1ay 1ayram ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*0anesh 0ayatri - for "nowledge * %m 3"dantay )idamahe )a"ratunday Dhimahi -anno Dantihi Pracodyat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for Dia2etes* %M 1ay (hriram -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra to cure s"in disease * %m sarvam gyananandamayam aum guru2yo namah ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*;or third 3ye*

%m ham "sham cha"ra 5aagranaaya +atayaayinyai namah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*>n to (ilence* %m "aaram 2indu samyu"tam nityam dhyaayanti yoginah +aamadam mo"shadam chaiva %m"aaraaya namo namaha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*;or health (-his mantra is chanted < times over some water to infuse it with otency! which is then drun".* %m Aaham )eshwanye 'hootva Praneenam Dahma"shiet Prana am (amyu"tam Pchamyananm .haturvidham * ;or 0ood Health* -he following mantra should 2e recited three times and infuse the water. -he water should 2e drun"en 2y the atient or (adha"a.%ne will 2e 2enefited. %m Asham )eshvanye 'hootva Praneenam Dahma"shiet Prana an (amyu"ta Pchamyananm .haturvidham (source#htt #?? ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Preventing Miscarriage during Pregnancy (-his mantra from the Atharva )eda (<.8<) should 2e chanted in the morning with a vessel of water during moring u5a (worshi ). /hile reciting the mantra s rin"le a litle water on the woman! then give her some to drin".* Pumansam Patram 1ancy -am Pumananu 1ayatam 'havati Putranam Mata 1atanam 1amyashyam 4an ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantras ;or 'irth of a .hild to a .hildless .ou le .hant mthis mantra <C.CCC times* 9. %m (ri Haring +aling 0aleen %m Deve"isut 0ovind )asudev 1agat ite Dehi ye -ancy +rishna -awamahem (haranam 0ata 8. %m &amo 'hagavate 1agat rasutaye &am* (chant <C!CCC times)* <. %m +aling 0o alveshdhraya )asudevaye. *(.hant 9C!CCC times after erforming u5a to Lord +rishna.)*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*;or intelligence! education and wealth#* %m "ring +ring +ring -his must 2e chanted 9CCE.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Additional Mantras* *>nvocation to 0anesh#* 0a5ananam 'hutganadisevitam +a ittha 1am2oo Phalcharu 'ha"shanam Hmasutam (ho"vinash"ara"am &amami )ighneshwar Pad an"a5am -ranslation# $%h 3le hant-faced! worshi ed 2y the eDisting 2eings! of all living 2eings! tasting the ele hant a le ("aith) and 5am2olana (5amun)! the (on of Hma! destroyer of grief! > 2ow to the lotus feet of 0anesh who is lord of all.$ *-o 0anesh for removing o2stacles! a good way to start any ritual#* 0ana ati 'a a Morya Pudhachya )arshi Lov"ar 4aa ro5ect or

*Hse this to 0anesh rayer 2efore 2eginning any new ro5ect so im ediments may 2e removed and your endeavor may 2e crowned with success#* %m gam gana ataye namaha. Also# %m gam-gau-gana ataye 'ighna-2inashi ne-svaha *;or one who wants wealth and ros erity! meditate on the golden color of 0anesh and say this rayer#* %m La"shmi 0ana ataye namaha. *Another to 0anesh! 1a a is I!CCC times a day for 8I days#* %m 0ang 0ana ataye &amaha! %m. *-o 0anesh#* %m gam ganeshaya namaha %m "lim gam gam gam mahagana ataye namaha *-o 0oddess La"shmi. -his mantra is said to get siddha after chanting it 9CE times a day for 99 days. -his mantra is never failing for one who see"s success in 2usiness and financial ros erity! or who faces 2arriers in 2usiness growth! or other o2stacles to ros erity. -his mantra is very dear to 0oddess La"shmi! who told )asistha that! $> am very leased 2y this mantra and if any erson recites this mantra even once! > will esta2lish myself in his home.$ * %m (hreem Hreem +leem (hreem LaDmirachagachha Mama Mandire -ishtha--ishtha (waha *Another mantra to La"shmi. (hring is the seed. 1a a is 9CC!CCC times after which one gets the 2lessings of eace and ros erity. *

Aum (hring Hring +leeng Maha La"shmaye &amaha! Aum. *-he (hri ,igveda MahaLa"shmi Devi Mantra is#* %m (hrim Hrim (hrim +amale +amalalaye Praseedha Praseedha (hrim Hrim (hrim %m (hri Mahala"shmi Devyai namaha *-he (hri (ou2agya Mahala"shmi Mantra is#* %m (hrim Hrim +ilm Aim +amala )asinyai (waha * Another to La"shmi is#* (arva mangala mangalye sive sarvardha sadhi"e saranye trayam2a"e devi narayani namostute *-o Lord +uvera! the treasurer of the demigods. -he ancient 2oo"s refer to this as the su reme mantra. Lord (han"ara revealed its secret to the owerful ,avana. -hrough its use he could create his golden ca ital and could attain su reme financial accom lishments. -his mantra has 2een found to 2e owerful enough to yield 2eneficial results very :uic"ly. >t 2ecomes siddha after chanting it 9CE times each day for 99 days. >t is good for financial rogress! removal of o2stacles! material ha iness! home ownershi ! re utation! victory! longevity! etc.* %m 4a"shaya +u2eraya )aishravanaya Dhana-Dhanyadi Pataye Dhana Dhanyadi (amruddhim Me Dehi Da aya (waha. *-o 0oddess (arasvati! it is said that after 5a a of ICC!CCC times! one 2ecomes enlightened and all "nowledge is revealed. Aing is seed of the (arasvati mantra#* Aum Aing (araswatye &amaha! Aum. *Another to (arasvati#* %m Aim (hreem Hreem (araswathi Devyai &amaha. *(hiva Pancha"shari Mantra* %m namah shivaya *(hiva (ha"ti Pancha"shari Mantra* %m hrim namah shivaya *Mantra to Lord (hiva for removing ailments and fear# * %m -riyam2a"am 4a5amahe

(ugandhim Pushti )ardhanam Hrvaru"amiva 'andhanat Mrityor Mu"shiya Mamritat -ranslation# J/e worshi the -hree-eyed %ne (Lord (hiva) who is fragrant and who nourishes well all 2eings! even as the cucum2er is severed from 2ondage to the cree er.K *A o ular mantra to Durga! 5a a is ICC!CCC times#*

%m Aing Hring +leeng .hamundaye )ichchey! %m. Also# %m dung Durgaye &amaha! %m. *-he (hri Durga Mantra is#* %m Hrim Dhum Durga Devyai namaha *A mantra for +ali! +ring is the seed of the +ali mantra. 1a a is ICC!CCC for mantra siddha#* %m +ring +ali"aye &amaha! %m. *-he (hri Anna urna Mantra is#* %m Anna urnayai namaha %m (ada urnayai namaha *-he (hri .ha"ra Mantra is#* %m (hri .ha"ravasinyai namaha %m (hri Lalitham2i"ayai namaha *-he highest s iritual mantra for all ur oses#*

Hare +rishna! Hare +rishna! +rishna +rishna! Hare Hare Hare ,ama! Hare ,ama! ,ama ,ama! Hare Hare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for some diseases* Post 2y# *v82irit* on *1anuary 8L! 8CCE! C8#8M#<8 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------4es very good Mantras! more Mantras Mantra for going 2eyond all (orrows &arayana &arayana Mantra for getting 2oth worldly welfare = ( iritual (ai ,am (ai ,am rogress

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for some diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1anuary 8L! 8CCE! C8#8L#9M AM* ------------------------------------------------------------------------han" you. Have found much more mantras from h hear as m <. ! also to

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1a a (Mantra)4oga 'y (ri (wami (ivananda* */hat >s 1a aO Mantra (ound and >mage 0lory of the Divine &ame )arieties of 1a a Practical Aids to 1a a Mantras for 1a a * -here is another eDcer t from 0urudev@s 2oo" 1a a 4oga at the -M we2 site. >t eD lains the meaning of the 'i5a-A"shara (seed letters such as %m! +leem! 0am! etc.). .lic" here to read that article. /HA- >( 1APA O ,e etition of any Mantra or &ame of the Lord is "nown as 1a a. 1a a is an im ortant Anga of 4oga. >t is a s iritual food for the hungry soul. 1a a is the rod in the hand of the 2lind (adha"as (as irants) to lod on the road to ,ealiAation. 1a a is the hiloso her@s stone or divine eliDir that ma"es one 0od-li"e. >n this iron age! ractice of 1a a alone can give eternal Peace! 'liss and >mmortality. 1a a is re etition of the Mantra. Dhyana is meditation on the form of the Lord with His attri2utes. -here is meditation or Dhyana with 1a a (1a a-(ahita-Dhyana)* there is meditation or Dhyana without 1a a (1a a-,ahita-Dhyana). >n the 2eginning you should com2ine Dhyana with 1a a. As you advance the 1a a dro s 2y itself* meditation only remains. >t is an advanced stage. 4ou can then ractice concentration se arately. 4ou can do whatever you li"e 2est in this res ect. &ame (&ama) and the o25ect (,u a) signified 2y the &ame are inse ara2le. -hought and word are inse ara2le. /henever you thin" of the name of your son! his figure stands 2efore your mental eye! and vice versa. 3ven so when you do 1a a of ,ama! +rishna or .hrist! the icture of ,ama! +rishna or .hrist will come 2efore your mind. -herefore 1a a and Dhyana go together. -hey are inse ara2le. Do the 1a a with feeling. +now the meaning of the Mantra. ;eel 0od@s resence in everything and everywhere. Draw closer and nearer to Him when you re eat the 1a a. -hin" He is shining in the cham2ers of your heart. He is witnessing your re etition of the Mantra as He is the witness of your mind. MA&-,A @Mananat-trayate iti Mantrah@ - 'y the Manana (constant thin"ing or recollection) of which one is rotected or is released from the round of

2irths and deaths! is Mantra. -hat is called Mantra 2y the meditation (Manana) on which the 1iva or the individual soul attains freedom from sin! en5oyment in heaven and final li2eration! and 2y the aid of which it attains in full the fourfold fruit (.haturvarga)! i.e.! Dharma! Artha! +ama and Mo"sha. A Mantra is so called 2ecause it is achieved 2y the mental rocess. -he root @Man@ in the word Mantra comes from the first sylla2le of that word! meaning @to thin"@! and @-ra@ from @-rai@ meaning @to rotect@ or @free@ from the 2ondage of (amsara or the henomenal world. 'y the com2ination of @Man@ and @-ra@ comes Mantra. A Mantra is divinity encased within a sound-structure. >t is divine ower or Daivi (a"ti manifesting in a sound-2ody. -he Mantra is itself Devata. -he sacred Mantra or the Divine &ame is a vital sym2ol of the (u reme Divinity directly revealed in the innermost de ths of divine communion to the sages of (elf-realiAation in the hoary )edic and H anishadic times. -hese sym2ols are in the nature of unfailing "eys to gain access into the transcendental realms of a2solute eD erience. Mantra 4oga is an eDact science. A Mantra! in the Hindu religion! has the following siD arts. >t has got a ,ishi (a man of (elf-realiAation) to whom it was revealed for the first time and who gave this Mantra to the world. He is the Drashta or (eer for this Mantra. (age )iswamitra is the ,ishi for 0ayatri. (econdly! the Mantra has a metre (.hhandas)! which governs the inflection of the voice. -hirdly! the Mantra has a articular Devata or su ernatural 2eing! higher or lower! as its informing ower. -his Devata is the residing deity of the Mantra. ;ourthly! the Mantra has got a 'i5a or seed. -he seed is a significant word! or series of words! which gives a s ecial ower to the Mantra. -he 'i5a is the essence of the Mantra. ;ifthly! every Mantra has got a (a"ti. -he (a"ti is the energy of the form of the Mantra! i.e.! of the vi2ration-forms set u 2y its sound. -hese carry the man to the Devata that is worshi ed. Lastly! the Mantra has a +ila"a - illar or in. -his lugs the Mantra-.haitanya that is hidden in the Mantra. As soon as the lug is removed 2y constant and rolonged re etition of the &ame! the .haitanya that is hidden is revealed. -he devotee gets Darshana of the >shta Devata. (%H&D A&D >MA03 (ounds are vi2rations. -hey give rise to definite forms. 3ach sound roduces a form in the indivisi2le world! and com2inations of sound create com licated sha es. ,e etition of a Mantra has a mysterious ower of 2ringing a2out the manifestation of the Divinity! 5ust as the s litting of an atom manifests the tremendous forces latent in it. /hen a articular Mantra a ro riated to a articular god is ro erly recited! the vi2rations so set u create in the higher lanes a s ecial form which that god ensouls for the time 2eing. -he re etition of the Pancha"shara Mantra - %m &amo (ivaya - roduces the form of Lord (iva. -he re etition of %m &amo &arayanaya! the Ashta"shara Mantra of )ishnu! roduces the form of )ishnu. 0L%,4 %; D>)>&3 &AM3 -he &ame of 0od! chanted correctly or incorrectly! "nowingly or un"nowingly! carefully! is sure to give the desired result. 1ust as 2urning :uality is natural to and inherent in fire! so also! the ower

of destroying sins with their very root and 2ranch! and 2ringing the as irant into 2lissful union with the Lord through 'hava-(amadhi! is natural to and inherent in the &ame of 0od. -he glory of the &ame of 0od cannot 2e esta2lished through reasoning and intellect. >t can 2e eD erienced or realiAed only through devotion! faith and constant re etition of the &ame. -here is a (a"ti or ower in every word. >f you utter the word @eDcreta@ or @urine@ when your friend is ta"ing his meals! he may at once vomit his food. >f you thin" of @0aram Pa"oda@! @hot Pa"oda@ (fried delicacies)! your tongue will get salivation. /hen anyone suddenly shouts @(cor ion6 (cor ion6@! @(na"e6 (na"e6@! you at once a rehend the scor ion or the sna"e and 5um in fright. /hen anyone calls you a @don"ey@ or an @ass@! you are annoyed and you show anger. >f anyone says! $4ou are a nice erson!$ you smile. /hen such is the ower of the names of the ordinary things of this world! what tremendous ower should there 2e in the &ame of 0od6 0od is the com letion or the fullness of eDistence. Hence! the &ame which denotes Him! too! is full and erfect. -herefore! the ower of the &ame of 0od is incalcula2le! for it is the height or the Aenith of ower. -he &ame of 0od can achieve anything. -here is nothing im ossi2le for it. >t is the means to the realiAation of 0od Himself. 3ven as the name of a thing in this world generates the consciousness of that thing in the mind! the &ame of 0od generates 0od-consciousness in the urified mind and 2ecomes the direct cause of the realiAation of the Highest Perfection or 0od. )A,>3->3( %; 1APA ,e eat the Mantra ver2ally for sometime! in a whis er for sometime! and mentally for sometime. -he minds wants variety. >t gets disgusted with any monotonous ractice. -he mental re etition is very owerful. >t is termed Manasi"a 1a a. -he ver2al or loud re etition is called )ai"hari 1a a. -he loud 1a a shuts out all worldly sounds. -here is no 2rea" of 1a a here. ,e etition in a whis er or humming is termed H amshu 1a a. 3ven mechanical re etition of 1a a without any 'hava has a great urifying effect on the heart or the mind. -he feeling will come later on when the rocess of mental urification goes on. /rite down daily in a note2oo" your >shta Mantra or 0uru Mantra for half an hour. /hen you write the Mantra! o2serve Mouna. /rite the Mantra clearly in in". %n (undays and holidays! write this for one hour. -his is Li"hita 1a a 4ou can develo a wonderful ower of concentration. -he 2enefits of Mantra-writing or Li"hita 1a a cannot 2e ade:uately descri2ed. 'esides 2ringing a2out urity of heart and concentration of mind! mantra-writing gives you control of Asana! control of >ndriyas! articularly the sight and the tongue! and fills you with the ower of endurance. 4ou attain eace of mind :uic"ly. 'y rolonged and constant ractice the inherent ower of the Mantra (Mantra-(a"ti) will 2e awa"ened! which will fill your very eDistence with the Divinity of the Mantra. >n Mantra writing! there is no restriction a2out any >t may 2e written in any language. P,A.->.AL A>D( -% 1APA articular scri t.

(elect any Mantra or &ame of 0od! refera2ly that given to you 2y your 0uru! and re eat it from 9CE to 9!CEC times daily (one to ten malas). Always "ee your 0uru-Mantra a secret. &ever disclose it to anyone. >t is 2etter to stic" to one Mantra only. (ee Lord +rishna in ,ama! (hiva! Durga! 0ayatri and in everyone. 0et u at Ba.m. and do 1a a for two hours. -he early morning eriod ('rahmamuhurta) and dus" is the most favoura2le time for 1a a and meditation. -his is when (attva ( urity or steadiness) is redominant. -a"e a 2ath or wash your hands! feet! face and mouth 2efore sitting for 1a a in the morning. At other times this is not a2solutely necessary. Do 1a a whenever you have leisure! at the three 5unctions of the day morning! noon and evening - and 2efore going to 2ed. ;ace east or north during the ractice. -his enhances the efficacy of the 1a a. (it on a deer s"in or rug. ( read a iece of cloth over it. -his conserves 2ody-electricity. (it in a se arate meditation room or in any suita2le lace! such as a tem le! on a river 2an" or under a 2anyan or ee ul tree. Maintain a steady ose. Attain mastery of the osture. 4ou must 2e a2le to sit in Padmasana! (iddhasana or (u"hasana for three hours at a strech. ,eslove to com lete a certain minimum num2er of malas 2efore leaving your seat. ,ecite some rayers 2efore starting the 1a a. A rosary is a whi to goad the mind towards 0od. Hse a rudra"sha or tulsi mala of 9CE 2eads. Do not allow the mala to hang 2elow the navel. +ee the hand near the heart or the nose. -he mala must not 2e visi2le to you or to others. .over it with a towel or hand"erchief! which must 2e clean and washed daily. Hse the middle finger and the thum2 of the right to roll the 2eads. -he use of the indeD finger is rohi2ited. Do not cross the meru while rolling the 2eads. -urn 2ac" when you come to it. (ometimes do the 1a a without a mala. Hse a watch. Do mental 1a a for a time. /hen the mind wanders! do the 1a a aloud! or whis er the Mantra for some time and come 2ac" to mental 1a a again as soon as ossi2le. /hen you re eat the Mantra! have the feeling or mental attitude that the Lord is seated in your heart! that urity or (attva is flowing from the Lord into your mind! that the Mantra is urifying your heart! destroying desires! cravings and evil thoughts. Do not do the 1a a in a hurried manner! li"e a contractor who tries to finish his wor" in a short time. Do it slowly with feeling! one- ointedness of mind and single-minded devotion. Pronounce the Mantra distinctly and without any mista"es. ,e eat it neither too slowly nor too fast. >ncrease the s eed only when the mind wanders. 'e vigilant and alert during 1a a. (tand u when slee tries to over ower you. -ry to associate the 1a a with the rhythm of the 2reath and meditate in the form of your Deity. +ee a icture or idol of the Deity in front of you. -hin" of the meaning of the Mantra while re eating it. ,egularity in 1a a (adhana is most essential if success is to 2e achieved. (it in the same lace and at the same time every day. Do not 2eg for any worldly o25ects from 0od while doing 1a a. ;eel that your heart is 2eing urified and that the mind is 2ecoming steady 2y the ower of the Mantra and the 0race of the Lord. %2serve silence and avoid distractions! calls and engagements. >t is im ortant not to leave the lace at once after the 1a a is over

and miD with everyone or lunge into worldly activity. (it very :uietly for at least ten minutes! humming some rayer! remem2ering the Lord and reflecting u on His infinite love. -hen! after devout rostration! leave the lace and commence your routine duties and activities. >n this way the s iritual vi2rations will remain intact. .ontinue the current of 1a a mentally at all times! whatever 2e the activity in which you are engaged. .arry on your (adhana with tenacity and erseverance! without a 2rea". ,ealiAe the glorious goal of life and en5oy su reme 2liss.

*MA&-,A( ;%, 1APA* *Lord +rishna Maha-Mantra#* Hare ,ama Hare ,ama ,ama ,ama Hare Hare Hare +rishna Hare +rishna +rishna +rishna Hare Hare %m &amo 'hagavate )asudevaya %m (ri +rishnaya 0ovindaya 0o i5ana )alla2haya &amah %m (ri +rishnaya &amah *(ri Devi# * %m (ri Durgayai &amah *Lord 0ana ati#* %m (ri 0ana ataye &amah *(ri Hanuman# * %m (ri Hanumate &amah *Lord Hari# * %m &amo &arayanaya (Ashta"shara) Hari %m Hari %m -at (at *1ugal (.om2ined) Mantra#* (ita ,am ,adhe (hyam

,adhe +rishna *(ri +ali"a# * %m (ri +ali"ayai &amah *(ri La"shmi# * %m (ri Maha-La"shmyai &amah *Lord (hiva# Maha-Mrityun5aya Mantra#* %m tryam2a"am ya5amahe sugandhim ushtivardhanam

uurvaru"amiva 2andhanaan mrityor mu"shiya maamritaat. %m &amah (hivaya (Pancha"shara) *Lord ,ama#* %m (ri ,am 1aya ,am 1aya 1aya ,am %m (ri ,amaya &amah (ri ,ama ,ama ,ameti! ,ame ,ame Manorame (ahasranama -attulyam ,ama &ama )aranane %m (ri (ita-,amachandradhyam &amah (ri ,am *(ri (araswathi#* %m (ri (arasvatyai &amah *Lord (u2ramanya! +arti"eya# * %m (ri (aravana2havaya &amah *(harangati Mantra (for surrender)#* %m (ri ,amah (haranam Mama %m (ri +rishnah (haranam Mama %m (ri (ita-,amah (haranam Mama *(harada#*

%m (ri 'ala-Parameshvaryai &amah *-ri urasundari# * %m (ri -ri ura-(undaryai &amah *)edantic ;ormulae#* %m (oham %m -at -vam Asi %m Aham 'rahma Asmi 0reat collection of holy mantras. "nowledge. -han"s for the valua2le wealth of

&ormally we find that eo le are in the worldly mode! i.e. they li"e to miD with eo le = s end thier time eDtrovertedly! = really dont "now a2out their real welfare. -hey "now nothing of god = relegion. -hier (oul remains hungry. naturally they have to undergo various ty es of suffering (from thier own 2ody! from other eo le! from nature) 2ecause of thier forgetfullness. ;or such /orldly eo le! re ition of 0od@s name is most effective. -hey are gradually ulled in the right direction. %m (ai ,am .lic" on# htt #?? . (hiva is agni! 0anesh is a son of (hiva. (hirdi (ai 'a2a is worshi 2y eo le who love (hiva. > will try some agnihotras.> ho e > con heal some -han" you for your re ly. (ai ,am Mario ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A0&>H%-,A -H3 A&.>3&- (.>3&.3 %; H3AL>&0 A0&>H%-,A is a gift to humanity from ancientmost )edic sciences of 2ioenergy! medicine! agriculture and climate engineering. Agnihotra is the rocess of urification of the atmos here through the agency of fire re ared in a co er yramid tuned to the 2iorhythm of sunrise?sunset. 'y ractice of Agnihotra you will notice that tension on mind disa ears and you 2egin to eD erience eace. -he Mind is resha ed so nicely! so delicately! so effortlessly 2y sitting in Agnihotra atmos here. 3;;3.-( %; A0&>H%-,A ed

eo le from alcohol.

;ollowing are some of the things told a2out Agnihotra in ancient science tradition. -remendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra co er yramid 5ust at Agnihotra time. A magnetic ty e field is created! one which neutraliAes negative energies and reinforces ositive energies. -herefore a ositive attern is created 2y one who does Agnihotra merely 2y his?her erformance. /hen Agnihotra is erformed! the Agnihotra smo"e gathers articles of harmful radiation in the atmos here and on a very su2tle level neutraliAes their radioactive effect. &othing is destroyed! merely changed. /hen Agnihotra fire is 2urnt there is not 5ust energy from the fire 2ut su2tle energies are generated or thrust into the atmos here 2y fire. Also consider the :uality of materials 2urnt wherein lies the full effect of this healing H%MA. Much healing energy emanates form the Agnihotra yramid. -H3 &A-H,3 %; A0&>H%-,A Agnihotra renews the 2rain cells. >t revitaliAes the s"in. >t urifies the 2lood. >t is the wholistic a roach to life. Agnihotra has the a2ility to neutraliAe athogenic 2acteria. 4ou sit at Agnihotra fire and 2reathe in the smo"e which goes :uic"ly into the 2loodstream and lungs. -his has eDcellent effect on circulatory system and even more so if Agnihotra ash is ingested. -he smo"e has a good effect on the 2rain and nervous system. >f lants are laced in a room where vi2ration of Agnihotra yramid fire are maintained! one su2tle enough can actually see growth! communication! etc. Plants receive nutrition form Agnihotra atmos here! 2ecome ha y and grow well. 1ust as Agnihotra yramid fire gives nourishment to lants! it rovides the same for human life and animals. -he sun 2rings or ta"es the energy which ma"es all conditions conducive to an anti ollutionary change. >t clams the world. -he yramid is the generator! the fire is the tur2ine. -he cow dung! 0hee (clarified 2utter form cow@s mil") and rice then interact to form a com osition which is thrust! surrounds! neutraliAes and nutritionaliAes the material. -hen! with organic su2stances! this rovides the nutrients for survival! yield and ro agation. -his is how the Agnihotra fire hysically heals the atmos here. -housands of eo le on all continents 2elonging to different races! languages! religions and s iritual grou s who ractice Agnihotra have remar"ed that sim ly 2y erforming daily H%MA! (i.e. Agnihotra at sunrise?sunset) they feel as if a rotective film surrounds them. MA-3,>AL( ;%, A0&>H%-,A P4,AM>D# ;or Agnihotra you re:uire a co er yramid of s ecific siAe. .o er is a conductor. 1ust at morning Agnihotra all the electricities! energies! ethers are attracted to the yramid in its sha e. At sunset these energies are thrust out in same sha e. ,>.3# 'rown rice. Highly olished rice loses nutritional value and hence 2rown rice. %nly un2ro"en ieces of rice should 2e used for Agnihotra. >f rice is 2ro"en the su2tle energy structure is distur2ed and hence is not fit for Agnihotra healing fire. 0H33 (clarified 2utter)# -a"e some 2utter from cow@s mil" which has no additives and is ure. Heat it on low heat. After white solids have risen to the to ass the li:uid through a fine strainer. /hat asses through is clarified 2utter (0hee). -his can last without refrigeration

for a long time. 0hee is a very s ecial medicinal su2stance. /hen used in Agnihotra fire it acts as a carrier agent for su2tle energies. Powerful energy is loc"ed u in this material. D,>3D .%/ DH&0# -a"e dung from male or female rogeny of a cow. Ma"e anca"e-li"e atties and dry them in sun. Agnihotra fire is to 2e re ared from this dried cow dung. .ow dung is treated as medicine in all ancient cultures whether they 2e >ndians of &orth or (outh America! (candinavians! 3ast or /est 3uro eans! Africans or Asians. H%/ -% P,3PA,3 A0&>H%-,A ;>,3 Place a flat iece of dried cow dung at the 2ottom of the co er yramid. Arrange ieces of dried cow dung which have 2een coated with 0hee in the yramid in such a manner as will allow air to ass. A ly a little 0hee to a small iece of cow dung and light it. >nsert this lighted iece of cow dung in the yramid. (oon all the dung in the yramid will catch fire. 4ou may use a hand fan to 2low the air and hel the flame. However! do not 2low through the mouth to avoid 2acteria from the mouth getting into the fire. Do not use any mineral oil or similar material to start the fire. At sunrise and sunset a good flame should 2e ready in the yramid. A0&>H%-,A P,%.3(( -a"e a few grains of rice in a dish or your left alm and a ly a few dro s of 0hee to them. 3Dactly at sunrise utter the first Mantra and after the word (/AHA add a few grains of rice (as little as you can hold in the inch of your fingers will suffice) to the fire. Htter the second Mantra and after the word (/AHA add a few grains of rice to the fire. -his com letes morning Agnihotra. At sunset do the same 2y using evening Mantras. -his com letes evening Agnihotra. >f you miss the timing it is not Agnihotra and you will not get the healing effect on the atmos here or in the ash. After each Agnihotra try to s are as many minutes as you can for meditation. 4ou can sit at least till the fire eDtinguishes itself. Agnihotra creates medicinal and healing atmos here. 1ust 2efore the neDt Agnihotra collect the ash and "ee it in a glass or earthen container. >t can 2e used for lants or ma"ing fol" medicines. MA&-,A( -here are vi2rations that eDist everywhere. >t is only vi2rations when you go into it. /here there is vi2ration there is also sound. /hen we do these Mantras! the sounds we utter activate these s ecial vi2rations that will create certain atmos here or effects. -hen the desired results are realiAed. -hese vi2rations eDist for everything! so anything can 2e activated! controlled or changed 2y Mantras. /hen one with a ure mind s ea"s the Mantra into the Agnihotra yramid

at Agnihotra time! the ash retains that energy and the healing ro erties of the ash 2ecome more owerful.

*9) 4ou will need the following materials# .o er yramid of rescri2ed sha e and siAe Dried cow-dung ca"es Pure cow@s 0hee (clarified 2utter unsalted) Hn olished rice (unrise?(unset timings (im le (ans"rit Mantra * ,ice# Hncoo"ed! un2ro"en ieces of rice refera2ly less olished or whole 2rown rice should 2e used for Agnihotra. >f the rice is 2ro"en the chemical analysis of 2oth ieces may 2e the same 2ut the su2tle energy structure is 2ro"en and hence! it should not 2e used for Agnihotra healing fire! states the ancient science of 2ioenergy. 0hee (.larified 'utter)# Place ure H&(AL-3D! unadulterated 2utter from cow@s mil" in a sauce an and 2ring it to a slow 2oil over low heat. ,emove and discard the white su2stance that rises to the to . (train the li:uid through a fine strainer. /hat asses through is ghee. (tore the ghee in a container. >t does not have to 2e refrigerated. Please note ghee must 2e only 9CCP ure cow@s ghee and not from the 2uffalo or any other s ecies. Dried .ow Dung# Dried cow dung ca"es are used to re are the Agnihotra fire. How to re are dried cow dung ca"es# Ma"e anca"e-li"e atties from fresh cow dung and let them dry in the sun on a window screen or similar material. (tore the dry dung atties for daily use. .ow dung is medicinal. >n all ancient cultures! li"e the native >ndians of &orth and (outh America! (candinavians! Asians and Africans! cow dung a lications are used for a variety of ailments. >n 2oo"s of fol" medicine racticed in 3uro e! one finds many references to cow dung as a medicinal su2stance. /hen we use the words cow dung! we mean dung from the male or female rogeny of the cow s ecies only. Method# (unrise and sunset are the timing for agnihotra. >f corner of the room aside for agnihotra. ossi2le "ee a

-a"e a few ieces of wood and cowdung and light the fire. 3Dactly at sunrise and sunset utter the first mantra and add first ortion of rice into the fire. Htter the second mantra and add second ortion of rice into fire. (it near the fire an many minutes as ossi2le and eD erience eace.

*Mantra to 2e recited at sunrise# $(ooryaya (vaha (ooryaya >dam &a Mama$! add the first ortion of rice. $Pra5a ataye (vaha! Pra5a ataye >dam &a Mama$! add second ortion of rice this com letes morning agnihotra.* *Mantra to 2e recited at sunset# $Aganaye (vaha! Agnaaye >dam &a Mama$ add first ortion of rice. $Pra5a ataye (vaha! Pra5a ataye >dam &a Mama$ add second ortion of rice this com letes evening agnihotra.* 3nd of agnihotra the ashes can 2e used as fertiliAers for some eo le use it to a ly over the 2ody. lants and

8) -he a2ove is a sim le one. Any Hindu ritual consists of Mantra and -antra. Mantra is as a2ove and?or 2elow. -he other rocedure is -antra. (tarting and ending ortions of the ritual vary with one school to another school. %ne should get a guru for that! or get ste 2y ste rocedure from 2oo"s or D)Ds or &3-. *(ome more mantras on Agni# *Mantram Agni# - ,g )eda >.CC9.C9-9.CC9.CL * $%m AgnQm le urRhitam 4a5STsya devTm rtvQ5am HRtram ratnadhtamam %m AgnQh Urve2hir si2hir >dyo nUtanair utT (T devVm WhT va"ati %m AgnQn rayQm anavat PRsam evT divW-dive 4aTsam vrTvattamam %m Agne yTm ya5STm adhvarTm )ivTtah ari2hUr Tsi (T Qd devWsu gachati %m AgnQr hRt "avQ"ratuh (atyT citrTravastamah Devo deve2hir a gamat %m 4Td angT dXse tuvTm Agne 2hadrTm "arisyTsi -TvWt tTt satyTm angirah %m H a tvgne divW-dive DRsvastar dhiyV vayTm &Tmo 2hTranta Wmasi %m ,V5antam adhvarVnm 0o Vm rtTsya dYdivim )Trdhamnam suvW dTme %m (T nah itWva snTve Agne s yanR 2hava (Tcasv nah suastTye$ $%m )aisvanara ya vidhmahe Lalela ya dhimahi -annoh agnih racodayat$ - &arayana H anishad 9.E8 $%m Agne naya su atha raye asman )isvani deva vayunani vidvan$ 4uyodhyasma5 5uhuranam eno 'huyis thamte nama u"tim vidhema$ - ,ig )eda 9.9EL.9 ZghTrT vThuti - 0o2hila 0rihasta (Xtra! >#E!8B* >#E!B-I# $%m Agnaye svThT idam agnaye idam na mama %m (omTya svThT idam somTya idam na mama %m Pra5a ataye svThT idam ra5a ataye idam na mama$ )yahtri Homa Mantra# $%m 'hur svThT idam agnaye idam na mama %m 'huvah svThT idam vayuvae idam na mama %m (vah svThT idam suryaya idam na mama %m 'hur 2huvah svah svThT idam ra5a ataye idam na mama$ Pradhaana Homa (Homa-"arana Mantra) - 4a5ur )eda! >>>#F-E Praatah +aal Aahuti# $%m (Xryo 5yotir 5yotih sXrya svThT. %m (Xryo varcho 5yotir varchah svThT.

%m 1yotih sXryah sXryo 5yotih svThT. %m (a5Xrdevena savitrT sa5Xr ushasendra vatyT 5ushTnah sXryovetu svThT.$ (aayang +arl Aahuti# $%m Agnir 5yotir 5yotih agnir svThT %m Agnir varcho 5yotir varchah svThT. %m Agnir 5yotir 5yotir agnir svThT. %m (a5Xrdevena savitrT sa5X ratryendra vatyT 5ushTno agnirvetu svThT$ 4a5ur )eda! >>>#L-9C Praatah (aayam Aahuti (Mantra )yahrti Ahuti)# $%m 'hur agnaye ranaya svaha idam agnaye ranaya idam na mama %m 'huvah vayave a anaya svaha idam vayave a anaya idam na mama %m (vah adityaya vyanaya svaha idam adityaya vyanaya idam na mama %m 'hur 2huvah svar agni vayava ditye2hyah rana anaya vyane2hyah svaha idam agni vyava ditye2hyah rana anaya vyane2hyah idam na mama %m Aa o 5yoti raso [mritam 2rahma 2hur 2huvah svar om svaahaa$ $%m 4aam medhaam deva ganaah itarash cho aasate -ayaa maa madya medhayaagne medhaavinam "uru svaahaa$ - 4a5ur )eda! <8.9.B $%m )ishvaani deva savitar duritaani araasuva yad 2hadram tanna aasuva svaahaa$ - 4a5ur )eda! <C.<. $%m Agne naya su athaa raaye asmaan vishwaani deva vayunaani vidwaan 4uyodyasma5 5uhuraanam eno 2hooyishthaan to nama u"tim vidhema svaahaa$ - ,ig )eda 9.9EL.9*

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for some diseases* Post 2y# *v82irit* on *1anuary 8L! 8CCE! CB#CL#9< AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------4es that is very true. A man literally turns into a machine in a2sence of 0od = relegion. -here was a time in my life when i was really scared of moving into the world! 2ecause everywhere i saw eo le 2ehaving li"e machines. i also used to get dreams in which i used to see eo le 2eing made to wor" li"e machines! moving one 2ehind the other carrying something! (5ust li"e ro2ots). 'ut fortunately (ai 2a2a ulled me away from all that = showed me what i really wanted. >t is only he who could understand the dee est feeling in my heart. &ow after having some amount of mature s iritual understanding! i now understand that eo le li"e us who are disgusted = weary with the ways of the worldly eo le! are called MHMH+(HH. -hey long for Love = .are = strongly hate eo le@s materilistic endeavors! which only lead to misery. ;ortunately such MHMH+(HH@s are 2lessed 2y Lord@s care = they get the com any of (aints = realise the end aim of their life which is going 2ac" to 0odhead.

> have a very famous 2oo" 1naneshwari 2y great indian saint 5naneshwar which is a commentary of the 'hagwad 0ita. >n this 2oo" the Lord of the universe correctly eD lains how all these things go a2out... -his 2oo" clearly 2rings out our heart@s innermost feelings! so much so that we are amaAed as to how the Lord of the Hniverse could read out our heart... %m (ai ,am ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for every diseases! even so called incura2le diseases * Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1anuary 8L! 8CCE! CB#8F#IL AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------> thin" the eo le are not to 2lame. >t is the system where some egoistic eo le want to control every2ody. > have read in the internet one nice sentence of (wami (hivananda# %ne who is giving something 2ad! 2ut gives something good 2ac" is divine. >t is not easy to love your enemies when they have one somthing 2ad to you. >t is hard to forgive oneself and your enemies.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Aids = .ancer* * Disease Hindu Mantra * %m ,amaya &amaha %m +rishnaya &amaha %m +rishna-)iththalaya &amaha %m &arayani-+rishnaya &amaha %m Mahesh-+rishnaya &amaha %m (han"ara-+rishnaya &amaha %m &arayani-+rishnaya &amaha %m (hri"ant-+rishnaya &amaha %m &arayani-+rishnaya &amaha %m +rishna-+rishnaya &amaha %m (hriram-&arayan-+rishnaya &amaha

9 Aids 8 .ancer a) -ongue .ancer 2) Lung .ancer c) -hroat .ancer d) .hest .ancer e) Liver .ancer f) 'lood .ancer g) 'reast .ancer h) 'one .ancer i) Prostate .ancer *'lood and Heart related* *Disease Hindu Mantra * a) 2) c) d) e) f) 'lood Pressure ,heumatic Heart Disease Heart Murmur .ongestive .ardiac ;ailure >schaemic Heart Disease Myocardial >nfarction

%m 'havani-Pandurangaya &amaha %m 1ay-Pandurang-,a"humaiya &amaha %m Durga-0ana atiya &amaha %m Hare-)iththala-Pandurangaya &amaha %m Hare-+rishna-)iththalya &amaha %m 1ay-0ovinda-)iththalaya &amaha

*Digestive (ystem ,elated*

*Disease Hindu Mantra* a) 2) c) d) 1aundice Hlcer (han"ar A endicitis Dia2etes ;rancis %m ,am-+rishnaya &amaha %m ,ahamanya &amaha %m Pandurang-Hariaya &amaha %m 1ay-(hriramya &amaha

*Mental = Lung Diseases* *Disease Hindu Mantra * a) Hysteria 2) (chiAo hrenia &arayana-,am-+rishna-Hariaya &amaha c) Paranoid (chiAo hrenia )iththal-,am-+rishna-Hariaya &amaha d) 'ronchitis *&ervous (ystem ,elated* Disease Hindu Mantra a) 'rain -umour 2) Migraine c) 3 ile sy &amaha d) Paralysis &amaha e) Polio f) Ana- Plastic-Astrocytoma &amaha g) .oma *Diseases of >nfective %rigin* *Disease Hindu Mantra * a) -u2er-.ulosis 2) -y hoid c) Meningitis &amaha d) 0angrene e) ,a2ies *Miscellaneous* *Disease Hindu Mantra * a) Hydro ho2ia Hare-1ayram-Hara-,amaya &amaha 2) Leucoderma &amaha c) Par"inson d) Arthritis 1ayram-1ay-1ayramya &amaha %m %m Hare-,ama-+rishnaya %m Acyut-+rishnaya &amaha %m %m &arayan-)iththalya &amaha %m Ham-Hare-,amaya &amaha %m 1ayaram-0aneshaya %m 0angaramaya &amaha %m 1ay-1ayramaya &amaha %m (hri-)iththalya &amaha %m 1ay-+rishnaya &amaha %m 1ayram-0ana atiya %m 1ayram-1ay-1ayramya %m ,am-+rishnaya &amaha %m Hare- Pandurang-Hma-Hariaya %m ,am-,amaya &amaha %m 0aneshya %m %m &aryana%m 0auri-(han"araya &amaha &amaha

e) Le rosy &amaha f) .ervical-( ondylitis (hriram-1ayram-Pandurangaya &amaha g) Lum2ar ( ondylitis (hriram-1ayram-)iththalaya &amaha

%m 1ayram-(han"araya %m %m

*Mantra for vanishing diseases* %m ,ogansheshan ahansi -ushta ,usta -u +aman (a"lan2hishtan! -vamashritanam &a )i annrananam -vamashrita Hyashraytam Prayanti -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess Durga. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) while chanting is favoura2le and hel s to cure from diseases -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for s ecific disease control* %m Aadesh 0uru +o +ali +am2ali )ale (hyam! +ahaye Hain Hn"o 0hanshyam ,og &ashe (ho" &ashe &ahin -o +rishna +i Aan ,adha Meera Manaave! (&ame the Patient) +a rog dosh 1ave -he name of the atient of whose disease is to 2e controlled should 2e chanted at the right lace while murmuring this mantra. -he remem2rance of Lord +rishna and (hiva 2e "e t in mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for rotection of regnancy* %m ,udra 'hi Drava Ho! Ha Ha Ha Hoo +a -he regnant woman should chant this mantra for 9CE times a day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*,iddance from 3vil ( irits * Ayeim +reem +reem +hrim +hrim +hichi +hichi 'hootnaathaay Pishaachaay +hrim +hrim Phat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for rotection against eye sore* %m &amo ,am5i Dhani La"shman +e 'aan Aan"h Dard +are -o La"shman +uwar +i Aan Meri 'ha"ti. 0uru +i (ha"ti. Phuro Mantra 3swaro )acha. (atya &aam Aadesh 0uru +o -his mantra can lead to siddhi if chanted for 9C!CCC times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for rotecting oneself* %m (hoolena Pahino Devi Pahi +hadgen .ham2i"e! 0hanta (wanena &ah Pahi

.ha a55anih (wanen .h. -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess Durga. >t hel s to get rid of enemies! fears and trou2les. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) while chanting is favoura2le ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for regnancy* %m Hreem Hl5alya -hah -hah %m Hreem -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 9CE times with lighting of lam s of Mustard %il or 2utter oil hel s in getting regnancy. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for eace of ancestors* %m 4aam Medham Devganah Pitarasch H asate! -aya Mamadya Medhayagne Medhavinam +uru -he regular chant of this mantra with red sandal 2eaded garland and ouring water hel s to 2ring eace to ancestors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for Longevity and getting rid of Ailments* %m -rayam2a"am 4a5amahe (ugandhim Pusti )ardhanam! Hrvaru"amiva 'andhanan Mrityormur"sheeya Mamritat. -his is called JMrityun5aya MantraK. -he mantra is attri2uted to Lord (hiva. -he mantra is very effective when diseases?ailment is continuously 5eo ardiAing life or there is continuous fear of life. 3ven otherwise! the chant of this mantra is very 2eneficial. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 9.8I la"h times! following the rocedure will roduce early result ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for increasing rofits in 2usiness* %m +ansonsmitam Hiranya Pra"aram Aardraam 1walantim -ri tam -ar yenteem! Padhesthitam Padhmavarnaam -ami Ho e )hayeshriyam -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess La"shmi. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra hel s to increase rofits in 2usiness. -he use of a 2eaded garland of -ulsi ('asil Plant) is recommended for 2etter and early results -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting rid of >ncura2le Diseases* %m Hon 1oon (ah %m 'hoor2huva (wah %m -rayam2a"am 4a5amahe (ugandhim Pustivardhanam Hrvaru"amiva 'andhanan Mrityormur"sheeya Mamritat. %m (wah 'huvah 'hu %m (wah 1oon Hon %m -his is called JMaha Mritun5aya MantraK. >t is attri2uted to Lord (hiva. >ts hel s in saving life in case of attac" from diseases! accidents etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Mantra for getting rid of fear* %m (arva (waroo e (arveshe (arvsha"ti (amanvite! 'haye2hyastrahino Devi Durge Devi &amostute -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess Durga. -he mantra hel s get rid of fear and anDiety. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) while chanting is favoura2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting rid of all "inds of adversities* %m (harangat Dinart Paritran Parayane! (arvasyarti Hare Devi &arayani &amostute -his mantra is attri2uted to Lord &arayan. -he use of red sandal 2eaded garland while chanting hel s in consolation from trou2les and adversities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting leasure in life* %m Hanumate &amah -his mantra is related to Lord Hanuman. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 9.8I la"h times hel s to 2ring 2ac" lost leasures and strength of mind. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) or a 2eaded 0arland of red sandal is favoura2le and hel s to attain early results. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting leasure* %m ,am ,amaya &amah -his is a very owerful Mantra. -his mantra is attri2uted to Lord ,ama or Lord &arayana. -he regular chant of this mantra leads to success in every field of life and worldly leasure. Moreover! it 2rings along with it the 2lessing of the 0od. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting 2lessed with son and ac:uiring wealth* %m (arva2adha )inurmu"to Dhandhanya (utanvitah Manushyomat Prasaaden 'havishyati &a (an(haya -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess Durga. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra 2etween CE#CC .m. to 9C#CC .m. will hel get 2lessed with son and ac:uiring wealth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting all round success* %m (hreem Hreem +leem &amah -his mantra is called J(eed MantraK. -he Mantra hel s to eliminate all odds and trou2les. >t\s ower is dou2led when the chant is erformed along with a red sandal 2eaded garland. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------*;or male use there is a Mantra to get a good wife ( or desired women as wife) called 0andharva ,a5a mantra.* %m 0andharvaraa5a visvaavase Mama2ilashida +anyaam Prayacha (waahaa -he meening# % 0andarva +ing )isvavasu let me get my desired girl. 4ou 5ust have to chant it more than <8C at a time regularly till the goal is achieved. &ote# Dou2le vovals @aa@ indicate long sound and singla voval short. As to changing your com leDion there are three methods stated in occult litrature 9) %2tain +amaru2a siddhi - a magical ower 2y which you can ta"e any form you desire. >t is a long tedious sadana of certain tantric deity. >f you are u to it you can try . ( >f you are ready let me "now > will write to you the method as founfd in tantric treaties) 8) %2tain +aya sidhi 'y yogic ractice - you will get eternal youth ! moltan golden com leDion 9CCC ele hants strength and indefenet life s an 2y this method. -his is also long and tedious ath. 4ou can refer to Patan5ali@s yoga sutra for detail. <) -here is a shotcut to 2ecome lovely and fair. -his is invo"ing a s irit of +ing solomon. > shall get 2ac" to this latter as > need to refer to +ing (olomon@s 2oo" @0oetia@ for this. ( > will get 2ac" to you on this soon) htt #?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for getting a good wife* %m Patnim Manoram Dehi Manovritanusarineem! -areneem Durgasansar (agarasye +ulod2havam. -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess Durga. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra 2y the male section of the society hel s them get a wife of their eD ectation. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) while chanting is favoura2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for cure of fear* %m Aghore2hyo -haghore2hyo 0hor 0hor -are2hyah (arve2hyah (arva (arve2hyo &amaste Astu ,udra ,u e2hyah ;or controlling of fear of death etc.! meditate on Lord (hiva and erform a mala of chant everyday with 2urning of Dhoo . -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for controlling iles* %m +a"a +arta +rori +arta %m +arta (e Hoye 4e ,asna Desh Hus Pragate +hooni 'adi 'avasir &a Hoye. Mantra 1an"e &a 'ataye to Dwadash 'rahma Hatya +a a Hoy La"h 1a +are -o )ansh Mein &a Hoye (ha2da (ancha! Hanuman +a Mantra (ancha! Phure Mantra 3swaro )acha After easing the motion! chant this mantra while cleaning the refuse of

anus. After that eat two guavas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for controlling 5aundice* %m (hriram (ar (adha! La"shman (adha 'aan! &eela! Peela! ,ita! &eela -hotha Peela Peela (arvavidha ,ahe to ,amchandra5i +a ,ahe &aam Meri 'ha"ti 0uru +i (ha"ti Phure Mantra 3swaro )acha Murmuring this mantra and touching the 2ody of a 5aundice atient can hel over ower the disease. ;or (iddhi! 9C!CCC Mantra chant is needed. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for controlling fever* %m &amo 'hagvate ,udray (hool anaye Pishachadhi ataye Aavashye +rishna Pingal Phate (waha Ma"e the atient drin" water after s ea"ing the mantra three times carrying a ot of water in hand -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for controlling 2ig diseases (3 idemics) %m >thyam 4adaa 4adaa 'adhaa Danvttha 'havishyeti -he chant of this mantra for 9C!CCC times hel s to avert 2ig diseases. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for control of e ile sy* %m Haal Hal Mandiye Pudiye (hri ,am5i Phun"e! Mrigi )ayu (u"he! (u"h Hoi! %m -hah -hah (waha Ma"e holy 2lac" thread for the atient or s rin"le water on the atient after the chant of the mantra. (iddhi is achieved with chant of the mantra for 9C!CCC times ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for attainment of /ealth and Pleasure* %m (hri 0aneshaya &amah -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess La"shmi! the 0oddess of /ealth and Lord 0anesha! the elder son of Lord (hiva and 0oddess Parvathi. -he regular chant of this mantra hel s in growth of 2usiness and 2rings wealth. Moreover! it hel s in sto ing and arresting heavy odds. -he use of a red sandal 2eaded garland while chanting of this mantra is favoura2le. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for attainment of wealth and getting rid of ailments* %m Hreem %m Mar"atesh Mahotsaha (arv )yadhi )inashana (hatroon (anhar Mamra"sh (hriyam Da aya Dehi Mein. %m Hreem %m -his mantra is attri2uted to Lord Hanuman. -he regular chant of this mantra hel s in early cure of diseases and 2estowment of wealth. -he use

of a red sandal 2eaded garland hel s to attain early result. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for attainment of wealth* %m (hreem &amah -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra for atleast B la"h times along with a -ulsi ('asil Plant) 2eaded garland hel s to attain wealth. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for attainment of Pleasure* Aum &amo 'hagwate )asudevaya -his mantra of Lord &arayan is very owerful and advantageous. >t gives eace of mind. Moreover! in 2rings ha iness. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for attainment of ha iness* %m &amah (hivaya -his mantra is considered as the five-lettered mantra related to Lord (hiva. -he Mantra has a num2er of advantages. -he regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 9.8I la"h times 2rings leasure and eace of mind. >n addition! it hel s to minimiAe sins! if any. -he use of rudra"sha mala (A 2eaded garland of the seeds of 3leocar us 0anitrus -ree) while chanting is favoura2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*%m 0ana 0ana ataye &amah* Mantra for attainment of education and success in eDamination -his mantra is attri2ute to Lord 0anesha. >t hel s to ac:uire education and good success in eDam. >t is s ecially useful for students. -he regular chant of this mantra will 2ring early results. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Aum Aem +hreem +leem .hamundaya )ich* Mantra for all round ha iness and "illing of enemies

-his mantra of 0oddess Durga gives ha iness and leads to destruction of the enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for ac:uiring wealth* %m 4a Devi (arva'huteshu La"shmiru en sansthita! &amastasyei &amastasyei &amastasyei &amo &amah -he mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess La"shmi. (he is well "nown as the 0oddess of wealth among the Hindus. -he continuous chant of this mantra for 9CE times everyday can hel to ac:uire fa2ulous wealth. -he use of a

2eaded garland of -ulsi ('asil Plant) is favoura2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for ac:uiring education* %m Aim &amah -his mantra is attri2uted to 0oddess (araswati. (he is "nown as the 0oddess of 3ducation and +nowledge among the Hindus. -he mantra hel s very much in ac:uiring effective education. -he use of a red 2eaded sandal garland while chanting is favoura2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*All round Pleasure giving Mantra* %m 'hoor2huva (wah -atsaviturvarenyam 'hargo Devasye Dheemahi Dhiyo 4o &ah Prachodayat -his is "nown as J0ayatri MantraK. >t hel s in early fulfillment of all desires of life. >t resides in the category of 0reat Mantras in the Hindu Mythology. -he use of a 2eaded garland of 9CE 2eads! chanting three times a day (Morning! &oon and 3vening) is favora2le. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for some diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1anuary <9! 8CCE! CB#9F#8B AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantras for s ecific ur oses * * Mantras for wealth#* 9. %m La"shmi )am shri "amaladhram svaha 8. 1imi sarita sagar mahu 5ahi 1adya i tahi "amana nahi <. 'ishva 2harana oshana "ara 5oi -a"ar nama 'harat asa hoi B. %m shrim hrim shrim "amale "amalalaye mahya rasida rasida svaha I. %mm shrim hrim shrim mahala"shmyai namah


*;or Marriage# *9. -a2a 5ana"a ai 2ashishtha ayasu 2yaha sa5a savari "ai Mandavi shruta "irati Hrmila "uwari lai han"ari "ai 8. +atyayani mahamaye mahayogindadhishvari &andago asutam devi atim me "urute namah *;or having children# *9. Deva"isutam 0ovindam )asudevam 1agat atim Dehime-anayam +rishna twam-aham (haranagatah. *-o have a son#* 9. (arva2adha2inirmu"to dhanadhanyasutanvitah Manushyo tat rasaden 2havishyati na samshayah 8. %m hrim la55a 55alyam thah thah lah om hrim svaha

*;or safety of the child in the wom2#* 9. %m tham tham thim thim thum them thaim thoum thah thah om *.uring fever#* 9. %m namo 2hagavate rudraya namah "rodhesvaraya namah 5yoti atangaya namo namah siddhi rudra a5a ayati svaha 8. %m vindhya vanana hum fat svaha <. %m namo 2hagavate chhandi chhandi amu"asya 5varasya shara ra55vilita arashu aniye arashaya fat B. %m namo maha uchchhishta yogini ra"irna dranshta "hadati tharvati nashyati 2ha"shyati om thah thah thah thah *,emoving any disease#* 9. %m Hrim hansah 8. %m shrim hrim "lim aim >ndra"shyai namah <. %m sam! sam sim! sum sum sem saim sam saha vam vam vim vim vum vum vem vaim voim voum vam van saha amrita varech svaha. *;or sound health#* 9. Mam mayat sarvato ra"sha shriyam vardhaya sarvada (harirarogyam me dehi deva deva namostute 8. %m aim hrim shrim namah sarvadharaya 2hagavate asya mama sarva roga vinashaya 5vala 5vala enam dirghayusham "uru "uru svaha <. Achyutam chamritam chaiva 5a edoushadha"armani B. %m namo aramatamne ara 2rahma mama sharire ahi ahi "uru "uru svaha *;or curing iles#* 9. %m chhai chhui chhala"a chhalai ahum Ahum "lam "lam "lim hum * ;or curing oD#* 9. %m shrim shrim shrum shram shroum shrah om "harastha digam2ara vi"ata nayanam toyasthitam 2ha5ami svaha (vangastham rachandaru am nama2hyatma2hi2utaye *;or stimulating digestive fire#* 9. Agastyam "um2ha"aranam cha shamincha vadavanalam 'ho5anam achanarthaya smareda2hyam cha ancha"am *;or sound slee #* 9. %m agasti shayinah *;or long life#* 9. Hroum om 5om sa om 2hur2huvah svaha om -ryam2a"am ya5amahe sugandhim ushtivardhanam Hrvaru"amiva 2andhanata mrityormu"shiyamamritat *;or children@s diseases#* 9. Avyada5oangdhri manimanstava 5anvathoru! ya5noachyutah "ati tatam 5atharam "a hayasya *;or removing o2structions and difficulties#* 9. (a"al vighna vyo ahin nahin tehin ,ama su"ri an 2ilo"ahin 5ehin 8. (arva 2adha rashamanam trailo"yasya"hileshvari 3vameva tvaya"aryamasmad vairi 2inashanam <. %m ram ram ram ram ram ro ro ram "ashtam svaha

B. %m namah shante

rashante gum hrim hrim sarva "rodha

rashamani svaha

*;or winning court cases#* 9. Pavan tanaya 2ala avan samana 'uddhi vive"a 2igyana nidhana * -o +ee safe from sna"es#* 9. %m &armadayai vicharana 8. Ananta vasu"im shesham admana2ham cha "am2alam (han"ha alam dhritarashtram ta"sha"am "aliyam tatha munira5am Asti"am namah <. %m lah sar a"ulaya svaha asheha"ula sarva "ulaya svaha *;or removing the venom of sna"es#* 9. 0arudadhva5anusmaranat vishaviryam vya ohati 8. &ama ra2hau 5ana (iva ni"o +ala"uta falu dinha ami"o *-o "ee safe from theft#* 9. %m "afall-"afall-"afall 8. %m "aralini svaha om "a alini svaha hroum hrim hrim hrim chora 2andhaga thah thah *;or eace and detachment#* 9. Daihi"a daivi"a 2houti"a ta a ,ama ra5a nahin "ahu 2ya a 8. 'harata charita "ari mamu tulasi5e sadar sunahin (iya ,ama ada rema avasi hoi 2hava rasa 2irati *;or removing dou2t#* 9. ,ama "atha sundar "aratari (ansaya 2ihaga unavana hari *;or urification of thought#* 9. -a"e 5uga ada "amala manavaun 1asu "ri a niramala mati avaun *,eomova of the evil eye#* 9. (hyama 0aura sundara dou 5ori &ira"hahin chha2i 5anani trina tori *;or vision of (ita5i#* 9. 1ana"asuta 5aga5anani 5ana"i Atisaya riya "arunanidhana "i *-o lease Hanuman#* 9. (umiri avan suta avana namu A ane 2asa "ari ra"he ,amu *;or devotion to 0od#* 9. 'hagata "al ataru ranatahita "ri asindhu su"addhama (oi ni5a 2hagati mohi ra2hu dehu "aya dari ,ama *;or ac:uiring "nowledge#* 9. .hhiti 5ala ava"a gagana samira Pancha rachita yaha adhama sharira *;or 0od@s forgiveness#*

9. Anuchita 2ahuta "aheun agyata +shamahun "shama mandira dou 2harata *Mantras and remedies for the nine lanets *

-here several mantras and remedies for the lanets rescri2ed in the various scri tures. /e are giving 2ellow the most effective ones in our eD erience. * (urya* ;or (urya or (un related trou2les and during the dasa or antardasa of sun# 9./orshi the ruling deity Lord (hiva8. ,ecite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily or 0ayatri Mantra daily. <. 1a a of (un@s moola mantra# $%m hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah$! MCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the soorya stotra# 1ava "usuma san"asam "ashya eyam mahadutim -amorim (arva aa ghnam ranatosmi Diva"aram I. .harity# Donate wheat! or sugar candy on sunday. M. ;asting day# (undays. F. Poo5a# ,udra2hishe". E. ,udra"sha# /ear 3"amu"hi or 98 mu"hi ,udra"sha *.handra* ;or .handra or Moon related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of Moon# 9. /orshi the ruling deity 0ouri. 8. ,ecite Anna oorna stotram. <. 1a a of Moon@s moola mantra# %m shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah! 9CCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the .handra stotra# Dadhi (han"ha tushaara2ham "sheero darnava sam2havam &amaami shashinam somam sham2hor mu"uta 2hushanam I. .harity# Donate cow@s mil" or rice on Monday. M. ;asting# %n Mondays. F. Poo5a# Devi oo5a. E. ,udra"sha# /ear 8 mu"hi ,udra"sha. *Mangala* ;or Mangala or Mars related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of Mars# 9. /orshi the ruling deities +arti"eya and (hiva. -he +arti"eya mantra is $%m (aravana2havaya &amah$ -he (hiva mantra is $%m &amah (hivaya$ 8. ,ecite +arti"eya or (hiva stotra. <. 1a a of the Mars mantra# %m "ram "reem "roum sah 2haumaya namah! FCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the Mangala stotra# Dharani gar2ha sam2hutam vidyut "anti sama ra2ham +umaram sha"ti hastam tam mangalam ranamamyaham. I. .harity# Donate Masoor dal( red lentils) on tuesday. %rder (hanti Daana online M. ;asting# %n -uesdays. F. Poo5a# +arti"eya oo5a or ,udra2hishe"ha. E. ,udra"sha# /ear a < mu"hi ,udra"sha. Mars is also the remover of de2ts and the giver of wealth. -he following is a highly recommended stotra of Mars for this ur ose.

Angara"oyamaschaiva sarvarogaa ahaara"ah &rishte"argaacha hartaacha sarvadevascha oo5itah.

Lohito Lohitaa"shascha samagaana +ri aa"arah Dharmatma5ah +u5o2houmou 2humido 2huminam ,a"ta maalyam2aradharam shulasha"ti gadaadharah .har2hu5o yeshagato varadamcha dharaasutah Mangalo 2humi utrascha runahartaa dhana radah (thiraasano mahaa"aayo sarva"aama hala radam *'udha* ;or 'udha or Mercury related ro2lems and during his dasa and antardasa# 9. /orshi Lord )ishnu. 8. ,ecite )ishnu sahasranama stotra. <. 1a a of the 'udha 2ee5a mantra# %m 2ram 2reem 2roum sah 2udhaya namah! 9FCCC times in BC days. B.,ecite the 'udha stotra# Priyangu +ali"a (hyaamam ,oo ena Pratimam 'udham (oumyam (oumya guno etam tam 'udham Pranamamyaham. I. .harity# Donate Hdad dal on /ednesday. M. ;asting# %n /ednesdays. F. Poo5a# )ishnu oo5a. E. /ear a 9C mu"hi ,udra"sha. *0uru* ;or 0uru or 1u iter related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of 0uru# 9. /orshi Lord (hiva. 8. ,ecite (hri ,udram. <. 1a a of the 0uru 2ee5a mantra# %m 5hram 5hreem 5roum sah gurave namah! 9MCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the 0uru stotra# Devanam cha rishinam cha 0urum "aanchan (anni2haam'uddhi 2hutam -rilo"esham tam namaami 'rihas atim. I. Donate# (affron or turmeric or sugar on -hursdayon. M. ;asting# %n -hrusdays. F. Poo5a# ,udra2hishe"am. E. /ear a I mu"hi rudra"sha. *(hu"ra* ;or (hu"ra or )enus related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of )enus# 9. /orshi Devi. 8. ,ecite (hree (oo"tam or Devi stuti or Durga chalisa. <. 1a a of (hu"ra 2ee5a mantra# %m dram dreem droum sah shu"raya namah! 8CCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the (hu"ra stotra# Hima "unda mrinalaa2ham daityanam aramam gurum(arv shastra rava"taram 2hargavem ranamamyaham I. Donate clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on ;riday. %rder (hanti Daana online M. ;asting# %n ;ridays. F. Poo5a# Devi oo5a. E. /ear a L mu"hi ,udra"sha.

*(hani* ;or (hani or (aturn related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of (hani# 9. /orshi Lord Hanuman. 8. ,ecite Hanuman chalisa or any other Hanuman stotra. <. 1a a of (hani mantra# %m ram reem roum sah shanaischaraya namah! 9LCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the (hani stotra# &elan5an sama2hasam ravi utram yamagra5am.haaya martand sam2hutam tam namami shanaischaram I. Donate a 2uffalo or 2lac" til (sesame seeds) on (aturday. %rder (hanti Daana online M. ;asting on (aturdays. F. Poo5a# Hanuman oo5a E. /ear a 9B mu"hi ,udra"sha. ;or all (aturn related trou2les Dasharatha (hani (totra of is an eDcellent remedy. *,ahu* ;or ,ahu related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of ,ahu# 9. /orshi 'hairava or lord (hiva. 8. ,ecite the +ala2hairav astha"am. <. 1a a of the rahu 2ee5a mantra# %m 2hram 2hreem 2hroum sah rahave namah! 9ECCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the ,ahu stotra# Ardha +aayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam (imhi"a gar2ha sam2hutam tam rahum ranamamyaham. I. Donate# Hdad dal or coconut on (aturday. %rder (hanti Daana online M. ;asting on (aturdays. F. Poo5a# 'hairav or (hiva or .handi oo5a. E. /ear An E mu"hi ,udra"sha. L. %ne of the 2est remedies for rahu is reciting the first cha ter of Durga (a tasati. *+etu* ;or +etu related ro2lems and during the dasa or antardasa of +etu# 9. /orshi Lord 0anesha. 8. ,ecite 0anesha Dwadasanama (totra. <. 1a a of the +etu 2ee5a mantra# %m shram shreem shroum sah "etave namah! FCCC times in BC days. B. ,ecite the +etu stotra# Palasha ush a san"aasham tara"a graha masta"am ,oudram roudratma"am ghoram tam "etum Pranamamyaham. I. Donate# A 2lac" cow or 2lac" mustard seeds on thursday. M. ;asting# %n -hursdays. F. Poo5a# 0anesh oo5a. *Mantras of various deities * &ow a days there are thousands of mantras availa2le in all "inds of remedial 2oo"s and magaAines. -he authenticity and the effectiveness of most of them is :uite dou2tful. Most of what we are re roducing 2elow are from the 2oo" $Meditations from the -antras$ 2y Paramahamsa (wami (atyananda (araswati! one of the greatest self realiAed yogis of our times and an ac"nowledged master of the tantra. * 0ayatri Mantra#* According to the Hindu scri tures Devi 0ayatri is the

Mother of the )edas. >t is said that even -rinities ('rahma! )ishnu and (hiva) worshi her as their Mother. -he 0ayatri Mantra is the rescri2ed daily mantra for all Hindus and regarded as the remover of all sins and the 2estower of all desired things. >t is also art of the (andhya )andana. -he sage )ishwamitra is given the credit for 2ringing Mother 0ayatri to earth. -he following is the most commonly recited 0ayatri Mantra. %m 'huh 'huvah (vah -at (aviturvarenyam 'hargodevasya Dhimahi Dhiyoyonah Prachodayat -he meaning of the 0ayatri mantra is as follows# /e contem late the glory of Light illuminating the three worlds# gross! su2tle! and causal. > am that vivifying ower! love! radiant illumination! and divine grace of universal intelligence. /e ray for the divine light to illumine our minds. %m# -he rimeval sound 'hur# the hysical world 'huvah# the mental world (uvah# the celestial! s iritual world -at# -hat* 0od* transcendental Paramatma (avithur# the (un! .reator! Preserver )arenyam# most adora2le! enchanting 'hargo# luster! effulgence Devasya# res lendent! su reme Lord Dheemahi# we meditate u on Dhiyo# the intellect! understanding 4o# May this light &ah# our Prachodayath# enlighten! guide! ins ire -he other 0ayatri Mantra is as follows# %m 'hu! %m 'huvah! %m (vaa! %m Mahaa! %m 1anah! %m -a ah! %m (atyam! %m -at (avitur )arenyam 'hargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo 4o &ah Prachodayat %m A o 1yotih ,aso-mritam 'rahmaa 'hur 'huvah (waa %m According to the Hindu 2elief there are fourteen worlds. 'hu! 'huvah! (vaa! Mahaa! 1anah! -a ah! (atyam are the seven Higher worlds and Atata! +utala! )itala! Mahatala! ,asatala! 'hutala and Patala are the seven Lower worlds. -he a2ove 0ayatri mantra is recited 2y those see"ing the Higher worlds. Maha Mrituyun5aya Mantra# -his mantra of lord (hiva is the most effective and the most commonly recited one for curing all ty es of illnesses and to avoid any misfortunes and untimely death. %m -ryam2a"am 4a5amahe (ugandhim Pushti )ardhanam Hrvaaru"amiva 'handanath Mrityor Mu"sheeya Mamritat *)edic 0ayatri Mantras of other 0ods #* 0anesh# %m 3"adantaya )idmahe )a"ratundaya Dhimahi -anno Danti Prachodayat )ishnu# %m &arayanaya )idmahe )asudevaya Dhimahi -anno )ishnu Prachodayat &arasimha# %m )a5rana"haya )idmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi -anno &arashimha Prachodayat ,udra# %m -at Purushaya )idmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi -anno ,udrah Prachodayat La"shmi# %m Mahadevyai .ha )idmahe )ishnu- atnyai .ha Dhimahi -anno

La"shmi Prachodayat +arti"eya# %m -at urushaya )idmahe Mahasenanaya Dhimahi -anno (hanmu"ha Prachodayat %ther +arti"eya mantra# %m (aravana2havaya &amah (asthi and .haturdasi are the 2est tithis to worshi +rti"eya. of

(antana 0o ala mantra# ;or those having difficulty in 2egetting children! reciting the following (antana 0o ala mantra and worshi Lord +rishna in an child form is an eDcellent remedy. Deva"isutam 0ovindam )asudevam 1agat atim Dehime -anayam +rishna twam-aham (haranagatah. (iva Mantras# 9. %m &amah (ivaya 8. %m Haraye &amah <. %m -ryam2a"am ya5amahe sugandhim ushtivardhanam Hrvaru"amiva 2andhanat mirityormur"shiya mamaritat B. %m &amah &ila"anthaya I. Hroum M. Proum Hrim thah F. ,am "sham mam yam oum um )aishnava Mantras# 9. %m &arayanaya namah 8. %m )ishnave namah <. %m )ishnave ar5yotye namah B. %m Paramatmane namah I. %m Anantaya namah M. %m Achyutaya namah F. %m 0ovindaya namah E. %m Achyutananta 0ovindaya namah L. %m +lim Hrishi"eshaya namah 9C.%m (hri (hridharaya namah 99.%m (hri Madhusudayanaya namah 98.%m Damodaraya namah 9<.%m &amo &arayanaya namah 9B.%m (hri Mannarayana-charanou-sharanam

ra adye

(hri ,ama Mantras# 9. %m (hri ,ama 5aya ,ama 5aya 5aya ,ama 8. %m (hri ,amaya namah <. %m (hri (itaramachandra2hyam namah B. ,amaya ,ama2hadraya ,amachandraya )edhase ,aghunathaya nathaya (itayah ataye namah I. %m (hri ,amah sharanam mama M. %m (hri (hri (itaramah sharanam F. %m ,amachandra-charanou-sharanam ra adye E. ,am ,amaya namah L. Ham so ,amaya namah soaham 9C.Hrim ,amaya namah hrim 99. Hroum ,amaya namah hroum 98. Aim ,amaya namah 9<. +lim ,amaya namah +rishna Mantras# 9. %m &amo 'hagavate )asudevaya

8. <. B. I. M. F. E.

%m (hri +rishnaya 0ovindaya 0o i5ana-valla2haya namah %m (hri +rishnaya namah %m (hri +rishanh sharanam mama +lim +rishnah +lim +rishnayah +lim +rishnayah 0ovindaya "lim

(ha"ti Mantras# +ali# 9. Hrim (hrim +rim Parameswarayai svaha 8. Hrim (hrim +rim Parameswari +ali"e hrim shrim "rim svaha <. %m (hri +ali"ayai namah B. %m Hrim me svaha )+ali Hridaya) I. +rim +rim +rim Hum Hum Hrim Hrim da"shine +ali"e +rim +rim +rim Hum Hum Hrim Hrim svaha M. +rim Hrim (hrim Durga# 9. %m (hri Durgayai namah 8. %m Hrim Dum Durgayai namah (araswati# 9. %m (hri (araswatyai namah 8. %m Hrim Aim Hrim Aum (arasvatyai namah Mahala"shmi# 9. Hrim (hrim +rim Mahala"shmayai namah 8. %m (hrim Hrim +amale +amale +amalalaye Mahala"shmyai namah. ,adha# 9. %m (hri ,adhayai (vaha 8. %m Hrim ,adhi"ayai namah Anna urna# Hrim namo 2hagavati maheswari Anna urne svaha >ndra"shi# %m (hrim Hrim +rim Aim >ndra"shyai namah .hamunda# %m Aim Hrim +rim .hamundayai )ichche (iddha Mantras of Hanuman for ower and siddhis# -he Hanuman mantras are very effective for all (aturn related ro2lems! for health! to avoid and overcome trou2les caused from enemies and to avoid im risonment. 9. %m Hanumate namah 8. %m namo 2hagavate an5aneyaya maha2alaya svaha <. %m Hanumate rudratma"aya hum hat B. %m Pavana nandanaya svaha I. %m &amo 2hagavate an5aneyaya amu"asyashrin"hala trotaya trotaya 2andha mo"sham "uru "uru svaha M. Purva"a imu"haya anchamu"ha haumate tam tam tam tam tam sa"ala shatru shanharanaya svaha F. %m ashchimamu"haya garudananaya anchamu"ha hanumate mam mam mam mam sa"ala vishahara svaha


rasida (hrim Hrim (hrim

E. /ear a L mu"hi rudra"sha. L. A very good remedy for +etu is the reciting of (hiva Pancha"shari (totra. 0ayatri Mantra of lanets#

(un# %m 'has"araya )idmahe Mahadyuti"araya Dhimahi -anno Aditya Prachodayat Moon# %m +sheera utraya )idmahe Amruta-tatvaya Dhimahi -anno .handra PrachodayatMars# %m Angara"aya )idmahe (a"ti Hastaya Dhimahi -anno 'haumah Prachodayat(aturn# %m &eelan5anaya )idmahe .hhayamartandaya Dhimahi -anno (hani PrachodayatPlanetary remedies from )almi"i ,amayana# -he reciting of various cha ters of )almi"i ,amayana is rescri2ed in many scri tures as a remedy for many things.Hma (amhita rescri2es reading once a day some canto to the other from )almi"i ,amayana for each Mahadasa. -hey are# ,avi# 'ala "anda! F<rd cha ter .handra# (undara "anda! Ith cha ter +u5a# 'ala "anda <Mth and <Fth cha ter ,ahu# 4uddha "anda! FIth cha ter 0uru# (undra "anda! 99th cha ter (hani# 'ala "anda! <Cth cha ter 'udha# (undara "anda! <Ith cha ter +etu# Ayodhya "anda! ICth cha ter (hu"ra# (undara "anda! <Mth cha ter A art from that reciting of the following cha ters from )almi"i ,amayana 1ain &avagraha Mantra (&ava"ara Mantra)#%m &amo Arahanthaanam - ;or Moon and )enus %m &amo (iddhaanam - ;or (un and Mars%m &amo Aayariyaanam %m &amo Hva5haayaanam - ;or Mercury and 1u iter %m &amo Loye (avva-saahoonam - ;or (aturn! ,ahu and +etu 0uru Mantra 77 %m Param -atvaay &aaraayannaay 0uru2hyo &amah 77 .hetana Mantra 77 %m Hreem Mam Praan Deh ,om Pratirom .hetaneiya 1agreiya Hreem %m &amah 77 0ayatri Mantra 77 %m 'hoor2hoovah (wah. -atsaviturvareineeyum 'hargo Devasaya Dheemahi Dheeyo 4o &ah Prachodayaat. 77 0uru 'rahma Mantra 77 %m 'ram 'rahmaatvam (iddhim 0um 0urave &amah 77

.hintamani 0an ati Mantra 77%m (hreem Hreem (hreem .hintamani 0an atyei )aanchitaarth Pooray Pooray La"shmidaaya" +ridhim )ridhim +uru +uru (arv(o"hayam (ou2hagayam +uru +uru (hreem Hreem (hreem %m 77 La"shmi )inaaya" Mantra 77 %m (hreem 0am (oumyaay 0ann ataye )ar )arade (arva5anam Me )asmaanay (waahaa 77 0an ati Mantra 77 0an 0an ataye &amah 77 +aamya 0an ati Mantra 77 %m 0am 0oum 0anna ataye )ignanaashine (waahaa. 77 Hchhisht 0an ati Mantra 77 %m 0am Hum -antra 'aadhaa &ivaarannaay (hreem 0anneshaay (waahaa. 77 (umu"h 0an ati Mantra 77 %m (ham (hemam ,oo am (ou2hagya Dee taye Dee taye Phat. 77 Lord +u2er Mantra 77 %m (hreem %m Hreem (hreem Hreem +leem (hreem +leem )itteswaraay &amah. 77 0oddess +ana"dhara Mantra 77 %m )am (hreem )am Ayeim Hreem +leem +ana"dhaaraayei &amah 77 (hree4antra Mantra 77 %m (hreem Hreem (hreem Mahaala"shmyei (hreem Hreem (hreem &amah 77 )ya aar La"shmi Mantra 77 %m (hreem Hreem (hreem +amale +amalaalaye Praseed Praseed (hreem Hreem (hreem %m Maha LaDmayei &amah 77 Lord (iddheshwar (hiv Mantra 77 %m (hreem Manovaanchhitam Dehi %m %m &amah (hivay 77 Lord 0orishwar (hiv Mantra 77 Hreem %m &amah (hivaay Hreenm 77 Lord Paardeshwar (hiv Mantra 77 %m (ham (ham2havaay Paardeshwaraay (asha"ti"aay &amah 77 Mahamritun5ay Mantra 77 %m Hroum 1oom (ah 'hoor2huvah (waaha. %m -rayam2a"am 4a5aamahe (ugandhinim Pushtivardhanam. Hrvaaru"miv 'andhanaanmrityormu"sheeya Mahaamritaat (wah. (wah 'huvah 'hooh %m. (ah 1oom Hroum %m. 77 Lord Paashu ataastrey Mantra 77 %m Har! Maheshwar! (hool aanni! Pinaa" Dhri"! Pashu ati! (hiv Mahaadev 3eshaan &amah (hivaay. 77 Lord ,udra Mantra 77 %m (arva Aroghaay ,udraaye Hroum +reem Phat.77 Lord ,aameshwaram (hiv Mantra

77 %m Hloum (hivaay (hiv araay Phat. 77 +aamnaa (iddhi Mantra 77 %m (aam2 (adaashivaay &amah. 77 0oddess Maha+ali Mahavidya Mantra 77 +reem +reem +reem Hreem Hreem Houm Houm Da"shin +ali"e +reem +reem +reem Hreem Hreem Houm Houm (awaahaa. 77 0oddess -ara Mahavidya Mantra 77 %m Hreem -reem Houm Phat 77 (hodash 4ogini Mantra 77 %m Ayeim Hreem +leem (hreem )ram (hroum Dhrim (ham Drim +reem Hleem &rim Prom 4am (ham 0um (hodash 4oginyei &amah. 77 Hy notism +eshav Mantra 77 +leem +eshvaay &amah 77 0ovind Mantra 77 %m (hreem +leem +rishnnaay 0ovindaay Hreem %m (waahaa. 77 Madhusoodan Mantra 77 %m (hree +rishnnaay Asuraa"raant 'haarhaarinne &amah. 77 Maha2aahu Mantra 77 %m &rim &arsinghaay 'al Pradaay Mahaa2aahave Hreem %m Phat. 77 Lord Hanuman Protection Mantra 77 %m &amo 'hagwate Aan5aneyaay Mahaa2alaay Hanumate &amah. 77 Lord Hanuman (uccess Mantra 77 %m Hanumate &amah 77 Lord Hanuman Manifestation Mantra 77 %m &amo Hanumantaay Aaveshay Aaveshay (waahaa 77 Lord Hanuman .onfidence Mantra 77 %m Hum %m Hum %m Hanumate Phat 77 Lord +arti"eya Mantra 77 %m +am +sham +am +aarti"eyaay Phat 77 Mantra to ,emove %2stacles 77 %m +leem +aleshnaashay +leem Phat 77 Mantra for Honoura2le (ocial (tatus 77 %m Hreem Ayeim )ighna &ashaaya Phat 77 Mantra for ,ealisation of 0od 77 %m 'rahmatmane >shta Darshaya Darshaya Hoom 77 Mantra to .on:uer 3nemy 77 %m +reem +reem +reem Hleem Hleem @Amu"@ (hatru Maraya Maraya Hleem +reem +reem +reem Phat 77 Muladhar .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m Lam Par -atvaay )am (ham (ham (am %m Phat 77

(waddhistthan .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m )am )am (waadhishtthaanam 1aagray 1aagray )am )am %m Phat 77 Mani ur .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m ,am .ha"ra 1aagrannay Manni uraay ,am %m Phat 77 Anahat .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m 4am Anaahatam 1aagray 1aagray (fottay %m (ham 77 )ishuddh .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m Ham )ishuddh 1aagray 1aagray -atva 'ee5aay %m Phat 77 (ahastrahaar .ha"ra 1agran Mantra 77 %m Hreem (ahastraaaram 1aagray 1aagray (fotay Hd2heday Ayeim %m Phat 77 0oddess (hodashi -ri ur (undari Mahavidya Mantra 77 %m Hreem +a A 3e La Hreem Hasa"ahalahreem (a"alahreem 77 0oddess 'huvaneshwari Mahavidya Mantra 77 %m Hreem %m 77 0oddess .hhinmasta Mahavidya Mantra 77 (hreem Hreem +leem Ayeim )a5ra )eirochaniye Houm Houm Phat (awaahaa 77 0oddess -ri ur 'heiravi Mahavidya Mantra 77 Haseih Hasa"ari Haseih 77 0oddess Matangi Mahavidya Mantra 77 %m Hreem Ayeim (hreem &amo 'hagwati Hchchishtchaandaalini (hree Matangeshwari (arva5anvansh"ari (awaahaa 77 0oddess +amala Mahavidya Mantra 77 Ayeim Hreem (hreem +leem (ouh 1agat rasutayei &amah 77 0oddess Dhoomavati Mahavidya Mantra 77 Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati -hah -hah 77 0oddess 'aglamu"hi Mahavidya Mantra 77 %m Hleem 'aglamu"hi (arvdushtaanam )aacham Mu"ham Padam (tam2haye 1hivya +eelay 'udhim )inaashay Hleem %m Phat 77 &avarann Mantra 77 Aing Hring +ling .haamundayei )ichche 77 Aa ad Hddhara" 'atu" 'heirav Mantra 77 %m Hreem 'atu"aay Aa ad Hddhaaraay +uru +uru 'atu"aay Hreem %m (waahaa. 77 Hnmatt 'heirav Mantra 77 %m Hn Hnmattaay 'hram 'hram 'heiravaay &amah. 77 +aal 'heirav Mantra 77 %m 'heiravaay )am )am )am Hraam (hrom &amah. 77

Planet (un Mantra 77 %m Hraam Hreem Hroum (ah (uryaay &amah. 77 Planet 1u iter Mantra 77 %m 0raam 0reem 0roum (ah 0uruve &amah. 77 Planet ,ahu Mantra 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah ,ahave &amah. 77 Planet +etu Mantra 77 %m (hraam (hreem (hroum (ah +etave &amah. 77 Planet Mars Mantra 77 %m +raam +reem +roum (ah 'homaye &amah. 77 Planet Moon Mantra 77 %m (hraam (hreem (hroum (ah .handramase &amah. 77 Planet (aturn Mantra 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah (aneiye &amah. 77 Planet )enus Mantra 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah (hu"raaye &amah. 77 Planet Mercury Mantra 77 %m 'raam 'reem 'roum (ah 'udhaaye &amah. 77 A sara ,am2ha Mantra 77 %m Hreem ,am ,am2he6 Aagachh Aagyaam Paalay Manovaanchhitam Dehi Ayeim %m (waahaa. 77 A sara Anangme"hla Mantra 77 %m Hreem Ayeim Anangme"halaayei Ayeim Hreem %m Phat 77 A sara Push deha Mantra 77 Hreem 0leem 'loum Push 'loum Phat 77 Deha (u"h (au2hagaya Dehi Dehi Mam )ashyam

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for some diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *;e2ruary CB! 8CCE! 98#B<#<9 PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------C9 &arasimha-Mantra %m Hgram )iram Mahavishnum 1valantam )isvatomu"ham! &risimham 'hishanam 'hadram Mrityumrityum &amamyaham. C8 ,ama-Mantra %m ,ama2hadra Maheshvasa ,aghuvira &ri ottama! 'ho Dasasyanta"asma"am ,a"sham +uru (riyam .ha Me. C< +rishna-Mantra > %m +rishnaya )asudevaya Haraye Paramatmane! Pranata"lesanasaya 0ovindaya &amo &amah. CB +rishna-Mantra >> %m +rishnaya )asudevaya Deva"inandanaya .ha! &andago a"umaraya 0ovindaya &amo &amah CI +rishna-Mantra >>> %m +rishnaya 4adavendraya 1nanamudraya 4ogine! &athaya ,u"minisaya &amo )edantavedine. CM +rishna-Mantra >) %m )asudevasutam Devam +amsachanuramardanam! Deva"i aramanandam +rishnam )ande 1agadgurum. CF Hayagriva-Mantra %m ,igya5ussamaru aya )edaharana"armane! Pranavodgitava ushe Mahasvasirase &amah.

0uru Prayer 0uru Mantra 77 77 .hetna Mantra 77 77 0ayatri Mantra 77 77 gayatri.wav 0uru 'rahma Mantra -o gain s iritual u liftment (e tem2er 9LLL issue 77 %m 'ram 'rahmaatvam (iddhim 0um 0urave &amah 77 guru2rahmatva.wav Muladhar .ha"ra Mantra ;or Activation of Muladhar .ha"ra March 8CCC issue 77 %m Lam Par -atvaay )am (ham (ham (am %m Phat muladhar.wav


(waddhistthan .ha"ra Mantra ;or activation of (waddhistthan .ha"ra A ril 8CCC issue 77 %m )am )am (waadhishtthaanam 1aagray 1aagray )am )am %m Phat 77 swathisthaan.wav Mani ur .ha"ra Mantra ;or activation of Mani ur .ha"ra May 8CCC issue 77 %m ,am .ha"ra 1aagrannay Manni uraay ,am %m Phat 77 mani ur.wav Anahat .ha"ra 1agran Mantra ;or activation of Anahat .ha"ra ;e2ruary 8CCC (Hindi) issue 77 %m 4am Anaahatam 1aagray 1aagray (fottay %m (ham 77 anaahat.wav )ishuddh .ha"ra Mantra ;or Activation of )ishuddh .ha"ra August 8CCC issue 77 %m Ham )ishuddh 1aagray 1aagray -atva 'ee5aay %m Phat Aagya .ha"ra Mantra ;or Activation of Aagya .ha"ra issue 77 77 (ahastrahaar .ha"ra Mantra ;or Activation of (ahastrahaar .ha"ra May 8CCC issue


77 %m Hreem (ahastraaaram 1aagray 1aagray (fotay Hd2heday Ayeim %m Phat sahastraar.wav Lord (iddheshwar (hiv Mantra ;or fulfilment of wishes 1anuary 8CCC issue 77 %m (hreem Manovaanchhitam Dehi %m %m &amah (hivay 77 siddheshwar.wav Lord 0orishwar (hiv Mantra ;or fortune! 'eauty and /ealth 1anuary 8CCC issue 77 Hreem %m &amah (hivaay Hreenm gorishwar.wav



Lord Paardeshwar (hiv Mantra -o worshi Paarad ((olidified Mercury) (hivaling. -o fulfil one@s wishes 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m (ham (ham2havaay Paardeshwaraay (asha"ti"aay &amah 77 aardeshwar.wav Mahamritun5ay Mantra -o overcome diseases! misha s and fear of untimely death. 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m Hroum 1oom (ah 'hoor2huvah (waaha. 77 77 %m -rayam2a"am 4a5aamahe (ugandhinim Pushtivardhanam. 77 77 Hrvaaru"miv 'andhanaanmrityormu"sheeya Mahaamritaat (wah. 77 77 (wah 'huvah 'hooh %m. 77 77 (ah 1oom Hroum %m. 77 mahamritun5aya.wav Lord Paashu ataastrey Mantra ;or (uccess in (adhanas and good luc" 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m Har! Maheshwar! (hool aanni! Pinaa" Dhri"! Pashu ati! (hiv Mahaadev 3eshaan &amah (hivaay. 77 aashu ateyastra.wav Lord ,udra Mantra ;or a healthy 2ody and ha y mind 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m (arva Aroghaay ,udraaye Hroum +reem Phat.77 rudra.wav Lord ,aameshwaram (hiv Mantra -o o2tain wealth and success in tas" 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m Hloum (hivaay (hiv araay Phat. 77 rameshwaramshiv.wav +aamnaa (iddhi Mantra ;or fulfilment of one@s wishes through the divine grace of Lord (hiva 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m (aam2 (adaashivaay &amah. 77 "amnasiddhi.wav Lord +u2er Mantra -o gain wealth! fortune! comforts and ros erity

1une 8CCC issue 77 %m (hreem %m Hreem (hreem Hreem +leem (hreem +leem )itteswaraay &amah. 77 "u2er.wav 0oddess +ana"dhara Mantra ;or wealth and ros erity )arious issues 77 %m )am (hreem )am Ayeim Hreem +leem +ana"dhaaraayei &amah 77 "ana"dhara.wav (hree4antra Mantra -o gain /ealth (e tem2er 9LLL issue 77 %m (hreem Hreem (hreem Mahaala"shmyei (hreem Hreem (hreem &amah 77 shreeyantra.wav )ya aar La"shmi Mantra ;or success in 2usiness A ril 9LLB issue 77 %m (hreem Hreem (hreem +amale +amalaalaye Praseed Praseed (hreem Hreem (hreem %m Maha LaDmayei &amah 77 "amalamahala"shmi.wav MahaLa"shmi Mantra ;or /ealth and Pros erity 77 77 mahala"shmi.wav 0an ati Prayer Mantra 0an ati Prayer )arious issues .hintamani 0an ati Mantra -o remove all ro2lems in life )arious issues 77 %m (hreem Hreem (hreem .hintamani 0an atyei )aanchitaarth Pooray Pooray La"shmidaaya" +ridhim )ridhim +uru +uru (arv(o"hayam (ou2hagayam +uru +uru (hreem Hreem (hreem %m 77 chintamanigan ati.wav La"shmi )inaaya" Mantra ;or all round Progress in life &ovem2er 9LLL issue 77 %m (hreem 0am (oumyaay 0ann ataye )ar )arade (arva5anam Me )asmaanay (waahaa 77 la"shmivinaya".wav 0an ati Mantra ;or (ound Physi:ue A ril 9LLB issue 77 0an 0an ataye &amah 77 gan ati.wav +aamya 0an ati Mantra ;or fulfilment of wishes 1une 8CCC issue

77 %m 0am 0oum 0anna ataye )ignanaashine (waahaa. 77 "aamyagan ati.wav Hchhisht 0an ati Mantra ;or riddance from effect of evil rituals?2lac" magic 1une 8CCC issue 77 %m 0am Hum -antra 'aadhaa &ivaarannaay (hreem 0anneshaay (waahaa. uchchishtgan ati.wav (umu"h 0an ati Mantra -o o2tain hysical 2eauty and magnetism in ersonality A ril 8CCC issue 77 %m (ham (hemam ,oo am (ou2hagya Dee taye Dee taye Phat. 77 sumu"hgan ati.wav Aa ad Hddhara" 'atu" 'heirav Mantra ;or (olutions to ro2lems of life A ril 8CCC issue 77 %m Hreem 'atu"aay Aa ad Hddhaaraay +uru +uru 'atu"aay Hreem %m (waahaa. 77 2atu"2heirav.wav Hnmatt 'heirav Mantra ;or the ill and the childless A ril 8CCC issue 77 %m Hn Hnmattaay 'hram 'hram 'heiravaay &amah. 77 unmatt2heirav.wav +aal 'heirav Mantra ;or Allaying fear of foes! accidents and death A ril 8CCC issue 77 %m 'heiravaay )am )am )am Hraam (hrom &amah. 77 "aal2heirav.wav Planet (un Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m Hraam Hreem Hroum (ah (uryaay &amah. 77 sun.wav Planet 1u iter Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m 0raam 0reem 0roum (ah 0uruve &amah. 77 5u iter.wav Planet ,ahu Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah ,ahave &amah. rahu.wav



Planet +etu Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m (hraam (hreem (hroum (ah +etave &amah. "etu.wav


Planet 1u iter Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 5u iter.wav Planet Mars Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m +raam +reem +roum (ah 'homaye &amah. mars.wav


Planet Moon Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m (hraam (hreem (hroum (ah .handramase &amah. moon.wav Planet (aturn Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah (aneiye &amah. saturn.wav



Planet )enus Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m Praam Preem Proum (ah (hu"raaye &amah. venus.wav Planet Mercury Mantra -o o2tain all round success )arious issues 77 %m 'raam 'reem 'roum (ah 'udhaaye &amah. mercury.wav



A sara ,am2ha Mantra ;or manifestation of A sara and fulfilment of wishes May 8CCC issue 77 %m Hreem ,am ,am2he6 Aagachh Aagyaam Paalay Manovaanchhitam Dehi Ayeim %m (waahaa. 77 ram2haa sara.wav A sara Anangme"hla Mantra ;or manifestation of A sara and fulfilment of wishes (e tem2er 9LLL issue 77 %m Hreem Ayeim Anangme"halaayei Ayeim Hreem %m Phat 77 anangme"hlaa sara.wav A sara Push deha Mantra ;or manifestation of A sara and fulfilment of wishes A ril 9LLB issue 77 Hreem 0leem 'loum Push Deha (u"h (au2hagaya Dehi Dehi Mam )ashyam 'loum Phat 77 ush dehaa sara.wav (hodash 4ogini Mantra -o o2tain success in every field

1uly 8CCC issue 77 %m Ayeim Hreem +leem (hreem )ram (hroum Dhrim (ham Drim +reem Hleem &rim Prom 4am (ham 0um (hodash 4oginyei &amah. 77 shodashyogini.wav Hy notism +eshav Mantra -o Hy notise 2y grace of Lord +rishna 1uly 8CCC issue 77 +leem +eshvaay &amah 77 hy notism"eshav.wav 0ovind Mantra ;or fulfilment of wishes 1uly 8CCC issue 77 %m (hreem +leem +rishnnaay 0ovindaay Hreem %m (waahaa. 77 govindwish.wav Madhusoodan Mantra ;or riddance from enemies 1uly 8CCC issue 77 %m (hree +rishnnaay Asuraa"raant 'haarhaarinne &amah. 77 madhusoodan.wav Maha2aahu Mantra -o o2tain hysical strength 1uly 8CCC issue 77 %m &rim &arsinghaay 'al Pradaay Mahaa2aahave Hreem %m Phat. 77 maha2aahu.wav 0oddess Maha+ali Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 +reem +reem +reem Hreem Hreem Houm Houm Da"shin +ali"e +reem +reem +reem Hreem Hreem Houm Houm (awaahaa. 77 maha"ali.wav 0oddess -ara Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 %m Hreem -reem Houm Phat 77 tara.wav 0oddess (hodashi -ri ur (undari Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 %m Hreem +a A 3e La Hreem Hasa"ahalahreem (a"alahreem 77 tri ursundari.wav 0oddess 'huvaneshwari Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 %m Hreem %m 77 2huvaneshwari.wav 0oddess .hhinmasta Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 (hreem Hreem +leem Ayeim )a5ra )eirochaniye Houm Houm Phat (awaahaa


chhinmasta.wav 0oddess -ri ur 'heiravi Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 Haseih Hasa"ari Haseih 77 tri ur2heiravi.wav 0oddess Matangi Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 %m Hreem Ayeim (hreem &amo 'hagwati Hchchishtchaandaalini (hree Matangeshwari (arva5anvansh"ari (awaahaa 77 matangi.wav 0oddess +amala Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 Ayeim Hreem (hreem +leem (ouh 1agat rasutayei &amah 77 "amala.wav 0oddess Dhoomavati Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati -hah -hah 77 dhoomavati.wav 0oddess 'aglamu"hi Mahavidya Mantra Mantra of one of the most owerful -antra deity (Mahavidya) )arious issues 77 %m Hleem 'aglamu"hi (arvdushtaanam )aacham Mu"ham Padam (tam2haye 1hivya +eelay 'udhim )inaashay Hleem %m Phat 77 2aglamu"hi.wav &avarann Mantra ;or all round success )arious issues 77 Aing Hring +ling .haamundayei )ichche navaarann.wav Hanuman-Mantra Mantra 77%m Hoom Hanumate ,udratama"aye Hoom Phut (waha77 -his mantra is to Lord Hanuman! the $mon"ey god$! who is the greatest devotee of Lord ,ama. -he stroy of His eD loits are famous from the e ic $,amayana$ (also "nown as the $,ama"yen$ in -hailand) He is said to give good :ualities of character. Lord Hanuman Protection Mantra ;or rotection from all diseases! dangers and misfortunes in future %cto2er 9LLL issue 77 %m &amo 'hagwate Aan5aneyaay Mahaa2alaay Hanumate &amah. 77 hanuman9.wav


Lord Hanuman (uccess Matra ;or (uccess in -as"s )arious issues 77 %m Hanumate &amah 77 hanuman8.wav Lord Hanuman Manifestation Matra ,itual for Manifestation March 8CCC issue 77 %m &amo Hanumantaay Aaveshay Aaveshay (waahaa 77 hanumanmanifest.wav Lord Hanuman .onfidence Matra -o 'oost your (elfconfidence March 8CCC issue 77 %m Hum %m Hum %m Hanumate Phat 77 hanumanconfidence.wav +arti"eya Mantra -o ,emove all misfortune &ovem2er 9LLL issue 77 %m +am +sham +am +aarti"eyaay Phat "arti"eya.wav Mantra to ,emove %2stacles )arious >ssues 77 %m +leem +aleshnaashay +leem Phat 77 2adhaanivaaran.wav Mantra for Honoura2le (ocial (tatus A ril 9LLB issue 77 %m Hreem Ayeim )ighna &ashaaya Phat status.wav



Mantra for ,ealisation of 0od A ril 9LLB issue 77 %m 'rahmatmane >shta Darshaya Darshaya Hoom 77 soul.wav Mantra to .on:uer 3nemy A ril 9LLB issue 77 %m +reem +reem +reem Hleem Hleem @Amu"@ (hatru Maraya Maraya Hleem +reem +reem +reem Phat 77 con:uerenemy.wav ----------------------------------------------Ancient (acred .hants AHM. >n cha ter 9F of 'hagwadgita! one of the most sacred teDts of the Hindus. Lord +rishna has said that the word Aum (ignifies the omni resence of 0od. AHM -A-(A-. (;rom the 2eginning of the universe) -hese three words are used to significant the omni resent 0od is Aum and it is said that the Aum came into 2eing with the creation.

Aum is a musical 2liss through the regular use of which! a restive heart and stressful mind can achieve eternal eace and harmony and ha iness of 2eing at one with creator. 0A&3(HA P,A43,. )A+,A-H&DA MAHA+A4A (H,4A+%-> (AMAP,A'HA &>,)>0&AM +H,H M3 D3)A (A,)A +A,43(HH (A,)ADHA. %. Lord 0anesha! of the large 2ody! the curved trun"! who shines with the lustre of a million suns! lease ma"e life and my wor" free of a2stracles! forever. MAHALA+(HM> MA&-,A. AHM H,33M (H,33M LA+(HM>'H4% &AMAHA. -he 0oddess of wealth! ros erity = good luc". >t is 2elieved that sincere! heartfelt rayers to this 0oddess can unloc" the doors of ros erity for each and everyone. >t is 2elived that the 0oddess Mahala"shmi has eight forms or as ects! as the term A(H-A LA+(HM> connotes. %nly when one rays to all eight of them! one has rayed to her in totality. H3, 3>0H- ;%,M( A,3#AAD> LA+(HM>. DHAA&4A LA+(HM>. DHA>,4A LA+(HM>. 0A1A LA+(HM>. (A&-AA&A LA+(HM>. )>1A4A LA+(HM>. )>D4A LA+(HM>. DHA&A LA+(HM>. 0A4A-,> MA&-,A. (HH'H LAA'H MA&-,A. (P,A43, ;%, A'H&DA&.3). AHM (H,33M 0AM (AH'HAA04A 0A&APA-HA43 )A,A)A,ADA (A,)A1A&AM M3 )A(HAMAA&A4A &AMAHA. A Mantra is a divine com2inations of divine vi2rations! sylla2les or sounds. /hich when chanted with devotion! faith and emotions gravitate the concerned 0od or 0oddess or Deity and secure their divine 2lessings. Here (H,33M is the seed mantra for the rinci le of a2undance. >t is the as ect of divine energy that 2rings a2undance. An a2undance of material wealth! health! ros erity! family and friends. 0AM re resents the divinity and energy of Lord 0anesha and through the LaDmi 0anesh mantra we see" to invo"e all their cosmic energies and realign them. (o as to smoothen our ath of attaining wealth! health! ros erity = worldly ha iness.

AHM P%%,&AMADA. AHM P%%,&AMADA P%%,&AM>DAM P%%,&AA- P%%,&AMHDA.H4A-3 P%%,&A(4A P%%,&AMADAA4A P%%,&AM3)AA )A(H>(H4A-3 AHM (HA&->H (HA&-> (HA&->. -hat is erfact # this is erfect 6 /hat comes from such erfection is again truly erfect6 /hat remains if the erfection is negated is yet again erfect. May there 2e eace! eace! erfect eace. AHM A(A-%MA. AHM A(A-%MA (AD0A MA4A -AMA(%MA 14%-H>,0A MA4A M,H-%,MA AM,H-HAM0A MA4A AHM (HA&->H (HA&-> (HA&->. %h Lord! lead me from the unreal to the ultimate reality! from the dar"ness to light! and from the death of ignorance to the immortality of "nowledge. -)AM3)A MA-A. -)AM3)A MA-A .HA P>-A -)AM3)A -)AM3)A 'A&DHH .HA (A+HA -)AM3)A -)AM3)A )>DH4AM D,A)>&AM -)AM3)A -)AM3)A (A,)AM MAMA D3)A D3)A >-H> &A,A4A&> (/AM> (AMA,PA4AAM>. 4ou are my Mother and father* 4ou are my 2rother and com anian* 4ou alone are "nowledge and wealth. %h Lord! you everything to me. &AM%+A, MA&-,A. AHM &AM% A,>HA&-AA&AM AHM &AM% (>DHAA&AM AHM &AM% AA4A,>4AA&AM AHM &AM% H)A1]AA4A&AM &AM% L%&A 'A)A((AAHH&AM A>(% PA&.HA &AM%++AA,% (A))APAA)APPA&AA'A&% MA&0ALAM .HA (A))3(>M PADHAM HA)A> MA&0ALAM. My o2lisance to all Arihantas. My o2lisance to all (iddhas. My o2lisance to all Acharyas. My o2lisance to all H adhyayas. My o2lisance to all (adhus ((aints) this five fold salutation which destroys all sin is re-eminent as the most aus icious of all aus icious things. AHM (A,)AMA&0ALA MAA&0AL43. AHM (A,)A MA&0ALA MAA&0AL43 (H>)3 (A,)A,-HA (AADH>+3 (HA,A&43 -,A4AM'A+3 0AH,> &A,A4A&> &AM%(-H-3. %h 0oddess Parvati! consort of (hiva! who 2estows well 2eing and

ha iness into all! > surrender 2efore you. % 0auri! wife of -rya2a"a ((hiva) and offer my salutations. (H,33 )>(H&H (-H->. (HA&-HA+A,AM 'HH1A0A (HA4A&AM PADMA&A'HAM (H,3(HAM )>(H)ADHA,AM 0A0A&A(AD,H(HAM M30HA)A,&AM (HH'HA&0AM LA^M>+A&-HAM +AMALA&A4A&AM 4%0>'H>,DH4A&A0AM4AM )A&D3 )>(H&HM 'HA)A'HA4AHA,AM (A,)A L%+A>+A &AA-HAM. My salutations to you! %h Lord )ishnu! seated in a eaceful osture on a sna"e! from whose navel is emanating a lotus! the "ing of the gods! who is the su ort of the universe whose colour is that of the clouds! with the graceful 2ody. %h consort of LaDmi! with lotus eyes! one in eaceful meditation! one who removes all fears! you are the Lord of all the world. MAHA M,>-4H&1A4 MA&-,A. AHM -,A4AM'A+AM 4A1AMAH3 (H0A&D>M PH(-> )A,DHA&AM H,)AA ,H+AM >)A 'A&DHA&AAM,4-4%, MH+(H>4A MAAM,-AA-. Aum! we worshi Lord (hiva (-he -hree eyes done) who is full of fragrance and who nourishes all 2eings! may he li2erath from death! for the sa"e of immortality! 5ust as the ri e cucum2er is severed from its 2ondage (of the creator) "nown as the Mo"sha Mantra of Lord (hiva! Maha Mrityun5ay Mantra evo"es the (hiva with in and removes the tear of death! li2erating us from the cycle of death and re2irth. AHM (A,)3 'HA)A&-H. AHM (A,)3 'HA)A&-H (H+H>&AHA (A,)3 (A&-H &>,AAMA4AAHA (A,)3 'HAD,A&> PA(H4A&-H MAA +A(.H>- DH+H+HA 'HAA+'HA)A-. May all attain ha iness! May all 2e healthy! May all en5oy good fortune! May none suffer misery and sorrow. 4A D3)> (A,)A 'HH-3(H. 4A D3)> (A,)A 'HH-3(H MA-,H ,HP3&A (A&>(-H>-A &AMA(-A(4A> &AMA(-A(4A> &AMA(-A(4A> &AM% &AMAHA. % (u reme 0oddess! who dwells in all living 2eings as the "ind loving mother! acce t my hum2le salutations our and our again. (H>)A P,A,-HA&A. AHM &AMA(-3(-H 'HA0A)A& )>(H)3(H)A,A4A &AMAHA MAHAD3)A4A &AMAHA -,A4AM'A+A4A &AMAHA -,>PH,A&-A+A4A &AMAHA -,>+A0&> +ALA4A &AMAHA +ALA0&> ,HD,A4A &AMAHA

&>LA+A&-A4A &AMAHA M,>-4H&1A4A4A &AMAHA (A,)3(H)A,A4A &AMAHA (ADA(H>)A4A &AMAHA (,>MA& MAHAD3)A4A &AMAHA. Aum! > 2ow to Lord (hiva who is the creator and rotector of the universe! who is the greatest among 0ods! who has three eyes! who is the annihilator of all the three words! who is the master of the sacrifical fire of three "inds! who is the Lord of Pralaya! one whose throat is 2lue! who is the con:ueror of death! who is the Lord of all! who is always ro itious! who is ossessed of all mar"s of greatness and who is the greatest amongst 0ods! to him my rostrations.

*9. %'(-A.L3( .AH(3D '4 - >LL 3;;3.-( %; A PA,->.HLA, PLA.3*

>t@s a very common henomenon occuring in a man\s life. A man\s _home\ is an integral art of his life 2ut very few eo le understand the im ortant role! which it lays in his elevation or downfall. -he lace where we s end half our life has the otential to ma"e or mar us. -o revent the _flaws\ of a articular lace! a man must erform the _foundation-laying\ ceremony with a ro riate rituals after choosing an aus icious time for it. a. +HAA- MHHH,A(D>00>&0 ;%H&DA->%& >& A& AH(P>.>%H( M%M3&-) # %ne significant characteristics of +haat-Muhurat ritual is that land! 2oar! tortoise and .o2ra are worshi ed. -he rituals of +haat-Muhurat hel to revent all "inds of inaus iciousness. 'esides that! the worshi of the site of 2uilding is a must. 2. )AA(-H (HA&-> (PA.>;>.A->%& %; -H3 &3/L4 .%&(-,H.-3D H%H(3) # -he construction of the house having 2een accom lished! a man should not enter it until it has 2een worshi ed with a ro riate )astu mantras. -his is necessary 2ecause it hel s him to atone for the sins of "illing numerous creatures during the rocess of house construction. .ountless living creatures(germs!etc) die during the rocess of house renovation and hence it is necessary to atone for those sins committed inadvertently. -herefore! it is necessary for a man to enter his newly constructed or renovated house only after _)astudev\ has 2een duly acified. *8. %'(-A.L3( .AH(3D '4 - %&3@( ;A-3 %, D -he scri tural treasure of >ndia contain two invalua2le gems in the form of @Durga (a tashati@ and @,udra Ashtadhyayi@.-o call them @+al avri"shas@ (a celestial tree ca a2le of fulfilling any wish) would not 2e an eDaggeration. Any2ody can fulfill his?her any wish 2y ta"ing refuge under any of these two @+al a-vri"shas@. -hese 2enedictory

rituals can 2e

erformed 2y any2ody with the hel




>t@s our effort to categoriAe these owerful mantras ta"en from @Durga (a tashati@ and @,udra ashtaadhyaayi@ for the 2enefit of common eo le. -hese mantras give solutions to all the ro2lems a man normally comes across in his life. -he o25ective 2ehind giving these mantras is to reveal their significance and also to give o ortunity to common eo le to 2enefit from them. -he following mantras are ta"en from @Durga (a tashati@and @,udra Ashtadhyayi@. 9. -o neutraliAe the ill effects of lanets - &av .handi.

8. -o 2ecome fearless - &av .handi. <. ;or eace - &av .handi.

B. -o get favours from high authorities and officials - &av .handi. I. ;or accom lishing eDtraordinary and seemingly im ossi2le tas"s &av .handi. M. ;or ha iness and ros erity -Durga (a atashati.- (Durga)

F. ;or favoura2le court decisions and litigation - Durga (a tashati.(Durga) E. ;or victory against enemies - Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) L. ;or de2t-clearance - Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) 9C. ;or salvation and li2eration from all "inds of worldly 2ondages Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) 99. ;or the welfare of family and a long life.- Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) 98. -o revent any "ind of natural calamity - Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) ower -

9<. ;or success in all wal"s of life and for authority and Durga (a tashati.- (Durga) MA&-,A 9. -o revent any "ind of calamity or misfortune.

(HA,A&AA0A-A D33&AA,-A PA,>-,AA&A PA,AA4A&3 (A,)A(4A,-> HA,3D3)> &AA,AA4A&> &AM%(-H-3 8. -o eliminate distress*to revent catastro he and for aus iciousness.

+A,%-H (AA &AH (HH'HA H3-H ,33(H)A,> (HH'HAA&> 'HAD,A&4A A'H>HA&-H .HAAPADAH <. -o eliminate all "inds of fears.

a) (A,)A(/A,%%P3 (A,)3(H3 (A,)A(HA+-> (AMA&)>-3 'HA43'H4AH -,AAH> &%D3)> DH,03 D3)> &AM%(-H-3 2) 3-A--3 )ADA&AM (AH4M4AM L%.HA& -,A4A 'HH(H>-AM PAA-H &AH (A,)A 'H>->'H4AH +AA-4AA4A&> &A%M%(-H-3 c) 1/AALAA +A,AALA MA-4H0,A MA(H3(HAA (H, (%%DA&AM7-,>(HHLAM PAA-H &% 'H>-3H 'HAD,A+AAL> &AM%(-H-3 B. ;or li2eration from gravest of sins. H>&A(-> DA>-4A -31AA&(> (/A&3&AA P%%,4A4AA 1A0A- (AA 0HA&-AA PAA-H &% D3)> PAAP3'H4% &AH (H-AA&>)A I. -o get cured from chronic and incura2le diseases. ,%0AA& (H3(HAA& APAHA&(> -H(-AA ,H(H-AA -H +AAMAA& (A+ALAA& 'H>(H-AA& -/AAMAA (H,>-AA&AAM &A )>PA&&A,AA&AAM -/AAMAA (H,>-AA H4AA (H,A4A-AAM P,A4AA&-> M. ;or good-health! good-fortune! name and fame. D3H> (AH'HAA04AM AA,%04AM D3H>M3 PA,AMAM (H+HAM ,HPAM D3H> 1A4AM D3H> 4A(H% D3H> D/>(H%1AH> F. ;or a 2eautiful wife. PA-&>M MA&%,MAAM D3H> MA&% ),>-,A A&H(AA,>&>M -AA,>&>M DH,0 (A&(AA, (AA0A,A(4A +HL%D'HA)AAM E. -o clear all "inds of hurdles and o2stacles* for the destruction of enemies. (A,)AA 'AADHAA )>&>,MH+-% DHA&A DHAA&4A (H-AA&)>-AH MA&H(H4% MA-A P,A(AAD3& 'HA)>(H4A-> &A (A&(HA4AH L. ;or a handsome hus2and a) +AA-4AA4A&> MAHAAMAA43 MAHAA 4%0>&4A DH>(H/A,> &A&DA 0%PA (H-AM D3)> PA->M M3 +H,H -3 &AMAH 2) H3 0AH,> (HA&+A,A A,DHAA&0> 4A-HA -/AM (HA&+A,P,>4AA -A-HAA MAAM +H,H +AL4AA&> +AA&- +AA&-AAM (HDH,LA'HAAM c) %M D3)3&D,AA&> &AMA(-H'H4AM D3)3&D,A P,>4A'HAAM>&> )>)AAHAM 'HA04AM AA,%04AM (H>0H,AM LAA'HAM.HA D3H>M3 9C. -o eliminate all "inds of sorrows* for the attainment of ha and eace. iness

P,A&A-AA&AAM P,A(>DA-)AM D3)> )>(H/AA,-> HAA,>& -,A>L%+4A )AA(> &AAM>D43 L%+AA&AAM )A,DAA 'HA)A

99. ;or

eace of mind.

,A+(HAA&(> 4A-,%0,A )>(HAA(H.HA &AA0AA 4A-,AA,A4% DA(4H 'ALAA&> 4A-,A DAA)AA &AL% 4A-,A -A-HA'DH> MADH43 -A-,A (-H>-AA -)AM PA,>PAA(> )>(H/AM 98. -o 2eget a child* to clear all "inds of hurdles and o2stacles. (A,)AA 'AADHAA )>&>,MH+-% DHA& DHAA&4A (H-AA&)>-AH MA&H(H4% MAP,A(AAD3& 'HA)>(H4A-> &A (A&(HA4AH 9<. ;or all "inds of worldly en5oyments and leasures* for salvation.

)>DH3H> D3)> +AL4AA&AM )>DH3H> PA,MAAM(H,>4AM ,HPAM D3H> 1A4AM D3H> 4A(H% D3H> D/>(H%1AH> 9B. ;or rofessional success* for success in 2usiness and financial matters etc. -3 (AMMA-AA 1A&PAD3(HH DHA&AA&> -3(HAAM -3(HAAM 4A(HAA&(> &A .HA (>DA-> DHA,MA )A,0AH DHA&4AA(-A 3)A &>'H,>- AA-MA1 'H,>-4A DAA,A 43(HAAM (ADA A'H4HDA4ADAA 'HA)A-> P,A(A&&A 9I. -o eliminate overty and all "inds of sorrows.

DH,03 (M,>-A HA,A(> 'H>->M A(H3(HA 1A&-%H (/A(-HA>H (M,>-AA MA-> MA-33)A (HH'HAM DADAA(> DAA,>D,A4A DH+H 'HA4A HAA,>&> +A -/ADA&4AA (A,) HPA+AA, +A,A&AA4A (ADAA,DA .H>--AA 9M. ;or rotection against all "inds of dangers.

(H%%L3& PAAH> &% D3)> PAAH> +HAD03& .HAAM'>+3 0HA&-AA (/A&3& &AH PAAH> .HAAPA 14AA&>H (/A&3& .HA 9F. ;or "nowledge and education. )>D4AAH (AMA(-AH -A)A D3)> 'H3DAAH (-,>4AAH (AMA(-AAH (A+ALAA 1A0A-(H* -)A4A>+A4AA PH,>-AM AM'A 43-A-+AA -3 (-H->H (-A)4A PA,AA PA,%+->H 9E. -o eliminate inaus iciousness and ill effects. (A,)AMA&0AL MA&0ALA43 (H>)3 (A,)AA,-HA (AADH>+3 (HA,A&43 -,A4AM'A+3 0AH,> &AA,AA4A&> &AM%(-H-3 9L. ;or wealth and ros erity.

+AA&(%(M>-AAM H>,A&4A P,AA+AA,AA MAA,D,AAM 1/ALA&->M -,>P-AAM -A,PA4A&->M PADM3 (-H>-AAM PADMA)A,&AAM -AAM>H%PA )A43(H,>4AM 8C. ;or li2eration from sins. &A-3'H4AH (A,)ADAA 'HA+-4AA .HA&D>+3 DH,>-AAPAH3 ,HPAM D3H> 1A4AM D3H> 4A(H% D3H> D/>(H%1AH> 89. ;or salvation* for attaining to heaven. (A,)A 'HH-AA 4ADAA D3)> (/A,0A MH+-> P,ADAA4>&> -)AM (-H-AA +AA )AA 'HA)A&-H PA,AM%+-A4AH 88. -o revent untimely and remature death - .hanting of @Durga-(a tashati--rayam2a"@ mantra eliminates the threat of untimely death and the 8<. -o erson en5oys a long life. remature death (another mantra)

revent untimely and

(H%%L3& PAAH> &% D3)> PAAH> +HAD03& .HAAM'>+3 0HA&-AA (/A&3& &AH PAAH> .HAAPA14AM> (/A&3& .HA -he chanting of the a2ove mentioned mantra in com2ination with @Durga-(a tashati- ath@ also revents untimely and remature death. 8B. ;or the revention of e idemic.

>--HAM 4ADAA 4ADAA 'AADHAA DAA& )%--HAA 'HA)>(H4A-> -ADAA -ADAA A)A->,4AAHAM +A,>(H4AAM A,>(A&+(HA4AM .hanting of the a2ove given mantra followed 2y _Durga-(a tashati- ath\ hel s in reventing e idemic. 8I. -o regain lost authority* to retrieve lost wealth -A-% )A),3 &,>P% ,A14AM )>'H,A& (H4A&4A 1A&MA&> A-,A>)A .HA &>1AM ,AA14AM HA- (HA-,H 'ALAM'ALAA.hanting of the a2ove given mantra followed 2y @Durga (a tashati ath@( 9CC re etitions) and simultaneous erformance of @4agya@(offerings made 9?9C of the total num2er of chantings made i.e. Dashaansh-havan)! hel s in regaining lost authority! ower and wealth. 8M. ;or the :uic" accom lishment of dificult and im ossi2le tas"s@Anulom-Durga-(a tashati-Path@ wherein study of Durgasha ti is made from 2eginning to end (Anulom). >t is then followed 2y @)ilom-Durga-(a tashati-Path@ wherein a reverse study of the holy

teDt is made. -he ritual culminates 2y re eating @Anulom-Durga-(a tashati-Path@ once again. 8F. ;or de2t clearance A&,>&AAM A(M>& Alternate chanting of a2ove mantra in com2ination with each mantra of @Durga-(a tashati@ hel s to clear out the de2ts. 8E. ;or "nowledge! education and eliminating flaws in s eech >-4H+-AA (AA -ADAA D3)> 0AM'H>, A&-AH (M,>-AA 1A0A- DH,0A 'HA0/A-> 'HAD,A 4A43DAM DHAA,4A-3 1A0AAlternate chanting of a2ove given mantra in com2ination with each mantra of @Durga (a tashati@ hel s in attaining "nowledge and eliminating flaws in s eech.

9. (A&-AA& 0%PAL MA&-,A - .hanting of this mantra hel s in 2egetting a son. MA&-,A- %M D3)A+>(H- 0%)>&D )AA(HD3) 1A0A-PA-3 D3H> M3 -A&A4AM +,>(H&A -/AAM AHAM (HA,A&AM 0A-AH (%ne la"h chanting of the a2ove mantra with simultaneous erformance of @4agya@(offerings made for ten thousand times i.e. 9?9Cth of the total chantings made) also hel s in having a rogeny. 8. (A&-AA& 0%PAL (-%-,A - (tudy of this owerful stotra is very 2eneficial for a man. >t ma"es him healthy! wealthy and wise. 9CCE re etitions of (antaan 0o al (totra also hel s in having a rogeny. <. L>(-3&>&0 -% HA,>)A&(H PH,A& - Many ways are descri2ed in the scri tures for 2egetting a son. According to 0aruda Purana- _An intelligent man desirous of having a son must listen to the tales of Harivansh uran* if this effort does not 2ear fruits then he should listen to the _(hata-.handi- ath\* if even this effort does not 2ear fruits! then he should try to lease Lord (hiva 2y listening to _Maharudra ath\. An infertile woman desirous of a son should listen to _Harivansh uran for nine consecutive days. (imilarly cou les having daughters 2ut desirous of a son should listen to @Harivansh Puran@. B. )>(H&H 4AA0 - -his articular @4agya@ gives us li2eration from sins. >t li2erates us not only from sins of our resent 2irth 2ut also of revious many 2irths. Any2ody who erforms @)ishnu 4agya@ is definite to attain salvation. He attains to the a2ode of Lord )ishnu after his death.

%ne who Performs this 4agya 2ecomes li2erated from all "inds of miseries and sorrows and attains eace not only in this world 2ut also in the other after his death. >f! due to any reason! a man remains without a rogeny! erformance of this @4agya@ hel s in 2y 2egetting a child. 9. -he residing deity of this @4agya@ is Lord )ishnu. 8. .hantings of 9C!CCC Purush su"ta are made. <. Havan is erformed for one-tenth of the chanting made i.e. 9CCC times. B. >f a devotee is desirous of erforming an inde endent _havan\ in addition to the a2ove mentioned one! then it should 2e erformed similarly i.e. chanting of @Purush-su"ta@ mantras (9C!CCC times) and ma"ing offering in the @Havan-"und@ for (9CCC times). I. (H,4A MA&-,A - .hanting of this mantra for E!CC!CCC times 2rings ineD lica2le virtues and 2enefit to a man. .hanting of (urya Mantra has numerous 2enefits li"e the chanter is 2lessed with eace! ros erity and a long life free from diseases. Daily chanting of (urya Mantra hel s in getting cured from disease li"e 2lood- ressure! heart and s"in diseases. MA&-,A- %M 0H,>&>H (H,4AA AAD>-4AH &ote# >t has 2een our effort to give solutions to all the ro2lems that a man normally faces in his daily life. -hese solutions are 2ased on our scri tures and holy teDts. >f you don\t find your ro2lem among them and are des erately see"ing a solution to it you can contact us. M. &3-,%PA&>(HA-# .hanting of @&etro anishat- (totra@ or @Aaditya-Hridaya-stotra@ is eDtremely 2eneficial for eo le with oor eye sight. -he num2er of chantings varies according to the severity of the eye-sight ro2lem. 3nd %f ( iritual ,emedies. *<. %'(-A.L3( .AH(3D '4 >LL - 3;;3.-( %; A PA,->.HLA, .%&(-3LLA->

-here are twenty-seven constellations (&a"shatras) in all some of which are considered inaus icious. -hese inaus icious constellations are "nown as Mool &a"shatras. AADD43 P>-A&A(HMHPA>-> M%%LPAD3 D/>->43 1A&A&> -,>->43 DHA&AM .HA-H,-H3(4A(HH'H%-HA(HAA&-4A (A,)A-,A&AA(4A DAH>M3 )>L%MAM 77 Meaning A child 2orn in the first stage of the @Moola &a"shatra@ 2rings destruction to his father! >n the second stage- to his mother! >n the third stage- to wealth and ro erty. A child 2orn in the fourth stage of the @Moola-&a"shatra@ though remains harmless 2ut it is 2etter if the rituals are erformed for the acification of this &a"shatra 2ecause it eliminates the fears and a rehensions that is generally associated with the name @Mool-&a"shatra@. >f a child is 2orn in any of the following Mool &a"shatras! the acification 2ecomes mandatory to neutraliAe the ill effects -

A child 2orn in _Moola\ &a"shatra. A child 2orn in _1yeshtha\ &a"shatra. A child 2orn in _Ashlesha\ &a"shatra. A child 2orn in _Magha\ &a"shatra. A child 2orn in _,evati\ &a"shatra. A child 2orn in _Ashwini\ &a"shatra. -he last two _ghati\ of ,evati! Ashlesha and 1yeshtha &a"shatras 2eing _&a"shatra- gandaant\ eriod! are also considered inaus icious. -hey are also "nown as @A2hoo"ta-Mool@ and their acification must 2e erformed for the neutraliAation of their ill-effects. A art from these inaus icious constellations! there are also some articular 4%0A! which gives inaus icious efects* for eDam le @)aidhriti-4oga@ and @)yati aat-4oga@! etc. PA.>;>.A->%& %; )A>DH,>-> 4%0A # /orshi of ,udra! (urya and .handrama hel s in neutraliAing the ill effects of )aidhriti 4oga. PA.>;>.A->%& %; )4A->PAA- 4%0A # /orshi of (urya! Agni and ,udra hel s in the neutraliAing the ill effects of )yati at 4oga. 9) -,>+ P,A(A) (HA&-> # A girl child 2orn after three successive 2oys* or a 2oy 2orn after three successive girls is considered inaus icious according to >ndian astrology. >n such a case! it is necessary to erform this articular ritual to neutraliAe the ill effects otherwise there is a fear of a harm to the whole family. 3+ &A+(HA-,A 1A&A& (HA&-> 8) '>,-H >& -H3 (AM3 .%&(-3LLA->%&# >f two 2rothers are 2orn in the same constellation* or if 2oth father and son are 2orn in the same Aodiac signs! then it is considered to 2e very inaus icious. <) '>,-H %& >&AH(P>.>%H( DA4(# -he @-ithis@ mentioned 2elow are considered inaus icious and their ro itiation are a must to neutraliAe their ill effects. +rishna-.haturdashi (fourteen day of the dar" lunar month). Amavasya A"shay -ithi. 'hadra. )aidhriti. )yati aat ecli se eriod. (econd and third stages of _Pushya\ constellation. ;irst stage of 2oth _Ashlesha\ and _Magha\. ;irst stage of of Httara-ashadha! Httara2hadra- a"sha an Httara- halguni.

B) -,>PAD-&A+(HA-,A (-,>P%D .%&(-3LLA->%&)# +riti"a! Punarvasu! Httara-)isha"ha! Httarashadha and Purva-2hadra ad are called _tri od-constellation\. ,itual for the acification of the ill effects of -,>PAD-&A+(HA-,A is a must otherewise there is a fear of great dangers to the child sometimes even death. I) +AAL(A,PA 4%0A # >f!in a horosco e! all the lanets are laced 2etween Dragon\s-head (,ahu) and Dragon\s- tail (+etu)! it is considered to 2e a +aalsar a yoga. According to >ndian astrology! there are many ty es of +aal (ar a yoga>f inaus icious lanets li"e Mars and (aturn are laced on the o osite side of _,ahu\ and _+etu\! then it is considered to 2e a artial +aalsar a 4oga. >n the artial +aalsar a 4oga! the effects are not as owerful as +aalsar a 4oga. A man having a +aalsar a 4oga in his horosco e faces multitude nature- insta2ility in his life! 2ereft of distur2ance. ro2lems of rogeny! mental

M) MA&0L>+# A girl is considered to 2e a Mangali"! if the Mars is laced either in the first! fourth! seventh! eighth or twelfth house of her horosco e. A girl having a _Mangali" dosha\ or _)isha"anya 4oga\ resent in her horosco e has a threat of 2ecoming a widow. A _"um2ha-)ivaha\ is a must for such a girl. * B. %'(-A.L3( .AH(3D '4 - %&3@( %/& +A,MA@( * * I. %'(-A.L3( .AH(3D '4 - >LL effects of a Particular Planets

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1une CF! 8CCE! CI#IE#9E AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*

-here are our life. (ection 9 (ection 8 (ection <

various s iritual remedies to alleviate the difficulties in -hey are as follows. - Articles on s iritual healing - ;A`s on ( iritual healing methods - ( iritual healing remedies Healing remedies on oneself

.hanting as a s iritual remedy for mental illnesses .hanting as a s iritual remedy for hysical illnesses


------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# * Mantra for many diseases * Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1une CL! 8CCE! CF#BB#IB AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------Home a ( iritual ,esearch a ( iritual healing a ( iritual healing chants for mental illnesses ,estlessness! fear or ressure

%m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AnDiety %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - (ree 0urudev Datta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------De ression %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya - (ree 0urudev Datta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->nsomnia (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - (ree 0urudev Datta ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------&ightmares (ree 0urudev Datta - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------houghts a2out self-harm (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya b (ree Hanumate &amahaa -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------houghts a2out harming others %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------houghts a2out harming (aints %m &amah (hivaaya - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - (reeraama 1ai ,aama 1ai 1ai ,aama -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(eDual thoughts (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(eeing seDually titillating scenes %m &amah (hivaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Addictions %m &amah (hivaaya - (ree 0urudev Datta - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Home a ( iritual ,esearch a ( iritual healing a ( iritual healing chants for hysical illnesses

;re:uent common cold (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mouth ulcers %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya b %m &amah (hivaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;atigue %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------oothache %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Headache (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pain in lower a2domen (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pain in various organs (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Arthritis %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.ram s (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lum s in muscles %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'ending of 2ones (ree ,aama 1ai ,aama 1ai 1ai ,aama - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-----------------0iddiness %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya b (ree 0urudev Datta ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3Dcessive (lee (ree 0urudev Datta - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(lee iness %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->na2ility to s ea" (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Paralysis of a art of 2ody

%m &amah (hivaaya - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hnconsciousness %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Asthma %m &amah (hivaaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->ncrease in hunger (ree 0urudev Datta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lac" of Hunger %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------&ausea 2efore meals %m &amah (hivaaya - (ree 0urudeva Datta -----------------------------------------------------------'elching %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Acidity %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa -----------------------------------------------------------------------,eduction in haemoglo2in level in 2lood %m &amah (hivaaya - %m 0an 0ana ataye &amahaa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3D erience of seDual assault %m &amah (hivaaya - (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>tching (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya - %m &amo 'hagavate )aasudevaaya -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->tching in loins (ree Durgaadevyai &amahaa - %m &amah (hivaaya -----------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra 4oga 9. Mantra 4oga is an eDact science. _Mananat trayate iti mantrah\c2y the Manana (constant thin"ing or recollection) of which one is released from the round of 2irths and deaths! is Mantra. 8. 3very Mantra has a ,ishi who gave it to the world* a Matra or metre which governs the inflection of the voice* a Devata or a su ernatural 2eing* the 'i5a or seed which gives it a s ecial ower* the (a"ti or the energy of the form of the Mantra* and the +ila"am or the

illar which su orts and ma"es the Mantra strong. <. A Mantra is Divinity! Mantra and its residing Devata are one. -he Mantra itself is Devata. Mantra is divine ower! Daivi (a"ti! manifesting in a sound-2ody. .onstant re etition of the Mantra with faith! devotion and urity augments the (a"ti or ower of the as irant! urifies and awa"ens the Mantra .haitanya latent in the Mantra and 2estows on the (adha"a Mantra (iddhi! illumination! freedom! eace! eternal 2liss! immortality. B. 'y constant re etition of the Mantra the (adha"a im2i2es the virtues and owers of the Deity that resides over the Mantra. ,e etition of (urya Mantra 2estows health! long life! vigour! vitality! -e5as or 2rilliance. >t removes all diseases of the 2ody and the diseases of the eye. &o enemy can do any harm. ,e etition of Aditya-hridayam in the early morning is highly 2eneficial. Lord ,ama con:uered ,avana through the re etition of Aditya-hridayam im arted 2y Agastya ,ishi. I. Mantras are in the form of raise and a eal to the deities! craving for hel and mercy. (ome Mantras control and command the evil s irits. ,hythmical vi2rations of sound give rise to forms. ,ecitation of the Mantras gives rise to the formation of the articular figure of the deity. M. ,e etition of (arasvati Mantra _%M (arasvatyai &amah\ will 2estow on you wisdom and good intelligence. 4ou will get ins iration and com ose oems. ,e etition of _%m (ri Mahala"shmyai &amah\ will confer on you wealth and remove overty. 0anesha Mantra will remove any o2stacle in any underta"ing. Maha Mrityun5aya Mantra will remove accidents! incura2le diseases and 2estow long life and immortality. >t is a Mo"sha Mantra too. F. ,e etition of (u2rahmanya Mantra _%m (aravana2havaya &amah\ will give success in any underta"ing and ma"e you glorious. >t will drive off the evil influences and evil s irits. ,e etition of (ri Hanuman Mantra! _%m Hanumanthaya &amah\ will 2estow victory and strength. ,e etition of Panchadasa"shara and (odasa"shara ((ri )idya) will give you wealth! ower! freedom! etc. >t will give you whatever you want. 4ou must learn this )idya from a 0uru alone. E. ,e etition of 0ayatri or Pranava or %m &amah (ivaya! %m &amo &arayanaya! %m &amo 'hagavate )asudevaya! one and a :uarter la"h of times with 'hava! faith and devotion will confer on you Mantra (iddhi. L. %M! (oham! (ivoham! Aham 'rahmasmi are Mo"sha Mantras. -hey will hel you to attain (elf-realisation. %m (ri ,amaya &amah! %m &amo 'hagavate )asudevaya are (aguna Mantras which will ena2le you to attain (aguna realisation first and then &irguna realisation in the end. 9C. Mantra for curing scor ion stings and co2ra 2ites should 2e re eated on ecli se days for getting Mantra (iddhi :uic"ly. 4ou should stand in the water and re eat the Mantra. -his is more owerful and effective. -hey can 2e recited on ordinary days also for attaining Mantra-(iddhi. 99. Mantra (iddhi for curing scor ion sting! co2ra 2ites! etc.! can 2e attained within BC days. ,e eat the Mantra with faith and devotion regularly. Have sitting in the early morning after ta"ing 2ath. %2serve 'rahmacharya and live on mil" and fruits for BC days or ta"e restricted diet. 98. .hronic diseases can 2e cured 2y Mantras. .hanting of Mantras generate otent s iritual waves or divine vi2rations. -hey enetrate the hysical and astral 2odies of the atients and remove the root causes of sufferings. -hey fill the cells with ure (attva or divine energy. -hey destroy the micro2es and vivify the cells and tissues. -hey are 2est! most otent antise tics and germicides. -hey are more otent than

ultra-violet rays or ,oentgen rays. 9<. Mantra (iddhi should not 2e misused for the destruction of others. -hose who misuse the Mantra ower for destroying others are themselves destroyed in the end. 9B. -hose who utilise the Mantra ower in curing sna"e 2ites! scor ion stings and chronic diseases should not acce t any "ind of resents or money. -hey must 2e a2solutely unselfish. -hey should not acce t even fruits or clothes. -hey will lose the ower if they utilise the ower for selfish ur oses. >f they are a2solutely unselfish! if they serve the humanity with (arvatma 'hava! their ower will increase through the grace of the Lord. 9I. He who attained Mantra (iddhi can cure co2ra 2ite or scor ion sting or any chronic disease 2y mere touch on the affected art. /hen a man is 2itten 2y a co2ra a telegram is sent to the Mantra (iddha. -he Mantra (iddha recites the Mantra and the man who is 2itten 2y a co2ra is cured. /hat a grand marvel6 Does this not rove the tremendous ower of MantraO 9M. 0et the Mantra initiation from your 0uru. %r ray to your >shta Devata and start doing 1a a of the articular Mantra! if you find it difficult to get a 0uru. 9F. May you all 2ecome Mantra 4ogis with Mantra (iddhi6 May you all 2ecome real 2enefactors of the world 2y 2ecoming divine healers through Mantra cure6 May Mantra cure! divine healing centres 2e started all over the world6 -HH( 3&D( MA&-,A 4oga ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1une 9M! 8CCE! CM#BE#98 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra*

(ha2da! or sound! which is of the 'rahman! and as such the cause of the 'rahmanda! is the manifestation of the .hit-sha"ti >tself. -he )ishva-sara -antra says that tha Para-2rahman! as (ha2da-2rahman! whose su2stance is all mantra! eDists in the 2ody of the 5ivatma. >t is either unlettered (dhvani) or lettered (varna). -he former! which roduces the latter! is the su2tle as ect of the 5iva\s vital sha"ti. As the Pra ancha-sara states! the 2rahmanda is ervaded 2y sha"ti! consisting of dhvani! also called nada! rana! and the li"e. -he manifestation of the gross form (sthula) of sha2da is not ossi2le unless sha2da eDists in a su2tle (su"shma) form. Mantras are all as ects of the 'rahman and manifestations of +ula-"undalini. Philoso hically sha2da is the guna of a"asha! or ethereal s ace. >t is not! however! roduced 2y a"asha! 2ut manifests in it. (ha2da is itself the 'rahman. >n the same way! however! as in outer s ace! waves of sound are roduced 2y movements of air (vayu)* so in the s ace within the 5iva\s 2ody waves of sound are roduced according to the movements of the vital air ( rana-vayu) and the rocess of inhalation and eDhalation. (ha2da first a ears at the muladhara! and that which is "nown to us as such is! in fact! the sha"ti which gives life to the 5iva. (he it is who! in the muladhara! is the cause of the sweet indistinct and murmuring dhvani! which sounds li"e the humming of a 2lac" 2ee. -he eDtremely su2tle as ect of sound which first a ears in the

Muladhara is called ara* less su2tle when it has reached the heart! it is "nown as ashyanti. /hen connected with 2uddhi it 2ecomes more gross! and is called madhyama. Lastly! in its fully gross form! it issues from the mouth as vai"hari. As +ula-+undalini! whose su2stance is all varna and dhvani! is 2ut the manifestation of! and Herself the Paramatma* so the su2stance of all mantra is chit! notwithstanding their eDternal manifestation! as sound! letters! or words* in fact! the letters of the al ha2et! which are "nown as a"shara! are nothing 2ut the yantra of the a"shara! or im erisha2le 'rahman. -his! however! is only realiAed 2y the sadha"a when his sha"ti! generated 2y sadhana! is united with the mantra-sha"ti. >t is the sthula or gross form of +ula"undalini! a earing in different as ects as different Devata! which is the residing Devata (adhishthatri) of all mantra! though it is the su2tle or su"shma form at which all sadha"as aim. /hen the mantrasha"ti is awa"ened 2y sadhana the Presiding Devata a ears! and when erfect mantra-siddhi is ac:uired! the Devata! who is sachchidananda! is revealed. -he relations of varna! nada! vindu! vowel and consonant in a mantra! indicate the a earance of Devata in different forms. .ertain vi2huti! or as ects! of the Devata are inherent in certain varna! 2ut erfect (ha"ti does not a ear in any 2ut a whole mantra. Any word or letter of the mantra cannot 2e a mantra. %nly that mantra in which the layful Devata has revealed any of Her articular as ects can reveal that as ect! and is therefore called the individual mantra of that one of Her articular as ects. -he form of a articular Devata! therefore! a ears out of the articular mantra of which that Devata is the adhishthatri Devata. A mantra is com osed of certain letters arranged in definite se:uence of sounds of which the letters are the re resentative signs. -o roduce the designed effect mantra must 2e intoned in the ro er way! according to svara (rhythm)! and varna (sound). -heir teDtual source is to 2e found in )eda! Purana! and -antra. -he latter is essentially the mantra-shastra! and so it is said of the em2odied shastra! that -antra! which consists of mantra! is the aramatma! the )edas are the 5ivatma! Darshana (systems of hiloso hy) are the senses! Puranas are the 2ody! and (mriti are the lim2s. -antra is thus the sha"ti of consciousness! consisting of mantra. A mantra is not the same thing as rayer or self-dedication (atma-nivedana). Prayer is conveyed in what words the worshi er chooses! and 2ears its meaning on its face. >t is only ignorance of shastri" rinci le which su oses that mantra is merely the name for the words in which one eD resses what one has to say to the Divinity. >f it were! the sadha"a might choose his own language without recourse to the eternal and determined sounds of (hastra. A mantra may! or may not! convey on its face its meaning. )i5a (seed) mantra! such as Aing! +ling! Hring! have no meaning! according to the ordinary use of language. -he initiate! however! "nows that their meaning is the own form (sva-ru a) of the articular Devata! whose mantra they are! and that they are the dhvani which ma"es all letters sound and which eDists in all which we say or hear. 3very mantra is! then! a form (ru a) of the 'rahman. -hough! therefore! manifesting in the form and sound of the letters of the al ha2et! (hastra says that they go to Hell who thin" that the 0uru is 2ut a stone! and the mantra 2ut letters of the al ha2et. ;rom manana! or thin"ing! arises the real understanding of the monistic truth! that the su2stance of the 'rahman and the 2rahmanda are one and

the same. Man- of mantra comes from the first sylla2le of manana! and -tra from trana! or li2eration from the 2ondage of the sangsara or henomenal world. 'y the com2ination of man- and -tra! that is called mantra which calls forth (amantrana)! the chatur-varga (vide ost)! or four aims of sentient 2eing. /hilst! therefore! mere rayer often ends in nothing 2ut hysical sound! mantra is a otent com elling force! a word of ower (the fruit of which is mantra-siddhi)! and is thus effective to roduce the chatur-varga! advaitic erce tion! and mu"ti. -hus it is said that siddhi is the certain result of 5a a (:.v.). 'y Mantra the sought for (sadhya) Devata! is attained and com elled. 'y siddhi in mantra is o ened the vision of the three worlds. -hough the ur ose of worshi ( u5a)! reading ( atha)! hymn (stava)! sacrifice (homa)! dhyana! dharana! and samadhi (vide ost)! and that of the di"sha-mantra are the same! yet the latter is far more owerful! and this for the reason that! in the first! the sadha"a\s sadhana-sha"ti only o erates! whilst in the case of mantra that sadhana-sha"ti wor"s! in con5unction with mantra-sha"ti! which has the revelation and force of fire! and than which nothing is more owerful. -he s ecial mantra which is received at initiation (di"sha) is the vi5a! or seed mantra! sown in the field of the sadha"a\s heart! and the -antri" sandhya! nyasa! u5a! and the li"e are the stem and 2ranches u on which hymns of raise (stuti) and rayer and homage (vandana) are the leaves and flower! and the "avacha! consisting of mantra! the fruit. Mantra are solar (saura) and lunar (saumya)! and are masculine! feminine! or neuter. -he solar are masculine and lunar feminine. -he masculine and neuter forms are called mantra. -he feminine mantra is "nown as vidya. -he neuter mantra! such as the Paurani"-mantra! ending with namah! are said to lac" the force and vitality of the others. -he masculine and feminine mantra end differently. -hus! Hung! Phat! are masculine terminations! and $thang!$ or svaha! are feminine ones. -he &itya -antra gives various names to mantra. according to the num2er of their sylla2les! a one-sylla2led mantra 2eing called inda! a three-sylla2led one "artari! a mantra with four to nine sylla2les vi5a! with ten to twenty sylla2les mantra! and mantra with more than twenty sylla2les mala. .ommonly! however! the term vi5a is a lied to monosylla2ic mantra. -he -antri" mantras called vi5a (seed) are so named 2ecause they are the seed of the fruit! which is siddhi! and 2ecause they are the very :uintessence of mantra. -hey are short! unetymological voca2les! such as Hring! (hring! +ring! Hung! Aing! Phat! etc.! which will 2e found throughout the teDt. 3ach Devata has His or Her vi5a. -he rimary mantra of a Devata is "nown as the root mantra (mula-mantra). >t is also said that the word mula denotes the su2tle 2ody of the Devata called +ama-"ala. -he utterance of a mantra without "nowledge of its meaning or of the mantra method is a mere movement of the li s and nothing more. -he mantra slee s. -here are various rocesses reliminary to! and involved in! its right utterance! which rocesses again consist of mantra! such as! urification of the mouth (mu"ha-shodhana)! urification of the tongue (5ihva-shodhana)! and of the mantra (ashaucha-2hanga)! "ullu"a! nirvvana! setu! nidra-2hanga! awa"ening of mantra! mantra-chaitanya! or giving of life or vitality to the mantra. Mantrartha2havana! forming of mental image of the Divinity. -here are also ten sangs"ara of the mantra. Di ani is seven 5a a of the vi5a! receded and followed 2y one. /here hring is em loyed instead of %ng it is rana-yoga. 4oni-mudra is meditation on the 0uru in the head and on the >shta-devata in the heart! and then on the 4oni-ru a 'hagavati from the head to the muladhara! and from the muladhara to the head! ma"ing

5a a of the yoni vi5a (eng) ten times. -he mantra itself is Devata. -he worshi er awa"ens and vitaliAes it 2y chit-sha"ti! utting away all thought of the letter! iercing the siD .ha"ra! and contem lating the ( otless %ne. -he sha"ti of the mantra is the vacha"a-sha"ti! or the means 2y which the vachya-sha"ti or o25ect of the mantra is attained. -he mantra lives 2y the energy of the former. -he saguna-shanti is awa"ened 2y sadhana and worshi ed! and (he it is who o ens the ortals where2y the vachya-sha"ti is reached. -hus the Mother in Her saguna form is the residing deity (adhishthatri Devata) of the 0ayatri-mantra. As the nirguna (formless) %ne! (he is its vachya-sha"ti. 'oth are in reality one and the same* 2ut the 5iva! 2y the laws of his nature and its three guna! must first meditate on the gross (sthula) form 2efore he can realiAe the su2tle (su"shma) form! which is his li2erator. -he mantra of a Devata is the Devata. -he rhythmical vi2rations of its sounds not merely regulate the unsteady vi2rations of the sheaths of the worshi er! thus transforming him! 2ut from it arises the form of the Devata! which it is. Mantra-siddhi is the a2ility to ma"e a mantra efficacious and to gather its fruit in which case the mantra is called mantra-siddha. Mantra are classified as siddha! sadhya! susiddha! and ari! according as they are friends! servers! su orters! or destroyers b a matter which is determined for each sadha"a 2y means of cha"ra calculations. ...

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1une 8C! 8CCE! CI#B9#I< AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*MA&-,A 4%0A* Mantra-4oga! the ath of transformative sound! is an integral as ect of -antra 2ut also can 2e ursued as a se arate yoga ath. >t is often considered the least com leD of all forms of 4oga 2ecause it involves no com licated ractices. -he essence of Mantra-4oga is the regular and rolonged recitation! 5a a of one or more otent sounds (mantra)! which awa"en the .a"ras (cha"ras) and the ser ent ower +undalini. 'ha"ti 4oga is the most o ular mantra yoga "nown as 4oga of Love and .om asion. -he term 2ha"ti! derived from the root 2ha5! is generally renderd as devotion! or love. 'ha"ti-4oga is thus the 4oga of loving self-dedication to! and love- artici ation in the divine Person. >n 'ha"ti-4oga! the emotional force of the human 2eing is urified and channeled toward the Divine. >n their disci line of ecstatic self-transcendence! the 2ha"ti-yogins! or 2ha"tas tend to 2e more o enly eD ressive than the ty ical ra5a-yogin! or 5nanin. -he followers of 'ha"ti-4oga do not! for instance! shy away from shedding tears of longing for the Divine. >n this a roach! the transcendental ,eality is usually conceived as a su reme Person rather than as an im ersonal A2solute. Many ractitioners of this ath even refer to loo" u on the Divine as an %ther. -hey s ea" of communion and artial merging with 0od rather than total identification! as in 1nana-4oga. Mantras (or mantrams) are words! hrases! or sylla2les which are chanted thoughtfully and with growing attention6 Mantra yoga meditation involves

chanting a word or hrase until the mind and emotions are transcended and the su erconscious is clearly revealed and eD erienced. (ince the mind wanders so much! the music of a mantra easily rescues the mind and 2rings it 2ac" to the o25ect of one\s meditation. 'oth the rhythm of it and the meaning of it com2ine to guide the mind safely 2ac" to the oint of meditation c the higher consciousness or the s ecific s iritual focus. *A 'ac"ground on Mantrams* -y ical mantrams are# Aum (%m)! meaning ( irit! the /ord of 0od! which creates! reserves! and transforms. -he most rofound! yet sim le of the mantrams is AHM or %M. >t is called Jthe name of 0od in soundK. -he mantra AHM! made u three and a half sylla2les. -he sylla2le @A@. -he first as ect is the wa"ing state! vaiswaanara. >n this state! consciousness is turned to the eDternal. /ith its seven instrument and nineteen channnels! it eD eriences the gross henomenal world. -he (ylla2le @H@. -he second as ect is the dreaming state! tai5asa. >n this state consciousness is turned inward. >t also has seven instrument and nineteen channels! which eD eriences the su2tle mental im ressions. -he (ylla2le @M@. -he third as ect is dee slee ! ra5na. >n this state! there is neither desire nor dream. >n dee slee all eD eriences merge into the unity of undifferentiated consciousness. -he slee er is filled with 2liss and eD eriences 2liss and can find the way to "nowledge of the two receding states. Another one is the Himalayan (hivaist mantram# AHM &AMAH (H>)A4A6! which usually is translated as $%m Homage to the Highest Lord 0od$. /ell "nown is the Hindu mantram# Asato Ma (at 0amaya6! which means $Lead me from the unreal to the ,eal.$ -here are thousands of )eda mantrams which are mainly from the ancient (ans"rit language. Possi2ly! in time! affirmations will 2e in 3nglish from well "nown (ans"rit mantras. /hat such a develo ment would re:uire is a num2er of great meditators of modern day to 2e so attuned to the Lord and so at ease within the realms of higher consciousness that these ancient mantrams can easily 2e revealed to them. All mantrams are the result of a revelation! usually to some dee ly meditating ade t. Mantras are always in (ans"rit which is Heavenly language of 0ods! Devas descended into 3arth eDternally or inwardly as Avataras >ncarnation. -here is no Avatara (0od@s Man) without "nowing (ans"rit language very well6 *Mantram Meditation* 0enerally mantram meditation involves chanting out loud at first until the 2ody is calm and the atmos here around oneself is serene and leasant for meditation. -hen whis er meditation almost automatically occurs and the life force 2egins to withdraw inward from $out-loud$ chanting to whis er chanting. >n whis er chanting the rana! the life force in the 2ody! is 2alanced and harmoniAed! re aring the way for a dee er state of serenity - and of the 2alance of mind and emotions. /his er chanting easily dissolves and the life force moves even dee er within as you enter mental chanting. Mental chanting is racticed as long as thoughts are occurring to the mind. /henever the mind is distracted! the mantram is sim ly chanted in the same area of the mind that the distraction is occurring. -he mantram always wins if given a chance. As the mantram frees you from one thought! then another! and also hel s to dissolve distractions! the mantram then 2egins to reach the 2order of su erconsciousness. .hanting 2ecomes effortless. &o

effort! nor warding off distractions is needed. .hanting 2ecomes a leasure. Peace and gentle 5oy fill your mind. */hat the mantram does neDt* At this oint of effortless mental chanting the mantram can do two things# >t may dissolve into su erconsciousness! or >t may first hel ventilate the su2conscious mind! the storage house of your old thoughts! feelings! and memories which have 2een sadly neglected or not successfully dealt with. -he mantram may create an o ortunity for old thoughts and feelings! old fears and guilts! to 2e released! or healed! or let go. /hat ha ens neDtO >f your mental chanting first 2ecomes effortless and ventilates the su2conscious ressures! it then moves into your su erconscious self. %r! the effortless chanting 2y asses the su2conscious 2asement of your mind! going directly into su2lime su erconsciousness. 3ither way! you arrive in your ecstatic! heavenly nature. -he words of the mantram fall a art and fall away. %nly the energy surge of the mantram remains as your awareness 2ecomes 2lissful and full of light. *3cstasy -hrough Mantra 4oga* >n this ecstatic stage of continuous ra ture! you feel that you have arrived home. 4ou sense that this is your true nature - and your true estate! which has 2een ignored due to the dominance of the mind! the emotions! and the outer world. 4ou will li"ely have a very leasant fifteen to twenty minutes in the delight and comfort of your su erconscious self* and then the mantram will 2egin to come out. 4ou will find your higher consciousness wants to come 2ac" to the outer world. >t wants to eD ress! to touch your life and loved ones. -he words of the mantram re-emerge in the mind and you reverse the whole rocess! going gradually into whis er - and then out loud - chanting. Hltimately a mantram meditator lives in the ecstasy of the mantram! always aglow with the meaning and s iritual insight of the s ecial sylla2les. >n order to 2e sure a mantram is right for you! see" a mantram only from a (ri 0uru or Master who is :ualified to teach and initiate you. *MA&-,A(* Mantras are articulate sounds! which unite the su2-conscious! consciousness and su erconsciousness. A Mantra must 2e s ecifically constructed and not 5ust any sound. Mantris are Mantra-ma"ers. Hermetic hiloso hy and the ancient Arcana used vocal sounds called runes to evo"e certain sychic forces! 2oth high and low. Although some of the Mantras are said to 2e associated with the gods! they eventually unite functions of the five 2odies! the Pancha "oshas ( an.a "o(as). -he most rofound! yet sim le of the mantrams is AHM or %M. >t is called Jthe name of 0od in soundK. Awa"ening +undalini is effected 2y Mantra also which is a ortion of 'ha"ti 4oga. All as irants should re eat the Mantra given 2y their 0uru many la"hs of times. During the time of Di"sha of an Httama Adhi"ari! the 0uru utters a articular Mantra and +undalini is awa"ened immediately. -he consciousness of the student is raised to a very high degree. -his de ends u on the faith of the student in his 0uru and in the Mantra. Mantras! when received from the 0uru in erson! are very owerful. As irants in +undalini 4oga should ta"e to this Mantra (adhana only after getting a ro er Mantra from a 0uru. -herefore we are not

touching this oint in detail. Mantras when learnt through ordinary friends or through 2oo"s cannot roduce any 2enefit at all. Mantras are numerous and the 0uru should select a articular Mantra 2y which the consciousness of a articular student can 2e awa"ened. Mantras can eDcite the emotions and give suggestions to the mind. Mantras affect 2oth the one who chants them as the one who hears them. -he word mantra comes from the (ans"rit $mantrana$! which means advice or suggestion. >n a sense! such a dee word of 0uru is a mantra. >n our daily life we use words to get everything done! o2tain everything we need. 3ach mantra or word is a sound attern that suggests to the mind the meanings inherent in it! and the mind immediately res onds. According to ,amana Maharshi! re etition of mantras (5a a)! with attention directed to the source of the sound! com letely engages the mind. -his is -a as - enance. -he source is not in the vocal chords alone! 2ut also the idea of the sound is in the mind! whose source is self. -hus the ractice of mantra re etition is more than a suggestion! a 2it of advice or an idea. >t is a means of getting in touch with our self. Mantras may 2e used for religious worshi ! for 5a a (re etition)! for healing! to hel s iritual evolution! for urification! for ma"ing offerings and in Mantra 4oga. (ome mantras are only chants or eD ressions of nearness to the Divine. 'ut some saints who were ins ired 2y divine love and unsha"a2le faith used these mantras in their own s iritual ractice and their followers afterwards started using those mantras! calling them mahamantras or great mantras. Primarily it is faith which creates the effect of mantras. Melody! intonation! ronunciation! whether silently or aloud! all are im ortant in the recitation of mantras. Moreover! the 2eat cycle in which mantras are recited is im ortant! 2ut it changes according to the state of consciousness of the one who is chanting. An increase in the s eed of chanting increases the s eed of mind! heart2eat and res iration. -he 2eat cycle of the mantras affects the emotions. A fast s eed sometimes creates a continuous vi2ration and when it is done in grou s it creates a good effect! 2ecause the mind wor"s in synchroniAation with the 2eat cycle and has no time to fantasiAe. ;ast chanting of mantras eDhausts the mind! heart and 2reath and relaDation comes after the chanting is over. (lowing the 2eat cycle of mantras also creates the same continuous vi2ration! 2ut it slows down the s eed of mind! heart and 2reath while the chanting is going on. >t induces a hy nagogic state! 2ut it is good only when the chanting of mantras is done individually. A medium-s eed 2eat cycle is good for grou and individual chanting of mantras. >t does not distur2 the heart2eat or 2reathing attern and ma"es the mind more awa"e! alert and conscious. -he lace from which the sound emanates influences its@ tonal :uality. Dee tones are roduced 2y the vocal chords in con5unction with the a2dominal region! middletones in con5unction with the chest! heart and throat regions and high- itched tones in con5unction with the u er region of the 2ody. >ndian classical music uses all three regions in a gradual order! 2ut the middle region is used most and roduces a greater emotional im act on the listeners. *MA&-,A A&D (AHA(,A,A* Mantra 4oga is an intricate study of sound and its influence on energy! on mind! and on the eDternal world. More than 5ust chanting of certain

sounds! this goes more dee ly into the essence of what sound is as vi2ration! what ty e of sounds affect which area of the 2ody! mind! what the mental reactions are etc. -hen comes the a lication of certain sound formulas to create the desired results. ;undamentally it comes down to the reality that all is energy and that energy is in a state of vi2ration - vi2ration is sound. Practice of Mantra will unfold the Fth .ha"ra# (ahasrara. 0%D@( .%&(.>%H(&3(( itself is the seventh element* a form of rimeval ower that is the awareness of all the other forces. -his element is not of the hysical world yet ermeates it to the dee est level. Awareness as an element is art of the eternal realm of the universe! that art of each individual that goes on from 2ody to 2ody. /herever you go there must 2e an awareness of 2eing there! whether it 2e heaven! hell or earth you are conscious of 2eing there. >t is the constant essence. >t is difficult to say how one eD eriences this articular element 2ecause this is the element that does the eD eriencing! the witness to all of life. (AHA(,A,A .HA+,A is actually centered a2ove the head though its awareness goes through all as ects of the 2ody. -his 2eing the center of your conscious eD erience it has the strong tendency in normal life to 2ecome wra ed u in the vorteD of mind energies that "ee it entertained for ages on end. 4et! it has the ower to direct all functions of the energies at the siD levels 2elow it! when it is free. ;rom this .ha"ra one has immediate access to the energies of the universe a2ove and to the "nowledge of eternity. ;or this the awareness must 2e focused u ward and away from 2odily or earthly concerns. -he P>&3AL gland is influenced 2y the energy of this center and in turn directly influences the ituitary gland. >n studies done with light and color for instance it was seen that the energy im ulses coming through the o tic nerves! from whatever color one is loo"ing at! influenced the ineal gland to ut out certain hormones that tend to govern the hormones su2se:uently roduced 2y the ituitary. 3ach color and form has a s ecific influence on the entire endocrine system. As an eD eriment try loo"ing at an attractive mandala! then switching to an attractive mem2er of the o osite seD! na"ed! and o2serve your mental! emotional and hysiological reactions to what your eyes are seeing. %2serve and draw your conclusions* then you may decide to choose carefully what you focus your attention on. .3&-3, is the direction! or could we say inward. ;rom this center you might go &orth! (outh! 3ast! /est! Down or H 2ut they are all away from the .enter of your(elf. -----------------------------------------------------------------------(hirdi (ai 'A'A Hdhi Mantra Mahograha Peedham Mahot aatha Peedham Maharooga Peedham Mahateevra Peedham Haratyaasutey Dwara"amayi 'hasma &amasthey 0uru (reshta (aieshwaraaya (ree"aram &ityam (u2ha"aaram Paramam Pavithram Maha a aharam 'a2a )i2hutim Dharayamyaham Paramam Pavithram 'a2a )i2hutim Paramam )ichithram Leela )i2hutim Paramartha >shtaartha Mo"sha Pradhaatim 'a2a )i2hutim >damasrayami (ai )i2hutim >damasrayami omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam

omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 9F! 8CCE! C<#9M#8E AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------77 -H3 M4(-3,4 %; MA&-,A( 77 Mantra Hindu mantras mystic re etition healing mantras sounds 0raha mantras MA&-,A( are mystic sounds which roduce certain ty e of energies. _Mananath -rayathe >thi Mantraha\- Mantra rotects the erson who recites it. -his means Mantras are rimarily invented 2y great seers for the welfare of the society. -he cosmic energy we always receive contains different energies coming from different celestial 2odies. 'ecause we are art of our solar system! the energies coming from the Planets in this solar system always fall on us! and a2sor2ed 2y our 2ody. -hese energies are much needed 2y every one of us. -hey drive our daily activities and decisions. %ur life force is indeed com2ined with these energies. /hen there is a deficit of any of these energies! the related ro2lems will arise. ;or eDam le! when there is a deficit of energy coming from (un! health ro2lems li"e headache! 2ad eye sight! wea"ness of heart etc will occur. Also there will 2e ro2lems with one\s 2oss or government officials. -here will 2e o2stacles in ac:uiring aternal ro erty. /e can overcome all these ro2lems 2y increasing the (un\s energy in the individual 2y ado ting various techni:ues. ,ecitation of (un\s Mantra is the most effective techni:ue. /hat ha ens when a Mantra is recitedO /hen we re eatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a articular fre:uency and this fre:uency esta2lishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our 2ody and surroundings. -hus we can 2alance the energies and also increase the level of a certain ty e of energy! which romote certain actions and events. ;or eDam le! if we increase the Mercury\s energy level! it romotes us to ta"e intelligent ste s in 2usiness. All mantras came from the single sacred sound# @%m@. %m is a com2ination of < main sounds# Aa-)u-Ma. ((ee the sym2ol of %m at right) @Aa@ re resents )ishnu! the sustainer! @)u@ re resents (iva! the destroyer! and @Ma@ re resents 'rahma! the creator. Aa-also re resents the (un! )u-the Moon! and Ma-the ;ire. -here are more than 9IC meanings uncovered from the sound @%m@! so far. >t is said that lord (iva was the first to reveal mantras for the welfare of the man"ind! through sages. ((ee him with his family at to left). -here are Mantras for every thing. -he _0ayatri Mantra\ recited 2y Hindus com rise 8B sounds! each sound is loaded with the energy of a different ty e 2y ancient sages. -hus there are 8B sages who contri2uted the sounds for 0ayatri Mantra. >t is said that _there is no great Mantra than 0ayatri and there is no great god than the Mother\. -he main aim of Mantras is to rovide whatever the human 2eings long for. ;or eDam le! the sound _(reem\ re resents La"shmi! the goddess of wealth. Hence the Mantra# _%m (reem %m\ will 2ring monetary success to a erson who recites it daily for at least 8 hours.

>f you want to attract others and get the things done 2y them! then _+leem\ is the right sound for you. -his sound s ells charm. (o the Mantra# _%m +leem %m\ will increase your magnetism. >f you want to 2ecome more dynamic and energetic and you want to get rid of general diseases! you can chant# _%m Hreem %m\. Here _Hreem\ is a energy reservoir. >f you are worried a2out the intelligence and education of your children! let them recite# _%m >ym %m\. Here _>ym\ re resents (araswathi! the goddess of 3ducation. A lot many eo le face illhealth and suffer a lot! 2ecause of the deeds committed in their revious 2irths. ;or them! to get rid of health ro2lems! and live a full life sanctioned 2y 0od! they should recite _%m 1oom (aha\. -his is called Mrityun5aya (/inning on Death) mantra and should 2e recited for atleast 8 hours daily. All the activities 2y the human 2eings are greatly influenced 2y the &ine Planets identified in >ndian Astrology. (o the Planetary Mantras are furnished here! along with their general ur ose# 9) (un# %m Hraam Hreem Hroum (ah (uryaya &amaha 7 -he a2ove Mantra should 2e recited for esca ing from ro2lems in 1o2! Politics! Health! diseases related to Head! Paternal related things. 8) Moon# %m (raam (reem (roum (ah .handraya &amaha 7 -his is the Mantra for esca ing from mental worries! ro2lems from Maternal things! diseases related to stomach and 2lood. <) Mars# %m +raam +reem +roum (ah 'houmaaya &amaha 7 -his is the Mantra for getting dynamic nature! winning on others! success in vehicles! land or house ro erty dealings! esca ing from accidents! im roving relations with the s ouse. B) 1u iter# %m 1raam 1reem 1roum (ah 0urave &amaha 7 -his is the Mantra for achieving general success in life and getting rotection in all matters. >t increases res ect from others and social contacts. >t gives sta2ility in 5o2 or 2usiness. I) (aturn# %m +hraam +hreem +hroum (ah (enaye &amaha 7 -his Mantra ma"es one to esca e from rocrastination! trauma! ill-health! all ma5or ro2lems in life. M) Mercury# %m 'raam 'reem 'roum (ah 'udhaaya &amaha 7 -his is the Mantra to im rove 'usiness dealings and .ommunications s"ills. -his will shar en the intelligence. F) )enus# %m Dhraam Dhreem Dhroum (ah (u"raaya &amaha 7 -his Mantra ma"es one to im rove relations with women! artistic talents! ac:uiring 5ewelry and money. E) ,ahu# %m 'hraam 'hreem 'hroum (ah ,ahave &amaha 7 -his Mantra ma"es one to get rid of any confusion in mind! legal ro2lems! ro2lems from evil s irits. L) +ethu# %m Praam Preem Proum (ah +ethave &amaha 7

-his Mantra ma"es one to come out of defamation! allergic diseases! ro2lems from evil s irits! and sudden ha ening of 2ad events. 3very one cannot start chanting what ever Mantras they want. -he erson who wants to recite a Mantra should follow certain code of conduct. ;or eDam le! one should recite a Mantra when at eace. He?she should get u early in the morning! ta"e 2ath! start reciting the mantras at the time of (un rise. %ne should maintain iousness and avoid &on-vegetarian food! alcohol! and other stuff! which ma"e the functioning of the 2rain im ro er. Most im ortant is# one should find a 0uru (divine guide)! who tells what ty e of Mantra is suita2le to alleviate one\s ro2lems! and also teaches how to recite the Mantras. /ithout ro er guidance from 0uru! one should not venture to start chanting the Mantras.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 9F! 8CCE! C<#8I#BC AM* ------------------------------------------------------------------------he (ignificance of Mantra in Ayurveda 'y (angeetha ,a5ah! 'AM( Pu2lished 99?<C?8CCM 0eneral (angeetha ,a5ah! 'AM( -he word JmantraK in (ans"rit is derived from J Mananaat -raayateJ meaning J1ust 2y chanting (mananaat) we can rotect ourselves (traayate)J. Mantras are (ans"rit words loaded with ower and sounds ca a2le of enetrating our 2ody into dee levels of consciousness 2y their uni:ue sounds and the vi2rations they create. -he )edas inter ret the vowels and consonants of (ans"rit as coming from the Damaru (drum) of Lord (iva. Hence in (ans"rit grammar! they are referred to as JMaaheswara (utraaniK or the formulae of Maheswara. Also a detailed descri tion is given a2out the arts from where the sound of vowels and consonants originate. ;or instance! to ronounce J)aK in (ans"rit! the teeth and li s are involved. -he individual letters of the (ans"rit al ha2et are derived from the 2asic strands of energy vi2rating at the core of our eDistence. -he vi2rations created 2y our sound! thought and actions really do have an im act on our inner self! our environment and hence the universe. Here rises the need to 2e ositive and to always 2e o timistic. /hen used ositively and harmoniously! mantras create a ositive! friendly and a healing effect. >n Ayurveda! a art from her2al remedies for diseases! em hasis is also laid on Mantra recitation to enhance the healing. ;rom the )edic eriod! man has 2een constantly associated with Mantras -- right from the moment man is 2orn till he 2reathes his last. His first connection 2egins with 1aata"arma ie! the reciting of mantras in the new2orn\s right ear! re:uesting the 0ods to rotect the new2orn from evil s irits. /e can find numerous references em hasiAing Mantra recitation in Ayurvedic teDts. >n the treatment of 1wara (fever)! .hara" recommends chanting )ishnu (ahasranama. >n the treatment of sna"e2ites! antidotes are re ared while chanting s ecific mantras to increase the efficacy of the medicine. -he 2enefit of mantra in Ayurveda! shows the latter itself 2eing much more than merely medical system. -his is due to Ayurveda\s connection to the )edas. ,ecent research in the efficacy of mantras and sound thera y on our 2ody and healing has revealed what our yogic seers have already eD erienced!

advocated and which has 2een assed on from time immemorial to the resent day- the Power of Mantra 4oga or the chanting of Mantras. -he hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the human organism communicate with each other through distinctive vi2rational sym athies. -hat is when we are hysically and mentally healthy! it means there is a harmony within our cells! which resonate well with each other. /hen this harmony of em athic music among our cells falls out of tune! we get disease. (ref# -he 4oga of (ound 2y ,ussil Paul) &othing attunes the 2ody! mind and 2reath li"e the ulsation of sound. -he honetics of (ans"rit stri"e the alate at multi le refleD oints stimulating energy in numerous meridians that awa"en the dormant arts of the 2rain (most of which are as yet unused in average man) and enhance the circulation and flow of energy throughout the 2ody. A art from the hysical nervous system! our ,ishis classified some F8!CCC naadis (2undles of tu2ular vessels) as art of the sychic nervous system to 2e the counter arts of the hysical nervous system. (ref# -he Mystries of Mantra 2y MuA Murray). /hen a mantra is chanted! sound energy is generated and the vi2rations of that energy are diffused and distri2uted into the hysical nervous system 2y these naadis through siD ma5or cha"ras (wheels in (ans"rit and leDus in hysiology) situated along the length of the s inal column and a seventh at the crown of the head. %wing to its uni:ueness Ayurveda cannot 2e inter reted in modern terms. 'ut for our understanding! the nearest ossi2le correlation is tried here. -hese .ha"ras can 2e correlated to the leDuses of the modern hysiology. -he siD cha"ras and their corres onding leDuses are given here in ascending order from the 2ase of the s ine. 9. Moolaadhaara .ha"ra --(acral PleDus. 8. (vaadishthaana JK --Lum2ar PleDus. <. Mani oora"a JK --(olar (celiac) PleDus. B. Anaahata JK --'rachial PleDus. I. )isuddhi JK --.ervical PleDus. M. Aagnya JK --- Pineal gland O -he leDuses are related to transmitting and receiving nerve im ulses and 2lood circulation. &ow coming 2ac"! when energy asses from the naadis to these leDuses of the hysical nervous system! it turns neural and is assed on to the nerves which in turn o2ey the 2rain and then get circulated throughout the 2ody through 2lood. %". Any sound will do well in enhancing healing and ma"e us healthy! so what is so s ecial a2out MantrasO /hat difference does it ma"e 2etween reciting a mantra and tal"ing when 2oth are a grou of lettersO 'ac" to the siD .ha"ras now to get the answers. 3ach .ha"ra in its su2tle form is a lotus with varied num2er of etals. 3ach etal re resents an A"shara (letter or al ha2et) a art from a main letter! the 'ee5aa"shara (2ee5a means seed). 3ach .ha"ra has a residing deity with uni:ue colour and features! res onsi2le for nurturing s ecific organs of our 2ody. ;or eDam le! the Moolaadhara .ha"ra is made u of a B edaled lotus. -he letters residing in the B etals are )A! (\A! (HA and (A. >ts 'ee5aa"shara is LHM. -he residing deity (aa"ini has five faces and resides in the asthi dhatu (2one mass) to nurture it. Here comes the Ayurvedic connection to Mantras as chanting of a articular 'ee5a"shara will nourish that articular Dhatu. -here are (even dhatus according to Ayurveda and here the siD cha"ras with the (ahasrara at the crown of the head nourish the seven Dhatus and hence our 2ody. De ending on the disease! the atient\s condition! the Dhatus affected! Mantra chanting 2rings a2out healing. At the same time! slow or fast healing de ends also on the mantra or slo"a chosen

for the ur ose and the concentration and sincerity of the chanting erson. 1ust as gold in its ure form (8B") is too soft to ma"e 5ewelry! mere grou of words com2ined at random cannot effectively create healing vi2rations. 0old is alloyed with co er or silver to strengthen and harden it in order to ma"e 5ewels. Li"ewise! Mantras are chosen in a s ecific manner (chandas etc.) for a s ecific ur ose and are loaded with ower. (o chanting Mantras has an effect in all lanes and at all levels from the hysical! hysiological! mental levels to the su2tle .ha"ras and into the su2tlest energy vi2rating at the core of our eDistence. .ome on6 0o to your doctor! get medicines! chant Mantras or any slo"a! let the healing 2e fast666 May all 2e ha y and free from diseases. May all 2e rotected. Let not any2ody get afflicted 2y grief666 (H anishads). ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 9F! 8CCE! CI#99#B< AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------(hanti mantra are used to cure diseases! to remove the influences of souls and lanets etc. (9);or 0ood Health# -he following mantra 2e recited three times and infuse the water* the water to 2e drun" 2y the atient or (adha"a.%ne will 2e 2enefited. Mantra $%m Asham )eshvanye 'hootva Praneenam Dahma"shiet Prana an (amyu"ta Pchamyananm .haturvidham$ (8) -o Prevent A2ortion# (9) >f a woman does not conceive or is a2orted due to some reason or other! then the use of this mantra is very useful. Mantra $Pumansam Patram 1aney -am Pumananu 1ayatam 'hagvati Putranam Mata 1atanam 1amyashyam 4an$ -his mantra is form $arthaar veda <?8<$ At the time of rayer daily in the morning ta"e a vessel full of ure water! "ee it 2efore your >shat or 0od .After finishing your daily rayer ta"e a few dro s of water and reacting this mantra! shower the dro s on the lady.A small :uantity of water and reacting this mantra! shower the dro s on the lady.A small :uantity of water may 2e ta"en 2y her. (>>) /hen a lady doesn@t conceive after the 2irth of child or there are continuous a2ortion after such state is called $+A+)A&D4A$.>n such a case ! when she wants one more child ! the following mantra 2e recited 9CE times daily for 89 days. Mantra $%m &ama sha"tiru aye yam 0riahe Putram +uru +uru swaha$. >n addition to the a2ove mantra ! the following 2e also followed. 'ring the root of Ashvagand on (unday during Pushya na"shtra and miD it with mil" of 'uffalo. Ma"e owder of it. -his 2e ta"en 2y the lady with mil" one or two tolas daily.After seven days she will conceive. (<) ;or 2irth of son#

-his is a very strong and -3(-3D mantra ! which is said to have 2een desired 2y lord (H>)A to PA,)A-> for securing a son. Mantra $%m Hareeng Haroong Putram +uru +uru (waha$ -hee lady should recite this mantra on a 2ranch of mango tree or under the mango tree at a lonely lace . -he mantra 2e recited 2efore lord (H>)A and PA,)A-> 9CE times daily and for 89 days continuously. (B) -o .ure Piles Mantra $+harman "i tenishaha "huni 2adi dauno 5aay umto chal chal (waha$ >nfuse water with mantra thrice and wash the rivate lace with this water.-a"e a red cotton thread and ut F "nots in it. >nfuse this thread 89 times with the a2ove mantra and tie on 2ig toe of foot.Piles will 2e cured. (I) .ure ;rom 3 ile sy # /hen one suffers from the feet of e ile sy./rite this mantra on 'hoo5 Patra with Ashot 0ard and ut it on the nec" of the Patient.%ne will 2e cured. Mantra $Hal her sargam Mandi"a Poodi"a (hri ,am Phoon" mirgi vayu su"he om the tha (waha$

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 9F! 8CCE! CI#8E#I9 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*MA&-,A* *3limination of Diseases through Mantra* -he mantras of the 8B -irthan"ars are found to 2e eDtremely useful in curing diseases of various arts of the 2ody. -he 1ain Acharya +amal ra2hsuri had included these mantras in his original com osition of the 1in an5ar (totra. According to which 2ody art is affected! the res ective mantra (listed 2elow) should 2e chanted aloud! with eyes closed! in the meditation osition. %ne entire rosary of the mantra should 2e chanted daily. /hen chanting! the mind should remained focused on the affected 2ody art. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------*(am le of a Mantra * * 9. 8. <. B. 'rain and 3yes - %m 3ars - %m &ose - %m ;orehead ,him (hrim ,him (hrim ,him (hrim %m ,him (hrim ,isha2hdevai &amaha A5itnathai &amaha (am2havnathai &amaha A2hinandanswamine &amaha

I. Li s - %m ,him (hrim (umatinathai &amaha M. -eeth - %m ,him (hrim Padma ra2hswamine &amaha F. -ongue - %m ,him (hrim (u arshvanathai &amaha E. Palate - %m ,him (hrim .handra ra2hswamine &amaha L. -hroat - %m ,him (hrim (uvidhinathai &amaha 9C. Heart - %m ,him (hrim (hitalnathai &amaha 99. H er arms - %m ,him (hrim (hreyansnathai &amaha 98. ;ingers - %m ,him (hrim )asu u5yaswamine &amaha 9<. &ails - %m ,him (hrim )imalnathai &amaha 9B. (tomach - %m ,him (hrim Anantnathai &amaha 9I. 'ones - %m ,him (hrim Dharmanathai &amaha 9M. ,e roductive organ - %m ,him (hrim +unthunathai &amaha 9F. Lower 'ac" - %m ,him (hrim Arnathai &amaha 9E. .hest! H er 2ac"! (houlder - %m ,him (hrim Mallinathai &amaha 9L. -high - %m ,him (hrim Munisuvratswamine &amaha 8C. -oes - %m ,him (hrim &aminathai &amaha 89. Legs - %m ,him (hrim &eminathai &amaha 88. /hole 'ody - %m ,him (hrim Parshvanathai &amaha 8<. (oul - %m ,him (hrim Mahavirswamine &amaha 8B. &ails - %m ,him (hrim )imalnathai &amaha * ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 9F! 8CCE! CM#8F#B9 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------* %M &amo [stute Mahayogin Pra annamanusadhi Mam 4atha -wachcharanam 'ho5e ,atih (yadana ayini (alutation to thee! % great 4ogi6 Pray direct me that have fallen at -hy feet! so that > may find unfailing delight at -hy lotus feet. -his is the Mantra for self-surrender. >t should 2e re eated with a ure heart free of ersonal desires * ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 8C! 8CCE! C<#I9#B< AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*mantra to avoid government unishment * to avoid unishment from government. if you it is called vigyaanaa"arshini mantra# om va5ramu"hi sara sara hat are involved in a court case.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 8C! 8CCE! 98#9<#8I PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------**Mantra for ;orgiveness*

Here is a shlo"a you can say last thing at night# +ara charana "rutam vaa" "aaya5am "arma5am vaa shravan naya na5am vaa maanasam vaa araadham vihita maavihitam vaa sarvametat shamasva 5ai 5ai "aruna2dhe shri maha deva sham2ho.* -his is the meaning # /hatever > have done with my hands or feet! or s eech! my 2ody or my actions! /hatever > have heard or seen! or thought! all my mista"es! /hether "nowingly or un"nowingly! lease forgive them all! 0reat all forgiving 0od! Mahadeva (ham2hu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 8C! 8CCE! 98#9<#BI PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Mantra for (uccess* +rishna +rishna Mahaayogin 'ha"taanaam 'hayan"ara 0ovinda Parmaananda (arvey Mey )ash Maanay % +rishan! % +rishna6 -hou art the 4ogi of 4ogis. -hou 2estoweth fearlessness on -hy devotees. % 0ovinda6 -hou art the giver of (u reme 'liss. 'ring everything to my favour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 89! 8CCE! CB#CL#8I AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*(ome >m ortant Mantras* (ome sim le mantras are given which can 2e recited 2y anyone and hel achieve what the sadha" wants. -hey have sim le or no methodology associated with them. Panch A"shari - $%m &amah (hivaye$ - >t fulfills all desires.>t leads to mo"sha and all sins are destroyed. >t has no methodology assocaited and can 2e recited 2y anyone anytime. Asht A"shari - $%m &amah &arayanaya$ - %ne can achieve and can 2e 2lessed with anything. 0an ati Mantra - $%m 0am 0ana ataye &amaha$ - >t not only removes all o2stacles 2ut also gives success in one@s efforts. Hanuman Mantra - $%m Hoom Hanumate ,udratama"aye hoom hut swaha$ -

-here is no favour that Hanuman5i cannot 2estow. Hanuman5i is the em2odiment of all good :ualities which he freely gives to his devotees. (araswati Mantra - $%m Aim +leeng (aum (araswatiya &amaha$ - >t ma"es a erson a learned scholar and he attains high rofeciency in education. -his mantra should 2e recited all morning u5as. Dattatreya Mantra - $%m Hareem Param2raham Parmaatmane Hari Har2rahyendraya Dattatroyaye swaha$ - Dattatreya can 2estow everything on his followers.

-he details of various mantras! their essence! time and num2er of times they are to 2e recited! the rules for sadha" and com lete rocedure of reciting a mantra can 2e found in the 2oo" ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *1uly 89! 8CCE! CB#99#9F AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Division %f Mantra And -heir Hse* -he uses of mantra is divided into siD categories 9. (HA&->+A,A& # -hese mantras deal with the cure of diseases and warding off the malefic effects of the lanets. %ne eDam le will 2e of no use as there is different mantra for different disease. 8. )A(H> +A,A& # -hrough these mantras one can ut under one@s control any woman! man! officer! minister! devta! soul! animal! etc. and can fulfill your wishes. $%m namo sarvlo" vashi"araye "uru "uru swaha$. <. (-AM'HA& # -hese mantras are used to sto all the ersons! souls! devtas! etc. from doing any harm to you. $%m namah 2hagvate shatrunam 2udhi stam2am "uru "uru swaha$. B. )>D3(HA& # these mantras are used for creating differences 2etween two or many individuals. $%m namo nardaya amu"asya amu"en seh vidheshna "uru "uru swaha$. I. H.H.HA--A& # -hese mantras deal with distraction of the mind of the enemy so that they may remain away from their country! 2irth lace! residence! wor" and family mem2ers. >t is also used if the sadha" wants a erson to remain at war with others. $%m shareem shareem shareem swaha$. M. MA,A& # -hese are death inflicting mantras through which you can "ill any2ody at any distance without disclosing your identity. -o avoid it@s harmful use it is not 2een given. 'esides one mantra given in each category! there are many mantras with different num2er of times they are to 2e recited under each category. Also s ecific time! day and the articles used for different mantras vary from category to category.

-he 2asic mantras for every day recitation and early siddhi attainment of one@s mantras are $%m &amo (hivaye$. $%m &amo &arayane Aye &amaha$. $%m &amo 'hagwate )asdev Aye &amaha$. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CB#9B#II AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*,osary! 'ee5 Mantra And (am ut * ,osary # During meditation 2eads are a must.Different 2eads are there in rosary according to the ur ose.'eads may 2e adam 2ee5! rudra"sha! tulsi! shan"h! earl! gold! silver! gem! root of "hush. All 2eads in a rosary should 2e of e:ual siAe! free from decay and un2ro"en. %ne additional 2ead of a 2igger siAe than others is ut at the to of the rosary. -he num2er and ty e of 2eads in a rosary vary with ur ose. (hiva sha"ti mantras - ,udra"sha. )ishnu and Lord +rishna mantra - -ulsi Death inflicting mantras - Padam 'ee5 Mantras for wealth - gems! 5ewels! gold and silver. 'ee5 Mantra # A mantra is full of sha"ti and there are various 2ee5 mantra each with it own ower. /hen miDed with other mantras! they rovide eDtra ower to that mantra. 'asic 2ee5 mantra $%m$ is further eD anded into the following ty es of 2ee5 - yog 2ee5 !te5o 2ee5! shanti 2ee5 and ra"sha 2ee5! which are res ectively "nown as aeng (aim) hreem! sreem! "reem! "leem! dum! gam! glaum! lam! yam! aam or um or ram. -here are some one word 2ee5 mantras which are articularly suita2le to young 2oys and girls who can re eat them with Aest and faith! to secure good results. ;ew of them with their ur oses are 9. +shasraum - &arsimha 2i5a.,emoves all sorrows and fears. 8. Aim - (araswati 2i5a.Ma"es roficient in all 2ranches of learning. <. (hree - La"shami mantra.Leads to ros erity and contenment. B. Hareem - 'huvaneshvari mantra.Ma"es a erson leader of men and hel get a erson all he needs. I. +aleem - +amra5 mantra. ;ulfills one@s desires. M. +reem - Destroys enemies and gives ha iness. F. Dum - Durga 2ee5. %ne gets whatever one wants. E. 0am 0laum - 0anesa 2ee5. ,emoves all o2stacles and romotes success. L. Lam - 3arth 2ee5. Hel s to secure good cro s. 9C. 4am - )ayu 2ee5. Hel secure rains. 99. Aam Hm ,am - 'ee5 mantras ao 'rahma!)ishnu and ,udra. (am ut # (am ut are some s ecific words used in the mantra. -hese can 2e used at the start! middle or end of the mantra. -he sam ut has great sha"ti and should 2e used carefully. 0ayatri Mantra $%m 2hur 2hava suha tatsa vetur vareneyam 2argo devasyaha dhimi diyo yona arachodayat.$ ;ew words can 2e added after %m 2hur 2hava swaha as sam ut to fulfill various desires. (ome sam ut with their ur oses are given 2elow.

%m aeeng "aleeng soo - for roficiency in words. %m shareeng hareeng shareeng - for wealth and comforts. %m aeeng hareeng "aleeng - enemies are destroyed! trou2les vanish and the individual is 2lessed with 5oy and ha iness. %m shareeng hareeng "aleeng - 'lessed with rogeny. %m hareeng - ,ecovery from diseases. %m aeeng hareeng "aleeng - Protection from all evil forces. Ho es and wishes are realised. *Practical Hses %f Mantras *

;or education # $%m "reeng "reeng "reeng$ ;or attaining mo"sha # $%m shree hreeng "reeng "rishnaye swaha$ ;or wealth # $%m namo dhandaye swaha$ ;or success in elections # $%m emminder vardhaye shteriyame ma emam vishme" virsham "irinu tawan$ ;or fame # $%m giravargrateshu hirnye ch goshu cha$ ;or successful com letion of all 5o2s # $%m namo sarvarthsadhni swaha$ ;or reduction of rash tem er # $%m shante arshante sarv "arodh ashnon swaha$ -o attract one or all # $%m chamunde tarutatu amu"aye a"arshaye a"arshaye swaha$ 'esides these ur oses given a2ove!there are mantras for fulfilment of all "ind of desires and for reduction of all "ind of flaws. -here are mantras for worshi of different 0ods and 0oddesses and leasing them to fulfill one@s desires.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CB#I9#<M AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*(HA&->-MA&-,A(* -here are many mantras used for s ecific diseases or ailments such as the $A,H&A MA&-,A$ for eye disease $%m Arun Haem Phut (waha$. -his mantra must 2e re eated 9C!CCC times. -hen water is urified 2y chanting the mantra F times and the water used to wash the eye. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*MA&-,A ;%, '>,-H %; A .H>LD -% .H>LDL3(( .%HPL3 * $%m (ri Haring +aling 0aleen$ $%m Deve"isut 0ovind )asudev 1agat ite$ $Dehi ye -ancy +rishna -awamahem (haranam 0ata$ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*P,3)3&->&0 M>(.A,,>A03 DH,>&0 P,30&A&.4 * $Pumansam Patram 1ancy -am Pumananu 1ayatam 'havati Putranam Mata 1atanam 1am5ashyam 4an$ -his mantra from the Atharva )eda (<.8<) should 2e chanted in the morning with vessel of water during morning u5a (worshi ). /hile

reciting the mantra s rin"le a little water on the woman! then give her some to drin". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* ;%, H3AL-H * $%m Aaham )eshvanye 'hootva Praneenam Dahma"shiet Prana am (amyu"ta Pchamyananm chaturvidham$. -his mantra is chanted < times over some water to infuse it with otency! which is then drun". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*0A&APA->-MA&-,A* $%m (harem Harim +lim 0laum 0am 0ana ataye &amaha$. -his mantra is always chanted first in all vedic sacrifices to remove any and all o2stacles in the way. Lord 0anesh (0ana ati) is the remover of o2stacles! and also the giver of success in endeavours. *A (H%,-3, )3,>%& >(* $%m 0am 0ana atayte namaha$ htt #?? h Onamed.ontent= adshow age= iddBFL ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CI#9<#B8 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------**,A(> MA&-,A(* -he *1anma ,ashi * is the sign occu ied 2y the moon in the 2irth chart. ;ollowing are the ,asi mantras # Aries - %m )ishnave &amah -aurus - %m )asudevaya &amah 0emini - %m +eshavaya &amah .ancer - %m ,adha-+rishnaya &amah Leo - %m Hariharaya 'alamu"undaya &amah )irgo - %m Hrim Pitam2araya Paramatmane &amah Li2ra - %m (ri ,am Dasrathaye &amah (cor io - %m &arayanaya &amah %m &araya &amah (agittarius - %m Hrim (hrim +rim Dharani Dharaya &amah .a ricorn - %m (hrim )atsalaya &amaha A:uarius - %m (hri H endraya Achyutaya &amah! %m +rim 0ovinda-0o alaya &amah Pisces - %m +rim ,athanga - .ha"raya &amah* htt #?? h Oidd9BBIII9E

*,ashi Mantra

Mesh ,ashi )rasha2 ,ashi Mithun ,ashi +ar" ,ashi (ingha ,ashi +nya ,ashi -ula ,ashi )rshchi" ,ashi Dhanu ,ashi Ma"ar ,ashi +um2h ,ashi Meen ,ashi

%m "leem shreem la"shminarayana namaha %m go alay uttar dhva5ai namah %m "leem "rshnai namaha %m hiranyagar2hai avya"t ru ane namaha %m "leem 2rahmane 5agadadharai namaha %m namaha eem itam2arai namaha %m tatva niran5anai tara" ramai namaha %m naranaya sur singhai namaha %m shreem dev "rshnai urdhva dantai namaha %m shreem vtsalai namaha %m shreem u endrai achyutai namaha %m aam "leem udhvatai uddharine namaha*

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CI#8B#<F AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*M>,A'A> D3)> MA&-,A (H33- />-H 9F MA&-,A( A&D -H3>, M3A&>&0(#*

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CI#8L#C9 AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Mahamritun5aya Mantra -H3 MAHAMA&-,A* -his Mahamritun5aya mantra is from the ,ig-)eda and needs initiation for attaining (iddhi. Any2ody can recite this mantra and attain good health! release from 2ondage and other ro2lems. -his is the greatest reliever from all evils and can 2e recited at any time li"e any other Maha-mantra. >t should 2e recited refera2ly for forty days 2oth in the morning and evening! after lighting a 5yoti and sitting on a woollen asana while facing east. ,ecite the Maha-mantra 9CE times (one rosary) or its multi les in each sitting. -his is the greatest wor" of Maharishi )ashistha. 'efore commencing the Mahamritun5aya mantra recite the following small rayer to the everlasting s irit of the Maharishi for his 2lessings and guidance. *%M (H.H>,MA,+A>, ',>HA(PA->M ADH)A,3(HH &AMA(4A-AH (89 -imes)* /e ray to 'rihas ati (the Lord of this Hniverse and the teacher of this )edic +nowledge)! whose wishes are inviola2le! for good thoughts (that will lead to good s eech and actions that cannot 2e violated as it will 2e the truth). *)4AM )A(H>(H-HA4A &AMAH (89 -imes)* -his is the rayer to Maharishi )ashistha (whose Holy ( irit is %mni resent).

-he initiated should ractice the Pranayama ten times with the 'ee5a"shara Mantra *$%M H%HM 1HM (AH$* . %thers can s"i this and go to the Maha-mantra directly. -his is to 2e followed 2y the Dhyana Mantra (Meditation) of (ri -ryam2a"eswara (%ne of the twelve 1yotirlinga) and then meditate on (ri -ryam2a"eshwara (Lord (hiva) and (ri Amriteshwari (0ouri or Parvati (ha"ti) with the relevant 2ee5a"shara and ,udra Poo5a. Meditate for at least 9I Minutes 2efore starting the 1a a (,ecitation of Mantra). -hen re eat the following Mahamritun5aya mantra 9CE times or multi les of this num2er. -he Mahamritun5aya Mantra reads# *%M -,4AM'A++AM 4A1AMAH3 (H0A&DH>M PH(->)A,DHA&AM H,)A,%%+AM3)A 'A&DA&AA& M,>-4%,M%+(H334A MAAM,>-AA-.* */HA- >( -H3 M3A&>&0 %; -H>( MAHAMA&-,A* >t is im ortant to understand the meaning of the words as this ma"es the re etition meaningful and 2rings forth the results. *%M * is not s elt out in the ,ig-)eda! 2ut has to 2e added to the 2eginning of all Mantras as given in an earlier Mantra of the ,ig-)eda addressed to 0ana ati. *-,4AM'A++AM* refers to the -hree eyes of Lord (hiva. @-rya@ means @-hree@ and Am2a"am@ means eyes. -hese three eyes or sources of enlightenment are the -rimurti or three rimary deities! namely 'rahma! )ishnu and (hiva and the three @AM'A@ (also meaning Mother or (ha"ti@ are (araswati! La"shmi and 0ouri. -hus in this word! we are referring to 0od as %mniscient ('rahma)! %mni resent ()ishnu) and %mni otent ((hiva). -his is the wisdom of 'rihas ati and is referred to as (ri Duttatreya having three heads of 'rahma! )ishnu and (hiva. *4A1AMAH3 #* means! $/e sing -hy raise$.

*(H0A&DH>M #* refers to His fragrance (of "nowledge! resence and strength i.e. three as ects) as 2eing the 2est and always s reading around. ;ragrance refers to the 5oy that we get on "nowing! seeing or feeling His virtuous deeds. *PH(->)A,DHA&AM #* Pooshan refers to Him as the sustainer of this world and in this manner! He is the ;ather (Pater) of all. Pooshan is also the inner im eller of all "nowledge and is thus (avitur or the (un and also sym2olises 'rahma the %mniscient .reator. >n this manner He is also the ;ather (0enitor) of all. *H,)AA,%+AM3)A # @H,)A@* means *$)>(HAL$* or 2ig and owerful . *@AA,%%+AM@ * means @Disease@. -hus *H,)A,%%+A* means deadly and over owering diseases. -he diseases are also of three "inds caused 2y the influence (in the negative) of the three 0una@s and are ignorance (Avidya etc)!falsehood (Asat etc as even though )ishnu is everywhere! we fail to erceive Him and are guided 2y our sight and other senses) and wea"nesses ((hadri u etc. a constraint of this hysical 2ody and (hiva is all owerful).

*'A&DA&AAM #* means 2ound down. -hus read with* H,)A,%%+AM3)A*! it means @> am 2ound down 2y deadly and over owering diseases@. *M,>-4%,M%%+(H34A #* means to deliver us from death (2oth remature deaths in this Physical world and from the never-ending cycle of deaths due to re-2irth) for the sa"e of Mo"shya (&irvana or final emanci ation from re-2irth). *MAAM,>-AA- #* means @ lease give me some Amritam (life re5uvenating nectar). ,ead with the revious word! it means that we are raying for some @Amrit@ to get out of the death inflicting diseases as well as the cycle of re-2irth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! CL#<C#<M AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*(uccess >n 'usiness* -o 2e a successful and rich 2usiness magnate has always 2een your dream yet in s ite of devoted and honest efforts the goal remains as distant as the horiAon. More you run towards it the farther it seems. /hatever your ro2lem may 2e - lac" of finance! cutthroat com etition or dishonest artners-5ust try this marvellous ritual and see the result for yourself. 3arly morning ta"e a 2ath and get into clean clothes. (it in the worshi lace. >n a late lace Httishtthaa. %ffer vermilion and rice grains on it. Light a ghee lam . +ee your eyes fiDed on Httishtthaa and chant the following Mantra continuously for 8I minutes. *77 %m Hleem Poornna (aafalyam %m Phat +uru +uru 77 * Do this regularly for 99 days at the same time. After that leave Httishtthaa in a tem le. *Health %f +ids * /orried on this accountO >s fre:uent fever! cold or some other ersistent ailment roving to 2e a 2ane for the health of your childO >f yes! then don@t waste any time* 5ust try out the following :uic"-acting remedy. >n a late s read some red flowers. %n them lace a 0o al Dand. %ffer vermilion and rice grains on the Dand and light a ghee lam . ta"e water in your right alm and ledge that you are accom lishing this (adhana for the health of your child (s ea" his?her name). .hant the following Mantra 8I times. *77 %m (oum Manovaanchhitam (antaan (u"ham (iddhaye %m 77 * ,e eat for 99 days. %n the 98th day throw the dand in a river.

*/indfall 0ains* /ealth is the fuel of life and to earn it one tries every means. 'ut many times even sincere efforts fail to hel one win the favour of the 0oddess of /ealth. >f interested in sudden! legal gains(e.g. lottery or shares) this is the ritual for you. %n a /ednesday lace a icture of LaDmi 2efore yourself and ray to the 0oddess. -hen chant 99 rounds of this mantra with +amalgatta rosary. *77 %m Hreem Hreem Ayeim (hreem (hreem %m 77 *

Do this for L days. >f ossi2le continue chanting one round daily even afterwards. >f tried with full faith amaAing results accrue and one gains money from uneD ected sources. *3nemy -rou2le And 4ou * Life is nothing 2ut a confluence of good and 2ad. And when one@s stars are unfavoura2le! enemities s ring u ! enemy minds start wor"ing overtime! ro2lems are created in one@s life and rumours are s read with an aim to mar one@s re utation. ,etailiation could get one into further trou2le* 2ut there is a way out that is easy as well as effective. -o Pacify enemies and adversaries! light a holy fire and then ma"e o2lations of a miDture of 2lac" e er seeds! yellow mustard seeds and 2lac" sesamum seeds! chanting the following Mantra. Do this for 8I minutes. *77 %m 'ham 'heiravaay )i5ayam Dehi %m Phat 77 And soon enough you shall feel all o article is needed in this ritual. *Don@t 0ive H Ho e* *

osition whittling down. &o (adhana

-here are goals! to achieve which one uts at sta"e everything one has. 4et in s ite of the 2est efforts one fails to ma"e it. And then des air and frustation set in leaving one a hysical and mental wrec". 'esides mental eace one also loses one@s social standing and res ect and financial security. ;ailure can 2e revented and even a seemingly lost situation! 2rought under control through this marvellous ritual. Place a (arva +aarya (iddhi 0uti"a in a late. (it 2efore it and chant the following Mantra 9C< times. *77 %m Hleem +aarya (iddhim Hleem %m Phat 77 *

,e eat for 99! consecutive days. After the com letion of the ritual throw the 0uti"a in a river or ond. -his shall ensure success in any and every venture you underta"e. -his is a remar"a2le ritual that can hel students! 2usinessmen! family man! actors and oliticians- eo le from every wal" of life.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! 99#CI#9F AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*A Mantra for Health* >f you are hysically wea"! if your hysical constitution is not satisfactory! chant this mantra sincerely and soulfully# -e5ohasi te5omayi dhehi )iryamasi viryam mayi dhehi )alam masi valam mayi dhehi >n a wee"\s time you will see a change for the 2etter in your health. >t means# > > > ray for dynamic energy* ray for dynamic virility* ray for indomita2le hysical strength.

*-he Money Mantra* >n this world some eo le are oor while others are rich. (ome eo le are des erately in need of money to ma"e 2oth ends meet. (ome years ago! a student of mine was having tremendous financial difficulties. > gave her a articular mantra# 4a Devi sarva2hutesu ,atna ru ena sangstitha &astasvai namastvai &amastvai namo namah >n thirteen days she came to me and said that her finances had tremendously im roved. -he meaning of this mantra is# > 2ow and 2ow and again > 2ow to the (u reme 0oddess who resides in all human 2eings in the form of material wealth and ros erity. Many eo le have used this mantra in >ndia. >n her case it too" only thirteen days for the mantra to accom lish its ur ose. >n someone else\s case it may ta"e three months or 5ust three days. -his articular mantra has tremendous ower! 2ut it is effective only for 2ringing material wealth. *Mantras from the H anishads* >f you want to remain in su reme 3cstasy and Delight all the time! then you will have to chant this articular mantra# Anandadd hy eva "halv imani 2hutani 5ayante Anandena 5atani 5ivanti Anandam rayantya2hisam visanti >t means# ;rom Delight we came into eDistence. >n Delight we grow. At the end of our 5ourney\s close! into Delight we retire.

>f >nfinity is the articular o25ect of your as iration! if you want to have infinite .onsciousness within and without! then the mantra that you have to ractise is# Purnam adah urnam idam urnat urnam udacyate Purnasya urnam adaya urnam evavasisyate >t means# >nfinity is that. >nfinity is this. ;rom >nfinity! >nfinity has come into eDistence. ;rom >nfinity! when >nfinity is ta"en away! >nfinity remains.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9I! 8CCE! 99#9E#<M AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------Maha Mrutyuan5aya mantra against Accidentl ? Hntimely death. *%M 1HHM (AA ename of sic" ersonf PALA4 PALA4 (AA 1HHM %M * 9!8I!CCC 5aa Homa with gudduchi and anchamrut. ;or old diseases - Drug addicts! .hronic diseases! Dia2etes etc... *%M &AM% &33L +A&-HA43 &AMAH # 77* 9!8I!CCC 5aa as a2ove. ;or Heart attac"! High 2lood ressure etc.... *%M 0H,H&> (H,4A AD>-4A (H,>M 77* FCCC 5aa . ;or Mental tension! De ression! withdrawal! -imidity! ;ailure etc.. *%M (AHM (%MA4 &AMAH # 77* 99CCC 5aa . -o get a (on! >m otency! difficulty to .ontrol ? (atisfy o artner. *%M (H,>M H,>M +L>M &AM% 'H%MA4 &AMAH # 77* 9FCCC 5aa . ;or Asthma and all ty e of 'reathing *%M )A(-,AM M3 D3H> (H+,A4 (/AHA 77* 89CCC 5aa . ro2lem! .ough etc... osite (eD

;or all round erfect health do Pranayam daily for 9I minutes! reciting *HHM PHA- (/AHA 77* >nhale 9M times ,etain MB times 3Dhale <8 times

*Mahendra g-H3 /%,LD %; A&.>3&- />(D%Mh A&D M%,3.........# (H,4A

&AMA(+A,A ((ALH-3 -% -H3 (H&) (H,4A &AMA(+A,A ((ALH-3 -% -H3 (H&) 9C ;e2 8CC8 i C8#BI! 2y Mahendra 'ardiya* *(H,4A &AMA(+A,A ((ALH-3 -% -H3 (H&)* (urya &amas"ar is a uni:ue system that com2ines rigorous activity with mental eDercises = astrological healing. hysical

Lord (un as our scri tures ut it! is central to eDistence of this universe. 3ven in Astrology! (un holds ivotal im ortance. Praying to Lord (un hel s overcome most of the wea"nesses that are generated 2y a 2ad horosco e. (urya &amas"aar is a com2ination of 4oga Asanas! Pranayam! (un 'athing = (un Prayer. As a system to re5uvenate the 2ody = the soul! it is 2eyond com are. %ne round of (urya &amas"aar is much 2etter than a wee" of eDercises done at a gym.

(urya &amas"ar is included in the regular routine of rayer and worshi . Means it must 2e racticed regularly. >ts greater im ortance has 2een descri2ed in the scri tures. As er the scri tures! a single day worshi of the sun has virtues e:uivalent to the 2estowal resentation of one la"h mil" cows. Li"e worshi ! (urya &amas"aras too has their own significance. (urya &amas"ara means rayer ()andana) of Lord (urya. (urya )andana is short. (urya &amas"ara is an ancient system of >ndian eDercise. (tand facing the east at dawn and eacefully chant the mantras to ray Lord (urya and offer red sandals! flowers! rice grains (A"shatas) with water of sim ly the water alone as A,0H3 (li2ation) and erform (urya &amas"ara. -his whole rocess must 2e erformed 2efore the sunrise. -a"e water in a metal ot and miD all the availa2le veneration materials in it and hold the ot in your fingers alone "ee ing the thum2s aside and facing the east and chanting the following Mantra offer the li2ation thrice. *3H> (H,4A6 (AHA(-,A&(H%6 -31%,A(H%6 1A0A-PA-3 A&H+AMP4A MA& 'HA,-4A 0,>HA&A,0HAM D>)A+A,A 6 * (urya &amas"ar is included in the regular routine of rayer and worshi . Means it must 2e racticed regularly. >ts greater im ortance has 2een descri2ed in the scri tures. As er the scri tures! a single day worshi of the sun has virtues e:uivalent to the 2estowal resentation of one la"h mil" cows. Li"e worshi ! (urya &amas"aras too has their own significance. (urya &amas"ara means rayer ()andana) of Lord (urya. (urya )andana is short. (urya &amas"ara is an ancient system of >ndian eDercise. (tand facing the east at dawn and eacefully chant the mantras to ray Lord (urya and offer red sandals! flowers! rice grains (A"shatas) with water of sim ly the water alone as A,0H3 (li2ation) and erform (urya &amas"ara. -his whole rocess must 2e erformed 2efore the sunrise.

-a"e water in a metal ot and miD all the availa2le veneration materials in it and hold the ot in your fingers alone "ee ing the thum2s aside and facing the east and chanting the following Mantra offer the li2ation thrice. *3H> (H,4A6 (AHA(-,A&(H%6 -31%,A(H%6 1A0A-PA-3 A&H+AMP4A MA& 'HA,-4A 0,>HA&A,0HAM D>)A+A,A 6 *

&ow recite the following Mantra to

ray Lord (urya.

*DH434A(ADA ()>-,>MA&DALAMADH4A)A,-> &A,A4A&AH (%,(>1A(A&A(A&&>)>(H-HAH 6 +34&,)A&! MA+A,+H&DALA )A& +>,>->! HA,> H>,A&4AMA4A )APH,DH,>- (HA&+HA .HA+,AM 77 * *&AMA(+A,A* -here are twelve ositions or a osture involves in (urya &amas"ara. /ith all of these twelve ositions! each and every art of the 2ody gets am le eDecrsie. (urya &amaslara also enhances the vision. Among these twelve ositions! ten are Asanas only. -he first one and the last one are two ositions. All these Asanas and osition are very easy to erform and can easily 2e ractised 2y the eo le of all ages. -ogether these twelve ositions constitute the rocess of (urya &amas"ara and twenty-five &amas"aras form one Avriti (fre:uency). (urya &amas"ar is included in the regular routine of rayer and worshi . Means it must 2e racticed regularly. >ts greater im ortance has 2een descri2ed in the scri tures. As er the scri tures! a single day worshi of the sun has virtues e:uivalent to the 2estowal resentation of one la"h mil" cows. Li"e worshi ! (urya &amas"aras too has their own significance. (urya &amas"ara means rayer ()andana) of Lord (urya. (urya )andana is short. (urya &amas"ara is an ancient system of >ndian eDercise. (tand facing the east at dawn and eacefully chant the mantras to ray Lord (urya and offer red sandals! flowers! rice grains (A"shatas) with water of sim ly the water alone as A,0H3 (li2ation) and erform (urya &amas"ara. -his whole rocess must 2e erformed 2efore the sunrise. -a"e water in a metal ot and miD all the availa2le veneration materials in it and hold the ot in your fingers alone "ee ing the thum2s aside and facing the east and chanting the following Mantra offer the li2ation thrice. *3H> (H,4A6 (AHA(-,A&(H%6 -31%,A(H%6 1A0A-PA-3 A&H+AMP4A MA& 'HA,-4A 0,>HA&A,0HAM D>)A+A,A 6 *

&ow recite the following Mantra to *DH434A(ADA ()>-,>MA&DALAMADH4A)A,-> &A,A4A&AH (%,(>1A(A&A(A&&>)>(H-HAH 6 +34&,)A&! MA+A,+H&DALA )A& +>,>->!

ray Lord (urya.

HA,> H>,A&4AMA4A )APH,DH,>- (HA&+HA .HA+,AM 77* *&AMA(+A,A * -here are twelve ositions or a osture involves in (urya &amas"ara. /ith all of these twelve ositions! each and every art of the 2ody gets am le eDecrsie. (urya &amaslara also enhances the vision. Among these twelve ositions! ten are Asanas only. -he first one and the last one are two ositions. All these Asanas and osition are very easy to erform and can easily 2e ractised 2y the eo le of all ages. -ogether these twelve ositions constitute the rocess of (urya &amas"ara and twenty-five &amas"aras form one Avriti (fre:uency). (urya &amas"ar must 2e erformed at some o en and airy lace. Perform (urya &amas"ara slowly without feeling tired (fatigue) or anting and uffing! changing the feet every time! it must 2e erformed on each of the feet successively. -he com letely rocedure of erforming (urya &amas"ara is thus# >t 2egins with the Mantras! one each for all the twelve &amas"ara. -hese Mantras are as follows# *%M M>-,A4A &AMAH %M ,A4A43 &AMAH %M (H,4A4 &AMAH %M 'HA&A)3 &AMAH %M +HA0A43 &AMAH %M PH(H&3 &AMAH %M H>,A&4A0A,'HA43 &AMAH %M MA,>.HA43 &AMAH %M AD>-4A4A4A &AMAH %M A,+A4A &AMAH %M 'HA(+A,A4A &AMAH P%(-H,3 %; -H3 ;>,(- &AMA(+A,A DA+(HA(A&A * Mantra# *%M M>-,A4A &AMAH* Procedure # >n the first osition of (urya &amas"ara contem late the virtues of Lord (urya with concentrated mind and feel that you are the friend of every2ody and have friendshi with every creature on the earth. >mmersing yourself with these feelings stand erect stretching your hand! nec" and all other arts of your 2ody. (tretching 2oth of your arms! touch your thighs with alms and inflate the chest and oint your vision on the ti of the oint your vision on the ti of the nose. -his is a osition of attention. (ince you stand straight in @Da"sha@ osition hence this osture is named *@DA+(HA(A&A@*.

'3&3;>-( Disorders of the s"in and waists are corrected! the 2ac" 2ecomes strength and new life and vigor are um ed into the legs. ;ocusing of the vision on nose hel s to control the mind. -he face 2ecomes glorious >t is an easy and effective way of attaining good health and develo ment of ersonality for the students. Meditating with concentrated mind enhances confidence. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 (3.%&D &AMA(+A,A &AMA(+A,A(A&A * Mantra # *%M ,A)A43 &AMAH* Procedure # ;old together 2oth of your hands in such a way that that 2oth the thum2s 2egin to touch your chest. 3D and your chest and ull in the 2elly as far as ossi2le. Loo" straight ahead. -he head! the nec" and the 2ody should remain in a straight line. .losing the mouth inhale the 2reath and hold it inside as far as ossi2le and then eD ose the 2reath. '3&3;>-( # Disease of the throat is corrected and voice is enhanced. 'oth mind and 2ody 2ecome healthy. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 -H>,D &AMA(+A,A PA,)A-A(A&A Mantra # %M (H,4A4A &AMAH * Procedure # ,aising the arms u ! stretch whole of your 2ody 2ac"ward while gaAing the s"y with o en eyes. 'en 2ac"ward as mush as ossi2le! eD and your chest at the same time. '3&3;>-( # 'oth the shoulders and the food i e (3so hagus) get eDercise and diseases related to them are corrected. 3yesight is also im roved. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 ;%H,-H &AMA(+A,A HA(-APADA(A&A * Mantra # *%M 'HA&A)3 &AMAH * Procedure # >nhaling the 2reath through nostrils retain it and 2end forward without folding the "nees. Hltimately rest 2oth of your alms on the ground and touch your "nees with your forehead or the nose and eDhale the 2reath that you held so far with audi2le sound. >f! in the 2eginning you are una2le to rest your alms on the una2le to rest your alms on the ground! sim ly touch the ground with finger and ractice slowly. '3&3;>-( # Disorders of the 2elly and digestive system are corrected. -he chest grows strong! hands too 2ecome stronger and your 2ecome well 2alanced! 2eautiful and good loo"ing. Disease of the feet! fingers are also corrected and new lease of life is um ed in wee" ersons.

*P%(-H,3 %; -H3 ;>;-H &AMA(+A,A 3+APADA P,A(A,A&A(A&A * Mantra # *%M +HA0A4A &AMAH * Procedure # >nhale the 2reath through nostrils and ull your right leg 2ac"ward in such a way that the "nee and the fingers of the foot touch the ground. Push forward your left leg ressing the a2domen (2elly) hard. -hen raising your head as high as ossi2le! loo" u ward. Push down the waist and hold the 2reath and stay in the osture as long as you can. '3&3;>-( # -he osture stresses the small intestine as well as the seminal vesicles and these are stretched. -hus this osture hel s in correcting the consti ation and diseases of the liver. -hinness of the semen is also corrected. Diseases of the -hroat are also corrected. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 (>^-H &AMA(+A,A 'HHDHA,A(A&A * Mantra # *%M PH(H&3 &AMAH * Procedure # >nhale the 2reath dee ly and hold it and ull 2oth of your legs 2ac"ward! so that the thum2s of the feet! an"les and "nees touch each other. (ta2iliAing the feet and "ee ing the head! waist! the 2ac" and the el2ows in a line 2end forward and resting 2oth the alms on the ground "ee your 2ody li"e a 2ow. '3&3;>-( # %ne get relief from the ains s ecially of arms! legs and the "nees! 'ulging waist is trimmed and slimmed this osture is li"e a anacea for the a2dominal disorders. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 (3)3&-H &AMA(+A,A * *A(H-A&0A P,A&>PA-A(A&A * Mantra # *%M H>,A&4A0A,'HA4A &AMAH * Procedure # Holding the 2reath! rest 2oth of your "nees on the ground. -ouch the ground with your chest and touch the lower art of the nec" with chin. Also touch the ground with the u er art of the forehead and the nose. Please note that the a2domen should not touch the ground. >t should 2e ulled in. 3Dhale the 2reath now! 'oth the hands ( alms) must 2e "e t on the sides of the chest '3&3;>-( #-his osture ma"es the arms strong. >f ladies erform this Asana 2efore getting regnant! the 2reast fed 2a2ies could 2e saved from the attac"s of many diseases. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 3>0H-H &AMA(+A,A 'HH1A&A0A (A&A * Mantra # *%M MA,>.HA43 &AMAH * Procedure # +ee ing the legs! alms and "nees in Ashtanga ram atasana osition! unfolding the arms rise u simultaneously inhaling the 2reath! ush the chest out and 2end the waist in circle and 2ac"ward. Loo" as much u as ossi2le and eDhale the 2reath. (;ig.) '3&3;>-( #,emoving the dullness invigorates the 2ody and ma"es the eyes

glowing. .orrect all "inds of disorders related to male and female re roductive systems! corrects the irregularities in females menstrual cycles. 'lood circulation is also corrected there2y increasing the glow on the face.

*P%(-H,3 %; -H3 &>&-H &AM(A+A,A 'HHDHA,A(A&A * Mantra # *%M AD>-4A4A &AMAH * ,e eat the rocess of 'hudharasana as descri2ed in the ste

siD (M)

*P%(-H,3 %; -H3 -3&-H &AMA(+A,A 3+APADAP,A(A,A&A(A&A * Mantra # *%M (A)>-,A &AMAH * Procedure # ,e eat the rocess of the fifth &amas"ara as descri2ed in the ste five (I) 5ust reverse the osition of the legs. *P%(-H,3 %; -H3 3L3)3&-H &AMA(+A,A HA(-APADA(A&A * Mantra # *%M A,+A4A &AMAH * ,e eat the rocess descri2ed in the fourth &ams"ara! ste

four (B).

*P%(-H,3 %; -H3 -/3L-H &AMA(+A,A &AMA(+A,A(A&A* Mantra # *%M 'HA(+A,A4A &AMAH * Procedure #(tanding in the osition descri2ed in ste two re eat the second (urya &amas"ara. -hus erforming all the ostures for (urya &amas"ara! each and every arts of the 2ody gets am le eDercise whereas the religious significance is also fully met with. 3very human 2eing must erform (uyra &amas"ara and the anas related to it. 'y virtue of (urya &amas"ara! the overty of the eo le is done away with and they remain ro erous in many 2irths. ,esults of (urya &amas"ara are descri2ed thus in our scri tures# *AD>-4A(4A &AMA(+A,AM 43 +H,)A&-> D>&3-D>&3 1A&MA&-,A HA(-,3&A DA,>D,AM&%PA 1A4A-3 .. * Meaning #-he man who erforms (urya &amas"ara daily does not get oor in thousand 2irths. Hence! give (urya &amas"ara an urgent lace in your daily routine. And li"e the daily rising of the sun. (urya &amas"ara is indeed a daily routine. /hen to erform (urya &amas"aarO (urya &amas"aar ta"es <C-BI minutes of your time. >t gives maDimum 2enefit when done at the time of (unrise. >n modern times however! one can do it as the first thing in the morning after wa"ing u = finishing the daily chores - 2ut 2efore eating anything. 'enefits of (urya &amas"aar

-he 2enefits of (urya &amas"aar are enormous. >t rovides vitality = radiance to 2oth 2ody = mind. All disorders of eyes! nervous system! digestive system and lungs disa ear within a month of regular (urya &amas"aar. -he face of the ractitioner also undergoes a sea change for the 2etter. ,egular (urya &ams"aar also hel s one attain longevity of life. -he intangi2le 2enefits are also as many. -he lanetary afflictions are cured! and one is a2le to get much more out of life and destiny. How to do (urya &amas"aar .om lete your daily chores li"e 2athing etc. and wear fresh clothes. 'ut you should not eat anything. (tand facing the rising (un. ;old your hands as in $&amaste$. /ith your eyes closed! ray silently to Lord (un. *$Hey (urya Dev ! Mera Pranaam swee"ar "aren ! (amasta 'haagya 1anit (an"aton (e meri ra"sha "aren$ * ( % Lord (un! (alutation to you. Please rotect me from all ill-effects that fate may have in store for me). 4ou can "ee a small car et or iece of cloth to stand on. 'ut it should 2e clean = "e t safely after the entire activity is over. -here are 98 names of lord (un! that need to 2e chanted during the entire eDercise. %ne name? rayer 2efore commencement of each round. 3ach round consists of 98 ostures? ositions and there are 98 rounds. -i s# -his yoga is erformed at dawn. 4ou need not loo" at the sun directly. >f not eDercising on grassy ground! you may use a mat. /ear sim le! loose clothes.

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *August 9M! 8CCE! CB#BF#CC AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*Healing Mantras* -he most owerful and instantly effective Healing Mantra that > use is ...

%m Hari %m Hari %m Hari Hari %m ('egin and end with %m ) )ery im ortant note ... for liver ro2lems

-his is the most most owerful and rovenly effective mantra which heals the liver and all liver related illnesses. -his sound energy of the sylla2le

Hari ( the @Ha@ and the @,a@ sound ) strengthens and energises the the liver. @ cha"ra @ ( energy center) su orting

A&D M%(- 3;;3.->)3 ->M3 >( <.CC AM (3A,L4 M%,&>&0) -% I.<C AM when the whole .osmos is full of Divine Powers. Mantras are Divine (ound 3nergies 4ou can also get Divine Healing ! ( iritual Healing !(oul Healing ! 3nergy Medicine ... all different names to Miracle Healing from Divine Powers 8) Another Powerful Healing Mantra is

Hare ,am Hare ,am ,am ,am Hare Hare Hare +rishna Hare +rishna +rishna +rishna Hare Hare <) HHM Here is a Mantra for all round (/AHA * ("ee erfect health ...


re eating )

and all mantras having HHM PHA- (/AHA as a art of it ... have effect of healing our 2ody . (o ! you can also re eat these most owerful mantras %m Hrim (trim Hum Phat (waha and %m Hum Hanumate Hum Phat (waha B) ,udratma"aye timidity ...

;or Mental -ension! De ression! /ithdrawl and

%M (AHM (%MA43 &AMAHA I) ;or Asthama and all ty es of 'reathing %M M) )A(-,AM M3 D3H> (H+,A43 (/AHA ro2lems ! cough etc. ...

;or Heart Attac" ! High 'lood Pressure ... %M DH,H&>M (H,4A AD>-4A (H,>M ...

F) ;or Dia2etes ! chronical Diseases! drug addicts %M E ) %m Mani &AM% &33L +A&-HA43 &AMAHA



-his is the most most owerful and famous 'uddhist mantra which li2erates us from all our "armic 2ondages and heals us com letely . L ) %m Aah Hum )a5ra 0uru Padma (iddhi Hum

-his is the other most owerful 'uddhist Mantra that gives you all $ (iddhis $ ( accom lishments ) 2y invo"ing the 2lessings and grace of all 'uddhas es ecially the most com assionate 'uddha - Padmasam2hava Hum connects your mind to the enlightened mind of the 'uddha &ot only 2ut also you also free you 9C ) for you get healing and a very healthy 2ody in hysical form all worldly accom lishments and more than that get su er ordinary siddhis and attainments that will from cycle of re2irth ...

Maha Mrutyun5aya Mantra rotection against accidental and untimely death %M 1HHM (AA (name of sic" (AA 1HHM %M erson) ....


*A chanted mantra to +odanda ,ama Pahi +odanda ,ama Pahi +onda ,ama Patta2hirama Pahi Patta2hirama Hara Hara 0anga (hiva (hiva 0anga (han"ara 0anga 1ai Panduranga

rotect and to receive a miracle

(,ama with the mighty 2ow +odanda rotect me .oronated ,ama sitting on the throne rotect me Power of devastation! giver of wonders! sacred river Destroyer of evil! source of the 0anges 'estower of eace and ha iness )ictory to the white light of 0od)

,e eat this mantra as long as you feel 5oy to chant! to s ea" it or to thin" it.

-he soft meditative vi2ration can hel us visualiAe a more eaceful world shimmering in the light of transformation! a world in which humans 2egin to honor the godly no2ility in 2oth woman and man. According to the author Henry Marshall! this mantra also calls for a miracle to

rotect the 3arth@s rainforests. * ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# * retty rincess* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! CL#BI#9I PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------Hello can you give me the mantra to relieve from 2lac" magic ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *dayalvasnani* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! CL#BL#CM PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------%m (ai ,am %m -riyam2a"am 4a5amahe (ugandhim Pushtivardham Hrvaru"miv 'handanan Mrityurmu"shiya Maamrittat -his Mantra is owerful in any ty e of magic and diseases

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# * retty rincess* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! CL#I8#<8 PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------Hello >am doing shiv mantra!gayatri mantra!ram mantra!"rishnamantra!gan ati manta!"ali mantra for 9CE times daily.>ts not hel ing so far.'ut > iwill still "ee chanting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *dayalvasnani* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! CL#IL#<C PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------4ou .an ,ead ,am ,a"sha (trota and Aditya Hirdaya (trot Daily ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# * retty rincess* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! 9C#88#CC PM* someone write ,am ,a"sha (trota and Aditya Hirdaya (trot. than"ing in antici ation ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *dayalvasnani* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! 9C#<M#8F PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------Aditya Hirdaya (trot . atha aadityah,jidayam.h .. tato yuddha arishraantaM samare chintayaa sthitam.h . raava&aM chaagrato d,jishh-vaa yuddhaaya samu asthitam.h .. 9.. daivataishcha samaagamya drashh-uma2hyaagato ra&am.h . u aagamyaa2raviidraamamagastyo 2hagavaan,jishhiH .. 8.. ,ama! eDhausted and a2out to face ,avana ready for a fresh 2attle was

lost dee in contem lation. -he all "nowing sage agastya who had 5oined the gods to witness the 2attle s o"e to ,ama thus .. 9!8 raama raama mahaa2aaho sh,ji&u guhyaM sanaatanam.h . yena sarvaanariinvatsa samare vi5ayishhyasi .. <.. %h ,ama! mighty-armed ,ama! listen to this eternal secret which will hel you destroy all your enemies in 2attle. < aadityah,jidayaM u&yaM sarvashatruvinaashanam.h . 5ayaavahaM 5a ennityaM a"shayyaM aramaM shivam.h .. B.. -his holy hymn dedicated to the (un deity will result in destroying all enemies and 2ring you victory and never ending su reme 2liss. B sarvama&jgalamaa&jgalyaM sarva aa a ra&aashanam.h . chi.ntaasho"a rashamanaM aayurvardhanamuttamam.h .. I.. -his hymn is su reme and is a guarantee of com lete ros erity and is the destroyer of sin! anDiety! anguish and is the 2estower of longevity. I rashmima.ntaM samudyantaM devaasuranamas",jitam.h . uu5ayasva vivasvantaM 2haas"araM 2huvaneshvaram.h .. M.. /orshi the %ne! ossessed of rays when he has com letely risen! held in reverence 2y the devas and asuras! and who is the Lord of the universe 2y whose efflugence all else 2righten. M sarvadevaatma"o hyeshha te5asvii rashmi2haavanaH . eshha devaasuraga&aa.&llo"aan.h aati ga2hasti2hiH .. F.. He indeed re resent the totality of all celestial 2eings. He is self-luminous and sustains all with his rays. He nourishes and energiAes the inha2itants of all the worlds and the race of Devas and Asuras. F eshhaH 2rahmaa cha vishh&ushcha shivaH s"andaH ra5aa atiH . mahendro dhanadaH "aalo yamaH somo hya aaM atiH .. E.. He is 'rahma! )ishnu! (hiva! ("ands! Pra5a ati. He is also Mahendra! "u2era! "ala! yama! soma and varuna. E itaro vasavaH saadhyaa hyashvinau maruto manuH . vaayurvanhiH ra5aa raa&a ,jitu"artaa ra2haa"araH .. L.. He is the itrs! vasus! sadhyas! aswini devas! maruts! manu! vayu! agni! rana and! 2eing the source of all energy and light! is the ma"er of all the siD seasons. L aadityaH savitaa suuryaH "hagaH uushhaa ga2hastimaan.h . suvar&asad,jisho 2haanurvishvaretaa divaa"araH .. 9C.. He is the son of Aditi! creator of the universe! ins irer of action! transverser of the heavens. He is the sustainer! illumination of all directions! the golden hued 2rilliance and is the ma"er of the day. 9C haridashvaH sahasraarchiH sa tasa tirmariichimaan.h . timironmathanaH shaM2hustvashh-aa maarta&Da a.nshumaan.h .. 99..

He is the %mni resent %ne who ervades all with countless rays. He is the ower 2ehind the seven sense organs! the dis eller of dar"ness! 2estower of ha iness and ros erity! the remover of misfortunes and is the infuser of life. 99 hira&yagar2haH shishirasta ano 2haas"aro raviH . agnigar2ho.aditeH utraH sha&j"ha shishiranaashanaH .. 98.. He is the rimordial '3ing manifesting as the -rinity. He ushers in the Day and is the teacher (of Hiranyagar2ha)! the fire-wom2ed! the son of Aditi! and has a vast and su reme felicity. He is the remover of intellectual dull-headedness. 98 vyomanaathastamo2hedii ,jigya5uHsaama aaragaH . ghanav,jishh-ira aaM mitro vindhyaviithii lava&jgamaH .. 9<.. He is the Lord of the firmament! dis eller of dar"ness. Master of all the vedas! he is a friend of the waters and causes rain. H3 has crossed the vindya range and s orts in the 'rahma &adi. 9< aata ii ma&Dalii m,jityuH i&jgalaH sarvataa anaH . "avirvishvo mahaate5aa ra"taH sarva2havod.h2havaH .. 9B.. He! whose form is circular and is colored yellow! is intensely a2sor2ed and inflicts death. He is the destroyer of all and is the %mniscient one 2eing eDceedingly energetic sustains the universe and all action. 9B na"shatragrahataaraa&aamadhi o vishva2haavanaH . te5asaama i te5asvii dvaadashaatmannamostute .. 9I.. He is the lord of stars! lanets and all constellations. He is the origin of everything in the universe and is the cause of the lustre of even the 2rilliant ones. (alutations to -hee who is the %ne 2eing manifest in the twelve forms of the (un. 9I namaH uurvaaya giraye ashchimaayaadraye namaH . 5yotirga&aanaaM ataye dinadhi ataye namaH .. 9M.. (alutations to the 3astern and western mountain! (alutations to the Lord of the stellar 2odies and the Lord of the Day. 9M 5ayaaya 5aya2hadraaya haryashvaaya namo namaH . namo namaH sahasraa.nsho aadityaaya namo namaH .. 9F.. (alutations to the %ne who ordains victory and the ros erity that follows. (alutations to the one ossessed of yellow steeds and to the thousand rayed Lord! and to Aditya. 9F namaH ugraaya viiraaya saara&jgaaya namo namaH . namaH adma ra2odhaaya maarta&Daaya namo namaH .. 9E.. (alutations to the -erri2le one! the hero! the one that travels fast. (alutations to the one whose emergence ma"es the lotus 2lossom and to the fierce and omni otent one. 9E 2rahmeshaanaachyuteshaaya suuryaayaadityavarchase . 2haasvate sarva2ha"shaaya raudraaya va ushhe namaH .. 9L..

(alutations to the Lord of 'rahma! shiva and Achyuta! salutations to the owerful and to the effulgence in the (un that is 2oth the illuminator and devourer of all and is of a form that is fierce li"e ,udra. 9L tamoghnaaya himaghnaaya shatrughnaayaamitaatmane . ",jitaghnahanaaya devaaya 5yotishhaaM ataye namaH .. 8C.. (alutations to he transcendental atman that dis els dar"ness! drives away all fear! and destroys all foes. (alutations also to the annihilator of the ungrateful and to the Lord of all the stellar 2odies. 8C ta tachaamii"araa2haaya haraye vishva"arma&e . Pvahnaye vishva"arma&e namastamo.a2hinighnaaya ruchaye lo"asaa"shi&e .. 89.. (alutations to the Lord shining li"e molten gold! to the transcendental fire! the fire of su reme "nowledge! the architect of the universe! destroyer of dar"ness and salutations again to the efflugence that is the .osmic witness. 89 naashayatyeshha vai 2huutaM tadeva s,ji5ati ra2huuH . aayatyeshha ta atyeshha varshhatyeshha ga2hasti2hiH .. 88.. (alutations to the Lord who destroys everything and creates them again. (alutations to Him who 2y His rays consumes the waters! heats them u and sends them down as rain. 88 eshha su teshhu 5aagarti 2huuteshhu arinishh-hitaH . eshha evaagnihotraM cha halaM chaivaagnihotri&aam.h .. 8<.. (alutations to the Lord who a2ides in the heart of all 2eings "ee ing awa"e when they are aslee . He is 2oth the sacrificial fire and the fruit en5oyed 2y the worshi ers. 8< vedaashcha "ratavashchaiva "ratuunaaM halameva cha . yaani ",jityaani lo"eshhu sarva eshha raviH ra2huH .. 8B.. -he (un is verily the Lord of all action in this universe. He is verily the vedas! the sacrifices mentioned in them and the fruits o2tained 2y erforming the sacrifices. 8B .. hala shrutiH ..

enamaa atsu ",jichchhreshhu "aantaareshhu 2hayeshhu cha . "iirttayan.h urushhaH "ashchinnaavasiidati raaghava .. 8I.. ,aghava! one who recites this hymn in times of danger! during an affliction or when lost in the wilderness and having fear! he will not lose heart (and 2ecome 2rave). 8I uu5ayasvainame"aagro devadevaM 5agat.h atim.h . etat.h trigu&itaM 5a tvaa yuddheshhu vi5ayishhyasi .. 8M.. ,aghava! worshi this Lord of all 0ods and the Hniverse with one- ointed devotion. ,ecite this hymn thrice and you will win this 2attle. 8M asmin"sha&e mahaa2aaho raava&aM tvaM vadhishhyasi . evamu"tvaa tadaa.agastyo 5agaam.h cha yathaagatam.h .. 8F..

% mighty armed one! you shall truim h over ,avana this very moment. Having s o"en this! Agastya returned his original lace. 8F etachchh,jitvaa mahaate5aa nashh-asho"o.a2havattadaa . dhaarayaamaasa su riito raaghavaH rayataatmavaan.h .. 8E.. ,aghava 2ecame free from worry after hearing this. He was greatly leased and 2ecame 2rave and energetic. 8E aadityaM re"shya 5a tvaa tu araM harshhamavaa tavaan.h . triraachamya shuchir2huutvaa dhanuraadaaya viiryavaan.h .. 8L.. 0aAing at the sun with devotion! He recited this hymn thrice and eD erienced 2liss. Purifying Himself 2y si ing water thrice! He too" u His 2ow with His mighty arms. 8L raava&aM re"shya h,jishh-aatmaa yuddhaaya samu aagamat.h . sarva yatnena mahataa vadhe tasya dh,jito.a2havat.h .. <C.. (eeing ,avana coming to fight! He ut forth all his effort with a determination to destroy ,avana. <C atha raviravadanniri"shya raama muditamanaaH aramaM rah,jishhyamaa&aH . nishichara atisa.n"shayaM viditvaa suraga&amadhyagato vachastvareti .. <9.. -hen "nowing that the destruction of the lord of rowlers at night (,avana) was near! Aditya! who was at the center of the assem2ly of the 0ods! loo"ed at ,ama and eDclaimed @Hurry u @ with great delight. <9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *dayalvasnani* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! 9C#I8#BE PM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------,am ,a"sha (trot ? : GGG ? C C&% $ ) $*@)D1 +E:! &)$5

& FGH,I &0 & : = ) . (1/+:! 9 F%): L L $G/JK2:L

C )M : ! / NO) /JK:L 8L :! -O$PO)O -5 :L<L F )Q: +R # ))S# 5&: ! (# ) &1# LBL 6I & 6 ) T+# ? ! BO ) , , 6# LIL UF V$# ) JQ &# ! 5# LML $6 &9$# ) 6 7 6 )# ) %& C ) &7:!

F ,C # L W&? L

X# / ) 1 %+# ! YG (-Z# ) # : L EL &, # ! ) ( )&6 *O?&# ) [, )# LLL .F )F F # )Q: ! # , ) : L9CL )-9OM\DO# # L99L 2]) 2 2 : ! 0 ))=5 98 L&L

^==O _: ! # JQ $Z 1 # 5@# L9<L `)a& :!

<9%R# 5 : L9BL 8&]: 1 b F %# ! 1 ,: +# +@ $6# L9IL 8# I)OF # )&: ! <F # ?: # +# L9ML cO6 G)W)d6 6 %6 ! )JK6 eOW6 L 9FL f-6 &6 )6 ghO6 !

)6 &1=6 i6 NO6 L9EL J6 5F ?j6 5$e: ! # %6 F (-Z6 L 9LL 8Z^$**)*6 ! O NOX# )1 &= k\: L8CL @# ,l )O$ ! k\: 1: m # ) NO# L89L &1# - NO ! 1 # )c*# )-O5# 6I (-Z# L88L &V R # )O)c*Z# I# ?+)n# L8<L o# ?@# ! 4 ): <T$$ )J W+b # L8B L

& - P&M )D ): ! &59=5 O # L8IL NO)-5 ) & ( 5:! ++$

1 cOO5 O$ 2

1M -5 $& O:L

& ( ( 2 2 $ ! (1 1 # ) # L8FL ? (& ? X ? O5 ? O L8EL ?2O6 ?2O6 O ! ?2O6 ?2O6 O +)V L8LL ) 2# , 2# 5 2&P = <C L L

&O NO ! ) c5 $ O cJG) - c O c & <9 ( L&:L ( 1:! 2 O+)VL <8 L ? @Fj:! I2 & O+)VL << 1 L p? -

$:! $

8cq ,F & I: L<BL 8)&)%P & 5W)&:!

? - - W%: L<IL 5 5 ,W)&:! 5 & <M L 5:L - F

O# & O% - = # ! d )O ) &[W%

Z# & @ L<FL ! % ZI *** L4 ? :L ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# * retty rincess* on *(e tem2er C9! 8CCE! 99#CE#8C PM* ------------------------------------------------------------------------han"s > 5ust finished reading Aditya Hirdaya strot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *saloni9* on *(e tem2er 8B! 8CCE! 98#CM#8M AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------$%m $%m $%m $%m $%m $%m &amo &amo &amo &amo &amo &amo 'hagavate 'hagavate 'hagavate 'hagavate 'hagavate 'hagavate sai sai sai sai sai sai nathaya nathaya nathaya nathaya nathaya nathaya L <EL

------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *manish2 armar* on *%cto2er CM! 8CCE! 98#<E#IC AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------some where i read the foll mantra for success in 2usiness

%m Hleem Poornna (aafalyam %m Phat +uru +uru it has to 2e chanted in front of @Httishtthaa@ what is Httishtthaa OOOOOOOOOO can any2ody eD lain ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *%cto2er 9B! 8CCE! 9C#C<#B< AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------*%m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai * ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *%cto2er 9I! 8CCE! CF#<I#IB AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------%m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai %m(ai ------------------------------------------------------------------------itle# *,e# Mantra for all diseases* Post 2y# *mario2an8L* on *%cto2er 9F! 8CCE! 99#CB#8I AM* -----------------------------------------------------------------------%m Hreem shreem +leem Mam (arva +arya (adhay (adhay (wahaa %m (hreem Mam +aarya (iddhi +ari +ari Hreem Phat 1%'L3(( OO - (ADHA&A ;%, 3MPL%4M3&Hnem loyment is the worst 2ane of modern life! which leads to de resssion and loss of confidence. (truggle for survival 2ecomes so hard that a erson loses all ho e and starts to contem late u on ta"ing drastic ste s. >f only such a erson could 2e guided into the (adhana world 2e could 2enefit much 2y em loying this time tested method. ;or gaining a good 5o2 lace a +aarya (iddhi 4antra on a co er late in the night of /ednesday. %ffer flowers on it. Light a lam and chant 5ust one round of this Mantra with a coral rosary (- ). %m (hreem Mam +aarya (iddhi +ari +ari Hreem Phat ; ?# 5 @ "# f/ ,e eat the ritual each night for E days! thus concluding the (adhana on neDt /ednesday. -he (adha" must leave the rosary in the roots of Pee al tree. -he 4antra he should carry to interviews and eDaminations! till he lands a 5o2. After that it should 2e dro ed in a river or a ond.