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The condemnation of thought. One may be by nature inquisitive and observant.

These traits lead down a life of constant questioning of everything. Such as recently the Boston bombings, one may challenge people to question Americas right to sympathy as two people died as a result of the bombing while in countries America is currently fighting in they are responsible for the deaths of many civilians every day. One may also question the smaller things like why is one one meaning including the self and others! doing, saying and presenting them selves in the way they or the self is. "hat is the reason for ones actions# "hat does one hope to gain# $s what one doing right# These are questions that one of such traits has no choice in asking, ones mind works in such a way where they can understand the intricate factors, motivations, conte%t and relationships that come together to form the current situation. Through observation and question it has become apparent to those who do pursue inquiry and observation that the ma&ority of people are not concerned with the self and e%panding and growing on ones character to be truly aware and have a much more profound understanding of their own e%istence and the e%istences of others. $nstead they are concerned with the e%terior of them selves and pursue trivial escapades in e%cess leading to no true gain but destruction of the self and the environment surrounding them. Thus perpetuating a grand cycle of senseless and dangerous consumption. 'ue to the nature of money and the limitations of human comprehension at this point. The ma&ority of the species is inheritably unintelligent, ignorant and shallow. "e are reaching e%cess in numbers and for what# "ith the notion in hand that our species is above nature and each life sacred we have already condemned our selves to ignorance. "e are a highly evolved ape that is able to articulate our instincts, nothing more. $t will now be e%plained why it is not necessary or right for that matter to grant everybody the right to e%ist. $n nature, animals are constantly under threat by other animals. A deer does not have the means intellectually or physically to produce weapons to defend its self. $t simply runs away. Because of this lack of reason with in animals it all comes down to balance. 'eer don(t e%ist in e%cess because there is always something there to be the predator. )ature lies in fine tuned balance, it does not let things go to e%cess or defect. But with mans ability to create weapons, shelters more means of survival than what nature would allow him, e%cess of man is bound to occur if he remains ignorant thus creating a deadly imbalance. Somewhere along the way man decided that what man could do immediately is better or above what nature does subtly, intricately and eternally. This is the first step in mans ignorant demise. $t has always been the intellectually and physically superior that have flourished. But quite recently something has gone quite wrong* man has come to the conclusion through sub&ective means that he is sacred and each special. This notion is e%tremely skewed and dangerous to the balance of everything. )ature inevitably plays out in a fashion that the strong and intelligent reproduce as their traits are much more necessary and beneficial to the survival and flourishing of the species. This is not the case with man. 'ue to our ability to rid our environment of natural predators, we have nothing to fear or be constantly ready to fight or flee from. 'ue to our ability to change the landscape we assume it is all ours for the taking. 'ue

to our love of emotions we have let reason be considered inhumane or arrogant. The sub&ective choice to consider everyone equal in terms of his or her right to live is absurd. Because of the previous factors that have &ust been outlined, man is allowed to breed regardless of their traits. "e have a mass of unintelligent and ignorant people, who are consuming resources, space and not making any difference in terms of development of intellect as a whole or progression in any way. This comes to the notion of money and happiness. +oney being the driving force of everything these days, it is the means in which one is able to purchase things that fulfill ones lusts or desires. The notion of money and happiness being the fulfillment of desire is what is leading to the destruction of the planet and humanity. +oney is a tool used to keep everything in order, not abiding by the concept of money results in consequences of apprehending ones being. All though there are intelligent people, they are neither aware nor inquisitive. They use their intelligence to e%ploit the less intelligent by using money as a vice and perpetuating the general but wrong consensus of what happiness is. Both money and the people of less intelligence are a completely unnecessary aspect of humanity. Through their being they are being e%ploited for an ignorant cause and consuming finite resources in an e%cessive amount as what the current notion of happiness demands. Their e%istence is necessary for money to work but money is not necessary. There has to be a distinction made between a human and a human being. A human is a homo sapiens, capable of thought but that thought is very limited, arrogant and rhetoric in a sense, it does not dare deviate or question out of comfort. A human works on instinct but is able to articulate it through language and manipulation of the physical world, but regardless it is still basic instinct. A human being is one that has questioned and aware of instinct and become able to alter it. A human being is one that has come to comprehend and understand the holistic nature of being and e%istence. A human being has a very clear understanding of the intricate relations and effects that everything has on everything. A human being can fully evaluate the impact of their actions and the actions of the human collective as a whole. A human being understands the insignificance that man is. A human being is humble due to their awareness. A human being sees the almost sacred value in rational activity above all else. The problem is that there are more humans than human beings making for an indulgent, unaware and articulated instinct driven society. To let this idea of the sacredness of each and every life and the concept of money prevail is to bring inevitable destruction to the planet and our selves. "e need to be creating individuals who have the qualities of human beings not humans. $ make this evaluation not based on race or gender but the character of the person. ,ace and gender should be made completely redundant and character the only thing worthy of &udgment. $f the species wishes to continue and make true progress in terms of understanding, knowledge and society we need to seriously reconsider what we apply value to. Arrogance on behalf of the ignorant. Because of ones views and ability to make such &udgments based on ob&ective observation and inquiry one is often labeled as arrogant. Arrogant is the strangest of concepts. $t can be undoubtedly acknowledged the fact that people can have a sense of superiority, but for the wrong things like being good

looking or having a material ob&ect that is of great monetary value. But arrogance is used quite wrongly when being applied to ones evaluation. Because one has come to understand the faults of humanity and what action needs to be taken to ensure the survival and true progression of a species, ones view(s may be labeled as arrogant. But arrogance is when someone e%aggerates their importance. +aking a &udgment about the condition of humanity through an ob&ective lens is not an e%aggeration of the importance of ones self* in fact it denounces the importance of the self. $t seems that whenever, through ob&ective rational reasoning, is ever able to make a &udgment or assessment on something and e%pose faults it is merely brushed of as arrogance. One does not and should not compare whatever is being analy-ed to the self but merely questioning its motives and implications and if they are good and right in an ob&ective nature. $s one not allowed to do so# .erhaps people feel threatened by the fact that what they are doing is wrong and dangerous and the easiest way to dismiss it is to label the one making evaluation as thinking of them selves to be more important. This makes no sense as to how the term arrogant can be applied to the practice of reason and analysis. .erhaps it is there lack of that leads them to come to such an assumption# But there is a parado% at hand/ $sn(t it arrogant not to accept different views and advice0criticism. This can only lead one to believe that not accepting these is an indication that they believe the way they are doing things is indisputably right and important. 1rom this premise the conclusion can follow that to not question, holistically0ob&ectively &udge and analy-e your self and others is arrogant. The current system and state that we are in requires the ma&ority to be ignorant and arrogant, and those who question or see through the initial working of things to be labeled as arrogant or inhumane. $f we were to start questioning and evaluating freely without being accused, the human race may be saved and perpetuated. But for now the voice of reason is hushed as unfair and the destructive pursuit of desire remains as the right thing to do. "e are bound by nature, nature does not require fairness but balance, and balance in a holistic perspective does not require equality. "ith this a plead to humanity has been made to reali-e what humanity truly is and the necessary action that needs to be taken to ensure balance and survival. 2ulliver +c2uinness.