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Circulatory System

Circulatory system is a system that help you bring the blood through all your
body and that is your heart! Your heart uses its muscles to push the blood all over your body by
using systemic circulation. Systemic circulation is a system that likes a pipe to bring the blood all
through your body. There is another system that work with the circulatory system it the
pulmonary circulation. The pulmonary circulation gives the oxygen and the CO2. It gives the
oxygen when the heart push the blood out and it give the CO2 when the blood went back to the
heart. The blood that works in heart is made by the bones. The bones use the oxygen to make
the blood, white cell and the red blood cell. The circulatory systems dies have heart attack,
cancer.. and other dies that you know. Because the heart was the place of all the systems
middle part.

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Urinary System

The urinary system is the yuckiest system in the body system. Because it was
the place that you push the waste out. It have a system in the urinary system is call the kidney. It
like the pool. It save the pee and when the pee was full it will squash the pee out of your body
that why you want to pee. It works with digestive system. It works because of that the digestive
system turn the food in to the waste and the urinary system push the waste out of your body.

Digestive System
The digestive system is the

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system that help you break down the food,

absorb the food and turn the food in to waste.
The digestive system has the teeth, the throat,
stomach, big intestine, small intestine and
anus. First the teeth chew the food then the
throat swallow the food to the stomach and
the stomach make the food even smaller. Now
the food is in the small intestine the small
intestine is to abosbe the foods heathy things

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