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Based on: The character created by Bob Kane

All rights reserved to DC Comics

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FADE IN EXT. ROOFTOP - NIGHT Slowly, snow descend. Melting as it touch the silhouette resting its neck, crouching on the edge of the roof. It RISES, revealing itself to be the BATMAN CUT TO: BATMAN (V.O) November fourteenth. The inmate known only as THE JOKER has escaped the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. (PAUSE) FADE TO: MUGGERS beating a homeless man with steel pipes. ROBBING him and fleeing. POLICE SIRENS in the distance, flashing. BATMAN (V.O) (CONT.) I must put my investigation on the TALLY MAN, Victor Zsasz, on hold. CUT TO: Batman LEAPS over the edge and FREE FALLS vertically before spreading out BAT-LIKE WINGS. Gliding over the city of tomorrow, GOTHAM CITY, watching it. CUT TO: EXT. ALLEY - NIGHT A SMALL TIME CROOK holds a woman by her throat against the COLD and HARD wall. By a flick of his hand he holds a KNIFE. CROOK (Chuckling) Sch-sch-schh. The crook unzips his jeans. A HUGE SHADOW drops down behind the crook. The woman cries. BATMAN grabs the RAPIST by the the back of his head and THROWS him back. The woman flees, crying. The rapist has passed out and Batman GRAPPLES away. CUT TO BLACK


INT. MY ALIBI NIGHT CLUB LOUD and BANGING music, FLARING lights and TOPLESS dancers. MOBSTERS are sharing laughs with HIRED GUNS and POLICE OFFICERS. CUT TO: INT. MY ALIBI NIGHT CLUB - BACK STAGE DANCERS calling it a night, counting their money. A man has PASSED OUT on the floor. A FAT MAN puffs on a HUGE CIGAR before putting it down by an ashtray. He DRAGS his hand through his GREASY WHITE HAIR. RUPERT THORNE So youre giving me DOUBLE of what Sionis offers, eh? A SMALL MAN in TOP HAT circles Thorne, limping on an UMBRELLA. OSWALD COBBLEPOT Yes, yew got it. As long as I get da ARMS Iave asked for. (Chuckle) RUPERT THORNE I can have them shipped in from Central City in two days. OSWALD COBBLEPOT Its AmerTek, no? RUPERT THORNE Of course, that was the DEAL. Oswald SMILES and pats Thorne on the shoulder. OSWALD COBBLEPOT Allus a pleasure makin business wiv you, Mister Thorne. Copplepot signals his crew, four men of MUSCLES, and leaves the room. They head to the BACK DOOR. FADE OUT


EXT. MY ALIBI ALLEY EXIT - NIGHT Wind blowing, snow storming. BATMAN watches from above as OSWALD COPPLEPOT gets in to his ROLLS ROYCE SILVER CLOUD. ALFRED (OVER COM. RADIO) Sir, have you found any lead on The Joker yet? Batman puts two fingers to his ear. BATMAN No, not yet. Ill get back to you as soon as I have. ALFRED (OVER COM. RADIO) Of course. Batman DROPS DOWN and lands DEAD QUIET on the thin layer of snow. He walks in through the back door, using the SHADOWS as protection to remain unseen. CUT TO: INT. MY ALIBI NIGHT CLUB - REST ROOM Rupert Thorne heads to the rest room, dropped pants by a urinal. Batman pass in UNNOTICED. Batman no longer have time to play FRIENDLY. He trips THORNE over BATMAN (SHOUTING) WHERE IS THE JOKER?! RUPERT THORNE I-I-I have no IDEA! BATMAN (SHOUTING) STOP WASTING MY TIME! WHERE IS HE, THORNE?! RUPERT THORNE I SWEAR! Id tell you if I knew! I SWEAR! Batman holds Thorne up by the collar of his suit BATMAN (WHISPERING TO HIS EAR) Do you wanna know how many ribs I can break in ONE minute?




RUPERT THORNE You wouldnt.. Batman SQUINTS his eyes. RUPERT THORNE Oh, god. Batman THROWS him to the floor OVER his shoulder. RUPERT THORNE (IN AGONY) Okay, okay! La-last I heard -ughhhhe was headed to the STACKED DECK! As Rupert Thorne STANDS UP from the concerte floor, Batman is GONE. CUT TO: INT. BATMOBILE BATMAN Alfred, Im headed to the STACKED DECK night club. I gathered information saying The Joker perhaps might be there. ALFRED (OVER COM. RADIO) Isnt that club filled with, how do I put it - rather dangerous men? BATMAN Nothing I havent dealt with before. ALFRED (OVER COM. RADIO) Very well then, Master Bruce. But do be careful. BATMAN I always am. FADE IN: EXT. THE STACKED DECK NIGHT CLUB - BACK ALLEY The BATMOBILE slowly drives in and parks in the BACK ALLEY. Batman hops out and GRAPPLES up to the roof top. CUT TO: (CONTINUED)



STEAMS are flowing through steel VENTS and SHOUTING is heard. Batman slowly steps over the fog layer that rests on the roof, and moves towards a CEILING WINDOW, watching. CUT TO: INT. THE STACKED DECK NIGHT CLUB RANDOM THUGS are CHATTING, passing CIGARETTES through SWEATY hands and fingers. The observervant would notice Batmans SILHOUETTE looking over them thourgh the glass. Batman SMASHES through the GLASS CEILING and CRUSHES a table thugs are playing POKER on. The men SCREAM in FEAR. Some tries to run to the EXIT, while some tries to put up in a FIGHT. Without sweating it, Batman FLOORS them ALL. BATMAN (SHOUTING) ANYONE WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE HOSPITOLIZED TONIGHT TELLS ME WHERE THE JOKER IS! A thug tries to SNEAK UP behind Batman but Batman SMASHES his nose with his FOREARM without even seeing him. BATMAN (SHOUTING) FOR THE LAST TIME! Batman pass through THE PILES of bodies he just KOd. Walking to the main OFFICE. CUT TO: INT. THE STACKED DECK NIGHT CLUB - OFFICE A TREMBLING and STUTTERING old man was seated behind the desk. His eyes said INSANITY. In his lap, a PUPPET. BATMAN Wesker, where is he? ARNOLD WESKER Oh, I-I dont know who youre speaking of, Mr Ba--




SCARFACE Shut it, Dummy! BATMAN Letting the puppet speak for you? SCARFACE Of course not! Batman squints his eyes and walks CLOSER to the DESK. BATMAN The Joker escaped Arkham Asylum earlier tonight, where is he? SCARFACE Well hes not here, is he? BATMAN My source sounded pretty confident when I pressed his skull to the floor. Wesker GULPED loud. He reached for a button under his desk and in walked RHINO and MUGSY. The closest henchmens of Scarfaces. Rhino APPROCHES Batman slowly, holding a BASEBALL BAT in both his hands. Swinging it quickly, he tries to hit Batman in the BACK OF HIS HEAD. But Batman COUNTERS it, grabs and breaks the BAT with a slam by his leg. Mugsy reaches for his PISTOL in his holster inside his jacket and just as he fires a BATARANG deflects the shot and it HITS the CEILING Batman KICKS Mugsy in the STOMACH and he FLIES out to the club area FADE TO: INT. SECRET HIDEOUT SPARKLING Christmas-like decorations light up the small room. A man is laying SPREAD OUT on an old couch in the shadows. He stands up, and stretches his body, yawning He starts to wander around in his small and DUSTY apartment, still not identified (CONTINUED)



He grabs a DECK OF CARDS and starts to mix it The man is HUMMING on an old tune he remembers from his past, but really can not place The deck suddenly FIRES OFF in random directions and the man slowly pace towards a MIRROR He turns the light by the mirror ON and his BLEACHED FACE is revealed A HORRIFYING GRIN grows on his face CUT TO BLACK The Jokers LAUGH bursts out and slowly fades THE END