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1995 Empire Interactive

- C O A L A A Battlefield Simulator "Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won." -Arthur Wellesly, Duke of Wellington, 1815

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Copyright 1995 BITFUSION Software All Rights Reserved



---------------------------------------------------------------------------C O A L A F E A T U R E S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Virtual Cockpit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unlike most simulators, the cockpit view is not a fixed view to the front of you. It is a 'real' three dimensional object, which enables you to look around in every direction. By pressing the right mouse button and moving the mouse, you can turn your 'head' around. It is possible to fly north and to turn your head from the West to the East. Or you can look up to watch a plane flying over. You can even look down and watch your own virtual hand moving the steering column. ( Set object detail to 10 in preferences menu <Del> ) Artificial Intelligent Living World ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In other games you are the only target of the enemy. In this game there exists a world living on his own. Enemy pilots choose their own targets and you are just one of them. You can watch planes killing tanks while flying past. There a lot of different vehicles and all of them have their own artificial intelligence. IHADSS Integrated helmet and display sighting system ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You don't have to line up your chopper to the target, it's enough to turn your head. Thanks to the virtual cockpit this system is very well

simulated ! Extensive flight computer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Including many functions like radar, sattelite view, extensive databank, virtual camera and real-time battle reports. Flexible Viewposition Control ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By using your mouse you can rotate around and zoom in/out all vehicles. You can even fly along enemy military hardware to study their tactics. Supported views : Inside, Outside, Independent, Missile and Sattelite. Nice light effects ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Real shadows, shading, depth cueing and a gradient horizon Cyclic world map ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The world never ends, just like in real life, it's round! The possibility to make your own scenario ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This makes all kinds of what-if scenario's possible. It's possible, for example, to launch 10 A10 warthogs against a single T72 tank. Four involved sides ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ East, West, UN and Civil. Which side is friendly and which is hostile depends fully on your own behaviour. Four surrounding types of area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forest, jungle, desert and ice Four times of days in which to start ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn, afternoon, nightfall and night Smart weapon systems ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hellfires : laser guided missile,lock on your reflected laser Sidewinders : infra red guided missile,lock on heat radiated by vehicles

---------------------------------------------------------------------------S Y S T E M R E Q U I R E M E N T S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Coala works on a standard A1200 and the A4000 Although it will work on these platforms we suggest the use of some FAST memory. This will make the animation frame rate twice as fast ! Coala detects and uses faster processors like the 68030 and 68040. For optimum game satisfaction we also recommend the use of a harddisk with 2 Megabyte of free space. To be short, the minimum requirement is a 68020 processor and an AGA chipset. Everything above this minimum will be used by the game to give you faster/better graphics. If you are not sure about the system specifications of the computer you use, please consult the manuals which came with your computer and additional expansions.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------I N S T A L L A T I O N ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Coala can be installed on a harddisk. Before you proceed, make a backup copy of the gamedisk and use this disk to install the game instead of the original floppy disk. This will prevent the original game disk from being damaged.

The backup copy and the original is for private use only! If you're not sure of how to do this, please consult the manuals which came with your computer. Startup the workbench, insert the disk and doubleclick on the disk icon. The look for the icon called 'HDinstall' and doubleclick on this icon. After a while the program will ask you questions about the place where to store the game, answer these questions. After a short while the game is installed on your harddisk and can now be played from your harddisk. If any of the above terms are unfamiliar, please consult the Workbench manual for further explanation.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------L O A D I N G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------To run Coala, simply Doubleclick on it's icon from the workbench or type 'Coala' from the shell in the appropiate directory.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------L O G I N ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In order to login you have to type in the password corresponding to one of the following usernames : Username Password ---------------------------------------------------------------------------guest I'll behave myself Gen. Sir Anthony Hogmanay Melchett Georgina Lt. George Colthurst St.Barleigh Jippededoo Lt.-Gen. Frederick M. Franks wtfigo Lt.-Col. Terence Otway Sword Dana Scully beyond the sea Fox Mulder UFO Colin Powell White House John Lennon Stu Sutcliffe John Doorzon BUUV Yogi Bear Picnic Basket Bruce Lee Yip Man David Letterman Madonna Fred Flindstone Wilmaaa Betty Boop PassWord Chuck Rock Ophelia Wolf Child Saul K.Lovett Hybris Zool Zooz Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby

---------------------------------------------------------------------------H E L I C O P T E R C O N T R O L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------+,Height. SeaLevel -> 100 meters Also check out the following keys : <1>,<3>,<4>,<5>,<0> Heading Speed 360 degrees of freedom -75 -> +300 km/hour

Mouse/Joystick Left/Right Mouse/Joystick Forward/Backwards

Mouse control is recommended because it gives you a much more sensitive control over your chopper !

---------------------------------------------------------------------------V I E W P O S I T I O N C O N T R O L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Cockpit/Video Display Outside Indipendent Missile Cycle through other vehicles

OUTSIDE VIEW: Mouse Forward/Backwards,both buttons Distance at vehicle

---------------------------------------------------------------------------V I E W D I R E C T I O N C O N T R O L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------INSIDE VIEW: Mouse Left/Right,right button Mouse Forward/Backwards,right button Turn head left/right Turn head up/down

OUTSIDE VIEW: Mouse Left/Right,right button Mouse Forward/Backwards,right button

Rotate horizontally around vehicle Rotate vertically around vehicle


Front Right Back Left Top

---------------------------------------------------------------------------W E A P O N S Y S T E M ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Space Left Mouse Button, Return TAB z,x c f Change weapon Fire weapon TADS display (Target Acquisition and Designation System ) Zoom factor in TADS mode release CHAFF, to mislead radar guided missiles like Hellfires and Kedges release FLARE, to mislead heat seeking missiles like Sidewinders and Aphids

After you've released a decoy, the missile aimed at you will continue flying but won't be able to follow your path, so don't release a decoy and keep flying straight ahead. The missile will follow the path of the decoy and eventually wil hit you. The proper use of it is to release a decoy and turn away, leaving your original flight path, while the missile will continue flying after your decoy. You can choose from four different weapons. When landing on a friendly base you are automatically rearmed and refuelled. -30 MM GUN Bullets

unguided, short range Thanks to the IHADSS system ( integrated helmet and display sighting system) the 30 mm gun slaves automatically whenever you move your head. So you don't have to line up your chopper to the target -FFAR Unguided Rockets stabalized by rotating,long range. Because rockets are unguided, you have to line up your chopper to the target. Notice the movement of the crosshair when you move your head. Laser Guided Missiles Flies automatically to the vehicle/building your laser is pointing at. Since the missile flies to the reflecting point of your laser, you have to keep the laser pointing at the target UNTIL it hits the target. It's even possible to to a different target while the missile is flying. Long range -SIDEWINDER IR Guided Missiles Locks on the heat produced by the vehicle's engines. This is the only weapon that can be effectively used against fast moving objects like jet planes. Fire and Forget Long Range



---------------------------------------------------------------------------P R E F E R E N C E S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Since computer power is limited, a simulator is always a compromise between graphics detail and animation speed. Using the preferences menu you can set this ratio to your own favour : Vision World Detail Object Detail Shadows Surface Detail Time Compression Sound Shaded Horizon 0-1000 1-10 1-10 no/yes no/yes slow motion/realtime/fast motion no/yes no/yes

---------------------------------------------------------------------------O T H E R F U N C T I O N S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Help Del ~ p HUD ( Heads Up Display ) Preferences Menu Use the cursor keys to change the preferences night vision goggles (PNVS pilot night vision system) pause Note that a lot of functions are still working in pause mode. You can still cycle through the other vehicles and change your view direction. Get out of your helicopter. Don't forget to first land your helicopter since it isn't exactly good for your health to jump out of a flying helicopter.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------G A M E P L A Y ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In this game you will find yourself in a fully armed helicopter in the middle of a battlefield. You have no missions, no commanding officers and no

orders. The objective of this game is to find out what's happening in the battlefield ,choose one side and to help them win the battle. There are a lot of scenarios to choose from. It's even possible to make your own scenario or to let the computer make a random scenario. Each scenario requires different tactics, for example it makes a big difference if you have to fight against 3 tanks+1 chopper or 1 tank+ 3 choppers ! When you first enter the battlefield you have neither enemies nor friends. The East and West side are at war and by attacking one of those sides you got yourself involved in this battle. Every vehicle in the field has his own artificial intelligence. You have to find out different tactics for each type of vehicle. For example : -Fighter planes won't be able to track you if you fly at a low attitude -The best tactic to kill a chopper is the ambush, for example behind a big building. -Always keep yourself covered by buildings or trees when approaching an AA-GUN. -You can escape missiles by using decoys, or to dart off perpendicular to the missiles's flight path -Use the right decoy (CHAFF/FLARE) for the right missile Always remember that actions cause reactions. For example : -Killing a Western plane not only pleases the Eastern forces but also gives you a new enemy ! -Attacking an UN vehicle gives you a very tough enemy : the rest of the world ! The UN will immediately send some F16 fighters after you !!! (if available) -Killing a red-cross/ambulance vehicle will make the enemy furious -You will only be rearmed and refueled at friendly bases In the field you will encounter 4 sides : 1 East 2 West 3 UN (United Nations) move 4 Civil side don't find yourself brave by attacking this uses RUSSIAN equipment uses NATO equipment attacking this side is not a very clever

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Cockpit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Height CRT (Press F1 to zoom in) Missile wWarning Hosile vehicle warning Speed Current engine power Power Dummy Fuel Heading

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Heads Up Display (HUD) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------The Head Up Display can be turned on/off by pressing the <HELP> key.

1 2 -

Speed in kilometer/hour Altitude in meters

3 Heading Please note that the virtual cockpit allows you to look to another direction the chopper is flying 4 Crosshair When selected a weapon, a crosshair will appear in the middle of the screen. All weapons have a different crosshair. 5 6 7 This displays the current thrust Time Current time

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Heads Down Display (HDD) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------During cockpit view ( <F1> ) you can zoom in on your CRT display by pressing <F1> again 1 Info Button ~~~~~~~~~~~ By pressing this button, additional information will be presented about the selected vehicle. You can select a vehicle by clicking on its icon on the radar screen. This will turn it's icon white. 2 Camera Button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can fly alongside the selected vehicle by pressing this button. By pressing the right mouse button you can rotate 360 degrees around the vehicle. When pressing both mouse buttons you can alter the distance of your view point and thus zoom in- and out. 3 Sattelite Button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By pressing the right button and moving your mouse you can look around and thus scan the area for other vehicles, buildings, etc. When pressing both the mouse buttons you can zoom in and out, while moving the mouse back and forth. 4 Stores Button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This screen gives you important information about the fuel you have left, weapons you're carring, etc. 5 Weapon button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can change your current loaded weapon by pressing this button 6 Radar ~~~~~ All vehicles are represented by small colored icons : Radar Colour Side ------------------------------blue West red East grey UN/civil yellow hostile purple selected target white current vehicle 7 Radar Range Button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Use this button to cycle through 4 radar ranges. 8 Briefing ~~~~~~~~ This will give you a real-time briefing of the ongoing situation. Information about the destroyed vehicles, helicopters and planes can be found here.

9 -

Messages ~~~~~~~~ This screens keeps you informed what's happening in the field 10 Main Menu ~~~~~~~~~ Let you choose from the above options

---------------------------------------------------------------------------C H O O S E O P E R A T I N G A R E A M E N U ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Forest - Western Europe Jungle - Yucatan, Mexico Desert - North Africa Ice - North Pole

---------------------------------------------------------------------------C H O O S E T I M E O F D A Y M E N U ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Dawn - 0600 hours

Afternoon - 1200 hours Sunset Night - 1800 hours - 0000 hours

Don't forget to turn on the PNVS (Pilot Night Vision System) by pressing <~> if you are flying at night.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------C H O O S E S C E N A R I O M E N U ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 PEACE

Voted the most boring mission by anonymous descision. This scenario is perfectly suitable for practicing at flying the chopper and trying out 'new' techniques and strategies. 2 COLD WAR

There is no war, but the tension is there. Be carefull at what you do, you might conflict a full scale war! 3 UN CONTROLLED CEASE FIRE

The eastern and western force agreed on a cease fire, which is controlled by the United Nations. You can terminate this cease fire by attacking one of the parties. Do not try out the patience of the UN by killing one of their machines, unless you're sure you can dodge some jet planes! 4 TANK BATTLE

Although the war rages on, eastern and western forces have restricted themself at 'only' using tanks. Find out why the coala helicopter is nicknamed 'tank killer' in this scenario. 5 GROUND WAR

After the use of tanks, AA'S are entering the battlefield as well as other vehicles. Stay clear of those AA vehicles, you might end up with a missile trying to get you. 6 HELICOPTER BATTLE

Fight head to head with other helicopters. Show them who really controls the air! 7 AIR BATTLE

Both forces decided to let 'tank killers' and fighterplanes enter the battlefield, this will require a new strategy when dealing with the enemy. 8 TOTAL WAR

Every vehicle the Eastern and Western force could find is dragged into the war to finish off the enemy forever. You can expect a attack from everywhere, either ground or air! 9 RANDOM

Now for a real challenge, try this scenario! You'll be the one to find out in what situation your landed and how to deal with it. 10 CUSTOM SCENARIO

Create your own scenario, please read this manual of how to do this.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------M A K E C U S T O M S C E N A R I O M E N U ---------------------------------------------------------------------------This feature makes it possible for you to create your own scenario. You can define up to 20 vehicles from all four sides involved. You'll most likely to find this the most interesting option of the game, because it allows you to experiment with all kinds of what-if scenario's. If you want a real challenge always make Western forces equal to Eastern forces, but it's more interesting to create unfair situations. For example : - 10 warthogs against 10 Eastern trucks - 10 Migs against 1 Eagle - 10 ZOO's mobile anti aircraft guns against 1 Cobra helicopter - 10 tanks against 10 APC'S (road to hell) (watch the crossfire) (dangerous grounds) (tank's on holiday)

But don't make the mistake by making the force ratio too extreme : Some vehicles might get killed by crossfire ! If you want to watch artificial intelligence in action press <F5> in the games to cycle through all the vehicles. Explanation of the bottom row of buttons: 1 Next Shows the next vehicle in list. 2 Previous Shows the previous vehicle in list. 3 Add Adds the current shown vehicle to your CUSTOM SCENARIO. 4 Ok Confirms that you are ready, and starts the game with the chosen options.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------V E H I C L E S ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FighterPlanes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament

F15 EAGLE FIGHTER PLANE West 2*10855 KG MACH 1.2 13.0*5.6*19.4 M 12420 KG 2 $40.000.000 20 MM GUN SIDEWINDERS MAVERICKS MIG27 FLOGGER FIGHTER PLANE East 12500 KG MACH 1.1 8.2*4.8*16.8 M 10200 KG 2 $35.000.000 23 MM GUN APHIDS KERRYS

Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament

Attack Planes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament

A10 THUNDERBOLT (OR WARTHOG) ATTACK PLANE West 2*4112 KG 681 KM/H 17.5*4.4*16.3 M 9761 KG 1 $8.000.000 7*30 MM GUN SIDEWINDERS MAVERICKS SU25 FROGFOOT ATTACK PLANE East 2*4237 KG 980 KM/H 14.3*4.8*15.4 M 9500 KG 1 $9.000.000 2*30 MM GUN APHIDS KERRYS

Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament

Attack Helicopters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name AH1 COBRA Type ATTACK HELICOPTER Party West Engine Power 2*1342 KW Speed 282 KM/H Dimensions 7.3*4.6*17.6 M Weight 4627 KG Crew 2 Cost $4.000.000 Armament 30 MM GUN SIDEWINDERS HELLFIRES ROCKETS Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament KA41 HOKUM ATTACK HELICOPTER East 2*1659 KW 350 KM/H 7.0*4.0*16.4 M 5400 KG 2 $5.000.000 30 MM GUN APHIDS KEDGES ATOLLS

Transport Helicopters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name CH47 CHINOOK Type TRANSPORT HELICOPTER party West Engine Power 2*2796 KW Speed 276 KM/H Dimensions 9.1*6.2*30.2 M Weight 12000 KG Crew 3+55 Cost $16.000.000 Armament NOT ARMED Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament Battle Tanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament MI14 HAZE TRANSPORT HELICOPTER East 2*1417 KW 230 KM/H 10.6*5.6*25.3 M 8000 KG 3+32 $12.000.000 NOT ARMED

L1V LEOPARD BATTLE TANK West 614 KW 70 KM/H 3.4*2.6*6.9 M 42.5 T 4 $800.000 105 MM GUN T72 BATTLE TANK East 575 KW 75 KM/H 3.5*2.1*6.9 M 41 T 3 $600.000 125 MM GUN

Mobile Anti Aircraft Guns (SAM systems) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name PRTL Type MOBILE AA GUN Party West Engine Power 610 KW Speed 65 KM/H Dimensions 3.3*3.4*7.3 M Weight 45.5 T Crew 3+2 Cost $700.000 Armament 2*35 MM GUN Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament ZSU ZOO MOBILE AA GUN East 191 KW 50 KM/H 3.1*2.6*6.5 M 20.5 T 4 $700.000 4*23 MM GUN

Armored Personel Carriers (APC) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name M113 Type APC Party West Engine Power 154 KW Speed 70 KM/H Dimensions 2.3*2.8*4.6 M Weight 8900 KG Crew 3+9 Cost $300.000 Armament NOT ARMED Name Type BTR APC

Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament Trucks ~~~~~~ Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament Name Type Party Engine Power Speed Dimensions Weight Crew Cost Armament

East 2*66 KW 80 KM/H 2.8*2.3*7.2 M 10.3 T 3+9 $500.000 NOT ARMED

FORD TRUCK UN 180 KW 110 KM/H 3.1*3.0*10.0 M 6000 KG 3 $90.000 NOT ARMED LADA TRUCK East 176 KW 70 KM/H 3.2*3.2*9.3 M 19 T 3 $70.000 NOT ARMED

---------------------------------------------------------------------------W E A P O N S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Chaingun ~~~~~~~~ Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets

CHAINGUN bullets West Mach 1 3 KM 30 MM 0.3 KG $30 NON ARMORED VEHICLES CHAINGUN bullets East Mach 1 3 KM 30 MM 0.3 KG $30 NON ARMORED VEHICLES

Unguided rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name FFAR Type UNGUIDED ROCKET Party West Speed 800 KM/H Range 3 KM Dimensions 70*70*170 MM Weight 9 KG Cost $8000 Targets LIGHT ARMORED VEHICLES Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets Attol UNGUIDED ROCKET East 800 KM/H 3 KM 70*70*170 MM 9 KG $8000 LIGHT ARMORED VEHICLES

IR Guided air to air missiles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name SIDEWINDER Type IR GUIDED MISSILE Party West Speed MACH 2 Range 18 KM Dimensions 34*34*200 MM Weight 87 KG Cost $40000 Targets ALL AIRBORN VEHICLES Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets Aphid IR GUIDED MISSILE East MACH 2 18 KM 34*34*200 MM 87 KG $40000 ALL AIRBORN VEHICLES

Radar guided air to surface missiles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name HELLFIRE Type LASER GUIDED MISSILE Party West Speed MACH 1 Range 8 KM Dimensions 32*32*145 MM Weight 43 KG Cost $30000 Targets ALL GROUND VEHICLES Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets Kedge LASER GUIDED MISSILE East MACH 1 8 KM 32*32*145 MM 43 KG $30000 ALL GROUND VEHICLES

IR Guided air to surface missiles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name MAVERICK Type IR GUIDED MISSILE Party West Speed MACH 1 Range 25 KM Dimensions 32*32*145 MM Weight 220 KG Cost $30000 Targets ALL GROUND VEHICLES Name Type Party Speed Range Dimensions Weight Cost Targets Kerry IR GUIDED MISSILE East MACH 1 25 KM 32*32*145 MM 220 KG $30000 ALL GROUND VEHICLES

---------------------------------------------------------------------------HOSTILITIES AND WEAPONS EFFECTIVENESS CHART ---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | West | East | 1234 5678 0 | |-----------------------+-------------+----------------+---------------| |0 Buildings/Trees | | | | |1 Fighter Plane | F15 Eagle | MiG27 Flogger | **** | |2 Attack Plane | A10 Warthog | SU25 Frogfoot | *** **** | |3 Attack Helicopter | AH1 Cobra | KA41 Hokum | ** **** | |4 Transport Helicopter | CH47 Chinook| MI14 Haze | | |5 Battle Tank | Leopard | T72 | **** |

|6 Mobile AA gun | PRTL | ZSU | **** | |7 APC | M113 | BTR | | |8 Truck | Ford | Lada | | |-----------------------+-------------+----------------+---------------| |Bullet | | | **** * | |Shell | | | **** * | |UnGuided Rocket | | | **** * * | |IR Guided AIM | Sidewinder | Aphid | **** **** | |Laser Guided AGM | Hellfire | Kedge | **** * | |IR Guided AGM | Maverick | Kerry | **** * | `-----------------------+-------------+----------------+---------------'


anti aircraft advanced attack helicopter air to air missile air to ground missile armoured personnel carrier little metal strips to decieve radar guided missiles Commander In Chief counter measures A cute forest animal/deadly one-man attack helicopter co pilot gunner cathode ray tube little heat producing cartridge to decieve heat seeking missiles global positioning system head-down display head-up display integrated helmet and display sighting system imaging infra red infra red (heat) infra red counter measures landing zone pilot night vision system radio frequency surface to air missile target acquisition and designation system

---------------------------------------------------------------------------C R E D I T S ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Design and Coding - Michiel den Outer

Music and Sound Effects - Marco Tibben 3D graphics Manual - Richard van der Brugge - Michiel den Outer Additional work by Marco Tibben and Richard van der Brugge - Taco den Outer, Pim van Thiel SPECIAL THANKS TO

Play Testing

We would like to thank the following people for helping us create this program, giving moral support and suggestions. Ronald Langendijk Leon Voesten Dimitri Lommers Amiga Magazine Jascha Hoogenraad Dirk-Jan Zwartveld Frank Wilsens Sonja Veneman Danny Roelofs Sandor Rabe Tjerk van den Herik Matthijs in 't Anker

And to all of those we have forgotten to mention, but we are still gratefull for their help and support ...

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