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Run Run
1990 Electrocoin Software
You must control Mr. Do! as he runs and runs around each level
where he is attacked by monsters. His only weapon is his trusty crystal
ball which re-bounds off any solid object such as walls or logs. Once
the ball has been used the fire power can only be restored by the
collection of dots, cherries, apples, lemons or pineapples.
Wherever he goes, Mr. Do! leaves a trail behind him which is
indicated in the game by a line. Occasionally in his travels Mr. Do!
will cross over his own tracks and consequently the lines which
indicate his trail will surround an area. When this happens all dots and
fruit inside the area will change into more valuable fruit and a higher
score will be obtained when the dots and fruit are collected. This
enables Mr. Do! to re-charge his firepower more rapidly.
Occasionally, in a metamorphic display, the monsters transform into
faster and more ferocious creatures. Fortunately for Mr. Do! after 15
seconds the monsters return to their original shape. But during that
period Mr. Do! must move very fast indeed.
Monsters are bad enough, but at least all they do is walk around
the screen, but snakes are a different kettle of fish altogether
because they can turn into fireballs which chase Mr. Do! and are totally
invulnerable to his crystal ball.
The odds are against Mr. Do! but at least he has the potential for
ingenuity. It is up to you how much potential he uses. For example,
monsters can also be killed by rolling logs down on them and it he keeps
crossing his own tracks he will be able to replenish his firepower more
To complete each screen, Mr. Do! must destroy all the monsters or
collect all the dots.
Each screen is made up of several levels of varying height. Mr.
Do! can use this to his advantage but it can also work against him. If
he throws his crystal ball from the top level it will pass over the
heads of monsters on lower levels bouncing off the far wall and returning
to him. If they are on the same level, however, the ball will destroy
the first monster it meets.
Mr. Do! does have an advantage over many of the monsters. He can
travel up and down the slopes linking the levels much more quickly than
some of the monsters. The advantage gained might well give Mr. Do! all
the seconds he needs.
Every time Mr. Do! crosses his own tracks and consequently creates
an area of dots and fruit surrounded by his trail, there is a
possibility that Mr. Do! will be able to take the first step into
earning a bonus.
Occasionally appearing in one of these newly formed areas will be
an icon within which will be one of the 5 letters which make up the word
EXTRA. This letter will continuously change to one of the other 4
letters. When Mr. Do! moves over the icon, a bonus monster surrounded
by guards will appear. Once the monster is killed, Mr. Do! will have
collected the letter shown when he first stepped on the icon. Once Mr.
Do! has collected all 5 letters, he will gain an extra life.
There is another way Mr. Do! can produce the word EXTRA and gain an
extra life. Every time he scores 10,000 points, a bonus monster will
appear. Upon killing this monster he will earn one of the important
letters. But this time what the letter is will be random and Mr. Do!
will have to rely on lady luck to gain the word quickly this way.
On other occasions when our hero's trail surround an area, a
diamond will sometimes appear. If Mr. Do! can collect this jewel before
it vanishes he will be transported to a new level.
Fruit and dots in order Number needed for Points
of value new crystal ball
----------------------- ------------------- -------
Dots 12 10
Cherry 10 20
Apples 8 40
Lemons 6 80
Pineapples 4 100
Number of times crystal ball Points
bounces before hitting monster
------------------------------ -------
No bounce 500
1 bounce 1,000
2 bounces 1,500
3 bounces 2,000
4 bounces 2,500
More than 5 bounces 3,000
Number of Monsters destroyed by log Point
----------------------------------- -----
1 1,000
2 1,500
3 2,000
4 2,500
More than 5 3,000
Typed by MYSTIC FLIGHT on the ST. Edited by PARASITE.
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