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Lindsey Lorefice

Elementary/Middle School Band Observation Form

How does the teacher address tonequality in the lesson?

The teacher did not explicitly address tone quality in the percussion lesson. She addressed
tone quality in the flute lesson by mentioning that more air is needed in order to play
higher notes effectively.

What musical (non-technical aspects) concepts are being taught or addressed
through this lesson?

Mrs. Gardner teaches responsibility by making sure that the students bring all of their
materials to the lesson. After forgetting their materials for the third time, Mrs. Gardner
sends them back to class.

What technical aspects are being taught or addressed in this lesson?

Mrs. Gardner pointed out that the students should keep their arms closer to the drum and
not lift them so high before striking the drum. In the flute lesson, she asked the students
to use more air in order to play the higher pitches on the instrument.

Write down anything that you notice or would like to steal for your peer teaching.

Create a simple part for the kids that are stressed out by playing the harder parts.
Create a chart that rotates for lessons.
Work with the teachers in order to find the right timerotate it.
Always wear ear plugs because they play so loud.
Kids will forget to bring their instrumentsremind them.
$33 for the year as a budget
they need to bring their materials3
forgetcant stay at the lessonyou need
to bring materials and remember
they get nervous about aural skills
always have a clarinet
always use the same instrument that they use
if they hear her squeakthen they feel more comfortable with it
clarinets are always worried about going over the break
Temple of Darkness
Rest positionthen Playing position
Say rest out loud so that they understand that they do not play then

Percussion Lesson:
pads on the drums
rest positioncross arms with sticks by armpits
sings over the drums
left right left right
left left right right exercise
tap with both arms at the same time
then do an exercise
switch so that each boy had a chance to play on the bass drum

Flute Lesson:
tune individually
start with b-flat
find a C please
repeated patterns
then D
more air
said tu into the instrument
tongue tu in order to play it
click their tongues on the rest
play a scale
play through the repertoire in band
get good makeup
listen to each student individually
play together a new part
du de system and ta ti ti ta system was used
have each student play by themselves
give one item of positive feedback and one item of negative feedback
du de is at Eastman
traditional 1 + 2
du du desystemgoo for articulation
ta ta ti ti
major duple singing
she used Jump Right In first
soda pop hamburgerOrff tradition
procedure and routine in the beginning
but she didnt like herself
she wanted them to have fun
she wants someone to have a good day
it is not all about teaching
it is about the kid
never let them pick their own seat
relationship aggression
dont want them to take over
give them different goals
plus, checks, smiley facesassessment
different practice amounts
they like the smiley faces
150 minutes of practice a weekA
video assessmentvideo tape them playingbeginning of the year
febassess againsee if the teacher fixed it