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Lindsey Lorefice

Dr. Bundy
Mus 345
March 6, 2014

Observation of Secondary Band Setting

Mr. Detweiller:
Handpick students to point out
Yet it makes the other students feel bad
How do you make the other ones feel ok?
He is a left-handed conductor
He had laser light focus on what was going on
He knew the music so well that he did not need to look at it at all
Instruction occurring at 2 levels
Lots of visual diagnosis of what is occurring
Some things are assessed visually
Close proximity to the students
Dont be afraid to leave the podium
Put the group in a circle
Certain degree of attention that perks up when the teacher is right in front of you
Think of ways to vary things
Less experienced players can make a lot of noise
Easy for percussionists to get off task
Color additions to the sound
Lots of varieties and sounds
Be picky about a percussion sound
Make your voice sound like the instruments in a funny way
Be overly outside of he box in your modeling
Try to adjust
Organizational procedures: before the bell rangBrian was at the podiumhe
was available
The order of rehearsal was written on the board
They knew to get in playing position as soon as he lifted the baton
Did breathing exercises
Allowed individual warm up time
Then group warm up time
Students come in late
Mr. D took care of it while Brian rehearsed the group
Need to take care of the administrative things during your rehearsal
Need to account for that
Lots of work with phrasing
Best model is on the instrument that you use
Articulation/vocal model
Think about developing an array of articulations
Set up the performance materials
North American Vistas
Genuine praise is really important
Third clarinets felt good about themselves
Trumpet soloused as a way to show good feedback and show how to use
Get to know them
Who can you joke with
Lets try this
How about this
What do you thinkdid it sound better?
Let them diagnose the problem
It is never perfect
Do the follow up in completing the loop
Remember to then saythat was better
Loop of teaching that is important
Stop and ay that was really good
Be able to conduct while giving another piece of infotell kids to put foot down
Stop in things has to have a loop
Give a teacher look
Find a teacher look face
Good use of time
Atmospheric, mysterious, suspenseful
Last movement in 5/4
Lastplayful, dancelike, strolling
Teach kids about the character of music
Utilize fairly modern and expressive things
Harmonic concepts
Suite of Dreams and Fantasies
Hannahs piece is so prettyAir for BandErickson
In minora challenge
C concert on a brass instrumentsharp notes
Math works
In tone and in tune
Favorite piece
Islands west of Scotland
Childrens song
Falling thirds
Scottish snaps in the end
Shape note melodiesearly music
Rhapsody on early Shape Note Music:
Scores and flow chartsfinish it