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Determining Challenge Class
Difficulty of
the task
see House
HD or Level
of the
Instead of the usual 12/18 Challenge Base (CB), all CBs are 18. A
character rolling against one of their Primes simply receives a +6
to their roll.

The Rule of Thumb
General Difficulty Challenge Level (CL)
Easy task 1-5
Difficult task 6-10
Very difficult task 11-15
Heroic task 15-20

Attribute Modifiers
1 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-12
-4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3

Saving Throws
1d20 + Attribute Modifer + Level
Type Attribute
Breath Weapon Dex or Con
Charm Cha
Confusion Wis
Death Attacks Cha
Disease Con
Energy Drain Con
Fear Cha
Gaze Attack Wis
Magic/Illusion Int or Wis
Paralysis/Constriction Str
Petrification/Polymorph Wis
Poison Con
Spells Varies see spell description
Traps Dex


All PCs receive an HP kicker at 1st level equal to their Constitution

A Critical Hit occurs on a natural 20 on an attack roll and deals
double damage. This is expressed by doubling the number of dice
rolled, plus all damage bonuses that would apply to that roll.

Assassin / Bard / Monk / Ranger / Rogue: Gain the
following maneuver: Tumble.
Barbarian: Gain the following maneuver: Hold The Line.
Cleric: May cast any Cure spell spontaneously (uses a spell
slot of the appropriate level).
Druid: May cast Endure Elements spontaneously (uses a 0-
level spell slot).
Fighter: Gain the following maneuvers: Combat Reflexes and
Hold The Line.
Illusionist: May cast any 0-level spell spontaneously.
Knight / Paladin: Gain the following maneuver: Combat
Wizard: May cast Detect Magic spontaneously (uses a 0-
level spell slot). May cast a single Orb spell at will; choose
the type of damage it deals at character creation: acid, cold,
electricity, fire, negative energy, poison, or positive energy.

ORB SPELL (Wizard house rule)
CT 1 Range 30 feet D instant
SV dexterity half SR yes Comp V, S

Make an attack roll, but use your Intelligence as a bonus to hit
instead of Strength or Dexterity. On a successful hit, you deal 1d4
damage of the type originally chosen at character creation (acid,
cold, electricity, fire, negative energy, poison, or positive energy).

The target may save for half damage.

This spell is unique in that it does not require any type of
preparation, does not use up spell slots, and can be cast at will by
any Wizard. Only the damage type needs be chosen during
character creation; this can never be changed.

The Wilderness
Wilderness 5-20
Civilization / Castles & Keeps 21-30
Air & Sea 31
Encounters by Location 32-44
Encounters by Creature Type 45-72
Dungeons 71-94
Encounters 95-110
Cities 111-148
Encounters (Sewers) 149
NPC Vital Stats
Name (choose table, roll 1d20) p. 152-3
Race (1d4/2 for table or choice, roll
p. 154-5
Class (roll 1d20) p. 155
Alignment (roll 1d20) p. 155
Agenda (roll 1d10) DMG2 p. 32
Secrets (roll 1d10) DMG2 p. 32
Origin & Family (roll 2d20, apply one to
each table)
p. 155
Concepts (roll 1d6 [re-roll 6s] for table,
roll 1d20)
p. 155-7
Motivations (roll 1d8 [re-roll 8s] for
table, roll 1d20)
p. 158-9
Traits (roll 1d6 [re-roll 6s] for table, roll
p. 159-60
Taboos (roll 1d20) p. 160
Appearance & Dress (roll 2d20, apply
one to each table)
p. 160-1
More NPC Tables
Weapons / Armor / Equipment / Effects p. 161-3
NPC Encounter Conditions I - V 163-4
NPC Magic / Spellcasters 165-171
NPC Hirelings I VII 172-3
Merchant Houses 174
NPC Heroes 174-8
Animal Companions & Mounts
Dogs 179
Horses 180
Mount Names 180

Type Effects
Deepvision 120
See in complete darkness
Twilight Vision Up to 1 mile
Must have ambient light
Darkvision 60
See in complete darkness
Dusk Vision Normal range
Must have moon, star or natural
ambient light

Light Sources (4e DMG p. 67)
Brightness Duration
Candle 10 / 2 Dim 1 hour
Torch 25 / 5 Bright 1 hour
Lantern 50 / 10 Bright
8 hrs /
pint of
Campfire 50 / 10 Bright 8 hrs
Sunrod 50 / 10 Bright 4 hrs
50 / 10 Dim Ongoing
Brazier 50 / 10 Bright 8 hrs
Fireplace/oven 20 / 5 Bright
8 hrs /
load of
Forge 10 / 2 Bright
8 hrs /
load of
Magma 200 / 40 Bright Ongoing
Magical Dagger 10 / 2 Dim Ongoing
Magical Sword 20 / 4 Dim Ongoing


None No effect
Light 1/4 move, +1 CL to all DEX checks
Moderate 1/2 move, +2 CL to all DEX checks
Heavy 3/4 move, +4 CL to all DEX checks,
lose DEX bonus to AC
Overburdened 1 foot/round, auto-fail all DEX checks,
lose DEX bonus to AC

On foot miles/day
Normal Rugged
Light 30 20 10
Moderate 20 10 5
Heavy 10 5 2

Mounted miles/day
Normal Rugged
Light 60 25 5
Medium 40 20 5
Heavy 30 15 5
Draft 30 15 5
Cart* 25 15 -
Wagon* 25 10 -
*Road, track or open terrain only.


The DMs Best Friend
Especially favorable circumstance +2
Particularly unfavorable circumstance -2

Search / Perception Checks
(better of INT or WIS)
Easy Anything valuable in a chest full of
junk; something small or subtle but
otherwise in sight
Difficult A valuable item tucked away in an
unlikely place; a secret latch or
Very Difficult A secret door

Skill Challenges
1. Goal
2. Level and Challenge Classes (CC)
Vs. Difficult CC
Later uses of same skill vs. Very Difficult CC
Group Check v Easy CC (1/2 group = success)
3. Complexity (CPX)
CPX Successes Advantages DCs
1 4 - 4 mod
2 6 - 5 mod, 1 hard
3 8 2 6 mod, 2 hard
4 10 4 7 mod, 3 hard
5 12 6 8 mod, 4 hard
4. Primary and Secondary Skills
5. Consequences
a. Success, or Stages of Success
b. Failure, or Stages of Failure
c. XP rewards
Advantages (examples)
Success v. Very Difficult CC counts as 2 successes
Success v. Very Difficult CC removes 1 failure
Success v. Easy CC acts as success v. Difficult CC
Later uses of same skill v. Difficult CC

Rules modified from Tales from the Floating Vagabond

Alcohol costs and Intoxicant Points can be found in AEG
Toolbox p. 132-133

1. Compare the # of Intoxicant Points (IPs) imbibed
in 1 hour to the characters Constitution score
(+6 if CON is Prime).
2. If IPs > Constitution Score, make a CON check.
a. Success = Sobriety goes down one level
(see chart).
b. Failure = Sobriety goes down two levels
(see chart).
3. Subtract a number of IPs off the total equal to
your Constitution score
4. At each level starting at Happy or less, make a
second CON check for each remaining full IP
imbibed (with a CL according to the chart
a. Success = Sobriety goes down one level
(see chart).
b. Failure = Sobriety goes down two levels
(see chart).
5. At each level starting at Wasted or higher,
make a CON check (with a CL according to the
chart below) at the end of each hour.
a. Failure = roll 1d6
i. 1-4 = Pass out
ii. 5-6 = Throw up

Sobriety Level CL Effects*
Sober - -
Happy 2 -1
Tipsy 4 -2
High 6 -3
Wasted 8 -4
Blotto 10 -5
Soaked 12 -6
*Penalty effects Dex, Int, Wis, and Cha scores.
Recovering From Intoxication
1. Roll on the following chart based on Intoxication
Level to determine how quickly you recover
from intoxication.
2. If your character uses a stimulant, apply the
appropriate multiplier to the time rolled to
determine when your character recovers.

Time (hours)
Stimulant Effect
Mild Strong
Happy 1d4/2 x 0.80 x 0.50
Tipsy 1d6/2 x 0.80 x 0.50
High 1d4+1 x 0.85 x 0.55
Wasted 1d6+1 x 0.85 x 0.55
Blotto 2d4 x 0.90 x 0.55
Soaked 1d6+4 x 0.95 x 0.60
Mild stims: no harmful side effects.
Strong stims: have a 5% chance per application of causing
a permanent -1 Constitution score.

Mild Stimulants
Might include tea, vitamin-rich fruits (such as
oranges and bananas), or concoctions made from
special herbs or nuts.
Can be found through foraging and herb lore
(WIS check) Easy task
Can be created through alchemical means (INT
check) Easy task

Strong Stimulants
Might include coffee or various herbal/alchemical
Can be found through foraging and herb lore
(WIS check) Difficult task
Can be created through alchemical means (INT
check) Difficult task

DF (Divine Focus) Item of spiritual significance (holy
symbol) that channels deific power. Not consumed.
F (Focus) A physical component that focuses the spells
energy. Not consumed.
M (Material) Physical substance or object used to power
the spell. Generally consumed.
S (Somatic) Measured and precise hand movements; the
character must have at least one hand free.
V (Verbal) Spoken incantation; the character must be
able to speak in a clear, strong voice.

1d10 Behavior
1 Wander away for 1 turn (unless prevented)
2-3 Attempt mundane task for 1 round
4-6 Do nothing for 1 round
7-8 Try to locate lost items for 1 round
9 Attack nearest creature for 1 round
10 Act normally for 1 round

Scrying Modifiers
Caster knows the character well +5
Caster has only met the character -5
Caster has only heard of the character -10
Caster has no knowledge of the character -15
Caster has likeness of the character (picture, doll, etc.) +5
Caster has a possession of the characters +5
Caster has a body part of the characters (lock of hair,
Character is on a different plane -15

Teleportation Location Familiarity
Familiarity On
Very familiar 01-97 98-99 100 -
Studied carefully 01-94 95-97 98-99 100
Seen casually 01-88 89-94 95-98 99-100
Viewed once 01-76 77-88 89-96 97-100
Description 01-52 53-76 77-92 93-100
False destination
- 81-92 93-100 -

The Combat Round
1. Surprise Check
Each party rolls 1d6
1-2 = Surprised
If both parties are surprised, nothing happens
If one party is surprised, the attackers get 1
round of free actions
2. Initiative
1d10, Players win ties
*Creatures with reach interrupt attackers who dont
have reach, effectively setting their Initiative as 1
higher than the interrupted creature
3. Fundamental Actions
Attack or cast a spell
o 1/2 move and still attack
o Full move, jog (move x2), or run (move
x4) but cannot attack
Use an ability
Use an item that is easily accessible
Ready an item from a pack or otherwise stowed
to be used in a subsequent round

Situational Modifiers
Defender is prone or blind +5
Defender is prone and defenseless +10
Defender at lower elevation
Defender potentially uses helmet AC instead of
standard armor bonus
Defender is stunned or cowering +2
Defender is invisible or attacker is blind -10
Melee attack from mount/unstable platform -2
Ranged attack from mount/unstable platform -4
Flank attack +1
Rear attack* +2
*Rog and Asn do NOT gain this bonus they receive
their class abilitys bonus to Rear Attacks instead

Defender is Mod.
1/4 concealed (light fog) -2
1/2 concealed (dense fog, dim light) -4
3/4 concealed (near darkness) -6
Completely concealed -10

Defender has Modifier
1/4 cover +2 AC
1/2 cover +4 AC
3/4 cover +6 AC
Full cover +10 AC

Ranged Combat
Close range (listed range) -
Medium range (range x2) -2
Long range (range x3) -6

Grenade-Like Missiles

Miss Distance
1d6 feet (1d2 squares)
Close range = 1d4 feet (1 square)
Long range = 1d8 feet (2 squares)

Hit Points and Dying
0 HP
Fall unconscious
Recover consciousness in 1d6 hours and can 1/2
move at that point, but otherwise cannot act
Healing spells take effect immediately
-1 to -6 HP
Fall unconscious
Begin healing after 24 hours
Magic healing can only raise you to 0 HP; normal
healing begins after that
-7 to -9 HP
Start losing 1 HP/round on the following round
Require first aid/magic healing to be administered in
order to stop this HP loss
Begin normal healing 24 hours after being stabilized
-10 HP
Death occurs immediately
Only spells or effects such as resurrection,
reincarnation, or bribes to the DM can remedy death

Turning Undead
1. WIS check on undead up to 60 feet away
2. FAIL = cannot turn those undead for 24 hours
3. SUCCESS = Turn undead
1d12 + CHA bonus common undead are turned,
1d6 + CHA bonus extraordinary undead are
turned, or
1 + CHA bonus unique undead are turned
Turned undead flee at full movement for 10 rounds if they
can. Otherwise, they are cowering (+2 bonus to hit them).
If the character that turned them approaches within 10
feet or attacks, the turning is broken.
If the character that turned the undead is 5+ levels higher
than the HD of the undead, the undead are instead
If the character is 10+ levels higher than the HD of the
undead, then the maximum number of undead the
character could have turned are instead destroyed.


Melee attack preceded by a run or jog (minimum full move
+2 damage (negated if charge is interrupted by a successful
-4 penalty to AC until next round

Must be a Ftr, Rgr, Knt, Rog, Asn, Clr, or Pal
Attack vs. AC 18 + opponents HD/Level + DEX bonus

Attacker rolls d20 + STR bonus + BtH
Defenders AC = 12 + STR bonus (+6 if STR is Prime) + DEX
bonus + 2 per size difference larger
HIT = defender is prone and defenseless
o Defender must break a grapple with a successful
grapple check as their action

Attacker rolls d20 + STR bonus + [DMs discretion] BtH
Defenders AC = 12 + STR bonus (+6 if STR is Prime) + BtH + 2
per size difference larger
HIT = defender knocked prone until the end of the round,
takes 1-2 subdual damage
Attacker is at -2 AC until the end of the round

PUSH (house rule)
Melee attack preceded by a run or jog (minimum full move
o If you have a shield in hand, add its normal AC
bonus to the attack roll (usually a +1 or +2)
No damage; instead, you push the opponent 5 away from
you (i.e. either directly away from your trajectory or up to 90
degrees from your trajectory)
+5 per 10 above their AC on your attack roll
You must advance into the space(s) that they vacated
(essentially moving with them)

Note: Pushing an opponent into dangerous terrain allows them to
make a Saving Throw immediately before entering that terrain. If
they succeed, all further movement ends for both characters.

SLIDE (house rule)
Melee attack preceded by a run or jog (minimum full move
o If you have a shield in hand, add its normal AC
bonus to the attack roll (usually a +1 or +2)
No damage; instead, you slide the opponent 5 away from
you in any direction
You do not have to advance into the space(s) that they
vacated (though you may choose to)

Note: Sliding an opponent into dangerous terrain does not allow
them a save, unless they are subject to falling, in which case they
get a Dexterity Saving Throw to catch themselves.

Defenders AC = 10 + DEX bonus + special modifiers from
magic items and spells

Attack with primary and secondary weapon at same time;
attacker must call which is primary weapon
-3 penalty to primary hit roll
-6 penalty to secondary hit roll
Penalties can be mitigated on a 1:1 ratio by attackers DEX


1. Hasty Disengagement
May move up to a run (move x4)
-2 AC until the end of the round
Opponent gains a free melee attack
2. Fighting Disengagement
Move up to 1/2 move
Cannot take any other action that round

Must be facing and aware of the attacker(s)
Up to 3 dodges per round
Sacrifice all other actions by dodging
+2 AC

Evade one opponent you are facing
+4 AC until the end of the round


COMBAT REFLEXES (Fighter / Knight / Paladin house rule)
After youve already gained the initiative against an
opponent who has entered your reach, you may make
subsequent reach attacks
Whenever subsequent enemies enter your reach, you make
a DEX check (CL = opponents HD or level); if successful, you
may make another reach attack as normal
Your initiative remains at the point in which you interrupted
the first opponent to enter your reach
You may do this a number of times in a round equal to your
Dexterity bonus, +1 more time if DEX is a Primary attribute

DELAY (house rule)
You delay your Initiative until any point lower in the round,
thus resetting your initiative to that lower point
You cannot interrupt someone elses action

HOLD THE LINE (Barbarian / Fighter house rule)
Whenever someone enters your reach, you may forego
gaining the Initiative
Instead, you make a STR check (CL = opponents HD or level);
if successful, their movement ends at the point in which
they first entered your reach

READY AN ACTION (house rule)
You prepare a reaction to a specific trigger; once that trigger
occurs, you then interrupt and may act with your prepared
Your initiative is reset to that point in the round
If you reach your next initiative without having taken the
readied action, you dont get the readied action

TUMBLE (Assassin / Bard / Monk / Ranger / Rogue house rule)
Any time you engage an opponent with reach, you may
make a Dexterity check (CL = opponents HD or level); if
successful, you negate their ability to attack first and win the
initiative due to having a reach weapon
This may also be used to negate Combat Reflexes and Hold
The Line maneuvers

Base Loyalty: 0 +/- leaders CHA mod (INT for monsters)

Loyalty / Morale Check
Mental save, + Loyalty bonus (INT modifier for most monsters)

Intelligence and Morale Save Bonus
Int Score Mod Int Score Mod
Animal 1-2 -3 Superior 16-17 +2
Inferior 3-5 -2 Genius 18-21 +3
Low 6-8 -1 Supra-Genius 22-25 +4
Average 9-12 0 Deific 26+ +5
High 13-15 +1

When to Check for Morale Consequences of Failure
Faced by obviously superior force Fall back, fighting
25% of party eliminated / slain Fall back, fighting
50% of party eliminated / slain Disengage and retreat
Leader unconscious / captured Flee in panic
Leader slain or deserts Flee or surrender
Immediate Circumstances Modifier
Each enemy deserting or slain +1
Inflicting casualties w/o receiving any +2
Each ally killed -1
Taking casualties w/o inflicting any -1
Each ally deserting -1
Outnumbered and outclassed by 3:1 -2
Leader unconscious -1
50% of allies slain -1
Leader slain or deserts -3

When to Check for Loyalty Failure
Offered bribe Cooperates
Ordered to testify against leader Agrees
Has a chance to steal goods Steals
Left alone in danger or abandoned Deserts
Ordered into danger, to perform a heroic act, or
to rescue someone
Offered surrender terms by a superior enemy Surrenders
Ordered to use / diminish magic item Refuses

Score Loyalty
< 0 None will kill, capture, harm, or desert at first
0-2 Disloyal always seeks personal advantage
3-6 Little seek own advantage at first sign of
7-10 Fair will support if no great risk to self
11-15 Loyal will support, even at great risk to self
> 15 Fanatical unquestioning, no hesitation

Loyalty Base Modifiers
Enlistment / Association Modifier
Associated -1
Captured or enlisted -1
Henchman +1
Hired mercenary 0
Hired mercenary, short term -1
Slave -3
Length of Enlistment / Association* Modifier
Less than one month -1
Less than one year 0
1 to 5 years +1
More than 5 years +2
*This includes time b/t service or length of time that the PC has
been generally known and familiar to the associate
Training or Status Level Modifier
Untrained / peasant -2
Little training / levied troops -1
Newly recruited regulars 0
Trained regulars +1
Elite, sub-officers, minor officials / expert hireling +2
Guards, officers, or major officials / henchmen +3
Pay or Treasure Shared Modifier
None -2
Partial, late, or unfair -1
Average 0
Above average, choice shares +1
Exceptional, bonuses, gift items* +2
*Typically magical items if a henchman is concerned
Discipline / Activity Modifier
Lax / little -1
Firm and harsh / occasional 0
Firm and fair / often +1
General Treatment by Leader Modifier
Inhuman and heartless -2
Cruel and domineering -1*
Indifferent and uncaring or variable -1
Just and invariable +1
Just, kind, and invariable +2
*Applies only when the leader is not present, is incapacitated, or
dead; if the leader is near and in power, minuses are treated as
Racial Preference Modifier
Hatred -2
Antipathy -1
Neutral 0
Good will +1
Preferred +2
Alignment Difference Modifier
1 place removed 0
2 places removed -1
3 places removed -2
Alignment of Leader Modifier
LG, LN +1
LE, NG, N, CG 0
CN, NE -1
CE -2
The Leader Has Modifier
Killed faithful follower in front of witnesses -4
Tortured follower in front of witnesses -3
Reputed to have slain followers, or let them die -2
Oath breaker -1
Reputed to have tortured followers, discharged
without cause
Given choice shares of treasure recently +1
Risked life for within last 6 months +1
Saved the life of, ransomed, or rescued +2
Used his own magic to save follower regularly +2
Raised, resurrected, or returned follower to life +4

Diplomacy Check
CHA check; CL varies based on initial Attitude
Improves an extra step per +5 rolled over the CC.

Starting Attitude Challenge Level*
Hostile will take risks to harm you 20
Unfriendly wishes you ill 15
Indifferent doesnt care 10
Friendly wishes you well 5
Helpful will take risks to help you 0
*This is in addition to the creatures HD or level
The Request Is For: Simple directions or advice (-2); reveal an
unimportant secret (+2); give lengthy or complicated aid (+2); give
dangerous aid (+5); reveal secret knowledge (+5 or more); give aid
that could result in punishment (+10 or more); additional requests
(+2 per request).