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Websites and Social Networking sites for business

By Kenneth Vercammen, Esq.

created one of the first websites in New !ersey back in "##$ called
)ater, websites we created websites htt%&'''
This summer I create a mo!ile app "or Smart Phones# $roi an non%IPhone
a&aila!le at
Our mo!ile app "or IPhone shoul !e appro&e an a&aila!le on ITunes in early
Blo's are not actually social meia# !ut another metho o" "ree Internet presence.
An attorney can set up a !lo' on their type o" practice. The !lo' author can permit
comments on the !lo'# or only permit comments !y "riens/ "ollowers
Blo''er is a blog,%ublishing ser-ice that allows %ri-ate or multi,user blogs
with time,stam%ed entries. t was bought by +oogle in .//0. +enerally, the blogs are
hosted by +oogle at a subdomain of t is not social media, but you
can %ermit readers to comment on your %osts.
1or e2am%le, an attorney who handles %rimarily immigration law can add
immigration cases to their blog on a weekly basis. 3otential clients do a +oogle
search, and since +oogle owns Blogger, that attorney4s immigration law %ost will
a%%ear higher in a search than an old immigration website.
t is sim%le to create a blog in your %ractice field. 5o 6reate a blog&
0. On the Internet# 'o to we!site: www.!lo'' create a "ree account.
.. 9lic; <Si'n into Blo''er<#
=ser name:
>. 9lic; on <9reate a Blo'<# then "ill in the !lan;s
Then clic;# 2ew Post
?or the title# whate&er you want
%E7ample: 2: Laws E%mail 2ewsletter# Octo!er 0@#.@00 ,..A# 2ame o" Article
A. Te7t 'oes in the last section.
/. 9lic; pu!lish post
B. 9lic; <&iew !lo'.<
6reating a blog is easy and free. Cen DercammenEs o""ice create the "ollowin' !lo's:
N! 6riminal )aw, 7ecent 6ases
-e inclue all the reporte criminal case sFui!s "rom 2: :uiciary
)8W EN1*76E9EN5 68SE)8W http://lawen"orcementcaselaw.!lo'
Gsame cases as 2: 9riminal Law% Heporte casesI an any other cases or issues that
a""ect police
N! :rug )aw
-e a all reporte criminal case sFui!s "rom 2: :uiciary i" they eal with suppression or
ru' cases# an any other pu!lic omain 2: items ealin' with ru's
N! 3E7S*N8) N!;7< = 6V) 68SES
-e a all reporte case sFui!s "rom 2: :uiciary S u p r e m e a n
A p p e l l a t e $ i & i s i o n t h a t a r e n o t c r i m i n a l G n o t S t a t e &
* * * * # o r S t a t e i n t h e I n t e r e s t o " * * * % j u & e n i l e I
N! 3robate, Wills = Estate 8dministration Statutes and information
-e ae all the sections o" the 2: Pro!ate law 2:SA >B%0 et seF# plus any new cases#
court rules or in"ormation ealin' with pro!ate
N! 6riminal Statutes and 6riminal !ury 6harges
-e a any criminal relate articles that are not case sFui!s
?or re'ular retaine clients an Pu!lic $e"ener clients we o"ten a the statutes they
are char'e with to this !lo'. Then print the !lo' to 'i&e to client as copy o" statute.
Business )aw
-e a articles "rom Business an 1eneral Law Lin;s + Articles on*articles*on****.asp(
9ate'ory)Business*an*1eneral*Practice an anythin' else ealin' o" interest to
!usiness owners
5raffic )aw = 9unici%al 6ourt, 8rticles from
-e a case sFui!s that eal with these topics. -e also a new tra""ic laws.
9otor Vehicle 8rticles and N! 5itle 0# 9otor Vehicle laws
-e a all 2:SA >8 tra""ic statutes
N! )aws Newsletters -e a our !i%wee;ly email newsletter that we email to o&er
>#@@@ clients# attorneys# ju'es# police an ini&iuals intereste in 2ew :ersey Laws.
1ay + Les!ian Le'al =pate. -e a Pro!ate an other cases a""ectin' 1LBT
-orpress% set up "ree !lo's similar to Blo''er
E7ample N! 6riminal )aw, 7ecent 6ases
A newer way to connect with "riens an o!tain !usiness is !ecome acti&e in online
social networ;in' we!sites. There are many "ree online sites "or attorneys to list their
names# practice areas an contact in"ormation. 2ow that I ha&e an IPhone I can chec;
emails an social meia reFuests "or in"ormation at the 'as station an e&en at a .@
secon tra""ic li'ht. Disit some o" the Social networ;in' sites !elow "or ieas. The majority
o" new clients in our o""ice not re"erre !y prior client learne a!out our o""ice online. The
i""erent "ree social meia sites will increase the lawyerEs name# practice "iel an phone
num!er !ein' isplaye in a 1oo'le search.
These are e7amples o" Cen DercammenEs online pro"iles:
1acebook is the lar'est "ree social networ;in' ser&ice an we!site. Accorin' to
-i;ipeia.or'# ?ace!oo; users can create personal pro"iles an create 'roups.
?ace!oo; users can reFuest another user to !ecome a "rien. I am a mem!er o"
se&eral ?ace!oo; runnin' clu!s where mem!ers post messa'es on acti&ities. =sers can
also create e&ents an in&ite "riens. My law o""ice has an annual summer happy hour at
Bar Anticipation in La;e 9omo where we in&ite our A@@ plus ?ace!oo; "riens. ?riens
can post photos an ta' names o" persons in the photos. Aitionally# "or the !usinesses
such as o""ices you can set up a L"an pa'e.M =sers can a lin;s to 4ouTu!e &ieos# post
I ha&e ne&er actually o!taine a client throu'h ?ace!oo;# !ut its important to ;eep
up with the times. In 088/ "ew law o""ices ha a we!site. 2ow# e&ery law o""ice has a we!
presence. E&ery major consumer company has a ?ace!oo; pa'e# such as Pepsi. E&en
potential clients re"erre !y client or attorney will o"ten L1oo'leM the attorney to learn a!out
the lawyer.
?ace!oo; ha JA/ million monthly acti&e users at the en o" $ecem!er .@00.
Appro7imately J@N o" the monthly acti&e users are outsie the =.S. an 9anaa. They
ha AJ> million aily acti&e users on a&era'e in $ecem!er .@00. They also ha more than
A./ million monthly acti&e users who use ?ace!oo; mo!ile proucts in $ecem!er .@00.
?ace!oo;: Law O""ice http://www."ace!oo;.com/pa'es/Cenneth%Dercammen Associates%
)inkedn is a !usiness%relate social networ;in' site. It is mainly use "or
pro"essional networ;in'. As o" 2o&em!er .@00# Lin;eIn reports more than 0>/ million
re'istere users in more than .@@ countries. Mem!ers can create !usiness pro"iles.
Instea o" L"riens# user can in&ite other mem!ers to Lconnect.M Lin;eIn also supports the
"ormation o" interest 'roups# an as o" March .A# .@00 there are JK@#B0. such 'roups
whose mem!ership &aries "rom 0 to >KK#@@@.
As lawyers# we are inee in a ser&ice inustry. Our wor; li"e Oan o"ten our
personal li"eP is ri&en !y the emans o" clients an the court. These emans lea&e us
strappe to our es;s or in courtrooms scram!lin' to meet ealines. 3ow o we as
!usy lawyers "in time to really connect with our clients(
Emer'in' "rom the "o' o" -e!sites# !lo's an social meia now use !y lawyers
an clients is Lin;eIn. ?or those un"amiliar with Lin;eIn# you are missin' an opportunity
to connect with your clients an re"errin' lawyers. Lin;eIn is a social meia -e!site
similar in concept to ?ace!oo;. 3owe&er# Lin;eIn has thri&e !ecause o" its primary
istinction "rom ?ace!oo; Q Lin;eIn is a purely pro"essional social networ;. ?or'et the
useless aily upates on trips to Star!uc;s an the 'rocery store# Lin;eIn is e7clusi&ely
meant "or !usiness. Lin;eIn !oasts that K/ o" the ?ortune 0@@ companies are clients an
that Lin;eIn is the new L'lo!al talent mar;etplace.M Lin;eIn has alreay !ecome the
stanar networ;in' tool in corporate America an is Fuic;ly !ecomin' an essential way to
connect an communicate with clients an other lawyers. Source: 7yan !ohnson 8B8
LawPractice.2ews R ?e!ruary / March .@0.
8ccording to :ennis Kennedy, a popular writer for the ABA, !ecause the traitional
use o" Lin;eIn reFuires an a""irmati&e e""ort to &isit a -e!site Othe LsiloM issueP where you
ha&e to lo'in Othe LwhatEs my passworM issueP an na&i'ate to 'et the in"ormation you
want Othe Lwhere was that a'ain(M issueP# the a&era'e Lin;eIn user "ails to ma;e the
re'ular &isits to Lin;eIn necessary to !ecome an e7pert user.
The Lin;eIn mo!ile app O"or IPhone# iOS# Anroi an Blac;Berry plat"ormsP
ma;es Lin;eIn more usea!le an pro&ies a 'oo Oan "reeP way "or many lawyers#
especially those increasin'ly relyin' on SmartPhones an apps# to use Lin;eIn more
As with most SmartPhone apps# you can ownloa an install the Lin;eIn app
"rom the applica!le app store. -eEll use the iPhone app as our e7ample. Once installe#
you con"i'ure the app an can access your Lin;eIn account throu'h the app irectly. The
LwhatEs my passworM issue is eliminate !ecause the passwor is entere as part o" the
con"i'uration. See 8B8 LawPractice.2ews R ?e!ruary / March .@0. I can now chec; my
Lin;ein messa'es on my IPhone while in an ele&ator "or ./ secons at the courthouse.
Lin;eInEs mo!ile app also has a section "or LPeople you may ;nowM an with one clic;
you can in&ite them to !ecome one o" your connections.
+oogle> aka 1oo'le Plus is 1oo'leEs attempt to ri&al ?ace!oo;. 1oo'leS
inte'rates social ser&ices such as 1oo'le Pro"iles an 1oo'le Bu66. It was opene to the
pu!lic in Septem!er .@00 an now alreay has a user !ase o" 8@ million.
5witter is an online social networ;in' ser&ice an micro !lo''in' ser&ice that
ena!les its users to sen an rea te7t%!ase posts o" up to 0A@ characters# ;nown as
<tweets<. Many o" the sites liste !elow will permit the user to "orwar "or "ree a tweet to
Twitter settin' "orth%new we!pa'es an pa'e upates. There are now >@@ million users.,T/CenDercammen
<ou5ube is a way to 'et your &ieos pu!lishe. =ploa# ta' an share your &ieos
worlwieT I do all of my work on a Mac and IPhone. They both have built in cameras. ou can
!ractice and record your !resentations. I also !ractice for my seminars and !ublic s!eakin" by
recordin" !ortions# and !uttin" on ouTube and other video sites.
?oune in ?e!ruary .@@/# 4ouTu!e allows !illions o" people to isco&er# watch
an share ori'inally create &ieos. 4ouTu!e pro&ies a "orum "or people to connect#
in"orm# an inspire others across the 'lo!e an acts as a istri!ution plat"orm "or ori'inal
content creators an a&ertisers lar'e an small. The Mac computers ha&e a !uilt in
camera an &ieo# so attorneys can recor their own short &ieos an post on 4ouTu!e. I
practice "or my seminars !y recorin' /%minute clips o" the presentation# then uploain'
the clip to 4ouTu!e. -e can also a a one%para'raph narrati&e as a escription to the
1ree )egal sites&
!: Su%ra is a repository o" "ree le'al in"ormation share !y the pro"essionals who
'enerate it. =sers can create pro"iles# share ocuments# articles# "orms# an pleain's.
;sers can share the following& )egal :ocument , 6ourt filings = decisions ?your
own or rele-ant to your %ractice@
Le'al Article/2ewsletter % Articles# newsletters# client alerts# re%purpose !lo' posts
Le'al ?orm % 9hec;lists# templates# "illa!le "ormsU contracts or other transactional ocs
:S Supra users can also Automatically share ocs with connections on Lin;eIn:
sync your Lin;eIn an :$ Supra accounts
They can also Automatically share your ocs with connections on ?ace!oo;: install :$
SupraVs le'al pu!lishin' app on your ?ace!oo; pa'e
8--o Le'al ratin': The company that owns A&&o has liste all the license attorney
in 2:. It is "ree to create a pro"ile. ?or 2: attorneys# an initial pro"ile is alreay there. -hen
you claim it# a what you want as o"ten as you want to 'i&e prospecti&e clients#
competitors# an the meia a clear picture o" your rWsumW an e7pertise. -e!site also
inclues lawyer%su!mitte le'al 'uies. Attorney pro"iles# un!iase ratin's an "ree
access raw o&er ../ million &isitors to A&&o e&ery month.
A&&o raws an enormous pool o" consumers !y o""erin' them in"ormation one
attorneys an whether there has !een any ethical iscipline. Attorneys ha&e the
opportunity to 'et notice !y these prospecti&e clients throu'h "ree an pai mar;etin'
A&&o claims it 'ets three times the tra""ic o" Martinale%3u!!ell an a&era'es more
than 0B@#@@@ lawyer contacts per month.

!ustia )awyer :irectory: =sers can Participate in the :ustia community !y
creatin' a "ree account. 9laim an upate your :ustia Le'al $irectory pro"ile# as; or
answer Fuestions in :ustiaVs Le'al Answers or participate in :ustia Le'al Birs an
Blaw'search communities. By re'isterin' you can choose to also recei&e announcements
o" upcomin' new "ree ser&ices.
!ustia %ermits users to add to these categories&
5witter = Social Networks
Videos;enneth%al!ert%&ercammen%esF%00K0.A8/ 6onnected is a "ree site "or attorneys to post newsletters# articles
an set up a pro"ile!ers/.AA/JBA/e"ault.asp7
)egal 3layground is a social networ;in' we!site that allows mem!ers o" the le'al
community to connect with prospecti&e clients. It has mem!er pro"iles to locate a
con&enient lawyer# which coul assist your reFuirements. This top we! application helps to
search "or lawyers !y name# or'ani6ation# practice "iels# or location. Thus you can &iew
their pro"iles# photos# &ieos an !lo's to stuy more an in "act communicate them
7ocket )awyer, nc. is an online le'al "orms an ser&ices company in San
?rancisco# 9ali"ornia in the =nite States. Hoc;et LawyerVs primary ser&ice allows users to
create# store# share# an E%si'n le'al ocuments "rom a sin'le account ash!oar.
Hoc;etLawyer also connects users with attorneys "or le'al ocument re&iew. Attorneys
can si'n on "or "ree an potentially 'et cases "rom ini&iuals who reali6e online "orms
may not sol&e their pro!lems.
)aw3i-ot is a le'al X+A we!site that ena!les companies# especially startups# to
con"ientially recei&e crow source le'al answers "rom hi'hly Fuali"ie lawyers "or a
"raction o" the cost. Aitionally# the site allows lawyers to mar;et their le'al ser&ices !y
sharin' e7pert a&ice an en'a'in' in iscussions. The companyEs X+A technolo'y
utili6es a personali6e search al'orithm to pro&ie companies rele&ant lawyers on
LawPi&ot to pro&ie answers to their speci"ic le'al Fuestions.
9eet the Elite allows Attorneys# Accountants# Insurance A'ents an ?inancial
Planners the a!ility to create a "ree we! pro"ile to networ; an promote their ser&ices.
)aw)ink is a social networ; "or the le'al community with o&er J#@@@ mem!ers
nationwie. LawLin; states it now recei&es o&er 0/@#@@@ uniFue &isitors a month.
LawLin; consists o" "our separate !ut interconnecte social networ;s:
5he 8ttorney Network.
5he E2%ert Witness Network.
5he )aw Student Network.
5he )aw 3rofessional Network
http://www.lawlin;.com/pro"ile.asp7(networ;Pro"ileI$)>JA0 states they help lawyers ma;e smart !uyin' ecisions !y o""erin'
Le'al Denor $eals "rom the !est le'al &enors aroun the worl.
Non, legal sites&
9ys%ace is consiere !y many to !e the ori'inal social networ;in' site. 3owe&er#
?ace!oo; has o&erta;en it. Myspace ha >>.0 million uniFue =.S. &isitors.;enneth&ercammen

1lickr users share photos an short &ieo. 4ahoo purchase it. 4ahoo claims that
?lic;r ha a total o" /0 million re'istere mem!ers

*rkut is a social networ;in' site purchase !y 1oo'le. It has o&er B@ million users
1riend1eed is a real%time "ee a''re'ator that consoliates the upates "rom
social meia an social networ;in' we!sites# social !oo;mar;in' we!sites# !lo's an
micro%!lo''in' upates# as well as any other type o" HSS/ Atom "ee

+ather has A./ million monthly uniFue =.S. &isitors an A.A million 'lo!ally
Mem!ers recei&e their own su!omain# where they can pu!lish articles an share
comments. Also# mem!ers can create 'roups pertainin' to their own e""orts# or to any
other topic.

3la2o is an online aress !oo; # "ormerly a social networ;in' ser&ice. =sers recei&e a personal pro"ile pa'e where they can post !lo's#
photo'raphs an &ieos. Aitionally# users may a others as "riens an sen them
messa'es# an upate their personal pro"iles to noti"y "riens a!out themsel&es.
:igg is a social news we!site. It consiste o" lettin' people &ote stories up or own#
calle digging an burying# respecti&ely
9eta6afe was similar to other &ieo &iewin' we!sites such as 4ouTu!e or
$ailymotion# !ut has since trans"orme itsel" into a short%"orm &ieo entertainment site
with se&eral i""erences. The site now showcases curate# e7clusi&e an ori'inal premium
entertainment%relate &ieo content.
Bebo& The we!siteVs name is an acronym "or Blog Early, Blog Often.GAI =sers
recei&e a personal pro"ile pa'e where they can post !lo's# photo'raphs# music# &ieos
an Fuestionnaires to which other users may answer. Aitionally# users may a others
as "riens an sen them messa'es# an upate their personal pro"iles to noti"y "riens
a!out themsel&es. Be!o is &ery similar to other social networ;in' sites# mainly ?ace!oo;
Ai$ is a social 'amin' we!site
Veoh& -e ae short law &ieos.
9y<earBook is a social isco&er we!site# it pro&ies the opportunity to interact
an meet new people.
2on%mem!ers cannot &iew pro"ile unless they ha&e an account themsel&es.
Stumble;%on is a isco&ery en'ine Oa "orm o" we! search en'ineP that "ins an
recommens we! content to its users. Its "eatures allow users to isco&er an rate -e!
pa'es# photos# an &ieos that are personali6e to their tastes an interests usin' peer%
sourcin' an social%networ;in' principles.
:elicious O"ormerly del.icio.usP is a social !oo;mar;in' we! ser&ice "or storin'#
sharin'# an isco&erin' we! !oo;mar;s.;en&ercammen

<el% for Business *wners. <el%, nc. is a company that operates a
social networ;in'# user re&iew# an local search we! site. claims it has more
than /A million monthly uniFue &isitors as o" late .@0@. 4elp pro&ies online local search
capa!ilities "or its &isitors. A typical search inclues what the user is see;in' Oe.'. a !ar!er
shopP an the location "rom which the search is to !e per"orme# entere as a speci"ic
aress# nei'h!orhoo# city/state com!ination# or 6ip coe. Each !usiness listin' result
contains a /%point ratin'# re&iews "rom other site &isitors# an etails such as the !usiness
aress# hours# accessi!ility# an par;in'. Site &isitors can ai in ;eepin' the !usiness
listin's up to ate# with moerator appro&al# an !usiness owners can irectly upate their
own !usinessV listin' in"ormation
Squidoo is a community we!site that allows users to create pa'es Ocalle lensesP
"or su!jects o" interest. SFuioo ha 0./ million han%!uilt lenses as o" Octo!er .@0@. Business networ;in'. Appro7 .#@@@ mem!ers
S%oke is a !usiness irectory an social networ;in' site mainly use "or
pro"essional networ;in'. The site collects an a''re'ates in"ormation "rom pu!lic sources#
pri&ate ata!ases an mem!er uploas
9ulti%ly is a social networ;in' ser&ice with an emphasis on allowin' users to share
meia Q such as photos# &ieos an !lo' entries Q with their <real%worl< networ;. It is
currently the !i''est <social shop< in Southeast Asia with o&er 0./#@@@ merchants an .@
million uniFue &isitors. In aition to a pro"ile# we poste some &ieos.
<E))* is an Internet we! site operate !y AT+T Interacti&e.
8thlinks is a "ree%o"%char'e sports social networ;in' we!site which primarily
presents race results "or runnin'# swimmin'# cyclin'# mountain !i;in'# triathlon# an
a&enture racin'. Sports. I post my runnin' race an triathlon results.
At the American Bar Association .@0. Annual meetin' the ABA Eler Law
9ommittee o" the 1P Solo $i&ision will hol a pro'ram on mar;etin' Pro!ate + Eler Law
practices. -e will e7amine in etail 'reat sites "or online social networ;in'.
Kenneth 8. Vercammen is an Eison# Milese7 9ounty# 2: trial attorney who has
pu!lishe 0./ articles in national an 2ew :ersey pu!lications on !usiness an liti'ation
topics. 3e hanles 9riminal# Pro!ate# 9i&il Liti'ation an Estate matters. 3e o"ten lectures
to trial lawyers o" the American Bar Association# 2ew :ersey State Bar Association an
Milese7 9ounty Bar Association.
3e is a hi'hly re'are lecturer on liti'ation issues "or the American Bar
Association# I9LE# 2ew :ersey State Bar Association an Milese7 9ounty Bar
Association. 3is articles ha&e !een pu!lishe !y 2ew :ersey Law :ournal# ABA Law
Practice Mana'ement Ma'a6ine# an 2ew :ersey Lawyer. 3e is the Eitor in 9hie" o" the
2ew :ersey Municipal 9ourt Law He&iew. Mr. Dercammen is a recipient o" the 2:SBA%
4L$ Ser&ice to the Bar Awar.
3e has ser&e as a Special Actin' Prosecutor in nine i""erent cities an towns in
2ew :ersey an also success"ully hanle o&er One thousan Municipal 9ourt an
Superior 9ourt matters in the past 0J years.
In his pri&ate practice# he has e&ote a su!stantial portion o" his pro"essional time
to the preparation an trial o" liti'ate matters. 3e has appeare in 9ourts throu'hout
2ew :ersey se&eral times each wee; on 9riminal personal injury matters# Municipal 9ourt
trials# an conteste Pro!ate hearin's. 3e ser&es as the Eitor o" the popular le'al
.@/> -oo!ri'e A&e.
Eison# 2: @JJ0K
OPhoneP K>.%/K.%@/@@
O?a7P K>.%/K.%@@>@