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Nowadays, most of the people do not have to worry about being hunger every day, but

there are people who do. Hunger and malnutrition affect a vast majority people in the planet.
There are many people face hunger to death. Africa is one of the food-insecure countries.
According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO), the vast majority
of the hungry, 825 million people are undernourished have around 15 percent of their
population and while 16 million people are undernourished in developed countries. The
causes of world hunger are environment and climate, lack of development in agricultural and
According to United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization announces, that there
are 925 million hungry people worldwide. The first cause of world hunger might be
changing of environment and climate. The fertile crops and the enrichment land need a clean
condition of environment to grow. So, environment pollution would seriously affect the
growth of crops. For example, natural disasters such as droughts and floods would impact the
world food supply by destroying the production of crops. Therefore, the unpredicted climate
and environment change might bring a lot of effect to world hunger.
Lack of investment in agricultural also may cause world hunger. A lot of developing
countries might be focusing on other sectors such as industries and economics. According to
Wall Street Journal (March 31, 2009), U.S. had decrease their food output by 7.8 million
acres over year 2008 due to the farmers plan to nullify millions of acres of land. Most of the
develop countries do not even have enough grain for their people. If every country has
enough grain for their people, the probability of world hunger happened would be reduced. In
order to reduce various forms of malnutrition, State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012
(SOFI), states that growth must not only benefit the poor, but must also be nutrition-
sensitive. Lack of investment in agricultural will causes world hunger.
Jos Graziano da Silva, Kanayo F. Nwanze and Ertharin Cousin, respectively the Heads
of FAO, IFAD and WFP, said that, we note with particular concern that the recovery of the
world economy from the recent global financial crisis remains fragile. Poverty may be one of
the causes of world hunger. Not every poor person is hungry, but mostly the hungry people
are poor. They dont have money to buy food to feed themselves. Besides, they also cannot
afford those farming supply that need to grow the food for themselves. Poverty is one of the
important causes lead to world hunger. Reducing poverty indirectly reduces hunger. Hence,
poverty would be one of the causes of world hunger.
In the nutshell, there are three causes which might cause world hunger. The causes of
world hunger are the changes of environment and climate, lack of investment in agricultural
and poverty. Then, those food-insure countries should put effort to develop the agricultural
sector to decrease rate of world hunger. Decrease rate of poverty is also one way to reduce
rate of world hunger. As a suggestion, other countries can distribute food supply to food-
insecure countries to lower the rate of world hunger.