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We Invite You to participate

with us in one of the most exciting chal

lenges in the world - the training of Asian
Christian leaders in South East Asia! The
South East Asia Evangelizing Mission has
for many years been laying the groundwork
for a Bible Institute in Thailand. In Sep
tember, 1975, formal credit-granting class-
as were launched, with students enrolled
from both Burma and Thailand. Our ob
jective is to train hundreds of Asian Chris
tian leaders to spread the Gospel and to
strengthen churches in many countries of
Asia. Asian Christian missionaries, evan
gelists, writers, radio and television broad
casters, Bible translators, and new teachers
for additional Christian leadership develop
ment programs all need to be educated.
Chiangmai Bible Institute - situated in the
heart of mainland South East Asia - is in
a strategic position to accomplish this task.
Two Students at the Institute
SInsar had part of his elementary
school education In China. His
mother tongue Is the Daru Rawang
language of the Tibetan border,
but he also speaks five other
languages. He wants to develop
Christian literature and radio
broadcasts in the languages of
Asia, as well as personal evangel-
Ism and church planting. Having
studied In a Bible Institute In
Burma, he wants now to further
his studies at Chiangmai Bible
Matthew Is an example of the stu
dents being trained In the Chiang
mai Bible Institute. He Is thirty
years old, and was a student of
LaVerne Morse In Burma. He
speaks five different languages.
His home area Is near the China
border In northern Burma. He
has already had two years of uni
versity training, and has been a
schoolteacher three years. His
purpose is to graduate from the
Bible Institute and to train other
Asian Christian leaders. Writing
and radio broadcasting are Im
mediate Involvements for him as a
work-scholarship student In the
Bible Institute.
The Chiangmai Bible Institute has the potential for
training hundreds of Asian Christian missionaries,
evangelists, writers, broadcasters, and other leaders.
BUT, it is a team effort, and we need you on the
Team! Please prayerfully consider what you can do.
All contributions are tax-deduptlble. Checks should
be made out to South East Asia Evangelizing Mission,
and designated "For building Bible Institute". Send to
James Florey, Treasurer
i Box 581
Mokena, Illinois 60448
in Thailand
This young Chinese lady named Kuilang is
representative of many other students in
Southeast Asia who want to carry the
Gospel to their own people. The Chiangmai
Bible Institute is endeavoring to train such
Christian leaders in this strategic area of the
Peter Sutjaibun is one
of the great Team of
missionaries teaching in
the Chiangmai Bible In
stitute. After years of
experience as a Chris
tian leader in Asia, he
graduated from Cincin
nati Bible Seminary in
1974. He speaks nine
languages! He and his
wife Ruth, and their
three children, are a
vital part of the Chiang
mai Bible Institute.
Daniel Kalnin is a respected Christian leader in
both Thailand and Burma. He served in evan
gelistic and teaching work in Asia, then came to
the U.S.A., graduating from Cincinnati Bible
Seminary in 1974. He reads, writes, and speaks
seven different languages! He and his wife
Beverley, with their child Sonya, are a key part
of the leadership of the Bible Institute.
Recruits Planning to go in 1976:
These four missionaries and their families are in Thailand now teaching in
the Bible Institute In Chiangmai. Four more recruits are to go in 1976.
Carefully selected students are studying in the Bible Institute. Many other key
Asian Christian leaders are waiting to be enrolled. Please pray for these
missionaries who are helping to educate "leading servants for Christ" in
South East Asia.
Douglas Umbanhowar teaches Bible, and
also agriculture and Christian Community
Development. Doug is a graduate of
Michigan State University, and has
studied in Cincinnati Christian Seminary.
Doug and his wife Geri, together with
their two children, are a crucial part
of the South East Asia Mission team in
Paul Fuller and his wife
Cris specialize in teach
ing music. Paul also
teaches Bible, and likes
to preach. Paul gradu
ated from Cincinnati
Bible Seminary, then
earned his Master's de
gree in music at Cincin
nati Conservatory of
Music, and took further
training at Columbia
University. Cris has a
Master's degree in teach
ing music. Paul and
Cris are an important
part of the teaching staff
of the Chiangmai Bible
Institute, as well as do
ing evangelistic and ref
ugee relief work.
JULY, 1976JUNE, 1977 VOLUME III, Number 1
h a
'^Orcj ^
Piri9ua'i*^ dwell in you richW
'tual songs with gratituae
Col. 3:16-N1V
Thai babiestwin qirls. The qirls
were born on Oct. 15, 1976. Thouqh
Cris and Paul had talked for many
months about adoptinq a Thai child,
the situation arose rather abruptly
in November. It was then that an
acquaintance of ours involved in
work with needy children let us
know that there were twins who had
just arrived at the local hospital
in rather bad condition. They seem
ed to be in good health, except
that they had been fed very little
during their first four weeks of
life. Their mother was extremely
poor, and their father had left the
house. They were being looked after Cristine Marie & Melissa Ann Fuller
Southeast Asia evanqcVizinq
A Fuller Family (cont.)
by their qrandmother, who was un
able to care for them very well*
The babies were then found by a
social worker, who saw obvious
signs of malnutrition. The grand
mother asked if the hospital might
take them, and we were contacted.
Cris and Paul quickly made a de
cision not to seperate the girls
and to adopt them both if possible.
Trips to the village and to various
government offices followed, and
on December 7, Pranee and Pranom
became officially Cristine Marie
and Melissa Ann Fuller.
During the weeks since our two
princesses arrived, they have
steadily increased in size and ape-
tite. Our son David has proved to
be a surprisingly good little help
er .We ask your prayers especially
for Cris, that she may be able to
continue in good health during this
And then they were five. . .
We plan to Arrive in the states
in the last part of August, 1977.
We will be available for visiting
churches for the year following
this date. Please let us know if
there is a specific time you would
Paul Fuller teaches Bible. Students
are taught 5 days per week, 9 months
per year.
Tutoring in Thai. Thai preacher
Poyon studies "How to Preach."
like to have us visit. Paul will
be spending a few weeks in Germany
before arriving, the middle part of
August, while Cris may arrive in
the states during latter June or
July. Vfe look forward to sharing
our work and meeting old friends.
Institute Building
All the students and faculty at
the Chiengmai Bible Institute praise
and thank God that the new multi
purpose building planned for so
many years is now in use. V7e must
add, however, that it is far from
completedabout 2/3 finished. Con
tributions for the building from
Christians all over America (and
Please turn to page 4
Evangelism And
A Seminary
Here is the challengel Here is
the constant elephant pit toward
which a seminary walks. It is the
temptation not to take time in evan
gelism. Every teacher, every stu
dent is tempted to spend all of his
tine in preparation, and none of
his time in application,in tell
ing others about Jesus. In the
SEAEM, we are trying hard to live
up to our name. We are doing this
through radio evangelism, village
evangelism, and evangelism here in
Chiengmai. (Several Thais came to
the Lord this past year.)
But the real challenge is to
keep each of the Bible institute
participants involved in evangelismi
For this reason, each of our 2-year
Peter S. baptizes Singh Saeryakul
certificate students is asked to
complete a six-month internship,
working in a local Thai church, or
in a village church. Each of our
4-year degree students is asked to
spend periods of several weeks
evangelizingin the mountains or
in the villages. Each Saturday
members of the mission team here in
Chiengmai who speak the Thai lan
guage meet to go out into various
areas of Chiengmai and talk about
Jesus. And finally, of course, all
Poyon Thittipon baptizes.
of the people we meet in our daily
activities are potential partakers
of the Gospel of Christ. We ask
you to pray for each of us involved
in training church leadership. Pray
for us that we will always keep the
fires of evangelism burning.
December-preaching in a Lisu village.
Yesterday evening (March 7),when
Paul asked the students who would be
going on evangelistic trips during
the summer term, Shemyan said it.
"I will," he said. "I want to
preach. I want to preachi"
The CBI Building (cont.)
some in Asia) have totaled over
$20,000. The final estimate shows,
however, that the completed build
ing will cost about $39,000. This
is a few thousand more than I had
originally hoped. Some of the
$39,000 could be postponed for a
year or two, and we will perhaps be
doina thatair-conditioning for
the library, pews for the auditor
ium, and a few other things could
be postponed. But we are looking
forward to gifts of (approximately)
15,000 more dollars, so that every
space in the building will be in
use by future Asian church leadersi
As we have reported before, the
building at Chiengmai is a low-cost
structure, built in the Thai style,
and designed to take care of many
needs of the Chiengmai Bible Insti
tute. It has an air-conditioned
library (mostly to keep the books
from being destroyed by humidity
and insects!)} sixteen individual
rooms for 32 students} bathrooms
and shower rooms} four offices} two
storerooms} and a chapel to seat
more than 150 people. We have been
involved a lot lately in physical
work on the building. We thank God
for response to the recent appeal
on this building. We have built it
right along as the funds have come
in, and have not had to stop build
ing until this week. If you have
not been able to respond to the ap
peal, perhaps now the Lord will en
able you to finish and furnish the
CBI building.
The building in November. Rooms
were not yet in use.
The building at present. Rooms at
the lower left are in use.
David fv Says
;"I . . T don't think I want him
: for a pet, . .
Samuel Manni, preachinq in a Lahu

1 ^

1 -
Plus 21 students at the school;four
teachers (this is a close-up of the
picture on page 7.
Kamay, preaching in Northern Thai Kathy Anderson. ("How do I get
villages. dovm?5*')
Gerri Umbanhowar and Eric, Cris
Fuller and David,
The Daniel Kalnin family, , ,
The Peter Sutjaibun family.
, and prepares hearts for bap
tism at a mountain stream.
Getting concrete to the roof was
a problem. The human chain wore
out students guicKly, Finally, Paul
rigged a belt (1) driven by the PTO
(2) of our mission tractor. Several
days of labor were saved without
buying a motor!
Thai Music In Use;
More I nstruments Needed
In September of last year, after
careful consideration and looking
for funds, Paul was able to pur-
ase a Thai Xylophone, called a
Hanaat. Since that time, we have
often used the ranaat in our church
services, together with the Thai
traditional melodies and words com
posed by SaiTyong Prasopsin. The
music has been received very en
thusiastically by Thai church mem
bers. Everywhere these songs are
used among the Thai, it seems, the
reception is much greater than that
given to Western songs, which are
unfamiliar. This is true except
in some city churches where Western
hymns have already been used for
many years. We would like to chal
lenge anyone who reads this letter
who feels moved to do so to pur
chase for the churches a Thai gong
circle for $200, or a liiai ranaat
for $150. I will personally see
the names of contributors carved
onto the instruments, as a remind
er to our students and churches of
the people who are behind them
(wood carving is something for which
Chiengmai is world famous). Please
let our forwarding agent know if
you can help in this way, or write
us direct. Using Thai music helps
open the hearts of Thai people!
Christians in a Thai/Western ensemble
Prayer List
1. Our special financial need-$200
from each of ten churches for our
furlouah trip.
2. The evanqelistic programs and
3. Ruth Sutjaibun, who at this mo
ment lies in the hospital after a
premature Caesarian. The girl baby
is so far in good health.
4. The future of the Mao refugees;
the hostel they are trying to es
5. The team as it breaks up tempor-
arily for furloughs.
6. Completion of the building.
7. The new recruits to Southeast
Asia Christian Services. Anderson,
Viner, and Parrishes have arrived
and are hard at workl Others are
coming. They all suffer culture
shock greatly for some months.
8. Beverly Kalnin and Esther De los
Santos, who are expecting babies.
9. Cataract operation for our stu
dent, Clifford.
Ruth Davenport, Fwdg. Agent
717 2lst Street West
Bradenton, Florida 33505
Paul, Cris, David, Cristy,
Missy Fuller
PO Box 59
Chiengraai, Thailand
The elders and directors of
BOX 177
Address Correction Requested
An American professor, Paul Fuller,
Beverly Kalnin, and D,cg Umbanhowar
take and pass the ijas test in read
ing, writing, and speaking Thai at
vomt school, Chiengmai.