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Department of Communication Internship Program

University of Maryland


Students name: Katya Hutnik
Address: 7527 Rhode Island Avenue College Park, MD 20740
Phone number: 607-342-1145 e-mail:

Worksite supervisor's name and title: Steven Eliopoulos
Organization name: Bulldog Public Relations
Address: 1811 18
Street, NW Suite 32 Washington, DC 20009
Phone number: 202-483-3003 e-mail:
Fax: None

Academic Instructor's name and title: Julie S. Gowin, Outreach Coordinator
Address: Department of Communication, R2130 Skinner Bldg., College Park, MD 20742
Phone number: (301) 405-7323 e-mail:
Fax: (301) 314-9471

Descriptive Title of Internship Position: Public Relations Intern

Job description including general duties to be undertaken as part of the internship:

The internship role is unpaid position that offers college credit for those who seek it. Interns
must possess their own computer laptop and will have a personal workspace and office desk to conduct
tasks and assignments. The internship will last throughout the fall (January-May). This is an exciting
internship opportunity in a fast-paced environment that will provide a great experience, excellent
mentorship, future references and additional skills to place on your resume. Duties include:
- Writing and editing press releases
- Media database management
- Working directly with media to coordinate interviews and story opportunities
- Media tracking
- Planning special events, coordinating promotions and learning the day-to-day workings of a PR
- Participation in publicity planning and strategy sessions
- Preparation, organization and distribution of press clippings and other press materials
- Pitching local media
- Writing of additional press materials, publications pieces, etc.
- Light clerical work
- Other projects as assigned, based on department needs and intern's interests

The students work should meet this description, the student should receive adequate
supervision, the student should have a safe place to work, and the student should have the
opportunity to fulfill learning requirements.

The student should provide diligent performance of work, safeguard the interests of the
organization, and share information that may impact the students ability to do the job including
the level of internship course for which the student has registered.

Description of compensation including amount, how and when paid and treatment of taxes, as well as,
facilities, and supervision to be provided by the worksite organization to the student: (Answered above)

Units of credit to be earned: 4 (require a minimum of 45 hours of work per credit)

Time frame of internship:
Start date: 1/29/2014
End date: 05/07/2014
Weekly schedule: Monday and Wednesday 10 a.m.- 5p.m. and events throughout semester

Intern: The student should follow the syllabus provided by the instructor.

Supervisor: The supervisor should write an evaluation of the student and send it to the instructor by
semesters end. It should be signed and on company letterhead. This letter should verify the number
hours the student has worked and give a descriptive evaluation of the quality of work provided by the
student during the internship. A copy of the evaluation should be provided to the student. Please note
that students will be allowed to view the evaluation.

Instructors access to evaluate the student
Early in the internship the student should coordinate and the organization should welcome an onsite
visit at the worksite for the instructor. The onsite visit should include a tour of the facility and the
students workspace, and an opportunity to meet and talk briefly with the supervisor.

Student Interns Goals and Objectives (including project plan)
Goal: To become familiar with day-to-day responsibilities of a PR professional
Objective: Work closely with Matt and Steven for 180 hours throughout the semester
Objective: Attend two events for clients of Bulldog Public Relations to gain experience of
responsibilities during event.

Goal: To gain experience and knowledge promoting an event and all the work that goes behind it from a
PR perspective.
Objective: Learn how to use two new social media platforms to publicize an event.
Objective: Get five media placements for event in local publications

Project plan: To satisfy the project requirement for class, I will work on a media campaign to publicize
and promote SpringFest for Capitol City Brewing Company, one of Bulldog Public Relations clients.
For the project I will be responsible for writing a media advisories, inviting press to the event,
developing a comprehensive list of media attendees, tracking press, using social media to promote the
event, attending the event and taking pictures and tracking commentary and press after the event. After
the event is over I will compile a binder of press clippings and images that were published for Capitol
City Brewing Company to view.