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Zachary Haro

EDEL 445-002
Lesson Plan 1
Description of Classroo!
grade, 9-11 year olds, 12 boys, 13 girls
45-50 minute supplemental lesson on how global patterns can influence changes to Earths surface!
"iddle lesson on Earth #omposition and $tructure %nit! $tudents ha&e bac'ground information on
other forms of water, wind, and ice that change the Earth(s surface!
Content O'(ecti)e*s+!
$tudents will be able to discuss glaciers and how they land, do an acti&ity that illustrates how glaciers
change the land, and ma'e a class list of what causes changes to our planets structure!
Lan$%a$e O'(ecti)e*s+!
$tudents will discuss their ideas on what a glacier is! )hey will write their definitions down and
record*reflect on their obser&ations of the e+periment! $tudents will discuss and listen to their
classmates obser&ations and conclusions from the e+periment!
Ne)a&a Stan&ar&s!
E!5!#!2, $tudents 'now water, wind, and ice constantly change the Earths land surface by eroding
roc' and soil in some places and depositing them in other areas! E*$
E!5!#!3,$tudents 'now landforms may result from slow processes -e!g! erosion and deposition. and
fast processes -e!g! &olcanoes, earth/ua'es, landslides, flood, and human acti&ity.! E*$
0!5!1!2, $tudents 'now scientific progress is made by conducting careful in&estigations, recording
data, and communicating the results in an accurate method! E*$
0!5!1!3, $tudents 'now how to draw conclusions from scientific e&idence! E*$
0!5!1!5, $tudents 'now how to plan and conduct a safe and simple in&estigation! E*$
0!5!1!2!, $tudents 'now models are tools for learning about the things they are meant to resemble! 3*$
,e- Voca'%lar-!
Definition! A deep, narrow valley that often has steep sdes
Conte.t! !"t #y the !olorado $ver over %llons of years, the &rand !anyon s a spectac"lar
e'a%ple of nat"ral forces carvn( the Earth)
Definition! *he wearn( away of the land #y flown( water, the %ove%ent of (lacers, or #y wnd
Conte.t! +lown( water and stron( wnds are respons#le for %"ch eroson of the land)
Definition! A lar(e #ody of ce slowly %ovn( across the land, p"shn( sand and roc,s as t %oves
Conte.t! *he %ove%ent of (lacers s respons#le for the for%aton of Lon( -sland n .ew /or,)
Definition! A feat"re of Earth0s s"rface that e%er(ed as a res"lt of nat"ral ca"ses
Conte.t!1o"ntans, canyons, and valleys are e'a%ples of landfor%s that occ"rred as a res"lt of
Zachary Haro
EDEL 445-002
Lesson Plan 1
nat"ral forces)
nat%ral forces
Definition! 2cc"rrences on Earth attr#"ta#le to nat"re, not ca"sed #y the actons of people
Conte.t! Earth3"a,es and volcanoes are destr"ctve nat"ral forces that can ca"se e'tensve da%a(e to
#"ldn(s and can n4"re people ca"(ht n ther path)
tectonic plates
Definition! *he lar(e sla#s of Earth0s cr"st and o"ter%ost %antle that le #eneath the s"rface
Conte.t! Earth0s tectonc plates have #een %ovn( contn"ally for #llons of years
"est Practices! -put an 4 ne+t to those that you address in your lesson.
Preparation Scaffol&in$ Gro%pin$ Options
Adaptaton of content 1odeln( 5hole !lass
Ln,s to #ac,(ro"nd &"ded practce 6%all (ro"ps
Ln,s to past learnn( -ndependent practce Partners
6trate(es ncorporated 7er#al scaffolds -ndependent
Proced"ral scaffolds
Inte$ration of Processes Application Assessent
Lstenn( Hands-on -ndvd"al
6pea,n( A"thentc 81eann(f"l9 &ro"p
$eadn( Ln,ed to o#4ectves 5rtten
5rtn( Pro%otes en(a(e%ent 2ral
Lesson Se0%ence!
1) E.&A&E: ;e(n the lesson #y shown( st"dents a pct"re of a (lacer wtho"t telln( the%
what t s)

2) After a %n"te of o#servaton, as, the% wrte ther deas of what s happenn( n the pct"re n
ther scence 4o"rnals and what e'actly s n the pct"re) As a class, arrve at a defnton of a
A sa%ple defnton follows: a lar(e #ody of ce %ovn( down a slope, p"shn( roc,s
and sand as t travels) &lacers are respons#le for new landfor%s< an e'a%ple s Lon(
-sland n .ew /or,)
Zachary Haro
EDEL 445-002
Lesson Plan 1
=) *ell st"dents that they wll partcpate n an actvty that wll de%onstrate how (lacers can
ca"se dra%atc chan(es) Dvde st"dents nto s%all (ro"ps< tell the% to select one person n
each (ro"p who0s respons#le for collectn( %aterals for the (ro"p)
4) Have the des(nated st"dents (ather the %aterals for ther (ro"ps) At ths pont, retreve the ce
c"#e trays fro% the free>er) P"t two clear ce c"#es n one c"p and two sandy ones n another
for each (ro"p) Dstr#"te the c"ps, two for each (ro"p)
5) 6how st"dents how to "se a paper towel to pc, "p one of the sandy ce c"#es) 1odel for the%
how to hold ths ce c"#e a(anst the sde of the plastc c"p and r"# the #otto% of the c"#e
#ac, and forth several t%es) 1a,e s"re each st"dent n the (ro"p has a chance to r"# the ce
?) As, st"dents to caref"lly e'a%ne the s"rface of the c"p where the ce c"#e was r"##ed) Have
st"dents record ther o#servatons n ther 4o"rnals)
@) EAPL2$E: *hen have st"dents follow the sa%e steps wth the clear ce c"#e) 1a,e s"re they
r"# ths ce c"#e wth as %"ch press"re and force as they "sed for the sandy one) As, st"dents
to record these o#servatons n ther scence 4o"rnals)
B) Have the (ro"ps clean "p ther areas as they fnsh the actvty) 5hen all the (ro"ps have
co%pleted the actvty, #rn( the class to(ether for a dsc"sson) EAPLA-.: As, what
happened after st"dents r"##ed the sandy ce c"#e a(anst the c"p) As, what happened after
st"dents r"##ed the clear ce c"#e a(anst the c"p) 6t"dents wll pro#a#ly o#serve that the
sandy ce c"#e %ade a %ar, on the c"p, whle the clear one dd not)
C) ELA;2$A*E: Dsc"ss wth the class what the res"lts show) Help st"dents "nderstand that the
sandy partcles n the ce c"#e are what ca"sed the %ar, on the c"p) *hs r"##n( %oton s
s%lar to the way (lacers c"t deep depressons n Earth0s s"rface) Have st"dents wrte ther
concl"sons that were %ade as a class n ther scence 4o"rnals)
10) E7ALDA*E: !oncl"de the lesson #y as,n( st"dents f they can thn, of other nat"ral forces
that ca"se chan(es on the Earth0s s"rface) Poss#le deas ncl"de flown( water, wnd, and the
%ove%ent of tectonc plates or "nder(ro"nd water) $ecord st"dents0 deas on a sheet of
newsprnt) Eeep the lst avala#le so st"dents can add addtonal deas)
S%ppleentar- Materials!
Paper and pencils
Newsprint and markers
Ice cube tray
Two plastic cups for each group
Paper towels
5ifted $tudents, ta'e the 'nowledge learned about glaciers home, and for homewor' bring in a short
report on an actual area where glaciers ha&e changed the land to present to the class for re&iew!
E66, 5o on tumbleboo's and read along with the boo' about glaciers and play the games that are
Zachary Haro
EDEL 445-002
Lesson Plan 1
incorporated with the boo'
%se the following three-point rubric to e&aluate students wor' during this lesson!
T3ree points! 6t"dents partcpated actvely n class dsc"ssons< wor,ed well wth
ther (ro"ps to co%plete the actvty< and drew concl"sons fro% the res"lts of the
T1o points! 6t"dents partcpated n class dsc"ssons< wor,ed wth ther (ro"ps to
co%plete the e'per%ent< and drew so%e concl"sons fro% the res"lts of the actvty)
One point! 6t"dents partcpated only %n%ally n class dsc"ssons< dd not wor, well
wth ther (ro"ps and dd not co%plete the actvty< and had dffc"lty drawn(
concl"sons fro% the res"lts of the actvty)
+or%: 005
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