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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Exploration License (IUP) Granted for Sumba Project
High Grade Gold Identified at Pelitalira Prospect


Successful conversion of Sumba KP to Exploration Mining Business License (IUP
Eksplorasi) for a term of six years.

Highly encouraging rock chip and float results from Pelitalira Prospect with peak
assays of 73g/t Gold, 765g/t Silver and 3.58% Copper (not same sample).

Drill testing of Pahandanjal Prospect planned for early 2010.

Hillgrove Resources Limited (ASX:HGO) is pleased to announce that the Governor of East
Nusa Tengarra Province, Indonesia, has approved the grant of an Exploration Mining
Business License (in Indonesian, an Izin Usaha Pertambangan or IUP) to its Indonesian
partner, PT Fathi Resources. The IUP (322/KEP/HK/2009) has been granted for a term of six
years and permits the exploration for metals, gold and other associated minerals in an area
of 99,970 hectares (999km) falling across East, Central and West Sumba districts on the
Indonesian island of Sumba (Figure 1).

The IUP encompasses highly prospective ground which has been shown to contain identified
zones of gold and base metal mineralisation and provides the green light to commence drill
testing in early 2010.

Fieldwork in the latter half of 2009 has mainly concentrated on confirming the presence of
high grade gold and silver mineralisation in multiple vein systems at Pahandanjal Prospect in
the Masu Project area. This work has included extensive soil sampling which has extended
to other satellite prospects and detailed trench sampling on the two main vein system, with
the aim to have clearly delineated drill targets for the start of the dry season in April 2010.

David Archer, the Managing Director of Hillgrove Resources said today The granting of the
IUP comes in the wake of the proclamation in 2009 of the new Law on Mineral and Coal
Mining in Indonesia. The new Law removes the historical restrictions on direct foreign
ownership in Indonesian mines and represents an important step forward for foreign
investment in the Indonesian mining industry, where foreign investors have historically
sought to obtain benefits from mining operations through cooperation arrangements with
local shareholders rather than through direct ownership.

It also clears the way to begin accelerated drill testing of the Pahandanjal Prospect in the
south of the IUP next year.

Hillgrove Resources Limited
We are also very pleased with the recent success of our regional exploration program with
the discovery of a high grade gold system at the Pelitalira Prospect in the northern part of the

Pelitalira Prospect Tanah Daro Project

Regional work at Tano Daro in the latter half of 2009 has focussed on following up the area
of Hillgroves previously reported rock chip assays; up to 37.13g/t gold and 406g/t silver at
Pelitalira Prospect in 2008. Reconnaissance work has identified a new, highly anomalous
alteration zone and strongly gossanous area with an associated broad vegetation anomaly
(Figure 2 and Plates 1- 4) immediately adjacent to a SE-trending siliceous lode horizon, with
further highly encouraging rock chip and float results which include:

73g/t Gold, 765g/t Silver, 3.58% Copper (not same sample).

Previous exploration by BHP did not sample or recognise the gossanous alteration zone
observed in this valley, or the high grade SE-trending lode horizon. Multi-suite element
analysis indicates strongly elevated levels of gold-silver-copper-molybdenum-lead-antimony-
tellurium-zinc which indicates significant magmatic fluid input within this system, highlighting
its excellent prospectivity.

The Pelitalira Prospect has only been subjected to limited rock chip reconnaissance
sampling, and has never been soil sampled, trenched or drilled. It is Hillgroves intention to
conduct detailed mapping, rock chip, soil sampling and trenching programs at Pelitalira and
satellite prospects in the Tanah Daro project area, prior to likely drill testing in 2010.

About Hillgrove

Hillgrove is an Australian mining company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
(ASX: HGO) focused on developing its Indonesian, South Australian and Queensland base
and precious metals projects. The Company is targeting the discovery of world class
epithermal gold and porphyry copper/gold deposits in Eastern Indonesia.

Hillgroves flagship development is the Kanmantoo Copper Gold Project, located less than
60km from Adelaide in South Australia. Kanmantoo currently hosts a Mineral Resource of
32.2MT (2.3MT Measured, 22.5MT Indicated and 7.4MT Inferred) grading 0.9% copper and
0.20g/t gold, containing 292,200 tonnes of copper, 191,100 ounces of gold and 3,313,600
ounces of silver. With production targeted for the first quarter of 2011, Kanmantoo will be a
2MT p.a. open-cut mine producing approximately 17,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate
and 8,000 ounces of gold per annum

The information in this report that relates to Exploration Results is based on information compiled by Mr. Adam
Freeman, who is a Member of The Australasian Institute of Geoscientists. Mr. Freeman is a Geology manager for
Hillgrove Resources and has sufficient relevant experience to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the
2004 Edition of the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore
Reserves. Mr. Freeman consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on his information in the form
and context in which it appears.

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Hillgrove Resources Limited

Figure 1. Map showing basic geology, project areas, main prospects and
IUP tenement boundary for Sumba (2010)

Figure 2. Map showing significant rock chip and float assays from Pelitilira Prospect


Hillgrove Resources Limited

Plate 1: Extensive alteration in valley walls, Pelitalira Prospect, Tanah Daro

This valley has only been tested by a total of 6 rock chip samples, with results to date up to 73g/t
Au and 406g/t Ag (not same sample).

Plate 2. Strong vegetation anomaly about a gossanous float area,
Pelitalira Prospect, Tanah Daro

This zone is immediately upstream of Figure 5, and has never been tested by sampling, however
a single float sample immediately downstream assayed 765g/t Ag, 3.58% Cu and 3.2g/t Au.

Hillgrove Resources Limited

Plate 3. Strongly Siliceous Float sample with malachite staining
and abundant disseminated pyrite and galena

Plate 4. Pelitilira Gossan in outcrop


Hillgrove Resources Limited
Table 1. Results from Rock Chip/Float Sampling at Pelitilira Prospect, 2009
Project Prospect
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001517
803593 8933676 0.06 0.3 43 388 16
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001518
803472 8933777 3.21 21 83 139 23
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001519
803837 8933775 3.44 54.3 370 4480 1730
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001520
803864 8933779 5.19 177 0.28% 0.72% 1760
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001521
803864 8933779 18.9 765 787 1250 168
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001522
803862 8933786 3.2 215 3.58% 2550 682
Tanah Daro
Pelitalira 001523
803864 8933804 73 84.7 0.30% 4050 0.80%
Note: Gold values are derived from an average of up to 5 repeats using fire assay method.
Silver, lead, copper and zinc values are derived from a multi element sweep using ICP
Datum used for East Sumba is WGS 84 Zone 50.