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Address: 24, Main Road

Indore, M.P.
Arpit Dubey Phone No: +919179831131

!o "or# in an en$ironent "hich enab%es e to add $a%&e to the or'ani(ation, thro&'h y ac)&ired
s#i%%s and thereby 'ro" persona%%y in sync "ith the or'anisation.
Work Experience
ompany Name * +e,t -d&cation India P$t. .td., Hyderabad
Desi!nation - /&siness 0e$e%opent Mana'er 12estern MP, 3 0istricts4
Duration * 19th 5epteber, 2611 to 7&%y 2613
"esponsibilities * 8eneratin' and "or#in' on .eads.
* Presentation o9 0i'ita% :%assroo 5o9t"are and 5o%&tions.
* +e'otiation and :%os&re o9 dea% and :o%%ection
* Maintainin' Re%ationship "ith :%ients.
Achievements * 166; !ar'et achie$eent
* <n 7ob !rainin' 9or +e" 7oiners
ompany Name * .earn /y =&n P&b%ications P$t. .td., Indore
Desi!nation * >ssistant Mar#etin' Mana'er 1+a'p&r and s&rro&ndin's4
Duration * 17
7an&ary, 2611 to 18
5epteber 2611
"esponsibilities * Prootin' ?ni)&e :oncepts o9 ./= and 'eneratin' b&siness.
* Re%ationship Mana'eent "ith 0istrib&tion +et"or# @ :&stoers.
* :oordinatin' physica% distrib&tion o9 the prod&cts.
Achievements * 0e$e%oped @ appointed three ne" dea%ers
* :on$inced nine schoo%s to incorporate ./= boo#s in their 5y%%ab&s.
#$A%&'&A(&ON $N&)E"*&(+,-OA"D Percenta!e +EA"
./-/A M>H>R5HI 0>A>+>+0
C7.66 2669*11
-/-/A 0>BB, Indore C3.66 2663*69
0&10E" *EONDA"+ MP /oard CC.C6 2664
*EN&O" *EONDA"+ MP /oard C3.C6 2662

*ummer &nternship 2 *-& &nsurance3 &ndore
Project (itle 2 D!o st&dy the :ons&er >"areness o9 5/IEs ?.IP
Project Environment 2 5a%es and Mar#etin'
Objective2 !he ain obFecti$e o9 the proFect is to #no" the /&yin' /eha$io&r o9 the :ons&ers
to"ards ?.IP.
Academic Projects

G Project 4: 5!rainin' and 0e$e%opent +eed
:apita% $ia 8%oba% Research .iited Indore
ore area o6 study: H&an Reso&rce Mana'eent
G Project 7:D!obacco Mar#etin' and -thica% Iss&esH
ore area o6 study: Mar#etin' ana'eent
G Project 8: DPo%itica% 5tabi%ity and 5toc# Mar#etH
ore area o6 study: =inancia% Mana'eent
G Project: D!rend >na%ysis o9 -,port o9 Medicina% P%ants 9ro IndiaH
ore area o6 study: Internationa% /&siness
omputer *kills
<peration 5yste I 2indo"s
<99ice ?ti%ities I M5 <99ice !oo%s
Internet >ccess @ ?ti%i(ation

Extra urricular Activities
>cti$e eber o9 :o%%e'e J>cadeic :oitteeE.
>ttended seinars o9 IM> 1Indore Mana'eent >ssociation4 and ha$e ebership o9 it.
Participated in 5IM:Es 15ybiosis Instit&te o9 Media @ :o&nication4 seinar
J=ootprints 2669E on Media Mana'eent at Indore 1M.P.4.
>cti$e participation in the Indo*Ma%aysian Rotary Ao&th Meet at IIM Indore.
2inner in 0ebate :opetition.
2inner in .o'o Ma#in' copetition in M/>.
<r'anised JRan'o%iE copetition in M/>.
2inner o9 -ntreprene&rship 2ee# and Rs. 36 acti$ity.
Personal Details
0ate o9 /irth I 13K12K1983
=atherEs +ae I Mr. 5.L. 0&bey
Peranent >ddress I 24, Main Road Harsiddhi, Indore
!e%ephone +o. I 6731*23C3866
+ationa%ity I Indian
.an'&a'es #no"n I -n'%ish and Hindi

Pro9. 5hitesh !i"ari Mr. Para' Patha#
>sst. Pro9. 5&she%a 0e$i /ansa% :o%%e'e o9 -n'ineerin' .ead :ons&%tant
>ddress I 264, Pra'ati +a'ar -ricssons India 8%oba% 5er$ices
:ontact +oI +91*9827C1C621 :ontact +oI +918888823737

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