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Knowledge of another language fosters greater awareness of cultural diversity among

the peoples of the world.
Individuals who have foreign language skills can appreciate more readily other peoples
values and ways of life.
How are the two sentences related?
A. They contradict each other. . They present pro!lems and solutions.
". They esta!lish a contrast. #. They repeat the same idea.
$%. &erving on a 'ury is an important o!ligation of citi(enship.
)any companies allow their employees paid leaves of a!sence to serve on 'uries.
*hat does the second sentence do?
A. It reinforces what is stated in the first. . It e+plains what is stated in the first.
". It e+pands on the first. #. It draws a conclusion a!out what is stated in the first.
A"",-.A"/0 /&. 0eading &kills Test
The /&. 0eading &kills test measures your a!ility to read /nglish. &pecifically1 it
assesses your comprehension of short passages. It contains !rief passages of 2% words or
less and moderate length passages of 2% to 9% words. Half of this test contains
straightforward comprehension items 3paraphrase1 locating information1 voca!ulary on a
phrase level1 and pronoun reference4. The other half assesses inference skills 3main idea1
fact versus opinion1 cause5effect logic1 identifying irrelevant information1 authors point
of view1 and applying the authors logic to another situation4.
&ample 6uestions
$. Television has !een introduced to almost every country in the world1 reaching a large
num!er of viewers on every continent. A!out 7%% million people saw the first person
walk on the moon1 and a !illion people watched the twentieth 8lympic 9ames.
Television has in many ways promoted understanding and cooperation among people. It
does this !y showing educational and cultural programs.
According to the passage1 which of the following is true?
A. Television is watched in nearly every country.
. :ot every!ody who had a television set could watch the $99; *orld "up finals.
". *atching television makes people dissatisfied with their own lives.
#. Television was invented in $9;%.
<. =anets parents !ought her a new sports car as a !irthday present. It was !lue. =anet
sold her >?year?old !lue pickup truck to a high school student. The truck could not go
very fast1 !ut the student was happy with it.
According to the passage1 which of these statements is true?
A. =anet !ought a pickup truck and a sports car.
. The pickup truck was faster than the sports car.
". The high school student traded cars with =anet.
#. The pickup truck was older than the sports car.
@. &ome of /dward *estons !lack?and?white photographs of American nature scenes
are considered super! e+amples of visual art. Indeed1 some of his photographs have
commanded top prices at art galleries.
*hich of the following !est characteri(es *estons photographs?
A. They !elong to famous collectors.
. They have !een sold in art galleries for large sums of money.
". They introduced many Americans to visual art.
#. They contrast American cities with natural settings.
A. &peaking to a group of people can !e a frightening e+perience. &ome speakers cope !y
looking a!ove the heads of the audience. 8thers try to imagine that they are talking to a
friend. A few try picturing the audience in some non?threatening way1 such as in their
The author of the passage assumes that speakers should
A. feel comforta!le when addressing an audience.
. scare the audience.
". encourage people to talk during the speech.
#. speak only to familiar people.
2. -eople have different ways of learning. &ome are !etter at making mental pictures of
new ideas. 8thers are more comforta!le with writing lists of things to memori(e. "ertain
people can learn !est when listening to music1 while others need silence to concentrate.
*hich of the following is the main idea of the passage?
A. )ental pictures help many to learn.
. &ome people prefer lists to making mental pictures.
". To learn well you need to !e comforta!le.
#. #ifferent individuals have different ways of acBuiring information.
7. efore giving first aid to an accident victim1 you should o!tain his or her consent.
Asking for consent takes a simple Buestion. &ay to the victim1 CI know first aid1 and I can
help you until an am!ulance arrives. Is that okay?D
CAsking for consentD means asking for
A. permission to help the victim. . thanks from the victim.
". help from onlookers. #. information a!out the victims in'uries.
>. =ane and -aul are !usy for $2 hours a day1 2 days a week going to college and working
in a restaurant. They go to sleep at $$ p.m. every day1 !ut on &unday they take part in
dance lessons.
According to the passage1 =ane and -aul spend most of their time
A. at home. . going to college and working.
". taking part in dance lessons. #. sleeping
;. If you hold a piece of copper wire over the flame of a match1 heat will !e conducted !y
the copper wire to your fingers1 and you will !e forced to drop the wire. Eou will1
however1 still !e a!le to hold the match !ecause the match is a poor conductor of heat.
Anyone1 child or adult1 can try this simple e+periment.
*hich of the following is implied in the passage a!ove?
A. "opper is a good conductor of heat. . A match and copper conduct heat eBually.
". A match is an e+cellent conductor of heat.
#. )atches should !e kept out of the reach of small children.
9. )any people own different pets. #ogs1 cats1 !irds1 and fish are common household
pets. 8thers pets are considered to !e e+otic animals. These include snakes1 li(ards1 and
&nakes are
A. uncommon pets. . likely to !e found in a household with dogs.
". found only in (oos. #. not allowed in peoples homes.
$%. "esar "have( was an influential leader for farmworkers. He fought for their rights
and !etter working conditions. "have( led many strikes that angered farm owners. He
finally succeeded in getting higher wages and !etter living situations for farmworkers.
"have( changed lives !ecause he
A. helped the farmers get more workers. . worked for the farmers.
". helped work on the farms every day. #. changed the conditions for the farmworkers.
A"",-.A"/0 /&. &entence )eaning Test
The /&. &entence )eaning test measures how well you understand the meaning of
sentences in /nglish. It assesses the understanding of word meanings in one? or two?
sentence conte+ts. The sentences are drawn from the su!'ect areas of natural science1
history5social studies1 arts5humanities1 psychology5human relations1 and practical
situations. There are four content areas measuredF 3a4 -article1 -hrasal Ger!s1
-repositions of #irectionH 3!4 Adver!s1 Ad'ectives1 "onnectives &eBuenceH 3c4 asic
:ouns and Ger!sH and 3d4 asic and Important Idioms.
&ample 6uestions
AF The sentence !elow has a !lank space. "hoose the word or phrase that makes the
sentence meaningful and correct.
$. &hiki!u )urasaki1 who wrote almost a thousand years ago1 was one of the worlds
IIII novelists.
A. most early . too early ". more early #. earliest
<. The "hang children IIII their parents !y making sandwiches for the whole family.
A. helped out . helped with ". helps for #. helps to
@. As demonstrated !y his last al!um1 which was released after his death1 I!rahim Jerrer
IIII one of the most !eautiful voices in .atin music.
A. had . have ". have had #. having
A. After we saw the play1 we had different opinions IIII =anes performance.
A. a!out . at ". for #. towards
F /ach pro!lem contains one or two sentences followed !y a Buestion. "hoose the
correct answer to the Buestion.
2. /lena found a tomato that was much !igger than all the others in the garden. How did
the tomato compare to the others in the garden?
A. It was the smallest. . It was not very large.
". It was larger than some. #. It was the largest.
7. *hen the popular entertainer canceled her appearance1 the .atin American festival was
postponed indefinitely. *hen will the festival likely take place?
A. Tonight . Tomorrow ". :e+t week #. )any weeks later
>. =anet is never late to meet her friends1 and sometimes arrives early. *hich !est
descri!es =anet?
A. .onely . -unctual ". Talkative #. Tardy
;. ram &toker is !est known for his classic horror novel #racula1 which was pu!lished
in $;9>. *hat did ram &toker do?
A. He was a doctor. . He was a merchant. ". He was a writer. #. He was an engineer.
9. /+hausted from her transatlantic flight1 =udy could not stay up past 9 p.m. *hat did
=udy do at 9 p.m.?
A. .eave work . "ome home from the airport
". .ose her enthusiasm #. 9o to !ed
$%. This semester many students are enrolled in a new course1 African #ance1 which is
!eing taught !y a first?time instructor1 &heila #uncan. How long has the university
offered the African dance class?
A. Jor a short time . Jor many years
". Jor an entire school year #. 8n and off for a while
A"",-.A"/0 /&. .anguage ,se Test
The /&. .anguage ,se test measures your proficiency in using correct grammar in
/nglish sentences. There are five content areas measured on this testF 3a4 :ouns1
-ronouns1 -ronoun "ase &tructureH 3!4 &u!'ectKGer! AgreementH 3c4 "omparatives1
Adver!s1 Ad'ectivesH 3d4 Ger!sH and 3e4 &u!ordination5"oordination.
&ample 6uestions
AF The sentences !elow have !lank spaces. "hoose the words or phrases that make
grammatically correct sentences.
$. IIIII washing her sweater1 )ary hung it up to dry.
A. After . efore ". y #. ,ntil
<. &ome day men and women IIIII to )ars.
A. will travel . will travels ". will traveling #. will traveled
@. *ater IIIII at a temperature of (ero degrees "elsius.
A. having fro(en . free(ing ". free(e #. free(es
A. IIIII get a new haircut?
A. Have you . #oes you ". Are you #. #id you
2. =acBues "ousteau will !e remem!ered for his inventions and for IIIII to marine
A. dedication . his dedication ". !eing dedicated #. his !eing dedicated
7. &ince my parents always insist that I get a good nights sleep1 they were IIIII when I
stayed out last night past my curfew.
A. very happy . very relieved ". very tired #. very angry
. 0ead the two sentences !elow and choose the !est way of com!ining them.
>. Her puppy ran out into the street chasing a cat. The owner Buickly went to retrieve it.
A. The owner Buickly went to retrieve it after a cat was chased into the street !y her
. The owner Buickly retrieved it after her puppy chased a cat into the street.
". *hen her puppy ran into the street after a cat1 the owner Buickly went to retrieve the
#. 6uickly retrieving it1 the owner went Buickly after her puppy that ran out into the
street after a cat.
;. .isa plays the piano. Her sister Kelly plays the piano1 too.
A. .isa and her sister Kelly plays the piano.
. oth .isa and her sister Kelly play the piano.
". .isa plays the piano and Kelly plays the piano.
#. .isa and Kelly too play the piano.
9. The road was slippery. *e put chains on the tires.
A. Although the road was slippery1 we put chains on the tires.
. The road !ecame slippery when we put chains on the tires.
". *e put chains on the tires !ecause the road was slippery.
#. -utting chains on the tires1 the road we were on was slippery.
$%. Ka(uko took her dog for a walk. They went to the park.
A. Ka(uko1 going to the park1 took her dog for a walk.
. Ka(uko took her dog for a walk in the park.
". Ka(uko took her dog for a walk !ecause they went to the park.
#. Ka(uko and her dog went to the park1 where they walked.