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KMSmicro 4.

Local KMS server to activate all products Microsoft VL EDITOR
(Except for Windows 8 ProfessionalWMC)
Just do not activate the Retail version.
KMSmicro 4.0.WO-En - Enabling client versions of Windows and
Office 2010 | 2013
English interface
KMSmicro 4.0.WO-Ru - Enabling client versions of Windows and
Office 2010 | 2013
Russian interface
KMSmicro 4.0.WS - Activation of client and server versions of Windows
English interface
Activation Helper v1.5 - tool with a graphical interface to the command MDL.
Windows 7 and Windows 8
Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
Office 2010 and Office 2013
System requirements:
Any PC/x86 compatible computer (running inside the virtual machine)
350 MB RAM
Mouse (optional)
You can run from a flash drive
Requirements for disk space (approximately):
540 MB for the full set
200 MB for KMSmicro 4.0.WO-En
210 MB for KMSmicro 4.0.WO-Ru
190 MB for KMSmicro 4.0.WS
Counters activate KMS-server are wound at startup.
Time / date KMS server is synchronized with the startup time / date
I. Before using the
Check that port 1688 on the laptop is not being used by another activator:
ZWT KMS Keygen and activators that use.
Remove such activators, stop ZWT KMS Keygen
II. Starting KMSmicro
KMSmicro run one of the following script files:
Start-KMSmicro.vbs - Universal startup script. The required wording
KMSmicro requested in the dialog box.
Start-KMSmicro-WO-En.vbs - Running KMSmicro 4.0.WO-En
Start-KMSmicro-WO-Ru.vbs - Running KMSmicro 4.0.WO-Ru
Start-KMSmicro-WS.vbs - KMSmicro 4.0.WS
III. Configuring a KMSmicro to fit your needs
It is likely that you do not need a full set. You can easily change it
composition, respectively, reducing the amount of disk space (99% you only need
or KMSmicro 4.0.WO-En or KMSmicro 4.0.WO-Ru).
Universal startup script (Start-KMSmicro.vbs)
startup scripts and files drives from unnecessary revisions KMSmicro
Editorial startup script file drive (\ qemu \ Bios \)
WO-En Start-KMSmicro-WO-En.vbs kmsm4WOen.rom
WO-Ru Start-KMSmicro-WO-Ru.vbs kmsm4WOru.rom
WS Start-KMSmicro-WS.vbs kmsm4ws.rom
IV. Setting date / time KMSmicro
For successful KMS-activation is important that time-activated computer and
KMS-server differed by no more than 1.5 hours. In this case, the exchange of use
Xia UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which may not coincide with what
displayed on the computer's clock.
Therefore, it is important to set date / time KMSmicro.
For 99% of users, the following procedure:
1. Start KMSmicro.
2. Set to KMSmicro time zone corresponding to the time-zone-activated
computer (supplied KMSmicro its time zone is set to UTC
(GMT, Greenwich).
3. Turn off KMSmicro (team <S> main menu panel).
When you run the KMSmicro his time is automatically synchronized
vatsya time-activated computer (that runs KMSmicro).
Conveniently, you can not activate readjustments all computers in your re-
gion (provided that they are exposed to the correct / same time zone).
If you spend all sorts of experiments, after the start-mouth KMSmicro
novite necessary:
Time zone
The date
You can also synchronize the time KMSmicro online.
V. Product Activation
To activate the product using your "favorite" procedure / tools.
As already mentioned, the set includes a tool with a graphical interface to
Team MDL. Can use it:
1. Run
Activation Helper v1.5 x64.exe, if you activate the 64-bit operations
Zion system or 64-bit Office
Activation Helper v1.5 x86.exe, if you activate the 32-bit operations
Zion system or 32-bit Office
2. Select the tab for the group of activated product.
3. Click the "Activate" corresponding to the activated product.
VI. Activation can not occur for the following reasons:
1. Not installed / set the wrong product key.
2. You are trying to activate an unsupported product (Retail
or Windows 8 Professional with WMC VL).
3. Activations on the counter KMSmicro not enough for
successful activation (the counter is not "are wound").
Perform cheat counters: <G>.
Starting with version 3.12, this situation may occur in only one
case: you change the date on the computer and in-activated KMSmicro more
than 30 days after the start KMSmicro.
4. The server was unable to connect to the computer, the computer is busy port
other activators.
Remove all the "activators" and "cracks" for the Office of 2010-13.
5. Time-zone-activated computer is different from the time zone KMSmicro.
Adjust settings date / time.
6. Try to change the procedures / instruments activation address KMS-server
to any of the range
7. Our KMSmicro not compatible with your computer.
This has never nebylo, then you are very unlucky: (
8. There has been something totally unforeseen, beyond the scope of this FAQ.
If you have problems when seeking help provide maximum possible
The composition of the system;
Description of the action;
Minutes / screenshots of messages;
If the folder is a file qemo stderr.txt, lay out the contents.
VII. Some service commands KMSmicro
Ctrl + Alt + U - aligns window KMSmicro, if you change it with the mouse
Ctrl + Alt - switches the cursor to the window / out of the window
Mouse in the KMSmicro can not work at all, all commands are executed with
In KMSmicro address (localhost), port 1688.
KMSmicro has access to the Internet to synchronize time.
After the publication of the first version of the activator in the network has a
lot of clones
my build, with the modified system files and script files.
Beware of fakes, if the application of such a clone something you
go "not" I, Ratiborus, is to blame. :)
New scripts, the latest changes, to discuss the work program can be to, new scripts can be found on MDL Forum.
Shoutout :
Evgeny972, DM, Hybernaculum, vincome with;
heldigard, ColdZero, s1ave77, CODYQX4 with MDL Forum.
You are doing interesting work. And I use in my work your
Changes in version 4.0:
Changing the setup menu time zone
Removed from the menu control is not necessary commands
Added server edition WS
Changed slightly something else :)