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The Performance Appraisal

of GrameenPhone in
Appril 04,2007
Ms. Sabnam Jahan
Faculty of usiness ! "conomics,
#affo$il %nternational &ni'ersity,
#hanmon$i, #ha(a)1207.
Sub*ect+ Application for accepting the assignment on Performance Appraisal of telecommunication in BD.
#ear Ma$am,
,ith $ue respect an$ honor, ,e -oul$ li(e to inform you that it.s a /reat pleasure for us to submit this
report to you after completin/ all re0uirements relatin/ to this Assi/nment -ithin a short time. 1ur
Assi/nment is base$ on 23he 4erformance Appraisal of 5rameen4hone in an/la$esh6. 4reparin/ this
Assi/nment -e ha'e /ot a clear i$ea re/ar$in/ the telecommunication system of 5rameen4hone an$
the performance Appraisal system of them in the or/ani7ation.
,e ha'e trie$ most to /i'e our best effort in preparin/ this Assi/nment. ,e e8pect any su//estion an$
recommen$ation for further impro'ement to prepare any Assi/nment from you.
3han(in/ you -ith re/ar$s.
M$. Shahi$ul %slam
91n be half of the /roup) :A.;.
#eep /ratitu$e is e8presse$ to our teacher Ms. Sabnam Jahan for /i'in/ us
this type of assi/nment. 3he e8perience that -e ha'e /athere$ by preparin/
this assi/nment -ill help us in near future.
For preparin/ this assi/nment -e ha'e ha$ to -or( har$. ,e ha'e /ot
se'eral help from your lecture sheet, te8t boo( an$ 5rameen4hone Lt$.
Table of Contents:
>hapter ? 1 + )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) @
4roblem 1f Statement
>hapter ? 2 + ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) A
Theoretical Background
asic >oncept in 4erformance Appraisal
>haracteristics 1f 4erformance Appraisal
4urpose 1f 4erformance Appraisal
,ho Ma(e 4erformance AppraisalB
Appraisal 4rocess
Metho$s 1f 4erformance Appraisal
>hapter ? = )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) C
1.1 %ntro$uction 1f 5rameen4hone
1.2 1r/ani7ational >hart 1r 5rameen4hone
1.= Det-or( >o'era/e 1f 5rameen4hone
1.4 4ro$ucts an$ Ser'ice 1f 5rameen4hone
>hapter ? 4 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 1=
Performance Appraisal "f GrameenPhone
1.1 4roblem of Statement+
%n this a/e of /lobali7ation it is a problem to $eal -ith the people. 3o measure the
performance of the people or employees in the or/ani7ation is not so easy. So it is becomin/ important
of measurin/ performance of human resources in the or/ani7ation $ay by $ay.
1.2 1b*ecti'es+
1ur ob*ecti'e is to learn a systematic or scientific performance appraisal or EF in the
telecommunication sector. So, -e ha'e chosen the 5rameen4hone Lt$. as a telecommunication
or/ani7ation accor$in/ to our ob*ecti'es.
1.= Metho$olo/y+
,e ha'e use$ the primary $ata, as -ell as secon$ary $ata collection system.
1.4 Limitation+
4rimary $ata collection is not easy. ecause, our topic is relate$ to the internal $ata in the
or/ani7ation. "'en after, -e ha'e har$ly trie$ to collect $ata as must as possible from the or/ani7ation.
"'en, secon$ary $ata system also is not enou/h for collectin/ actual information.
%hapter &)
Theoretical Background
'.' Basic %oncept in Performance Appraisal*
Girtually all companies ha'e some formal or informal means of appraisin/ their
employees. performance. 4erformance appraisal al-ays assumes that the employee un$erstoo$ -hat
his or her performance stan$ar$s -ere, an$ that the super'isor also pro'i$es the employee -ith the
fee$bac(, $e'elopment, an$ incenti'es re0uire$ to help the person eliminate performance $eficiencies
or to continue to perform abo'e par. 3he aim shoul$ be to impro'e performance.
'.) Definition*
Accor$in/ to 5ary #essler 2 "'aluatin/ an employee.s current an$H or past performance
relati'e to his or her performance stan$ar$s is calle$ Performance Appraisal+.
'., %haracteristics of performance Appraisal*
4erformance Appraisal has some characteristics. Such)asI
1. %t is a means of appraisin/ employees. performance.
2. %t $efines the *ob means ma(in/ sure that a subor$inate a/ree on his or her $uties
an$ *ob stan$ar$.
=. %t appraises performance means comparin/ subor$inate.s actual performance to the
4. %t re0uires one or more fee$bac( sessions.
@. "8istin/ employee.s trainin/ an$ placement $epen$s on this performance appraisal
'.- Purpose of Performance Appraisal*
Firstly, appraisals play, or shoul$ play, an inte/ral role in the employer.s performance
mana/ement processI it $oes little /oo$ to translate the employer.s strate/ic /oals into specific
employee.s /oals, an$ then train the employees, if you $on.t perio$ically re'ie- your employees.
performance. Secon$, the appraisal lets the boss an$ subor$inate $e'elop a plan for correctin/ any
$eficiencies the appraisal mi/ht ha'e unearthe$, an$ to reinforce the thin/s the subor$inate $oes
correctly. 3hir$, appraisals shoul$ ser'e a useful career plannin/ purpose by pro'i$in/ the opportunity
to re'ie- the employee.s career plans in li/ht of his or her e8hibite$ stren/ths an$ -ea(nesses. An$,
last but not least, the appraisal almost al-ays effects the employer.s salary raise an$ promotional
'.. /ho Make Performance Appraisal0
Dot only one person to ma(e performance appraisal, $ifferent person can ma(e
performance appraisal the or/ani7ation. Such as)
1. Superior.s Appraisal.
2. 4eer.s Appraisal.
=. Subor$inate.s Appraisal.
4. Self)Appraisal.
A company shoul$ ha'e all of the abo'e appraisal. ecause, it can be foun$ out lac(in/ of an
employee easily an$ can prepare the appraisal properly. 3hou/h it is comprehensi'e, but it is a better
-ay to fin$ out the employee.s real performance.
'.1 Appraisal process*
4erformance appraisal follo-s a particular structure. 3his structure e8ists to facilitate
the $ocumentation process that often allo-s for some sort of 0uantifiable e'aluation. 4erformance
appraisal process in'ol'e$ si8 steps. 3hese are)
1. "stablish performance stan$ar$ -ith employees.
2. Mutually set measurable /oals.
=. Measure actual performance.
4. >ompare actual performance -ith stan$ar$s.
@. #iscuss the appraisal -ith the employees.
A. %f necessary, initiate correcti'e action.
'.2 Methods of Performance Appraisal*
3here are some important sorts of performance appraisal, li(e as+
1. 5raphic Fatin/ Scale Metho$95FSM;+
5FSM is a scale that list a number of traits an$ a ran/e of performance for each. 3he
Main a$'anta/e is if pro'i$es a 0uantitati'e ratin/.
2. Alteration Fan(in/ Metho$+
%n this metho$ employees are ran/e$ for best to -orst on traits. 3he main a$'anta/e
metho$s are it is easy -ay to $istin/uish bet-een best an$ -orst employees.
=. 4aire$ >omparison+
%n this metho$ employees are ran/e$ by ma(in/ a char$ of all possible traits an$
in$icatin/ -hich is the better employee of the pair.
4. Force$ #istribution metho$+
,ith this metho$ pre$etermine$ percenta/e rate are plays him performance cate/ories.
@0J Ei/h performance
4@J A'era/e performances
2@J Lo- performance
20J 4erformance.
@. >ritical %nci$ent Metho$+
3his metho$ refers to (eep a recor$ of uncommonly /oo$ or un$esirable e8ample an
employee -hat relate$ beha'ior.
a; %t pro'i$es -ith the specific har$ facts for e8plainin/ the appraisal
b; 3he ratin/ $oes not only reflect the employees most recent performance.
c; Keepin/ a runnin/ list of inci$ence shoul$ also pro'i$e concurrent e8amples of the
subor$inate. So that they can eliminate any performance $eficiencies.
esi$es, there are also to- metho$s li(e) eha'iorally anchore$ ratin/ scales metho$ an$ the
mana/ement by ob*ecti'e metho$ use$ by the or/ani7ation.

%hapter 4 ,
'.' grameenphone
T5pe Limite$
6ound7ed 1CCL
!ead8uarters>elebration point, Foa$ M 11=A, 4lot = ! @ 5ulshan #ha(a, an/la$esh
9e5 people >"1+ "ri( Aas
Industr5 3elecommunication
Products 3elephony, "#5", 5SM
Re3enue A00 Million &S#
et income A,40=.L Million 3a(a
Emplo5ees @000
:logan ,e are here to help
/e7site ---./
5rameen4hone is a 5SM) base$ cellular operator in an/la$esh an$ mar(et lea$er -ith more than
@0J of the an/la$esh mar(et share. 5rameen4hone starte$ operations on March 2A,1CC7. %t is partly
o-ne$ by 3elenor 9A2J; an$ 5rameen 3elecom 9=LJ;.
5rameen4hone is the lar/est mobile phone company in an/la$esh -ith more than 10 million
customers as of #ecember 200A, %t is also the fastest /ro-in/ cellular telephone net-or( in
an/la$esh. At the en$ of 200@, it ha$ about =@00 base stations aroun$ the country -ith plans to a$$
about @00 in the follo-in/ si8 months. 5rameen4hon.s state$ /oal is to pro'i$e cost)effecti'e an$
0uality cellular ser'ices in an/la$esh.
1n the 1A
of Do'ember 200A 54 formally chan/e$ its lo/o to match its parent company 3elenor.s
lo/o. Accor$in/ to 54 the ne- lo/o symboli7es trust, reliability, 0uality an$ constant pro/ress. 3he
name 5rameenphone -ill be (ept as part of the ne- i$entity. 3he name 5rameenphone carries -ith it
all of the herita/e, success an$ 'alues of our past, a$$e$ the 54 >"1 "ric Aas.
'.) B"RD "6 DIRE%T"R:*
'., ET/"R9 %";ERAGE*
'.- Products $ :er3ices*
5rameen4hone offers a number of pro$ucts an$ 'alue)a$$e$ ser'ices to its 'alue$ subscribers.
3hese attracti'e pro$ucts an$ ser'ices are $esi/ne$ to cater to the nee$s of the in$i'i$ual
subscribers. 3here are fi'e pro$ucts currently bein/ offere$ by 5rameen4hone. 3he pro$ucts of
54 can be cate/ori7e$ as
4re 4ai$ ! 4ost 4ai$.
3he pro$ucts are+
54 Fe/ular
54 Dational
Anytime @00
"ASN 51L#
"ASN 4re)pai$
Smile 4re)pai$
%hapter 4 -
Performance Appraisal "f GrameenPhone
5rameen4hone uses the 5raphic Fatin/ Scale Metho$ to e'aluate the performance of their employees
in the or/ani7ation. 3hey al-ays focus on performance of the employee.
4erformance appraisal 9 Fatin/ Scale ;+
3heir -or(in/ year is $etermine$ by #ecember to January. Eere they complete three steps li(e as,
) 3o set the tar/et for #ecember to January.
) 4erformance Fe'ie- ! "'aluation for #ecember to January.
) 4ro'i$in/ the copy to employees at January.
Eere, they re0uire si/natures of appraisee, appraser an$ re'ie-er.s -ith specific $ata.
"mployee Dame+ M$. Eami$ur Foham 3itle + "n/ineer
#epartment+ )))))))))))))))))))))))))) "mployee 4ayroll Dumber+ CCC
Feason for Fe'ie-+ ) Annual
#ate employee be/an present position + January, 2007
#ate of last appraisal + #ecember, 200A Sche$ule$ appraisal $ate+ #ecember)January
At the 5ear )<<2= their annual performance re3ie>*
? 9e5 performance Indicator&&&&
#e3el& " @ "utstanding A *
) %nclu$es e8cee$ all *ob re0uirements.
) >ontributes outstan$in/ achie'ements.
) 3o ma(e certain the business tar/ets by more or e0uals to 1@J.
) ,orl$ class stan$ar$ performance.
#e3el& ; @ ;er5 Good A *
) Most *ob re0uirements is e8cee$e$.
) >ontributes normal achie'ement.
) %n$ustrial stan$ar$ performance.
) usiness tar/ets 1=0J ) 14CJ
#e3el 4 G @ Good A *
) Meets performance stan$ar$ of the *ob.
) >onsistently achie'e$ 120J ) 12CJ.
#e3el 4 I @ Impro3ement eeded A*
) 1nly perform some of the *ob re0uirement.
) Accomplishment of business tar/et is 100J ) 11CJ.
) Dee$ impro'ement in other areas.
#e3el 4 ( @ (nsatisfactor5 A *
) &nable to meets almost of all re0uirements.
) >onsistently fails to meet e8pectations an$ stan$ar$s.
) Achie'ement of business, belo- of 100J.
? 9e5 7eha3ioral indicators*
#e3el 4 .*
) 3o /o beyon$ the limit of all beha'ioral re0uirements.
) Fulfils in$i'i$uals responsibilities to for /reatest at an acceptable cost.
) 3o consist the achie'ement more than that -as hope$ as share$
#e3el 4 -*
) 3o /o beyon$ the limit of most beha'ioral re0uirements.
) Meetin/ self responsibilities for rather than normal a$'anta/es at an
acceptable cost.
#e3el& ,*
) 4erformin/ beha'ioral re0uirements as per 3M% stan$ar$.
) >ore beha'ioral suit abilities clearly perforce the or/ani7ational
#e3el& )
) 1nly accomplish some of the beha'ioral re0uirements.
) Decessary to si/nificant beha'ioral impro'ement.
#e3el 4 '
) &nable to accomplish most of the beha'ioral re0uirements.
) Failin/ to $emonstrate ima/e of 3M%.
? 6our ;alues $ Beha3ioral %ometencies of GrameenPhone*
1. Self) moti'ation+
a. 5i'es ne- i$eas
b. See(s a$$itional responsibility
c. 4ersistent in /ettin/ thin/s $one
$. Sets career /oals
2. Fesults 1rientation+
a. Sho-s sense of ur/ency
b. 3a(es o-nership an$ accountability
c. See(s fee$bac( on o-n performance
$. Sets challen/in/ /oals an$
e. #e'elops action plans
=. %nte/rity+
a. Lea$s by e8ample
b. A$mits mista(es
c. Spea(s the truth
$. Keeps to commitments
4. 3eam -or(+
a. Eelps people from other $epartment
b. 4articipates in company acti'ities
Emplo5ee Training in GrameenPhone
5rameen4hone trains up their employees to create a pool of rea$ily a'ailable an$ a$e0uate
replacements for personnel -ho may lea'e or mo'e up in the or/ani7ation. 3hen to enhance
the company.s ability to a$opt an$ use a$'ance in technolo/y because of a sufficiently
(no-le$/eable staff there is no alternati'es of trainin/. %t helps to buil$ a more efficient,
effecti'e an$ hi/hly moti'ate$ team, -hich enhances the company.s competiti'e position an$
impro'e employee morale an$ also ensure a$e0uate human resources for e8pansion into ne-
5rameen4hone use both on)the)*ob an$ off)the)*ob techni0ues to train up their employees. 1n)
the)*ob trainin/ is $eli'ere$ to employees -hile they perform their re/ular *obs. %n this -ay,
they $o not lose time -hile they are learnin/. 1ff)the)*ob techni0ues inclu$e, special stu$y,
films, tele'ision conferences or $iscussions, case stu$ies, role)playin/, simulation,
pro/ramme$ instruction an$ laboratory trainin/.
3hey not only train up their ne- employees but also train up their ol$ officials an$ employees
for further impro'ement of their s(ills. Sometimes they arran/e trainin/ campai/n for their
employees. %t impro'es their morality an$ $e'elops their interpersonal s(ills. 5rameen4hone
belie'es that trainin/ current employees re$uce turno'er of employees from the or/ani7ation.
So they al-ays emphasi7e on employees trainin/.
GrameenPhone is a telecommunication compan5 as a market leader in
Bangladesh. Telonor is the main partner of the compan5. It is a multinational compan5.
:o the5 al>a5s focus on >orld class >orking standard. The5 does not re8uires age or
seniorit5 for promotion of emplo5ee. The5 accept higher performance. :o= the5 al>a5s
e3aluate the performance of emplo5ees.