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Meeting Bret 'The Hitman Hart Part 2: Fate Steps In!
The Truth Shall Set You Free
A Love Letter To A Girl I`ve Never Met.
It`s not oIten I taken the time to write a blog dedicated to someone in particular, but then again its not oIten I write
these days either.
During my selI imposed sabbatical over the last Iew months, I`ve sat back and watched everyone do the things I`ve
dreamed oI.
It seems like everyone has become a writer. Everyone has travelled (speciIically to New York!), and it seems everyone
has Iound love or contentment.
As I struggle more and more with making it through liIe, and as an overwhelming sense oI sadness continues to engulI
me, it becomes harder and harder to Iind things that make me Ieel good, or more so, inspired.
At times I Ieel like the Iorgotten. The guy that everyone only thinks about when something bad happens to me.
OI course, deep down, I know it`s not true. Still I am constantly searching Ior some Iorm oI happiness.
When I wake up each morning, I think oI a reason to put in an eIIort in this world. It`s pretty hard some most days, but
when I`m in doubt, or when there is simply no clear reason, I think oI this girl that inspires me.
I`ve never met her, but Ior some reason I was drawn to her .through so many twisting roads I stumbled across just to
get to her.
OI course the knee jerk reaction is that this is just another one oI my absurd crushes. And yes, on some level it
probably is.
When I come online in the day, the Iirst thing I do is try and see iI she is online. When she is, I spend the next hour
trying to think oI something cool and breezy to say to her just to engage in conversation. Some days I simply just
chicken out as I know I could never make her day as she makes mine.
She is beautiIul in so many ways. Stunningly gorgeous, talented, witty as all hell, smart. you know.everything that
makes her way outta my league.
Her way oI liIe and more importantly the way she views the world, gives me hope in a hopeless world. I Iollow her
career Irom aIar and support every decision she makes not that she needs it.
I don`t think she will ever realize how much oI an impact she has on me, dare I say she probably doesn`t give me a
second thought. My reverse ego wouldn`t even entertain that thought Ior a nano second.
This is sorta turning into a love letter to her isn`t` it? Whether she ever reads it oI course is something only she can
I love the Iact the people like her exist in this world. However, Ior her I`m sure she Iinds all oI the above is someone
completely diIIerent to myselI.
She embodies the words I have tattooed on my arms Dream.Desire.
Do I wish there could ever be something between us? OI course, that`s why it`s called Desire. Then again.that`s why
it`s called a Dream.
As time passes I`m sure we will go our separate ways, but as that saying goes, sometimes in liIe you just gotta take a
moment to stop and look at the scenery.
That is the saying right?
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Tags: admiration, blog, crushes, girls, love, relationships, writing
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4 Responses to ~A Love Letter To A Girl I`ve Never Met.
*LJL Says:
July 25, 2011 at 7:11 pm , Reply
BeautiIul words
August 24, 2011 at 5:46 am , Reply
Dear Burg,
As I read your post, I remembered a story that one oI my best Iriends told me. My Iriend, who is now happily
married, ran into a guy (who was still single) that she used to work with about 5 years or so in the past. As they
were talking, she told him, 'I had such a HUGE crush on you Ior years. He was Iloored, because in his mind, he
told her, she was really pretty and Iriendly and sweet and totally desirable to every male that walked in the
room, and he put her up on a pedestal. The only problem with a pedestal, is iI you leave the person up there, and
catagorize the person as 'unnatainable. That person then becomes larger than liIe. You never actually allow
yourselI to explore the possibility oI a relationship with the 'pedestalee, and this person with all their glamor oI
perIectionism, can actually ruin any possibility oI Iuture relationships with wonderIul people. What oIten
happens, is that iI you take the 'pedestalee on a Iew dates, you realize 1 oI 2 things. 1) This person is actually
not as awesome as I thought, so now, you are Iree to move on to look Ior the real 'Miss or Mr. Right. Or, 2)
You discover that although scary as it may be, when you ask this girl (or guy) out, and voice your pent up
Ieelings, you give yourselI the opportunity to realize the dream that becomes your daily reality. See, I have been
through this beIore.I took the chance, and am now happily married. II I hadn`t taken the chance, I would have
had my liIe and dreams plagued by a ghost oI a person that would cause me to compare every guy I met, and
wonder.what iI? II you weigh the scales, on one hand you have your possible Iuture with the woman oI your
dreams, and on the other hand, all you have is an illusion oI this person-the Iiction oI your imagination-a ghost
really, and that my dear burg, weighs nothing, you know.
As I`m writing this, I also remember another diIIerent story that was all over the news about 10 or so years back.
This story takes place in NYC. This selI proclaimed, geeky guy would take the same subway to and Irom work
everyday and Ior some reason had to take a diIIerent subway one day (or so I believe this story goes). He
noticed a gorgeous girl in workout clothes get on at a speciIic street and because oI something she was reading or
writing, he began talking with her and Iell madly in love. When she leIt the subway, he realized, that he never
knew her name or asked Ior a number! He didn`t have a clue where to Iind her. He only knew where she got on
and where she got oII. He began taking that same subway every day, but never saw her again, so I believe it was
a Iew weeks later, but this dude, decided to do something about Iinding her. He drew this picture oI what he
remembered her looking like (he was a decent artist, so that helped). He wrote the story oI how they met, and
how he was determined to Iind this mystery woman, and even remembered the date, subway, and what she was
wearing that day. He ended up printing out posters with all the story and description, and said, iI you are this girl,
please call me or email me. I really want to take you out Ior a cup oI coIIee, and then maybe dinner some day.
He put these signs up all over the city and emailed all his Iriends with the poster. His Iriends emailed their
Iriends, and eventually this girls roomate got the email and Ilipped out. She called her Iriend (THE MYSTERY
GIRL) and they eventually went out Ior their coIIee, and ended up telling their story to the world on 'Good
Morning America. Sadly, I believe they broke up a year later, never know. That guy could have just
been dreaming oI that girl today.
It so happens that although Iates took a diIIerent path in my Iriends liIe, she Iound out that the guy had a huge
crush on her as well. Would things have turned out diIIerently iI the guy had taken a chance and shared his
Ieelings? Hmm.maybe, but we will never know, now will we?
August 24, 2011 at 5:55 am , Reply
Found the original website Ior the story I was telling you about (some oI my details were wrong) and more
details were shared in news articles that came out, and the 'Good Morning America show. Anyway.its a cute
and inspiring story. (link below)
October 18, 2012 at 7:44 pm , Reply
'Gather ye rose buds while ye may Robert Herrick.
Those over simpliIied notions which make us all Ieel like we`re Iretting over nothing, have done made the
burden heavier instead oI lighter.
Decision making is neither simple, nor uniIorm. it is diIIicult and complicated.But, the reward is equally high iI
we have the courage to simply try.
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