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Top 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions

Share the post "Top 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditi Christmastime is here. We all have our own holiday traditions in my family we watch a Christmas
movie on Christmas Eve and stuff our faces. Your family might do something different. Shoot, you
might even be from another country, where there are what seem (to us) lie some !retty wacy
traditions. Some you might lie to try"some you might want to si!.
10. Kiviak Dig Up the Dead Bird
For instance, you might want to skip Kiviak !hat"s that, you ask# !e$$ Kiviak is a who$e auk %don"t worry, & had
to $ook it up too ' it"s a (ird) that is wrapped in sea$ skin and (uried under a rock in the *rost severa$ months
(e*ore Christmas The Christmas tradition is to dig up the kiviak, s+ueeze out the rotted guts, and then eat the
auk ,o, &"m not kidding -ccording to the *ew reports we cou$d *ind, it sme$$s a $ot $ike Sti$ton cheese and tastes
rea$$y tangy !e"$$ take your word *or it, .reen$and Image source: http/00*ood$orists($ogspotcom0
. !iding "our Brooms
Bad witches and evi$ spirits cou$d e1ist here as we$$ as ,orway ,orway takes preventative measures on
Christmas 2ve, when evi$ (addies and (addie witches might try to make o** with your (rooms 3ide a$$ your
(rooms4 -pparent$y, Christmas 2ve is a prime (room56oyriding time in ,orway &t cou$d (e here, too4
#. Ka$$ikantzaroi % &ig 'a( &rotection
Simi$ar$y, in .reece there is a need to ward o** (ad spirits Ka$$ikantzaroi are evi$ spirits that $ive deep inside the
earth most o* the year, (ut wreak havoc on .reek homes over the Christmas ho$iday There are $ots o* ways to
ward o** these pests, which are descri(ed di**erent$y at every turn Some say they $ook $ike peop$e, some say
they $ook $ike very ta$$ things that wear meta$ shoes & happen to $ike the description that says they have monkey
arms and red eyes and are covered in *ur 7ust hang a pig 6aw inside the chimney to keep them *rom coming
down it
). *kating to Church
8n a $ighter note, the capita$ city o* 9enezue$a has a neat tradition The streets in Caracas are c$osed o** in order
to a$$ow churchgoers to get there (y ro$$er5skate ,othing $ike getting a $itt$e cardio in (e*ore a church service
+. *tirring the &udding
:udding is very important in the Christmas traditions o* .reat Britain &* you make the pudding right, it can (ring
you $uck as we$$ ;egend has it i* you mi1 your pudding in a c$ockwise direction and make a wish the wish wi$$
come true 7ust make sure everyone in the *ami$y gets a whir$ ' it"s rude to keep a$$ the wishes *or yourse$*
,. -ose a *hoe. /ain a 0an
Tired o* (eing sing$e# &* you"re a woman you can do this simp$e Christmas 2ve tradition *rom the Czech
<epu($ic 7ust go outside in the daytime, stand with your (ack to your door, and toss one o* your shoes over your
shou$der &* it $ands with the toe *acing the door, it means you"$$ get married within the year &* you aren"t tired o*
(eing sing$e try it anyway &* the hee$ *aces the door then you"re in $uck4
1. /uess 2ho3s Coming to Dinner4
&* $uck is what you"re seeking, you shou$d take a hint *rom the *o$ks in :ortuga$ The =consoda" *east takes p$ace
Christmas >ay ?ou set e1tra p$aces at your dinner ta($e *or the sou$s o* the dead 8**er them *ood and they wi$$
(ring you $uck throughout the year
5. Don3t Thro( 6ut That !orse *ku$$ 'ust "et7
8r, i* you"re $ooking to make some e1tra cash you can *o$$ow this o$d tradition *rom !a$es ca$$ed the @ari ;wyd
%9enera($e @ary) &t"s easy 7ust *ind a horse sku$$, (ecause you"$$ need that -$so, make yourse$* a horsehair
sheet %may(e out o* the sa$vaged hair o* the horse you get the sku$$ *rom) (ecause you"$$ need that, too .et
yourse$* some mummers and a (ucket ,ow, go out a(out the town covered in the horsehair sheet ho$ding the
horse"s head up on a pike @ake the horse"s ske$eta$ mouth (ite peop$e you meet in the street &* it A(itesB them,
they have to pay a *ine :ut the money in the (ucket -t the end you have a (ucket o* money, or a horse head
on a pike in a very uncom*orta($e p$ace
8. &oop -og
Both o* the top two (izarre Christmas traditions come *rom Cata$onia, Spain The *irst is a tradition that is *un *or
the who$e *ami$y .et a $og 3o$$ow out the $og :ut a *ace on the $og, and some arms and $egs @ake it $ook $ike
a reindeer or a dog or something Start A*eedingB the $og on >ecem(er Cth &t shou$d (e *u$$ o* candy and toys
and stu** (y Christmas Then, (eat the $og %or ACaga TioB) unti$ he ApoopsB out a$$ the goodies &* the stu** won"t
come out, there is a song you can sing &t trans$ates to A:oop $og, poop turron, haze$nuts and cottage cheese, i*
you don"t poop we$$, &"$$ hit you with a stick, poop $og4B
1. 9$ Caganer The /reat De:ecator
3is name is 2$ Caganer 3e"s a *igurine *or your nativity scene 3e"s a red5capped peasant, or a monk, or
another type o* *igure %nowadays you can (uy them o* *amous peop$e) ?ou p$ace him a $itt$e (it away *rom the
rest o* the *igures in your nativity scene Because he"s crapping ?ep 2$ Caganer trans$ates to Athe great
de*ecatorB in Cata$onian &t"s not sacri$egious ' the A*erti$izerB means the year wi$$ yie$d a good harvest &* not, it"s
a heck o* a conversation piece