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1. Put the verb in the correct form of the present perfect or present
perfect continuous tense.

1. I (read) this book _______ yesterday.

2. I (wait) for you _______ two hours.
3. She (not wear) that dress _______ five years.
4. I (wait) here _______ ten o’clock.
5. We (study) Urdu _______ two months.
6. I (write) three letters _______ breakfast.
7. We (sit) on these benches _______ an hour.
8. I (live) here _______ 1960.
9. That book (lie) on the table _______ weeks.
10. I (not see) you _______ a long time.
11. I (try) to learn Persian _______ years, but I (not succeed) yet.

2. Put the verb in the correct form of the present perfect or simple
past of the verb in brackets, whichever is the correct-

1. She (come) here a year ago.

2. He (not speak) to me for two weeks.
3. I (not play) for a long time.
4. I (not see) him since Monday.
5. My elder brother (get) a new job a month ago.
6. How long ago you (arrive) here?
7. He (not see) me for three days.
8. He (meet) me last night.
9. They (live) in this town for five years.
10. You (explain) that word already.
11. You (explain) that word last week.
12. You (not speak) since I arrived.
13. It is sunset now, and I (eat) some food this morning.
14. He (not arrive) yet.
15. I (meet) my father two years ago.

3. Put the verb in the correct form past simple or past perfect:-

i. She told me her name after I (ask) her twice.

ii. When he arrived, the dinner had already (begin)
iii. As soon as you (leave) for Lahore, I wanted to see you again.
iv. After you go, I went to sleep.
v. I (be) sorry that I had hurt him.
vi. He thanked me for what I (did).
vii. They dressed after they (wash).
viii. He (do) nothing before he saw me.
ix. The patient (die) when the doctor arrived.
x. The train had left when I (reach) the station.
4. Choose either the simple present or present progressive in the
following sentences:

1. Something ________ (smell) very good.

2. We ________ (eat) dinner at seven o’clock tonight.
3. He ________ (pracitise) the piano every day.
4. They ________ (drive) to school tomorrow.
5. I ________ (believe) you.
6. Maria ________ (have) cold.
7. Jorge ________ (swim) right now.
8. John ________ (hate) smoke.
9. Jill always ________ (get) up at 6:00 A.M.
10. Jerry ________ (mow) the lawn now.

5. Use either simple past or past progressive in the following

sentences as appropriate:

1. Gene ________ (eat) dinner when his friend called.

2. While Maria was cleaning the apartment, her husband ________
3. At three o’clock this morning, Eleanor ________ (study).
4. When Mark arrived

6. Put the verbs into the correct tenses:-

i) He (go) to school everyday.

ii) He (go) to Lahore last week.
iii) He just (go) out.
iv) We (go) to the picture last night.
v) He usually (write) in blue ink.
vi) He just (come) in and (see) you in ten minutes.
vii) This boy never (see) the lion.
viii) I (see) you yesterday. You (sit) outside a hotel.
ix) He is busy now; he (write) a letter.
x) I (lose) my keys; I cannot remember where I last (see) them.
xi) I never (forget) what you just (tell) me.
xii) He (walk) very quickly when I (meet) him yesterday.
xiii) I (know) him for a very long time.
xiv) Where you (go) for your holidays last year?
xv) He (live) in Pakistan since 1948.
xvi) When I last (see) him, he (live) in Karachi.
xvii) I (hear) the news last night, but I (not hear) it today.
xviii) My father (come) to stay with us next weekend.
xix) He (not arrive) when I (write) my last letter to you.
xx) He (sit) in the garden when the storm broke.

7. Correct the following sentences: -

1. The gentleman did not inform us when he will come.

2. The master told us how successful he has been.
3. I was well aware that he is angry.
4. The poor lad begged that you will return him his apple soon.
5. They were delighted to know that their brother has won a prize.
6. He worked hard so that he may be successful.