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Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012

Prof. Robin M. Wright

REL3938 (6872), ANT3930 (0587): M3-5; W3. AND-034
Prof. Robin M. Wright (Off. Hrs: T 10:00 - 2:00;
Anderson 107C; offie !hone: "#2-1$2%;
Ob+eti,es of Co)rse: This course examines the varieties of
religious experience that come under the rubric of
shamanism and shaman. Originally a Tungus (Siberian
tribal people) word shaman has been extended to include
the most diverse group of specialists from midwives to
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
!art " of this course presents the student with the
parameters of shamanic spiritualities the processes of
becoming a shaman altered states of consciousness and
shamanic transformations and the relations of shamans to
the cosmos and its spiritual powers. !art " also considers
various scientific paradigms and their potential for
understanding the long#range historical development of
shamanic consciousness.
The next three units (!arts ""#"$) focus on shamanic
functions% "". &ealing especially through the so#called
'plant spirit shamanism( among urban mesti)os of South
*merica+ """. *ssault sorcery+ "$. !riestly ,nowledge and
!rophetic -ounselling. .hile there is overlap amongst all
of these functions there are features which nevertheless
distinguish each from the other referring to indigenous
forms of ,nowledge and power sociality a variety of
relations among human and other#than#human beings (spirits
/ach will be amply illustrated and discussed through
readings audio#visual material and the !rofessors own
research experiences of over 01 years. Slides films tape
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
recordings -2s from that wor, will be used during class.
"n 34"T $ '4ew *ge shamans( the course considers
several of the contemporary developments of indigenous
shamanism by urbani)ed non#indigenous movements% the neo#
shamanic movement its roots in .estern nature mysticism
the effects of globali)ation on shamanic revitali)ation and
Other 5ecent 2evelopments.
Co)rse Re*dings: The most important boo,s from which the
readings for the course will be drawn are%
6. !iers $itebs,y The Shaman: Voyages of the Soul. 7886
2uncan 9aird. (available for :7.;0 on *ma)
re<uired reading.
7. 4. .hitehead = 5. .right In Darkness and Secrecy.
788> 2u,e. (paperbac, used :;.7> on *ma)
0. Stephan 9eyer Singing to the Plants: A Guide to
Mestizo Shamanism in the !!er Amazon. (hardcover
788? @indle edition for 6;.A?+ paperbac, edition for
>. Bichael .in,elmen Shamanism: a Psychosocial !aradigm
of "onsciousness and #ealing. (expensive to buy+
scanned chapters will be put up on course website)+
1. Bichael &arner. The $ay of the Shaman. &arper 6?;8.
(available for :0.>6 on *ma)
C. *ndei Dnamems,i %eauty of the Primiti&e.(hardboo,).
Oxford 788A (selected chapters will be scanned and
placed on website).
The maEority of the boo,s will be put on 5eserve at the
Fibrary. -opies of many of the articles will also be ,ept
in a folder in course reserves in the 2epartment of
5eligion (*nderson &all 68A) 9esides these a series of
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
articles can be found on the course website
C$%&'( )(*'+,(: /stablished in 7866 this is a growing
resource for recent research on shamans in the world. "ts
site name 'Baliri Gmen and .orld#Ba,ing( refers to one
of the main powers of the shaman and to two names for
'shaman( in two different cultures (Bayan and *rawa,an). To
enter the site create a 3sername and !assword and browse+
theres much interesting stuff on shamanismH
-hed).e of C.*sses/ Re*dings/ 0i.'s *nd 12*'s:
86H8?% course presentation and introduction to the
345T 5: PARAM1T1R- O0 -HAMA45-M;
86H66: 610545T5O4A7 831-T5O4-. Ior, 'Shamanism J
Traditional( = '3rban Shamanism( in 'ncyclo!edia of
(eligion and )ature (hereafter /54) v.7 pp. 6107#0A ($-
)(*'+,()+ $itebs,y pp. C#71+
86H6C% MART54 73TH1R 954: 6A;. 4O C7A--;
86H6;% <TH1 WOR76=- O761-T -P5R5T3A7 TRA65T5O4>. Bichael
.in,leman -hs.6 = 7+
86H70% -TOR51- O0 -HAMA45C 75?1-.
'Iou *re Koing to Save Bany Fives. Fife#Story Of Banuel 2a
Silva &ohodene Laguar#Shaman( Shamanism Annual* "ssue 7>
2ecember 7866 pp. 08#0C+ '2iscovering the .ay( B. &arner
(on o)rse &ebsite)+ $itebs,y The Shaman pp. 17# ?1+
86H71% A7T1R54: -TAT1- O0 CO4-C5O3-41--. .in,leman -hs. 0
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
= >+ film#clip on '"n Search of !ari,a( with ppt.
presentation+ .right 'BysteriesM( pp. ?;#687+
-)!!.e'ent*r@ Re*ding: 9eyer !art "" '*yahuasca(+
86H08% -HAMA45-M A46 CO-MO7O:;.L. Overing 'Shaman as
Ba,er of .orlds(+ 'Bandus *pprenticeship and a Laguar#
shamans !owers of .orld#ma,ing( .right (on o)rse
&ebsite) -h. 7% pp. ;7 J 61>+
87H86% -HAMA45-M A46 POW1R. L. Fangdon '2au% Shamanic
!ower in Siona 5eligion and Bedicine( in Fangdon (ed.)
Portals of Po+er pp. >6#C7+ Kerhard 9aer 'The One
"ntoxicated by Tobacco( in Fangdon (ed.) Portals of
Po+er pp. A?#687+ (on &ebsiteA(short fi.'% 'Laguar#Shamans
of Iurupary()+
87H8C% 65-C3--5O4 O4 R1A654:- 0OR 345T 5
87H8;% AERS ON .N!T ! D.E.
345T 55: H1A754: A46 PROT1CT5O4 0ROM -ORC1R1R- OR -ORC1R1R
87H60% !iers $itebs,y 'Shamans and -lients( pp. ?C#67A+
/dith Turner 'The 5eality of Spirits( (on o)rse
&ebsite)+ '5oberte &amayon 'Kame and Kames Nortune and
2ualism in Siberian Shamanism( (on o)rse &ebsite)+
87H61% Stephan 9eyer Singing to the !lants% * Kuide to
Besti)o Shamanism in the 3pper *ma)on !art "+
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
87H78% -hs. 1 = C .in,elman exact pages T92)+
87H77% 65-C3--5O4 O0 345T 55.
87H7A% AERS ON .N!T !! D.E
345T 555: A--A37T -ORC1R;
87H7?% '"ntroduction( to In Darkness and Secrecy .hitehead
and .right+ B. 9rown '2ar, Side of the Shaman( ($- /$%&'(
)(*'+,()+ B. &arner 'Bagic 2arts 9ewitching Shamans and
-uring Shamans( in 4arby = &uxley pp. 6?1#6?? ($- /$%&'(
MARCH 0" B 10: -PR54: CR1A9. 4O C7A--1-.

80H67% Lohannes .ilbert 'The Order of 2ar, Shamans among
the .arao( Nernando Santos#Kranero 'The /nemy .ithin(
and -arlos Nausto '* 9lend of 9lood and Tobacco(. *FF 0 "n
.hitehead = .right In Darkness and Secrecy.
0"(1D: (on &ebsiteA .right -h. 0 'Iou .ill Suffer *long
Our .ay( (ms.)+ 9uchillet 'Sorcery 9eliefs Transmission
of Shamanic @nowledge...( in .hitehead = .right In
Darkness and Secrecy+
0i.'% '%ani+a. A Story ,f Plants And "ures( (on an
important 9aniwa political leader victim of assault
sorcery and his struggles to heal)+

Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012

Prof. Robin M. Wright
80H6?% 65-C3--5O4 O0 CA-1-;
80H76% AERS ON .N!T !!! D.E.
345T 5?: PR51-T-
80H7C% 5. .right '!ower and -hange in 4ative *merican
5eligions( (unpublished ms. 788?)+ *. Oyuela#-aycedo 'The
5ise of 5eligious 5outini)ation( 7886 in Staller and
-urrie pp. 6#6; (on o)rse &ebsite)+
80H7;% 9ogi Priests/ *nd Their W*rnings. K. 5eichel#
2olmatoff '@ogi !riests((on &ebsiteA+ *. Oyuela#-aycedo
6??; '"deology Temples and !riests% -hange and -ontinuity
in &ouse Societies in the Sierra 4evada de Santa Barta(. "n
(ecent Ad&ances in the Archaeology of the )orthern Andes.
/dited by *. Oyuela -aycedo and L. Scott 5aymond pp.0?#10.
8>H87% 0i.'% -Message to the .ounger %rother/ (and Aluma)
@ogi priests as careta,ers of the universe system.
8>H8>% 65-C3--5O4 O0 345T 5?;
0D(0#: PAP1R- O4 345T 5? 631.
345T ?: 41O--HAMA45-M/ -h*'*ni Re,it*.iE*tions/ And Other
Reent 6e,e.o!'ents
0D(0#: Bichael Ior, '-astaneda -arlos( in /54 v. 6
7A7#0+ @oc,u von Stuc,rad '&arner Bichael J and the
Noundation for Shamanic Studies /54 v. 6 A>0#>+
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
8>H66% The %eauty ,f The Primiti&e* *ndrei Dnamens,i
(h*!ters to be design*ted)+
8>H6C% Bichael &arner The $ay of the Shaman. (h*!ters to
be design*ted)+
0D(1F: Re,it*.iE*tion of -h*'*ni Tr*ditions: Mongo.i* *nd
the A'*Eon. '* 5evival of Bongolian Shamanism( p. 0#66
Shamanism Annual (on o)rse &ebsite/ iss)e *,*i.*b.e for
2ero2 in de!*rt'ent)+ 'The 5evival of Shamanism in State#
Fevel Societies( N. Fipp pp. 66#6A (on &ebsite)+ '"n
Search of Traditional Shamans( 2aur in "nner BongoliaM(
Krimaldo pp. 6A#7> (on &ebsite)+ 'Soul Foss or
2iminishment( Sifers pp. 7>#08 (on &ebsite).
8>H70% Nilms% '"n !ursuit of the Siberian Shaman(+
'Malikai Da!ana: %ani+a #ouse of Shamans0 1no+ledge and
Po+er./ (with accompanying handout)
8>H71% 65-C3--5O4 O4 345T ?; CO3R-1 WRAP-3P.
(146 O0 R1A654: P1R5O6A: AERS ON .N!T " D.E (+- R(0+1+$-
D(23&,4(-,, A-5(&'$- 607).
Co)rse ReG)ire'ents:
Nour (>) short (0#1 pp.) reflection papers on each of the
maEor units of the course and a written test on 3nit 6.
The four papers count for ;8O of the final grade. -lass
participation and the written test% 78O. Students are
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
expected to attend all classes and complete assigned
readings prior to each class meeting. -lass participation
does count in final grade evaluation. Contin)ed *bsene
&i.. not be*ted; following the third absence 0 grade
points will be ta,en off the final grade for each day of
absence. More th*n $ *bsenes &i.. .e*d to *d'inistr*ti,e
&ithdr*&*. fro' the o)rse;
!op#<ui))es will be administered whenever the !rofessor
considers them necessary.
R1:37AT5O4- O0 TH1 CO3R-1:
6. P.*gi*ris' or he*ting: Students are expected to uphold
the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.
Students caught plagiari)ing or cheating will automatically
receive a grade of )ero on the assignment in <uestion and
will fail the course. "n addition they will be reported to
the appropriate university authorities. !lease ,eep in mind
that plagiarism does not consist only in copying verbatim
someone elsePs material and presenting it as if it were
yours. "t also includes ta,ing ideas (even paraphrasedQ)
from an author without according himHher proper recognition
(through a footnote for instance). Other forms of cheating
(particularly downloading material from the "nternet and
presenting as if it were yours) will also be subEect to the
same action. See
ww.dso.ufl.eduHEudicialHacadem ic.htm for more information
on 3N policies.
7. 5no'!.etes *re strong.@ diso)r*ged and will be given
only when students who have finished most of the
Shamans, Priests, Sorcerers, Prophets, New Shamans Spring 2012
Prof. Robin M. Wright
assignments satisfactorily cannot complete the final
re<uirements due to unforeseen events. "f this is the case
students must arrange for the incomplete before the end of
the semester.
0. M*He-)! e2*'s *nd G)iEEes will be given only under very
special circumstances such as a medical emergency. "n that
case students must bring a doctors note.
>. Students engaging in disruptive behavior will be as,ed
to leave the classroom. !lease turn phones and pagers off
during class.
1. -t)dents &ith 6is*bi.ities. Students re<uesting
classroom accommodation or special consideration must first
register with the 2ean of Students Office. The 2ean of
Students Office will provide documentation to the student
who must then provide this documentation to the instructor
when re<uesting accommodation or special consideration.