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Sies do you like?

B: "I like all sorts of movies, primarily drama and science fiction."
A: "That's an interesting combination. How about western movies?"
B: "Western and horror are the two types of movies I don't care for."
A: "Why don't you like horror? They're entertaining."
B: "Some are entertaining, but I find most of them stupid and childish. For exam
ple, I don't understand why a person always goes into the house alone when somet
hing is suspicious."
A: "Ha ha. I know what you mean. But it's just a movie. They need for the charac
ters to do that."
1. What types of movies does this person like?
Action and drama
Drama and science fiction
Suspense and horror
Western and horror
2. Choose one type of movie this person dislkes?
3. Why does this person not like horror movies?
Too scary
Too boring
Stupid and childish
Predictable and obvious
4. How does the person asking the questions think about horror movies?
A: "Hey, you wanna see a movie tomorrow?"
B: "Sounds like a good plan. What do you want to see?"
A: "How about Legally Blonde."
B: "Ah, my girlfriend wanted to see that movie. I have to take her later so I do
n't want to watch it ahead of time. How about The Cube?"
A: "Isn't that a scary movie?"
B: "How scary can it be? Come on, it'll be fun."
A: "Ok. I'll give it a try."
B: "That's the spirit. I'll see you tomorrow after class."
A: "Ok. See you tomorrow."
1. What movies was first suggested?
Rocky V
Last man standing
Legally Blonde
2. Why did they not accept the first suggested movie?
He already seen it
He doesn't like that type of movie
He needs to watch it with his girlfriend
He doesn't like horror movies
3. What type of movie did they end up choosing?
A scary movie
An action packed movie
An exciting movie
A dramatic movie
4. When are they going to see the movie?
On the weekend after lunch
Next week after the final exams
On Friday after class
Tomorrow after class
A: "Hey Jack. How were your classes this semester?"
B: "They were not too bad. I really liked my poli-sci class."
A: "Would you consider it your favorite class?"
B: "I don't know if I would call it my favorite, but it ranks up there."
A: "What class was your favorite then?"
B: "I took a business communication class last year and it was terrific."
A: "I never took that yet. If that was your favorite, I think I will check it ou
1. What is the topic of discussion?
2. What class did he really like?
Economy 101
3. What was his favorite class?
Business communication
4. What word did he use to describe his favorite class?
A: "Hey Bob. Whatcha you doing?"
B: "I'm at home painting."
A: "I didn't know you paint. What type of painting is it?"
B: "I enjoy oil painting. I learned it in one of my extra classes in college."
A: "That sounds so interesting. I wish I learned a hobby."
B: "Hobbies are never too late to learn. They offer a variety of classes at the
local community college. You should look into it."
A: "I think I will. Thanks for the info."
1. Where is Bob?
At school
At work
At home
In class
2. What is Bob doing?
Watching TV
3. Where did Bob learn how to paint?
At the local community college
From his father
In highschool painting class
He learned by himself
4. What type of painging are they talking about?
Abstract painting
Regular painting
House painting
Oil painting
A: "Hey Joanne. What are you up to?"
B: "I'm just watching some television."
A: "I'm so bored. I don't know what I'm going to do today and it is only ten in
the morning."
B: "Me too. Do you think we are boring people?"
A: "I don't think we are boring. It's just that we don't have any hobbies."
B: "That's right. What do you think we should do as a hobby?"
A: "That all depends on what you like to do. For example, I like to doodle on th
e notepad, so I'm thinking about doing some real drawings."
B: "I like to play the piano for fun."
A: "Yeah. That can be a good hobby."
B: "Hobbies are great. I'm going to make a list of all the things I like to do."
A: "That's a great idea. I'm going to do the same."
1. Which of the following statement is true?
Joanne called a friend
A friend called Joanne
Joanne is playing the piano
Joanne is drawing right now
2. What is Joanne doing?
Watching TV
3. What is the topic of discussion?
4. What time of day is the conversation taking place?
8 am
10 am
8 pm
10 pm
A: "All I do all day is work and watch TV. I really should start thinking about
my health."
B: "I never thought about that, but you're right. What do you think we should do
A: "For starters, we should start doing more outdoor activities. That way we'll
get some exercise."
B: "I was thinking about taking tennis lessons. I always have an hour to spare i
n the afternoon. What do you think about that?"
A: "That's not a bad idea. How much is it?"
B: "I heard it is only about one hundred twenty dollars a month for 8 lessons."
A: "Playing tennis twice a week will be a good start. Count me in."
1. Person A works and watches TV all day. What is he starting to think about?
His health
Playing basketball
The next great movie
Work he didn't finish yet
2. What suggestion is made to get more exercise?
Running or Jogging
Doing more outdoor activities
Going to the local gym
Geting a health club membership
3. What type of lessons are they considering?
Music lessons
Piano lessons
Tennis lessons
English lessons
4. For $120, how often will they meet?
Everyday for a month
Once a week for two months
Twice a week for one month
8 Weeks
A: "What do you do besides work and watching TV?"
B: "When I have some time, I like to exercise."
A: "Do you go jogging or do you go to a health club?"
B: "I joined Samsung Health Club a couple of months ago."
A: "How do you exercise?"
B: "I usually spend 30 minutes on the bicycle for the cardio, and then I lift we
ight for about 45 minutes."
A: "How often do you go?"
B: "I want to go four times a week, but I'm too lazy. Last week, I only went to
workout once."
1. What is the main topic of discussion?
2. How long ago did he join the health club?
1 year ago
1 month ago
2 months ago
Last week
3. How long does he lift weights for?
30 minutes
45 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
4. What does he usually do before lifting weights?
Walk around
Jump rope fo 15 minutes
Bicycle for 30 minutes
A: "Hey Jimmy. Let's go workout later today."
B: "Sure. What time do you want to go?"
A: "How about at 3:30."
B: "That sounds good. Today we work on Legs and forearm."
A: "Hey. I just played basketball earlier, so my legs are a little sore. Let's w
ork out on arms and stomach today."
B: "I'm on a weekly schedule. You're messing everything up."
A: "C'mon. We're only switching two days. You can do legs on Friday."
B: "Aright. I'll meet you at the gym at 3:30 then."
1. What does Jimmy's friend want to do later?
Eat lunch
Play basketball
2. What time do that plan on meeting?
After dinner
At 3:30
Ten in the morning
After lunch at 1:00
3. What did he do earlier that caused soreness in his legs?
Lifted weights
Skiing with friends
Played soccer all day
Played basketball
4. Where are they going to meet?
At Jimmy's house
At the coffee shop down the street
By the bus stop
At the gym
A: "Damn Scott. You got big."
B: "Yeah, I've been working out a lot."
A: "How long have you been lifting weights?"
B: "For a year and a half."
A: "Yeah. Last time I saw you, it was like 2 years ago."
B: "Has it been that long?"
A: "How often do you go to the gym?"
B: "I usually go every other day for about 3 hours."
A: "That's a lot."
B: "Yeah, I used to work out for an hour a day 4 times a week, and I saw no resu
lts. This is what you have to do to get noticeable results."
A: "I don't think I have the discipline for that."
B: "Just think of it as a hobby. Then it's actually fun."
1. How would you describe Scott?
Very tall and skinny
Slender with broad shoulders
Big and muscular
Short and fat
2. How long has it been since these two last saw each other?
6 months ago
10 months ago
A year and a half ago
Two years ago
3. How often does Scott go to the gym?
Once a month
Every day for an hour
Every other day for 3 hours
4. Why does Scott work out so much?
To get noticeable results
Because he will be bored
To enter a competition
To train for a marathon
A: "The weather is terrible."
B: "Yeah. It's been raining a lot these days."
A: "I have been watching a lot of videos at home because of the constant rain."
B: "Have you heard when it's supposed to get better?"
A: "I saw the weather report, and it's going to rain for the next eight days."
B: "That sucks so much. What are we going to do?"
A: "I'm getting pretty bored. We should do something despite the rain."
B: "I'm with you. What do you have in mind?"
A: "I haven't been to the Mall in a long time. Let's go there."
B: "That sounds good. They have a movie theatre there, so if we get bored, we ca
n watch a movie."
A: "Great. I'll stop by your place now."
B: "Ok. Don't forget to bring your umbrella. The rain can start up again anytime
1. What topic are they talking about?
Weather and rain
Shopping at the mall
Comedy movies at the theater
Sports and activities
2. If they get bored at the mall, what will they do?
Watch a movie
Buy a game to play
Go home and watch TV
Go to the gym
3. What word is used to describe the weather?
4. What was mentioned in the weather report?
It will stop raining in three days
It will stop raining in eight days
It will stop raining on Friday
I will be sunny over the weekend
A: "Did you ever take History 231?"
B: "Yeah. Last semester."
A: "Who was the professor?"
B: "It was Professor Johnson."
A: "I have him this semester. What do you think about him?"
B: "He's a terrible instructor and demands a lot, but fortunately, he's an easy
A: "What did you end up getting?"
B: "I got an A-. Sounds good, but none of my test scores were that high, so I do
n't know how I got a decent grade."
A: "That's probably because he grades on a curve."
B: "Are you enjoying the class so far?"
A: "I hate it and I was about to withdrawal. But after hearing your experience,
I think I will tough it out."
B: "Yes. Definitely stay in the class. You will get a better grade than your tes
t scores. He does that deliberately to make all the students study a lot."
A: "Thanks for letting me know. I feel relieved now."
1. What university class are they talking about?
2. How did the student describe the professor?
Smart and fun
Easy and boring
Demanding but an easy grader
Easy but a hard grader
3. How did one student get an A- grade but all his scores were lower than that?
The professor liked the student
The professor graded on a curve
The student did extra assignments
The student talked to the professor
4. How did one student feel after hearing about the professor from the other stu
The student felt worried
The student felt relieved
The student felt like crying
The student felt angry
A: "Hi Mike. What have you been up to?"
B: "Not much. I started exercising."
A: "Trying to get in shape?"
B: "Yeah, and I need to start improving my health."
A: "Me too. What are you doing besides exercising?"
B: "That's about all."
A: "I think if you eat better, it will help tremendously."
B: "Sleep is good too. I heard people who sleep an average of eight hours a day
have less health problems."
A: "Looks like there are a lot of things to do to stay healthy."
B: "True. But I think it is worth it. When you get old, you want to be healthy a
nd active."
1. There are several topics in this short discussion, what is the main topic?
2. How many hours is one person recommending to sleep?
7 hours
8 hours
10 hours
12 hours
3. Why did mike start exercising?
To burn off fat
A girl he likes joined the local gym
Because he was bored
To improve his health
4. When you get old, Mike recommends that you want to be what?
Handsome and tall
Smart and successful
Healthy and active
Rich and independent
A: "I haven't seen your father in like 5 years. How is he doing?"
B: "He's not doing too well."
A: "Why? What's wrong?"
B: "About a year ago, he started feeling weak all the time."
A: "Is it due to old age or is he sick."
B: "Maybe a little of both. The doctor's can't point out anything specifically.
I think it is because he didn't take care of himself during his youth."
A: "That makes sense. It's important to take care of your health early in life."
B: "That's what my father tells me almost everyday."
A: "Well, I hope he starts feeling better. Say hi to him for me."
B: "Thanks. I'll let him know."
1. Who are these two people talking about?
A mutual friend
Person A
One person's father
One person's brother
2. Why is that person always feeling weak?
He is sick with a virus
He didn't take care of himself when he was young
He got food poisoning
He never exercised
3. How long has it been since one person met his friend's father?
3 months
9 months
2 years
5 years
4. What did the doctor say about the father's condition?
He has cancer
He has a fever but will get better
His depression is making him tired
Couldn't find anything specific
A: "Hey Sarah. Why are you limping?"
B: "Oh. Hi Matt. I went snowboarding yesterday and my whole body aches."
A: "Was it your first time?"
B: "Yeah. And I never want to go again."
A: "I remember the first time I went. My back was sore, I couldn't sit down beca
use it hurt my butt, and my legs would cramp if I walked too fast."
B: "That's exactly how I feel now."
A: "It's only like that the first couple of times."
B: "Ha. There won't be a next time."
A: "You gotta give it a chance. It's fun after awhile."
B: "I'll think about it after I start feeling better. Right now, I don't even wa
nt to hear the word snowboarding."
1. What does limping mean?
To crawl
To cringe due to pain
Walk that is unbalanced from injury or pain
Walk that is faster than normal
2. Why was Sarah limping?
She was running late for class and was in a hurry
She went snowboarding and had body aches
She was looking for her contacts that fell to the ground
She was practicing a martial arts move
3. What would happen in the past when Matt walked too fast?
He would trip and fall
His leg would cramp
He would start running
He looked goofy walking fast
4. What is Sarah's impression on snowboarding?
Loves it and wants to go again
Loves it but it is too expensive
Not sure yet so she will try again
Hates it and doesn't want to think about it
A: "Hey Jane. How are you doing these days?"
B: "Hi Martha. Everything is perfect."
A: "Are you enjoying married life?"
B: "It couldn't be better. My husband is so supportive with my work and he helps
around the house so much."
A: "You're so lucky. I hope to get married to a guy like that."
B: "I'm so happy. Even though we are both working, we get to spend a lot of time
with each other in the evening and on the weekends."
A: "Do you guys do anything special?"
B: "In the evening, we just sit and talk over dinner. But on the weekend, we try
to go out to the beach or hit a nice restaurant, or go to a nice cafe."
A: "Sound like everything is great."
1. What is the general mood of the ladies?
2. Why is Jane enjoying married life?
Husband makes a lot of money
Husband is loving and caring
Husband is supportive and helpful
Husband is smart and handsome
3. What do Jane and her husband to in the evenings?
Go bowling for fun
Take walks around the neighborhood
Have a nice dinner together
Watch TV together
4. What is one thing that Jane and her husband do NOT do together on the weekend
Go out to the beach
Go to a nice restaurant
Go to watch a movie
Go to a nice cafe
A: "Hey Stacy. What's going on?"
B: "I'm pretty tired these days."
A: "Why? You're not working so don't you have a lot of time on your hands?"
B: "I have so much house work to do. I have to take care of the kids, cook, clea
n, laundry, and the cycle never ends."
A: "How about your husband. Does he help much?"
B: "Not at all. He comes home and complains about his hard day at work. He expec
ts me to do everything. He even wants me to feed him sometimes. Can you believe
A: "That sucks."
B: "If he wasn't so lazy, I think I wouldn't have any complaints. He mows the la
wn, but can you believe he tried to convince me to do it?"
A: "That's crossing the line."
B: "Oh well. I'll have to live with it. What else can I do?"
1. Why is Stacy so tired these days?
Has to watch the kids, cook, clean, and laundry
Has to work all day long
Currently recovering from surgery and took pain medication
She has the flu
2. Why is Stacy doing all the work herself?
She is a single mom working 2 jobs
Her husband is on business trips and is home to help
Her husband helps a lot, but there is too much to do
Her husband only complains about his day and doesn't help
3. What is one chore that the husband takes care of?
Mowing the lawn
Washing the car
4. What is one change Stacy wants to see from her husband?
To be more loving
to be less lazy
To be home more often
To change jobs that require less traveling
A: "Welcome. Can I help you with anything?"
B: "Hi. I'm shopping for my boyfriend's birthday. Do you have any suggestions?"
A: "Let's see. How about a nice shirt and tie? You can't go wrong there."
B: "Well. He doesn't wear ties that often."
A: "We have some nice pants. You can also get him a belt with it."
B: "That sounds good. Which one do you recommend?"
A: "These slacks are very popular. He can wear them to dress up a little or on a
normal casual day."
B: "I like them. Do you have matching belts?"
A: "Yes. Right over here."
B: "How much are they?"
A: "The pants are on sale for $40, and the belt is $25."
B: "What is your return policy just in case he doesn't like them?"
A: "Just save the receipt and we will gladly return or exchange them for you."
B: "That sounds great. I'll take them."
1. Where is this conversation taking place?
At an electronice store
At a clothing store
At a coffee shop
Over the phone
2. What is the person shopping for?
A tall vanilla latte
A DVD player
Her mother's birthday present
For her boyfriend
3. What did she end up buying for her boyfriend?
Pants and a belt
Shirt and tie
Leather jacket
4. What is the return policy of this store?
Only exchanges
Return or exchanges allowed with receipt
All sales are final with no returns or exchanges
3 days for returns or exchanges with receipt
A: "Hey John. I have some great news."
B: "What happened?"
A: "I got a job offer from Dell."
B: "That's great. I thought you said you didn't get the job."
A: "I thought I did bad on the interview, but I guess I was wrong. I'm so happy
right now."
B: "I bet. That's great news. I'm very happy for you."
A: "Thanks. I feel like celebrating. Let's go have a beer. It's on me."
B: "Sounds good."
1. What is the great news in the dialog?
He received a job offer
He got a promotion at work
He gave an interview
He wants to celebrate
2. How did he feel about the interview?
He thought he did bad
He thought he did good
He though he did perfect
He didn't have an interview
3. What are they going to do to celebrate?
Go to a party
Go watch a movie
Go drink beer
Go play pool
4. Who is paying for the celebration?
Doesn't mention anything about who is paying
Both of them will pay equally
The friend with the good news
The friend who heard the good news
A: "Mike, did you win the lottery or something? Why the big smile?"
B: "I'm so relieved. I just passed the bar exam."
A: "You did? That's great! You must be very happy now?"
B: "That's an understatement. I'm on cloud nine. I couldn't be any happier."
A: "Did you tell your parents yet?"
B: "Not yet. I didn't get a hold of them. I'll try to call them again tonight."
A: "They're probably going to be so happy."
B: "I think so. It's turning out to be a great day."
1. Why is Mike so happy?
He won the lottery
His wife won the lottery
He passed the bar exam
He passed the civil service exam
2. Who will Mike call with this good news later?
Hi brother
His wife
His parents
His friend
3. What does "cloud nine" mean?
A state of extreme happiness
To be in an airplane
To be in a high elevation
To be very disappointed
4. How is the friend feeling after hearing this news from Mike?
Sad and depressed
Bitter and Jealous
Happy for his friend
Angry and surprised
A: "Life's so boring."
B: "Well, most of the time it is, I guess."
A: "What do you think will make you happy?"
B: "I think money will make me happy."
A: "You heard people say that money doesn't guarantee happiness."
B: "It will for me. Then I can do all the things I want to do."
A: "You'll get bored eventually."
B: "Then I can find something new to do. If I don't have to worry about money, t
hen I don't have to work."
A: "That's true, I guess. If I didn't have to work, I think I would be happy."
B: "You see... money doesn't equal happiness, but it takes away a lot of respons
1. What is the theme of this discussion?
Happiness versus sadness
Money and happiness
Work and money
Boring life
2. In this dialog, what can money do for someone?
Buy fance cars
Take away a lot of responsibilities
Go traveling around the world
Open a nice restaurant
3. What is one draw back mentioned from having too much money?
Person will become greedy
Person will become bored eventually
Person will be unhappy
Person will lose friends
4. What conclusion can we come to from this dialog?
Neither of them are rich
Both of them are rich
One person does not have a job
Both of them do not have a job
A: "What happened to your car?"
B: "A tow truck was towing my car and put all those dents in my car."
A: "Are they going to pay you for the damages?"
B: "They're saying it was already there."
A: "What the hell. That doesn't make sense. What are you going to do."
B: "I have to go to court. A cop was there so he can prove that the damage wasn'
t there."
A: "That sucks. I'd be pissed if that happened to me."
B: "I got an estimate and it's four thousand dollars."
A: "Oh my gosh. Damn... screw the court, I would burn down their store."
B: "We'll see what happens after court."
1. Why is the person so angry?
He lost his car
He got into a car accident
His car got damaged by a tow company
No one is angry in this dialog
2. How is he going to solve the problem with his car?
Go to a auto body shop
Go to the company
Go to court
3. How much will it cost to repair the car?
4. Who will be used as a witness?
A stranger in the street
A friend who witnessed everything
A cop who was there
His companies lawyer
A: "Jack, what's wrong?"
B: "You!"
A: "What are you talking about? What did I do?"
B: "You told Martha that I was on a date? What was that all about?"
A: "No... that's not what I meant. I didn't mean that. She asked me where you we
re and I jokingly said that you were on a date with Sara. I thought Martha knew
that you and Sara were just friends."
B: "She started feeling suspicious after you said that."
A: "I'm sorry man. I didn't know. I didn't mean to screw anything up."
B: "Martha gets jealous easily and it took a while to convince her that Sara was
just a friend. Now, I have to explain to Sara that I can't hang around her beca
use of you."
A: "Look. I really didn't mean to, and next time I see Martha, I'll really tell
her that you and Sara are really just friends."
B: "Don't bother."
1. Who is Jack angry at?
His friend Sara
His girlfriend Martha
His brother
The friend he is talking to
2. Why is Jack so angry?
His friend told Martha that Jack was dating Sara
His friend was angry he wasn't invited to a party
Because he didn't tell him about the surprise exam
His friend dated his girlfriend
3. Why did his friend cause this problem?
To get revenge because he was also angry with Jack
To make Jack and Martha break up
He was just joking and didn't mean to cause this problem
He knew it was a secret, but it just slipped out
4. What is Jack asking his friend to do?
To talk to Martha about it
To not say anything to Martha anymore
To talk to Sara about it
To apologize to Martha
A: "I can't wait to go skiing tomorrow."
B: "I know. It's going to be so much fun."
A: "I always get excited the day before."
B: "I used to be like that. But I go skiing so often that I don't get excited an
A: "I only go skiing twice a year, so it's a real treat for me."
B: "That makes sense."
A: "What things make you excited?"
B: "Whenever I go to Vegas, I get really excited."
A: "Oh... that makes me excited too!"
B: "Looks like anything fun makes you excited."
1. What is the exciting event that is causing this excitement?
They are going skiing tomorrow
They are going to Las Vegas tomorrow
They are going to have a big party over the weekend
They just graduated from college
2. Why does he get so excited?
This is his first time going to Las Vegas
The party over the weekend is a special event
He only gets to go skiing twice a year
He doesn't have to go to school anymore
3. What event makes them both get excited?
A ski trip
Las Vegas vacation
Big parties
Any weekends
4. Why does one person not get excited from skiing?
He doesn't enjoy skiing that much
He has never gone skiing so he doesn't know
He is too tired to be excited
He goes skiing often so he is used to it
A: "Hey Jack. Are you excited about starting work?"
B: "Yeah. I'm really looking forward to it."
A: "What was more exciting, starting college or starting work?"
B: "They're pretty similar, but in different ways. I really can't decide. How ab
out you?"
A: "For me, I think starting school was more exciting."
B: "Does that mean work isn't that great?"
A: "It's different for everyone, but because I knew school was going to be so mu
ch fun, I really got excited about it."
B: "But work is a huge portion of our lives. I'm looking forward to making it fu
A: "That's a great attitude to have. I don't think you'll have any problems in t
he workforce."
B: "I hope you're right."
1. What is Jack excited about?
Going on a vacation
Starting school
Finishing school
Starting work
2. What does Jack think is more exciting between starting school or work?
Neither is exciting
Both are similar
Work is more exciting
School is more exciting
3. What is the best description about Jack's attitude toward work?
He is depressed because he will have to work for 30 years
He is sad that he can't have fun at school anymore
He is looking forward to making work fun
He doesn't care one way or another
4. Who started work first between Jack and his friend?
His friend
Neither of them are working yet
Both started at the same time
A: "You don't look too well. What's going on?"
B: "I just lost my job. I'm just worried about how I'm going to pay the bills."
A: "I'm sorry to hear that. Have you been looking for another job?"
B: "I just started, but the job market is very bad right now. I'm not optimistic
about it."
A: "That's tough. What does your wife think about this?"
B: "She's trying to be supportive, but I can tell she is very worried about our
financial situation as well."
A: "I have some friends who might be able to help you find a job. I'll see what
they can do."
B: "I really appreciate your help."
A: "No problem. In the meantime, don't try to worry so much. You'll get through
1. What is the good news in this dialog?
He just got a job
He is going on a vacation
He found a pretty girlfriend
None of the above
2. What is the bad news in this dialog?
His wife is worried about their finances
The job market is bad right now
He lost his job
All of the above
3. What is the friend doing about the situation?
Nothing he can do about it
Contact other friends who might be able to help find a job
Talk to his manager about openings in their company
None of the above
4. What advice is the friend giving?
To not worry as he will get through this
To start saving money for the hard times
To start working at a gas station temporarily
All of the above
A: "Hi Jackie. You don't look too well. What's going on?"
B: "It's nothing. I'm just a little stressed out."
A: "Why? What's stressing you out?"
B: "School. Since I was working part time, I had a difficult time keeping up wit
h class. Now that we have exams coming up, I'm totally freaking out."
A: "The best thing to do is study as much as you can. I'm sure you'll do alright
B: "I hope so. I guess I won't be sleeping for the next 3 days. That's what it'l
l take."
A: "I have to study for an exam too. Why don't we study together. We can encoura
ge each other."
B: "That will be great."
1. Why doesn't Jackie look so well?
She is sick
She is stressed out
She just had a fight with her boyfriend
She just failed an exam
2. Why is Jackie having a hard time keeping up with class?
She was working part time
She had to take care of her mother who was sick
She couldn't understand the material and didn't look for help early enough
She had too many classes to take and got behind
3. What is the solution to get through this problem?
Take her mother to the hospital
Drop out of one class
Find a tutor to help with this subject
Study with a friend with encouragement
4. What statement is true from this dialog?
A new semester is about to start for school
The mother is sick but is getting better
They are both working to pay for school
They both have exams coming up
A: "Hey Mike. What are you doing tonight?"
B: "Nothing planned. How about you?"
A: "Work is kicking my ass. I'm so stressed. Let's go grab a drink."
B: "I'm always up for a drink. To tell you the truth, it's been quite stressful
here too."
A: "I say we get drunk tonight. I don't want to think about all this stuff."
B: "But we have to work tomorrow."
A: "We won't stay out too late. I just need to forget about work."
B: "I hear ya. Let's do it."
1. What do they plan on doing tonight?
Go play basketball with friends
Work all night long for tomorrow's presentation
Drink and get drunk
Stay home and rest
2. Why do they plan on going out tonight?
To forget about work
Because work is stressful
To get drunk
All of the above
3. How late do they plan on staying out tonight?
Until the next morning
Not too late
After they are both drunk
Until 3 in the morning
4. Where do they plan on going?
To the local bar
To a restaurant
To a club in downtown
None of the above
A: "Hey Mike. What are you doing?"
B: "Nothing much. What are you up to?"
A: "I was just concerned about Sam. He hasn't been himself lately."
B: "He took the civil service exam and failed."
A: "That sucks. He must feel depressed."
B: "Yeah. He's been sitting in his room everyday for the last 4 days."
A: "Why don't we take him out? We can try to take his mind off of it. In the lea
st show him that we're there for him."
B: "That's a great idea. Why don't you call him. I already talked to him a coupl
e of times and it might be good for him to hear from somebody else."
A: "Ok. I'll call you back after I'm done."
B: "Sounds good."
1. What is the topic of this dialog?
University classes
A friend who is not himself lately
Partying and drinking
A friend with a pretty girlfriend
2. Why is Sam depressed?
He failed an important exam
His girlfriend broke up with him
He wasn't invited to a big party
He failed one of his university classes
3. What has Sam been doing for the last several days?
Sitting in his room
Exercising all day long
Thinking about his girlfriend
None of the above
4. What are they going to do about Sam?
Try to take him out
Talk to his girlfriend
Help him study
None of the above
A: "Hello?"
B: "Hey Tina. What are you doing?"
A: "I was just watching TV. What's going on with you?"
B: "I just watched a movie and I'm scared."
A: "What did you watch?"
B: "I saw the Sixth Sense. I didn't know it was going to be so scary."
A: "I remember that. It was a great movie. But it was definitely scary."
B: "If you're not busy, do you want to come over? I'm afraid to be alone."
A: "Sure. I can come over. What should we do?"
B: "How about if we watch a comedy. I need something to get my mind off the frig
htening images I have from the Sixth Sense."
A: "Ok. I'll get ready and leave. I'll see you in about 20 minutes."
B: "Hurry, ok. It's dark out."
A: "Don't worry, nothings going to happen. I'll be there real soon."
B: "Ok. See you soon."
1. Where is this dialog occurring?
At a restaurant
Over the phone
At the park
At a movie theater
2. Why is one of the person scared?
Boyfriend is bothering her
A stranger followed her into the store
A movie she just watched was scary
She had a nightmare
3. What is Tina going to do for her scared friend?
Go over to her house and watch a comedy together
Rent a DVD that is funny for Tina
Keep talking to her until she is not scared anymore
Have a party for her
4. What time of day is this dialog taking place?
In the morning
At lunch time
In the afternoon
In the evening
A: "Hey Mark. What are you doing?"
B: "Just watching some TV."
A: "Anything interesting on?"
B: "Not really. Just watching the sports highlight on ESPN."
A: "So I take it you're pretty bored too."
B: "Just killing time until I find something to do. What are you up to?"
A: "It's Saturday and we are sitting at home doing nothing. What's wrong with us
B: "You wanna shoot some hoops?"
A: "I already tried to call up some of the guys, but they are all busy."
B: "Where's your girlfriend? I thought you were going out with her today."
A: "She's out shopping with her friends."
B: "Let's go to Starbucks and think of something to do then."
A: "Aright. Do you have any cigarettes?"
B: "I only have a couple left. Why don't you pick some up on the way."
A: "Ok. See you there in about 30 minutes."
B: "Aright. See you there."
1. What is Mark doing right now?
Playing basketball
Watching TV
Studying for an exam
Eating lunch
2. What day of the week is it?
3. What are they planning on doing?
Planning to watch TV
Planning to play basketball
Planning on going to Starbucks
Planning on shopping with their girlfriend
4. When are they going to meet?
Tomorrow after lunch
In 30 minutes
In 1 hour
On Sunday
A: "Why the long face?"
B: "I'm getting sick of work man. I can't take the political bull in the company
any more."
A: "Did you just get your review or something?"
B: "Yeah, but that's not why I am upset. I just found out another guy got a prom
otion. He doesn't know how to do anything. He sits there and kisses the managers
butt all day long."
A: "That sucks."
B: "I'm just pissed that management can't see behind his smooth talking lies."
A: "Look on the bright side. At least you have a job."
B: "Yeah. I shouldn't stress about this anymore. It's not like I can do anything
about it."
A: "Exactly. Instead, we should have some drinks tonight."
B: "How about a cold bottle of beer."
A: "Now you're talking."
1. What does having a long face represent?
The face is not short
The face is narrow but long
Represents happiness
Represents unhappiness
2. What happened at work that caused the long face?
He got a promotion
A different person got a promotion
He got a raise
He lost his job
3. What topic are they talking about?
Fun classes at school
Being busy at work
Stress from work
Drinking and partying
4. What do they plan on drinking?