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Reading Expect us to react!

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Grammar Present Perfect Progressive

Present Perfect Progressive

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Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Progressive and Simple Past

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Expect us TO REACT!.
Functions Objectives
Talking about the recent past.

Continue using the present perfect tense for events that
began in the recent past.
Talk about performing arts.
React to negative situations and
express dissatisfaction.

Use the Present perfect continuous tense for actions in the
past which continue into the present.

Discriminate between terminated vs. continuing events in
the past. Use verb tenses accordingly.

Review the uses of ing forms.

Review time markers, ago, for, since.

Use vocabulary and expressions related to the performing

Rhythm in speaking English and consonant-vowel sound

Elaborate a Guided Composition

Make sentences while answering questions.





Expect us to react!


Letters to the Editor
Dear Sir,
I have been living here in Hohum for
25 years. I started working for the
Hohum Cultural Committee ten years
ago and have felt the needs of our
public for good quality entertainment.
Therefore it was quite a shock for us
to read your cultural correspondants
acrid comments on our production of
Aida in last Saturdays Daily Blurb. I
have decided to defend our committee
against Mr Sokemgood after having
put up with his insulting and
demeaning attitude towards us for too
long now. He has been making
caustic comments about our efforts
since he began reporting for you and I
believe its time to protest.

We can gladly return Mr
Sokemgoods ticket price of $15 for
Aida. As non-professionals and
volunteers we have not been
receiving any monetary benefits for
all the work and preparation, which
we did for this production or any
previous ones. The $15 ticket was
to pay for scenery and costumes as
well as the price of printing tickets
and theater rental. If Mr.
Sokemgood wants to pay from
$150 to $500 to see Aida in
Chicago or Milwaukee we have no
objection. What we thoroughly
object to is how he has been
attacking us for the last three years
with no response from us until now.
Please dont forget that we read
your newspaper, too, and do not
expect us to be ridiculed, on the
contrary, expect us TO REACT!
Aima Payne

Present Perfect Progressive

Forming the Present Perfect Progressive
Subject Have/has Past Participle of be Main verb in ing form
I have been reading
She has been writing
Resulting sentences:
I have been reading the Hohum Daily Blurb since its beginnings in 1975.
She has* been writing for the Hohum Daily Blurb since its beginnings in 1975.

* Remember that in any verbs tense that includes a verb form in present, the third person singular
she/he/it - or any corresponding nouns phrases like mi mother, my father, the sun, etc.) MUST
agree with the verb:
She has, not She have. NO, NO, NO!