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By Hesiod

Part 1 (1-115)
(ll. 1-25) From the Heliconian Muses let us begin to sing, who
hold the great and holy mount o Helicon, and dance on sot eet
about the dee!-blue s!ring and the altar o the almighty son o
"ronos, and, when they ha#e washed their tender bodies in
Permessus or in the Horse$s %!ring or &lmeius, ma'e their air,
lo#ely dances u!on highest Helicon and mo#e with #igorous eet.
(hence they arise and go abroad by night, #eiled in thic' mist,
and utter their song with lo#ely #oice, !raising )eus the aegis-
holder and *ueenly Hera o +rgos who wal's on golden sandals and
the daughter o )eus the aegis-holder bright-eyed +thene, and
Phoebus +!ollo, and +rtemis who delights in arrows, and Poseidon
the earth-holder who sha'es the earth, and re#erend (hemis and
*uic'-glancing (1) +!hrodite, and Hebe with the crown o gold,
and air ,ione, -eto, .a!etus, and "ronos the craty counsellor,
/os and great Helius and bright %elene, /arth too, and great
&ceanus, and dar' 0ight, and the holy race o all the other
deathless ones that are or e#er. +nd one day they taught Hesiod
glorious song while he was she!herding his lambs under holy
Helicon, and this word irst the goddesses said to me -- the
Muses o &lym!us, daughters o )eus who holds the aegis1
(ll. 22-23) 4%he!herds o the wilderness, wretched things o
shame, mere bellies, we 'now how to s!ea' many alse things as
though they were true5 but we 'now, when we will, to utter true
(ll. 26-75) %o said the ready-#oiced daughters o great )eus, and
they !luc'ed and ga#e me a rod, a shoot o sturdy laurel, a
mar#ellous thing, and breathed into me a di#ine #oice to
celebrate things that shall be and things there were aoretime5
and they bade me sing o the race o the blessed gods that are
eternally, but e#er to sing o themsel#es both irst and last.
8ut why all this about oa' or stone9 (2)
(ll. 72-52) "ome thou, let us begin with the Muses who gladden
the great s!irit o their ather )eus in &lym!us with their
songs, telling o things that are and that shall be and that were
aoretime with consenting #oice. :nwearying lows the sweet
sound rom their li!s, and the house o their ather )eus the
loud-thunderer is glad at the lily-li'e #oice o the goddesses as
it s!read abroad, and the !ea's o snowy &lym!us resound, and the
homes o the immortals. +nd they uttering their immortal #oice,
celebrate in song irst o all the re#erend race o the gods rom
the beginning, those whom /arth and wide Hea#en begot, and the
gods s!rung o these, gi#ers o good things. (hen, ne;t, the
goddesses sing o )eus, the ather o gods and men, as they begin
and end their strain, how much he is the most e;cellent among the
gods and su!reme in !ower. +nd again, they chant the race o men
and strong giants, and gladden the heart o )eus within &lym!us,
-- the &lym!ian Muses, daughters o )eus the aegis-holder.
(ll. 57-<=) (hem in Pieria did Mnemosyne (Memory), who reigns
o#er the hills o /leuther, bear o union with the ather, the
son o "ronos, a orgetting o ills and a rest rom sorrow. For
nine nights did wise )eus lie with her, entering her holy bed
remote rom the immortals. +nd when a year was !assed and the
seasons came round as the months waned, and many days were
accom!lished, she bare nine daughters, all o one mind, whose
hearts are set u!on song and their s!irit ree rom care, a
little way rom the to!most !ea' o snowy &lym!us. (here are
their bright dancing-!laces and beautiul homes, and beside them
the >races and Himerus (,esire) li#e in delight. +nd they,
uttering through their li!s a lo#ely #oice, sing the laws o all
and the goodly ways o the immortals, uttering their lo#ely
#oice. (hen went they to &lym!us, delighting in their sweet
#oice, with hea#enly song, and the dar' earth resounded about
them as they chanted, and a lo#ely sound rose u! beneath their
eet as they went to their ather. +nd he was reigning in
hea#en, himsel holding the lightning and glowing thunderbolt,
when he had o#ercome by might his ather "ronos5 and he
distributed airly to the immortals their !ortions and declared
their !ri#ileges.
(ll. <5-1?7) (hese things, then, the Muses sang who dwell on
&lym!us, nine daughters begotten by great )eus, "leio and
/uter!e, (haleia, Mel!omene and (er!sichore, and /rato and
Polyhymnia and :rania and "allio!e (7), who is the chieest o
them all, or she attends on worshi!ul !rinces1 whomsoe#er o
hea#en-nourished !rinces the daughters o great )eus honour, and
behold him at his birth, they !our sweet dew u!on his tongue, and
rom his li!s low gracious words. +ll the !eo!le loo' towards
him while he settles causes with true @udgements1 and he,
s!ea'ing surely, would soon ma'e wise end e#en o a great
*uarrel5 or thereore are there !rinces wise in heart, because
when the !eo!le are being misguided in their assembly, they set
right the matter again with ease, !ersuading them with gentle
words. +nd when he !asses through a gathering, they greet him as
a god with gentle re#erence, and he is cons!icuous amongst the
assembled1 such is the holy git o the Muses to men. For it is
through the Muses and ar-shooting +!ollo that there are singers
and har!ers u!on the earth5 but !rinces are o )eus, and ha!!y is
he whom the Muses lo#e1 sweet lows s!eech rom his mouth. For
though a man ha#e sorrow and grie in his newly-troubled soul and
li#e in dread because his heart is distressed, yet, when a
singer, the ser#ant o the Muses, chants the glorious deeds o
men o old and the blessed gods who inhabit &lym!us, at once he
orgets his hea#iness and remembers not his sorrows at all5 but
the gits o the goddesses soon turn him away rom these.
(ll. 1?=-115) Hail, children o )eusA >rant lo#ely song and
celebrate the holy race o the deathless gods who are or e#er,
those that were born o /arth and starry Hea#en and gloomy 0ight
and them that briny %ea did rear.(ell how at the irst gods and
earth came to be, and ri#ers, and the boundless sea with its
raging swell, and the gleaming stars, and the wide hea#en abo#e,
and the gods who were born o them, gi#ers o good things, and
how they di#ided their wealth, and how they shared their honours
amongst them, and also how at the irst they too' many-olded
&lym!us. (hese things declare to me rom the beginning, ye Muses
who dwell in the house o &lym!us, and tell me which o them
irst came to be.
Part 2 (116-206)
(ll. 116-138) Verily at the first Chaos came to be b!t "e#t
$ide-bosomed %arth the e&er-s!re fo!"datio"s of all (') the
deathless o"es $ho hold the (ea)s of s"o$y *lym(!s a"d dim
+artar!s i" the de(th of the $ide-(athed %arth a"d %ros (,o&e)
fairest amo"- the deathless -ods $ho !""er&es the limbs a"d
o&ercomes the mi"d a"d $ise co!"sels of all -ods a"d all me"
$ithi" them. .rom Chaos came forth %reb!s a"d blac) /i-ht0 b!t
of /i-ht $ere bor" 1ether (2) a"d 3ay $hom she co"cei&ed a"d
bare from !"io" i" lo&e $ith %reb!s. 1"d %arth first bare starry
Hea&e" e4!al to herself to co&er her o" e&ery side a"d to be
a" e&er-s!re abidi"--(lace for the blessed -ods. 1"d she bro!-ht
forth lo"- Hills -racef!l ha!"ts of the -oddess-/ym(hs $ho d$ell
amo"-st the -le"s of the hills. 5he bare also the fr!itless dee(
$ith his ra-i"- s$ell Po"t!s $itho!t s$eet !"io" of lo&e. B!t
after$ards she lay $ith Hea&e" a"d bare dee(-s$irli"- *cea"!s
Coe!s a"d Cri!s a"d Hy(erio" a"d 6a(et!s +heia a"d 7hea +hemis
a"d 8"emosy"e a"d -old-cro$"ed Phoebe a"d lo&ely +ethys. 1fter
them $as bor" Cro"os the $ily yo!"-est a"d most terrible of her
childre" a"d he hated his l!sty sire.
(ll. 139-1'6) 1"d a-ai" she bare the Cyclo(es o&erbeari"- i"
s(irit Bro"tes a"d 5tero(es a"d st!bbor"-hearted 1r-es (6) $ho
-a&e :e!s the th!"der a"d made the th!"derbolt; i" all else they
$ere li)e the -ods b!t o"e eye o"ly $as set i" the midst of
their fore-heads. 1"d they $ere s!r"amed Cyclo(es (*rb-eyed)
beca!se o"e orbed eye $as set i" their foreheads. 5tre"-th a"d
mi-ht a"d craft $ere i" their $or)s.
(ll. 1'<-163) 1"d a-ai" three other so"s $ere bor" of %arth a"d
Hea&e" -reat a"d do!-hty beyo"d telli"- Cott!s a"d Briareos a"d
=yes (res!m(t!o!s childre". .rom their sho!lders s(ra"- a"
h!"dred arms "ot to be a((roached a"d each had fifty heads !(o"
his sho!lders o" their stro"- limbs a"d irresistible $as the
st!bbor" stre"-th that $as i" their -reat forms. .or of all the
childre" that $ere bor" of %arth a"d Hea&e" these $ere the most
terrible a"d they $ere hated by their o$" father from the first.
1"d he !sed to hide them all a$ay i" a secret (lace of %arth so
soo" as each $as bor" a"d $o!ld "ot s!ffer them to come !( i"to
the li-ht; a"d Hea&e" re>oiced i" his e&il doi"-. B!t &ast %arth
-roa"ed $ithi" bei"- straite"ed a"d she made the eleme"t of
-rey fli"t a"d sha(ed a -reat sic)le a"d told her (la" to her
dear so"s. 1"d she s(o)e cheeri"- them $hile she $as &e#ed i"
her dear heart;
(ll. 16'-166) ?8y childre" -otte" of a si"f!l father if yo!
$ill obey me $e sho!ld (!"ish the &ile o!tra-e of yo!r father0
for he first tho!-ht of doi"- shamef!l thi"-s.@
(ll. 16<-169) 5o she said0 b!t fear seiAed them all a"d "o"e of
them !ttered a $ord. B!t -reat Cro"os the $ily too) co!ra-e a"d
a"s$ered his dear mother;
(ll. 1<0-1<2) ?8other 6 $ill !"derta)e to do this deed for 6
re&ere"ce "ot o!r father of e&il "ame for he first tho!-ht of
doi"- shamef!l thi"-s.@
(ll. 1<3-1<2) 5o he said; a"d &ast %arth re>oiced -reatly i"
s(irit a"d set a"d hid him i" a" amb!sh a"d (!t i" his ha"ds a
>a--ed sic)le a"d re&ealed to him the $hole (lot.
(ll. 1<6-206) 1"d Hea&e" came bri"-i"- o" "i-ht a"d lo"-i"- for
lo&e a"d he lay abo!t %arth s(readi"- himself f!ll !(o" her (<).
+he" the so" from his amb!sh stretched forth his left ha"d a"d i"
his ri-ht too) the -reat lo"- sic)le $ith >a--ed teeth a"d
s$iftly lo((ed off his o$" father@s members a"d cast them a$ay to
fall behi"d him. 1"d "ot &ai"ly did they fall from his ha"d0 for
all the bloody dro(s that -!shed forth %arth recei&ed a"d as the
seaso"s mo&ed ro!"d she bare the stro"- %ri"yes a"d the -reat
=ia"ts $ith -leami"- armo!r holdi"- lo"- s(ears i" their ha"ds
a"d the /ym(hs $hom they call 8eliae (8) all o&er the bo!"dless
earth. 1"d so soo" as he had c!t off the members $ith fli"t a"d
cast them from the la"d i"to the s!r-i"- sea they $ere s$e(t
a$ay o&er the mai" a lo"- time; a"d a $hite foam s(read aro!"d
them from the immortal flesh a"d i" it there -re$ a maide".
.irst she dre$ "ear holy Cythera a"d from there after$ards she
came to sea--irt Cy(r!s a"d came forth a" a$f!l a"d lo&ely
-oddess a"d -rass -re$ !( abo!t her be"eath her sha(ely feet.
Her -ods a"d me" call 1(hrodite a"d the foam-bor" -oddess a"d
rich-cro$"ed Cytherea beca!se she -re$ amid the foam a"d
Cytherea beca!se she reached Cythera a"d Cy(ro-e"es beca!se she
$as bor" i" billo$y Cy(r!s a"d Philommedes (9) beca!se s(ra"-
from the members. 1"d $ith her $e"t %ros a"d comely 3esire
follo$ed her at her birth at the first a"d as she $e"t i"to the
assembly of the -ods. +his ho"o!r she has from the be-i""i"-
a"d this is the (ortio" allotted to her amo"-st me" a"d !"dyi"-
-ods -- the $his(eri"-s of maide"s a"d smiles a"d deceits $ith
s$eet deli-ht a"d lo&e a"d -racio!s"ess.
Part 3 (20<-302)
(ll. 20<-210) B!t these so"s $hom be be-ot himself -reat Hea&e"
!sed to call +ita"s (5trai"ers) i" re(roach for he said that
they strai"ed a"d did (res!m(t!o!sly a fearf!l deed a"d that
&e"-ea"ce for it $o!ld come after$ards.
(ll. 211-222) 1"d /i-ht bare hatef!l 3oom a"d blac) .ate a"d
3eath a"d she bare 5lee( a"d the tribe of 3reams. 1"d a-ai" the
-oddess m!r)y /i-ht tho!-h she lay $ith "o"e bare Blame a"d
(ai"f!l Boe a"d the Hes(erides $ho -!ard the rich -olde" a((les
a"d the trees beari"- fr!it beyo"d -lorio!s *cea". 1lso she bare
the 3esti"ies a"d r!thless a&e"-i"- .ates Clotho a"d ,achesis
a"d 1tro(os (10) $ho -i&e me" at their birth both e&il a"d -ood
to ha&e a"d they (!rs!e the tra"s-ressio"s of me" a"d of -ods;
a"d these -oddesses "e&er cease from their dread a"-er !"til they
(!"ish the si""er $ith a sore (e"alty. 1lso deadly /i-ht bare
/emesis (6"di-"atio") to afflict mortal me" a"d after her
3eceit a"d .rie"dshi( a"d hatef!l 1-e a"d hard-hearted 5trife.
(ll. 226-232) B!t abhorred 5trife bare (ai"f!l +oil a"d
.or-etf!l"ess a"d .ami"e a"d tearf!l 5orro$s .i-hti"-s also
Battles 8!rders 8a"sla!-hters C!arrels ,yi"- Bords 3is(!tes
,a$less"ess a"d 7!i" all of o"e "at!re a"d *ath $ho most
tro!bles me" !(o" earth $he" a"yo"e $ilf!lly s$ears a false oath.
(ll. 233-239) 1"d 5ea be-at /ere!s the eldest of his childre"
$ho is tr!e a"d lies "ot; a"d me" call him the *ld 8a" beca!se he
is tr!sty a"d -e"tle a"d does "ot for-et the la$s of
ri-hteo!s"ess b!t thi")s >!st a"d )i"dly tho!-hts. 1"d yet
a-ai" he -ot -reat +ha!mas a"d (ro!d Phoreys bei"- mated $ith
%arth a"d fair-chee)ed Ceto a"d %!rybia $ho has a heart of fli"t
$ithi" her.
(ll. 2'0-26') 1"d of /ere!s a"d rich-haired 3oris da!-hter of
*cea" the (erfect ri&er $ere bor" childre" (11) (assi"- lo&ely
amo"-st -oddesses Ploto %!cra"te 5ao a"d 1m(hitrite a"d
%!dora a"d +hetis =ale"e a"d =la!ce Cymothoe 5(eo +hoe a"d
lo&ely Halie a"d Pasithea a"d %rato a"d rosy-armed %!"ice a"d
-racio!s 8elite a"d %!lime"e a"d 1-a!e 3oto Proto Pher!sa
a"d 3y"ame"e a"d /isaea a"d 1ctaea a"d Protomedea 3oris
Pa"o(ea a"d comely =alatea a"d lo&ely Hi((othoe a"d rosy-armed
Hi((o"oe a"d Cymodoce $ho $ith Cymatole-e (12) a"d 1m(hitrite
easily calms the $a&es !(o" the misty sea a"d the blasts of
ra-i"- $i"ds a"d Cymo a"d %io"e a"d rich-cro$"ed 1limede a"d
=la!co"ome fo"d of la!-hter a"d Po"to(orea ,ea-ore %!a-ore
a"d ,aomedea a"d Poly"oe a"d 1!to"oe a"d ,ysia"assa a"d
%!ar"e lo&ely of sha(e a"d $itho!t blemish of form a"d Psamathe
of charmi"- fi-!re a"d di&i"e 8e"i((e /eso %!(om(e +hemisto
Pro"oe a"d /emertes (13) $ho has the "at!re of her deathless
father. +hese fifty da!-hters s(ra"- from blameless /ere!s
s)illed i" e#celle"t crafts.
(ll. 262-269) 1"d +ha!mas $edded %lectra the da!-hter of dee(-
flo$i"- *cea" a"d she bare him s$ift 6ris a"d the lo"--haired
Har(ies 1ello (5torm-s$ift) a"d *cy(etes (5$ift-flier) $ho o"
their s$ift $i"-s )ee( (ace $ith the blasts of the $i"ds a"d the
birds0 for 4!ic) as time they dart alo"-.
(ll 2<0-29') 1"d a-ai" Ceto bare to Phoreys the fair-chee)ed
=raiae sisters -rey from their birth; a"d both deathless -ods
a"d me" $ho $al) o" earth call them =raiae Pem(hredo $ell-clad
a"d saffro"-robed %"yo a"d the =or-o"s $ho d$ell beyo"d -lorio!s
*cea" i" the fro"tier la"d to$ards /i-ht $here are the clear-
&oiced Hes(erides 5the""o a"d %!ryale a"d 8ed!sa $ho s!ffered
a $oef!l fate; she $as mortal b!t the t$o $ere !"dyi"- a"d -re$
"ot old. Bith her lay the 3ar)-haired *"e (1') i" a soft meado$
amid s(ri"- flo$ers. 1"d $he" Perse!s c!t off her head there
s(ra"- forth -reat Chrysaor a"d the horse Pe-as!s $ho is so
called beca!se he $as bor" "ear the s(ri"-s ((e-ae) of *cea"0 a"d
that other beca!se he held a -olde" blade (aor) i" his ha"ds.
/o$ Pe-as!s fle$ a$ay a"d left the earth the mother of floc)s
a"d came to the deathless -ods; a"d he d$ells i" the ho!se of
:e!s a"d bri"-s to $ise :e!s the th!"der a"d li-ht"i"-. B!t
Chrysaor $as >oi"ed i" lo&e to Callirrhoe the da!-hter of
-lorio!s *cea" a"d be-ot three-headed =eryo"es. Him mi-hty
Heracles sle$ i" sea--irt %rythea by his shambli"- o#e" o" that
day $he" he dro&e the $ide-bro$ed o#e" to holy +iry"s a"d had
crossed the ford of *cea" a"d )illed *rth!s a"d %!rytio" the
herdsma" i" the dim stead o!t beyo"d -lorio!s *cea".
(ll. 292-302) 1"d i" a hollo$ ca&e she bare a"other mo"ster
irresistible i" "o $ise li)e either to mortal me" or to the
!"dyi"- -ods e&e" the -oddess fierce %chid"a $ho is half a "ym(h
$ith -la"ci"- eyes a"d fair chee)s a"d half a-ai" a h!-e s"a)e
-reat a"d a$f!l $ith s(ec)led s)i" eati"- ra$ flesh be"eath the
secret (arts of the holy earth. 1"d there she has a ca&e dee(
do$" !"der a hollo$ roc) far from the deathless -ods a"d mortal
me". +here the" did the -ods a((oi"t her a -lorio!s ho!se to
d$ell i"; a"d she )ee(s -!ard i" 1rima be"eath the earth -rim
%chid"a a "ym(h $ho dies "ot "or -ro$s old all her days.
Part ' (306-'03)
(ll. 306-332) 8e" say that +y(hao" the terrible o!tra-eo!s a"d
la$less $as >oi"ed i" lo&e to her the maid $ith -la"ci"- eyes.
5o she co"cei&ed a"d bro!-ht forth fierce offs(ri"-0 first she
bare *rth!s the ho!"d of =eryo"es a"d the" a-ai" she bare a
seco"d a mo"ster "ot to be o&ercome a"d that may "ot be
described Cerber!s $ho eats ra$ flesh the braAe"-&oiced ho!"d
of Hades fifty-headed rele"tless a"d stro"-. 1"d a-ai" she
bore a third the e&il-mi"ded Hydra of ,er"a $hom the -oddess
$hite-armed Hera "o!rished bei"- a"-ry beyo"d meas!re $ith the
mi-hty Heracles. 1"d her Heracles the so" of :e!s of the ho!se
of 1m(hitryo" to-ether $ith $arli)e 6ola!s destroyed $ith the
!"(ityi"- s$ord thro!-h the (la"s of 1the"e the s(oil-dri&er.
5he $as the mother of Chimaera $ho breathed ra-i"- fire a
creat!re fearf!l -reat s$ift-footed a"d stro"- $ho had three
heads o"e of a -rim-eyed lio"0 i" her hi"der(art a dra-o"0 a"d
i" her middle a -oat breathi"- forth a fearf!l blast of blaAi"-
fire. Her did Pe-as!s a"d "oble Bellero(ho" slay0 b!t %chid"a
$as s!b>ect i" lo&e to *rth!s a"d bro!-ht forth the deadly 5(hi"#
$hich destroyed the Cadmea"s a"d the /emea" lio" $hich Hera
the -ood $ife of :e!s bro!-ht !( a"d made to ha!"t the hills of
/emea a (la-!e to me". +here he (reyed !(o" the tribes of her
o$" (eo(le a"d had (o$er o&er +ret!s of /emea a"d 1(esas; yet the
stre"-th of sto!t Heracles o&ercame him.
(ll. 333-336) 1"d Ceto $as >oi"ed i" lo&e to Phorcys a"d bare her
yo!"-est the a$f!l s"a)e $ho -!ards the a((les all of -old i"
the secret (laces of the dar) earth at its -reat bo!"ds. +his is
the offs(ri"- of Ceto a"d Phoreys.
(ll. 33'-3'2) 1"d +ethys bare to *cea" eddyi"- ri&ers /il!s a"d
1l(he!s a"d dee(-s$irli"- %rida"!s 5trymo" a"d 8ea"der a"d
the fair stream of 6ster a"d Phasis a"d 7hes!s a"d the sil&er
eddies of 1chelo!s /ess!s a"d 7hodi!s Haliacmo" a"d
He(ta(or!s =ra"ic!s a"d 1ese(!s a"d holy 5imois a"d Pe"e!s
a"d Herm!s a"d Caic!s fair stream a"d -reat 5a"-ari!s ,ado"
Parthe"i!s %!e"!s 1rdesc!s a"d di&i"e 5cama"der.
(ll. 3'6-3<0) 1lso she bro!-ht forth a holy com(a"y of da!-hters
(12) $ho $ith the lord 1(ollo a"d the 7i&ers ha&e yo!ths i" their
)ee(i"- -- to this char-e :e!s a((oi"ted them -- Peitho a"d
1dmete a"d 6a"the a"d %lectra a"d 3oris a"d Prym"o a"d
Dra"ia di&i"e i" form Hi((o Clyme"e 7hodea a"d Callirrhoe
:e!#o a"d Clytie a"d 6dyia a"d Pasithoe Ple#a!ra a"d
=ala#a!ra a"d lo&ely 3io"e 8elobosis a"d +hoe a"d ha"dsome
Polydora Cerceis lo&ely of form a"d soft eyed Pl!to Perseis
6a"eira 1caste Ea"the Petraea the fair 8e"estho a"d %!ro(a
8etis a"d %!ry"ome a"d +elesto saffro"-clad Chryseis a"d 1sia
a"d charmi"- Caly(so %!dora a"d +yche 1m(hirho a"d *cyrrhoe
a"d 5ty# $ho is the chiefest of them all. +hese are the eldest
da!-hters that s(ra"- from *cea" a"d +ethys0 b!t there are ma"y
besides. .or there are three tho!sa"d "eat-a")led da!-hters of
*cea" $ho are dis(ersed far a"d $ide a"d i" e&ery (lace ali)e
ser&e the earth a"d the dee( $aters childre" $ho are -lorio!s
amo"- -oddesses. 1"d as ma"y other ri&ers are there babbli"- as
they flo$ so"s of *cea" $hom 4!ee"ly +ethys bare b!t their
"ames it is hard for a mortal ma" to tell b!t (eo(le )"o$ those
by $hich they se&erally d$ell.
(ll. 3<1-3<') 1"d +heia $as s!b>ect i" lo&e to Hy(erio" a"d bare
-reat Heli!s (5!") a"d clear 5ele"e (8oo") a"d %os (3a$") $ho
shi"es !(o" all that are o" earth a"d !(o" the deathless =ods $ho
li&e i" the $ide hea&e".
(ll. 3<2-3<<) 1"d %!rybia bri-ht -oddess $as >oi"ed i" lo&e to
Cri!s a"d bare -reat 1strae!s a"d Pallas a"d Perses $ho also
$as emi"e"t amo"- all me" i" $isdom.
(ll. 3<8-382) 1"d %os bare to 1strae!s the stro"--hearted $i"ds
bri-hte"i"- :e(hyr!s a"d Boreas headlo"- i" his co!rse a"d
/ot!s -- a -oddess mati"- i" lo&e $ith a -od. 1"d after these
%ri-e"ia (16) bare the star %os(hor!s (3a$"-bri"-er) a"d the
-leami"- stars $ith $hich hea&e" is cro$"ed.
(ll. 383-'03) 1"d 5ty# the da!-hter of *cea" $as >oi"ed to Pallas
a"d bare :el!s (%m!latio") a"d trim-a")led /i)e (Victory) i" the
ho!se. 1lso she bro!-ht forth Cratos (5tre"-th) a"d Bia (.orce)
$o"derf!l childre".. +hese ha&e "o ho!se a(art from :e!s "or a"y
d$elli"- "or (ath e#ce(t that $herei" =od leads them b!t they
d$ell al$ays $ith :e!s the lo!d-th!"derer. .or so did 5ty# the
deathless da!-hter of *cea" (la" o" that day $he" the *lym(ia"
,i-hte"er called all the deathless -ods to -reat *lym(!s a"d
said that $hosoe&er of the -ods $o!ld fi-ht $ith him a-ai"st the
+ita"s he $o!ld "ot cast him o!t from his ri-hts b!t each
sho!ld ha&e the office $hich he had before amo"-st the deathless
-ods. 1"d he declared that he $ho $as $itho!t office a"d ri-hts
as is >!st. 5o deathless 5ty# came first to *lym(!s $ith her
childre" thro!-h the $it of her dear father. 1"d :e!s ho"o!red
her a"d -a&e her &ery -reat -ifts for her he a((oi"ted to be
the -reat oath of the -ods a"d her childre" to li&e $ith him
al$ays. 1"d as he (romised so he (erformed f!lly !"to them all.
B!t he himself mi-htily rei-"s a"d r!les.
Part 2 ('0'-206)
(ll. '0'-'22) 1-ai" Phoebe came to the desired embrace of Coe!s.
+he" the -oddess thro!-h the lo&e of the -od co"cei&ed a"d
bro!-ht forth dar)--o$"ed ,eto al$ays mild )i"d to me" a"d to
the deathless -ods mild from the be-i""i"- -e"tlest i" all
*lym(!s. 1lso she bare 1steria of ha((y "ame $hom Perses o"ce
led to his -reat ho!se to be called his dear $ife. 1"d she
co"cei&ed a"d bare Hecate $hom :e!s the so" of Cro"os ho"o!red
abo&e all. He -a&e her s(le"did -ifts to ha&e a share of the
earth a"d the !"fr!itf!l sea. 5he recei&ed ho"o!r also i" starry
hea&e" a"d is ho"o!red e#ceedi"-ly by the deathless -ods. .or
to this day $he"e&er a"y o"e of me" o" earth offers rich
sacrifices a"d (rays for fa&o!r accordi"- to c!stom he calls
!(o" Hecate. =reat ho"o!r comes f!ll easily to him $hose (rayers
the -oddess recei&es fa&o!rably a"d she besto$s $ealth !(o" him0
for the (o$er s!rely is $ith her. .or as ma"y as $ere bor" of
%arth a"d *cea" amo"-st all these she has her d!e (ortio". +he
so" of Cro"os did her "o $ro"- "or too) a"ythi"- a$ay of all that
$as her (ortio" amo"- the former +ita" -ods; b!t she holds as
the di&isio" $as at the first from the be-i""i"- (ri&ile-e both
i" earth a"d i" hea&e" a"d i" sea. 1lso beca!se she is a"
o"ly child the -oddess recei&es "ot less ho"o!r b!t m!ch more
still for :e!s ho"o!rs her. Bhom she $ill she -reatly aids a"d
ad&a"ces; she sits by $orshi(f!l )i"-s i" >!d-eme"t a"d i" the
assembly $hom she $ill is disti"-!ished amo"- the (eo(le. 1"d
$he" me" arm themsel&es for the battle that destroys me" the"
the -oddess is at ha"d to -i&e &ictory a"d -ra"t -lory readily to
$hom she $ill. =ood is she also $he" me" co"te"d at the -ames
for there too the -oddess is $ith them a"d (rofits them; a"d he
$ho by mi-ht a"d stre"-th -ets the &ictory $i"s the rich (riAe
easily $ith >oy a"d bri"-s -lory to his (are"ts. 1"d she is
-ood to sta"d by horseme" $hom she $ill; a"d to those $hose
b!si"ess is i" the -rey discomfortable sea a"d $ho (ray to
Hecate a"d the lo!d-crashi"- %arth-5ha)er easily the -lorio!s
-oddess -i&es -reat catch a"d easily she ta)es it a$ay as soo"
as see" if so she $ill. 5he is -ood i" the byre $ith Hermes to
i"crease the stoc). +he dro&es of )i"e a"d $ide herds of -oats
a"d floc)s of fleecy shee( if she $ill she i"creases from a
fe$ or ma)es ma"y to be less. 5o the". albeit her mother@s
o"ly child (1<) she is ho"o!red amo"-st all the deathless -ods.
1"d the so" of Cro"os made her a "!rse of the yo!"- $ho after
that day sa$ $ith their eyes the li-ht of all-seei"- 3a$". 5o
from the be-i""i"- she is a "!rse of the yo!"- a"d these are her
(ll. '23-'91) B!t 7hea $as s!b>ect i" lo&e to Cro"os a"d bare
s(le"did childre" Hestia (18) 3emeter a"d -old-shod Hera a"d
stro"- Hades (itiless i" heart $ho d$ells !"der the earth a"d
the lo!d-crashi"- %arth-5ha)er a"d $ise :e!s father of -ods a"d
me" by $hose th!"der the $ide earth is sha)e". +hese -reat
Cro"os s$allo$ed as each came forth from the $omb to his mother@s
)"ees $ith this i"te"t that "o other of the (ro!d so"s of Hea&e"
sho!ld hold the )i"-ly office amo"-st the deathless -ods. .or he
lear"ed from %arth a"d starry Hea&e" that he $as desti"ed to be
o&ercome by his o$" so" stro"- tho!-h he $as thro!-h the
co"tri&i"- of -reat :e!s (19). +herefore he )e(t "o bli"d
o!tloo) b!t $atched a"d s$allo$ed do$" his childre"; a"d
!"ceasi"- -rief seiAed 7hea. B!t $he" she $as abo!t to bear
:e!s the father of -ods a"d me" the" she beso!-ht her o$" dear
(are"ts %arth a"d starry Hea&e" to de&ise some (la" $ith her
that the birth of her dear child mi-ht be co"cealed a"d that
retrib!tio" mi-ht o&erta)e -reat crafty Cro"os for his o$"
father a"d also for the childre" $hom he had s$allo$ed do$". 1"d
they readily heard a"d obeyed their dear da!-hter a"d told her
all that $as desti"ed to ha((e" to!chi"- Cro"os the )i"- a"d his
sto!t-hearted so". 5o they se"t her to ,yet!s to the rich la"d
of Crete $he" she $as ready to bear -reat :e!s the yo!"-est of
her childre". Him did &ast %arth recei&e from 7hea i" $ide Crete
to "o!rish a"d to bri"- !(. +hither came %arth carryi"- him
s$iftly thro!-h the blac) "i-ht to ,yct!s first a"d too) him i"
her arms a"d hid him i" a remote ca&e be"eath the secret (laces
of the holy earth o" thic)-$ooded 8o!"t 1e-e!m0 b!t to the
mi-htily r!li"- so" of Hea&e" the earlier )i"- of the -ods she
-a&e a -reat sto"e $ra((ed i" s$addli"- clothes. +he" he too) it
i" his ha"ds a"d thr!st it do$" i"to his belly; $retchF he )"e$
"ot i" his heart that i" (lace of the sto"e his so" $as left
behi"d !"co"4!ered a"d !"tro!bled a"d that he $as soo" to
o&ercome him by force a"d mi-ht a"d dri&e him from his ho"o!rs
himself to rei-" o&er the deathless -ods.
(ll. '92-206) 1fter that the stre"-th a"d -lorio!s limbs of the
(ri"ce i"creased 4!ic)ly a"d as the years rolled o" -reat
Cro"os the $ily $as be-!iled by the dee( s!--estio"s of %arth
a"d bro!-ht !( a-ai" his offs(ri"- &a"4!ished by the arts a"d
mi-ht of his o$" so" a"d he &omited !( first the sto"e $hich he
had s$allo$ed last. 1"d :e!s set it fast i" the $ide-(athed
earth at -oodly Pytho !"der the -le"s of Par"ass!s to be a si-"
the"ceforth a"d a mar&el to mortal me" (20). 1"d he set free
from their deadly bo"ds the brothers of his father so"s of
Hea&e" $hom his father i" his foolish"ess had bo!"d. 1"d they
remembered to be -ratef!l to him for his )i"d"ess a"d -a&e him
th!"der a"d the -lo$i"- th!"derbolt a"d li-hte"i"-; for before
that h!-e %arth had hidde" these. 6" them he tr!sts a"d r!les
o&er mortals a"d immortals.
Part 6 (20<-612)
(ll. 507-543) Now Iapetus took to wife the neat-ankled mad
Clymene, dauhte! of "#ean, and went up with he! into one $ed.
%nd she $a!e him a stout-hea!ted son, %tlas& also she $a!e 'e!y
lo!ious (enoetius and #le'e! )!ometheus, full of 'a!ious wiles,
and s#atte!-$!ained *pimetheus who f!om the fi!st was a mis#hief
to men who eat $!ead+ fo! it was he who fi!st took of ,eus the
woman, the maiden whom he had fo!med. -ut (enoetius was
out!aeous, and fa!-seein ,eus st!u#k him with a lu!id
thunde!$olt and sent him down to *!e$us $e#ause of his mad
p!esumption and e.#eedin p!ide. %nd %tlas th!ouh ha!d
#onst!aint upholds the wide hea'en with unwea!yin head and a!ms,
standin at the $o!de!s of the ea!th $efo!e the #lea!-'oi#ed
/espe!ides+ fo! this lot wise ,eus assined to him. %nd !eady-
witted )!ometheus he $ound with ine.t!i#a$le $onds, #!uel #hains,
and d!o'e a shaft th!ouh his middle, and set on him a lon-
wined eale, whi#h used to eat his immo!tal li'e!+ $ut $y niht
the li'e! !ew as mu#h aain e'e!yway as the lon-wined $i!d
de'ou!ed in the whole day. 0hat $i!d /e!a#les, the 'aliant son
of shapely-ankled %l#mene, slew+ and deli'e!ed the son of Iapetus
f!om the #!uel plaue, and !eleased him f!om his affli#tion --
not without the will of "lympian ,eus who !eins on hih, that
the lo!y of /e!a#les the 0he$an-$o!n miht $e yet !eate! than
it was $efo!e o'e! the plenteous ea!th. 0his, then, he !ea!ded,
and honou!ed his famous son+ thouh he was an!y, he #eased f!om
the w!ath whi#h he had $efo!e $e#ause )!ometheus mat#hed himself
in wit with the almihty son of C!onos. 1o! when the ods and
mo!tal men had a dispute at (e#one, e'en then )!ometheus was
fo!wa!d to #ut up a !eat o. and set po!tions $efo!e them, t!yin
to $efool the mind of ,eus. -efo!e the !est he set flesh and
inne! pa!ts thi#k with fat upon the hide, #o'e!in them with an
o. paun#h+ $ut fo! ,eus he put the white $ones d!essed up with
#unnin a!t and #o'e!ed with shinin fat. 0hen the fathe! of men
and of ods said to him&
(ll. 543-544) 23on of Iapetus, most lo!ious of all lo!ds, ood
si!, how unfai!ly you ha'e di'ided the po!tions45
(ll. 545-547) 3o said ,eus whose wisdom is e'e!lastin, !e$ukin
him. -ut wily )!ometheus answe!ed him, smilin softly and not
fo!ettin his #unnin t!i#k&
(ll. 546-556) 2,eus, most lo!ious and !eatest of the ete!nal
ods, take whi#h e'e! of these po!tions you! hea!t within you
$ids.5 3o he said, thinkin t!i#ke!y. -ut ,eus, whose wisdom is
e'e!lastin, saw and failed not to pe!#ei'e the t!i#k, and in his
hea!t he thouht mis#hief aainst mo!tal men whi#h also was to $e
fulfilled. 7ith $oth hands he took up the white fat and was
an!y at hea!t, and w!ath #ame to his spi!it when he saw the
white o.-$ones #!aftily t!i#ked out& and $e#ause of this the
t!i$es of men upon ea!th $u!n white $ones to the deathless ods
upon f!a!ant alta!s. -ut ,eus who d!i'es the #louds was !eatly
'e.ed and said to him&
(ll. 558-590) 23on of Iapetus, #le'e! a$o'e all4 3o, si!, you
ha'e not yet fo!otten you! #unnin a!ts45
(ll. 59:-564) 3o spake ,eus in ane!, whose wisdom is
e'e!lastin+ and f!om that time he was always mindful of the
t!i#k, and would not i'e the powe! of unwea!yin fi!e to the
(elian (;:) !a#e of mo!tal men who li'e on the ea!th. -ut the
no$le son of Iapetus outwitted him and stole the fa!-seen leam
of unwea!yin fi!e in a hollow fennel stalk. %nd ,eus who
thunde!s on hih was stun in spi!it, and his dea! hea!t was
ane!ed when he saw amonst men the fa!-seen !ay of fi!e.
1o!thwith he made an e'il thin fo! men as the p!i#e of fi!e+ fo!
the 'e!y famous <impin =od fo!med of ea!th the likeness of a shy
maiden as the son of C!onos willed. %nd the oddess $!iht-eyed
%thene i!ded and #lothed he! with sil'e!y !aiment, and down f!om
he! head she sp!ead with he! hands a $!oide!ed 'eil, a wonde! to
see+ and she, )allas %thene, put a$out he! head lo'ely a!lands,
flowe!s of new-!own he!$s. %lso she put upon he! head a #!own
of old whi#h the 'e!y famous <impin =od made himself and wo!ked
with his own hands as a fa'ou! to ,eus his fathe!. "n it was
mu#h #u!ious wo!k, wonde!ful to see+ fo! of the many #!eatu!es
whi#h the land and sea !ea! up, he put most upon it, wonde!ful
thins, like li'in $eins with 'oi#es& and !eat $eauty shone
out f!om it.
(ll. 565-568) -ut when he had made the $eautiful e'il to $e the
p!i#e fo! the $lessin, he $!ouht he! out, delihtin in the
fine!y whi#h the $!iht-eyed dauhte! of a mihty fathe! had
i'en he!, to the pla#e whe!e the othe! ods and men we!e. %nd
wonde! took hold of the deathless ods and mo!tal men when they
saw that whi#h was shee! uile, not to $e withstood $y men.
(ll. 580-9:;) 1o! f!om he! is the !a#e of women and female kind&
of he! is the deadly !a#e and t!i$e of women who li'e amonst
mo!tal men to thei! !eat t!ou$le, no helpmeets in hateful
po'e!ty, $ut only in wealth. %nd as in that#hed hi'es $ees feed
the d!ones whose natu!e is to do mis#hief -- $y day and
th!ouhout the day until the sun oes down the $ees a!e $usy and
lay the white #om$s, while the d!ones stay at home in the #o'e!ed
skeps and !eap the toil of othe!s into thei! own $ellies -- e'en
so ,eus who thunde!s on hih made women to $e an e'il to mo!tal
men, with a natu!e to do e'il. %nd he a'e them a se#ond e'il to
$e the p!i#e fo! the ood they had& whoe'e! a'oids ma!!iae and
the so!!ows that women #ause, and will not wed, !ea#hes deadly
old ae without anyone to tend his yea!s, and thouh he at least
has no la#k of li'elihood while he li'es, yet, when he is dead,
his kinsfolk di'ide his possessions amonst them. %nd as fo! the
man who #hooses the lot of ma!!iae and takes a ood wife suited
to his mind, e'il #ontinually #ontends with ood+ fo! whoe'e!
happens to ha'e mis#hie'ous #hild!en, li'es always with un#easin
!ief in his spi!it and hea!t within him+ and this e'il #annot $e healed.
Part < (613-<12)
(ll. 613-616) 5o it is "ot (ossible to decei&e or -o beyo"d the
$ill of :e!s0 for "ot e&e" the so" of 6a(et!s )i"dly Promethe!s
esca(ed his hea&y a"-er b!t of "ecessity stro"- ba"ds co"fi"ed
him altho!-h he )"e$ ma"y a $ile.
(ll. 61<-6'3) B!t $he" first their father $as &e#ed i" his heart
$ith *briare!s a"d Cott!s a"d =yes he bo!"d them i" cr!el bo"ds
beca!se he $as >ealo!s of their e#ceedi"- ma"hood a"d comeli"ess
a"d -reat siAe; a"d he made them li&e be"eath the $ide-(athed
earth $here they $ere afflicted bei"- set to d$ell !"der the
-ro!"d at the e"d of the earth at its -reat borders i" bitter
a"-!ish for a lo"- time a"d $ith -reat -rief at heart. B!t the
so" of Cro"os a"d the other deathless -ods $hom rich-haired 7hea
bare from !"io" $ith Cro"os bro!-ht them !( a-ai" to the li-ht
at %arth@s ad&isi"-. .or she herself reco!"ted all thi"-s to the
-ods f!lly ho$ that $ith these they $o!ld -ai" &ictory a"d a
-lorio!s ca!se to &a!"t themsel&es. .or the +ita" -ods a"d as
ma"y as s(ra"- from Cro"os had lo"- bee" fi-hti"- to-ether i"
st!bbor" $ar $ith heart--rie&i"- toil the lordly +ita"s from
hi-h *thyrs b!t the -ods -i&ers of -ood $hom rich-haired 7hea
bare i" !"io" $ith Cro"os from *lym(!s. 5o they $ith bitter
$rath $ere fi-hti"- co"ti"!ally $ith o"e a"other at that time
for te" f!ll years a"d the hard strife had "o close or e"d for
either side a"d the iss!e of the $ar h!"- e&e"ly bala"ced. B!t
$he" he had (ro&ided those three $ith all thi"-s fitti"- "ectar
a"d ambrosia $hich the -ods themsel&es eat a"d $he" their (ro!d
s(irit re&i&ed $ithi" them all after they had fed o" "ectar a"d
delicio!s ambrosia the" it $as that the father of me" a"d -ods
s(o)e amo"-st them;
(ll. 6''-623) ?Hear me bri-ht childre" of %arth a"d Hea&e" that
6 may say $hat my heart $ithi" me bids. 1 lo"- $hile "o$ ha&e
$e $ho are s(r!"- from Cro"os a"d the +ita" -ods fo!-ht $ith
each other e&ery day to -et &ictory a"d to (re&ail. B!t do yo!
sho$ yo!r -reat mi-ht a"d !"co"4!erable stre"-th a"d face the
+ita"s i" bitter strife0 for remember o!r frie"dly )i"d"ess a"d
from $hat s!fferi"-s yo! are come bac) to the li-ht from yo!r
cr!el bo"da-e !"der misty -loom thro!-h o!r co!"sels.@
(ll. 62'-663) 5o he said. 1"d blameless Cott!s a"s$ered him
a-ai"; ?3i&i"e o"e yo! s(ea) that $hich $e )"o$ $ell; "ay e&e"
of o!rsel&es $e )"o$ that yo!r $isdom a"d !"dersta"di"- is
e#ceedi"- a"d that yo! became a defe"der of the deathless o"es
from chill doom. 1"d thro!-h yo!r de&isi"- $e are come bac)
a-ai" from the m!r)y -loom a"d from o!r merciless bo"ds e">oyi"-
$hat $e loo)ed "ot for * lord so" of Cro"os. 1"d so "o$ $ith
fi#ed (!r(ose a"d deliberate co!"sel $e $ill aid yo!r (o$er i"
dreadf!l strife a"d $ill fi-ht a-ai"st the +ita"s i" hard
(ll. 66'-686) 5o he said; a"d the -ods -i&ers of -ood thi"-s
a((la!ded $he" they heard his $ord a"d their s(irit lo"-ed for
$ar e&e" more tha" before a"d they all both male a"d female
stirred !( hated battle that day the +ita" -ods a"d all that
$ere bor" of Cro"os to-ether $ith those dread mi-hty o"es of
o&er$helmi"- stre"-th $hom :e!s bro!-ht !( to the li-ht from
%reb!s be"eath the earth. 1" h!"dred arms s(ra"- from the
sho!lders of all ali)e a"d each had fifty heads -ro$i"- !(o" his
sho!lders !(o" sto!t limbs. +hese the" stood a-ai"st the
+ita"s i" -rim strife holdi"- h!-e roc)s i" their stro"- ha"ds.
1"d o" the other (art the +ita"s ea-erly stre"-the"ed their
ra")s a"d both sides at o"e time sho$ed the $or) of their ha"ds
a"d their mi-ht. +he bo!"dless sea ra"- terribly aro!"d a"d the
earth crashed lo!dly; $ide Hea&e" $as sha)e" a"d -roa"ed a"d
hi-h *lym(!s reeled from its fo!"datio" !"der the char-e of the
!"dyi"- -ods a"d a hea&y 4!a)i"- reached dim +artar!s a"d the
dee( so!"d of their feet i" the fearf!l o"set a"d of their hard
missiles. 5o the" they la!"ched their -rie&o!s shafts !(o" o"e
a"other a"d the cry of both armies as they sho!ted reached to
starry hea&e"0 a"d they met to-ether $ith a -reat battle-cry.
(ll. 68<-<12) +he" :e!s "o lo"-er held bac) his mi-ht0 b!t
strai-ht his heart $as filled $ith f!ry a"d he sho$ed forth all
his stre"-th. .rom Hea&e" a"d from *lym(!s he came forth$ith
h!rli"- his li-ht"i"-; the bold fle$ thic) a"d fast from his
stro"- ha"d to-ether $ith th!"der a"d li-ht"i"- $hirli"- a"
a$esome flame. +he life--i&i"- earth crashed aro!"d i" b!r"i"-
a"d the &ast $ood crac)led lo!d $ith fire all abo!t. 1ll the
la"d seethed a"d *cea"@s streams a"d the !"fr!itf!l sea. +he
hot &a(o!r la((ed ro!"d the earthbor" +ita"s; flame !"s(ea)able
rose to the bri-ht !((er air; the flashi"- -lare of the th!"der-
sto"e a"d li-ht"i"- bli"ded their eyes for all that there $ere
stro"-. 1sto!"di"- heat seiAed Chaos; a"d to see $ith eyes a"d
to hear the so!"d $ith ears it seemed e&e" as if %arth a"d $ide
Hea&e" abo&e came to-ether0 for s!ch a mi-hty crash $o!ld ha&e
arise" if %arth $ere bei"- h!rled to r!i" a"d Hea&e" from o"
hi-h $ere h!rli"- her do$"0 so -reat a crash $as there $hile the
-ods $ere meeti"- to-ether i" strife. 1lso the $i"ds bro!-ht
r!mbli"- earth4!a)e a"d d!ststorm th!"der a"d li-ht"i"- a"d the
l!rid th!"derbolt $hich are the shafts of -reat :e!s a"d
carried the cla"-o!r a"d the $arcry i"to the midst of the t$o
hosts. 1" horrible !(roar of terrible strife arose; mi-hty deeds
$ere sho$" a"d the battle i"cli"ed. B!t !"til the" they )e(t at
o"e a"other a"d fo!-ht co"ti"!ally i" cr!el $ar.
Part 8 (<13-806)
(ll. <13-<32) 1"d amo"-st the foremost Cott!s a"d Briareos a"d
=yes i"satiate for $ar raised fierce fi-hti"-; three h!"dred
roc)s o"e !(o" a"other they la!"ched from their stro"- ha"ds
a"d o&ershado$ed the +ita"s $ith their missiles a"d b!ried them
be"eath the $ide-(athed earth a"d bo!"d them i" bitter chai"s
$he" they had co"4!ered them by their stre"-th for all their
-reat s(irit as far be"eath the earth to +artar!s. .or a braAe"
a"&il falli"- do$" from hea&e" "i"e "i-hts a"d days $o!ld reach
the earth !(o" the te"th; a"d a-ai" a braAe" a"&il falli"- from
earth "i"e "i-hts a"d days $o!ld reach +artar!s !(o" the te"th.
7o!"d it r!"s a fe"ce of bro"Ae a"d "i-ht s(reads i" tri(le li"e
all abo!t it li)e a "ec)-circlet $hile abo&e -ro$ the roots of
the earth a"d !"fr!itf!l sea. +here by the co!"sel of :e!s $ho
dri&es the clo!ds the +ita" -ods are hidde" !"der misty -loom i"
a da") (lace $here are the e"ds of the h!-e earth. 1"d they may
"ot -o o!t0 for Poseido" fi#ed -ates of bro"Ae !(o" it a"d a
$all r!"s all ro!"d it o" e&ery side. +here =yes a"d Cott!s a"d
-reat-so!led *briare!s li&e tr!sty $arders of :e!s $ho holds the
(ll. <36-<'') 1"d there all i" their order are the so!rces a"d
e"ds of -loomy earth a"d misty +artar!s a"d the !"fr!itf!l sea
a"d starry hea&e" loathsome a"d da") $hich e&e" the -ods abhor.
6t is a -reat -!lf a"d if o"ce a ma" $ere $ithi" the -ates he
$o!ld "ot reach the floor !"til a $hole year had reached its e"d
b!t cr!el blast !(o" blast $o!ld carry him this $ay a"d that.
1"d this mar&el is a$f!l e&e" to the deathless -ods.
(ll. <''-<2<) +here sta"ds the a$f!l home of m!r)y /i-ht $ra((ed
i" dar) clo!ds. 6" fro"t of it the so" of 6a(et!s (22) sta"ds
immo&ably !(holdi"- the $ide hea&e" !(o" his head a"d !"$earyi"-
ha"ds $here /i-ht a"d 3ay dra$ "ear a"d -reet o"e a"other as
they (ass the -reat threshold of bro"Ae; a"d $hile the o"e is
abo!t to -o do$" i"to the ho!se the other comes o!t at the door.
1"d the ho!se "e&er holds them both $ithi"0 b!t al$ays o"e is
$itho!t the ho!se (assi"- o&er the earth $hile the other stays
at home a"d $aits !"til the time for her >o!r"eyi"- come0 a"d the
o"e holds all-seei"- li-ht for them o" earth b!t the other holds
i" her arms 5lee( the brother of 3eath e&e" e&il /i-ht $ra((ed
i" a &a(oro!s clo!d.
(ll. <28-<66) 1"d there the childre" of dar) /i-ht ha&e their
d$elli"-s 5lee( a"d 3eath a$f!l -ods. +he -lo$i"- 5!" "e&er
loo)s !(o" them $ith his beams "either as he -oes !( i"to
hea&e" "or as he comes do$" from hea&e". 1"d the former of them
roams (eacef!lly o&er the earth a"d the sea@s broad bac) a"d is
)i"dly to me"0 b!t the other has a heart of iro" a"d his s(irit
$ithi" him is (itiless as bro"Ae; $homsoe&er of me" he has o"ce
seiAed he holds fast; a"d he is hatef!l e&e" to the deathless
(ll. <6<-<<') +here i" fro"t sta"d the echoi"- halls of the -od
of the lo$er-$orld stro"- Hades a"d of a$f!l Perse(ho"e. 1
fearf!l ho!"d -!ards the ho!se i" fro"t (itiless a"d he has a
cr!el tric). *" those $ho -o i" he fa$"s $ith his tail a"d both
is ears b!t s!ffers them "ot to -o o!t bac) a-ai" b!t )ee(s
$atch a"d de&o!rs $homsoe&er he catches -oi"- o!t of the -ates of
stro"- Hades a"d a$f!l Perse(ho"e.
(ll. <<2-806) 1"d there d$ells the -oddess loathed by the
deathless -ods terrible 5ty# eldest da!-hter of bac)-flo$i"-
(23) *cea". 5he li&es a(art from the -ods i" her -lorio!s ho!se
&a!lted o&er $ith -reat roc)s a"d (ro((ed !( to hea&e" all ro!"d
$ith sil&er (illars. 7arely does the da!-hter of +ha!mas s$ift-
footed 6ris come to her $ith a messa-e o&er the sea@s $ide bac).
B!t $he" strife a"d 4!arrel arise amo"- the deathless -ods a"d
$he" a"y of them $ho li&e i" the ho!se of *lym(!s lies the" :e!s
se"ds 6ris to bri"- i" a -olde" >!- the -reat oath of the -ods
from far a$ay the famo!s cold $ater $hich tric)les do$" from a
hi-h a"d beetli"- roc). .ar !"der the $ide-(athed earth a bra"ch
of *cea"!s flo$s thro!-h the dar) "i-ht o!t of the holy stream
a"d a te"th (art of his $ater is allotted to her. Bith "i"e
sil&er-s$irli"- streams he $i"ds abo!t the earth a"d the sea@s
$ide bac) a"d the" falls i"to the mai" (2')0 b!t the te"th flo$s
o!t from a roc) a sore tro!ble to the -ods. .or $hoe&er of the
deathless -ods that hold the (ea)s of s"o$y *lym(!s (o!rs a
libatio" of her $ater is fors$or" lies breathless !"til a f!ll
year is com(leted a"d "e&er comes "ear to taste ambrosia a"d
"ectar b!t lies s(iritless a"d &oiceless o" a stre$" bed; a"d a
hea&y tra"ce o&ershado$s him. B!t $he" he has s(e"t a lo"- year
i" his sic)"ess a"other (e"a"ce a"d a" harder follo$s after the
first. .or "i"e years he is c!t off from the eter"al -ods a"d
"e&er >oi"s their co!"cils of their feasts "i"e f!ll years. B!t
i" the te"th year he comes a-ai" to >oi" the assemblies of the
deathless -ods $ho li&e i" the ho!se of *lym(!s. 5!ch a" oath
the" did the -ods a((oi"t the eter"al a"d (rimae&al $ater of
5ty# to be; a"d it s(o!ts thro!-h a r!--ed (lace.
Part 9 (80<-900)
(ll. 80<-819) 1"d there all i" their order are the so!rces a"d
e"ds of the dar) earth a"d misty +artar!s a"d the !"fr!itf!l sea
a"d starry hea&e" loathsome a"d da") $hich e&e" the -ods abhor.
1"d there are shi"i"- -ates a"d a" immo&eable threshold of bro"Ae
ha&i"- !"e"di"- roots a"d it is -ro$" of itself (22). 1"d
beyo"d a$ay from all the -ods li&e the +ita"s beyo"d -loomy
Chaos. B!t the -lorio!s allies of lo!d-crashi"- :e!s ha&e their
d$elli"- !(o" *cea"@s fo!"datio"s e&e" Cott!s a"d =yes0 b!t
Briareos bei"- -oodly the dee(-roari"- %arth-5ha)er made his
so"-i"-la$ -i&i"- him Cymo(olea his da!-hter to $ed.
(ll. 820-868) B!t $he" :e!s had dri&e" the +ita"s from hea&e"
h!-e %arth bare her yo!"-est child +y(hoe!s of the lo&e of
+artar!s by the aid of -olde" 1(hrodite. 5tre"-th $as $ith his
ha"ds i" all that he did a"d the feet of the stro"- -od $ere
!"tiri"-. .rom his sho!lders -re$ a" h!"dred heads of a s"a)e a
fearf!l dra-o" $ith dar) flic)eri"- to"-!es a"d from !"der the
bro$s of his eyes i" his mar&ello!s heads flashed fire a"d fire
b!r"ed from his heads as he -lared. 1"d there $ere &oices i" all
his dreadf!l heads $hich !ttered e&ery )i"d of so!"d !"s(ea)able0
for at o"e time they made so!"ds s!ch that the -ods !"derstood
b!t at a"other the "oise of a b!ll bello$i"- alo!d i" (ro!d
!"-o&er"able f!ry0 a"d at a"other the so!"d of a lio"
rele"tless of heart0 a"d at a"others so!"ds li)e $hel(s
$o"derf!l to hear0 a"d a-ai" at a"other he $o!ld hiss so that
the hi-h mo!"tai"s re-echoed. 1"d tr!ly a thi"- (ast hel( $o!ld
ha&e ha((e"ed o" that day a"d he $o!ld ha&e come to rei-" o&er
mortals a"d immortals had "ot the father of me" a"d -ods bee"
4!ic) to (ercei&e it. B!t he th!"dered hard a"d mi-htily; a"d
the earth aro!"d reso!"ded terribly a"d the $ide hea&e" abo&e a"d
the sea a"d *cea"@s streams a"d the "ether (arts of the earth.
=reat *lym(!s reeled be"eath the di&i"e feet of the )i"- as he
arose a"d earth -roa"ed thereat. 1"d thro!-h the t$o of them
heat too) hold o" the dar)-bl!e sea thro!-h the th!"der a"d
li-ht"i"- a"d thro!-h the fire from the mo"ster a"d the
scorchi"- $i"ds a"d blaAi"- th!"derbolt. +he $hole earth
seethed a"d s)y a"d sea; a"d the lo"- $a&es ra-ed alo"- the
beaches ro!"d a"d abo!t at the r!sh of the deathless -ods; a"d
there arose a" e"dless sha)i"-. Hades trembled $here he r!les
o&er the dead belo$ a"d the +ita"s !"der +artar!s $ho li&e $ith
Cro"os beca!se of the !"e"di"- clamo!r a"d the fearf!l strife.
5o $he" :e!s had raised !( his mi-ht a"d seiAed his arms th!"der
a"d li-ht"i"- a"d l!rid th!"derbolt he lea(ed form *lym(!s a"d
str!c) him a"d b!r"ed all the mar&ello!s heads of the mo"ster
abo!t him. B!t $he" :e!s had co"4!ered him a"d lashed him $ith
stro)es +y(hoe!s $as h!rled do$" a maimed $rec) so that the
h!-e earth -roa"ed. 1"d flame shot forth from the th!"der-
stric)e" lord i" the dim r!--ed -le"s of the mo!"t (26) $he" he
$as smitte". 1 -reat (art of h!-e earth $as scorched by the
terrible &a(o!r a"d melted as ti" melts $he" heated by me"@s art
i" cha""elled (2<) cr!cibles0 or as iro" $hich is hardest of all
thi"-s is softe"ed by -lo$i"- fire i" mo!"tai" -le"s a"d melts
i" the di&i"e earth thro!-h the stre"-th of He(haest!s (28).
%&e" so the" the earth melted i" the -lo$ of the blaAi"- fire.
1"d i" the bitter"ess of his a"-er :e!s cast him i"to $ide
(ll. 869-880) 1"d from +y(hoe!s come boistero!s $i"ds $hich blo$
dam(ly e#ce(t /ot!s a"d Boreas a"d clear :e(hyr. +hese are a
-od-se"t )i"d a"d a -reat blessi"- to me"0 b!t the others blo$
fitf!lly !(o" the seas. 5ome r!sh !(o" the misty sea a"d $or)
-reat ha&oc amo"- me" $ith their e&il ra-i"- blasts0 for &aryi"-
$ith the seaso" they blo$ scatteri"- shi(s a"d destroyi"-
sailors. 1"d me" $ho meet these !(o" the sea ha&e "o hel(
a-ai"st the mischief. *thers a-ai" o&er the bo!"dless flo$eri"-
earth s(oil the fair fields of me" $ho d$ell belo$ filli"- them
$ith d!st a"d cr!el !(roar.
(ll. 881-882) B!t $he" the blessed -ods had fi"ished their toil
a"d settled by force their str!--le for ho"o!rs $ith the +ita"s
they (ressed far-seei"- *lym(ia" :e!s to rei-" a"d to r!le o&er
them by %arth@s (rom(ti"-. 5o he di&ided their di-"ities
amo"-st them.
(ll. 886-900) /o$ :e!s )i"- of the -ods made 8etis his $ife
first a"d she $as $isest amo"- -ods a"d mortal me". B!t $he"
she $as abo!t to bri"- forth the -oddess bri-ht-eyed 1the"e :e!s
craftily decei&ed her $ith c!""i"- $ords a"d (!t her i" his o$"
belly as %arth a"d starry Hea&e" ad&ised. .or they ad&ised him
so to the e"d that "o other sho!ld hold royal s$ay o&er the
eter"al -ods i" (lace of :e!s0 for &ery $ise childre" $ere
desti"ed to be bor" of her first the maide" bri-ht-eyed
+rito-e"eia e4!al to her father i" stre"-th a"d i" $ise
!"dersta"di"-0 b!t after$ards she $as to bear a so" of
o&erbeari"- s(irit )i"- of -ods a"d me". B!t :e!s (!t her i"to
his o$" belly first that the -oddess mi-ht de&ise for him both
-ood a"d e&il.
Part 10 (901-1022)
(ll. 901-906) /e#t he married bri-ht +hemis $ho bare the Horae
(Ho!rs) a"d %!"omia (*rder) 3i)e (G!stice) a"d bloomi"- %ire"e
(Peace) $ho mi"d the $or)s of mortal me" a"d the 8oerae (.ates)
to $hom $ise :e!s -a&e the -reatest ho"o!r Clotho a"d ,achesis
a"d 1tro(os $ho -i&e mortal me" e&il a"d -ood to ha&e.
(ll. 90<-911) 1"d %!ry"ome the da!-hter of *cea" bea!tif!l i"
form bare him three fair-chee)ed Charites (=races) 1-laea a"d
%!(hrosy"e a"d lo&ely +haleia from $hose eyes as they -la"ced
flo$ed lo&e that !""er&es the limbs; a"d bea!tif!l is their
-la"ce be"eath their bro$s.
(ll. 912-91') 1lso he came to the bed of all-"o!rishi"- 3emeter
a"d she bare $hite-armed Perse(ho"e $hom 1ido"e!s carried off
from her mother0 b!t $ise :e!s -a&e her to him.
(ll. 912-91<) 1"d a-ai" he lo&ed 8"emosy"e $ith the bea!tif!l
hair; a"d of her the "i"e -old-cro$"ed 8!ses $ere bor" $ho
deli-ht i" feasts a"d the (leas!res of so"-.
(ll. 918-920) 1"d ,eto $as >oi"ed i" lo&e $ith :e!s $ho holds the
ae-is a"d bare 1(ollo a"d 1rtemis deli-hti"- i" arro$s childre"
lo&ely abo&e all the so"s of Hea&e".
(ll. 921-923) ,astly he made Hera his bloomi"- $ife; a"d she $as
>oi"ed i" lo&e $ith the )i"- of -ods a"d me" a"d bro!-ht forth
Hebe a"d 1res a"d %ileithyia.
(ll. 92'-929) B!t :e!s himself -a&e birth from his o$" head to
bri-ht-eyed +rito-e"eia (29) the a$f!l the strife-stirri"- the
host-leader the !"$earyi"- the 4!ee" $ho deli-hts i" t!m!lts
a"d $ars a"d battles. B!t Hera $itho!t !"io" $ith :e!s -- for
she $as &ery a"-ry a"d 4!arrelled $ith her mate -- bare famo!s
He(haest!s $ho is s)illed i" crafts more tha" all the so"s of
(ll. 929a-929t) (30) B!t Hera $as &ery a"-ry a"d 4!arrelled $ith
her mate.1"d beca!se of this strife she bare $itho!t !"io" $ith
:e!s $ho holds the ae-is a -lorio!s so" He(haest!s $ho e#celled
all the so"s of Hea&e" i" crafts. B!t :e!s lay $ith the fair-
chee)ed da!-hter of *cea" a"d +ethys a(art from Hera....
....decei&i"- 8etis (+ho!-ht) altho!-h she $as f!ll $ise. B!t he
seiAed her $ith his ha"ds a"d (!t her i" his belly for fear that
she mi-ht bri"- forth somethi"- stro"-er tha" his th!"derbolt;
therefore did :e!s $ho sits o" hi-h a"d d$ells i" the aether
s$allo$ her do$" s!dde"ly. B!t she strai-ht$ay co"cei&ed Pallas
1the"e; a"d the father of me" a"d -ods -a&e her birth by $ay of
his head o" the ba")s of the ri&er +rito. 1"d she remai"ed
hidde" be"eath the i"$ard (arts of :e!s e&e" 8etis 1the"a@s
mother $or)er of ri-hteo!s"ess $ho $as $iser tha" -ods a"d
mortal me". +here the -oddess (1the"a) recei&ed that (31)
$hereby she e#celled i" stre"-th all the deathless o"es $ho d$ell
i" *lym(!s she $ho made the host-scari"- $ea(o" of 1the"a. 1"d
$ith it (:e!s) -a&e her birth arrayed i" arms of $ar.
(ll. 930-933) 1"d of 1m(hitrite a"d the lo!d-roari"- %arth-5ha)er
$as bor" -reat $ide-r!li"- +rito" a"d he o$"s the de(ths of the
sea li&i"- $ith his dear mother a"d the lord his father i" their
-olde" ho!se a" a$f!l -od.
(ll. 933-93<) 1lso Cytherea bare to 1res the shield-(iercer Pa"ic
a"d .ear terrible -ods $ho dri&e i" disorder the close ra")s of
me" i" "!mbi"- $ar $ith the hel( of 1res sac)er of to$"s; a"d
Harmo"ia $hom hi-h-s(irited Cadm!s made his $ife.
(ll. 938-939) 1"d 8aia the da!-hter of 1tlas bare to :e!s
-lorio!s Hermes the herald of the deathless -ods for she $e"t
!( i"to his holy bed.
(ll. 9'0-9'2) 1"d 5emele da!-hter of Cadm!s $as >oi"ed $ith him
i" lo&e a"d bare him a s(le"did so" >oyo!s 3io"ys!s -- a mortal
$oma" a" immortal so". 1"d "o$ they both are -ods.
(ll. 9'3-9'') 1"d 1leme"a $as >oi"ed i" lo&e $ith :e!s $ho dri&es
the clo!ds a"d bare mi-hty Heracles.
(ll. 9'2-9'6) 1"d He(haest!s the famo!s ,ame *"e made 1-laea
yo!"-est of the =races his b!#om $ife.
(ll. 9'<-9'9) 1"d -olde"-haired 3io"ys!s made bro$"-haired
1riad"e the da!-hter of 8i"os his b!#om $ife; a"d the so" of
Cro"os made her deathless a"d !"a-ei"- for him.
(ll. 920-922) 1"d mi-hty Heracles the &alia"t so" of "eat-a")led
1leme"a $he" he had fi"ished his -rie&o!s toils made Hebe the
child of -reat :e!s a"d -old-shod Hera his shy $ife i" s"o$y
*lym(!s. Ha((y heF .or he has fi"ished his -reat $or)s a"d
li&es amo"-st the dyi"- -ods !"tro!bled a"d !"a-i"- all his
(ll. 926-962) 1"d Perseis the da!-hter of *cea" bare to
!"$earyi"- Helios Circe a"d 1eetes the )i"-. 1"d 1eetes the so"
of Helios $ho sho$s li-ht to me" too) to $ife fair-chee)ed
6dyia da!-hter of *cea" the (erfect stream by the $ill of the
-ods; a"d she $as s!b>ect to him i" lo&e thro!-h -olde" 1(hrodite
a"d bare him "eat-a")led 8edea.
(ll. 963-968) 1"d "o$ fare$ell yo! d$ellers o" *lym(!s a"d yo!
isla"ds a"d co"ti"e"ts a"d tho! bri"y sea $ithi". /o$ si"- the
com(a"y of -oddesses s$eet-&oiced 8!ses of *lym(!s da!-hter of
:e!s $ho holds the ae-is -- e&e" those deathless o"e $ho lay
$ith mortal me" a"d bare childre" li)e !"to -ods.
(ll. 969-9<') 3emeter bri-ht -oddess $as >oi"ed i" s$eet lo&e
$ith the hero 6asio" i" a thrice-(lo!-hed fallo$ i" the rich la"d
of Crete a"d bare Pl!t!s a )i"dly -od $ho -oes e&ery$here o&er
la"d a"d the sea@s $ide bac) a"d him $ho fi"ds him a"d i"to
$hose ha"ds he comes he ma)es rich besto$i"- -reat $ealth !(o"
(ll. 9<2-9<8) 1"d Harmo"ia the da!-hter of -olde" 1(hrodite
bare to Cadm!s 6"o a"d 5emele a"d fair-chee)ed 1-a&e a"d 1!to"oe
$hom lo"- haired 1ristae!s $edded a"d Polydor!s also i" rich-
cro$"ed +hebe.
(ll. 9<9-983) 1"d the da!-hter of *cea" Callirrhoe $as >oi"ed i"
the lo&e of rich 1(hrodite $ith sto!t hearted Chrysaor a"d bare a
so" $ho $as the stro"-est of all me" =eryo"es $hom mi-hty
Heracles )illed i" sea--irt %rythea for the sa)e of his shambli"-
(ll. 98'-991) 1"d %os bare to +itho"!s braAe"-crested 8em"o"
)i"- of the %thio(ia"s a"d the ,ord %mathio". 1"d to Ce(hal!s
she bare a s(le"did so" stro"- Phaetho" a ma" li)e the -ods
$hom $he" he $as a yo!"- boy i" the te"der flo$er of -lorio!s
yo!th $ith childish tho!-hts la!-hter-lo&i"- 1(hrodite seiAed
a"d ca!-ht !( a"d made a )ee(er of her shri"e by "i-ht a di&i"e
(ll. 993-1002) 1"d the so" of 1eso" by the $ill of the -ods led
a$ay from 1eetes the da!-hter of 1eetes the hea&e"-"!rt!red )i"-
$he" he had fi"ished the ma"y -rie&o!s labo!rs $hich the -reat
)i"- o&er beari"- Pelias that o!tra-eo!s a"d (res!m(t!o!s doer
of &iole"ce (!t !(o" him. B!t $he" the so" of 1eso" had
fi"ished them he came to 6olc!s after lo"- toil bri"-i"- the
coy-eyed -irl $ith him o" his s$ift shi( a"d made her his b!#om
$ife. 1"d she $as s!b>ect to 6aso" she(herd of the (eo(le a"d
bare a so" 8ede!s $hom Cheiro" the so" of Philyra bro!-ht !( i"
the mo!"tai"s. 1"d the $ill of -reat :e!s $as f!lfilled.
(ll. 1003-100<) B!t of the da!-hters of /ere!s the *ld ma" of
the 5ea Psamathe the fair -oddess $as lo&ed by 1eac!s thro!-h
-olde" 1(hrodite a"d bare Phoc!s. 1"d the sil&er-shod -oddess
+hetis $as s!b>ect to Pele!s a"d bro!-ht forth lio"-hearted
1chilles the destroyer of me".
(ll. 1008-1010) 1"d Cytherea $ith the bea!tif!l cro$" $as >oi"ed
i" s$eet lo&e $ith the hero 1"chises a"d bare 1e"eas o" the (ea)s
of 6da $ith its ma"y $ooded -le"s.
(ll. 1011-1016) 1"d Circe the da!-hter of Heli!s Hy(erio"@s so"
lo&ed steadfast *dysse!s a"d bare 1-ri!s a"d ,ati"!s $ho $as
fa!ltless a"d stro"-; also she bro!-ht forth +ele-o"!s by the
$ill of -olde" 1(hrodite. 1"d they r!led o&er the famo!s
+yre"ia"s &ery far off i" a recess of the holy isla"ds.
(ll. 101<-1018) 1"d the bri-ht -oddess Caly(so $as >oi"ed to
*dysse!s i" s$eet lo&e a"d bare him /a!sitho!s a"d /a!si"o!s.
(ll. 1019-1020) +hese are the immortal -oddesses $ho lay $ith
mortal me" a"d bare them childre" li)e !"to -ods.
(ll. 1021-1022) B!t "o$ s$eet-&oiced 8!ses of *lym(!s da!-hters
of :e!s $ho holds the ae-is si"- of the com(a"y of $ome".