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Kenyas Bold Newspaper
Monday, May 12, 2014
No. 29586
KSh60/00 TSh1,500/00 USh2,700/00
EAs biggest ever
project rolled out
Cabinet Secretary
for The National
Treasury, Henry
Rotich (right) and
President of the
China Exim Bank,
Li Ruogu sign the
nancing agreement
for the Standard
Gauge Railway at
State House, Nairobi
yesterday. Standing
from left, President
Paul Kagame
(Rwanda), Chinese
Premier Li Keqiang
and Presidents
Uhuru Kenyatta,
Yoweri Museveni
(Uganda), and Salva
Kiir (South Sudan)
witness the signing.
Kick Off Your Week
The Perfect Way To
Pullout Section B Monday, May 12, 2014
Kick Off Your Week
The Perfect Way To
Theres no such thing as a sworn bachelor; Clooneys getting
married P4
Men & Rejection
Strange men who just cant take a no from women,P8-9
Women who risk HIV to get babies
Most couples in
relationships where only one
individual is infected with HIV
are opting for pregnancy.
The pattern is alarming
because it means they are
having unprotected sex, and
risk passing on the virus to
their unborn children and
uninfected partners.
According to a team of
medical researchers, the
powerful desire to have
children in such unions in
Kenya is so overwhelming
for such couples that it far
outweighs the risk of infecting
the unborn child as well as the
Strange men who just cant
take a no from women, P.8-9
The blue half of Manchester parties all night to the tune of Blue Moon
Rising after Manchester City wins English Premier League, PAGE 56
President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday
rallied three of his colleagues from the
East African region to witness the historic
signing of the Standard Gauge Railway
deal with the Chinese Government.
Fellow presidents Yoweri Museveni
(Uganda), Paul Kagame (Rwanda) and
Salva Kiir (South Sudan) joined Uhuru at
the signing of the nancing agreement
for the project with Chinese Premier Li
Work on regions
most signicant
investment in 50
years to begin on
October 1 despite
being riddled with
controversy over
its massive cost
Amount Kenya
will spend on
new railway
Length of rst phase
of railway from
Mombasa to Nairobi
What Exim Bank
of China will give
for railway
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Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 2 / NATIONAL NEWS
Work on the project begins on Oc-
tober 1 and will take 42 months. Dep-
uty President William Ruto also wit-
nessed the signing for what will be the
Jubilee governments and East Africas
biggest infrastructure project to date,
designed to modernise the regions rail
The $3.8 billion (Sh331 billion un-
der current exchange rates) project
has been mired in controversy about
allegations of irregularities in the pro-
curement process but two parliamen-
tary committees, Transport and Public
Investment Committees- cleared the
project on time for the ceremony to
put pen to paper.
Kenya will foot 10 per cent (Sh33
billion) of the cost with Exim Bank of
China paying the remaining 90 per
cent (Sh298 billion).
Phase One of the project from
Mombasa to Nairobi will be 609km.
The next phase will stretch to Kigali in
Rwanda and Juba in South Sudan.
Yesterday, Sudans Transport, Roads
and Bridges Minister Koug Danhier
Gatluak, Ugandas Minister of State for
Works and Transport John Byabagam-
bi, Rwandas Infrastructure Minister
Prof. Silas Lwakakamba and Kenyas
Transport Minister Michael Kamau
appended their signatures to the
The project will see construction of
a modern high-speed, high capacity
standard gauge railway for passengers
and freight. The project is aimed at
providing efcient and cost effective
rail transport for both freight and pas-
sengers to reduce the cost of doing
business and make Kenya a competi-
tive business hub for the East African
region and beyond.
Passenger trains will have a speed
of 120km per hour while those for
freight will be designed to move at 80
kilometers an hour.
It will take passengers four hours
and 30 minutes to travel from Mom-
basa to Nairobi at a projected speed of
120km per hour, while freight will take
eight hours. President Uhuru de-
scribed the signing of the deal as a
milestone in improving infrastructural
development in the region, which has
lagged behind for centuries.
The relationship between our-
selves and China is based on mutual
trust, because we are pursuing inclu-
sive development and promoting in-
ventive practical cooperation, he
Under the deal signed yesterday,
the four countries agreed on a har-
monised policy, legal and institutional
framework for SGR. They also agreed
to co-operate and co-ordinate human
resource capacity building, joint mo-
bilisation of nancial resources and
ensuring sufcient budgetary alloca-
tion and funding mechanisms.
The decision-making organs of the
protocol are the Joint Ministerial Com-
Chinas inuence
in Kenya
mittee, the SGR Commission and the
Joint Technical Committee.
The Joint Ministerial Committee
comprises Transport Ministers of the
four countries and its functions in-
clude promoting, monitoring, review-
ing and implementing all programmes
and projects for the development and
operation of SGR.
The SGR Commission is made up
of Permanent/Principal Secretaries re-
sponsible for Transport/Infrastruc-
ture, the Secretaries to the Treasury
and the Solicitors General or their
Political undertones characterised
the signing of the protocol as Presi-
dents Uhuru and Museveni hinted at
the debate about West-East relations
with the continent.
It is enough to say that we are
deeply grateful for the help that we
have received, both from China and
from our neighbours. But it is not
enough to rest content with what we
will achieve. The Peoples Republic of
China will soon be the worlds largest
economy. Its return, after two centu-
ries, to that position has lessons to
teach us, not least that infrastructure
matters, Uhuru said.
President Uhuru said that whereas
former colonial powers were commit-
ted to inequality of treatment, division
and distrust, the relationship between
Africa and China is founded, on four
basic principles: treating each other
sincerely and equally; consolidating
solidarity and mutual trust; jointly
pursuing inclusive development; and
promoting inventive practical cooper-
ation between our countries.
Keqiang said the signing of the -
nancing agreement of the deal is a ma-
jor milestone in enhancing the part-
nership between Africa and China.
This project demonstrates that
there is equal cooperation and mutual
benet between China and the East
African countries, and the railway is a
very important part of transport infra-
structure development, Li said.
Ugandas President Museveni who
spoke on behalf of the East African
leaders lauded China for supporting
the project, with no conditions im-
posed by other development part-
He said that after the Chinese Com-
munist Party took over power in 1949,
China has remained a true friend to
Africa helping African countries to
ght off colonialism and remained its
partner unlike the western countries
that give with conditions.
China is concentrating on real is-
sues. They dont give lectures on how
to run local governments and other is-
sues I dont want to mention, he
DP Ruto later led the Chinese pre-
mier to tour the National Youth Service
to which the Chinese Government has
pledged to donate equipment. Li Keq-
iang said it was important for Kenya to
have many of such institutes to train
the youth to serve their country.
Continued from P1
Presidents Yoweri Museveni,
Paul Kagame and Salva Kiir
witnessed signing of the $3.8
billion (Sh331 billion under cur-
rent exchange rate) Standard
Gauge Railway deal with the
Chinese Government
Kenya will foot 10 per cent
(Sh33 billion) of the cost with
Exim Bank of China paying the
remaining 90 per cent (Sh298
Under the deal signed yester-
day, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
and South Sudan agreed on a
harmonised policy, legal and
institutional framework for
Standard gauge railway deal
The signing of the $3.8 billion
(Sh331billion) Standard Gauge Rail-
way nancing agreement yesterday
capped a weekend of goodies for Ke-
nya from China as the two nations
signed a record 17 agreements.
Among the deals were a Sh8.84 bil-
lion upgrade of Kenyas electricity-
generation infrastructure, and inter-
est-free loans and grants worth Sh4
billion. An agreement was also
reached for the provision of millions
of shillings in equipment to the Kenya
Wildlife Services to partially fund the
protection of Kenyas natural heri-
The concessional loan agreement
on Nairobis 132 KV and 66 KV net-
work upgrade reinforcement phase II
project will see the Chinese Govern-
ment provide support to increase sup-
ply of electricity.
An agreement on the Economic
and Technical Cooperation will see
the Government of Kenya receive
grants from the Chinese Govern-
A number of memorandums of
understanding were also signed be-
tween the Kenya and China. These in-
clude one between Kenyas Ministry of
Transport and Infrastructure and the
Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples
Republic of China on Aviation Coop-
eration. It provides for Chinas sup-
port to Kenyas aviation sector includ-
ing construction and upgrading of
On agriculture it provides for co-
operation between the two countries
to boost food security in Kenya and a
health deal will facilitate Chinas sup-
port to boost Kenyas target of improv-
ing the health sector by scaling up the
ght against diseases including ma-
Other agreements covered nanc-
ing for small and medium enterprises
(SMEs) in eastern and southern Afri-
ca, and for the aviation sector.
Transport and Infrastructure Cab-
inet Secretary Michael Kamau said
the country would spend Sh247 mil-
lion per kilometre, (at current ex-
change rate) on the standard gauge
If this rst phase rate is main-
tained for the second phase of the
project between Nairobi to Malaba
with a branch line to Kisumu, then
Kenyans will have to part with about
Sh250 billion more. The total length of
the SGR line is about 1,250km.
Kenya, China
sign a record 17
President Uhuru Kenyatta with China Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Deputy
President William Ruto on a tour during Lis ofcial visit to Kenya. [PHOTO:
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Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 3
Chinas inuence
The Chinese Government has
pledged to support Kenya in food
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keq-
iang said his Government would as-
sist in seed production and irriga-
He spoke when he met Deputy
President William Ruto at his
Harambee House Annex ofce.
We believe that what should not
happen to us should not happen to
another person. Hunger is not good
and thats why we will assist you im-
prove food production, Mr Keqiang
He said Chinese companies
would invest in agriculture technol-
ogy in Kenya.
The Chinese Government also
directed its Foreign Ministry and
embassy in Nairobi to ensure the
three million visitors to Kenya per
year is realised. I have instructed
our foreign minister and embassy
here to make sure that visits by our
people to your country reaches
three million. The Deputy Presi-
dent said Kenya will expand food
production through irrigation to en-
sure it has enough reserves.
Mr Ruto also said the Govern-
ment was modernising its security
equipment and infrastructure and
asked the Chinese Government to
The two leaders also discussed
the security situation in South Su-
dan and Somalia, with China saying
it would assist the region restore or-
der in those countries.
Mr Keqiang said President Salva
Kiir had assured him that the cease-
re agreement signed two days ago
in Addis Ababa would hold. China
hopes to see stability in this region
and we will assist in this endeav-
our. Mr Ruto also took Keqiang on
a tour of the National Youth Service.
The Chinese Government also
pledged to donate equipment to the
The Prime Minister said it was
important for Kenya to have several
such institutions to train the youth
to serve their country.
Meanwhile, President Uhuru Ke-
nyatta has said Kenya recognises its
special role in strengthening ties be-
tween Africa and China. He said his
Government is conscious of the
need to consolidate existing part-
nerships to realise an all-inclusive
and mutually benecial develop-
China offers to throw weight behind
food production in war against hunger
Finally, Look East policy pays off
as State enters 17 trade pacts
e told you!
We can now agree that
the Governments devo-
tion to a Look East policy has paid
off big time. This campaign has util-
ised all of Jubilees best qualities: vi-
sionary governance, pragmatic diplo-
macy and the deployment of policies
underpinned by a transformative phi-
By the conclusion of the Chinese
State visit, Government had entered
an unprecedented 17 bilateral deals,
covering 4 key sectors and worth over
500 billion shillings. In the event, Ke-
nya virtually became the headquarters
of China in Africa. Coupled with the
scramble by other global players to le-
verage Kenyas strategic position, it is
no longer a matter of debate that we
are an important player in our region,
continent and the world.
This spectacular coup was not for-
tuitous in any way. No global power
goes around throwing about money
like confetti just for the heck of it.
Money represents value. This invest-
ment, besides indicating the focus and
industry expended politically and dip-
lomatically, gives an accurate assess-
ment of Kenyas stature and clout. We
have been underestimated too much
for too long. Anyone saying that Kenya
should continue to play in the Peanut
League is clearly in urgent need of les-
sons in intellectual honesty.
Similarly, anyone suggesting that
we must yoke our policies and plans
to the vagaries ideology and post-co-
lonial dynamics truly detests prog-
To illustrate the magnitude of the
transformative impact of the Look
East policy, consider the Standard
Gauge Railway (SGR) deal. Oh yes! The
SGR is a reality now, whose construc-
tion is set to commence on October 1,
and in a short 42 months, will have
reached the Embakasi Internal Con-
tainer Depot.
The trains running on this railway
will carry cargo at 80k/ph, and passen-
gers at 120k/ph. This means that a
businessman will have his breakfast in
Nairobi and be at the Port of Momba-
sa in 4 hours to load cargo onto a train,
then be on hand to take delivery in
Nairobi that same evening. Ask your
local business person what that means.
Aside from obvious economic acceler-
ation, governance and national cohe-
sion will benet a great deal. This proj-
ect will come with 56 locomotives,
1,620 freight wagons and 40 passenger
coaches. It will haul two containers,
one atop the other at great speed
across the country.
The railway will open up the coun-
try and the region, create 60 jobs per
kilometre, reduce the cost of goods
and services by over 60 per cent and
radically transform the port of Mom-
basa. In short, it is a classic Jubilee sort
of deal. What gives us all hope, is that
it will come from China.
Without denying or belittling the
contribution of any bilateral partner,
China happens to have a spectacular-
ly impressive implementation Curric-
ulum Vitae in Kenya, Africa and the
rest of the world. Our partnerships
have traditionally culminated in grand
and magnicent public utilities: the
Kasarani Stadium, hospitals, roads
and more roads throughout the coun-
try fall among 80 projects at various
stages of execution. Many donors in-
vest in invisible programmes and soft
projects that come at high cost and
give debatable value back.
The noise makers, naysayers and
sundry prophets of doom must not
stop talking. We want to hear what
they will say next. It will be interesting
to see their next intellectual contor-
tions as they rail against reality. The
SGR is now an inescapable reality. A gi-
gantic, stubborn, uninching fact star-
ing all doubters in the face. Many crit-
ics have asked this one question using
different words and languages: what is
it with Africa and China? Our response
like all excellent answers, is breathtak-
ingly succinct: More Business, Less
Commentary by Munyori Buku,
Dennis Itumbi, James Kinyua, Em-
manuel Talam and Eric Ngeno of the
Presidential Strategic Communica-
tions Unit at State House.
Deputy President William Ruto and Ugandan President Yoweri Museve-
ni in State House, Nairobi after the signing of the Standard Gauge
Railway agreements yesterday. [PHOTO: MBUGUA KIBERA/STANDARD]
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 4 / NATIONAL NEWS
China, in collaboration with a
United Nations agency, will assist
African and Asian countries com-
bat climate change.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
and United Nations (UN) Under-
Secretary-General and United
Nations Environment Programme
(UNEP) Executive Director Achim
Steiner signed a high-level agree-
ment to help battle global warm-
UNEP and China agreed to
harness their strengths, capaci-
ties and resources to assist coun-
tries of the Global South combat
the devastating effects of global
Since 2008, UNEP and China
have collaborated with countries
across Africa and Asia on climate
adaptation projects funded by the
Global Environment Facility and
the Government of China.
Premier Li and Mr Steiner dis-
cussed efforts to accelerate Chi-
nas transition to an inclusive
Green Economy, the Premiers
newly declared war on air pollu-
tion and the top issues on the
agenda of the rst-ever UN Envi-
ronment Assembly, due to be held
in Nairobi, next month.
China has contributed Sh510
million (US $6 million) to the
UNEP trust fund and will con-
tinue to make contributions to
that fund into the future, said Li
Mr Steiner said the new agree-
ment sent another powerful mes-
sage that China was committed to
combating climate change.
Joint bid to
ght global
China, Europe battle to charm Kenya
Prior to the European Union-Afri-
ca summit in Brussels early last
month, head of delegation to Kenya
Lodewijk Briet played down the inu-
ence of China in Kenya and by exten-
sion, Africa.
He noted that despite the growing
inuence of China in Africa, the
union still remains a credible devel-
opment partnership.
Compared to China and India,
which are often depicted as impor-
tant trading partners, East Africas
total exports to these countries is less
than 2 per cent, he said.
Briet noted that they have em-
barked on programmes to boost trade
volumes in favour of Kenya.
We need to move from aid to
trade as a signicant tool to ght and
eradicate poverty, he stated at a past
media brieng.
As African heads of states gathered
in Brussels, experts at the time fore-
cast that China would not close its
eyes but monitor closely the meeting
also attended by President Uhuru
A month later, the Chinese gov-
ernment came calling, sending the
loudest message that they are a true
During his State visit to Kenya at
the weekend, Chinese Prime Minister
Li Keqiang was asked by a reporter
what his country plans to do to en-
sure trade imbalance against Kenya is
bridged. We will take steps to correct
As EU seeks to iron
out issues that impede
trade pacts with EAC,
PM Li Keqiangs visit
speaks volumes
manufacture goods that show their
strengths and are in a position to
meet the Chinese needs, he noted.
On the other hand, the EU is
keenly watching the developments
between Kenya and China to gets
insights on how to iron out some is-
sues that stand in the path towards
signing Economic Partnership Agree-
ments between East Africa Commu-
nity and the European Union.
A week or so from today, the East
African Community and the EU re-
turn to the negotiating table to thrash
out some of the contentious issues
holding back better trade agreements
between the two blocs.
Under the Economic Partnership
Agreements, there are three conten-
tious issues that have held back the
signing of trade agreements with the
union, down from nine.
And when the Chinese Premier is
taken around some of the key infra-
structural projects his country has
participated in, he will nod in appre-
ciation that they are incomparable to
those from the West.
In the current issue of the China
Daily, Standard Chartered China
Chief Executive Jerry Zhang writes:
Trade is only the start of the current
phase of the China-Africa story.
He says as the partnership evolves,
Africa is set to emerge as a key manu-
facturing base for Chinas top compa-
nies. It would also be a plus for China
that when a Head of State of the sec-
ond largest economy in the world
visits Kenya, the message is loud and
clear to the other economies.
For we are yet to see a similar ges-
ture from the West, who are Kenyas
former development allies.
A week or so from today, the
East African Community and the
European Union return to the
negotiating table to thrash out
some of the contentious issues
holding back better trade agree-
ments between the two blocs
Under the Economic Partner-
ship Agreements, there are
three contentious issues that
have held back the signing of
trade agreements with the
union, down from nine
But at the weekend, Kenya and
China signed an agreement on
the fnancing of the frst phase
of the Standard Gauge Railway
The frst phase of the proj-
ect will cover 609.3 kilometres,
from the port of Mombasa to
Nairobi and will cost Sh314.2
billion, with 90 per cent of the
fnancing coming from Chinas
Exim Bank while the remain-
ing 10 per cent will be from the
Government of Kenya
trade imbalances because if they per-
sist, achieving sustainable growth
would be very difcult, said the Chi-
nese premier.
To achieve this, he urged Chinese
companies to boost the manufactur-
ing sector in Kenya and raise the ca-
pacity of local products to compete
favourably in the Chinese market.
The PM encouraged Kenyan com-
panies to participate in trade fairs in
China to showcase their best prod-
ucts in China.
Kenyan companies need to
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang speaks at State House, Nairobi, after the
signing of the standard gauge railway agreement. China pledged to assist fund
the project that will link all East African countries. [PHOTO: MBUGUA KIBERA/
Chinas inuence
Referance is made to the advertisement that appeared on 2
May 2014 in the standard newspaper .
Please note that the vacancies advertised have been cancelled
and will be re-advertised. The public and anyone else interested
is encouraged to reapply.
Any inconvenience is regretted.
Thank you.
Ole Kamuaro
Speaker Narok County Assembly/Chairman-
County Assembly Service Board.
Refer to the National Transport and Safety
Authority vacancies Advertisement dated
May, 2014. We would like to correct the
qualication for Motor Vehicle Inspectors to
read as follows:-
Requirement of Appointment
For appointment to this grade, a candidate
must have:
i. Ordinary or Higher Diploma in Mechanical
Engineering (Automotive);
ii. Five (5) years experience on Motor Vehicle
repairs and body works;
iii. Valid Driving License; and
iv. Prociency in Computer
Notice is hereby given that there will
be a Special County Assembly
Meeting on Monday, 12th May, 2014
at 2.30pm at the County Assembly
Hall, to receive the Senators Briefng
CS. Tubman Otieno
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 5
Discordant couples risk
HIV/Aids to have babies
uninfected partner.
This is a serious challenge
in a country with an estimated
340,000 discordant couples
most of whom have strong de-
sires to have a rst or a next
child, says Kenneth Ngure of
Jomo Kenyatta University.
The team, which included
researchers from Kenyatta Na-
tional Hospital and the Univer-
sity of Washington, US, inves-
tigated 18 discordant couples
attending a HIV research pro-
gramme in Thika, Central Ke-
The couples were partici-
pating in a study where the un-
infected partner was put on a
daily antiretroviral pill to see
whether having the medica-
tion in the bloodstream would
protect them against infec-
During the trials, Dr Ngure
explains, all participants re-
ceived counselling on how to
reduce the risk of HIV infec-
tion, free condoms, and had
access to contraceptives.
Although most of the cou-
ples were aware of the in-
creased risk of virus transmis-
sion, almost all reported that
they had intentionally become
pregnant and that the desire
for children superseded any
HIV risk considerations, said
All but one couple in the
study was married and the ma-
jority had at least one child be-
fore conceiving in the current
It emerged very clearly
that these pregnancies were
not accidental but deliberate,
with couples mutually agree-
ing to discontinue the use of
contraceptives including con-
doms in order to get pregnant,
explained Ngure.
Talking to The Standard
yesterday about the ndings
published in the journal Aids
Care, Ngure said the desire to
have the rst or another child
is very strong in these unions
normally called discordant
The observations suggest
that simply encouraging such
couples to abstain from having
children is not realistic be-
cause, they knowingly take on
the risks of transmission in or-
der to have children.
One of the major reasons
for wanting children, explains
the researchers especially
among couples where the only
child or children are from an-
other union is the desire for
the other partner to have his or
her own biological children.
Other reasons include the
desire to reach a preferred fam-
ily size as well as maintaining
partnership stability, especial-
ly for women. Some couples al-
so said they needed the next
child to name after ones par-
ents, a common custom in the
Although the researchers
are unanimous that the deci-
sion to have a child was mutu-
al, a deeper look into the study
shows that this may not to be
the case with a signicant pow-
er balance tilting towards the
When the desire to have a
child in such a relationship is
strongest in the woman, as it
was the case in the study, then
she has to nimbly negotiate,
persuade and plead to bring
the man along.
However, when the shoe is
on the other foot, the man is
said to have intimidated,
threatened and did not fall
short of using some strong lan-
In such discussions, words
such as must, and force
coupled with threats of aban-
donment if the female partner
did not agree to bear more
children, are reected in the
In addition to satisfying the
desire to get a child and the
pressure of societal expecta-
tions, many of the case study
couples said they felt helpless
and vulnerable.
Uninfected partners were
relieved when they remained
uninfected after unprotected
sex, which for some, reinforced
a belief in divine protection,
says Ngure.
Having been exposed to
such a high calibre research
programme, the 18 couples
had access to information on
technologies that can reduce
the risk of HIV transmission to
the partner.
Such strategies, explains
the lead researcher, include
couples being shown how they
can harvest sperm, in case of
uninfected male, which the
woman can inseminate into
herself at home.
Others include the much
more expensive test-tube baby
technology as well as sperm
washing in case of an infected
Ten people died yesterday and 18 others se-
riously injured in a grisly road accident along the
busy Nakuru-Eldoret highway.
The 3pm accident involving a lorry ferrying
maize to Mombasa and ve other vehicles hap-
pened at the notorious Salgaa black spot.
According to police and witnesses, the lorry
rammed onto three vehicles before colliding
head on with another truck and a saloon car
coming from the opposite direction after its
brakes failed.
Rongai OCPD Joseph Mwamburi said the
driver of the trailer lost control while descend-
ing a steep section of the road and rammed on-
to two matatus and a saloon car before colliding
head on with the truck.
We suspect the driver of the trailer lost con-
trol of the vehicle after the brakes failed, said
Mr Mwamburi.
He added: It is suspected that the driver was
free-wheeling along the steep stretch and
could not control the heavy vehicle when the
brakes failed.
Six occupants of the matatu, including the
driver, died on the spot. The driver of the ill-fat-
ed trailer also died on impact.
Three other passengers succumbed to inju-
ries at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital
where they were rushed.
The trailer and the matatu were extensively
damaged in the accident that caused a huge traf-
c snarl up along the busy highway as the St
John Ambulance and the Kenya Red Cross vol-
unteers came to the rescue of the injured.
Police had a rough time trying to control cu-
rious members of the public. Passengers of the
other two matatus hit by the trailer sustained
slight injuries and were rushed to hospital.
Four adults and three children from one of
the matatus were rushed to Molo district, while
11 others were taken to the Rift Valley Provincial
General Hospital.
Kennedy Okello, a clinical ofcer at the hos-
pital, who supervised the rst aid on the casual-
ties, conrmed that three people, including a
child, died upon arrival at the facility.
We received 14 patients but three have since
died. Four children are in critical condition but
we are doing everything to save their lives, said
Mr Okello.
Davis Magafu, a survivor, said: I only re-
member when a speeding trailer hit our lorry
from behind and the driver lost control and
landed in a ditch. I am lucky to have survived.
Among those at the scene of the accident was
the National Transport and Safety Authority Di-
rector Edwin Mukabana who said the authority
was concerned by the rising number of road ac-
cidents involving trucks and trailers.
Ten perish, 18 injured in
accident involving six vehicles
One of the vehicles involved in yesterdays accident along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway after the
driver of a lorry ferrying maize lost control of the trailer. [PHOTO: BONFACE THUKU/STANDARD]
That most of the couples opted to forgo safety options pro-
vided, as they seemed unpopular with them
A few couples with HIV-uninfected men had received sy-
ringes to try self-insemination, but fnally opted to conceive
naturally, says Ngure
So where does this put the right of a coerced partner or a
child who is infected from such an act? Patrick Kangethe of
KELIN, a local civil group that promotes HIV-related human
rights, said the law in Kenya allows a consenting adult (male
and female) to get married and start a family that they will
care for and protect
Anyone within or outside such a relationship raising issues
of intentional exposure to HIV would have an insurmount-
able burden to prove any wrong doing, says Mr Kangethe
Page 6 / NATIONAL NEWS Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
It emerged
very clearly that
these pregnancies
were not accidental
but deliberate,
with couples
mutually agreeing to
discontinue the use of
Founder and CEO of Professional Marketing Services
(PMS) Group and Kenyas top woman entrepreneur
A Captain of Industry in Marketing Services
Professional Marketing Services (PMS Group) is Kenyas No.1 Medium Sized Company. We offer the most innovative range of
marketing solutions to build and maintain strong brands. Our superior reputation is hinged on consistently offering exceptional
results and outstanding customer service.
I am Joanne Mwangi,
Continued from P1
Primary and secondary school
head teachers who do not hold a di-
ploma in Education Management will
not be allowed to serve as administra-
tors, Education Cabinet Secretary Ja-
cob Kaimenyi has said.
The CS said a diploma programme
has been designed to enable educa-
tion managers to acquire the knowl-
edge, skills, and attitudes necessary
for efcient and effective manage-
ment of education services.
He said teachers who wish to be-
come managers in future must be
equipped with managerial skills to
steer learning institutions and for
proper development of pupils and
We will require teachers who wish
to be managers to attain a Diploma in
Education Management. This is not
an added advantage, but a compo-
nent if you want to be a manager,
said Prof Kaimenyi.
Addressing deputy heads and
principals at the Kenya Education
Management Institute (KEMI),
Kaimenyi said all educational institu-
Head teachers must be re-trained
Cabinet Secretary
says all school heads
must study for a
diploma in Education
tions should have a strategic plan if
meaningful development is to be
achieved in schools.
It has become a principle that the
head teachers and school administra-
tors must be trained in a particular
management course, he said.
The tough-talking CS warned
school heads and their deputies that
they would be dealt with if they do not
implement the various education
policies formulated by the ministry.
He said any school head or principal
found increasing fees unnecessarily
and failing to include students and
teachers in the school management
boards would be prosecuted.
The right to be heard is a consti-
tutional right that must be respected.
We will deal with any heads of schools
and principals who do not implement
education policies, he said.
Kaimenyi said education manag-
ers play the most crucial role in ensur-
ing educational policies and initia-
tives are implemented successfully.
This, he said, includes efcient and
effective management of nancial,
human, and material resources in
dynamic environments embodied in
the spirit of Kenyas vision-quality
Education for Development.
The KEMI Diploma in Education
Management will be offered to 10,000
school heads. Some 23,395 principals
and head teachers went through the
KEMI diploma programme last year
and out of these, 85 got a distinction
while 22,612 attained credit.
Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi (right) and KESSHA National
chairman John Awiti during the national student leaders meeting at Bomas of
Kenya, Nairobi. Prof Kaimenyi said all school heads must obtain a diploma in
education management. [PHOTO: BEVERLYNE MUSILI/STANDARD]
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 7 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Thousands of students who are to
be enrolled at Kenyan universities and
colleges this year may miss out on
funding from the Higher Education
Loans Board (Helb) unless the Gov-
ernment increases allocation to the
In the budgetary estimates for -
nancial year 2014/2015, Helb was al-
located Sh5.6 billion, which the board
considers inadequate to effectively
fund all deserving students.
Helb Chief Executive Ofcer
Charles Ringera said from the esti-
mates, the board has a funding gap of
Sh4.5 billion and urged MPs to con-
sider increasing its allocation to en-
able it to nance more students.
The Kenya Universities and Col-
leges Placement Services has an-
nounced that some 70,000 students
will be joining institutions of higher
learning this year and funding them
would cost Sh5 billion, said Ringera.
The students currently enrolled
at universities require Sh6.4 billion.
We are continuously engaging MPs,
particularly the Budget and Education
committees to see if they can give a
higher allocation, he said.
He ruled out the prospect of in-
creasing the loan allocated to each
student, citing budgetary constraints.
Some people wanted it increased by
about Sh20,000 annually.
Helb urges State
to increase
The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) is a government agency established under the Insurance Act
(Amendment) 2006, Cap 487 of the Laws of Kenya to regulate, supervise and develop the Insurance
Industry in Kenya.
The Authority invites sealed bids from eligible frms to tender for the following Services:-
Tender No. Tender Description Pre-Tender Meeting
RA/178/2013-2014 Provision of Website Hosting Services 14
May, 2014 at 10:00 a.m
Interested bidders may view the above tender documents from the IRA website (
or visit the RA Procurement Offce located on 6
Floor, Zep-Re Place, Longonot Road, Upperhill,
Nairobi during normal offce hours. nterested and eligible bidders are required to download the tender
documents from the website free of charge and immediately email their names and contact details to:
Complete tender documents should be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked with tender
number and description as described in the tender document and should be deposited in the tender
box situated on 6
foor , Zep-Re Place , Longonot Road, Upperhill, Nairobi and addressed to:
Chief Executive Ofhcer
Insurance Regulatory Authority
hoor Zep-Re Place, Longonot Road, Upperhill
P.O Box 43505-00100
Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone: +254-20-4996000
so as to be received on or before 27
May , 2014 at 11:00 a.m.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the bidders representatives who may
choose to attend at the Training Room located on 10
foor, Zep-Re Place, Longonot Road,Upperhill
, Nairobi.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 8 / NATIONAL NEWS
Former State House Comp-
troller Nelson Githinji is now the
new Director General of the Na-
tional Youth Service (NYS). Dr
Githinji replaces Kiplimo Rugut.
Mr Rugut has been moved to
the ministry of Sports headquar-
ters to await redeployment after
serving for one year at the helm of
Yesterday, signs that Githinji is
the new boss at the Ruaraka-
based training base were clear, as
he was in hand to receive Chinese
Premier Li Keqiang who visited
the NYS headquarters.
Premier Li was accompanied
by Deputy President William Ruto.
Rugut was absent from the func-
Rugut, a long serving provin-
cial administrator was promoted
as NYS boss in April last year from
the former Central Province
where he served as PC. He was
among the administrators who
were close to retired President
Mwai Kibaki.
Planning and Devolution
Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru
appointed Githinji, but refused to
divulge reasons for Ruguts re-
moval only saying; It is a normal
exercise to reshufe ofcers
within Government.
Yes, he (Githinji) is the new
director general at NYS, Ms
Waiguru said when asked about
She did not conrm Ruguts
next destination only saying: I
dont know. Ofcers get moved in
Waiguru and her PS Peter
Mangiti took the Chinese Premier
on a tour of the institution.

Ex-State House
new NYS boss
Disqualify yourselves from
case, Wambora tells senators
Embattled Embu Governor Martin
Wambora now wants the Senate com-
mittee hearing impeachment pro-
ceedings against him to disqualify
itself on grounds that he is not likely
to get a fair hearing.
His lawyer Wilfred Nyamu yester-
day walked away from the hearings
moments after he had asked the com-
mittee members to disqualify them-
selves from the proceedings.
He argued that since it was the
same committee that had handled
the previous proceedings against his
client, it would be improper for the
same members to sit in the current
Mr Nyamu said he had instruc-
tions from his client not to participate
in any further hearings.
The proceedings are based on
substantially same charges, particu-
lars and grounds upon which a com-
mittee comprising of the same mem-
bers of Senate found my client
culpable in the report tabled before
the Senate on February 14, 2014, he
He added: It is with profound
respect that the respondent in this
matter wishes to state that he shall
not participate any further in the
Embattled Embu
governor says the
Senate committee
members will not give
him fair hearing
proceedings before the committee.
Im instructed not to proceed beyond
where I have reached and to leave it
to the committee to determine if they
will continue hearing the matter.
The committee members are
Chairman Boni Khalwale (Kakamega),
Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo-
Marakwet), Kimani Wamatangi (Ki-
ambu), Zipporah Kittony (Nominat-
ed), Wilfred Leisan (Bomet) and
Naisula Lesuuda (Nominated).
Others are Peter Mositet (Kajiado)
James Orengo (Siaya) Boy Juma Boy
(Kwale), Hargura Godana and Judith
Sijeny (Nominated).
Mr Wambora also wants the com-
mittee to invoke the sub judice rule,
which would prevent it from hearing
a matter that is subject of court pro-
He told the committee that since
he had led an appeal against his
impeachment, the committee should
wait until the court proceedings are
It would be proper and indeed
with the rule of law that the special
committee proceedings await the
determination of the Court of Appeal.
Standing Order No. 92 of the Senate
on the sub judice rule should there-
fore, be invoked and the current pro-
ceedings be held in abeyance, he
told the committee.
Wamboras decision leaves the
committee in a quandary as it is still
expected to make a report to the
House tomorrow.
Before Nyamu walked out, Dr
Khalwale told him that the commit-
tee would still proceed to make its
report since Wambora had not with-
drawn his response to the charges
against him.
He asked the lawyer to inform his
client that the committee will still
give him a hearing should it verify the
validity of the charges against him.
That by virtue of a gazette no-
tice, it is expected to make its re-
port tomorrow
That if the committee fnds that
the charges against the governor
have been substantiated, he will
still have a chance to be heard
That the proceedings against
Wambora are so important to the
people of Embu
That should the governor
change his mind and wish to ap-
pear before the committee, he
will be listened to
The Kenya Revenue Authority
(KRA) board is set to meet to na-
lise the process of appointing the
commissioner in charge of Inves-
tigation and Enforcement.
The board will conduct the -
nal interview on ve candidates
whose names were shortlisted by
the human resource consultancy
rm, KPMG, following a com-
petitive recruitment exercise.
Acting Commissioner George
Muya is topping the list and will
be competing with his deputy,
Evans Nyakango as well as John
Cheruiyot who is in charge of
KRAs southern region. The other
candidates are Collins Wanderi
and Ezekiel Maru.
Sources within KRA reveal that
the board is set to hold its rst
interview meeting this Friday to
evaluate the competence of the
However, other sources inti-
mated that the Treasury was keen
on who will be appointed to the
position to replace Joseph Nduati
who retired last November.
KRA Chairman Marsden Ma-
doka told The Standard that the
board would meet in less than
two weeks to nalise the pro-
He further conrmed that they
were consulting Treasury Cabinet
Secretary Henry Rotich over the
appointment. He however, added
that the consultation does not
mean the CS will inuence the
boards decision.
As a board, its courteous and
polite to consult with the ministry
in such an important process. We
hope to conclude the exercise
within two weeks, Mr Madoka
KRA in nal
stage of hiring
Pursuant to the application of the Commissioner of
Insurance in exercise of his powers conferred under section
67 C (3) of the Insurance Act, and to the Orders of the Court
subsequently issued on the 9
May 2014, the period of
Statutory Management was extended further upto 4
Now take further notice that in exercise of powers conferred
by section 67 C (10) of the Insurance Act, the Statutory
Manager extends the Moratorium on payments by the said
Insurer to its Policyholders and all other Creditors, declared
on 28th March, 2014 up to the 4
July 2014 in conformity
with the Statutory Management Period.
Dated 9th May, 2014
Eliud Muchoki Muriithi
Statutory Manager
(Cap 487)
(Under Statutory Management)
The County Public service Board of Elgeyo Marakwet wishes
to inform members of the public and the applicants for the
various positions in the Department of Health Services as
advertised online and in The Standard and The Daily
Nation Newspapers of Monday 7
April 2014 that the list of
shortlisted candidates and the dates of interview can be
accessed from the County Website or at
The same will also be available on the notice boards at the
respective ofce of the Sub-County Administrator in each
Sub-County as from Tuesday 13
May 2014.
The secretary
Elgeyo Marakwet County Public Service Board
P.O Box 665-30700
You are hereby forewarned that Elgeyo Marakwet County
Public Service Board does not solicit for payments so as to
offer employment.
P.O Box 682-20200 KERICHO Tel: 0720290222
Imarisha Sacco Society Ltd invites tenders from eligible qualied contractors for
the Proposed Refurbishment and Extensions to Posta Plaza in Kericho.
Interested bidders must be registered with the National Construction Authority
in categories as follows:-
1. Main Contract Works (Buildings) NCA2 and above
2. Electrical Installation Works NCA5 and above
3. Plumbing, Drainage and Fire-Fighting Works NCA5 and above
Bidders may examine and obtain detailed tender documents from the Imarisha
Sacco Society Ofce in Kericho during normal working hours upon payment of a
non-refundable fee of Kshs. 3,000 at the cash ofce 1
Bids in plain sealed envelopes marked Tender for the Proposed Refurbishment
and Extensions of Posta Plaza- Kericho should be delivered to the tender box
in Imarisha Sacco Headquarters Building on or before 12 Noon on 30
Bids will be opened publicly immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or
their representatives who choose to attend at the boardroom. Late bids shall be
returned unopened.
Legal experts have expressed ap-
prehension at the number of im-
peachment motions currently before
county assemblies, cautioning that
they pose a threat to devolution.
The experts have called on Parlia-
ment to develop a new legislation to
set grounds under which the county
lawmakers can send packing a gover-
nor, county executive member, chief
ofcer and the county Public Service
As the Senates select committee
comprising Boni Khalwale (chair-
man), Kipchumba Murkomen (vice-
chairman) Kimani Wamatangi, Zip-
porah Kittony, Wilfred Lesan, Naisula
Leisuuda, Peter Mositet, Boy Juma
Boy, Hurguda Gordana and Judith Si-
jeny gets down to business on the case
of Embu Governor Martin Wambora,
other governors are set to appear be-
fore their respective county assem-
Other counties faced with similar
threats include Tana River, Vihiga,
Kericho, Baringo, Machakos, Elgeyo/
Marakwet, Kitui, Makueni, Taita Tav-
Experts fault impeachment calls
Lawyers say motions
seeking to hound
governors are a threat
to devolution, insist
law should be dened
eta, Nairobi and Nyeri.
East Africa Law Society President
Aggrey Mwamu and constitutional
lawyer Peter Wanyama warned that
the position of a governor is a serious
post and holders should be shielded
from frivolous hounding.
They regretted that the law is silent
on the impeachment process, noting
that under the County Governments
Act 2012, only one third of the Mem-
bers of the County Assemblies (MCAs)
are required to introduce an impeach-
ment motion and two thirds to ap-
prove it.
Mwamu and Wanyama stated that
county legislators are taking advan-
tage of the weak law to frustrate the
governors and their executive teams.
The law is being abused by the MCAs.
We need a new legislation to set the
threshold for impeachment, said
Mwamu, adding: The drafters of the
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
The national government has set
aside Sh600 million to buy emaciated
livestock in hunger-stricken areas.
The move is aimed at shielding pasto-
ralists from losses incurred from live-
stock deaths occasioned by drought.
Devolution Principal Secretary
Gideon Konchellah spoke at
Chemolingot in East Pokot District,
Baringo County where more than
50,000 residents are in dire need of
emergency food and more than 2,000
goats have succumbed to drought.
The PS said most pastoral com-
munities in arid and semi-arid areas
depend entirely on livestock for liveli-
hood and due to the persistent
drought, many lose their livestock and
are left in crippling poverty.
For many years, drought has
killed livestock. We have set aside the
money to buy such livestock to enable
the farmers convert their livestock
into cash, which they can use to buy
fresh stock at the onset of the rains,
said Konchella.
Konchellah said the Government
has spent Sh220 million on relief food
distribution since February this year
and is keen to cater for the hungry
He said the State was working
closely with the county government to
ensure hunger-related crises are de-
tected and swift action taken.
State sets aside
Sh600m to buy
dying livestock
Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi Embu Governor Martin Wambora Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua
Constitution knew the implications of
initiating such a process and therefore
Parliament needs to dene the
grounds of impeaching a governor.
Mwamu said the process amounts
to criminal charges, and warned that
party politics and MCAs on witch-
hunt should not play in these circum-
stances. Let MCAs follow due process
and not threaten the county execu-
tives any time they fail to have their
way, he appealed.
Wanyama explained that the High
Court has set the threshold, noting
that the removal from ofce of a gov-
ernor is a serious matter and therefore
they must have personally committed
the offence. He stressed that gover-
nors and other ofcers who grossly
violate the law should be held respon-
sible and not on the basis of disagree-
ments. Wanyama lauded proposals by
a section of lawmakers to formulate
legislation to strengthen the law on
impeachment of governors and in-
clude public participation.
He also accused county speakers
of failing to advise MCAs and approv-
ing impeachment motions on imsy
grounds. They are supposed to either
approve or reject, judging by the
charges preferred but this is not the
case, he said. He added, Speakers
should do massive research and en-
sure the motion has merit.
Wanyama also wants MCAs to un-
dergo rigorous training to understand
the complexity of the matters they
deal with.
He said State agencies like the
Anti-corruption watchdog and the
ofce of Controller of Budget among
others should enlighten the MCAs on
how to handle nancial matters.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 10 / NATIONAL NEWS
MURANGA: Businessman abducted by
armed gangsters
A family in Muranga is worried about the safety
of their relative who was abducted two weeks ago by
a gun-wielding gang. The family of Esborn Njoroge
Kariuki has called on police to conduct speedy
investigations. Teresia Muthoni Njoroge, a daughter
to the Sagana-based trader, said they have provided
the police with details to facilitate investigations. She
said he was abducted as he was taking a meal at a
Muranga hotel by a gang that ordered him outside
before pushing him into a waiting vehicle. We are
traumatised and have not known peace since he was
abducted by the gang driving in two vehicles, she
told The Standard.
NAIROBI: 14,000 NYS staff, servicemen
to be trained on potato production
The Government will train 14,000 National Youth
Service (NYS) staff and servicemen annually, who will
assist in enhancing seed and ware potato production
as part of the food insecurity mitigation. Agriculture
secretary Ms Ann Onyango said the programme,
which will be undertaken in collaboration with
National Potato Council of Kenya and NYS at Ruaraka
will see at least 1,500 NYS staff and over 12,000
service men undergo trained annually. In a speech
read on her behalf by Bernard Ondanje, Deputy
Director in the ministry, during a training workshop
for NYS staff on green houses, Onyango said the
move will also ensure training of many youths in
potato production.
NAIROBI: Government advised on how
to deal with road crashes
Kenyans living in the United Kingdom have urged
the Government to establish a drivers criminal
record bureau to reduce the number of road
accidents on Kenyan roads. They said this will help
to weed out rogue drivers noting that majority of
the road accidents are caused by reckless drivers.
Mordicks Asimba, the Chief Executive Ofcer of Kenya
Road and Life Safety, a body formed by Kenyans
living in the UK to promote road safety, said the
bureau would ensure that drivers who cause death
on the highways get clearance before they can be
allowed back on the roads. If established, the bureau
will see to it that no driver maneuvers his or her
way to obtain a new driving license after causing an
accident, it even becomes foolproof when the records
are computerised, he said.
Church turned into battleground
as Mungiki tussles over land, cash
The 12, who were armed with
machetes and other crude weap-
ons, were ambushed by church
members who suspected they
were on a criminal mission.
All that Njenga could say yes-
terday was: What is happening is
unfortunate. We are helping au-
thorities to get to the bottom of
the matter. We do not know who
is behind this.
Trouble started on May 4, at
around 5am when four interces-
sors arrived in the church. After
praying for about 30 minutes,
some strangers clad in black suits
arrived in the church.
A van, (registration number
withheld) and a mini bus, bearing
the label of one of transport com-
panies in the area were parked
outside the church. The vehicles,
according to some witnesses, were
later used to ferry church mem-
bers who were later reported
I was just by the gate of the
church about to get in when a
stranger greeted me joyfully. We
talked briey and I encouraged
him to get into the church but
within a short time three others
joined him and they directed me
to an adjacent building where
they beat me up. They then threw
me into the Nissan vehicle.
I tried ghting but they stuffed
my mouth with a piece of cloth,
warning me of dire consequences
in case I screamed, said the vic-
tim who is nursing broken legs at
a hospital in Nairobi.
Dont tell them where I am.
They will surely kill me, he
begged. He told The Standard that
10 worshippers were driven away
in one vehicle and ve in another
while goons used yet another ve-
The captives were taken to an
iron sheet structure at Kitanda na
Mbuzi land at Athi River on the
Machakos County side where
they were beaten using blunt ob-
jects and their Bibles, phones and
money taken away. The phones
were crushed by the thugs.
We saw one of us die and
most of us were left in pain, bleed-
ing with broken limbs, said the
John Ngugi, who spotted the
last vehicle, a minibus at the
church, tried to alert others church
member as he ran after the vehicle
to nd out what was happening. A
woman saw him getting into the
For the past week, current and
former members of the outlawed
Mungiki sect have been ghting
over 400 acres of land worth about
Sh500 million in Athi River. The
war, whose battlefront has been
the grounds of Hope Internation-
al Church in Kitengela, a church
that was founded by former
Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, has
so far claimed at least three lives.
About 30 others are reported to
have gone into hiding, fearing for
their lives.
Besides the land, some sect ad-
herents have confessed that there
is stiff competition for millions of
shillings collected illegally by the
group, including from levying
transport operators.
Ironically, the land in question,
according to some members of
the sect, is part of a bigger chunk
which was allegedly grabbed from
East African Portland Cement
Company by a vocal politician in
2010 to raise money for cam-
paigns in the March 2013 elec-
tions. They claim the politician
subdivided and sold out the land
and later allocated them 400 acres
so that they could offer political
Our investigations have re-
vealed that since 2010 one of the
sects leaders charged with ad-
ministering the land has been
selling plots without surrendering
money to the high command.
They have been selling a
50by100 feet plot at between
Sh150,000 and Sh200,000. The
buyers are just given a share cer-
ticate bearing the name Kitanda
na Mbuzi. At the same time 100
members have settled on the
land, sources said.
Yesterday, at least 12 people
were injured when the two groups
fought each other in the church in
Kajiado County.
Tension remained high in the
church and its environs as a con-
tingent of police ofcers from
both Administration and their
regular counterpart patrolled the
Three people killed
after being abducted
from Maina Njengas
Hope International
in Kitengela
bus, which had slowed down. His
body was found on Tuesday eve-
ning by police ofcers not very far
from the scene where the 15 peo-
ple were tortured. Police say he
was strangled using a neck tie.
John Muya Mburu, the church
chief usher and a renowned me-
chanic in Kitengela, was tortured
and died from injuries in the head,
back and limbs. Church members
say he was a close friend and con-
dant of Maina Njenga.
The third victim, John Mwangi
Muchwe, died on arriving at Athi
River Shalom Hospital. He was a
senior ofcial at the church and
also a condant of the church
leader. Most victims survived af-
ter feigning death.
They left us for dead after de-
stroying all our mobile phones,
luckily one of us had a second
phone that dropped on the oor
of the house. He scrawled out and
called for help over the phone and
soon several people came and res-
cued us, said a victim.
Last Wednesday, about 40
women marched to Kitengela Po-
lice Station to report that their
lives were in danger after their
husbands disappeared after they
were threatened.
My husband is being sought
by the gang. He has since left the
town and the gang has warned me
to leave the house which they say
is their property, one of them
said. There are reports that sect
members are also targeting prop-
erties of those who have gone
against the Mungiki oath.
The women want the sect
members behind the threats, tor-
ture and killings arrested before
they can cause more deaths and
harm to innocent people. Njenga,
the former leader outlawed sect,
who converted to Christianity, has
a huge following of about 4,000
people in Kitengela Church
Yesterday, a group of the sect
members raided the church at
around 5am in a bid to take it over
the but found its gates locked. Un-
deterred, they jumped over the
fence and pounced on a caretaker,
the watchman and another man.
Eyewitnesses tell us that they
were beaten up inside the church
before they were carried away by
the attackers. We have informed
the police and hope they will be
rescued, said a source.
The source of the dispute
is reported to be over 400
acres of land worth about
Sh500 million in Athi River
reportedly owned by the sect
Some sect members have
confessed that they are
fghting for millions of shil-
lings collected illegally by
the group, including from
levying PSV operators
I am Hosea Kili, OGW, Managing Director, Laptrust
A Captain of Industry in Retirements Benets and Financial Industry
Change is inevitable. Always anticipate it and move with the times
Administration Police ofcers ar-
rest suspects in Kitengela. [PHO-
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 11
CORD is working on a two-
pronged plan to prevent the
current commissioners of the
Independent Electoral and
Boundaries Commission (IE-
BC) from overseeing the 2017
General Election.
CORD is pushing for the
ouster of the nine electoral
commissioners through Parlia-
ment on allegations of bun-
gling last years poll and is
sponsoring a Bill to review the
date of the next polls to a time
after expiry of the IEBC term.
CORD has maintained the
Isaack Hassan-led IEBC should
not be allowed to manage the
next polls.
The coalition under the
leadership of co-principals,
former Prime Minister Raila
Odinga, former Vice President
Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungo-
ma Senator Moses Wetangula
wants to block the IEBC from
conducting the next general
After initiating a parliamen-
tary process two weeks ago to
disband the commission,
CORD has yet again embarked
on another front to push for-
ward the date of the next gen-
eral election from August to
December 2017.
CORDs plot to have
poll team dismissed
Opposition says
it does not want
IEBC allowed
to conduct 2017
General Election
This is to ensure that the
tenure of current commission-
ers expires before the elections
are held.
The Court of Appeal in its
decision of July 31, 2012, had
stated that the next General
Election would be held on Au-
gust 8, 2017 therefore shorten-
ing the life of the Eleventh
Parliament and the current
government by six months.
But in the proposed consti-
tutional amendment spon-
sored by ODM legislator David
Ochieng (Ugenya), CORD
wants various articles, which
specify the election date for
senators, National Assembly
members, the President, Mem-
bers of the County Assemblies
and governors and their depu-
ties, amended.
This means then that IEBC
commissioners will not preside
over the next poll.
IEBCs term expires on No-
vember 2017 after six years as
provided for in the Constitu-
tion, a month to the December
election date being proposed,
to pave way for new commis-
sioners to shepherd the next
general election.
CORD has accused IEBC
commissioners of robbing
them of their victory in the last
election, saying the electoral
body failed the integrity test of
conducting free, fair and cred-
ible elections within the law.
This is the most corrupt
and inefcient electoral com-
mission in the history of this
country and we will not par-
ticipate in another general
election presided over by this
body if fundamental reforms
and changes are not effected,
ODM leader Raila Odinga has
been quoted saying in the
Even before the Motion is
tabled on the oor of the Na-
tional Assembly, the bid to re
IEBC commissioners has been
greeted with thunderous op-
position from the Jubilee coali-
tion. Since the amendments
seek to increase the life of Par-
liament to August from April
2017, many of the MPs would
support the alterations to the
Constitution to change the
date of the next election to
But the Motions sponsor
has refuted the claims: My
constitutional amendment Bill
does not seek to increase the
term of MPs.
Women in Mombasa County welcome guests at the Miritini Primary School grounds during a
public rally attended by Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho, Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba
CORD is pushing for
the ouster of the nine
electoral commissioners
through Parliament
They are sponsoring a
Bill to review the date of
2017 polls to a time after
expiry of the IEBC term
IEBCs term expires on
November 2017 after six
years as provided for in
the Constitution, a month
to the December election
date being proposed
Since the amendments
seek to increase the life
of Parliament, many of
the MPs would support
the alterations
Eldoret-Kapsabet Road, P.O Box 4461-30100, Eldoret, Kenya.
Tel. +254714871685/738092126;;
YEAR 2014 - 2015
1. EP/T/1/2014/2015 Fuels, oils, lters & lubricants
2. EP/T/2/2014/2015 Beef, mutton, pork and chicken
3. EP/T/3/2014/2015 Fresh milk
4. EP/T/4/2014/2015 Bread, queen cakes & buns
5. EP/T/5/2014/2015 Vegetables, fruits, potatoes & allied products
6. EP/T/6/2014/2015 Dry foodstuff (rice, sugar, cooking fat, salt, coffee, &margarines)
7. EP/PQ/7/2014/2015 Motor vehicle spares parts, tyres, tubes & batteries
8. EP/PQ/8/2014/2015 Clinical medicines for humans (pharmaceuticals)
9. EP/PQ/9/2014/2015 General ofce stationery
10. EP/PQ/10/2014/2015 Computers, laptops, printers, tonners, cartridges & general ICT
11. EP/PQ/11/2014/2015 Electrical hardwares, accessories & appliances
12. EP/PQ/12/2014/2015 Laboratory chemicals
13. EP/PQ/13/2014/2015 Laboratory equipments & glasswares
14. EP/PQ/14/2014/2015 Specialized printing services
15. EP/PQ/15/2014/2015 Hardware materials, tiles & plumbing implements/ttings
16. EP/PQ/16/2014/2015 Building materials, sand, balast, murram,naturalstones,baked
bricks, dust&concrete materials.
17. EP/PQ/17/2014/2015 Timbers, round poles and allied products
18. EP/PQ/18/2014/2015 Mechanical & welding engineering materials
19. EP/PQ/19/2014/2015 Fire ghting equipments, rst aid kits & maintenance services
20. EP/PQ/20/2014/2015 Animal feeds & general farm input
21. EP/PQ/21/2014/2015 Cleaning materials, detergents and disinfectants
22. EP/ PQ/22/2014/2015 Staff uniforms and banners
23. EP/PS/23/2014/2015 Provision of legal services
24. EP/PS/24/2014/2015 Provision of sanitary support services
25. EP/PS/25/2014/2015 Provision of repair and servicing of ofce equipments &
26. EP/PS/26/2014/2015 Provision of fumigation & pest control services
27. EP/PS/27/2014/2015 Provision of insurance cover for motor vehicles, buildings &
student on attachment
28. EP/PS/28/2014/2015 Provision of consultancy services in customer satisfaction,
employee satisfaction, work environment and baseline surveys
29. EP/PS/29/2014/2015 Servicing of motor vehicles, lawn mowers & generator.
30. EP/PS/30/2014/2015 Provision of veterinary & animal care services
Tender documents with details/specications may be obtained from the procurement
ofce in administration block eldoret polytechnic main campus on payment of Kshs1,
000/= (One Thousand Shillings Only) for each copy, payable through money order
download from our website: for free.

Duly completed tender forms in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked with relevant
tender names, description and tender number should be addressed to:-
P.O BOX 4461-30100
And be deposited in the tender box located at the main administration entrance on or
before 6
June, 2014 at 12.00 noon and shall be opened immediately in presence of
tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will be returned

N/B: Youth, women and people living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
A trafc police ofcer has
been reprimanded by a magis-
trate in Nairobi for insulting a
The ofcer, identied as Mr
Abdi, who is based at Kilimani
Police Station, had been sum-
moned to appear before a traf-
c court magistrate at the
Milimani Law Courts following
complaints by the motorist,
Lucy Kaburia.
On Friday, the ofcer de-
nied the allegations before the
The incident is said to have
happened near Nairobi Hospi-
tal on Wednesday when the
ofcer stopped the driver for
obstructing other motorists.
Ms Kaburia claims she was
changing lanes to avoid a pot-
hole when the ofcer stopped
her. I tried to explain to him
why I had changed lanes but
he started hurling insults at
me. He called me a stupid
woman, saying he had seen
better women than me, Ms
Kaburia told court.
She said the ofcer then
tried to get into the vehicle af-
ter arresting her but she re-
sisted and locked the doors,
adding that he tried to snatch
the ignition keys but failed.
Kaburia said she drove to
Kilimani Police Station where
she was arrested and immedi-
ately taken to the trafc court.
During the hearing, the
magistrate asked the ofcer to
respect people while Kaburia
was asked to pay the ne for
obstruction and report the is-
sue to a police station if not
satised with the action tak-
This was after the prosecu-
tor said Kaburia had not re-
corded a statement with the
police over the incident.
Magistrate warns trafc ofcer
over motorist harassment
Conficting laws on time
that marred poll petitions
Supreme Court
had to step in as
Constitution and
Elections Act differ
on fling deadline
The writer is a court reporter.
PETER GICHUKI KINGARA......................... 1
JUDGEMENT: 05.05.2014
After the March 4, 2013
General Election, numerous
petitions were led challeng-
ing the outcome in various
parts of the country.
One such petition was led
by Dr Thuo Mathenge, chal-
lenging the election of Nderitu
Gachagua as Governor of Nyeri
Dr Mathenge, who was a
candidate for the seat, led the
petition on March 8, 2013,
only three days after Gachagua
had been declared winner by
the county returning ofcer.
That was before the results
were gazetted on March 13,
The Independent Electoral
and Boundaries Commission
(IEBC) led an objection argu-
ing that the petition was pre-
mature since the results had
not been gazetted. The IEBC
asked the court to strike it out,
a position that was supported
by Gachagua.
That petition added to a
legal debate that was already
developing in other cases re-
garding the time within which
a petition should be led.
Article 87(2) of the Consti-
tution provides that election
petitions other than those for
the presidential seat shall be
led within 28 days after dec-
laration of the results by the
IEBC. But the Elections Act
Section 76(1)(a) provided that
the petition should be led
within 28 days after the results
have been gazetted.
Some judges had decided
in other petitions that the cor-
rect time was 28 days after the
announcement of the results
while others decided it was
after the gazettement.
In Mathenges case, presid-
ing judge James Wakiaga con-
curred with the IEBC and ruled
that Dr Mathenges petition
was premature since the re-
sults had not been gazetted.
The judge upheld the ob-
jection by the IEBC but de-
clined to strike out the petition.
The judge said, To punish the
petitioner for coming earlier
based on misinterpretation of
the law and the Constitution
would be a miscarriage of jus-
Still in Nyeri, another peti-
tion was led by lawyer Peter
Kingara challenging the elec-
tion of Mary Wambui as Othaya
MP. The parliamentary elec-
tion results were declared on
March 5, 2013, a day after the
voting and Wambui was issued
with a certicate.
Going by the Elections Act,
Kingara waited for the results
to be gazetted then led the
petition on April 8, 2013. How-
ever, going by Article 87(2) of
the Constitution, the 28-day
timeline should have expired
on April 2, 2013. Kingaras
petition was therefore six days
late under the Constitution.
On September 12, 2013, the
High Court dismissed the peti-
tion and conrmed Wambui as
the elected MP. The issue of
time was not raised in court.
Kingara led an appeal at the
Court of Appeal in Nyeri, citing
35 grounds.
On February 13, this year
Court of Appeal judges nulli-
ed the election. The question
of time did not come up.
Meanwhile on February 4,
2014, the Supreme Court de-
clared Section 76(1)(a) of the
Elections Act null and void as
it contradicted Article 87(2) of
the Constitution. That declara-
tion was made in a petition
led by Mombasa Governor
Hassan Ali Joho, who was de-
fending his seat. The Supreme
Court settled the matter hold-
ing that the 28-day timeframe
should start from the date the
elections results are an-
nounced by the returning of-
On April 8, 2014 Wambui
through her lawyer Cecil Miller
led a petition at the Supreme
Court challenging the nulli-
cation of her election by the
Court of Appeal.
This time she raised the
time issue as one of the grounds
of appeal, supporting her argu-
ment on the Supreme Courts
decision in the Joho case.
Miller argued that the Court
of Appeal had erred by failing
to hold that the proceedings
were null and void since
Kingaras petition at the High
Court was time-barred as per
article 87(2) of the Constitu-
tion and that section 76(1)(a)
of the Elections Act had been
declared unconstitutional.
Miller said since that sec-
tion of the Elections Act had
been enacted after the Consti-
tution was already in place, it
was invalid. This time, the IEBC
supported that position.
Kingaras lawyer Kyalo
Mbobu argued that the Consti-
tution had empowered Parlia-
ment to enact the Elections Act
and that it provided guidance
in the conduct of electoral dis-
Where does justice lie
when a certain section of the
law had been followed, as it
stood then, and the court
found it unconstitutional? he
Mbobu submitted that the
issue of nullity of the initial
petition was not raised by any
of the parties at the Court of
Appeal, hence could not be
raised at the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court identi-
ed four issues for determina-
tion. One of them was whether
the proceedings were a nullity
having been premised on a
petition led out of time.
It was clear the petition at
the High Court had been led
outside the constitutional
timeframe and under a section
of the law that had since been
declared unconstitutional. But
could the nullication of that
section in February 2014 retro-
spectively affect Kingaras pe-
tition which was led in April
The seven judges said, This
Court has been keen to ensure
predictability, certainty, uni-
formity and stability in the
application of the law. How-
ever, in appropriate cases, this
Court may exercise its jurisdic-
tion to give its constitutional
interpretations retrospective
or prospective effect. This de-
rives from the broad mandate
accorded this Court by the
Constitution, and the Supreme
Court Act, 2011.
The Supreme Court reiter-
ated that time was a vital ele-
ment in the electoral process.
They ruled that the effect of
declaring Section 76(1)(a) un-
constitutional had to go back
to the time it was enacted.
The declaration of invalid-
ity must apply from the date of
commencement of the Elec-
tions Act, that is December 2,
2011, the Supreme Court held.
However, that effect would ap-
ply on case-by-case basis to
avoid re-opening concluded or
determined election cases,
they said.
With that conclusion, the
judges found it unnecessary to
determine the other issues
they had highlighted. That de-
cision is now the subject of a
big debate in the legal frater-
Kingara lost to Wambui. Mathenge challenged Gachaguas win.
REA/2014-2015/PQ/010 Pre-Qualication of Contractors for the installation
of Solar PV Systems in Kenya
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
NOTICES / Page 13
Sealed bids from eligible candidates for Supply & Delivery of Goods & Services listed (A)
below for the period 1
July 2014 30
June 2015
1. KTTI/01/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of fruits & vegetables
2. KTTI/02/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of meat and eggs
3. KTTI/03/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of milk
4. KTTI/04/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of bread
5 KTTI/05/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of tea leaves
6. KTTI/06/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of dry rewood
7. KTTI/07/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of dry cereals & non perishable foodstuffs
8. KTTI/08/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of staff uniform & garment/ textile materials
9. KTTI/09/2014/2015 Prequalicaton for supply and delivery of building & construction, hardware
materials & equipment
10. KTTI/10/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of cleaning material & detergents.
11. KTTI/11/2014/2015 Prequalicaton for supply and delivery of fuels & lubricants.
12. KTTI/12/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of electrical & electronics equipment & materials.
13. KTTI/13/2014/2015 Prequalicaton for supply and delivery of mechanical/automotive equipment
& materials
14. KTTI/14/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of science labaratory chemicals equipment & materials.
15. KTTI/15A/2014/2015 Prequalication for provision of computers, accessories & consumables.
16. KTTI/15B/2014/2015 Prequalication for provision of computer software
17. KTTI/16/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of stationery.
18. KTTI/18/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of ofce equipment & furniture.
19. KTTI/19/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of veterinary drugs, farm chemicals & inputs.
20. KTTI/20/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of human drugs, dressing materials & medical laboratory
equipment & chemicals
21. KTTI/21/2014/2015 Supply and delivery of sports & games uniform & equipment.
22. KTTI/22/2014/2015 Prequalication for supply and delivery of re equipment/appliance &
maintenance services.
23. KTTI/23/2014/2015 Prequalicaton for supply and delivery of motor vehicle and farm machnery
parts and accessories
24. KTTI/24/2014/2015 Provision of general & motor vehicle insurance brokerage services.
25. KTTI/25/2014/2015 Provision of repairs & maintenance services for computer, accessories,
photocopier, pabx network system & typewritters.
26. KTTI/26/2014/2015 Prequalicaton for provision of repair & maintenance of institutes motor
27. KTTI/27/2014/2015 Prequalication for provision of repair & maintenance of buildings, laboratory
installation & electrical works
28. KTTI/28/2014/2015 Prequalication for provision of printing services.
29. KTTI/29/2014/2015 Prequalication for supply & delivery of library text books & reference materials.
30. KTTI/30/2014/2015 Disposal of idle assets
(B) Disposal of idle assets No KTTI/30/2014/2015
Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information from the KITALE TECHNICAL
TRAINING INSTITUTE (ACCOUNTS OFFICE) during normal working hours.
FOR ITEM (A) ABOVE, A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested candidates
upon payment of non-refundable fees of Ksh 3000.
FOR ITEM (B) ABOVE, bidders will be required to pay a non refundable fee of Ksh.1000.
N/B: The following Tender Numbers KTTI/05/2014/2015, KTTI/06/2014/2015, KTTI/01/2014/2015,
KTTI/08/2014/2015, KTTI/10/2014/2015, KTTI/25/2014/2015, KTTI/28/2014/2015 has been
reserved for the youths and women.
Payments should be made in cash or bankers cheque payable to the PRINCIPAL KITALE TECHNICAL
Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with tender
reference number and be deposited in the Tender Box at ADMINISTRATION BLOCK or be addressed
P.O.BOX 2162- 30200,
So as to be received on or before 3
June 2014 at 12.00 noon.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the Candidates or their
representatives who choose to attend at 12.15 PM in the ADMINISTRATION BLOCK BOARD
The institute reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or part and is not bound to
give reasons for its decisions.
P.O BOX 2162(30200) TEL: 0202380086,
A Symbol of Trust, Security and Progress
2013 2012
Kshs.000 Kshs.000
Gross premium written 803,201 727,201
Outward reinsurance premium (279,844) (257,262)
Net Premium 523,357 469,939
Gross earned premiums 783,598 698,741
Net earned premium 503,754 441,479
Investment income 143,437 151,367
Other income 2,830 105
Commissions earned 99,227 84,618
Changes in fair value of nancial assets through
prot & loss 24,571 5,980
Total income 773,819 683,549
Claims payable (314,827) (374,556)
Insurance claims recoverable from reinsurers 88,735 132,464
Net insurance claims (226,092) (242,092)
Administrative and other expenses (148,812) (127,961)
Commissions payable (139,472) (116,477)
Total Outgo (288,284) (244,438)
Prot before tax (expense) 259,443 197,019
Tax (expense) (71,381) (47,221)
Prot for the year attributable to the owners of
the company 188,063 149,798

Other Comprehensive income (net of tax) 67,625 14,058
Total comprehensive income for the year 255,688 163,856

2013 2,012
Kshs000 Kshs000
Shareholders Funds
Share capital 502,244 396,509
Revaluation surplus 116,257 43,438
Fair Value Reserve 2,503 7,697
Retained earnings 176,183 144,081
Proposed dividends - 43,616
Total shareholders funds 797,187 635,340

Represented By:
Property, plant and equipment 243,693 138,845
Intangible assets 5,440 9,773
Held-to-maturity nancial assets 581,599 541,905
Available for sale investments 36,456 41,650
Financial assets at fair value through prot or loss 104,515 80,172
Loans receivable 121,898 125,256
Current Income tax recovable -
Receivables arising out of reinsurance arrangements 1,627 14,276
Receivables arising out of direct insurance arrangements 78,291 48,341
Reinsurers share of insurance liabilities 416,176 370,714
Other receivables 80,941 71,987
Deposits with nancial institutions 393,142 365,774
Cash and bank balances 50,307 13,064
Total assets 2,114,085 1,821,758

Insurance contract liabilities 775,659 721,107
Unearned premium 328,997 320,160
Payables arising from reinsurance arrangements 126,100 83,359
Payables arising out of direct insurance arrangements -
Other payables 29,557 35,610
Current tax Payable 13,957 14,081
Deferred income tax 42,628 12,101
Total liabilities 1,316,898 1,186,418

Net assets 797,187 635,340

Key Ratios
1. Capital Adequacy Ratio 167% 132%
2. Solvency Ratio 136% 137%
3. Claims Ratio 45% 55%
4. Expenses Ratio 37% 35%
The above Income Statement & Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Financial
Position are extracts from the Financial Statements audited by RSM Ashvir and have received an
unqualied opinion. The nancial statements were approved for issue by the Board of Directors
on 25
April 2014 and were signed on its behalf by:
Dilesh Bid Amar Kantaria Rita Thatthi
Director Director Principal Ofcer
Tausi Court, Tausi Road, Off Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi P.O.Box 28889, City Sq
Nairobi 00200 Tel: 202312681/5/93 Mobile: 0729 145888/0735 145020 Website:
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Let sobriety drive
debate on polls day
The Standard is printed and published by the proprietors,
Newsdesk: 3222111
Fax: 2213108
Group Managing Editor (Print): Kipkoech Tanui
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper.
If well executed, SGR could unlock regions potential
enyan legislators are back to their histrionic
outbursts. The latest tiff is in relation to the
electoral cycle, and specifically on the date of
the next elections.
Traditionally, Kenyans were given to voting in the last
week of December every five years. However, the
adoption of a new Constitution in 2010 necessitated
some alterations that moved the election month from
December to August.
The drafters of the Constitution argued rightly that
electioneering spoilt the party mood for Christmas. It
was also the first time the day of an election would be
spelt out in the Constitution. Come 2012 and the
elections were not held as stipulated. The argument was
that should elections be held in the second week of
August, the life of the Tenth Parliament would have been
curtailed. Consequently, the courts ruled on the March 4
date. The MPs were not averse to the amendment. First
forward to 2014; the CORD coalition has tabled a motion
seeking to move the election date back to December. A
General Election must be held every five years. The
contention now is whether the next election should be
held in March 2017 or December 2017. The precise
question should be when does a five-year term end? The
reasons advanced by the vover of the motion, Ugenyas
David Ochieng are plausible but there are those who
think that the motive is suspect. And one of them is the
Leader of the Majority in Parliament. It is not lost on the
public that coalition squabbles will inform the debate of
the motion. It is our hope that the two sides will exercise
objectivity and desist from tying down anything to do
with elections on the current IEBC office holders. It
behoves Parliament to sit down and discuss to a logical
conclusion the substantive date on which elections must
be held to avoid acrimony and the heightening of
tensions as the polls draw near. Procrastination and
secrecy have in the past fuelled both tribal and party
animosity, a trend we must do away with once and for

Kenyu's BoId Newspuper 1hursday, becember 20, 2012

No. 29227
kSh50/00 1ShI,000/00 uShI500/00
Madzrzd|, hara get
Week te p|ck |ezder
toW1lWub oW A6 2
8 VlIA|l klMIAl zad k0f|Nf 08A|A
TheJubIIeeAIIIunceonTuesduy secufedun
exIfu week Io InIofmIhe BegIsIfuf oI PoIIIIcuI
PufIIes Ihe nume oI IIs pfesIdenIIuI cundIduIe
IoIIowIng Ihe Iupse oI InIIIuI 14-duy pefIod
counIIng IfomDecembef 4.
ThIs meuns DepuIy PfIme MInIsIefs
Uhufu KenyuIIu und MusuIIu MuduvudI huve
mofe IIme Io compfomIse on wheIhef one
oI IhemwIII be pIcked ug-beufef by wuy oI
consensus of deIeguIe sysIem.
II wus dIsugfeemenI beIween Ihe Iwo ovef
Ihe Iwo sysIems IhuI Ihfew Ihe uIIIunce InIo
conIusIon und deIuyed numIng oI u ug-
beufef IhIs week.
BuI even us Ihe pefIod Iof negoIIuIIons
wIdened, MuduvudI`s cIosesI uIIIes
muInIuInedIhuI whuIevef Ihe ouIcome, IheIf
cundIduIe wouId funInIhe Mufch4 eIecIIon.
MuduvudI`s nuIIonuI cumpuIgn coofdInuIof
Df MukhIsu KIIuyI feveuIed Ihe pufIy wus
expIofIng uII uvenues Io uddfess Ihe Impusse.
We huve Ihe exII wIndowund IIme Is noI on
8 fIfk 0l0
PfesIdenI KIbukI cIosed hIs
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IIumenI wIIh un exhofIuIIon Io
MPs Io use Ihe House`s poIenIIuI
Io fudIcuIIy IfunsIofm peopIe`s
The PfesIdenI, who wus show-
efed wIIh pfuIse by uII MPs
some oI whom huve been hIs
bIIIef cfIIIcs , couId noI hoId
buck hIs |oy us he gfuceIuIIy ex-
IIed Ihe IegIsIuIIve house.
The PfesIdenI femInIscedovef
Ihe gfeuI uchIevemenIs oI Ihe
10Ih PufIIumenI, und sIngIed ouI
Ihe enucImenI oI Ihe new Con-
sIIIuIIon uIIef un eIusIve 20-yeuf
seufch us sIundIng ouI.
GIvIng hIs hnuI uddfess Io Ihe
House, Ihe Heud oI SIuIe who
Is Ihe IongesI sefvIng Membef
oI PufIIumenI uppeufed Io
seI Ihe Iempo Iof Ihe comIng
eIecIIons when he suId Ihe
counIfy`s IuII poIenIIuI cun onIy
toW1lWub oW A6 7
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Parting shot
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resident kibaki
MichaeI Lewa Ahmed Shaf NeIseu 1ee
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SIx AdmInIsIfuIIonPoIIceoIhcefs wefeyesIefduysenIencedIodeuIhIof Ihemufdef
oI seven IuxI dfIvefs In Kuwungwufe, NuIfobI, In 2010. SEE FULL STORY 17
1oB tW1R
Your daily page on
employment news
and views, PAGE 12
fter five years of existing only on
paper, the Standard Gauge
Railway project will finally take
off. The signing of the agreements be-
tween China and Kenya that was wit-
nessed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and
visiting Chinese Premeir Li Keqiang is a
major milestone. It will be hard to brush
aside the cynicism, but after more than
100 years, a new rail network will be laid
across the region, throwing up new
possibilities and creating regional realign-
ments in trade, diplomacy and commerce.
In truth, the SGR project is long
overdue and the economic pay-offs will be
massive if it is done right and at the right
time. Since his inauguration last year,
President Kenyatta has made the clearance
and transportation of cargo at the Port of
Mombasa one of his main agenda,
exhorting the Kenya Ports Authority to
reduce the lead-time and minimise
pile-up. Indeed, the seaport remains a key
link towards economic transformation.
Though currently untapped, it can do
more than the fabled Singapore has done.
The deep waters of Kenyas shoreline
make investment in the SGR project
worthwhile, as it will significantly reduce
haulage costs and spare the roads the
wear and tear.
Once complete, the railway line will not
just be pieces of parallel iron metals
running across the savannah plains from
Mombasa to Nairobi (initially) then to
Kigali through Kampala and later branch-
ing off to Juba. Beyond its impact on the
Gross Domestic Product and Foreign
Direct Investment, the railroad will offer
an economic lifeline to a region with more
200 million people.
President Kenyatta and his compatriots
Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame have
taken the risk to innovate for growth and
prosperity. That should pay off in the long-
term. The aim now is to leverage on the
opportunities that a revamped railway
network through the Nothern Corridor will
do to Kenyas economy.
Costa Rica, a tiny South American
country achieved economic breakthrough
by creating a cluster around the electron-
ics giant, Intels $300 million investment
in the 1990s. In the USA, the transconti-
nental railroads, no doubt, hastened the
countrys race to be the worlds economic
superpower in addition to promoting
unity after the Second World War.
Chinas meteoric rise can be attributed
to massive investment in infrastructure.
Indeed, Kenya stands at the threshold of a
new beginning with vast promises.
Yet despite all the promise and the
fanfare of the signing, there are certain
concerns that must be surmounted to
make the best out of the Sh327 billion
investment. South Sudans descent into
civil turmoil is one of them. The intracta-
ble fighting in the Great Lakes Region is
another. These conflicts could spoil the
party for what could become the regions
economic liberator. With its elevated
position, Kenya should bring pressure to
bear on the warring parties to end the
conflicts and focus on what matters most.
Yet there are those in Kenya who have
smelt corruption in the manner in which
procurement for the railway project was
done. Though these fears should be taken
into account, they should not cloud the
good intentions of the project.
History reminds us that such projects
have been the source of mega scandals.
Leaders have squandered taxpayers
money on fanciful projects that achieved
little. We should not drop our guard lest
the SGR becomes one of those.
How eight young Chicagoans balance
violence and hope
Some 400 times every year, one young
Chicagoan halts the life of another. The
percussion of news stories numbs many among
us; the teeming hundreds of dead are people
they have not met, from neighborhoods they
do not know. Each of the dead, though, was like
every one of us: the focus of a little whorl of
humanity, a spiraled coil of family and friends,
some closer than others to the center. Students
in two after-school journalism workshops, The
Mash and True Star, didnt need much time to
answer the question: Did they know anyone
who had died in street violence? Every hand
rose. Over this school year, these young people
spoke into cameras about Chicagos carnage
and how it affects their lives.
Could London host the 2016 Olympics?
As with London buses, you wait 60 years for
an invitation to host the Olympic and Paralympic
Games and then two of them arrive almost at
once. For those of us who assumed we would
not live long enough to see the Olympics return
to Britain, it is a pleasant surprise to read
(admittedly speculative) reports that London
may be asked to take on the 2016 event, such
is the state of unreadiness in Rio de Janeiro.
No formal invitation has been issued. Thus
far, only informal, secretive, inquiries have
reportedly been made. The International
Olympic Committee denies it yet the story
seems plausible. In Rio, only 10 per cent of the
infrastructure is nished. It would be reasonable
to explore a possible Plan B.
World should never accept Chinas
behavior in South China Sea
Chinese and Vietnamese patrol ships are
squaring off in the South China Seaa situation
which could develop into a military clash if one
false step is taken. It is, therefore, important for
both nations to exercise restraint.Over the last
several days, many Chinese and Vietnamese ships
rammed into each other near the Paracel Islands
in the South China Sea, which are claimed by
several nations, including the two. Injuries have
been reported on the Vietnamese side. The series
of rammings was triggered by a Chinese move to
begin drilling for oil in a sea zone where there are
no agreed boundaries, without consent from its
OPINION / Page 15
Hallelujah! At least Mr
Keriako Tobiko is one of the
good guys. Terminating the
cases against the crew of
the ill-fated buses that came
under bomb attacks is good
news. As reported, a car comes
alongside a bus, an Improvised
Explosive Devise is thrown in
and the next thing you know,
touts are in court for failing to
stop an attack.
As the adage goes, boys will
always be boys. And so will
girls cheekily aid them to be
naughty. The things these fellows
get up to while participating in
the national drama events are
varied. They may choose to light
a celebratory re inside a dorm
or simply connive with the girls
to procure extra skirts, don them
and casually walk to the girls
What cheek! The Boko Haram
ragtag army is so emboldened it
brags that the
Nigerian army
was chicken
feed in rela-
tion to it. They
believe taking
on the Ameri-
cans would be
fun. But then,
having been in existence for 12
years doing exactly what they
want when they want, can one
fault them for the audacity?
What wouldnt you do for
money, to make that extra
shilling? Nowadays, some
crafty women dont just hide
merchandise under their wide
skirts. In ofces, beware of
that 10 oclock tea. A lactating
ofce messenger was recently
caught on CCTV somewhere in
Europe milking herself ready
for use in cooking the ofce
We all say them from time to
time, perhaps a little too much.
But now psychologists are saying
that muttering the odd curse
word every now and then will ac-
tually do us some good, reports
the Daily Mirror. Research has
shown that the occasional exple-
tive can even make you a stron-
ger person. How? Its believed
that small doses of profanity can
help control emotions and make
it easier to manage pain.
And nally...
Perhaps the reason noto-
riously aggressive Boston
drivers dont use their turn
signals is that no ones ever
put it in terms they under-
stand. The Massachusetts
Department of Transportation
on Friday changed that by
posting messages on electronic
highway signs around the city
that read: Changing Lanes?
Use Yah Blinkah. Blinkah
is how Bostonians pronounce
blinker, otherwise known
as a turn signal. Police across
the state handed out almost
5,000 tickets for the offence
last year.
the emerging consensus on the
need for environmentally, socially,
and economically sustainable de-
velopment. All of these aspects of
sustainability are intertwined and
complementary, and cities provide
the context in which this is most
One of the biggest obstacles to
achieving sustainability is inequal-
ity. Our economies, our democra-
cies, and our societies pay a high
price for the growing gap between
the rich and poor. And perhaps the
most invidious aspect of the widen-
ing income and wealth gap in so
many countries is that it is deepen-
ing inequality of opportunity.
Some cities have shown that
these widely observed patterns are
not the result of immutable eco-
nomic laws. Even in the advanced
country with the most inequality
the US some cities, like San Fran-
cisco and San Jose, are comparable
to the best-performing economies
in terms of equality of opportunity.
With political gridlock aficting
so many national governments
around the world, forward-thinking
cities are becoming a beacon of
hope. A divided US seems incapa-
ble of addressing its alarming in-
crease in inequality. But in New York
City, Mayor Bill de Blasio was elect-
ed on the promise of doing some-
thing about it.
Mr Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in
Economics and Professor at
Columbia University is a former
Chief Economist of the World Bank
(c) Project Syndicate 2014
ast month, a remarkable
gathering occurred in Me-
delln, Colombia. Some
22,000 people came together to at-
tend the World Urban Forum and
discuss the future of cities. The fo-
cus was on creating cities for life
that is, on promoting equitable de-
velopment in the urban
environments in which a majority
of the worlds citizens already live,
and in which two thirds will reside
by the year 2050.
The location itself was symbolic:
Once notorious for its drug gangs,
Medelln now has a well-deserved
reputation as one of the most inno-
vative cities in the world. The tale of
the citys transformation holds im-
portant lessons for urban areas ev-
In the 1980s and 1990s, cartel
bosses like the infamous Pablo Es-
cobar ruled Medellns streets and
controlled its politics. The source of
Escobars power was not just the
hugely protable international co-
caine trade (fuelled by demand in
the United States), but also extreme
inequality in Medelln and Colom-
bia. On the steep Andean slopes of
the valley that cradles the city, vast
slums, virtually abandoned by the
government, provided a ready sup-
ply of recruits for the cartels. In the
absence of public services, Escobar
won the hearts and minds of Me-
dellns poorest with his largesse
even as he terrorised the city.
One can hardly recognise those
slums today. In the poor neighbour-
hood of Santo Domingo, the citys
new Metrocable system, consisting
of three lines of aerial gondolas,
serves residents hundreds of verti-
cal feet up a mountainside, ending
their isolation from the city center.
The commute is now minutes, and
the social and economic barriers
between the informal settlements
and the rest of the city are on their
way to being broken down.
The problems of the citys poor
neighbourhoods have not been
erased, but the benets that the in-
frastructure improvements have
brought are brilliantly evident in the
well-kept houses, murals, and soc-
cer elds perched near the gondola
stations. The cable cars are only the
most iconic of the projects for which
Medelln last year won Harvard Uni-
versitys Veronica Rudge Green Prize
in Urban Design, the most presti-
gious award in the eld.
Beginning with the mayoralty of
Sergio Fajardo (now the governor of
Medellns department, Antioquia),
who took ofce in 2004, the city has
made major efforts to transform its
slums, improve education, and pro-
mote development. (The current
mayor, Anbal Gaviria, has afrmed
his commitment to continuing on
this path.)
Medelln constructed avant-
garde public buildings in areas that
were the most run down, provided
house paint to citizens living in poor
districts, and cleaned up and im-
proved the streets all in the belief
that if you treat people with dignity,
they will value their surroundings
and take pride in their communi-
ties. And that faith has been more
than borne out.
Throughout the world, cities are
both the locus and the focus of so-
cietys major debates, and for good
reason. When individuals live in
close quarters, they cannot escape
major societal problems: growing
inequality, environmental degrada-
tion, and inadequate public invest-
The forum reminded partici-
pants that livable cities require plan-
ning a message at odds with pre-
vailing attitudes in much of the
world. But without planning and
government investment in infra-
structure, public transportation and
parks, and the provision of clean
water and sanitation, cities wont be
livable. And it is the poor who inev-
itably suffer the most from the ab-
sence of these public goods.
Medelln holds some lessons for
America, too. Indeed, recent re-
search shows how inadequate plan-
ning has fueled economic segrega-
tion in the United States, and how
poverty traps have formed in cities
without public transportation, ow-
ing to a shortage of accessible jobs.
The conference went beyond
this, emphasising that livable cit-
ies are not enough. We need to cre-
ate urban areas in which individuals
can ourish and innovate. It is no
accident that the Enlightenment
which led in turn to the fastest and
largest increases in living standards
in human history unfolded in cit-
ies. New thinking is a natural conse-
quence of high population density,
provided the right conditions are
met conditions that include pub-
lic spaces in which people can inter-
act and culture can thrive, and a
democratic ethos that welcomes
and encourages public participa-
A key theme of the forum was
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Why cities hold the key to prosperity
Cities can
help ensure
the availabil-
ity of afford-
able hous-
ing. And they
have a spe-
cial respon-
sibility to
provide high-
quality pub-
lic education
and public
amenities for
all, regard-
less of in-
s the trade delegation
from Kenya accompa-
nied President Uhuru
Kenyatta to Nigeria last week, man-
ufacturers were upbeat about the
efforts by Government to open new
markets in the African region. Oil-
rich Nigeria is now the largest econ-
omy in Africa with a Gross Domes-
tic Product (GDP) of about $490
billion and a population of more
than 168 million.
A huge number of internation-
al organisations and business peo-
ple have been cautious about doing
business in Nigeria for years. This
may seem eccentric given that Ni-
geria is one of the most populous
countries in Africa as well as one of
the most oil-rich places in the
world. Combined with the fact that
the country abounds with many
other natural resources, you might
think international business would
be ghting for a stake in Nigeria.
The GDP value of Nigeria repre-
sents 0.42 per cent of the world
Oil and natural gas are the most
important export products for Ni-
gerian trade. The country exports
approximately 2.327 million barrels
per day, according to 2007 gures.
In terms of total oil exports, Nigeria
ranks 8th in the world. As of 2009,
Nigeria had approximately 36.2 bil-
lion barrel oil reserves.
According to the 2009 gures,
the countrys total export volumes
stand at $45.43 billion. The major
export items are oil products, cocoa
and timber. The UK and the US are
the largest trade partners for Nige-
rian exports.
Years of political instability, re-
gional strife and the debilitating ef-
fects of massive corruption have re-
sulted in the country failing to
capitalise on its many advantages.
However, huge strides have
been made in the last few years to
try and tackle the many problems
besetting the country. The actions
being taken on the ground seem to
be bearing fruit.
Trade between Kenya and Ni-
geria has been in Kenyas favour,
with an average of Sh 1.2 billion in
exports to Nigeria compared to an
average of Sh0.109 billion. Over the
past decade, exports to Nigeria
have shown a gradual increase be-
tween 1998 - 2001, 2003 - 2006 and
in 2008 with declines in 2002, 2007
and 2009. The decline could be as a
result of the prohibited list of prod-
ucts by Nigeria which restricts most
products that Kenya would other-
wise export to this market.
In September 2013, President
Goodluck Jonathan led 500 Nigeri-
an government ofcials and busi-
nessmen in a visit to Kenya. The Ni-
gerian delegation arrived in style
and stature; own in seven private
jets with business moguls Aliko
Dangote, Tony Elumelu and Femi
Otedola in the party.
During the visit, the two Presi-
dents signed a deal for the creation
of the Joint Commission Coopera-
tion with work due to begin on
eliminating tariff and non-tariff
barriers. Dangote also announced
that he would invest $400 million
in a cement plant in Kenyas Kitui
Until now, much of the Nigerian
business activity in Kenya has been
in nancial services.
What the Kenyan business peo-
ple need is a level playing eld as
well as investment incentives in Ni-
geria. The protectionist govern-
ment policies, particularly over re-
strictions on Kenyan manufactured
products entering Nigeria needs to
be addressed.
Other key impediments for
trade include cumbersome visa re-
quirements, lack of infrastructure,
poor power supply, inadequate se-
curity, inconsistent government
policies, inability to access funds,
multiple taxation and corruption.
Without a doubt, Nigeria holds
enormous commercial potential as
recent administrations have fo-
cused on developing the non-oil
economy and tackling corruption
and red tape.
In order to facilitate trade be-
tween Kenya and Nigeria a lot more
must be done beyond government-
to-government agreements which
includes the communities getting
past the negative typecast that have
subjugated the past.
Mrs Maina is the Chief Executive
Ofcer of Kenya Association of
Manufacturers and can be reached
question Ni-
geria holds
potential as
recent ad-
have focused
on develop-
ing the non-
oil economy
and tack-
ling corrup-
tion and red
BETTY MAINA} Deepening trade ties with Nigeria good for Kenya
Follow us!
State should scrap the Provincial
Administration once and for all
Devolution opened the way for many
changes, some of which the Government
is not adhering to. The Provincial
Administration structure, besides the
redeployed PCs, is still in place and
reporting to the national Government, a
fact further emphasised by Interior CS
Ole Lenku in the recent chiefs meeting
insisting on their utmost loyalty to the
national government. On the other hand,
each county has chiefs reporting to the
counties. Given they execute a relatively
same function and report to different
servers gives different signals from a
government said to be for devolution and
grappling with nancial decit. It may
also amount to spying. The Government
ought to redeploy or disband the
Provincial Administration and work with
the counties. This can help bring down
the wage bill and build trust among
Kenyans of the support to devolution.
Or are counties countries of their own?
-Kajilwa George
Appetite for quick riches is making
Kenya a soft target for terrorists
Kenya is a very soft target for terror
because security agents have very high
appetites of corruption. It is a gateway
to riches for them for instance, when
assigned to a roadblock. I wonder if at
all they check whether the notes they
receive at roadblocks are fake or not.
Perhaps the ofcers live in the saying
that you dont watch a gift horse in the
mouth. Unless Kenya security agencies
stop being corrupt, the monster of
terror will continue attacking us. We
will continue to be a soft target because
the appetite to get rich quick is the one
haunting us. Justin NK
Where is the light for Oyugis town,
Governor Cyprian Awiti?
Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti
promised to light up Oyugis towns main
street once elected. But the town has
remained in scaring darkness throughout
his rst year in ofce. The honourable
governor ought to be politely reminded
of his pre-election pledge. Oyugis is
a strategic market town that rakes in
millions in revenue to Homa Bay County
government. As a result, the lights
should be fully operational to enhance
security. Kodawo GO
Alcohol is a slave master that we
can do without
I watched with disturbed mind the recent
incidents of the brew that took many
lives. As many perished and others left
blind, I realised that drinking of alcohol,
especially local brews, enslaves many
and leaves a big gap in ones character.
Emmanuel J.Omuya
Teaching children mother
tongue is a timely, noble idea
I would like to differ with the Eve
writers article on parenting section
dated May, 10 2014 where she was
opposed to the governments pro-
posal to introduce mother tongue
in lower primary schools.
Her argument, just like that of
parents associations and unions
that the policy implementers were
not in touch with the realities on
the ground is inconsistent.
All the 42 Kenyan languages are
as important as English, Kiswahili
and Sheng, a corrupted mixture of
The fact is that colonisation,
modernity, intermarriages, and for-
mal education have made many
Kenyans forget their native lan-
I therefore consider the Govern-
ments idea as noble and timely
since it is hard to teach an old dog
new tricks.
The move will help reduce the
level to which Kenyan are alienated
to the West.
It will also help prevent the
death of small communities like the
Bangomek, Terik and Elmolo which
are on the verge of extinction.
The fact that intermarriages
have increased, leading to the
emergence of a sizable bilingual
crop of Kenyans, does not mean
that we should not teach children
local languages.
Likewise, the advancement of
technology, modernity and popu-
larity of Kiswahili English and
Sheng, ought not to be an excuse
for our collective negligence in
teaching our children mother
Despite the rapid concurrent
dynamics in the world making it
become a global village, Kenya in-
clusive, we should not forget our
roots. Western countries, which
most Kenyans are alienated to and
consider them as a yard sticks over
many social matters, take pride in
communicating and propagating
their native languages.
They do not joke when it comes
to their languages. They go to great
lengths to teach their children their
native languages in order to pre-
serve their identity.
Consider a country like Germa-
ny. This European nation uses
Deutsch as its language of instruc-
tion in its universities and other in-
stitutions of higher learning.
Any foreign student who wishes
to study there has to learn the lan-
guage before pursuing his or her
eld of interest.
Likewise, most Germans also
prefer communicating in Deutsch
compared to English and other lan-
Lastly, there is a distinction be-
tween tribalism and an individuals
love for his or her tribal identity
which is tribal patriotism or posi-
tive ethnicity.
The fact that a person likes com-
municating in his or her native lan-
guage does not mean that he or she
hates people of other ethnic back-
Likewise, the fact that a person
prefers speaking national languag-
es or Sheng does not prove they are
not tribalistic.
{Alfred Mosoti, Baraton Univer-
Page 16 / READERS DIALOGUE Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Giving IG total control is good for security
The move by Inspector General
David Kimaiyo to send home nine
ofcers found to have engaged in
professional misconduct shows the
seriousness in reforming the police
A new unit to watch over the
conduct of the police ofcers has
begun its work in earnest by inter-
dicting the ofcers, among them
an OCPD and an OCS.
This means the IG and his team
are moving in the right direction
and getting rid of the few unprofes-
sional individuals tarnishing the
image of the service.
Kenyans will agree that Kimaiyo
has spent most of his career in po-
lice and is well placed to restore law
and order, if he is given the full
mandate to manage the service
without interference from National
Police Service Commission chair-
man Johnstone Kavuludi and other
interested groups.
The move by Parliament to
come up with some amendments
on the police service was com-
It will enable the IG to have
command on the management of
the force and deal effectively with
rising cases of crime in some parts
of the country.
The powers of transferring, pro-
moting and disciplining police of-
cers are solely under the Inspec-
tor-General and it was wrong for
Kavuludi to interfere in such is-
It was wrong in the rst place
for the powers to be vested in the a
commission headed by a civilian.
It was clear that Kavuludi had
teamed up with civil society groups
to undermine Parliaments effort to
introduce amendments to Police
Service Act.
Now the IG has a free hand to
run the force without directions or
interference from the NPSC.

{Ezron Wanyama, Bungoma}
How to write us: Letters should be addressed to: The Editor, Letters, P O Box 30080, Nairobi, Kenya or e-mail
The views expressed on this page are not those of The Standard. The Editor reserves the right to edit the letters. Correspondents should give their names and
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Surveyors collude with
the rich to rob the poor
Rich and inuential individuals
in Bureti, Kericho County, are
misusing land surveyors. They
use their own private vehicles
to ferry them to different
locations to survey pieces of
land. The surveyors are used by
the individuals to get into other
peoples private lands without
seeking permission from the
owners, a move which amount
to trespass. They intimidate the
genuine but poor land owners.
The poor have been suffering in
silence as the wealthy and the
surveyors arrogate themselves
power to divide and adjust
boundaries. It appears the
surveyors are bribed by those
out to grab land at the expense
of the poor. And the chiefs are
protecting the culprits, probably
at a fee. I appeal to senior
provincial administrators in the
area and the Jubilee government
to crack the whip on the local
administrators who are abetting
this illegal exercise.

They have been doing this
illegality behind the back of the
County Land Registrar. This is a
recipe for bloodshed and chaos
for neighbours who have been
living peacefully. Land is an
emotive issue in Kenya and has
cost many lives.
I, therefore, call on Lands
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu,
National Land Commission and
other relevant departments
to intervene and take action
against such surveyors and the
culprits before the situation gets
out of hand.
Is it, for instance, in order for
Government surveyors to use
private vehicles while on duty?
This should be stopped at all
{Kiptobenkuto arap Tarchi,
ICC should arrest
Kiir, Machar now
The ICC should rein in on Presi-
dent Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek
Machar for the senseless killings of
tens of thousands of innocent South
Sudanese people that has also seen
over 1.2 million ee their homes.
But why did the world just watch
as the massacre went on?
The East Africa states failed and
the African Union did nothing to stop
the brutal genocide. Why did we have
to wait until United States Secretary
of State John Kerry intervened? Cant
Africa ght its own wars?
We actually need a Big Brother to
keep us safe from ourselves and that
is the reason ICC should come in and
teach these warlords a lesson.
Did South Sudan demand inde-
pendence to kill one another. Was it
a license to wipe out fellow citizens?
The warlords, the commanders and
the foot soldiers must be punished.
Already, cease-re violation is be-
ing reported by rebel leader Riek
Machar and it seems the brutal geno-
cide may not stop anytime soon.
We are behaving worse than ani-
{Justin N. Nkaranga, Mombasa}
Matatu crew cant be
forced to co-operate
With the country facing several
security challenges, joint efforts of all
Kenyans are needed to counter the
Terror has been with us for some
time now, more so since Kenya De-
fence Force soldiers went to Soma-
Other than adversely affecting the
tourism industry, it has disrupted lei-
sure activities.
The recent explosions in buses on
Thika highway has prompted the
Government to take a number of pre-
cautionary measures like imposing
policies that require matatu opera-
tors to frisk their passengers before
boarding vehicles.
In as much as the directive was
made in good faith, it is bound to fail
because of a number of factors.
First, the operators will imple-
ment the move half heartedly since
they feel coerced.
Secondly, the operators have not
been trained on security.
Thirdly, they will have to bear an
extra burden of acquiring the weapon
detectors gerrets.
Fourthly, frisking will eat into their
traveling time thus cutting down
their daily revenue.
In order to win the support from
the matatu crew the State ought to
have done a number of things.
For instance, the State ought to
have engaged the operators in elabo-
rate consultation and strike a coop-
eration deal.
Alternatively, the police ought to
be posted at the PSV vehicle terminus
and frisk the travelers before depar-
Last but not least, drivers and con-
ductors need training on crime de-
tection and prevention.
{Reader, via email}
ENTERTAINMENT: GOSSIP/ Page 17 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Demarco: No one knows
you in Jamaica
Saying East African dance-
hall stars had no fame in Ja-
maica, Demarco, who was in
Kampala over the weekend,
challenged East African
dancehall stars to pull up
their socks, noting that they
are not as popular in Jamaica
as they imagine.
The Jamaican dancehall
star even went ahead to trash
his collaboration single with
Peter Miles, Blessings, saying
no one in Jamaica knew it.
When I am here, all I
seem to hear is Chame-
leone All the (dancehall)
songs you claim to be big are
not known in Jamaica and
neither are the artistes. Local
artistes should go to Jamaica
and promote their act if they
expect to get results, he
Diamond: Who leaked
my song?
Leading Tanzanian singer
Diamond Platnumz is a dis-
turbed man. Over the week-
end, his yet to be released sin-
gle Kitorondo leaked on
Tanzanian entertainment
blogs to his shock.
The song is expected to be
one of his major projects this
year and now, Diamond be-
lieves that his enemies are
out to nish him through the
low quality Kitorondo leak.
Who leaked my uncom-
pleted song, he lamented.
I am urging whoever
comes across the track (now
doing rounds on blogs) to ig-
nore it. It is not an ofcial re-
lease as the song is not com-
plete yet. Dont even play it
on airwaves, I beg, he add-
Ogopa getting new look
Kenyas leading recording
stable Ogopa Deejays has
started a recruitment drive
aimed at creating a new crop
of artistes, MondayBlues has
conrmed. After terminating
contracts of older artistes
who had been signed with the
stable such as Kenzo, Marya,
Trapee and Moustapha
among others, the recording
house has now started a
countrywide recruitment
drive, which will see them tap
the best of new singing tal-
ents in Kenya.
The offcial showbiz and gossip column Get It here hot and frst.
All correspondence may be sent to
After MondayBlues pa-
parazzi got wind that a top
politician was entertain-
ing a celebrated singer at
one of Westlands VIP
joints last Friday, the
snitches discended on the
couple only to have them
scamper out of the club
causing fear that got other
patrons vacating.
The lady star, who is
married, was enjoying her
night at the exclusive joint
with the mheshimiwa from
Eastern region when the
MondayBlues snitches
showed up. Upon seeing
the common face, he
called one of the bouncers
and pointing at the pa-
parazzi, they were sneaked
out of the club as the jour-
nalists were kept under
close watch.
When the bouncer
came back, he questioned
the photojournalist why
he had come to cause pan-
ic among patrons in the
club before expelling him
saying he was damaging
the clubs business. Yester-
day, the club owner called
MondayBlues to apologise
about the harassment.
Politician gets paparazzi
harassed in club
ecently, during the
long Easter weekend, a
Nairobi businessman
tracked his wife in
Zanzibar, where she had travelled
for a leisure holiday, only to nd
her with his best friend, the same
man who was the Best Man during
their glitzy wedding two years
The lady who works with a lead-
ing multinational humanitarian
organisation had told the husband
that she had planned to have a
girls weekend out with her close
friends from Friday to Monday. He
had interrogated her about the
timing of the holiday considering
holidays are usually regarded as
family moments, throwing suspi-
cion that something was going on
in their marriage.
Having learned of the Zanzibar
leisure beach hotel she had been
booked in, the man took a ight to
the island where he conrmed his
fears. Here was his wife and his
best friend sharing romantic mo-
ments, a shocker that has rocked
the marriage, which now seems to
hang on their one-year-old child.
A video footage has the evidence
of the busted moment.
According to sources close to
the couple, the woman was on a
revenge mission. When the hus-
band confronted the two, she re-
portedly gave him evidence of his
cheating ways, even producing
photos of his romantic outings
with her close friend in Dubai.
The source told MondayBlues
that the lady was only pulling the
move to hint to him that what
goes around, comes around.
Now, the two are back home, re-
uniting under the counsel of a pas-
tor who is leading their healing
A similar scene occurred a few
days ago when celebrity Katie
Price reportedly found out about
the affair between her husband,
Kieran Hayler, and her best friend,
Jane Pountney, after she saw a
message on his phone.
According to MailOnline, the
former glamour model already
had suspicions about the pair but
had her worst fears conrmed
when she read a Whatsapp mes-
sage from Jane on Kierans phone.
The damning message read:
Has she left yet. Cant wait to see
According to The Sun on Sun-
day, Katie had been on the lookout
for evidence that Kieran was hav-
ing an affair but never suspected
that it would be with her best
The pregnant star caught the
pair in a passionate embrace dur-
ing their recent holiday to Cape
Verde in West Africa. Jane has since
admitted the affair.
Nairobi man busts wife on
holiday with best friend
Dr Dre to turn the rst hip hop billionaire?
ow this may sound ironi-
cal! How does Dr Dre, a
rapper who hasnt
dropped an album in ten
years be the richest hip hop star alive,
now turning to be the genres first bil-
Well, an Apple deal with the rapper
that caused a major buzz in the en-
tertainment scene over the weekend
might just turn the rappers fortunes.
According to media reports, Beats
Electronics, a company co-founded by
Dr Dre that specialises in high-end
headphones and a recently launched
music streaming service is in talks
with Apple and on the verge of being
sold for a cool $3.2 billionlike a cool
Sh280 billion.
The Apple acquisition would be the
biggest in that companys history
and would also include the Beats Mu-
sic streaming service.
Kimaiyo interdicts nine offcers
including Wajir police boss
Inspector General of Police David
Kimaiyo has interdicted nine police
ofcers for professional misconduct
and ordered the investigation of a
corporal accused of ethnic incitement
in Wajir County.
The corporal is accused of using
social media to iname ethnic ten-
sions. This was after two constituents
of Lagdera and Wajir South constitu-
encies wrote to the IG accusing the
ofcer attached to trafc headquar-
ters of using his Facebook account to
incite locals to violence.
The ofcer is continuously en-
Daniel arap Moi
receives a piece
of cake at the
AIC Milimani
Church, Nairobi
to mark this
years Mothers
Day. [PHOTO:
IG said investigations
will be conducted
to determine their
culpability and
subsequent suitability
Ofcers from the Bomb Disposal
Unit have been sent to major counties
to deal with explosives as terror
threats heighten. Criminal Investiga-
tion Department Director Ndegwa
Muhoro said the department now has
personnel in Mandera, Wajir, Garissa,
Kisumu, CID headquarters, Nairobi,
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,
Mombasa and Kakamega.
The ofcers in these areas are
well equipped with robots and other
machinery to deal with any form of
explosive that may be reported. We
now have enough robots and other
equipment but we intend to purchase
more, said Muhoro.
The unit generally deals with func-
tions of Explosive Ordnance Disposal
(EOD) and Improvised Explosive De-
vice (IEDs). In the past, the unit had
been understaffed and underfunded
but Muhoro said yesterday they are
now better and delivering to the pub-
lic. He said they had installed an X-
Ray machine at CID headquarters
that is helping them in various opera-
The bomb disposal unit, which
has now decentralised its services, is
one of the eight units that have been
placed under the forensic department
in a new proposed structure at CID.
The others are Photographic, Bal-
listics, Document Examination, Iden-
tication Bureau, National Crime
Records Ofce, Crime Scene Support
Services, Cyber-crime analysis and
Criminal Registration Bureau.
Some Sh66 billion has been allo-
cated for security units to strengthen
their ability to protect Kenyans in this
scal year. Kenya Police Service will
receive Sh33 billion, Administration
Police Sh23 billion, the Directorate of
Criminal Investigations (DCI) Sh3.6
billion and the General Service Unit
(GSU) Sh5.6 billion.
Police equipment would be pur-
chased at Sh3.5 billion. The US gov-
ernment had boosted the unit by do-
nating equipment that included a
digital X-Ray scanner, three mobile
bomb detecting robots, bomb dis-
posal suits and other specialised de-
tection and disposal tools.
Personnel have been trained on
how to identify smaller ordnance.
Bomb experts
dispatched to
major counties
A Makadara court has ordered
Nairobi police boss Benson Kibue to
arrest and present Embakasi police
station commander (OCS) Victor
Nyongesa to court today.
Chief Magistrate Emily Ominde
issued the order on Friday after the
ofcer failed to appear in court for
the third time.
Mr Nyongesa has been sum-
moned three times after arresting
ve persons who had a court injunc-
tion restraining anyone from inter-
fering with a disputed piece of land
that they own.
The OCS stormed the property
on the night of February 12 with his
ofcers and arrested Patrick Muinde,
Tom Ombui, Steve Musyimi Maswili,
Fredrick Silas and Isaac Menda, and
charged them with trespassing with
intention to commit a felony before
Senior Resident Magistrate Evelyn
The ve were employees of Fe-
drick Kathanzu Kavuthi and James
Kyalo Nguma, who are embroiled in
a land tussle with a private devel-
oper who is claiming ownership.
The defendants lawyer Nzuki
Mwinzi opposed the charges against
his clients and requested the court
to summon the OCS to explain why
he had disregarded the court order
issued by Justice Onesmus Mutun-
Inspector General of Police
David Kimaiyo has interdicted
nine police offcers
Among the nine are Wajir
South OCPD Paul Munene
Mwangi. Apart from Mwangi,
AP Sergeant Abbey Metin and
AP Corporal Mohamed Abdul-
lahi were interdicted for their
involvement in the disappear-
ance of 147 bags of sugar,
which were brought to the
country illegally
Police have arrested two men and
recovered seven elephant tusks weigh-
ing 17 kilogrammes with a value of
Sh1.7 million in Nairobi. The duo was
driving in a Toyota Probox on Mbo-
gani Road in Karen, when Special
Crimes Prevention Unit ofcers inter-
cepted them. Police said the suspects
had hid the ivory in a suitcase.
We had prior information the
men were transporting the tusks when
we intercepted the car and found
them. They will be in court tomorrow
(today), said head of the unit Noah
The seizure came as China pledged
Sh850 million for African nations to
help ght poaching. Chinese Prime
Minister Li Keqiang, who is touring
Africa, said China is committed to
protecting wildlife.The premier spoke
after visiting the ivory burning site in
Nairobi National Park with President
Uhuru Kenyatta.
Our visit to the monument to-
gether shows that the two sides are
cooperating in good faith to jointly
combat poaching, said Li.
Police recover ivory worth
Sh1.7m, arrest two men
Court issues arrest warrant for cop
Benson Kibue
This is for you sir
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
gaged in aring tribal conicts and
animosity through posting inciting
and hateful messages on his Facebook
account (Ahmed Rashid Hassan) as
well as on a clan base Facebook page
where he is the administrator, the
letter to Kimaiyo read in part.
Among the nine ofcers include
Wajir South OCPD SSP Paul Munene
Mwangi. Apart from Mwangi, AP Ser-
geant Abbey Metin and AP Corporal
Mohamed Abdullahi were interdicted
for their involvement in the disap-
pearance of 147 bags of sugar, which
were brought to the country illegally.
The others were OCS Londiani
police station in Kericho County,
Chief Inspector Julius Mwamrisi, Cor-
poral Benard Waweru (CID Londiani
Police Station), Silas Ndangi, driver
CID Londiani Police Station, Corporal
(W) Jane Andai, Anti-Narcotics Unit
Kericho Police Station and Police
Constable David Biwott, CID Kericho
Police Station.
These ofcers were compromised
and released 2,000 stones of bhang
which was being held as exhibit, said
Kimaiyo. In Kiambu County, Police
Constable Job Ndhiwa of Kanyariri
Police Post was interdicted for misus-
ing his rearm on Thursday evening.
This act, which amounts to mis-
use of rearms and the powers vested
onto him, resulted to the needless
injury of three members of the pub-
lic, said Kimaiyo.
The IG said investigations will be
conducted to determine their culpa-
bility and subsequent suitability in
relation to the offences committed.
He said if found guilty, they will be
dismissed from the service with loss
of all terminal benets and charged in
court. Kimaiyo said his ofce will deal
with any ofcer who will engage in
any behaviours which contravene the
ethics and oath of ofce of the po-
This is just the beginning and I
must say that ofcers must be ready
to be answerable for their actions,
particularly where such actions
amount to breaking the law, he
His action came a day after Inte-
rior coordination Cabinet Secretary
Joseph ole Lenku suspended 52 senior
ofcers over the killer brew that has
so far claimed more than 100 people
in seven counties.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 2O / ADVERTISERS ANNOUNCEMENT Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Message from the Governor, Marsabit County
n Marsabit, our vision is to be
a cohesive and prosperous
County of choice and our
mission is to spearhead
transformative and sustainable
development towards achieving
quality life for all.
The Countys economy majorly
relies on livestock rearing which is
mainly on Camels, sheep, goats and
cattle. Almost every house hold keeps
livestock and aspects of the livestock
industry impact on all other economic
and social segments.
Around Mt. Marsabit there exists
agricultural potential for maize, beans wheat,
pulses, fruits, teff and mira. The agriculture
potential is evident in Songa, Badasa and
Gadamoji areas among others.
The tourism potential is in the Marsabit
National Park and Reserve, Sibiloi and Southern
Island National Park, Lake Sakote and Paradise.
Marsabit National Park also hosts a variety
of animals including elephants, buffaloes,
leopards, baboons, antelopes, spotted hyenas
and many species of birds among others. The
two crater lakes, Sokote and Paradise are in the
park. While Sibiloi National Park is the home
to Kubi Fora, the world-renowned cradle of
Marsabit County forms part of the ASAL
counties of Kenya and for many decades the
pace of development in the county has been
sluggish and
constrained by
availability of
reliable water
resources. The
only few sources
of surface water
mani f est at i ons
are in springs
emerging in Mt.
Marsabit and
Kulal forest, Kalacha, Maikana and Gas at the
edge of Chalbi desert, Loyangalani and South
Horr. During drought the water supply shortage
is heavily supplemented by boreholes sources
at Kamboy, Bubisa, Logolologo and Kubiqalo.
This therefore re-emphasizes the
importance of groundwater assessment and
Message from the Governor, Turkana County
RMA was established
as a corporate body
through a gazette
notice No. 8140 of
14th November 2003 pursuant
to the Water Act (2002) and was
operationalized in July 2005.
The Authority is the lead agency in
the management of water resources in
the country and its overall development
objective is to ensure rational, effective
management of the water resources and
equitable access for the various competing
WRMA is the government body mandated
to develop principles and guidelines for the
allocation of water resources as well as protect
it from adverse impact and it is a mandate that
we are committed to implementing.
The Authority has always religiously
undertaken to protect our existing water
resources. The Turkana and Marsabit aquifers
signify a lot of good for the communities
living in these areas, and for the country as a
whole. The launch of this signicant study is
a development that WRMA is proud of. The
study will enable us know the capacity of the
two aquifers. We will rely on the data collected
to know about the status of the aquifers to
make important decisions regarding how
Message from WRMA Chairman
Message from the Chief Executive Ofcer
RMA is proud
today to launch the
Hy d r o g e o l o g i c a l
Mapping of Turkana
and Marsabit Aquifers. Water is a
basic human right according to the
Constitution of Kenya 2010, and as a lead
agency in water resources management
we have the duty to ensure access and
use of water is regulated as a matter of
The authority is mandated by the
Water Act 2002 to gather and maintain
data on the availability, quality, and
reliability of water resources. This
information is important for planning
and regulating water resource use and
There is extreme variability in the
distribution of water resources in Turkana
and Marsabit. Spatial and temporal
availability of surface water largely depends on rainfall.
It is for this reason thats WRMA intends to carry out
hydrogeological mapping of the aquifers in Turkana
and Marsabit Counties to complement and validate
existing data.
Due to buffering capacity of soil and underground
formations, the groundwater resources are more reliable
with respect to the distribution in time. In this context,
groundwater is likely to be the key resource to improve
the water availability in these areas.
However, location, storage and recharge information
are not available for better management of the resource.
Understanding of the local hydrogeology therefore is a
very important step for coordinated management of
this water resource. In addition to make full, benet of
its potential, to protect its quality and to guard against
over-exploitation of the aquifers.
This exercise is expected to take nine months and
The Authority looks forward to making signicant
contributions during the course of this noble
undertaking. We are enthusiastic that the study will
provide critical information
and maps showing the extent,
depth, and characteristics of
aquifers, including recharge,
ow and storage details. This
information will be useful
to county governments,
water development agencies,
communities, development
partners, NGOs, and other
stakeholders in regard to future
groundwater development and
use. The aquifer information will
strengthen the knowledge base
for sustainable groundwater
management and allocation.
WRMA has to ensure that
actions by all parties are well
coordinated and contribute
positively towards sustainable
management of water resources. To realize this, WRMA
has adopted the principles of Integrated Water Resources
Management (IWRM), to coordinate management of
water resources at top policy level and on the ground. In
the process of executing its functions, the institution has
moved closer to the people through its 6 regional and
26 sub-regional ofces. This has enabled the authority
to work in a consultative environment where all water
users are encouraged to sustainably use the resource as
well as protect it from negative effect.
we are condent
that aquifers have
the potential
to signicantly
t r a n s f o r m
economic activities
of pastoralists,
farmers, industrial
and agricultural
business in the
H.E AMB. Ukur Yatani
we manage the
resource sustainably
to all users. From the
study, we expect to
determine the health
of the aquifers and
amounts of water
available to sustain
the demand for water
among the users who
include households,
businesses, ofces
and various industries
operating in this area.
The people living and
operating in the ASAL
Turkana and Marsabit
regions have faced
the great challenge of nding safe and sustainable
access of good quality water. Little is known about
the sustainability and quality of the Turkana and
Marsabit aquifers. Neither is it known about how
the ground water will interact with surface water
bodies existing in both Turkana and Marsabit,
therefore we must take this study seriously.
We believe this study will address critical
water resource issues in the Turkana and Marsabit
regions. These two counties are endowed with
huge potential in sectors such as tourism and
agriculture, yet they still lag behind because of
scarcity of water resources. Hence we at WRMA
look forward to identifying and protecting the
discovered water aquifers in the two counties.
H.E Hon. Josphat K. Nanok
Eng. Philip John Olum, HSC
development in the overall
economic development of
the county. Information on
groundwater availability in
the various aquifers in the
county shall be important for
policy on development and
water supply infastructure
for various economic needs.
Therefore the County can
only make a meaningful stride
in economic development
when it has information on
its groundwater endowment
and distribution within
the county. To this promise Water Resources
Management Authority (WRMA) is key.
In the development project proposals
submitted by the County department for
Water, Environment and Natural Resources
for funding consideration in the FY 2013/2014
budget, drilling of boreholes and rehabilitation
constitute the major part of the projects in
Moyale, North Horr, Laisamis and Saku Sub
counties. These development projects can only
be successfully attained if we have information
on our groundwater resources endowment and
My County Government fully supports
the initiative of Water Resources Management
Authority (WRMA) for mapping Marsabit aquifer
to provide adequate and vital information on our
groundwater endowment and distribution for
policy development on water service provision
and decision making. The information will also
give us guidance for implementation of the entire
spectrum of the County Integrated Development
Plan (CIDP).
In this realization, I can boldly say that as a
County, we shall have made a remarkable stride
in complementing the attainment of Vision 2030.
Further the groundwater assessment actualized
in mapping shall mitigate against the uncertainty
that has shrouded the process of groundwater
development in county. Mapping shall provide
necessary information that may guard against
wanton drilling of dry boreholes hitherto
witnessed in the many parts of the county and
improve on the success rates of borehole drilling.
My County Government fully
supports the initiative of Water
Resources Management
Authority (WRMA) for mapping
Marsabit aquifer to provide
adequate and vital information
on our groundwater endowment
and distribution for policy
development on water service
provision and decision making.
the study will provide
critical information
and maps showing
the extent, depth,
and characteristics
of aquifers, including
recharge, ow and
storage details.
t gives me great pleasure to
join the Ministry of Water,
Environment and Natural
resources as we launch the
second phase of mapping water
aquifers and sources in Turkana.
In September, last year, Turkana
and Indeed the World received
the great news of the twin aquifer
discoveries (Lotikipi and Napuu),
which accumulatively are expected
to water Kenya for the next 70 years
with excitement and sigh of relief
especially for a region which has
been hard hit by drought and water
scarcity for a very long time. This
discovery made instant news and
reignited the debate on the dry north and whether
the new discovery will serve to replace the thirst
stricken pictures often associated with the region.
Turkana County is endowed with both surface
and groundwater which when well harnessed
is capable of addressing the human needs of
our people. The two generally permanent rivers
buttressed by the many seasonal rivers which have
seasonal ows form an integral water source for and
a recharge for Lake Turkana. Although Lake Turkana
is a shared resource between Turkana and Marsabit
Counties, it is the chief source of livelihoods for over
three hundred thousand sh folks inhabiting the
lake and an integral cultural and tourism attraction
both for domestic and internal tourists.
In recognizing the Constitutional mandate given
to devolved Governments, Water continues to be a
big challenge and priority for the Turkana County. In
the last One year, My Government has been in the
forefront of meeting the water needs of our people
through an integrated mapping survey that provided
my ministry with a full report on all available water
sources existing in Turkana and geo-location. This
information informed my Governments recent
move to rehabilitate and revamp broken down
boreholes, address mismatch in water infrastructure
and its consequent investment in
appropriate technology to equip newly
developed boreholes and ensure long
term use and sustainability of our water
I want to urge the National Ministry in
consultation with my Ministry in charge
of Water, Irrigation and agriculture to
fast track the development of the already
discovered aquifers in Turkana so as to
help address the continued suffering of
our people occasioned by water scarcity.
With the complete drilling of the four
boreholes at Napuu Aquifer, it is our
expectation that the water quality tests
being done for Lotikipi aquifer can be
concluded as soon as possible so as to
give room for their immediate development.
My Government will continue to work hand in hand
with the National Government in streamlining and
coordinating shared functions so as to reduce duplication,
enhance coordination and improve efciency in service
delivery as envisaged by our Constitution.
My Government looks forward to this exercise and
hopes the ndings of this mission will timely be shared
with all stakeholders and will greatly inform not only
the water sector development but the overall socio-
economic transformation of Turkana County and
Marsabit Counties
as encapsulated
in our respective
County Integrated
Development Plan
My Government looks
forward to this exercise and
hopes the ndings of this
mission will timely be shared
with all stakeholders and will
greatly inform not only the
water sector development
but the overall socio-
economic transformation
of Turkana County and
Marsabit Counties
Athi Catchment Area Regional Ofce in Machakos is among the newly constructed ofces
by WRMA.
Empowering communities to conserve catchment areas by incorporating a livelihood project in
their day to day lives.
This study is one of the many important projects WRMA has undertaken in its bid to identify and conserve the available water resources and ensure its fairly distributed among its many users.
RMA has made
signicant progress in
making water resources
be recognized as being
fundamental for humanity and
environmental sustainability. The
Authority has been implementing
the Natural Resources Management
project since 2008. This project has
provided a component to investment
in livelihood enhancing community
projects, and has provided a
demand driven window of funding
for livelihood investments in the
Upper Tana Catchment. Using a
Community Driven Development
(CDD) approach, proposals have
been sought from communities
in the Sub catchments and forest
perimeters to invest in livelihood
enhancing micro-projects which
support the natural resource base.
WRMA has found helping the
communities invest in their own
income generating projects to be an
effective strategy in conserving the
water catchment areas.
As part of achieving the objective
of effectively managing water
resources throughout Kenya, the
Authority has been able to construct
and equip modern ofces nationally.
The buildings are so impressive that
they stand out magnicently in all
the yards where they are constructed
in Loitokitok, Nairobi, Muranga,
Kerugoya, Nanyuki. Rumuruti,
Naivasha, Kabarnet, Kericho, Kitale,
Siaya and Kisumu.
The Authority also lists a study
of Kikuyu Springs as another area
where tremendous change has
been achieved. This water resource
supplies 10,000m3 of water per day
to Nairobi, and that underlines the
importance WRMA attaches to it.
Ondiri Wetland recharges Kikuyu
Springs which supplies
Kikuyu making it a
signicant water source to
the community. Land use
changes, encroachment
of the Ondiri Wetland and
escalating groundwater
abstraction have been
a source of concern
about the long-term
sustainability of the
Kikuyu Springs as a public
water supply source.
As a consequence, the
Authority commissioned
a study on the Kikuyu
Springs. The study
revealed that Kikuyu
Springs Aquifer extends
over an area of 161
square kilometres and
its main recharge rock is
in the Limuru area, but
groundwater inltrates
down into Karura and
Kabete which form the
second of the two main
Over the years, The
Authority has strived to
conserve the available
water resources, by
encouraging its proper
use. Moving forward
towards Vision 2030, we
are anchoring our vision
on our Strategic plan
2012-2017, Water Act
2002, Water Resources
Management Rules 2007
and the National Water
Resources Management
Strategy. Water resources
assessment is key to
the determination
of available water resources and
thus should be prioritized in the
allocation of the resources.
Turkana and Marsabit Countys fall
into the category of areas referred to
as Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL)
in Kenya. Majority of Turkana and
Marsabit people are pastoralists and
depend largely on their livestock as
a means of livelihood. The major
source of water in the districts is
largely ground water in the absence
of surface water.
Hence WRMA has undertaken this
step of hydrogeological mapping of
the aquifers in Turkana and Marsabit
Counties to complement and validate
existing data. The nal study report
shall describe a rollout process,
which will be adopted by WRMA in
sensitising the public on appropriate
groundwater development methods
in Turkana and Marsabit. This is
one of the many important projects
WRMA has undertaken in its bid to
identify and conserve the available
water resources and ensure its fairly
distributed among its many users.
This study is one of the many
important projects WRMA has
undertaken in its bid to identify
and conserve the available water
resources and ensure its fairly
distributed among its many users.
Water resources
assessment is key
to the determination
of available water
r esour ces and
thus shoul d be
prioritized in the
allocation of the
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 22 / NATIONAL NEWS Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Machakos Senator Johnstone
Muthama has broken ranks with
CORD leaders call on the Govern-
ment to withdraw the military from
Speaking during commissioning
of a new complex at Mbilini Primary
School in Kangundo constituency
over the weekend, Mr Muthama said
such a move would amount to cow-
In a rare sign of support to Jubilee
government, the outspoken senator
said he was fully behind President
Uhuru Kenyattas resolve to pursue
the perpetrators of terror inside So-
Politics aside, I want to declare
my support for President Kenyattas
resolve as the Commander In Chief of
the Kenya Defence Forces to dispatch
our soldiers to Somalia, and all Ke-
nyans of goodwill should back this
noble action, said Muthama.
He described the frequent terror
attacks as last kicks of a dying horse,
which must be fought back with resil-
ience and extra vigilance by all Ke-
Muthama backs
KDF in Somalia
Prosecute agents
of PEV, human
rights group insists
The international
group notes that
country lacks political
goodwill to bring
culprits to account
An international human rights
group has warned against failure to
bring to account perpetrators of the
2007/08 Post Election Violence
The Geneva-based Centre for Civ-
il and Political Rights group notes that
the failure would hinder the reconcil-
iation process.
The groups Director, Patrick
Mutzenberg, has said it is difcult to
reunite people in the absence of prop-
er investigations and prosecutions of
those found guilty of perpetrating the
This has been proved elsewhere
in the world; the truth must rst be
put on the table, he told The Stan-
dard over the weekend in Nairobi.
Accompanied by the United Na-
tions Human Rights Committee mem-
ber Cees Flinterman, Mr Mutzenberg
noted that in Kenya, there has been
lack of political goodwill to punish the
perpetrators. This, he said, might not
help the country in future.
In February, Director of Public
Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko dropped
over 4,000 cases relating to the post-
election violence citing lack of evi-
The two ofcials were on a three-
day visit of the country to review prog-
ress made in implementing three key
recommendations made on the Ke-
nyan governments third periodic re-
port submitted to the UN Human
Rights Committee in July 2012.
The recommendations included
prosecution of PEV suspects and com-
That little has been done to ad-
dress torture of prisoners and de-
congestion of the penal facilities
That bail terms are still prohibi-
tive meaning most suspects still
end up in remand
That the country must act to
resolve this with options such as
fnes and probation
That Parliament should pass the
Prevention of Torture Bill to not
just deter cases of torture but
also ensure compensation
See what others are saying,
join us Online:
pensation of victims, enactment of
the two-thirds gender rule as well as
decongesting prisons.
Mr Flinterman expressed concern
that Kenya has refused to submit a fol-
low-up report on its implementation
of the recommendations as required
by the committees rules of procedure.
The deadline for the submission of
the information expired in July 2013.
During the visit, the two held
meetings with ofcials from the Ke-
nya National Commission on Human
Rights, the Parliamentary Caucus on
Human Rights, the National Gender
and Equality Commission, the Feder-
ation of Women Lawyers and the In-
dependent Medico-Legal Unit among
On the implementation of the two-
thirds gender rule, Mutzenberg ap-
plauded measures taken by the coun-
try, including the setting aside of
elective political seats for women.
The introduction of women rep-
resentatives is a very positive step, he
stated. But Mutzenberg expressed
concern that representatives are often
seen as second-class legislators.
Syria opens
campaign as
war rages

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)
has launched a research into the de-
clining number of vultures in the
KWS says the research will seek to
establish the major causes of the
sharp decline of the birds.
The association has also expressed
concern over the declining number of
some species in major national parks.
The species are said to be extinct.
The Ministry of Environment, Wa-
ter and Natural Resources Principal
Secretary Richard Lesiyampe over the
weekend said the ministry had em-
barked on securing some land and
corridors so as to protect the endan-
gered species.
We have noticed a sharp drop in
the number of vultures in some parks
and our researchers have started in-
vestigations into this, he said. Ex-
perts have pointed to Hells Gate Na-
tional Park as the most affected
conservancy due to the ongoing ex-
ploration of geothermal power, which
has forced some vultures to relocate.
Mr Lesiyampe was, however, quick
to note that the decline is a global
problem where some species are get-
ting extinct. The PS was addressing
the press at the KWS Training Institute
in Naivasha during the institutions
12th graduation ceremony.
KWS alarmed over countrys
declining number of vultures
Kangundo North MCA Francia Matheka (left) and Senator Johnstone Muth-
ama at Mbilini Primary School yesterday. Muthama urged the Government
closed doors, before the probe re-
sumed but the investigating team
objected to some records from the
defence team, saying the matter was
still in court.
Petitioners witness Maurice Gari
(Nairobi West) testied that Ondieki
called him a hooligan when the latter
appeared before the sectoral commit-
tee for Roads, Transport and Public
Works on April 22.
The Executive (Ondieki) insulted
me when addressing youths, who
were demonstrating outside Charter
Hall with placards in his support,
said Gari. Ondieki however refuted
the claims and denied meeting Gari in
the sectoral committee meeting.
But the defence witness, Tabitha
Ndigirigi (nominated) came to Ondie-
kis defence when she was being
Contrary to what the former ex-
ecutive had claimed, Ndigirigi con-
rmed that Gari attended the Roads
and Transport committee meeting
that quizzed Ondieki prior to his dis-
Ndigirigi lashed out at his fellow
MCAs claiming they maliciously dis-
missed Ondieki from ofce.
They said in the committee meet-
ing that for us to get money, Ondieki
must go, she claimed.
The MCAs had accused Ondieki of
lying that he would rehabilitate 425
roads (ve in all the 85 wards), but he
defended himself saying the promise
was made by Governor Evans Kideros
He also termed the corruption al-
legations over the planned modern
Nairobi bus system as false.
Sacked Nairobi Roads boss
weeps before probe team
The defence team
submitted 44
documents to counter
accusations levelled
against Ondieki
Emotions overwhelmed sacked
Nairobi Executive member for Roads,
Transport and Public Works Evans
Ondieki when he appeared before a
probe committee on Friday.
Ondieki broke into tears while ta-
bling documents before a county as-
sembly committee investigating the
accusations sorrounding sacking on
April 29.
The Members of the County As-
sembly (MCAs) removed him from the
docket on claims of gross misconduct
and failure to handle the members of
the assembly appropriately.
At a city hotel on Friday afternoon,
things turned hot between Ondieki
and the committee, prompting the
chairman Maurice Akuk to briey
adjourn the hearing.
I have done everything in my
power to make this department suc-
cessful. Those saying Ondieki is sleep-
ing on job are not justied, an emo-
tional Ondieki told the ve-member
Committee members present in-
cluded Akuk (Nyayo Highrise), Jacqui-
line Nyangala (nominated), Joash
Omwenga (Utawala), Anthony Kiragu
(Waithaka) and Stephen Kambi (Dan-
dora Area II).
The ousted executive, together
with his six defence lawyers submit-
ted 44 documents to counter the ac-
cusations levelled against him, but
the petitioner, Chege Mwaura (Ngara
Ward) tasked him to elucidate the
contents of each of the 24 docu-
Mwaura, who had been grilled by
Ondiekis defence team on Thursday,
objected to the new evidence (exhibit
25 to 44) Ondieki submitted.
The petitioner argued the docu-
ments were unprocedurally tabled,
prompting a heated argument.
The matter was resolved behind
Sacked Executive member Evans Ondieki and a member of his defence team,
submit documents to counter allegations made against him. [PHOTO: JAMES
The MCAs removed Ondieki
from ofce on claims of
gross misconduct and failure
to handle members of the
assembly appropriately
The petitioners witness
testied that Ondieki called
him a hooligan when he
appeared before the sectoral
committee for Roads,
Transport and Public Works
on April 22
Page 23
CRIME: Police arrest 4 over
murder of school guard
Police in Makueni have arrested four
suspects in connection with the brutal
murder of a secondary school guard.
Area Deputy Ofcer Commanding
Police Division Philip Kwambai said
the suspects were nabbed hours
after they hacked the Utangwa Girls
Secondary School watchman.
The OCPD said the police recovered
some school documents the suspects
had stolen from the principals ofce,
which they mistook to be money
stashed in an envelope.
Police said the suspects are part
of a gang that has been terrorising
residents of the area.
In a recent incident, they robbed
a man and cautioned him against
reporting them to the police, said
the OCPD. He assured the residents of
enhanced security.
LAW REVIEW: MP calls for
amendment of Constitution
A member of the parliamentary
committee on Lands and Housing
has called for amendment of the
Constitution to allow for proper
separation of powers between various
commissions and ministries.
Bomet East MP Benard Bett said there
were serious aws in the Constitution
that guide on the roles of the cabinet
secretaries and the commissions
heads, that need rening to ensure
proper service delivery to the
There is no interdependence between
the two state organs. This has led to
squabbles, which have resulted in
poor service delivery to citizens, said
the MP.
The legislator cited the Lands Ministry
and the Lands Commission, as areas
that need rening.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
cil locks out public
sport from
city C
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the trafc police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the towns
Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and trafc ow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease trafc ow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres, said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the trafc department
anticipates the gure will rise.
The councils enforcement ofcer
in charge of the trafc order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council, he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
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vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
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Fresh and c|oser to your region
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g Tod
Monday, May 12, 2014
Page 24 / COAST NEWS Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, area Governor Hassan Joho and Budalangi
MP Ababu Namwamba during a funds drive in Jomvu Constituency to help
youth buy boda bodas. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMMED/STANDARD]
A section of CORD leaders have
accused the Jubilee administration
of failing to stem insecurity.
The leaders further allege that
President Uhuru Kenyattas
government is working to destabi-
lise counties after its attempt to
sabotage them failed.
Led by Budalangi MP Ababu
Namwamba and Mombasa Senator
Hassan Omar, the leaders said the
Jubilee government had failed to
tackle terrorism and other forms of
crime because organs charged with
gathering intelligence on security
have their priorities all wrong.
We have a Government that
cannot even protect wildlife. How
do you expect it to protect its
citizens? posed Namwamba.
He further accused the intel-
ligence agency of being busy
tapping politicians telephone calls
instead of doing their job.
Speaking in Mombasa on
Saturday, the leaders alleged that
the controversy surrounding
embattled Mombasa governor
Hassan Johos academic qualica-
tions was a plot byJubilee moles to
frustrate the governors develop-
ment agenda.
A voter has led a case in a
Mombasa court claiming that Johos
university degree certicate is fake.
On Friday, Janet Mbete, a vocal
Joho critic, renewed the onslaught
against Joho, describing him as a
masquerader with a bogus piece of
paper that he presented to the
Independent Electoral and Bound-
aries Commission to qualify for the
gubernatorial race.
Joho is also battling a similar
case in Kampala, where Ugandas
Commission for Higher Education
has recommended the cancellation
of his degree, even as Kampala
University defends the document.
State accused
of laxity in
fght against
terror, crime
On Saturday, Joho, who has
largely remained mum since the
debate began, took the battle to the
political arena with the CORD
leadership terming his predicament
as politically motivated.
I am asking my friend Uhuru
Kenyatta to talk to his counterpart
in Uganda to stop this circus and let
our governor render services to our
people. It is clear that the Jubilee
moles in Mombasa are out to
destabilise Mombasa, said
He said it was only the Kampala
University Senate and council that
have powers to revoke a degree
issued by the institution.
Speaking in Jomvu Constituency
yesterday, at a funds drive to help
youth buy motorcycles for the boda
number of Somalis and has gone to
Somalia twice but it has never been
attacked by terrorists. This is
because its security intelligence arm
is uncompromising, unlike ours
whose job is to listen to politicians
phone calls, said Namwamba.
Joho reiterated his degree
certicate is genuine and accused of
those who lost in last years election
and are seeking to oust him do so
through the courts.
boda business, the CORD leaders
said those who lost in last years
election should wait for 2017 for
their second bite at the cherry.
On the war against terrorism,
Namwamba said the Government
should stop detaining people based
on their ethnicity and instead
borrow a leaf from Ethiopia on how
to go about it.
Ethiopia has the highest
Kenya and Tanzania will soon
sign a bilateral agreement to pave
way for the implementation of a
multimillion-shilling one-stop
border post in Taveta District,
Taita-Taveta County.
The donor-funded project that
will cost an estimated Sh500 million
is expected to help facilitate trade
between the two countries.
The border post will ensure
reduction of non-tarrif barriers. The
project is the rst of its kind in East
and Central Africa, disclosed East
African Affairs, Commerce and
Tourism PS Mwanamaka Mabruki
on Saturday when he toured the
The project comes at a time when
local traders have been complaining
of unnecessary delays at the
Kenya-Tanzania border point.
Long queues at the Taveta
border will be a thing of the past
once the project is implemented.
There will be efciency at the border
and there will be no more unneces-
sary delays, said the PS.
He made the remarks when he
paid Taita-Taveta County Governor
John Mruttu a courtesy call at his
Wundanyi ofce. Mabruki was
accompanied by Trade Mark East
Africa Director, One Stop Border
Post Operations, Theo Lyimo.
Trade Mark East Africa is the
project implementing agent. Lyimo
said once completed, the time spent
at the border post will be reduced by
at least 30 per cent.
Traders will save a lot of time
and resources at the border point
because ofcials from both coun-
tries will be housed in one building,
said Lyimo.
The governor decried the
deplorable state of the VoiMwatate
Taveta road and challenged the
national government to fast-track its
rehabilitation to boost trade
between the two countries.
He said the more than 90-kilome-
tre international road that links
Kenya and Tanzania is in a sorry
state and was hurting investment
and tourism activities.
The road cuts through the
expansive Tsavo National Park.
Kenyan traders have in the past
accused Tanzanian authorities of
ignoring the EAC Treaty signed by
the ve member states.
Kenya, TZ in bid
to reduce delays
at border point
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption
Commission (EACC) has recovered
a piece of land belonging to Kenya
Airports Authority (KAA) that had
been grabbed by private developers
16 years ago.
The recovered land, measuring
5.109 hectares and valued at
around Sh40 million, had been
hived off from the Ukunda Airstrip
in Kwale County.
While handing over the plot at a
ceremony witnessed by Kwale
Governor Salim Mvurya on Friday,
EACC boss Mumo Matemu warned
that land grabbing will no longer be
As we hand over this property
today, the commission urges any
person in Kwale County or else-
where who may be holding a title
deed to a public land to voluntarily
surrender it, said Matemu at the
Ukunda Airstrip.
The repossession comes in the
wake of recovery of Sh2 billion
worth of public land in Mombasa
that had been irregularly allocated
to private persons.
We have received intelligence
that some ofcials are colluding
with ofcials of the defunct local
authorities to fraudulently transfer
public land to private persons and
we want to tell them that their days
are numbered, Matemu said and
called on governors to take stock of
all public assets in their jurisdic-
KAA MD Lucy Mbugua said
they would fence the land and
noted that the Authority needs an
extra 20 hactares of land for
Currently, KAA is spending Sh48
million to relocate Mukwakwani
Primary School, which occupies
part of the airstrips land.
It is gratifying to note that we
have been able to right a wrong and
get back land meant for expansion
of the airport. However, it is
important to note that the land in
question is currently occupied by
squatters, said Ms Mbugua, who
called on the Kwale County
government to assist relocate the
Mvurya decried rampant land
grabbing in Kwale and called upon
the EACC to intervene.
We want to bring to you more
cases for investigations. We have so
many absentee landlords and it is
high time those who have grabbed
land surrendered it, said the gover-
Meanwhile, the KAA has
commissioned the Sh200 million
ultra-modern terminal and control
tower at the Malindi Airport.
EACC recovers Sh40m airports authority land
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EBT / Emerging Business Technologies Limited was founded & is driven by the passion / adrenaline to bring down the cost of
doing business in our varying products/services/solutions without about absolute compromise on quality, rst time & always...
I am Philip Roger Mutungi,
EASTERN NEWS / Page 25 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Makueni leaders lash out at Ngilu for
declaring Konza City belongs to Machakos
Lands Cabinet Secretary
Charity Ngilu has attracted
the wrath of Makueni leaders
for declaring Konza Techno
city land is situated in
Machakos County.
Makueni governor Prof
Kivutha Kibwana, senator
Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, a section
of MPs and MCAs are now
accusing the Lands CS of
deliberately creating
confusion around the Konza
Reacting to a story in the
The Standard about a letter
the CS wrote conrming the
latest development, Prof
Kibwana termed the alleged
transfer of the Konza land to
Machakos County as an
illegality for which the CS
ought to be admonished.
Anyone who cares to
know, knows that Konza is in
Makueni. When the Govern-
ment bought the 5,000-acre
piece of land from the Malili
Ranching Society, it did so in
consultation with Makueni.
All the other transactions,
including the cadastral
survey, NEMA clearance and
the Konza Draft Bill in the
Senate were done in
reference to Makueni. Ngilu
must learn to read, under-
stand and follow the
Constitution, said an
agitated Prof Kibwana.
The governor said Ngilu
was out to create divisions
between the leaders and the
They are now
accusing the CS
of deliberately
creating confusion
over the project
people of Makueni and
Machakos at a time the
leaders are working on
uniting the three Ukambani
Ngilu is a daughter of
Makueni and I do not
understand why she has
chosen to scuttle a dream set
to change the face of this
county, said Prof Kibwana.
Three governors, Prof
Kivutha Kibwana, Dr Julius
Malombe (Kitui) and Dr
Alfred Mutua (Machakos)
recently signed a unity pact
dubbed Ukambani Leaders
Forum on Development and
Development of the
Konza City, which is located
in Makueni County will be
supported, reads clause two
of the 11- resolutions pact,
signed by the three governors
on March 28, 2014.
Kibwana termed the
transfer of the land to
Machakos as a trick to push
the leaders to court to erode
investor condence as no
investor would commit
resources in a controversial
Senator Mutula Kilonzo
Jnr termed Ngilus declara-
tion as very sad and mischie-
vous, saying the Konza devel-
opment plan could not have
been approved without the
input of all the stakeholders.
Mutula said an agreement
had been reached with the
Lands ministry that the plan
was not to be approved
before it was signed by the
Makueni, Machakos and
Kajiado governors, in whose
counties the Konza city
Kilome MP, Regina
Ndambuki, in whose
constituency the land is said
to lay, says Ngilu is being
used to scuttle the project.
Techno city, was always
part of Kilome Constituency
even before the creation of
Makueni district. Kilome
Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu on a tour of the lands
registry after it was closed down for digitisation. [PHOTO: MOSES
The government has stepped up efforts to
ght the sale and consumption of killer illicit
brews in Makueni County.
County Commissioner David ole Shege
said public health ofcials had been dis-
patched to all sub-counties in the area to mop
up illegal brews.
We have dispatched several teams to the
six sub-counties to remove the killer brews
from the shelves, Ole Shege told The Standard
on telephone.
He said four bar owners had been arrested
over the deaths of more than 20 people in the
county. They have been charged with murder.
The county commissioner said he had
directed all the sub-county commissioners to
ensure the lethal brews did not nd their way
into the county.
Mukaa OCPD Ferdinand Nyongesa, in
whose area the busy Mombasa highway
passes, said he had put his ofcers on high
Although no cases of the killer brews have
been reported here, we are on high alert to
ensure they do not nd their way here through
the busy highway, he told The Standard on
Saturday by telephone.
Kilungu sub-county commissioner Henry
Metto asked those who may have consumed
the illegal brew to report to the nearest health
facility for check-up.
He said he is happy members of the public
are cooperating in the mop-up exercise, saying
many people have started surrendering the
illegal brands.
Bar owners have been surrendering
several brands of the suspected killer brews.
Others are throwing them in the bush, Metto
Meanwhile, victims of the killer brews in
Kithuki area of Makueni County may be
buried on Thursday.
Sources said a joint burial service will be
held at Kithuki Primary School grounds, after
which the victims will be buried at their
respective homes.
Health ofcers dispatched to mop up killer brews
constituency is part of
Makueni County, so how can
part it be alleged to be in
Machakos County? wonders
the Kilome MP.
Ndambuki is now calling
for the resignation of the
lands secretary, saying she
has created confusion in the
Makueni MP, Daniel
Maanzo termed Ngilus
statement as fraudulent
warned Ngilu accepting an
Area MCA Caroline
Munanie said residents of
the area have always voted in
Kilome and it was only in the
run up to the Makueni
senatorial by-election in July
2013, that talk of the area
being part of Machakos
In a letter to Makueni
Senator, Ngilu had stated,
The ministry of lands,
Housing and Urban develop-
ment is in consultation with
Makueni and Machakos
counties, the ministry of
Interior and Coordination of
National government and the
IEBC with a view to resolving
outstanding issues regarding
the counties boundaries.
This request for Expression of Interest follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for the Kenya IFPPP project that appeared
in United Nation Development Business No. WB3876-07/13 of July 2013.
The Government of Kenya (GoK) has received nancing from the World Bank towards the cost of the Infrastructure Finance
and Public Private Partnerships Project (IFPPP) whose overall development objective is to increase private investment in the
Kenyan infrastructure market by improving the enabling environment to generate a pipeline of bankable PPP projects. It is
intended that part of the proceeds of this credit be applied to eligible payments under the contracts for provision of the above
Consultancy services and is for a period of four (4) months.
The objectives of the consultancy is to develop a manual as a best practice guide for PPP practitioners in Kenya to serve as a
reference handbook and lead through the entire PPP project cycle from project inception through to contract closure.
The assignment falls systematically into three components of activities:
1. Drafting of the PPP Manual;
2. Updating and nal editing of the PPP Manual, following receipt of comments from PPPU on the rst draft; and
3. Design of an appropriate layout and illustrations, geared to support an easier understanding of the material and the
overall user friendliness of the Manual.
It is envisaged that the Expert will be assisted by a Graphics Designer during Stage 3 of activities, i.e. the development of a
design layout and illustrations.
3. The National Treasury (the Client) through its Project Implementation Unit (PIU) now invites eligible individual consultants
to express their interest in providing the services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that
they have the required qualications and relevant experience to perform the services. Consultants should provide their most
recent proles showing their experience, qualications, capabilities, references and details of past experience especially in
the area of their expertise etc. The shortlisting criteria are; (a) Advanced degree in Law, Economics, Finance or Business
Administration, or any other relevant degree; (b) 15 years of professional experience, with a proven track record in private
sector participation in infrastructure sectors in general and PPP, in particular; (c) Regional working experience in Sub-
Saharan Africa, particularly with regard to private sector participation in infrastructure will be an advantage (d) Fluency in
spoken and written English.
4. The expression of interest is also open to interested rms who may wish to propose individual consultants. In such cases,
only the experience and qualications of the individuals proposed shall be taken into account in the selection process
and not the rms corporate experience. Consequently, the ensuing contract agreement will be signed directly with the
successful individual.
5. The attention of interested consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Banks Guidelines: Selection and
Employment of Consultants [under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants] by World Bank Borrowers published in January
2011 (Consultant Guidelines), setting forth the World Banks policy on conict of interest.A consultant will be selected
in accordance with the procedures for selection of individual consultants set out in the Consultant Guidelines.
6. Interested eligible individuals may obtain further information at the address given below during ofce hours between
0900 to 1700 hours, Monday Friday inclusive, exclusive of public holidays, before the deadline for the submission of
Expressions of Interest.
7. Complete Expressions of Interest documents in plain sealed envelopes with consultancy reference and name clearly
marked on top should be delivered in person, sent by mail or by email to the address shown below or placed in the tender
box at our ofces on the 7
oor, Anniversary Towers, North Tower.
Postal Address:
Project Implementation Unit
Attention: Procurement Specialist
P.O. Box 30007-00100
Nairobi, Kenya.
Physical Address:
Project Implementation Unit
Attention: Procurement Specialist
Floor, Anniversary Towers, North Tower.
Building No.19 Monrovia Street/University Way
Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone No.: 254 - 20 - 2210271/4 E-mail:;;
8. Deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is Monday 26
May 2014 at 1600 hours Kenyan local time.
Ref: IFPPP/PPPU/020/2013-1014
Credit No.51570 KE Project ID No. P121019.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 26 / CENTRAL NEWS
Volunteers remove jiggers from a resident of Gachagi slums in Thika during
an anti-jigger campaign organised by Ahadi Kenya Trust.
The rampant jigger infestation in
Central Kenya has been blamed on
high consumption of illicit brews in
the area.
Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley
Kamau said the illicit brew menace
in the region has rapidly accelerated
the jigger problem, since consumers
neglect their hygiene, making their
bodies a safe haven for the mite.
Speaking at Gachagi slums in
Thika during an anti-jigger cam-
paign, Dr Kamau said when young
people visit illicit brew dens, they
usually return home too inebriated
to take a bath or wash their clothes
and houses, which makes jiggers
He said they also usually sleep on
the ground, which is infested by
mites that develop to jiggers.
If the Government manages to
deal with the illicit brew menace in
Central Kenya, the jigger problem
Link between
illicit brew use
and jiggers
will also have been greatly solved,
Kamau said.
He challenged the Government to
seriously deal with poverty, saying it
was the cause of the illicit brew
menace in the region and other
areas as well.
The Ahadi Kenya boss said many
young people are turning to illicit
brews, crime and other immoral
deeds due to desperation and
poverty, which are caused by lack of
I urge the Government to come
up with a solution to address the
high unemployment rate experi-
enced in the country since it is the
source of all the negative things
happening, including the jigger
menace, he said.
Meanwhile Ruiru MP Esther
Gathogo has launched a road safety
campaign aimed at reducing
accident related deaths and ensure
adherence of road safety rules by
boda boda operators and motorists.
The campaign dubbed Ruiru
the Thika superhighway, which has
claimed a lot of lives. This road safety
initiative is aimed at drastically
reducing rampant road carnage as
the riders have now been trained and
they know what they should or
should not do while on the road,
Gathogo said.
The MP was speaking in Ruiru
town when she issued licences to
boda boda operators who have
undergone driving and road safety
Ruiru trafc base commander
Francis Muthamia urged the riders to
ensure they apply the knowledge
they have acquired in their training
while on the road.
Constituency Road Safety Initiative,
which is the MPs brainchild, is
targeting boda boda operators.
Through the initiative, some 250
boda boda operators in Ruiru town
and Githurai have been taken
through driving school and trained
on trafc rules before being issued
with driving licences.
Gathogo said she came up with
the initiative after it emerged that
the area is losing a lot of boda boda
operators due to frequent accidents
caused by lack of training on proper
road usage.
This area has had an increase in
road accidents since expansion of
Kiambu Senator Kimani Wama-
tangi has said the recent deaths
caused by illicit brews are too
coincidental to be described as
ordinary alcohol-related fatalities.
Wamatangi demanded that the
Government investigates the motive
and bring the culprits to book.
How come people died in
Kiambu, Muranga, Embu, Macha-
kos and Kitui counties on the same
day for the same reason? Those
responsible seem to be on a mission
that needs to be unearthed and
those manufacturing the killer brews
made public so that stiff action can
be taken against them, he said.
Wamatangi said the deaths,
which now stand at over 90, have
exceeded any other tragedy that has
happened in the country in the
recent past. He said consumption of
illegal brews should be declared a
national disaster.
He said: This seems to be
another form of terror which is
killing more people than al Shabaab
attacks, road accidents and even
diseases. We must as a nation take
this issue seriously, just like we do
with terrorism.
Senator: Illicit
brew deaths
not coincidence
May 9, 2014
Sangalo Institute of Science and Technology invites interested and competent bidders to tender for the supply and delivery of the
following items for Financial year 2014/2015:-
4. SIST/BOG/04/2014/2015 SUPPLY OF MEAT
Interested Persons/Firms may obtain detailed tender document from the Institute on payment of non-refundable fee of
Ksh.1, 000/= (One thousand Shillings Only) for each of the tenders above.
The completed tender documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes marked with Tender No, which should be
deposited in the tender box at the Principals secretary (Reception) at the Institute on or before noon 26
May 2014. Tenders should
be addressed to:
The Secretary B.O.G
Sangalo Institute of Science and Technology
P.O BOX 158 - 50200
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders/tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.
Youths and people with disabilities who have registered with PPOA are encouraged to apply.
The prices quoted must be net i.e. inclusive of all Government taxes and duties and must be valid for a period of 120 days from the
date of Tender closing.
The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any tender(s) wholly or in part and does not bind itself to give reason(s) for its
decision(s) thereof.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard






P.O.BOX 356-70300 MANDERA
Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualied persons to ll the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176
and County Government Act No 17 of 2012.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard








Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard



Kwale County Government invites application from interested eligible bidders/contractors for the tender below:
Category Tender No. Description
Interested Bidders Must attach ,among other requirements, the below listed as part of the evaluation criteria:
(a) Tender Reciept
(b) Valid Copies of PIN/VAT Certicates
(c) Valid Copies of Single Business Permit
(d) Valid Copies of Tax Compliance Certicate
(e) Copy of Company Registration Certicate
(f) Audited nancial & bank statements for the past 2 years
(g) Proof of relevant experience at least 2 years
(h) Bid bond 2%
(i) Dully lled Condential Business Questionnaire
(j) Dully lled tender form
(k) CVs of Key personell
(l) Evidence of Equipments and type of ownership.
Tender documents can be obtained from the County Procurement Ofce; County Government headquarters Kwale,
upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ksh1000 per set of tender document. This amount is payable in cash or
bankers cheque payable to Kwale County Government.
Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with relevant tender number and description
should be addressed to,
P.O. BOX 4 -80403
Or be deposited in the tender box situated at the in-front of the supply chain Management Ofce, on or before
Monday, May 26
, 2014 at 10.00 AM.
Tender documents will be opened immediately thereafter at the county government headquarters, applicants or their
representatives are free to witness the opening if they so wish.
The county government of Kwale reserves the right to accept or reject any application in part or in whole and is not
bound to give reasons for its decision thereof.
Youth, Women & Persons with disabilities will be given preference.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 30 / NYANZA NEWS
Kisumu County has allocated Sh70
million in its 2014/2015 budget to
stimulate tourism in the region. The
money is part of Sh224 million allo-
cated to the department of tourism,
commerce and heritage.
Kisumu County executive in-
charge of Commerce, Tourism and
Heritage Rose Kisia said the county is
in the process of identifying suitable
tourist locations before embarking on
public sensitisation.
In the budget, Sh1 million would
be used for county tourism research
and development in all the seven sub-
counties, Sh17 million is to be used
for tourism promotion and sub-
county branding, and Sh3 million for
the countys tourism website, said Dr
She said Sh25 million would be
used to refurbish Kisumus Sunset
Hotel, while Sh10 million is for the
construction of a heritage centre at
Another Sh3.5 million is to be used
for refurbishing existing heritage sites
in the sub-counties.
Kisumu also seeks to develop com-
munity based tourism products. Some
of the products targeted are Kit Mi-
kayi, Lwanda Magere, Kadibo beaches,
Abindu, Dunga Beach, Got Mesa and
Kajulu caves. A budget of Sh10 million
has ben set aside for this endeavour.
The move by Kisumu County
comes at a time hoteliers from West-
ern Kenya have started marketing
Kisumu sets
aside Sh70m
to jumpstart
domestic tourism to the rest of the
Last weekend, more than 200 hotel
managers and investors met in a
kakamega hotel to chart the way for-
ward in promoting western tourists
circuit as a domestic tourism destina-
The calls by Western region hote-
liers come in the wake of positive re-
ports that indicate signicant im-
provements in regional performance,
against the national performance,
which decreased by 15 per cent in
earnings in 2013.
Western Kenya Hospitality leaders
Association Chairman Robinson An-
yal said there was need for the country
to support domestic tourism, which is
less costly to market.
Kisumu County Government has
rejected calls by Nyakach Sub-County
residents to allocate funds for cattle
branding to curb rustling.
The county government, however,
advised the residents to venture into
rearing of dairy cattle, which are more
protable and rarely targeted by rus-
Speaking during a reconciliatory
meeting at Pap Onditi last week,
County Executive for Infrastructure
Engineer Vincent Kodera said brand-
ing is too expensive for the county
government and would not solve the
problem of cattle rusttling.
It has been reported that most of
the cattle stolen from this region are
slaughtered and sold to nearby butch-
eries. This cannot be solved through
branding, said Kodera.
During the stakeholders forum
attended by ofcials from the Na-
tional Cohesion and Integration Com-
mission, residents were told to aban-
don zebu cattle rearing, which had
little return compared to dairy cattle.
We have put a lot of money in
infrastructural development, youth
and women empowerment and emer-
gencies, including interventions in
inter-boarder skirmishes, said Kode-
He said the county government is
ready to support youth and women to
invest in protable businesses and
Security reports show how resi-
dents were colluding with outsiders to
steal livestock, which are slaughtered
and sold back to them. Kodera urged
residents to give out information on
suspected criminals.
In a resolution paper read on their
behalf by Kisumu County National
Council of Churches of Kenya Chair-
man Bishop Joshua Koyo, the locals
also demanded restricted movement
of animals between Kericho and
Kisumu counties.
Residents urged to
venture into dairy
cattle rearing
A section of Jubilee Members of
Parliament has called on the Govern-
ment to double former Prime Minis-
ter Raila Odingas security detail.
This comes barely a week after
ODM nominated MP Oburu Oginga
claimed there were plans to assassi-
nate the former PM.
Speaking at a fundraising in Sega
Girls High School, Siaya County,
Kieni MP Kanini Kenga said the al-
legations were saddening and urged
Dr Oburu to report the matter to the
If there is anything like that, then
the former PMs security agents
should be doubled because we do
not want anything to happen to
him, said Kenga.
The Thika MP also called on Ob-
uru to report the matter to the police
since the allegations touching on
Railas life were serious.
Who would want to kill Raila?
Without Raila the competition will
not be sweet. Nobody wants to kill
him. Raila makes politics very inter-
esting, she said.
Other MPs at the function hosted
by Ugenya MP Dave Ochieng were
Alice Nganga (Thika) and Kimani
Ichungwah (Kikuyu), Cornel Serem
(Aldai). The MPs promised to be at
the airport to welcome Raila when
he returns from the US.
MPs call on state to double Railas security
Nyalenda residents in Kisumu County attend to a teenage boy who attempted
to commit suicide after he was allegedly jilted by his girl friend. [PHOTO:
Costly affair
To get a copy call:
I&M Ofce: Geraldine - 0738 144 091
Moi Avenue Ofce: Mary - 0727 718 286
WESTERN NEWS / Page 31 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu (centre) outside Kisumu High Court after the court
dismissed a petition challenging his election some time ago. He is one of the
MPs opposed to efforts to reduce powers of MCAs. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
A section of MPs has faulted calls
to amend the Constitution and limit
powers vested in Members of County
Assemblies on impeaching gover-
Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu said the
amendment was unconstitutional
and would interfere with other levels
of government because the Consti-
tution created two distinct levels.
He said the MCAs are mandated
with an oversight role that gives
them powers to check and oversee
county governments.
When Kenyans created county
governments, they devolved powers
and funds to regional units and if we
limit their powers, the county
governments will be unchecked.
Every leader should be allowed to
exercise their roles as mandated by
the Constitution, Chanzu said.
He maintained that governors
should be sensitive to the interests
MPs oppose
move to clip
MCAs powers
of people and adhere to the rule of
Governors are equally to blame.
They do not account for the money
they receive and if there is a
violation of law, abuse of ofce,
gross misconduct or a crime has
been committed by governors or
county executive members, then let
the law takes its course, he said.
Kimilili MP Eseli Simiyu said
there is no need for the amendment
because the Senate is the nal entity
that determines and approves the
removal of a governor.
He observed that governors have
a right to appear before the Senate
to defend themselves against
allegations by the MCAs.
There might be excitement
among MCAs for now but with time,
there will be order. If we amend this
clause, we will be stopping the ward
representatives from exercising their
duties as stipulated in the law, he
A number of legislators led by
controlling taxpayers money to
ensure transparency and account-
If we want to encourage
corruption and embezzlement of
funds, then we should strip the
MCAs of their role to oversee the
county governments. This will breed
impunity. Personally, I will not be
part of that amendment, she
Lugari MP Ayub Savula said the
powers to remove governors lies
with the Senate that is mandated to
approve or not to, a vote of no
condence passed by MCAs.
MCAs are exercising their duties
as mandated by law, said Savula.
Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka have
undertaken to introduce a Bill in
Parliament to amend the clause that
mandates county assemblies to
impeach governors, saying the MCAs
use the law to intimidate, threaten
and armtwist governors to give into
their demands.
Kakamega County Woman
Representative Rachael Ameso told
The Standard, she will oppose the
motion to amend the clause because
MCAs are mandated to oversee
operations in the county.
She said there need to be checks
and balances for any institution
Bungoma Senator Moses
Wetangula and leaders in Busia
County have expressed outrage over
the sacking of Nacada CEO William
Okedi and appealed to President
Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and
revoke the matter.
Speaking during a funds drive at
Bwamani Secondary School in
Matayos Constituency last Saturday,
the Bungoma Senator called on the
national government to conduct
thorough investigations over the
illicit brew issue.
Singling out Dr Okedi and
leaving out other Nacada bosses
sends a wrong message, he stressed.
Matayos MP Geoffrey Odanga
and his Butula counterpart Michael
Onyura said they will not sit and
watch as people are victimised.
Teso South MP Mary Emaase said
she will pursue the matter further.
I believe that Okedi is innocent
and I appeal to President Uhuru to
revoke the sack. Emaase afrmed.
Busia County Women MP
Florence Mutua, people living with
disability chairman, Pekol Mrade
and Maendeleo ya wanawake boss,
Zainabu Muyoti termed Okedis
sacking as ill timed.
Leaders angry over
sacking of Okedi
as Nacada CEO
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 32 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS
Meru Governor Peter Munya commissions one of six ambulances worth Sh25 million to be used in hospitals around the
county. One ambulance has a mobile ICU to address emergencies on the spot. [PHOTO: PATRICK MUTHURI/STANDARD]
Sigor MP Philip Rotino. [PHOTO: FILE/
Three people were reported dead
at the weekend in Kajiado County in
two separate incidents after
consuming an alcoholic brew.
The incidents occurred in
Kimana town, near Oloitokitok,
prompting the arrest of one bar
In the rst incidence, two young
men are said to have consumed a
drink dubbed Budget, which retails
for Sh100. Shortly after, they began
to say they are feeling very dizzy and
were not seeing clearly.
They were rushed to hospital
before being referred to Kenyatta
National Hospital, but died before
they got to Nairobi.
In another incident, a drunk
middle-aged man said to be from
Kibwezi alighted from a matatu and
immediately fell down. He died on
the spot.
Conrming the two incidents,
area Deputy County Commissioner
Kello Harsama told The Standard he
had ordered sale of the brew
immediately stopped pending
Harsama said while investiga-
tions had revealed that the two men
died after drinking Budget, they are
yet to identify the brew that the man
from Kibwezi consumed.
He said the greatest challenge in
ghting sale of illicit brews is
because some of the alcoholic
brands causing deaths are licensed.
The brew that led to the death of
these two gentlemen has a Kenya
Bureau of Standards (Kebs) label,
therefore asking bar owners and
attendants to stop selling the brew
becomes an uphill task since they
say the drink is genuine and
licensed, he said.
Harsma said it is high time Kebs
intensied investigations for all brew
distillers to ensure Kenyans health is
Kebs and other concerned
Budget brew banned in
Kajiado after 2 revellers die
parties must ensure that distilling
companies found to be supplying
drinks which are not t for human
consumption face the law, he said.
Harsma also said those found to
be operating illegal unlicensed distil-
lation companies, forging Kebs and
KRA labels and generally putting
lives of Kenyans at risk will be dealt
with severely.
Area Senior Chief John Lalaito
said they have begun a crackdown in
the town to forcefully order the
brand out of sale to curb further
deaths as investigations continue.
Meanwhile, drinking joints in
brands with most taking less than
four bottles before they depart. This
forces us to close our businesses
earlier than usual, said Gladys
Kimani, a patron at a local joint.
The fear has been aggravated by
health complications developed by
ve men who were rushed to Kitale
District Hospital after taking the
lethal brew.
Yesterday, talks over the killer
brew was the subject of discussion
in the township as small gatherings
gave divergent opinions.
The clergy also added their voice,
during their Sunday morning
sermons, by urging residents to
refrain from taking alcohol.
Kapenguria township, West Pokot
County have recorded low business
following the deaths of scores of
people across the country after
consuming illicit brews.
A spot check by The Standard
established that popular joints in the
countys headquarters had only a
handful revelers with most joints
closing early.
A patron at Panama Bar said sales
have dropped signicantly since the
deaths were announced and
especially in the sale of spirits.
Majority of the clients who turn
up choose to consume popular beer
Members of the populous Purko
clan have decided to support Narok
County Governor Samuel Kuntai.
The clan that has been opposed
to the governors leadership over a
myriad of issues including being
sidelined in decision making and
being left out in key appointments,
yesterday resolved that Kuntai
should serve his term unhindered.
In a meeting attended by former
Heritage Minister William ole
Ntimama, Senator Stephen ole
Ntutu, Narok North MP Moitalel
Kenta, his Narok South counterpart
Korei Lemein and Patrick Ntutu
(Narok West), elders also resolved to
work with the governor for the sake
of development in the region.
We have unanimously agreed to
end the ght we have waged against
the governor. We have decided to let
him nish his term without further
interference for the sake of peace,
harmony and development, said
Rimoine Togom, who briefed the
press after the meeting at Ilmashari-
ani, near Narok town.
Togom, a former vice chairman
with the defunct Narok county
council said the clan was unhappy
with alleged interference by
outsiders in the running of the
county government.
Even with the onset of rains in
the North Rift region, some cereal
farmers are counting losses after
their crops failed to germinate.
Farmers are now contemplating
planting short season crops to ll up
gaps on bare portions of their farms
where maize seeds, planted in
March, failed to sprout.
There is now a ray of hope after
rains started pounding from early
this week. Although it is still scanty,
it is better than the dry spell that had
persisted for several weeks, said
Ruth Kemboi, Kenya National
Farmers Federation (KeNaFF)
treasurer, Uasin Gishu branch.
Kemboi said in places where the
germination rate of maize seeds was
below par some farmers have turned
to wheat farming.
Musa Barno, Uasin Gishu KeNaFF
chairman said most maize farmers
started sowing their seeds in March
when this seasons rain started
before subsiding a few days later.
The seeds that had started
germinating at the time were
scorched following a persistent dry
spell at the North Rift, Barno said.
Leaders vow
to support
count their
Leaders in West Pokot County
have appealed to the Government
to provide relief food to victims of
hunger in Pokot North and Central.
Sigor MP Philip Rotino said the
recent distribution was insufcient
as only 200 bags were provided to
over 5,000 victims yet the problem
was still persistent.
Mr Rotino, who was involved in
a three-day relief food distribution
exercise, said he had to buy 200
more bags of maize to supplement
the Governments ration.
He said the number of those in
need of relief food is increasing as
the region continues to experience
an inux of pastoral communities
MP: Pokot residents need more relief food
from Baringo and Marakwet
counties where drought has
depleted food supply.
More than 5,000 animals have
been brought in by pastoral
families from Marakwet and
Baringo. These people come to
bring their animals at the water
points at Kerio and Weiwei rivers.
These are Kenyans also in need of
food and cannot be ignored,
Rotino said.
The legislator further appealed
for water boozers to take water
closer to animals since most cannot
walk long distances to water points.
Rotino said within the last two
months, about 1,000 animals have
succumbed to the vagaries of
weather and urged the livestock
department to destock the animals
by buying them to avoid further
Rotino said it would be conve-
nient for the Government to buy
the stock and ferry them to other
places where pasture and water are
available and resell them to farmers
once their condition improves.
The MP said most water
reservoirs in the northern and
central parts of the county have
dried up and livestock farmers have
been hard hit by the catastrophe.
Many families have been
affected, especially the pastoral
communities in the northern
region, as pasture for their livestock
has diminished due to insufcient
rainfall, he said.
Ready to serve
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
go slow on impeachments
Days after being re-elected as
council of governors chair, Bomet
Governor Isaac Ruto has said the
current wave of impeachments
poses a great danger to the success
of devolution.
While reafrming his
commitment to ensure devolution
succeeds, Ruto called on Members
of County Assemblies to embrace
dialogue and work closely with
their governors to accelerate
development in the devolved units.
Speaking at Tumoi AGC Church
during a fundraiser for the church,
Ruto expressed disappointment
that some MCAs have accepted to
be used as hatchet men by forces
who have differences with certain
identify source of liquor
The lethal drink that left one
person blind and four others
hospitalised in Trans-Nzoia County
was sourced from a manufacturing
plant in Kisumu, police have said.
And police in Trans-Nzoia have
arrested more than 10 people
including the owner of the bar
in Sibanga Trading Centre where
three of the victims consumed the
lethal brew.
County Commander Lillian
Okembo said they had seized some
samples from a local bar, where
the victims had taken the brew, for
The victims were admitted to
Kitale Level 5 Hospital after they
consumed a brew called Shakers
at various bars in Trans-Nzoia
County. Three of the victims took
the drink at a pub in Sibanga while
the other two consumed it in bars
in Kitale town.
Okembo disclosed that a team
had been dispatched to Kisumu
to collect more samples from the
manufacturing plant.
Another member of the Nakuru
County executive committee is on the
spot over her conduct while at the
Ministry of Lands some years back.
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption
Commission (EACC) has launched
investigations over claims of abuse of
ofce against one Rachael W Maina,
the ofcer in charge of Lands, Hous-
ing and Physical Planning at the
This comes just one week after the
county executive member committee
member in charge of Trade and Tour-
ism Sam Gitau was forced to resign
following an exposse by The Standard
on Sunday over fake academic cer-
In the latest incident, Ms Maina is
being investigated over alleged irregu-
lar allocation of 96 acres of Govern-
ment land in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua
County, to a private developer.
EACC Spokesman Yasin Amaro
conrmed that Maina is being inves-
tigated for the incident which, ac-
Another county executive
offcial faces integrity queries
likely to raise questions on how of-
cials with integrity issues managed to
secure jobs as members of the county
Ofcial: Watch out for change of tack in terror attacks
Public health ofcers in Nakuru
County have been told to be on high
alert over possible bio-terrorism at-
The county noted that terrorists
could change their strategy and
called on ofcers to scale up surveil-
lance on water sources and food
Issuing the directive, County Pub-
lic Health Ofcer Samuel Kingori
directed the ofcers to inspect all
food and liquor establishments in
their areas of jurisdiction.
Please note that terrorism ac-
tivities can take any form, including
bioterrorism. We should be vigilant
all the time, he said in the notice.
He said his ofce had been in-
formed of unlabelled drinks being
sold in the county and called for ur-
gent action.
Let it be a continuous activity,
whereby monitoring of water sourc-
es, food and disease trends should be
part of your daily activities, he
This came as Naivasha sub-
county started the process of closing
down all second-generation alcohol
factories in the area in line with the
Government directive.
According to Naivasha sub-coun-
ty Commissioner Mohamed Abass,
they were writing to factories in the
area to close down their plants pend-
ing application for new licences.
The directive from the Govern-
ment is that all the brewers have to
reapply afresh and we shall make
sure this is adhered to, he said.
Abass at the same time said they
had collected samples from all the
brewers and taken them to the Gov-
ernment chemist for analysis.
We have done random sampling
of all drinks sold in various bars in
the area and taken them for testing,
he said.
At the same time, police in Nyan-
darua County have denied reports
appearing in a section of the media
that three people had died as a result
of consuming illegal liquor.
Members of the Borana community protest alleged discrimination in alloca-
tion of county resources and jobs at the Saku CDF ofces at the weekend. They
later presented their petition to the national and the county government ofc-
es in Marsabit town. [PHOTO: ALI ABDI/STANDARD]
In the new development, The
Standard is in possession of a letter to
the EACC by the County Government
of Nyandarua accusing Ms Maina of
using her position to illegally allocate
a parcel of land belonging to the
Nyandarua Institute of Science and
Technology to private developers.
It claims that one of the benecia-
ries of the land was her daughter.
The subject land was earmarked
for construction of a tertiary college,
but was illegally allocated to private
individuals through a plot orches-
trated by the then District Settlement
Ofcer, namely Rachael W Maina,
stated the letter dated March 26 and
addressed to EACC Chair Mumo
In the letter, the county wants the
anti-corruption body to investigate
the circumstances that led to the al-
legedly illegal action.
In any event, the Settlement Fund
Trustee was set up to facilitate land-
less families. This is indeed the height
of impunity, stated the letter. Amaro
said investigations were underway.
cording to documents seen by The
Standard, took place during her ten-
ure as the Nyandarua District Settle-
ment Ofcer. The latest revelation is
Not happy
To get a copy, call:
Geraldine - 0738 144 091
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Reporting to the Director, CPST, the holder of this position shall deputize the
Senior Deputy Director (Curriculum Development, Training and Research)
at the CPST, specically on matters of Research and Development as well as
Information Management, Communication and Technology.
(a) Key Duties and responsibilities
Provide leadership on all matters related to parliamentary research
at the CPST;
Conceptualize and design research projects specically relevant to
parliamentary matters which are of national, regional and global
Provide research guidance to research staf and implement research
projects in conjunction with other research staf and CPST partners;
Coordinate, supervise and provide technical guidance on planning
complex research projects;
Prepare and implement guidelines concerning research methodology,
analysis and evaluation of research programs;
Review research plans, designs and reports for relevance, cost
efectiveness and usefulness to the CPST;
Assist the Senior Deputy Director, Curriculum Development, Training and
Research in the preparation of applications for research grants;
Monitor and coordinate grant implementation with other chief researchers;
Be a part of a high calibre research and development team the CPST
think tank and ensure efective linkage with extension, regional
projects and other support services and international institutions;
Foster linkages with extension, other regional research centres and
international Institutions;
Initiate and manage a research fellowship and internship programme
at the CPST;
Conduct training on research at CPST;
Perform any other of cial duties that may be assigned by the Director,
CPST, the immediate supervisor and the PSC Management.
(b) Minimum Qualications
A Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences (bias on policy and political
science) from a recognized University;
A Masters Degree in Social Science specializing in Policy studies,
Political Science, Research and Evaluation from a recognized
A Doctorate Degree specializing in Policy studies, Political Science,
Research and Evaluation from a recognized University (the Doctoral
studies must have had a taught research unit);
At least Three (3) years experience heading a research department in
an academic or research institution;
A clear understanding of the relationship between policy research and
legislative process;
Be computer literate especially with working experience of research
software like SPSS, N-Vivo etc;
Over 10 years working experience, three of which should have been at
a senior policy or management level in a large organization preferably
an academic or research institution;
Evidence of at least one research grant won and a research project
report written individually or as a member of a team.
Reporting to the Director, CPST, the holder of this position shall work under the
Senior Deputy Director (Curriculum Development, Training and Research) at the
CPST on matters of knowledge management and research.
(a) Key Duties and Responsibilities
Designing and installing techniques and processes to create, protect,
and use known knowledge;
Designing and creating environments and activities to discover and
release knowledge that is not known, or tacit knowledge;
Articulating the purpose and nature of managing knowledge as a
resource and embodying it in other initiatives and programmes;
Articulate and promote a culture of knowledge management all
levels of the CPST;
Keeping abreast with current developments in the area of training
Establish an up to date recourse centre with current reference
materials relevant for the training and research programmes at the
Train others on areas of knowledge management;
Be available for trainers and trainees for consultation;
Perform any other of cial duties that may be assigned by the Director,
CPST, the immediate supervisor and the PSC Management.
(b) Minimum Qualications:
A Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from a recognized University;
A Masters Degree in library studies, research, policy studies or ICT
from a recognized University; A doctorate degree in these areas will
be an added advantage;
At least 6 years working experience, three (3) of which should
have been at a senior/management level in a library or knowledge
management environment in a university, research institution or a
public service entity.
Be computer literate with working knowledge of software used in
large libraries and research including SPSS and N-Vivo;
Reporting to the Director, CPST, the holder of this position shall work under
Senior Deputy Director, Administration and Corporate Afairs (CPST). The holder
of this position shall manage programmes and activities relating to monitoring
and evaluation for purposes of ensuring continuous quality improvement of all
programmes at the CPST.
(a) Key Duties and Responsibilities
Develop and strengthen monitoring; inspection and evaluation
procedures at the CPST
Monitor all CPST activities, expenditures and progress towards
achieving the laid down outputs of the CPST;
Recommend further improvement of the logical frame work;
Develop monitoring and impact indicator for success of all
Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results;
Monitor the sustainability of the results of all programmes;
Provide feedback to the Director on CPST Strategic Objectives,
Activities, and Impact;
Suggest strategies for improving the ef ciency and efectiveness of all
programmes by identifying bottlenecks in completing project activities
and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such bottlenecks;
Report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually on all programme
activities at the CPST;
Conduct capacity assessment on existing monitoring and evaluation
Develop indicators and a monitoring strategy for all programmes;
Participate in annual reviews and planning workshops;
Assist in coordinating across the available components of the CPST to
ensure efective implementation of M&E/MIS;
Be available for trainers and trainees for consultation;
Perform any other of cial duties that may be assigned by the Director,
CPST, the immediate supervisor and the PSC Management.
(b) Minimum Qualications:
A Bachelors Degree in Education from a recognized University;
A Masters Degree in either Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E),
Management Information Systems (MIS) and Research from a
recognized University;
At least ve (5) years of experience in the design and implementation
of M&E/MIS in development or Training projects or programmes
implemented by national/international NGOs/UN bodies/ Government;
Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection,
analysis and production of reports;
Proven ICT skills, especially in the development of MIS software;
Expertise in analyzing data using statistical software;
Strong training and facilitation skills in order to understand evaluation
of training programmes held at the CPST.
Reporting to the Director, CPST, the holder of this position shall work under the
Senior Deputy Director, (Curriculum Development, Training and Research) CPST,
mainly ensuring that training activities at the CPST run smoothly and efectively.
(a) Key Duties and Responsibilities
Identifying training and development needs within Parliament and
other clients through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular
consultation with the PSC Directorate in charge of Human Resource
Development ;
Designing and expanding training and development programmes
based on the training needs of CPST clients;
Considering the costs of planned programmes and keeping within
budgets and assessing the return on investment of any training or
development programmes;
Develop programmes that are satisfactory to all relevant parties
involved in the training;
Developing efective induction programmes for all persons involved
in training;
Devising individual learning plans;
Producing training and curriculum support materials;
Managing the delivery of training and development programmes;
Monitoring and reviewing the progress of trainees through
questionnaires and discussions with managers;
Ensuring that statutory training requirements are met;
Amending and revising programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to
changes occurring in the work environment;
Working closely with CPST trainers and recourse persons to solve
specic training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups;
Keeping up to date with developments in training;
Having an understanding of e-learning techniques, and where
relevant, being involved in the creation and/or delivery of e-learning
training programmes;
Researching new technologies and methodologies in workplace
training and learning and presenting this research to the team at
Perform any other of cial duties that may be assigned by the Director,
CPST, the immediate supervisor and the PSC Management.
(b) Minimum Qualications:
A Bachelors Degree in Education from a recognized University;
A Masters Degree in Education, Curriculum Development or
equivalent from a recognized University;
At least ve (5) years of teaching experience in a secondary or post
secondary training institution;
At least three (3) years experience in the design and implementation
of a curriculum;
Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection,
analysis and production of reports;
Proven ICT skills, especially in the development of MIS software using
database software;
Strong training & facilitation skills for adult learners.
Applications must include a cover letter, a Curriculum Vitae (not more than
5 pages long with three referees), Copies of Academic Certicates and
Testimonials and may be addressed to The Clerk of the Senate/Secretary,
Parliamentary Service Commission, P.O. Box 41842 00100, Nairobi,
hand delivered to, the of ce of the Clerk of the Senate on 2
Floor, County
Hall, Parliament Buildings or emailed to csenate@parliament. to be
received on or before 22
May, 2014.
Only shortlisted candidates shall be notied.
The Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training (The CPST) was established under Legal Notice No. 95 of July 22, 2011 under the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC). The CPST has established itself as the centre of excellence in training
for quality governance. The core mandate of the CPST is capacity building for Members and Staf of Parliament and other members of the public interested in parliamentary studies. In addition to training and capacity building, the CPST is
mandated to participate in the preservation and transmission of parliamentary knowledge in Kenya and the region.
In order to enhance the human resource capacity of the CPST, the Parliamentary Service Commission seeks to recruit persons who are innovative, of high integrity, able to work with diverse groups of people, with good communication skills,
result oriented and who can work with minimum supervision in the following positions:
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
The Parliamentary Service Commission seeks to recruit persons who are energetic and
result oriented to ll the following positions:
1. PERSONAL SECRETARY I - Thirty (30) vacancies

(a) Key Duties and Responsibilities
lecording dictation in shorthand and transcribing it in t,ewritten form
1,ing from drafts, manuscrits or recording from dictation machines
lrocessing data
Hanagement of eom ce
Lnsuring securit, of om ce records; documents and equiments; including classied
lrearing resonses to simle routine corresondence
Hanagement of om ce rotocol; managing of om ce ett, cash; handling telehone calls
and aointments
uerating om ce equiment
(b) Minimum Qualications
Direct appointment
A 8achelors uegree in Secretarial Studies or a 8achelor of 8usiness and um ce Hanagement or
equivalent qualications from a recognized institution;
Candidates who have attained the following qualications will also be considered;
(i) Served in the grade of lersonal Secretar, ll or Senior Secretarial Assistant or an, other
relevant and comarable osition in the lublic Service for a minimum eriod of three (3)
(ii) The following qualications from the Ken,a National Lxamination Council:
Shorthand lll (00 w..m.)
1,ewriting lll (minimum 50 w..m.)/Comuterized uocument lrocessing lll
um ce Hanagement lll/um ce Administration and Hanagement lll
8usiness Lnglish lll /Communications ll
um ce lractice ll
Commerce ll
Secretarial uuties ll
A uiloma/higher uiloma in Secretarial Studies from the Ken,a National Lxaminations
council or equivalent qualications from a recognized institution; and
A certicate in comuter alications.
2. ASSISTANT OFFICE SUPERINTENDENT - Thirty-seven (37) vacancies
(a) Key Duties and Responsibilities
Cleaning of om ces, kitchen, and entire comound.
Collecting and cleaning teaserving facilities in om ces.
Collecting and delivering documents outside larliament.
uelivering documents within larliament.
(b) Minimum Qualications
Hust have served in the grade of Assistant um ce Suerintendent lll (lSC 3) for at least
four (4) ,ears or its equivalent osition;
Shown merit and abilit,;
8e in ossession of certicate in house Keeing from a recognized lnstitute;
8e conversant with basic labour laws
8e in ossession of at least u+ at secondar, level of education.
Alications must include a cover letter, a Curriculum vitae, Coies of Academic Certicates and
1estimonials and ma, be addressed to The Clerk of the Senate/Secretary, Parliamentary
Service Commission, P.O. Box 41842 00100, Nairobi, hand delivered to, the om ce of the
Clerk of the Senate on 2
Floor, County Hall, Parliament Buildings or emailed to csenate@
parliament. to be received on or before 22
May, 2014.
Kenya Ports Authority invites sealed bids from consultants able to demonstrate technical and
nancial capability to ofer services of the nature, complexity and size envisaged in the tenders
1. TENDER NO. KPA/118/2013-14/EE
MAY, 2014 AT
2. TENDER NO. KPA/119/2013-14/CA -
THE 10
JUNE, 2014
Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information and inspect the tender documents
from the ofce of the Head of Procurement & Supplies located on the 4th oor of ofce Block III
Room No. BLK 3.4.7 at the Kenya Ports Authority Headquarters, Kipevu during week days between
0800 and 1600 Hours.
A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested rms upon payment of a non-
refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000.00 in form of cash or Bankers Cheque payable to Kenya Ports
The document can also be viewed and downloaded from the KPA website at
no fee. Bidders who download the tender document from the website must forward their
particulars immediately for records and communication of any further tender clarications or
addenda. Enquiries can be made via email address: fax number +25422
Bidders are advised to regularly visit the KPA website to obtain any additional information/
addendum on the tenders.
Tender documents marked with tender number and description must be received by the
Authority at the address shown below in plain sealed envelopes marked as follows:
Completed tenders shall be deposited at Tender Box No.7 located at the BUS TERMINUS, PORT
Bulky tenders shall be submitted at the ofce of the Head of Procurement & Supplies located on
the 4
oor of ofce Block III at the Kenya Ports Authority Headquarters, Kipevu, Kilindini
Opening of submissions will be conducted publicly starting from 1030Hours in the Procurement
Conference Room located at the New Service Area (Kapenguria), in the former Supplies Accounts
ofce and Tenderers or their representatives may attend.
Late tenders shall not be accepted.
Yobesh Oyaro
KEBS ISO 9001:2008 Certied Organization, Cert. No. 087
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 36 / NOTICE
Tender No. Tender Name
Reserve Amount/
Construction/maintenance of D507
Miambani-Mikuyuni Road
Kshs.28 million
All Bidders
Construction/maintenance of R46
Kitungati-Kamulu Road
Kshs.6.5 million
All Bidders
Construction/maintenance of R26
Kangweni-Katuala Road
Kshs.6.5 million
All Bidders
Construction/maintenance of D509
Zombe-Mutitu-Ikoo Road
Kshs.30 million All Bidders
CGoKTI/223/2013-14 Construction/maintenance of URP4
Ithookwe-Unyaa Primary School (Kitui-
Machakos Rd junction) Road
Kshs.6.5 million All Bidders
Construction of a Resource Centre at
Mwingi town in Mwingi Central Sub-
Kshs.34 million All Bidders
Construction of a Resource Centre at
Kyoani in Kitui South Sub-county
Kshs.34 million All Bidders
Construction of a Resource Centre at
Mutonguni in Kitui West Sub-county
Kshs.9.2 million All Bidders
Construction of a Resource Centre at
Kitui town in Kitui Central Sub-county
Kshs.35 million All Bidders
Refurbishment of various buildings at
Mwingi Level IV Hospital
Kshs.10 million All Bidders
Refurbishment of Records Department
building at Mwingi Level IV Hospital
Kshs.1 million All Bidders
Re-roofng and re-painting of various
buildings at Kitui Level IV Hospital
Kshs.7.5 million All Bidders
Renovation and Refurbishment of CHMT
(County Health Management Team) offce
block, Kitui county headquarters
Kshs.950,000 All Bidders
Construction of County Government
Offces at the County headquarters, Kitui
Kshs.95 million All Bidders
Rehabilitation works for installation,
testing and commissioning of specialized
equipment for Twin Theatre at Kitui Level
IV Hospital
Kshs.3 million All Bidders
Construction of a modern gate at Mwingi
Level IV Hospital
All Bidders
Construction of a modern gate at Kitui
Level IV Hospital
Kshs.500,000 All Bidders
Construction of a modern gate at CHMT
(County Health Management Team)
compound, Kitui County Headquarters
Kshs.300,000 All Bidders
Construction of a Revenue Collection gate
at Adamson Bridge (North Kitui Game
Kshs.2.5 million All Bidders
Construction of a Revenue Collection Gate
at Masyungwa (North Kitui Game Reserve)
Kshs.2.5 million All Bidders
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and
Commissioning of Cold Rooms for Kyuso
mortuary (under construction)
Kshs.8 million All Bidders
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and
Commissioning of Cold Rooms for Mutitu
mortuary (under construction)
Kshs.8 million All Bidders
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and
Commissioning of Cold Rooms for Mutomo
mortuary (under construction)
Kshs.8 million All Bidders
Construction for refurbishment and
upgrading of Kitui Stadium (clearing and
grading of feld, formation of earth terraces
and construction of an ablution block)
Kshs.9 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; Hospital-Total
Petrol station loop-Kalisasi Primary
School-Kwa Suvu centre (6500 metres)
Kshs.26.5 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; Garissa road/
Kyuso junction-Tyaa bridge-Kanginga
KPLC Substation (4500 metres)
Kshs.19 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; Musila Gardens-
Garissa Road loop (200 metres) and
Cottage-Ikuuni market (1500 metres)
Kshs.8 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; Old market
Slaughter House (1100 metres)
Kshs.10 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; KCB Old Bus
stage-KPLC Offces (1500 metres)
Kshs.10 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; Cottage-Ikuuni
market (1400 metres)
Kshs.9 million All Bidders
1he CounLy CovernmenL of klLul hereby lnvlLes sealed blds from ellglble conLracLors reglsLered wlLh Lhe nauonal ConsLrucuon AuLhorlLy for varlous pro[ecLs under Lhe klLul CounLy
lnfrasLrucLure uevelopmenL ro[ecLs from varlous locauons wlLhln Lhe CounLy CovernmenL, plus Lhe procuremenL of lC1 and omce furnlLure equlpmenL. ueLalls on Lhe scope of Lhe
works shall be lndlcaLed ln Lhe Lender documenLs.
1hese Lenders are reserved for ellglble conLracLors and suppllers domlclled wlLhln klLul CounLy ln llne wlLh Lhe references and 8eservauons rovlslon AmendmenLs of Legal nouce
no. 114 aparL from Lhe supply and dellvery and commlsslonlng of drllllng rlgs and low loader whlch are open Lo all bldders.
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Mwingi town; ECD School-
Garissa Road Junction (1400 metres)
Kshs.10 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui town: National Bank-
Naivas-BAT junction (Kilungya Street)
(900 metres)
Kshs.5.2 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui town: Wikililye Road/
Agricultural Mechanization Road junction
to Agricultural Mechanization Gate (700
metres) and Rehabilitation of street
lighting within Agricultural Mechanization
Kshs.3.2 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui town: Kalundu market loop
and Kalundu- Ngiini Primary School (1950
Kshs.7.5 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting at Kwa Vonza: Mitasyano Bridge-
Kwa Vonza centre (3400 metres)
Kshs.15 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting at Kwa Vonza: Kwa Vonza centre-
SEKU & KU Gates (6700 metres)
Kshs.26 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting at Kwa Vonza: Kwa Vonza centre-
Nthangathini Road (600 metres)
Kshs.3 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting at Kwa Vonza to Kitui town: Kwa
Vonza centre towards Syongila junction
(9500 metres)
Kshs.30 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui town to Kwa Vonza:
Syongila junction towards Kwa Vonza
centre (9500 metres)
Kshs.30 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui: Kaveta Bridge-Syongila
junction (3700 metres)
Kshs.15 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui: Syongila junction-Kwa
Mumo (Kyambusya) (5000 metres)
Kshs.29 million All Bidders
Erection and commissioning of street
lighting in Kitui: Kalundu River-Ithookwe
Airstrip-Tungutu Girls School-Kitui
Showground ( 2100 metres)
Kshs.8 million All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 261/2013-14
Construction of 1 No., 100 cubic. metre
ground level masonry water storage tank
at Kitui Agricultural Training Centre
Kshs.1.3 million All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 262/2013-14
Supply, delivery and Commissioning of
3No. Drilling Rig sets
Kshs.38 million per set All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 263/2013-14
Supply, delivery and Commissioning of
1No. Low Loader
Kshs.18 million each All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 264/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 130 No. Laptops
Kshs.69,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 265/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 119 No. Desktop
Kshs.63,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 266/2013-14 Supply and delivery of 118 No. UPS Kshs.9,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 267/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 102 No. 4-way
standard power extension cables
Kshs.3,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 268/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 15 No. LCD
Kshs.50,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 269/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 15 No. LCD
Projector Screens
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 270/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 4 No. Colour
Kshs.52,600 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 271/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 88 No. Black and
White Printers
Kshs.36,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 272/2013-14 Supply and delivery of 19 No. Photocopiers - All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 273/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 2 No. Digital Video
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 274/2013-14
Supply and delivery of 62 No. Digital
Kshs.20,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 275/2013-14
Supply and delivery of Internet Modem
130 No.
Kshs.2,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 276/2013-14 Flash disks 159 No. Kshs.2,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 277/2013-14 External Hard Disks 17 No. Kshs.9,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 278/2013-14 3-user Anti-virus software 90 No. Kshs.3,300 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 279/2013-14 Document Scanner 4 No. Kshs.50,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 280/2013-14
Microsoft Offce 2013 Professional
Software 250 No.
Kshs.29,500 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 281/2013-14
Supply and delivery of Offce Furniture:
Executive Desks 70 No.
Kshs.55,000 per piece
All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 282/2013-14 Executive Chairs 70 No. Kshs.35,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 283/2013-14 Visitors Chairs 140 No. Kshs.10,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 284/2013-14 Drawer Filing Cabinet 70 No. Kshs.21,500 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 285/2013-14 Bookshelves - 2 piece glass doors; 20 No. Kshs.23,000 per piece All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 286/2013-14 3-way Waiting Chairs (metallic) 20 No. Kshs.20,000 per set All Bidders
CGoKTI/ 287/2013-14 Printing of Accountable documents as
Various All bidders
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
NOTICES / Page 37
Mandatory Requirements
Interested bidders should note that only those meeting the criteria indicated below as minimum, supported by relevant
documents at submission will be considered for further evaluation:-
1. Proof of eligibility as being a contractor registered with NCA and operating within the Sub-County for all Projects;
2. Provide copies of VAT, PN and Tax Compliance Certifcates;
3. Preference shall be awarded to frms in the category of Youth, Women and Persons living with Disabilities where
there is proof of eligibility as having been registered with the National Treasury for frms belonging to Youth,
Women and Persons with Disabilities;
4. The Tender Form and Confdential Business Questionnaire must be fully flled and signed by authorized
person(s) with full names of Directors/Owner(s) , and copies of company registration Certifcates (CR12) and D
cards of the Director(s)/owner(s) must be attached;
5. A bidder will be limited to a maximum award of only one project for these tenders.
Further, tenders from the following tenderers shall be treated as non-responsive and therefore subject to automatic
1. A tender from a tenderer whose Directors/Owners/Shareholders are either Public Servants, State Offcers or their
Spouses and or their Children;
2. A tender from a tenderer who has a history of default on project(s).
3. A tender from a tenderer whose tender sum is outside the threshold of plus or minus 10% of the offcial reserve
amounts/prices as provided except for procurement of CT equipment and offce furniture.
Eligible candidates are requested to inspect prior to purchasing the tender documents and obtain any clarifcations
concerning the tender documents from the Offce of the Head of Supply Chain Management Services, Kitui County
Treasury Building, P.O. Box 33 90200, Kitui.
Bid documents will be obtained on payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs.1,000.00 per set in bankers cheque
payable to Kitui County Government Revenue Collection Account at the County Treasury in Kitui Town.
Completed tender documents (copy and original) enclosed in plain sealed envelopes and marked with the tender
number and name, shall be deposited outside the Offce of the CEC Member/Minister for Finance and Economic
Planning at the County Treasury on or before 12.00 noon, Wednesday 28
May, 2014.
Bids received after closing date and/or time shall not be accepted. Tenders will be opened publicly immediately
thereafter in the presence of participating bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.
Bids shall be valid for a period 120 days after bid opening and submission of Tenders must be accompanied by
bid security of 2% of the quoted total bid price and must be in Kenya shillings or its equivalent in freely convertible
currency. (No bid security would be required for frms belonging to Youth, Women and People with Disabilities.
However this category of businesses shall be required to sign a Bid Security Declaration Form to be provided to the
eligible applicants in this category.)
All candidates whose application will have been received within the specifed date will be notifed of the results of their
applications immediately and after the fnal decision is reached.
Tenders documents will be available from the offce of Head of Supply Chain Management Services at the County
Treasury Offces with effect from Tuesday 13
May 2014 from 10.00 a.m.
The County Government of Kitui was established by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 Article 176. The County Government
is in the process of preparing a County Spatial Plan which is a spatial depiction of the social and economic programs of
the county as depicted in the CDP.
The County Government of Kitui invites qualifed interested consultants to submit Expression of nterest (Eo) for the
preparation of Kitui County Spatial Plan.
Scope of service will consist but not limited to:
1. The preparation of the County GS based Spatial Development Plan.
2. Provide strategic guidance in respect of location and nature of development within the county.
3. Set out basic guidelines for land use management system in the county.
4. Analyze the urbanization trends and identify strategic towns and urban centers for detailed planning.
5. Provide a detailed GS based County resource inventory for water, agriculture, livestock, forestry, energy, tourism,
minerals, health, education, infrastructure and environment.
6. To convene stakeholders' meetings and workshops to create awareness and sensitize them in order to ensure
ownership and compliance to plans during implementation.
7. Build capacity within the local staff for effective maintenance and management of the developed GS.
8. Identify programs and projects for development of land within the county among others as per The County
Government Act 2012, section (110).
The duration of this service is expected to be not more than twelve (12) calendar months.
The EoI responses shaII incIude detaiIs on the foIIowing as part of the statement quaIications:
a. Understanding the assignment
b. Experience in similar assignments
c. Financial capabilities and commitments
d. Proposal on delivery methodology
The EoI document must be accompanied by copies of the following:
a. Company profle.
b. Certifcate of business incorporation.
c. Valid tax compliance certifcate.
d. Details of at least two similar projects undertaken.
e. List of at least two references from organizations the frm has offered similar services.
The consultant frm shall be responsible for provision of all equipment and services required for fulfllment of its obligation
under the resulting contract.
Interested bidders must submit an original and two copies of the EoI with all the necessary documentation in a plain
along with the covering letter duly signed by the authorized signatory. The documents should be deposited in the tender
box situated at the headquarters of the County Government of Kitui by Wednesday 28
May, 2014 at 12 noon and
addressed as shown below
P. O. BOX 33-90200,
The Eo documents submitted shall be opened thereafter at the county executive offces at the headquarters in the
presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. The Eo will be evaluated and qualifying frms issued
with Request for Proposal (RFPs) documents.
Hospital Rd. along, Ngong Rd.
P.O. Box 20723, NAIROBI Tel: 2726300-9 Fax: 2725272
The Government of Kenya together with Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), OPEC Fund
for International Development (OFID) and Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) have nanced construction and
equipping of the Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre comprising of three-storey
modern Hospital with basement (Plinth area of 17543m for the building and 5574m for the basement) and
electro-mechanical installations and external works.
Kenyatta National Hospital invites bids from interested bidders for the following works:
Closing date: 11
June 2014 at 10:00am
KNH/T/40/2014-2015 Construction of Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre Main
building works
(Mandatory requirement Category A from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure/
National Construction Authority equivalent category 1) or equivalent recognized
KNH/T/41/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Electrical installations
KNH/T/42/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Communication services
KNH/T/43/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Generator installation
KNH/T/44/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Security installation
KNH/T/45/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Fire detection and alarm system
KNH/T/46/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Nurse call system
KNH/T/47/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Lift installation
KNH/T/48/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Plumbing and drainage installations
KNH/T/49/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Bed head trunking and medical gas system
KNH/T/50/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Laundry equipment
KNH/T/51/2014-2015 Sub-contract for Paediatric Emergency Centre and Burns Management Centre
Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation installations
A complete set of Tender Document (including bills of quantities) may be inspected and/or obtained from the
Supply Chain Management department room No.6, Administration Block in person or by written application
upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000.00 in cash, money order or bankers cheque Payable to
Kenyatta National Hospital.
Prospective applicants may submit written requests for clarications regarding the information contained in
the tender documents to the address indicated below at least fourteen (14) days before deadline for submission
of the applications.
Each tenderer shall be required to give a bid bond of 1% of their tender sum.
Tenderers shall submit THREE copies of all tender documents marked ORIGINAL and TWO (2) copies marked
COPY enclosed in a plain sealed envelope enclosing the technical and nancial bids in separate envelopes
This should be deposited in the Tender box situated at the Kenyatta National Hospital Administration Block,
ground oor entrance lobby and be addressed to:
The Chief Executive Ofcer
Kenyatta National Hospital
P.O Box 20723-00202
Nairobi, KENYA
So as to reach on or before 11
June 2014 at 10:00am.
Prices quoted should be inclusive of all taxes and costs, and shall remain valid for 120 (one hundred and twenty)
days from the closing date of the tender. Tenders will be opened immediately after tender closing time at the
Kenyatta National Hospital in the presence of candidates or their representatives who choose to attend. Late
bids will not be accepted.
Prospective tenderers are notied and invited to a PRE-BID CONFERENCE organized by the Hospital scheduled
to take place on 27
May 2014 commencing at 10:00am. This will take place at the Kenyatta National Hospital
at the proposed project site.
Details can be accessed from the Hospitals website (

A G J D 24
B A F C 22
J D F H 21
23 22 21 14
B C E H 13
Solution No. 1826
7 3 1 5 8 9 2 4 6
9 2 5 6 4 1 8 3 7
4 6 8 2 7 3 5 9 1
6 9 7 1 5 4 3 8 2
5 1 3 8 2 7 4 6 9
2 8 4 9 3 6 7 1 5
8 7 6 3 1 5 9 2 4
3 4 9 7 6 2 1 5 8
1 5 2 4 9 8 6 7 3
3 9
2 6
9 2 1
6 4
8 1 5 9
8 6 4 9
2 6 5
3 2
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Using all the letters
of the alphabet,
ll in the grid. To
help you, there are
three cryptic cross-
word-style clues:
Top line: A man
aoat with a prin-
ciple. (10)
Middle line: Ani-
mals like to rub a
plant, say. (7)
Bottom line: Not
exactly how the
pyramids were
built. (2, 2,1, 4)
To start you off,
here is one of the
By Rosy Russell
All rows, columns and 3 by 3 grids
(dened by bold lines ) have the
numbers 1 to 9 appearing only once.
Some of the numbers have been en-
tered. Complete the whole table by
inserting the correct numbers.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
This day marks a time where you should
enjoy great success. This is another great
time to be with others and to work to-
gether. Your management and direction-
al abilities are in high focus.
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
You may find yourself having emotional
differences with someone at work today.
Take time to see where changes can be
made and begin your plans to create a
more positive atmosphere.
Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
There is an abundance of creative en-
ergy, which will make work projects suc-
cessful. There could be mistakes in math
this morning. Nobody minds hard work
when there is something to be gained
rewards are just around the corner.
Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
You are a hard worker and it is important
to remain behind the scenes and contin-
ue your pace as long as possible. Do not
let others distract you from your work
you make good progress all day long.
Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Your determination may be interpreted
as a sign of stubbornness at times. Oth-
ers may not realise this is just a desire to
accomplish things quickly. Be aware of
the sound your words make and main-
tain low tones, if possible.
(June 22 - July 22)
You could be in danger of acting sponta-
neously today. Take time before making
any major decisions and know that you
will do well when you think about your
choices. New outlets for growth and suc-
cess should appear soon.
Codeword Puzzle
(Mar 21 - April 20)
You could lose money as quickly
as it accumulates. You should
take caution in activities that
could create debts. Avoid the
desire to attain material status
at this time.
The letters have a distinct
value between 1 to 9. The to-
tals vertically and horizontally
have been given. Solve all the
NO 5186
NO 5185
3 4 7 9 5 8 2 6 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Your practical concerns now may be with
fullling your ambitions. Nobody minds hard
work when there is something to be gained
from it. Today you will be rewarded for all
the effort you are putting into a work project.
(Aug 23 - Sept 23)
Seek a balance between your personal and
professional work. Allow others to help you
in your work and push for breaks to catch
your breath and to stretch. Regardless of
how stressful it can become today, you have
good luck in the subject of money.
(Sept 24 - Oct 23)
You should be attentive to all the work you
do as there could be a tendency to gloss over
details that need to be completed, particu-
larly now. Your interest in professional suc-
cess is great and you may inspire others.
(Oct 24 - Nov 22)
Truth is essential to your life. You are pains-
taking and deliberate when it comes to sort-
ing through ideas and values for what is last-
ing and solid. You may appear to others as a
little too sober.
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
This workday moves along at a good pace
most of the day. If you are wondering how
you impress others and you want to look as
though you are in controlcheck yourself
out at noon by looking at your reection in a
store window.s
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
3 Asian country (5)
8 Festive occasions (5)
10 Herb (5)
11 For every (3)
12 Compact, firm (5)
13 Part of a golf course
15 Cut into cubes (5)
18 Still (3)
19 Scold harshly (6)
21 Reasons (7)
22 Act of lending (4)
23 Ammunition (4)
24 Personal belong-
ings (7)
26 Bees are kept here
29 Excess flesh (3)
31 Play (5)
32 Road-surfacing ma-
terial (7)
34 Thing of value (5)
35 Doze (3)
36 Gorse (5)
37 Leprosy victim (5)
38 Prose composition
1 Spanish snacks (5)
2 Continue, persevere
4 Nautical cry (4)
5 Tolerates (6)
6 Deepest point (5)
7 Fastening pin (5)
9 Hawaiian garland (3)
12 Gratify, make happy
14 Not dry (3)
16 Pacifies (5)
17 Warehouse (5)
19 Advantage (7)
20 Appeal humbly (5)
21 Criminal organisa-
tion (5)
23 Adjusts, accustoms
24 Rubs out (6)
25 Popular pet (3)
27 Haughty, arrogant
28 Astonish (5)
30 Ward off (5)
32 Greek letter (4)
33 Orienteering item (3)
ACROSS: 1, Flags 6, Speak 9, Risotto 10, Colon 11, Relay 12, Greet 13, Beastly 15, Hum 17,
Once 18, Impose 19, Coins 20, Bedlam 22, Feta 24, SAS 25, General 26, Recur 27, Floor
28, Filly 29, Lampoon 30, Ashes 31, Pearl
DOWN: 2, Loosen 3, Grouse 4, Sin 5, Sorry 6, Streams 7, Poet 8, Abacus 12, Gloom 13,
Bombs 14, Acids 15, Hover 16, Metal 18, Inter 19, Cameras 21, Eagles 22, Feline 23, Tailor
25, Guppy 26, Role 28, Fop
Easy Puzzle
3 A supportive beam (5)
8 Made a mockery of the men (5)
10 Her beauty derives from her grey
matter (5)
11 Conjuring trick? (3)
12 Was he prone to excite Evita? (5)
13 Closer to being a hush, say? (7)
15 Language course rhyme (5)
18 An ingrate, this rotter? (3)
19 An excessive desire, thats under-
stood (6)
21 Blame Charlie, you can be certain
22 As worn by an American thug?
23 Bound to get us wrong again (4)
24 The language of love? (7)
26 Give Paul a beating with a hearty
growl! (6)
29 At present north of the border (3)
31 Destined to be a rich man? (5)
32 Overlooked the terrible eroding
34 Theres copper, nominally, to be
found around Penzance! (5)
35 A little noise due to something
being wrong (3)
36 Game that could cause a are-
up? (5)
37 How Terry can have another shot
38 Taking a rest from veracity (5)
1 Dressy decoration giving a some-
what cherubic appearance? (5)
2 Concentrated on getting a cross
put over? (7)
4 Finished a number of deliveries (4)
5 Its absorbing, what a cadger can
do (6)
6 In opera, could he turn up in a coro-
net? (5)
7 Its written in a professional way
9 One comes to no good when
young (3)
12 A favourite store? (3,4)
14 Brown, going dancing? (3)
16 Regret admitting a noted gure to
the show (5)
17 Theyre of marginal interest (5)
19 In wild rage, hastened to x things
up (7)
20 She takes the crust of a loaf in
the larder? (5)
21 For royal tennis? (5)
23 Moped, maybe, having limited
power (7)
24 Insults seeming even worse to a
Yankee (6)
25 Possibly exclusive prex, in no
way positive (3)
27 One of the rst in the phone book
28 Rebuff despite a promising start
in the dance (5)
30 Dealt with a bit of trouble on the
tube (5)
32 Picture that holds one captive, in
short? (4)
33 In truth, its a thing to get out of!
ACROSS: 1, Hoots 6, St-ash 9, Willowy 10, Sleep 11, Arena 12, Nacre 13, Ca-st out 15, Mrs. 17, Only 18, Oh
yeah? 19, See-dy 20, Prints 22, Sean 24, Sin 25, Alberta 26, Gravy 27, Sh-O-ot 28, Stool 29, Rec-it-al 30,
Aster 31, Me-wed
DOWN: 2, Oil can 3, Twenty 4, Si-p 5, Float 6, Swarthy 7, Tyre 8, Senora 12, Nudes 13, Corps(-e) 14, Slain 15,
Me-ter 16, Shona 18, Oddly 19, Starter 21, Riches 22, Settle 23, At-home 25, Av-o-id 26, (Kensington) Go-re 28,
Cryptic Puzzle
The love of a mother is the veil of
a softer light between the heart
and the heavenly Father.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
A medical student selling her
virginity online has cancelled
the auction that would have
netted her around $800,000.
Elizabeth Raine, 27, was selling
herself to the highest bidder.
But in a blog post, she
revealed she wanted to stop
the auction to focus on her
medical training.
She said: I still possess spite-
fully strong beliefs about
virginity, prostitution, and a
womans right to do as she
pleases, but school is my first
Her aim was to make a sharp
transition from virgin to literal
whore and raise a substantial
wad of cash in the process.
Originally she posted sexy
online pictures of herself with
her face carefully covered
before deciding to go public
to raise the bids, despite
fearing she will be kicked out
of university.
She hired an agent based in
Sydney, Australia, to do the
Mirror Online
Student selling her virginity stops auction last minute
SCREEN I NON STOP (PG) At 11.00 am,
6.45pm. THE OTHER WOMAN (U16) At
At 4.00pm, 2 STATES (U16) At 9.00pm
3D (PG) At 11.00am, 1.45pm, 6.40pm,
9.15pm, THE OTHER WOMAN (U16) At
SCREEN I RIO 2 (GE) At 11.30am,
1.30pm. NON STOP (PG 13) At 3.30pm, THE
OTHER WOMAN (16) At 6.00pm,
MITTY (PG) At 3.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.30pm
At 6.30pm, THE OTHER WOMAN At 6.45pm,
SPIDERMAN 2 2D At 9.15pm.
Cinema Guide
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
tv guide
Nairobi 102.7 I Nyeri 105.7
Meru 105.1 I Kericho 90.5
Kisumu 105.3 I Mombasa 105.1
Nakuru 104.5 I Eldoret 91.1 Kitui:
93.8 I Kisii: 91.3

07:00 Myth Busters
07:50 Dirty Jobs
08:45 Ultimate Survival
09:40 Border Security
10:05 Auction Hunters
10:30 Auction Kings
10:55 How Do They Do It?
11:25 How Its Made
11:50 Dynamo
12:45 The Big Brain Theory
01:40 MythBusters
02:35 Border Security
It portrays corporate culture as a world
of bureaucracy for its own sake and of-
fice politics that stand in the way of pro-
ductivity. Much of the humour emerges
as the audience sees the characters mak-
ing obviously ridiculous decisions that
are natural reactions to mismanagement.
TV Quiz
03:05 Auction Hunters
03:30 Auction Kings
04:00 Dirty Jobs
04:55 Ultimate Survival
05:50 MythBusters
05:45 How Do They Do It?
07:10 How Its Made
07:40 Sons of Guns
08:35 Auction Hunters
09:00 Storage Hunters
09:30 Sons of Guns
DStv Highlights
Todays Schedule
5:00 Pambazuka music
6:00 Power breakfast
9:00 Afrosinema
11:30 Naswa
12:00 Gabriela
13:00 Live at 1
14:00 Afrosinema
16:00 Citizen alasiri
16:10 Mseto East Africa
17:00 Pavitra Rishta
18:00 Un refugio
19:00 Citizen nipashe
19:35 Inspekta mwala
20:05 Wild at heart
21:00 Monday special
22:00 Africa leadership
22:00 Afrosinema
0.00 Citizen late night
1:00 Afro-sinema
4:30 BBC
4:55 Morning Prayer
5:00 Aerobics
5:30 Damka
8:00 Good Morning Kenya
9:00 Parliament Live
11:00 Daytime Movie
11:00 KBCc Lunch Time
1:30 Moving The Masses
1:30 Grapevine
2:30 Parliament Live
4:30 Spider Riders
5:00 Club 1
6:00 Spiders
7:00 Darubini Live
7:30 Road To Success
8:05 The Platform Live
9:00 Channel 1 News
9:45 National Cohesion
10:30 Bold & Beautiful
11:30 You Are The One
12:00 Club 1
12:45 BBC
5:00 Password Rpt
6:00 Live
9:00 Irrational Heart
10.00 Maid In
11:15 The Young &
The Restless
12:00 Rhythm City
12:30 Scandal
1:00 NTV at 1
1:30 Backstage
2:00 Golden Heart
3.00 Password
4:00 NTV at 4
4:15 Password
5:00 The Beat
6:00 Dyesebel
7:00 NTV Jioni
7:30 Tujuane
8:30 Mali
9:00 NTV Tonight
10:00 The Hostel
10:30 Movie
5.00 Command Your
6:00 Morning Express
9.00 Tendereza
10:00 MY Eternal
11.00 National Geographic
12.00 Just for Laughs
12.30 Gavana
1.00 News Desk
1:30 Road to Brasil
2.00 Afri-Screen
4.00 Mbiu Ya KTN
4.10 Kim Possible
4.30 Hulk and the agents
of Smash
5.00 Baseline
6.00 Her Mothers Daughter
7:00 KTN LEO
7:30 Ajabu
8.00 Los Rey
10.05 The Enterprenuer
10.30 Monster-in-laws
11.00 The Diary
12.00 Road to Brasil
Pick Of The Day 6.00PM
4.00 Al Jazeera
5.00 Praiz
6.00 K24 alfairi
9.00 Baade achhe (it
seems so beautiful ) rpt
10.00 Naijasinema
12.00 Al Jazeera news
13.00 K24 newscut
13.30 Box ofce movie rpt
16.00 Mchipuko wa alasiri
16.10 Team raha
18.00 Riddim up
19.00 K24 saa moja
19.35 Almasi
20.05 Corazon apasionado
21.00 K24 evening edition
21.50 Arosto
22.30 Alfajiri social hour
23.30 Naijasinema rpt
1.30 Al Jazeera
In this weeks episode: Celyn and Margaux become close friends because of the scare of
losing their father who is hospitalised. Meanwhile, Beatrice asks Hulio to forgive her for all
the disappointments she has brought to her family.
4:00AM Safari na Antony Ndiema
6:00AM Maisha Asubuhi na Alex and Jalas
10:00AM Staarabika na Ann Njogu
1:00PM Konnect na Mwende and Clemo
4:00PM Maisha Jioni na Tina and Zuleka
7:00PM Rhumba Attencion na Mwashumbe
10:00PM Maji Makuu na Ali Hassan and Babu
12:00AM Hakuna Kulala
Page 41
According to a resolution passed
by Parliament in November 2012,
CRA uses ve parameters as basis for
sharing revenue within counties.
The ve are population, which ac-
counts for 45 per cent, poverty index
of a county 20 per cent, land area (8
per cent), basic equal share (25 per
cent) and scal responsibility at two
per cent.
While the other four parameters
were used in the rst allocation, the
fth one will be crucial as the coun-
The Commission on Revenue Al-
location (CRA) has warned of low
funds absorption in the countries
owing to consistent leadership wran-
gles between the Governors and
Members of County Assemblies
CRA Secretary and Chief Execu-
tive George Ooko complained that
the devolved governments are cur-
rently facing unnecessary squabbles
thus delaying approval of projects
and budgets.
This will negatively affect their
fund absorption rate and scal re-
sponsibility score, one of the key pa-
rameters used by CRA to determine
revenue allocation, he warned.
He stated that the arguments be-
tween MCAs and Governors risk re-
ducing their budget allocations for
the coming nancial year.
Immediately after the 2013 March
4 General Election counties aggres-
sively hosted investment forums in
addition to announcing major in-
vestment strategies.
But, Ooko observed that the dis-
putes are creating investment jitters
and thus might frustrate efforts to
encourage high economic growth in
the counties.
Ooko made the remarks during a
forum organised by Liaison Group
CRA says the devolved
units risk getting reduced
budget allocation for the
next fnancial year due
to differences between
Governors and MCAs
(Risk & Pension Consultants) at a
Nairobi hotel to discuss risk manage-
ment in the businesses.
Liaison Group Managing Director
Tom Mulwa said while devolution
has exposed businesses to various
political risks, it should be embraced,
as it is a small price to pay for the end
dream for Kenya.
He said the business community
should be at the forefront to drive the
change the country desires. Through
these quarterly forums we want to
encourage a risk management cul-
ture in the country, said Mr Mulwa.
Budget allocation
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Energy rm to invest
Sh100m in back-up
A power and energy solutions
rm, Critical Power East
Africa, has announced plans
to invest over Sh100 million
to provide power backup
solutions and renewable
energy to businesses in
the region. The company
seeks to exploit the growing
need for power protection
solutions occasioned by
frequent power outages by
providing power generators,
uninterrupted power supply
and power inverter systems.
It will also offer alternative
power such as solar, biomass
and small hydro stations
to businesses and homes.
According to Chief Executive
Ofcer James Mwangi the
company is focusing on the
regional market with plans
to offer power management,
protection and back-up
solutions in Rwanda, Burundi
and Sudan in the next two
Developer hands over
Seefar apartments
Real estate developer,
Erdemann Property has
started handing over Seefar
Apartment houses it built
at Kibera Highrise Estate in
Nairobi to buyers. Building
of the 288-unit apartments
comprising 264 two-bedrooms
and 24 three-bedrooms started
in December 2012. One of the
new home owners Mr Elvis
Odhiambo Odoyo said that
the wait was worthwhile and
he was preparing to move in
shortly. Finally the houses are
ready and I am happy with the
work done, he told reporters
after inspecting his house.
Erdemann Property Managing
Director Mr John Yang said
that his company has built
2,000 houses in Nairobi, all
built for low income earners
using new technologies,
Chinese professionals and
building materials made by the
company to keep construction
costs low.
New survey: Counterfeit
drugs in signicant drop
Cases of counterfeit drugs have
dropped signicantly over
the past 16 years, according
to analysis by Mission for
Essential Drugs and Supplies
(MEDS), a regional distributor
of drugs and medical
supplies. Speaking during
an annual customer forum
in Nyeri County attended by
representatives from more
than 100 health facilities,
MEDS Managing Director
Paschal Manyuru revealed that
failure rate of drugs tested at
its laboratory had declined
from 13.2 per cent in 1997
to 1 per cent in 2013. These
drugs are analysed at MEDS
World Health Organisation
prequalied laboratory in
Nairobi, the second of its kind
in the country.
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
try ushers the second nancial year
under a devolved system.
Ooko cautioned that counties
deemed not to have used nances
properly or have low absorption risk
losing out on the 2 per cent.
Business leaders attending the fo-
rum also cited the current high inse-
curity as a growing risk, which is
pushing up cost of doing business
and affecting investment decisions in
the country.
Kenya Flower Council Chief Exec-
utive Ofcer Jane Ngige urged the
Government to ensure effective com-
munication on the security situation
because a countrys image is impor-
tant for business to thrive especially
those that engage in exports.
Kenya is the leading supplier of
fresh cut owers to the EU with an
approximate market share of 38 per
cent. It is estimated that nearly one
million stems are cut, graded, chilled
and delivered from Kenya to key EU
destinations every day.
Tourist arrivals are expected to im-
prove as the country readies to com-
memorate 100 years since World War
1 started, with Taita Taveta County ex-
pected to be the key destination.
County Governor John Mruttu
said the battleelds, which are now
considered as battleeld tourism,
have been preserved.
We want those who intend to
come to the county to have a feel of
war history and what the best nature
can offer, he said.
Speaking in Nairobi, Mruttu
termed the development as the new
way, which can be used to increase
tourist arrivals into the region.
Tourism plays a signicant role
in the economy of the region and this
is the opportunity to showcase the ar-
ea, he said. The main event takes
place on August 15, at Salaita, a cor-
ruption of slaughter.
Taita Taveta is home to some of the
most important battleelds of the war
in East Africa. In the County, the Ger-
mans occupied Taveta and built forti-
ed outposts with an intention of
blocking the British from using the
Voi-Taveta Railway.
Among the German outposts, was
the Salaita Hill where a big battled
was fought on February 12, 1916 after
which the Germans retreated towards
the Kenya -Tanzania boarder.
Some of those expected to visit the
area, according to Mruttu, are war
students. The governor, however,
ruled out possibilities of auctioning
some of the artifacts used during the
We will not sell any of the items
used during the war but would like to
recognise those who participated as
well as preserve the area, he said.
The objects and memorabilia col-
lected from Taita area will be exhibit-
ed during the event.
Domestic Tourism Federation
Chairperson, Anastacia Wakesho, said
that the event would play a credible
role in promoting domestic tourism.
Kenya eyes World War one memoirs to boost tourism
Counties cautioned on fscal
discipline, constant wrangles
A section of Governors. Commission of Revenue Allocation says Counties
are facing unnecessary squabbles thus delaying approval of projects.
The devolved
governments are
currently facing
squabbles thus
delaying approval of
projects and budgets,
George Ooko, CRA secretary
and chief executive ofcer.
Monday, May 12, 2014/ The Standard Page 42 / TODAY IN BUSINESS
more than 20,000 youth-owned en-
terprises in the last 12 months.
During the period under review,
the Fund provided Local Purchase
Order (LPO) nancing worth Sh38
million to 225 youth enterprises
and performance bonds valued at
Sh13.3 million to 29 groups.
The Fund is also working to-
wards providing trading premises/
work sites to young entrepreneurs.
According to the report, the
Fund has engaged several county
governments and other private sec-
tor players to establish commercial
infrastructure options appropriate
for youth enterprise needs.
These partners are also being
lobbied to mainstream youth entre-
preneurs in their existing market in-
frastructure, says the report.
The county governments in part-
nership with the Fund include Nai-
robi, Nakuru and Meru.
The Fund is partnering with Nai-
Kenyas unemployed youth fnd fresh
hope, head North in search of work
An increasing number of young
Kenyans are moving to the Middle
East in search of jobs amid rising
levels of unemployment in the
country estimated at 40 per cent.
But this movement comes amid
concerns over rising cases of abuse
of Kenyan citizens working in the
Middle East.
Youth Enterprise Development
Fund (YEDF) ofcial data shows
that a total of 2,272 youth have left
the country in the last 12 months,
with the bulk of them heading to
Qatar and Saudi Arabia in pursuit of
job opportunities.
According to the Fund, created
to address issues of youth unem-
ployment in the country, a total of
1,506 youths have own to Qatar
while 497 have gone to Saudi Ara-
Other countries receiving Ke-
nyan youths include Bahrain (224)
and Dubai (45). Most of the youths
are aged between 18 and 34 years.
According to the Funds latest
progress report (April 2013-March
2014) 82 per cent (1,860) of the em-
igrants are male, while only 18 per
cent (412) are female.
The Fund is mandated to facili-
tate young people whose services
are currently not engaged locally to
secure employment abroad.
The youth are facilitated to se-
cure the necessary documentation,
such passports and certicates of
good conduct as well as in nanc-
ing of relocation costs, says the re-
port. In 2012, the Government froze
recruitment of Kenyan citizens to
work as domestic servants in the
A new report indicates
some 2,272 youths have
left the country in the
last 12 months with many
heading to Qatar and Saudi
Arabia in search of jobs
The Competition Authority of Ke-
nya (CAK) will launch investigations
into claims of powerful cartels in the
coffee business in the country.
The agency plans to probe abuse
of dominance by coffee rms partic-
ularly when it comes to marketing.
Director General Wangombe Kar-
iuki conrmed that the inquiry would
start in the 2014/15 nancial year
with a view to enhancing competition
and thus enable farmers to reap more
benets in terms high earnings.
In the next nancial year, part of
our commitment is to investigate use
of immoral trade tactics that leads to
huge suffering among the bulk of cof-
fee farmers and which frustrate inves-
tors in the sub-sector, said Mr Kari-
For long, subsidiaries of multina-
tional coffee marketing rms have
been accused of price distortion at
the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE),
marketing segmenting, and coffee
smuggling, among other underhand
Top companies in the coffee busi-
ness in the country, which are all for-
eign, enjoy a sizeable control of the
value chain, mainly milling, market-
ing and roasting. Further, the coffee
organisations have been blamed for
abusing their dominance in the mar-
ket and frustrating new entrants thus
suppressing competition.
At a business journalists training
workshop held in a Naivasha hotel
last week, Kariuki conrmed that the
move to investigate cartel has been
prompted by claims of existence of
cartels by farmers and governors from
coffee-growing regions.
Governors have been ghting to
control the milling and marketing of
the crop in a move they say will put
more money in farmers pockets.
The new system was started by
Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua,
who was later joined by William Kabo-
go of Kiambu, Mwangi wa Iria of
Muranga, Joseph Ndathi of Kirinyaga
and Peter Munya of Meru.
The move by Gachagua has not
gone down well with managers of
subsidiaries of foreign coffee rms,
with the latter accusing the governors
of introducing trade restrictions,
which are contrary to the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) regulations.
Competition agency to probe existence of cartels in coffee industry
Middle East due to complaints of
mistreatment and torture.
YEDF, which was created in June
2006, is one of the agship projects
of the Governments long-term eco-
nomic development blue-print, Vi-
sion 2030.
The Fund was designed to ad-
dress the challenges of youth-
owned enterprises, including pro-
viding loans to them.
It is also required to attract and
facilitate investment in micro, small
and medium enterprises-oriented
commercial infrastructure.
These include business or in-
dustrial parks, markets or business
incubators that will be benecial to
youth enterprises and support
youth-oriented micro, small and
medium enterprises to develop
linkages with large enterprises.
The Youth Enterprise Fund is al-
so mandated to facilitate marketing
of products and services offered by
youth enterprises both in the do-
mestic and the international mar-
kets, provide business development
services to youth enterprises and
facilitate employment of youth in
the international labour market.
According to the report, the
Fund has allocated most of its re-
sources to lending, having dis-
bursed a total of Sh1.18 billion to
The Fund has
engaged several county
governments and other
private sector players to
establish commercial
infrastructure options
that are appropriate for
youth enterprise needs.
A number of unemployed youth are moving to cities such as Doha, Qatar
as they desperately try to nd work. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
Human rights impact assess-
ments are emerging as important
tools for companies expanding or
starting out in the region especially
in the emerging sectors of oil and
gas mining.
Just as environmental impact as-
sessments have gained currency
and have become entrenched in
law, human rights advocates note
that in addition to guarding against
human rights abuses, human rights
impact assessments could mitigate
future conicts between companies
and communities.
They said taking care of the
rights of locals could also save re-
sources that would be employed in
solving future conicts.
Joseph Kibugu, an Eastern Africa
researcher for Business and Human
Rights Resource Centre noted that
if emerging sectors like oil, gas and
minerals start on the right footing,
they have the potential to have a
major impact on the welfare of the
communities as well as the coun-
trys economy.
He also notes that the ipside
could be true, where companies ex-
ploring and exploiting the new-
found wealth could end up in pro-
tracted battles as well as instances
of inter-community clashes.
Companies have been a vehicle
for realising human rights but there
are also instances where they have
been a threat to human rights, he
Kibugu said a rm starting out
will most likely have issues with the
communities living where they are
undertaking a project.
Observing rights
of inhabitants
key to mining
firms future
robi County to put up 20 candy
shops, which are expected to pro-
vide trading space for the youth.
Youth unemployment in Kenya
has been described as a ticking time
bomb waiting to explode.
Available statistics indicate that
today, unemployment in Kenya
stands at 40 per cent, and 70 per
cent of those unemployed are be-
tween the ages of 15 and 35.
The World Bank estimates that
approximately 800,000 Kenyans
join the labour market each year,
and only 50,000 succeed in getting
professional jobs.
Not surprisingly, according to
experts, the high level of unemploy-
ment has been blamed for escalat-
ing incidence of crime and insecu-
rity in the country.
In the next
fnancial year part of
our commitment is to
investigate use of immoral
trade tactics that cause
suffering to the bulk
of coffee farmers,
CAK Director General
Wangombe Kariuki
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Equity Bank CEO, Dr James Mwangi, and the Group Vice President
of Dangote Industries, Sani Dangote, after the signing of bilateral
trade agreement between Kenya and Nigeria that will see extensive
trade and investments expanded between the two countries.
The ceremony was witnessed by presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and
Goodluck Jonathan (Nigeria) in Abuja.
Mrs Rachel Ruto (left), First Lady Margaret Kenyatta (right) and Chinese PMs wife Cheng Hong
(second left) at Joyful Women Organisation exhibition room at the Nairobi College of Insurance.
Peter Kihara (left), an ofcial with Co-op Bank Good Home Mortgage
department, and Muchiri Waititu, the project architect during
groundbreaking ceremony for the First Homes project at Racecourse
Gardens along Ngong Road. Co-op Bank through its Good Home
Mortgage is backing the project that targets rst time homeowners.
James Ngomeli (centre), Chairman Chartered institute or
Marketing East Africa explaining a point during a press
conference to announce the partnership with Nyumba Kumi
initiative task force leader Joseph Kaguthi (right) and Steve
Oundo, chairman Association of Professional Bodies.
Philip M.
Kutima (left),
the Deputy
County receives
a token of
from Susan
Affairs during
the Bamburi
Rugby Super
Series held in
Kakamega High
School grounds.
The Jubilee Insurance Companys Head of Medical Business, Ms Catherine Karori, presents
a dummy cheque of Sh250,000 to the Mater Hospitals Director of Marketing Services, Mr
Lawrence Muiga, in support of this years Mater Heart Run.
Dr Bridget Sirengo (right), CEO of the Nairobi Hospice, receives food
items donated by AIG staff from the rms representative Cyrus
Nat Robinson (right), Juhudi Kilimo CEO, is assisted by David
Kitusa, KIVA Regional Representative, Anglophone Africa, cut a
tape to ofcially mark the opening of Juhudi Kilimo new ofces at
The Priory Building, Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi.
The Kenya Forest Service Director, David Mbugua (left), and
the Chairman of Kipini Forest Conservancy in Lamu, Dr Farouk
Sherman, exchange documents outlining how the agency will
rehabilitate and protect the forest.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 44 / NOTICE





he central governm
cannot keep controlling
ining resources.
Such pov
ers m
ust be
devolved to counties
Coast leaders have vowed to push
for the amendment of the proposed
Mining Bill saying it gives the Mining
Cabinet Secretary excessive powers.
The legislators, who include
Coast parliamentary Group Chair-
man Gideon Mungaro, MPs Joyce
Wanjala Lay, Thomas Mwadeghu,
Jones Mlolwa, Andrew Mwadime
and Taita-Taveta County Governor
John Mruttu, said the draft Bill has
grey areas that need to be amended.
The Bill has given the Mining
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala
powers to control the mining sector.
This is wrong as the minister might
abuse the powers if the Bill is not
amended, Lay said.
Speaking during a one-day
Gemstone Expo in Voi Town
yesterday, the Women Representa-
tive said the mining sector should be
devolved to counties to ensure that
residents in areas endowed with
enormous resources bene t from
the same.
The gemstone expo was spon-
sored by the county government in
conjunction with Tsavo Mineral
It brought together local and
international licensed miners and
dealers who showcased their
We will not allow the central
government to continue controlling
the mining resources. We want such
powers devolved to counties, Lay
Mlolwa, Mwadime and Mwade-
ghu said the minerals found in the
county have never bene ted locals,
adding that the mining industry
should be controlled by counties.
They noted that the Bill, as it
stands, gives the Cabinet Secretary
powers over resource allocation and
We will lobby MPs, whose areas
are rich in mineral deposits, to
support our course in ensuring that
a large amount of proceeds are
ploughed back into communities for
rural development, Mlolwa said.
Mungaro disclosed that MPs in
the region would meet next week to
chart the way forward.
As legislators from this region,
we will meet soon to come up with a
common stand over this matter. We
will also bring on board the Mining
Cabinet Secretary to engage him and
discuss the Mining Bill together to
see how best the local community
will bene t from the mineral
resources in the region, he said.
The local community has been
impoverished for many years and we
will not stomach this anymore. We
have to ensure that residents bene t
from the available natural resources
like wildlife, minerals and water
bodies, Mungaro added.
He said they will fully engage Mr
Balala to ensure that the local
community is not exploited by
outsiders who control the mining
Mruttu announced that his
administration would soon hold a
consultative stakeholders meeting to
chart the way forward on the Bill.
The county government will
contract mining experts to take the
local community through the grey
areas of the Bill and recommend
possible amendments, he said.
We want the Bill to give a stable,
transparent legal framework on the
operations and issuance of mining
licences for the bene t of all
Kenyans, Mruttu said.
At the same time, the leaders said
though 70 per cent of gemstone
mining is carried out in the region,
residents remain poor while the
mines bene t outsiders.
Most mining licences were
issued without the knowledge of the
local community. We want all of
them revoked and issued afresh to
ensure locals also bene t, Lay said.
An exhibitor shows his wares at the one-day Gemstone Expo held in Voi Town
at the weekend. Leaders who spoke during the event expressed their displea-
sure with the proposed Mining Bill currently before Parliament.
Legislators have expressed
dissatisfaction with the
proposed Hining 8ill currently
before Parliament
1hey say the 8ill gives too
much power to the Hining
Cabinet Secretary and none
to the counties that host the
1hey called for
deliberations to come up with
recommendations for possible
amendments to the 8ill
Page 23
committee to defuse tension
A ten-man committee of elders
drawn from two pastoral communities
has been formed to defuse con ict
between Orma and Somali herdsmen
in Tana River County.
This follows last Wednesdays
clash between herdsmen from the
two tribes at Komorajila manyatta in
Galole division of Tana River County in
which four herders were hurt.
The committee will visit clash-torn
areas and hold meetings with rival
herdsmen to encourage coexistence.
The two groups fought after
quarreling at a water well and set
upon each other with spears, bows
and arrows.
A group that crossed from Ijara in
Garissa County a week earlier with
about 10,000 head of cattle had
caused tension in the area before the
actual outbreak of violence.
The violence spread fear among
ethnic Somali businessmen who,
fearing reprisals, closed their shops
in Hola.
aside for rugby tournament
Kitui County Government will
spend Sh15 million to organise the
Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament
that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at
Ithookwe show grounds.
County Chief Of cer for Youth
and Sports, Titus Kithome, said
the government will renovate
structures at the abandoned grounds,
rehabilitate the murram road and
install proper lighting at the eld.
He was speaking during a tree
planting event at the grounds in
readiness for the annual contest.
Tournament of cial Mumo Mwendwa
said 64 teams, including the
defending champions in the country
Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs, had
con rmed their participation.
He said 16 teams from local
universities are also lined up to take
part in the event where an estimated
8,000 to 10,000 fans are expected to
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
il lo
s o
t p

rt fro
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
Monday, April 28, 2014
Borabu sub-county in Nyamira, says
the disease has reduced maize
production by over 90 per cent. His
10-acre maize plantation remains
deserted after the maize turned
yellow (chlorosis) and later dried up
after two months of germination.
I used to harvest over ten sacks
per acre, but last season I ended up
with less than one bag. The disease
is demoralising and we are seeking
alternative farming activities, said
He said that the Government has
been slow in coming up with a
Rose Ongaki, a farmer in
Nyaturago area in Masaba South
sub-county, Kisii, says the disease
has led to a reduction of maize
production in her four-acre farm to
three bags. She has been forced to
buy maize from the nearby Keroka
A single parent, Ms Ongaki says
she has been forced to transfer her
children to local schools due to lack
of schools fees.
We entirely depend on the
money we get from maize produce.
We have spent thousands in land
preparation and purchase of
seedlings and fertiliser, but the
return is almost zero, said Ms
Kisii County Director of
Agriculture, Nathan Soire urges
maize farmers to close the season
and do other crops as experts from
the Government conclude their
research. Soire says over the last two
years the three counties have lost an
estimated 30,000 hectares of maize,
translating to over 800,000 bags
valued a Sh3 billion.
We have been sensitising
farmers and we urge them to uproot
and burn all the affected maize to
avoid spreading the disease to other
farmers, said Soire.
ear o
f fam
e as stran
isease w
es o
t m
\hen it vas h rst
reported three years
ago many sav it as
an isolated case that
vould be contained
A major threat on food security in
parts of Nyanza and Rift Valley
looms following the spread of a
disease affecting the maize crop in
the area.
Farmers in parts of Nyamira, Kisii
and Bomet counties are now
counting losses as they ponder on
how to survive as their crops
continue to get destroyed.
The maize disease, identi ed as
Maize Lethal Necrosis disease
(MLND) was rst reported in lower
Longisa in Bomet County in
September 2011, but has now spread
to the neighbouring counties of
Nyamira (Borabu) and Kisii (Nyarib-
ari Chache, Bobasi and Bomachoge),
reducing maize production to
almost zero.
In a survey carried out by the
Kisii Countys Ministry of Agricul-
ture, the disease has attacked 1,847
hectares of maize farms in the
county alone. The survey focused on
morphological symptoms and found
that the growth of the attacked crop
ranges from sixth leaf stage (knee
height) to tenth leaf stage (breast
When it was rst reported three
years ago and a diagnosis made by
the Kenya Plant Health Inspection
Service (Kephis), many thought this
was an isolated case that would soon
be contained. But the rate at which
the monster disease is spreading
poses the greatest threat to maize
production in the country.
In the Kisii County survey,
varieties attacked most included
H629, H614 and SC TEMBO 73. A
number of farmers in Kisii and
Nyamira counties plant H614 variety
that has been doing well in the
Daniel Rogito, a farmer in
An affected maize crop in the farm. A number of farmers in Borabu in Nyamira
County have deserted their maize farms. [PHOTO: ERIC ABUGA / STANDARD]
uisease has affected over
I0,000 maize farmers.
0ver I800 ha already
affected in the large Kisii
larmers advised to try
different maize varieties
including; h62I0 and h62I8.
Crop rotation and
diversif cation into other
crops are solutions being
proposed to reduce the pain.
Page 23
JUSTICE: Women faulted for
not following through cases
Police in Vihiga County say they are
nding it dif cult presenting cases
to court where women and children
are the complainants. County Police
Commandant Sarah Duncan says most
cases involving women and children
are not heard to the end in the law
courts in the region.
In the middle of the case, the
complainants withdraw the cases
after arriving at a consensus. I dont
know why, said Ms Duncan.
She spoke on Saturday at Chambiti
village in the county during the
requiem mass for the four family
members (a mother and her
daughters) who were raped before
being killed in Bungoma recently.
Ms Duncan said it has almost become
impossible to take such cases to court
as the likelihood of being withdrawn
was high and predictable.
raising of the CDF kitty
An MP from Migori County has asked
the Government to consider raising
the Constituency Development
Funds (CDF) kitty for accelerated
development in the country. Suna
West MP Joseph Ndiege (pictured)
said allocation for the CDF should be
increased to help spur development
at the grassroots. Ndiege said the
kitty has helped in bringing people
close to leadership by being able to
have a say on what they need through
village committees.
The fund has been key in developing
the country and its allocation
should be increased to ensure
more development projects are
undertaken, he said.
Speaking yesterday during the launch
of a bridge within Migori town Ndiege
said the kitty is important for solving
similar problems.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Council locks out public
transport from
city CBD
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
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Monday, April 28, 2014
Nyanza & Western News
Embattled Embu Governor Martin
Wambora is to appear before the
County Assembly today, to answer to
charges of impropriety in manage-
ment of County Government affairs
and gross violation of the Public Fi-
nance Management Act, 2012. Wambora will answer charges of
using public funds to purchase goods
and services without an appointed
County Tender Committee, to alleg-
edly bene t a corruption cartel that
operates from his of ce. Through a letter titled; Notice of
motion for removal of Governor from
of ce by impeachment dated April
23, and signed by clerk Jim Kauma,
Wambora was told to appear in per-
son, or through an advocate or both
at an Assembly plenary at 2:30pm,
where a motion to re-impeach him
will be debated.
In the letter, Wambora is informed
that he will be allocated one hour for
oral defence, which he could choose
to share with his advocates, in ful ll-
ment of the principles of natural jus-
tice and procedural fairness. The Governor is further noti ed he
could present written submissions, if
any to the Assembly a day earlier, on
Monday 28 at 9 am.
FIRST IMPEACHMENT The written summons that has
already been received by the Gover-
nors of ce are seen as an attempt by
the MCAs to ensure the re-impeach-
ment is within the law, unlike the rst
impeachment, which the High Court
in Kerugoya declared null and void.
The Assembly has this time round
vowed to follow the due process and
make sure the current motion was in
compliance to the law, said Speaker
Justus Mate.
The MCAs have accused Wambora
of gross violation of the Public Pro-
curement and Disposal Act 2005,
Public Finance Management Act,
2012 and the Constitution. The actual charges include autho-
rising procurement of maize seeds of
variety and quantity other than those
requisitioned by the Director of Agri-
culture and initiating face-lift works
of Embu Stadium, whose budget rose
from Sh8 million to Sh50 million.
Other charges are irregular pur-
chase and registration of a motor ve-
hicle, whose purchase price exceeded
the budgeted, amounting in violation
of Section 26 (2) (a) of the Public Pro-
curement regulations.
THE STALEMATE On Tuesday, Wambora visited Mate
in his of ce to initiate dialogue for
reconciliation with the MCAs and end
the stalemate, but a few minutes later
the MCAs tabled notice of a motion to
impeach him.
On Wednesday, he red County
Secretary Margaret Lorna Kariuki in
what is seen as an attempt to make
the MCAs soften their stand. His reluctance to re Ms Kariuki
on January as per the recommenda-
tions of the Assembly formed the
genesis of his rst impeachment. Various groups in the Embu com-
munity including women, youths,
elders and the clergy have called for
an end to the stalemate facing the
county, saying the citizens are suffer-
ing as a result.
The majority of the MCAs are in
Mombasa on a retreat to learn about
report writing, although their col-
leagues claim they are plotting the
So far, 11 out of the 33 MCAs have
distanced themselves from the fresh
impeachment motion led against
governor Martin Wambora.
Embu County Governor Martin Wambora in court recently. The Kerugoya High
Court reinstated him as governor. [PHOTO: KIBATA KIHU / STANDARD]

Page 23
GRAFT: MCA claims she was threatened over report
A County assembly members says she has been threatened after tabling a report to discuss the conduct of county executive Evans Ondieki in the House. Nairobi County Assembly Transport and Public Works committee chairperson Diana Kapeen told the Assembly last week that she has received numerous threats over the matter, that saw the executive member in charge of Roads and Transport tasked to explain bribery allegations and prove he was in control of his docket.
If anything happens to me Mr. Speaker, know that I have received threat calls and text messages since Tuesday regarding the Ondieki issue Kapeen stated.
On Tuesday the Kapeen-led committee summoned Ondieki over issues regarding his docket.
SPORTS: County to spend Sh15 million for sevens rugby Kitui County Government will spend Sh15 million to organise the Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at Ithookwe Show Ground.
The Chief Of cer for Youth and Sports Titus Kithome said the Government will renovate structures at the abandoned grounds, rehabilitate the murram road and install street lighting to the eld. The of cer was speaking during tree planting event at the grounds in readiness of the annual contest.
Mwendwa said 64 teams, including the defending champions in the country Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs had con rmed their participation.
Another 16 teams from local university institutions were also lined up to for the event, espected to attract between 8,000 to 10,000 fans.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes -
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traf c from the central busi -
ness district to de-congest the town.
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Monday, April 28 2014
Nairobi & Central News

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Page 45
New fghting in South Sudan
two days after ceasefre
South Sudans President Salva Kiir (left) and rebel leader Riek Machar exchange signed peace agreement documents
in Addis Ababa on Saturday, May 9. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
New ghting broke out in South
Sudan on Sunday less than 48 hours
after the countrys president and the
rebel leader agreed to a cease-re
that the US secretary of state and UN
secretary-general both worked to
Aid leaders and analysts hailed
Friday nights deal but some also
voiced skepticism that it would
translate to peace on the ground.
Those fears were borne out Sunday
as ghting again ared for a strategic
oil town where horric crimes
against humanity have already oc-
Each side blamed the other for re-
starting the violence.
South Sudan Defense Minister
Kuol Manyang Juk said rebels at-
tacked government positions near
Bentiu at 6:30am Sunday. He said
government troops killed 27 rebels
and captured some arms.
At 8:30am, they also attacked our
position ... along the road between
Bentiu and the Thar Jath oil elds.
Our forces repulsed them, he said.
An opposition spokesman, Brig
Gen Lul Ruai Kong, said government
forces attacked rebels in two states.
He said government ghters were in
active combat with opposition
troops around Bentiu.
Kong said ghters from Sudanese
militias were aiding government
troops around Bentiu.
The latest violations of the deal
to resolve the crisis in shows Kiir is
insincere or not in control of his forc-
es, Kong said in a statement.
CAIRO, Sunday

An Egyptian judge sentenced Sun-
day 36 students from an Islamic uni-
versity in Cairo to four years imprison-
ment for taking part in a protest against
the overthrow of the former Islamist
president that turned violent.
The verdict against the students is
part of a government campaign to
crackdown on protests following the
military ouster of Mohammed Morsi in
July in the wake of massive rallies
against him. The crackdown has large-
ly affected Islamist supporters of Mor-
si but the dragnet has been widened
to include secular and non-Islamist
critics of the current governments
campaign to quell dissent.
Thousands of Morsi supporters
and leading gures in his Muslim
Brotherhood group are behind bars on
charges varying from holding illegal
protests to inciting and carrying out vi-
olent attacks and cooperating with for-
eign militant groups to destabilize
Egypt. More than 1,300 were also killed
in the crackdown on protests.
The Brotherhood denies it adopts
violent means and accuses the govern-
ment of seeking to smear its name.
Students have been at the forefront
of the protest against Morsis ouster,
mostly in the Islamic university of Al-
Azhar, but also other Egyptian univer-
sities. The 36 students were arrested in
December following protests on and
outside the Cairo branch of Al-Azhar
University. They were accused of block-
ing roads, attacking security and set-
ting tires on re. The students were al-
so ned $4,300 each.
Judge Mahmoud Magdali acquitted
one of the arrested, a journalist, the
court ofcials said speaking on condi-
tion of anonymity because they were
not authorised to speak to the media.
The Al-Azhar students spokesman,
Mahmoud al-Azhari, denounced the
ruling as a farce.
The military is using the honor-
able judiciary to terrorise the free stu-
dents thinking that this will quell the
student movement, he wrote.
The turmoil in Egypt has also in-
cluded violent attacks against security
forces, most claimed by militant
groups who say they are avenging the
authorities crackdown on Islamists.
Egypt court sentences 36 students for protesting
Monday, May 12, 2014
While hailing the
ceasefre deal as critical,
analysts remained
skeptical about whether
peace will prevail
EL-ARISH: Suspected militants
kill soldier in Egypts Sinai
Security ofcials in Egypt say suspected
militants have attacked an army convoy
in the restive Sinai Peninsula, killing
one soldier and wounding another. The
ofcials said the militants, believed to be
members of an al-Qaida-inspired group,
opened re and ed the scene. The group,
Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or Champions of
Jerusalem, has carried out attacks across
Egypt in recent months that have killed
dozens of people, mostly police ofcers
and soldiers.
TRIPOLI: Libya appeals for EU
help on illegal migrants
A Libyan Cabinet minister has threatened
to help illegal migrants reach Europe
if the EU does not do more to help his
country deal with a ood of migrants
using Libya as a transit point. Interior
Minister Saleh Maziq said EU help would
enable his North African nation stop
illegal migrants arriving in Libya from
sub-Saharan African nations en route to
Europe. Addressing a news conference
late Saturday, the minister blamed the
presence of illegal migrants in his country
for a rise in crime, drugs and diseases.
LAGOS: Nigerian group calls
for UN sanctions on militants
The UN Security Council must impose
sanctions on the Islamic extremists that
abducted more than 300 schoolgirls, a
leading Nigerian rights group said. The
call comes as more experts are expected
in Nigeria to help in the search, including
US hostage negotiators. Nigerias
government belatedly accepted offers
of help last week from the US, Britain,
France, China and Spain amid mounting
national and international outrage at
its failure to rescue 276 girls abducted
from a northeastern school on April 15.
Fifty-three escaped. The militants are
threatening to sell the girls into slavery.
KAMPALA: Uganda eyes $145m
loan to build infrastructure
Uganda said it wanted to borrow $145
million from the World Bank to revamp
infrastructure in the Albertine region
where it discovered commercial oil
reserves. East Africas third-largest
economy is eyeing a petrodollar fuelled
boom when it starts pumping crude -
expected around 2017 -from a region
which straddles the border with the
Democratic Republic of Congo. Cabinet
approved a proposal by the Ministry of borrow funds for improving
infrastructure and social services in
Ugandas Albertine region, said a
statement issued by information minister,
Rose Namayanja. It added the money
would be borrowed from the World Banks
International Development Association.
Indonesian presidential frontrunner Joko
Jokowi Widodo has joined hands with
the countrys most popular Islamic party,
cementing the surprise resurgence of
Muslim parties in this years election and
possibly renewing their voice in the new
government. The National Awakening
Party (PKB) on Saturday became the
latest party to back Jokowis Indonesian
Democratic-Party of Struggle (PDI-P)
and his bid for president on July 9. PKBs
endorsement is particularly important for
Jokowi, as it will help him appeal to the
Islamic vote in the worlds most populous
Muslim nation, where most practice a
moderate form of the religion. Agencies
He said the international com-
munity and IGAD, a regional bloc
that brokered Fridays peace deal,
should know that Kiirs forces were
rst to violate the agreement.
Humanitarian workers hoped Fri-
days deal would allow residents to
return home and plant crops. More
than 1.3 million people have ed
their homes because of the ghting,
and aid experts say that if residents
dont plant crops by the end of May
mass hunger is likely to set in and
possibly even famine.
The World Food Programme and
Save the Children on Saturday re-
leased a nutritional analysis showing
that several areas in Unity state,
where Bentiu is located, have food
needs at alarming levels, one step
from famine.
Up to 75 per cent of the popula-
tion there faces severe hunger.
WFP says overall that 3.2 million
people need food aid and that a
hunger catastrophe will set in if
food aid is not soon delivered.
Still, given that a January cease-
re fell apart immediately after it
was signed, many observers feared
Fridays deal would not hold.
John Prendergast, the co-founder
of the Washington-based Enough
Project, which does advocacy work
in eastern and central Africa, said af-
ter the peace deal that it wasnt clear
if the parties were serious.
He said troops were poised to at-
tack each other in a number of loca-
tions. If the conicts second cease-
re truly does fall apart, the efforts
by US Secretary of State John Kerry
and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-
moon will have been moot.
Both leaders ew into Juba, South
Sudans capital, in the last 10 days to
push for an end to war.
The ghting, which has often pit-
ted Kiirs ethnic Dinka against
Machars ethnic Nuer, has killed
thousands of people, often in what a
new UN report last week said were
gross violations of human rights on
a massive scale. In the two biggest
massacres, hundreds of Nuer were
slaughtered in a police holding cell
in Juba in December. Nuer ghters
slaughtered hundreds of people in
Bentiu in April.
South Sudan is a largely Christian
and animist nation that broke off
from the Muslim-dominated Sudan
after a 2011 referendum.
VATICAN CITY: Pope urges
priests to forgive sinners
Pope Francis has taken to task priests
who are so harsh on sinners that
faithful feel pushed away by the
church. Francis said during his homily
in St Peters Basilica Sunday that he
feels very pained when people dont
go to confession anymore because
they were guratively caned,
scolded by their confessors. He said
these faithful feel as if the church
doors were closed in their face.
Please dont do this, the pope told
13 new priests he ordained in the
basilica. He urged them to follow the
example of Jesus in never tiring of
being merciful. Francis said priests
should remember that Jesus didnt
come to condemn but to forgive.
Dubai: Iran leader calls for
more open nuclear debate
President Hassan Rouhani said he
wanted Iran to do a better job of
explaining its nuclear programme
to prevent evil-minded people
misleading world opinion, two days
before Tehran resumes talks with
world powers on its disputed atomic
activity. Iran and the US, France,
Germany, Britain, China and Russia
will reconvene in Vienna to try to
iron out differences over how to
end a long standoff over suspicions
that Tehran has sought the means to
develop nuclear weapons. The West
have demanded openness from Iran to
address those concerns and head off
the risk of a downward spiral towards
a new Middle East war, with Israel.
DUBAI: 15 migrant workers
killed in Dubai bus crash
Up to 15 Asian migrant workers have
been killed in a bus crash in Dubai.
The WAM news agency said the
labourers were killed Saturday when
their bus rammed into a truck parked
on the shoulder of a major highway
that passes along the outskirts of the
Mideast commercial hub. Thirteen
others were reported injured.
The government-owned National
newspaper reported Sunday that at
least nine of the dead were from India
and four were Bangladeshi. Blue-
collar South Asian migrant laborers
dominate the workforce in Dubai.
Syria opens presidential
campaign as war rages on
board just reads Together, along
with the presidents signature.
Several cars ying national ags
and photos of the president blasted
nationalist songs as they cruised the
capitals streets in a show of support
for Assad, who has ruled the country
since taking over from his father,
Hafez, in 2000.
In contrast, there were no por-
traits or banners of the two other
candidates seen on the streets.
Riyadh Shahin, 44, a government
employee, said that he intends to
vote for Assad.
I am still convinced that he was
still the sole leader who can achieve
the aspirations of the Syrian people,
Shahin said. In my opinion, Assad is
the suitable person for this post, be-
cause without him, Syria was now di-
vided. He is the sole guarantee to
keep Syria strong.
The presence of other candidates
on the ballot represents a shift in Syr-
ia. Until now, Assad and his father
have been elected by referendums in
which they were the only candidates
and voters cast yes-or-no ballots.
Last month, the Syrian parlia-
ment approved an electoral law
opening the door to a multi-candi-
date race. The new law, however,
placed conditions effectively ensur-
ing that almost no opposition gures
would be able to run. It states that
any candidate must have lived in
Syria for the past 10 years and can-
not have any other citizenship.
Analysts say the vote was likely
set for mid-summer to give the mili-
tary and its allied militias time to
seize more ground, particularly key
urban centres.
With a mix of brute force and ne-
gotiations, the government secured
a major victory last week, striking a
deal with the last rebel holdouts in
the central city of Homs.
On billboards and in posters
taped to car windows, new portraits
of President Bashar Assad lled the
streets of Damascus as Syria ofcial-
ly opened its presidential campaign
despite a crippling civil war that has
devastated the country and left large
chunks of territory outside of gov-
ernment control.
The Syrian opposition and its
Western allies have denounced the
June 3 election as a sham designed
to lend Assad, who is widely expect-
ed to win another seven-year term, a
veneer of electoral legitimacy. The
government, meanwhile, has touted
the vote as the political solution to
the conict.
The election comes more than
three years into a revolt against As-
sads rule that has killed more than
150,000 people and forced more than
2.5 million to seek refuge abroad.
The war has destroyed entire cities
and towns, battered the economy,
and set alight sectarian hatreds.
With the country so bitterly divid-
ed, it remains unclear how the gov-
ernment intends to hold a credible
vote. Ofcials have, however, brushed
aside such doubts.
Assad faces two other candidates
in the race: Maher Hajjar and Hassan
al-Nouri, both members of the so-
called internal opposition tolerated
by the government. But the men are
relatively unknown, and neither has
the full weight of the state behind
him like Assad does.
That distinction was on full dis-
play on the streets of Damascus.
On the bustling Thawra Street in
the center of the city, two new Assad
billboards greeted the crowds below.
One shows Assad, dressed in a gray
suit and blue shirt, along with the
word Together. The second bill-
Syrian President Bashar Assad visits the Christian village of Maaloula, near
Damascus, Syria as he prepares for elections through which he is set to claim
another seven-year term. [PHOTO: AP]
The election comes
more than three years
into a revolt against
Assads rule
The South China Sea dispute is
not a problem between China and
the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations (ASEAN) and China opposes
certain member states using it to sow
discord, its foreign ministry said.
Southeast Asian foreign ministers
voiced serious concerns on Satur-
day over naval clashes between Viet-
nam and China as the regional
groups top ofcial urged Beijing to
advance talks on maritime security.
Foreign ministers and heads of
state of the 10-member ASEAN are
facing a test of unity at their summit
this weekend in Myanmar as some
members express alarm over Chinas
growing assertiveness in the disput-
ed South China Sea and push for a
strong joint statement.
China said the issue was not a
problem between her and ASEAN.
China is opposed to certain
countries attempts to use the South
Sea issue to harm the overall friend-
ship and cooperation between China
and the ASEAN, the ministry said,
in apparent reference to Vietnam
and the Philippines, two of the most
vocal countries on the dispute.
China was ready to work with
ASEAN to implement the Declara-
tion on the Conduct of Parties in the
South China Sea, which was agreed
on in 2002 to try to manage tensions
in the seas, the ministry added.
China hopes that the relevant
ASEAN members will respect and
implement the declaration and make
positive contributions to peace and
stability as well as maritime security
in the sea, the ministry said.
Tensions ratcheted up last week
after China positioned a huge oil rig
in an area claimed by Vietnam, with
each country accusing the other of
ramming its ships in the region close
to the disputed Paracel Islands.
China says territorial disputes
should be discussed on a bilateral
basis. It claims the entire South Chi-
na Sea, putting it in conict with Tai-
wan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Ma-
laysia, and Brunei.
China defends
sea row with
RIYADH, Sunday
Saudi Arabia said on Thursday it
had identied 32 new cases of Mid-
dle East Respiratory Syndrome
(MERS), pushing the total number of
infections in the country to 463.
Four people died of the disease
on Wednesday and ve on Thursday,
taking the total death toll in Saudi
Arabia to 126 since MERS, a form of
coronavirus, was identied two years
ago, the Health Ministry said in a
statement on its website.
The rate of infection in Saudi Ara-
bia has surged in recent weeks after
big outbreaks associated with hospi-
tals in Jeddah and Riyadh. The total
number of infections nearly doubled
in April and has risen by a further 25
percent already in May.
The World Health Organisation
said on Wednesday the hospital out-
breaks had been partly due to
breaches in recommended infec-
tion prevention and control mea-
sures, but added that there was no
evidence of a change in the viruss
ability to spread.
Scientists around the world have
been searching for the animal source,
or reservoir, of MERS virus infections
ever since the rst human cases were
conrmed in September 2012.
Health experts say camels are the
most likely animal reservoir for the
disease, which the Saudi health min-
istry reported late on Saturday that
seven more people had caught.
Saudi Arabia yesterday warned
people handling camels to wear
masks and gloves to prevent spread-
ing Middle East Respiratory Syn-
drome (MERS), issuing such a warn-
ing for the rst time as cases in the
kingdom of the potentially fatal virus
neared 500.
Of the new cases, 18 were an-
nounced late on Wednesday and 14
late on Thursday.
Eleven of them were in Jeddah, 14
in the capital Riyadh, one in Najran
and one in Taif.
There were four new cases in Me-
dina and one in Mecca, cities that re-
ceive large inuxes of Muslim pil-
grims from around the world.
Ten of them had been in contact
with people who had previously
been diagnosed as having MERS, the
ministry said.
In humans, MERS cause cough-
ing, fever and pneumonia. Lebanon
reported its rst case on Thursday.
Cases have also been reported in
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan,
United Arab Emirates, Malaysia,
Oman, Tunisia, France, Germany,
Spain, Italy and Britain.
Saudi Arabia reports 32 new cases of MERS
BEIRUT, Sunday
An Al-Qaeda splinter group has
wrested control of key parts of the
eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zor
from other rebel groups, activists said,
worsening inghting that has handi-
capped the insurgency against Presi-
dent Bashar al-Assad.
More than 100,000 civilians have
ed the province following weeks of
intense clashes between Islamist in-
surgents, the anti- Assad Syrian Obser-
vatory for Human Rights monitoring
group said.
Civilians in Deir al-Zor lived
through more than two years of ght-
ing between opposition ghters and
the government. Now they are dealing
with a second wave of internecine war
that has devastated parts of the coun-
try that the opposition considers lib-
erated from Assads forces.
The Islamic State in Iraq and the
Levant - which started as an offshoot
of Al-Qaeda in Iraq but has since been
disowned - took neighbourhoods of
Deir al-Zor city from the Nusra Front,
Syrias ofcial Al-Qaeda afliate, this
weekend, the Observatory notes.
Some 230 militants have been killed
over the past 10 days by the inghting,
it added. Although ISIL made headway
in the ght for Deir al-Zor, opposition
groups rarely hold territory for long
before clashes resume.
More than 150,000 people have
been killed in the three-year-old rebel-
lion, which started as a peaceful pro-
test movement and turned into a civil
war after a government crackdown.
Al-Qaeda splinter group moves to
take eastern Syrian city
46 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
KABUL: Afghan presidential
front-runner wins endorsement
The front-runner in Afghanistans
presidential election has picked up a
potentially powerful endorsement ahead of
a second round of polling later this month.
Former Foreign minister Abdullah
Abdullah, who came out on top according
to a preliminary tally April 5, has won the
support of Zalmai Rassoul, another former
Foreign minister.
Rassoul said his decision to back Abdullah
was based on national unity, stability,
peace and prosperity.
Rassoul came in third behind Abdullah and
ex-Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai
in the rst round. Final results of the rst
round are due to be announced Wednesday.
BERLIN: Germanys Schroeder
defends party with Putin
Germanys ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
is defending a much-criticised embrace with
Russian President Vladimir Putin at a recent
birthday party and insisting that threatening
sanctions is the wrong response to the
Ukraine crisis.
Schroeder, who left ofce in 2005, has for
long had a close relationship with Putin. He
is now chairman of Russian-led gas pipeline
consortium Nord Stream. Schroeder drew
widespread criticism over pictures of him
hugging Putin in Russia April 28, at a time
when German military observers were being
held by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.
BEIJING: Chinese factory wall
collapses in heavy rain, kills 18
A factory wall collapsed in heavy rain in
eastern China, killing 18 people working
inside. State news agency Xinhua reported
about 40 workers for a renewable energy
company in the scenic coastal city of
Qingdao, were in the factory at the time.
Three were taken to hospital with injuries.
China, the worlds second largest economy,
has a poor record of workplace safety with
coal mine disasters a common occurrence. In
June 2013, a re at a poultry slaughterhouse
in the northeastern Jilin province killed
120 people. In November, an oil pipeline
explosion in Qingdao killed 62 people.
BAGHDAD: Militants kill 20
troops in northern Iraq
Militants in Iraq launched an audacious
attack on a military barracks in a remote
area in the countrys north and killed 20
troops overnight, authorities said Sunday.
The killings at the barracks in the village
of Ayn al-Jahish outside the northern city
of Mosul represent the latest blow to the
governments efforts to achieve stability
in restive Sunni-dominated areas. Gunmen
staged the assault late Saturday night, two
police ofcers said, shooting some at short
range while others died when insurgents
stormed the barracks. A medical ofcial said
11 troops had their hands tied behind their
backs and suffered close-range gunshots to
the head.
THE HAGUE: 3 Dutch hostages
freed unharmed in Nigeria
Three Dutch citizens held hostage in
Nigeria for nearly a week have been freed
unharmed, ofcials in the Netherland said
Sunday. The two men and a woman were
freed Saturday evening and handed to
the Dutch ambassador, Foreign ministry
spokeswoman Joanne Doornewaard said.
The three were abducted on May 4 in the
oil-rich Niger River Delta region while on
their way to inspect a hospital built by
Chevron Corp. It was not immediately clear
why they had travelled without police escort
despite the delta region being notorious for
PESHAWAR: Lawyer quits case of
Pakistan doctor who aided CIA
The lawyer for the Pakistani doctor who
helped the US nd Osama bin Laden said
Sunday he would not represent him any
longer after facing threats from militants,
even as America pushes for the man to be
freed. Lawyer Samiullah Khan Afridi said
he made the decision after he received
what he described as a nal warning
from militants. Afridi said he represented
Dr Shakil Afridi on humanitarian grounds,
but said it is now not possible for him to
continue. Now they have warned me to
either quit the case or be ready to face dire
consequences, Afridi told AP. My family
and I are under severe threat.
East Ukraine referendum
raises fears of disintegration
Rebels pressed ahead with a ref-
erendum on self-rule in east Ukraine
as ghting ared up anew in a con-
ict that has raised fears of civil war
and pitched Russia and the West into
their worst crisis since the Cold
Clashes broke out around a tele-
vision tower on the outskirts of the
rebel stronghold of Slaviansk shortly
before voters made their way to poll-
ing stations through streets blocked
by barricades of felled trees, tyres
and rusty machinery.
I wanted to come as early as I
could, said Zhenya Denyesh, a stu-
dent voting at a three-storey con-
crete university building. We all
want to live in our own country.
Asked what he thought would fol-
low the vote, organised in a matter of
weeks by rebels, the 20-year old re-
plied: It will still be war.
In nearby Mariupol, scene of
erce ghting last week, ofcials said
there were only eight polling centres
for half a million people. Queues
grew to hundreds of metres and at
one centre voting urns were set out
on the pavement against a wall.
The west has threatened more
sanctions against Russia in the key
areas of energy, nancial services
and engineering if it continued to
destabilise Ukraine.
Moscow denies any role in the re-
bellion or any ambitions to absorb
the mainly Russian-speaking east,
an industrial hub, into the Russian
Federation following its annexation
of the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea
after a referendum in March.
For a vote on which so much
hangs, the referendum in the regions
of Luhansk and Donetsk, which has
Moscow denies role in
rebellion or any ambitions
to absorb the mainly
Russian-speaking east
Thailands beleaguered govern-
ment warned people to stay away
from anti-government protests as it
stepped up security as the two sides
in a lengthy political crisis squared
off over who is running the country.
The caretaker government loyal
to ousted prime minister Yingluck
Shinawatra is clinging to power and
to the hope of an election in July to
restore its authority.
But the governments enemies
deride its legitimacy and are calling
on Parliament, the courts and the
Election Commission to appoint a
new prime minister.
The head of the government team
overseeing security during months
of demonstrations against Yingluck
and her brother, ousted former pre-
mier Thaksin Shinawatra, said calls
for a new premier were illegal.
We would like to warn all Thais
to stay away from the protest sites as
we have to tighten our security forc-
es in a bid to avert a crisis, Tharit
Pengdit, chief of the Department of
Special Investigation, said.
Protesters have used guns and
grenades to resist police efforts to
clear them off the streets and the
government has generally sought to
avoid confrontation.
But Tharits warning could be a
sign the government is feeling em-
battled, especially after Yinglucks
sacking by the Constitutional Court
for nepotism on Wednesday, and is
trying to assert its authority.
The violent protests against Ying-
luck and Thaksin have sapped inves-
tor condence, frightened off tour-
ists and dented growth in Southeast
Asias second-biggest economy.
A day after Yingluck and nine of
her cabinet members were thrown
out of ofce, she was indicted by an
anti-corruption agency for negli-
gence over a rice subsidy scheme
that ran up big losses. The Senate is
expected to impeach her, which
could result in a ban from politics.
But Yinglucks Puea Thai party
still runs the caretaker government
and it is hoping to organise an elec-
tion, scheduled for July 20.
Thai power
declared itself a Peoples Republic,
seemed a decidedly ad hoc affair.
Ballot papers have been printed
without security provision, polling
stations were limited in many areas
and there was confusion on exactly
what people were being asked to en-
Engineer Sergei, 33, voting in the
industrial centre of Mariupol, said he
would answer Yes to the question
on the ballot paper, printed in Rus-
sian and Ukrainian: Do you support
the act of state self-rule of the Do-
netsk Peoples Republic?
Were all for the independence of
the Donetsk republic, he said. It
means leaving behind that fascist,
pro-American government (in Kiev),
which brought no one any good.
But in the same queue of voters,
54-year-old Irina, saw a Yes vote as
endorsement of autonomy within
Ukraine. I want Donetsk to have its
own powers, some kind of autono-
my, separate from Kiev. Im not
against a united Ukraine, but not un-
der those people we did not choose,
who seized power and are going to
ruin the country, she said.
Voting is due to end in the hastily
arranged referendum in 53 locations
at 10 pm and the rebels hope to have
the ballots counted by Monday, al-
though its outcome will not be rec-
ognised internationally or by Kiev.
The rebellion in the east began af-
ter President Viktor Yanokovich ed
to Russia in February under pressure
from mass protests in Kiev by pro-
Western activists angered by his de-
cision to discard a cooperation ac-
cord with the European Union in
favour of closer ties with Moscow.
Some see a Yes vote as endorse-
ment of autonomy within Ukraine, a
move to independence and others as
a nod to absorption by Russia.
Annexation is favoured by the
more prominent rebels, but the am-
biguity may reect their fears and ex-
plicit call for full independence
might not have garnered the support
they seek and could leave them in an
exposed position towards Kiev.
Ukrainian leader Oleksander
Turchinov has urged eastern politi-
cal leaders to join a Round Table
discussion on devolution of powers
in Ukraine. But he says he would not
negotiate with terrorists, a formu-
lation meant to exclude most of the
more prominent rebel leaders.
The Ukrainian Defence ministry
said rebels attacked their forces
guarding a television tower on the
outskirts of Slaviansk.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard NEWS OF THE WORLD / Page 47
Two civil defence ofcers tick their ballots at a polling station during a plebiscite in the eastern Ukrainian city of
Slaviansk. Rebels pressed ahead with a vote on self-rule in east Ukraine yesterday. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Page 48 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
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BOXING: Spurs push
Trail Blazers to brink
The San Antonio Spurs moved
one win away from reaching the
NBA Western Conference nals
on Saturday with a dominant
118-103 victory over the Portland
Trail Blazers. The Spurs, who
had won the rst two games of
the best-of-seven second-round
series at home, showed no let up
at the shift to Portland and can
complete a four-game sweep on
Monday in Oregon. San Antonio
point guard Tony Parker scored
a game-high 29 points. Tim
Duncan added 19 for the Spurs,
who needed seven games to
subdue the tenacious Dallas
Mavericks in the rst round.
F1: Hamilton takes
fourth win in a row
Lewis Hamilton took the world
championship lead from
Mercedes team-mate Nico
Rosberg with a closely fought
victory in the Spanish Grand
Prix. Hamilton leads Rosberg
by three points as his fourth
win in a row nally made up the
ground he lost by retiring from
the season-opening Australian
GP. Hamilton led from start to
nish, winning a tense battle
with Rosberg. The two had a
huge advantage over the rest
of the eld, as Red Bulls Daniel
Ricciardo took third. Red Bulls
Sebastian Vettel took fourth
after a superb recovery drive
from 15th on the grid ahead of
Valtteri Bottas and Ferraris of
Fernando Alonso. BBC
TENNIS: Djokovic ready to
return from wrist injury
Novak Djokovic is ready to return
from the right wrist injury that
forced him to withdraw from
the Madrid Open a week ago.
The second-ranked Serb had a
couple of long practice sessions
over the weekend as he prepares
for this weeks Italian Open and
Roland Garros, which starts in
two weeks. Djokovic says hes
been pain-free for 10 days and
right now I feel much more
condent at the state of my
wrist and I know that Im ready
much more to play a match than
I was one week ago. He opens
in Rome against Czech veteran
Radek Stepanek. AFP
Monday, May 12, 2014
The Kenya National Sev-
ens team ended their Lon-
don Campaign with 12
points after losing 38-14 to
South Africa in the Plate
semi-nals of the last leg of
the International Rugby
Board Sevens Circuit.
After qualifying for the
Main Cup quarter-nals of
the tournament on the rst
day, Kenya failed to keep up
the momentum against
Australia on the second day,
where two rst half tries
from Tom Lucas and Sam
Myers were enough to steer
the Australians to a de-
served 12-5 victory over Ke-
Even though Kenya ap-
peared to be resurgent in
the second half with Hum-
phrey Kayange pulling one
back, Australia held out for
the victory that spurred
them to the Main Cup semi-
nals while Kenya were rel-
egated to the Plate semi--
nals to play against France
who had earlier lost 19-17
to England in the other
Main Cup quarter-nal of
the day.
Kenya were clear favou-
rites over France and start-
ed the game with intent,
scoring three tries through
Patrice Agunda, Kayange
and Michael Agevi to take a
commanding 21-0 lead at
the stroke of half-time.
However the French
came back a renewed side
in the second half scoring
three tries of their own
through Bryan Dimeck, Ter-
ry Bouhraoua and Vincent
Deniau to reduce the decit
to 21-19.
Kenya had to act fast and
it was through substitute
Felix Ayange that they got
their fourth try that pushed
them to the nal where they
were to meet neighbour
South Africa who had also
beaten Samoa 24-17 in the
other Plate semi-nals.
The battle in the nals
seemed as a one sided affair
with Kenya giving South Af-
rica to much breathing
The South Africans took
advantage of the early spell
of possession to score
through Seabelo Senalta,
Kwagga Smith and Frankie
Horne to take a command-
ing 19-7 lead by half-time
after Billy Odhiambo pulled
one back for Kenya.
It was no different in the
second half with Senalta
adding two tries, while Jam-
ba Ulengo nished their ac-
count to win the game 38-
14 with Kenyas only second
half-try coming from new
kid Tony Owuor.
The last two legs of the
circuit will be Kenyas best
performance under new
coach Paul Treu after he ac-
cumulated 24 points to take
their tally to 84 points.
On the conclusion of the
circuit Kenya will now shift
focus to the Common
Wealth games that are
scheduled for Glasgow,
Scotland at the end of July.
Sevens team loses to South Africa in Plate semis of IRB series last leg
Kenyas Michael Wanjala (left) tackles
Frances Paul Bonnefond during their
London Sevens Plate semi-nal tie at
Twickenham Stadium, yesterday. [PHOTO: AFP]
FEVERPITCH / Page 51 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Kimani tops during
Mugs Mug event at Railway
Ma j o r General An-
thony Rob posted 38 stable ford
points to emerge the overall
winner of the 2014 All African
Challenge Trophy fundraising
golf tournament played at the
par 71 Nyali Golf and Country
Club course last Friday.
Playing off handicap 21,
Robs luck came in the tough-
est par ve-fth hole when he
sank a rare birdie that raised
his stakes to beat a team of 145
golfers in the day-long 18 holes
stable ford tournament.
Rob had rolled a total of
three pars on the par three-
third, the par three-10th and
the par ve-17th holes with a
mixed dropped bogey shots on
the rest of the 18 holes to claim
the victory.
Its my lucky day today and
I thank God for the big win,
said Rob.
Handicap 15 Aaron Kikuvi
posted 37 points to claim the
runners up slot, followed by
handicap 20 Robert Dalrymple
who had a score of 35 points.
At the same venue last Sat-
urday, handicap 23 Peter Thuo
and handicap 36 Susan Stokes
posted a joint total of a two way
count back score of 45 points to
win the 2014 Coast Edition of
the Crown Paints tournament.
They had tied on the same
points with the team of A Mulo
playing off handicap 14 and
handicap 16 AJ Molu who were
the runners up. The team of
handicap 5 Mathew Githinji
and handicap 12 Charles Rob
who nished third.
The three teams qualied to
play in the Grand Finale sched-
uled for Muthaiga Golf Course
late this year.
In Leisure Lodge Club nite
event last Wednesday, handi-
cap eight Ali Chikumbo posted
a score of 40 points to win.
Handicap 28 George Mokaya
nished second on a score of 37
points, followed by handicap 17
Hans Strydom on 36 points.
At the par 71 Thika Sport
Club on Saturday, the CMC Mo-
Aaron Kivuvi follows
his tee during the All
African Challenge
Trophy fundraising
golf tournament at
the Nyali Golf and
Country Club on
Friday. [PHOTO:
Teachers Training Colleges
from Nakuru region converge
at Kericho Teachers College
tomorrow for the regions ath-
letics and rugby sevens cham-
According to Kenya Teach-
ers Training Colleges Sports
Association Nakuru Region
Secretary General Duncan
Okwaro, eight colleges will
take part in the two-day com-
petition. They are Kericho,
Moi TTC, Baringo, Tambach
TTC and its three campuses of
Baraton Kapsabet, Baraton
Sosiot and Baraton Kastelo.
We have introduced Rug-
by Sevens into our champion-
ships in order to catch up with
the rest of the world and make
it easier for players from sec-
ondary schools to further
their rugby careers while in
such colleges, Okwaro said.
Speaking to FeverPitch
yesterday after a technical
meeting in Kericho last week,
Okwaro revealed that they
have made all necessary ar-
rangements to make the com-
petition a success.
Kericho TTC Principal
Harry Langat said: As the
hosts, we have made adequate
preparations and are ready to
ensure it meets the required
standards with no hitches at
Tambach Teachers Train-
ing College Chief Principal,
who is also the national chair-
man of Kenya Teachers Train-
ing Colleges Sports Associa-
tion William Kan Maritim, will
open the games tomorrow.
Tambach are the defend-
ing champions in men and
womens athletics. bahen-
Colleges championships
set for Kericho TTC
Thika Road Campus
emerged the overall winners
during the sixth edition of
Zetech College games at
Nyayo Stadium on Friday.
Zetech Agriculture House
dominated football, beating
Halmiton Campus 1-0 before
forcing a one-all draw against
Stanbank as Pioneer Campus
beat Thika Road 2-0 in anoth-
er encounter.
Zetech combined team
beat Kibera FC 3-2 in a friend-
ly match played at the same
Pioneer Campus emerged
the winners in rugby mens
category when they defeated
Agriculture House campus
18-7, while Ruiru campus beat
Stanbank 13-11 in another en-
Paul Kongo of Thika Road
Campus beat Larry Ian from
Pioneer 3-1, while Kenneth
Mutahi from Stanbank defeat-
ed Davis Mwangi of Pioneer
2-1 in chess.
In scrabble, Ruiru branch
emerged the overall winners.
Ben Muthui from Pioneer
Campus emerged the winner
in table tennis in the mens
category while Faith Ngoimat
of Thika Road took the wom-
ens category title.
Town Campus beat Thika
Road 62-45 in the mens bas-
ketball in the rst match.
In their second match, Pio-
neer defeated Agriculture
House 56-54, while Halmiton
defeated Stanbank 42-31.
Thika Road beat their Pio-
neer counterparts (3-0) sets in
volleyball as Agriculture edged
Halmiton (3-2) sets.
Thika Road Campus
rule at Zetech games
A past schools action. A past schools action.

FOOTBALL: Police arrest hapless
Vimbwanga in Division Two tie
Football Kenya Federation National Division
One zone A group 2 side Kenya Police were too
good for visiting Vimbwanga FC from Meru.
Police thrashed Vimbwanga 7-0 in a match
played at Barclays Grounds on Saturday. Head
coach Francis Mwangi said he wants to nish
among the top two positions by the end of the
season to get a chance for promotion to the
National Super League next season. By 2016,
we want to play in the Premier League. Two of
our key players were injured during the match
but I hope it will not affect our campaign,
said the tactician. Rebecca Gichana
CRICKET: Mombasa Sports Club
set for Coast 50 over league
Mombasa Sports Club has been dominating
cricket in Mombasa for decades. The club has
been producing some of the best cricketers in
the country and the club is set to continue with
its sterling performance when Coast 50 over
league kicks off this month. To its credit, the
club completed the 2013/14 season unbeaten
after they recently won the T20 Zahra Cup after
beating Burhani Sports Club in the nal. In
1971, Mombasa Sports Club produced some of
the best cricketers ever to win the Coast knock-
out tournament after beating Hatim Karimjee
by 41 runs in the nal. Narottam Khataw was
the man of the match with three maidens, 22
runs and ve wickets. Ernest Ndunda
FOOTBALL: 83 graduate as
referees course ends in Nairobi
A ve-day referees course organised by Football
Kenya Federation (FKF) Nairobi branch ended
on Friday evening at the Nyayo National
Stadium with 83 participants graduating. The
course sponsored by mini bakeries Super
Loaf was closed by FKF vice president Robert
Asembo who challenged the younger referees
to do their best to reach at the highest level
of their new career. This is a good initiative
towards developing football, we are proud of
this class and thank the sponsors for the good
gesture, said Asembo. Super Loaf mini bakeries
sales representative Jackson Kimanzi said they
will continue partnering with the Nairobi ofce
to develop football. Rebecca Gichana
MUTHAIGA: Kingsway Tyres:
Winner- Jay Soni-41pts (25),
R/up-David Ireri-38pts (26),
third-Emir Hussein-38 (09).
WINDSOR: Club nite by
Brussels Airlines: Winner-
Santiago Villamizaia-
39pts (02), R/ups-D.
Asodhia-34(09), third-Asif
Padamshi-34 (08).
RUIRU: May Monthly Mug by
WIkinu: Winner-Harun Gicho-66
nett (83-17), R/up-Kinyua Muchiri-73 nett
tors Group Ford Division tour-
nament was won by handicap
21 Wilhem Mugo who posted
a 19-22 in both nines for 41
Handicap 24 P Mukuria was
the Mens winner on 40 points
(23-17) while handicap 26 Nan-
cy Nganga was the lady win-
ner on 41 points (24-17).
The junior winner was Si-
mon Ngugi, who had a score of
37 points (21-16).
At the par 72 Kenya Railways
Club on Saturday, handicap
seven Andrew Kimani posted
77 nett to emerge the Division
A winner of the 2014 Mugs of
Mugs tournament sponsored
by J Mandavia. The Division B
was won by handicap 14 Sing-
ha Padam on 72 nett, while the
division C was won by handi-
cap 23 Paul Ngugi on a score of
68 nett.
Daniel Kahoro, playing off
handicap 20, was the Subsidiary
winner on 75 nett, while handi-
cap 12 Vir Panesar emerged the
guest winner on 73 nett.
The Mountain Classic event
played at the par 72 Kiambu
course on Saturday was won by
handicap 17 Sammy Muriu on
66 nett. Handicap 14 Kibuthu
Moffat came second on 69 nett.
Handicap 29 B Kinyanjui n-
ished third on 70 nett.
Lady winner was handi-
cap 29 Barbara Kinyanjui who
had 70 nett, gross winner was
handicap ve John Ngure on
73 gross. David Nyaga emerged
winner of the sponsor on 72
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard Page 52 / FEVERPITCH
Guya, Jessop, Ngugi and
Kigen win MX 3 in Solai
Stadium fascinates Isiolos Taqwa players
Taqwa FC players who are
used to playing on dusty pitch-
es in Isiolo were mesmerised
with Safaricom Stadium during
their recent tour of Nairobi.
Almost the entire squad of
the team that is participating
in provincial league had nev-
er played outside Isiolo until
they were hosted in a friendly
match by National Youth Tal-
ent Academy (NYTA).
Despite losing 2-1 against
NYTA during their match at
the Stadium last Saturday,
Taqwa players were lled with
joy for competing on a kind of
a pitch that they only watch on
Some of the players were
seen competing to slide on
the carpet-like grass pitch the
Manchester Uniteds Wayne
Rooney way.
Others were overheard ask-
ing each other whether this
was the very Stadium where
Chelsea, Manchester United
and Arsenal play.
The players used most of
their time shooting memo-
rable pictures of themselves at
picturesque points within the
biggest stadium in East and
Central Africa.
Team manager Shukri
Abudulahi said: Our tour of
Nairobi was an eye opener
to my players because they
would want to play to the high-
est level and gain access to this
facility more often.
Hassan Dagane and Ab-
dirahman Mohammed were
the only players in the squad
that had played in a stadium
through their participation
in Copa Cola and Sakata Ball
Taqwa team, which is the
senior most side from the
Isiolo based talent academy,
has remained a force to reckon
with in the regions football
They have won several
honours in both Copa Cola
and Sakata Ball tournaments
over years.
Players mentored at Taqwa
structures include Abdulmalik
Mohammed played Gor Ma-
hia, Harambee Stars and was
currently in Dubai.
Others are: Hassan Ab-
dirahman and Mohammed
Suleimani (FC Talanta) and
Mohammed Aden (Ulinzi War-
Abdulahi praised Isiolo
Governor Godana Doyo, Dep-
uty Mohammed Guleid and
the area legislator Samal Lom-
wa for supporting sports in the
Isiolo sports personalities
Ivan Guya, riding a KTM 250
two-stroke bike, registered his
second straight victory during
the third round of the National
Motocross Championship in
Solai racetrack.
Having missed last months
regional FIM Africa race in
Kampala due to a fractured
hand, Guya made stunning
comeback, beating his clos-
est rival Tutu Maina to sec-
ond place a maximum 60
points after winning
all the three heats at
Maina nished
the race second with 51 points,
while Samir Sherman
was third with45
w h o
pe r -
s e -
pain on
one of his
ngers which
had been operated, vowed to
remain on top in the remain-
ing six races.
The track was awesome. I
was a bit apprehensive of my
ride but after practice on Sat-
urday, I gained condence and
attacked from the word go,
Guya told FeverPitch after the
race in Solai, yesterday.
Guyas father George Guya,
who was equally fascinated,
said after the race that he was
surprised by his sons perfor-
mance. This was Guyas sec-
ond victory in the season after
crashing out with Apollo Mbu-
ki in round 1 in February.
Tim Jessop beat Patrick
Garner and T Allison to the
podium nish in the Experts
Class. This is Jessops third win
of the season.
Im happy to have shown
the old boys how to ride in
the mud. Getting round the
track in muddy conditions and
emerging rst in a different
track outside Nairobi was good
fun, said Jessop who rode a
KTM320 to victory.
Jet Takkune won MX50
riding a KTM 50. It was really
competitive race and track was
great, said Takkune.
Kigen Kiplagat, grandchild
of Ambassador Bethwel Kipla-
gat, won Mx65.
Defending champion Elias
Sherman was made to sweat to
defeat Rolf Kihara in the MX85.
Ethan Nyachae, who has since
graduated from MX65 to MX85,
settled for third place.
Nyachae, who is the 2013
MX65 champion, was riding
in his second race in MX85 af-
ter his debut in Kampala last
Ngugu Waweru fought a
great battle with Samir Anwar
in MX125 before emerging the
Ngugi won the rst and
last heats while Samir won
the second. MX2 did not take
place as there were no riders
in the class. Motocross 4 will
take place at Jamhuri Park on
June 10.
Taqwa FC players at Safaricom Kasarani Stadium. [PHOTO:
are happy with the support
they get from our leaders, he
But for our sports to devel-
op, the leaders should up their
game and increase sports bud-
get for our talented youth to
realise full potential, he said.
The ofcial also urged
the leaders to offer academic
scholarships/bursaries to tal-
ented students.
Defending champions Ke-
nya Police commonly known
as Chafua Chafua had a di-
sastrous outing in Mombasa
when they failed to shine in the
ring as the rst leg of the Na-
tional Boxing league ended at
the weekend.
It was the Kenya Defence
Forces (KDF), whose
patron is General
Julius Karangi, who
won the rst leg to pile up
pressure on the defending
KDF, who boast of some of
the best boxers in the country,
bagged 23 points to win during
the rst leg.
Kenya Police were placed
second with 21 points with Ke-
nya Prisons in third place with
eight points.
Coast Combined showed
some improvement after
nishing fourth with six
points, while Kenyatta
National Hospital (KNH)
had three points. Nairobi
were sixth with two points
while Central and Nyanza
tied with a point each.
In the individual per-
formance, Sha Bakari of
KDF won on points against
Abdalah Athuman of Coast in
light y (49kg).
KDFs Ulidi Mohammed
won the y weight (52kg) on
split points after beating Po-
lices Maurice Ochieng.
The bantam weight (56kg)
title went to Martin Oduor of
Police after overcoming Ethan
Maina of KNH on points.
Experienced Nick Okoth of
KDF defeated Prisons Joseph
Njogu on points in light weight
(60kg) bout.
In light welter (64kg), KDFs
Victor Odhiambo found the
going tough and was knocked
down in the rst round by Jo-
seph Shingali of Police.
Kenya police added another
trophy in welter weight (69kg)
after Victor Onyango beat Ja-
cob Kimathi of Prisons on
unanimous points decision.
In middle weight (75kg),
veteran Nick Abaka of KDF
won on split points against
Polices David Njuguna, while
Elly Ajowi of Police applied his
skills to knock out Julias Atito
of Prisons in light heavy weight
In heavy weight (91kg),
KDFs Charles Okoth sent Po-
lices Tobias Okeyo packing
after he knocked him down in
the rst round.
Victor Ombok of KDF won
on points against Peter Opudi
of Police in the super heavy
weight (91+kg).
Police fail
to shine
as league
Ivan Guya in action during the
third round of the National
Motocross Championship in Solai,
1. Ivan Guya 60
2. Tutu Maina 51
3. Sanir Anwar 45
1. TimJessop 60
2. Patrick Garner 51
3 T. Allison 45
1. Ngugi Waweru 57
2. Samir Anwar 54
3. Walter Kuria 45
1. Elias Sherman 57
2. Rolf Kihara 54
3. Ethan Nyachae 43
1. Kigen Kiplagat 57
2. M. Mwangi 54
3. Tai Wahome 43
1. Jet Takkunen 60
2. Tyler Huth 51
3. Rafe Garner 50
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard FEVERPITCH/ Page 53
Former champions Ulinzi
Stars won their second con-
secutive Kenyan Premier
League match after overcom-
ing Top Fry Nakuru All Stars by
a solitary goal at Afraha Stadi-
um in Nakuru yesterday.
Ulinzi who attacked when
they had a chance and defend-
ed well when called upon,
scored the all-important goal
in the 32nd minute through
industrious Job Muhati from a
well-executed corner kick by
ace striker Steve Waruru.
This was after some well-
planned sporadic attacks by
Ulinzi forwards who over-
worked Top Fry defence but
wasted the chances.
It resulted in Waruru seeing
his powerful drive parried out
by Top Fry custodian Ronnie
Kagunzi for a fruitless corner
kick, thanks to the steadiness
of defender Bernard Odhiam-
Kagunzi was later substi-
tuted with Steve Omondi in
the second half after he was
injured in an effort to clear a
dangerous move in his goal-
On their part, Top Frys
John Ndirangu kept Ulinzi de-
fence busy and custodian
Francis Ochieng had a rough
afternoon between the posts.
Sensing danger, Top Fry
tactician Peter Okidi rested Se-
bastian Muchera and Teddy
Siwa for Erastus Mwaniki and
Anthony Nganga, a move that
saw a good combination be-
tween the duo and Maurice
Odhiambo, but poor nishing
was their main undoing.
Ulinzi coach Robert Mata-
no benched Kevin Amwayi,
Muhati (Job) and Waruru
(Steve) for Oliver Agwanda, Al-
lan Abulala and Mohammed
Ombongi respectively.
Matano later told Fever-
Pitch in a post match inter-
view said, My boys have
steadily improved in all de-
partments and are determined
to win more matches.
Top Fry coach Peter Okidi
blamed the defeat on the slip-
pery pitch, which he said af-
fected his format of play. At the
same time, he blamed the ref-
eree for denying them an obvi-
ous penalty.
Mathare United conquer City, Dockers
share honours with Sony Sugar
A lone goal from Noah
Abich in the 55th minute was
enough for Mathare United to
seal a Kenyan Premier League
victory over City Stars at the
Kenyatta Stadium in Macha-
Former Tusker player, Abich
scored from the spot for the
home team when City Stars
defender Dennis Nganga
handled the ball in the penalty
The hosts had more chanc-
es on goal in the rst 20 min-
utes of the match compared to
their opponents.
The visitors intensied at-
tacks but Mathares custodian
Robert Mboya rose to the oc-
casion making very important
saves to deny City Stars a
Coaches from both sides
maintained the squads that
started the match until half
time mark with the teams set-
tling for a barren draw by the
On resumption of the sec-
ond half, Jimmy Bageyas shot
went wide just a minute into
the match but the home team
seemed the better side in the
second half executing com-
plete passes to counter their
In Mombasa, Bandari paid
dearly for wasting three gold-
en scoring opportunities be-
fore they struggled to hold So-
ny Sugar to a 1-1 draw in
another league match at the
Mombasa County Stadium.
Bandari started the match
on a low note forcing Sony
Sugar to dominate the opening
minutes of the match.
The Dockers could have
scored two goals in the rst
half but striker Keffa Aswani
wasted two clear opportuni-
ties after he was fed by Bruno
Sserenkuma who had a eld
Samuel Onyango shot Sony
Sugar ahead in the in the 33rd
minute after he connected in-
to the net a neat pass from Ben
Baraza as the score stood at 1-0
at the breather.
In the match handled by
referee Anthony Ongwayo,
Bandari seemed out of game
after the start of the second
half, being frustrated forcing
them to receive unwarranted
yellow cards through Victor
Majid and Mohammed Shariff
who misses the next match af-
ter accumulating ve yellow
Abdulatif Omar converted
a penalty to level for Bandari
after Charles Odete handled in
the box in the 64th minute.
Bandari rested Humphrey
Okoti, Kennedy Oduor and
Mohammed Mwachiponi for
Islam Omar, Victor Majid and
Justus Anene while Sony Sugar
benched Ben Baraza, Edwin
Oduor and Steve Biko for Syl-
vester Wanyama, Evans Wan-
dera and Amos Asembeka.
AFC fans riot at Nyayo,
Brewers stop Taxmen as
Muhoroni beat Bankers
Alfred Onyango (left) of Sony vies
with Aswani Keffa of Bandari at
Mbaraki. [Photo: GIDEON MAUINDU]
Limuru Club golfers, from
left, Caroline Ngugi
Wangari, Rose Mambo and
Martha Vincent protest
being discriminated by
their members recently.
Eight minutes to the stop-
page time, police were forced
to engage AFC Leopards fans
in running battles throwing
tear gas at them during Ke-
nyan Premier League match at
Nyayo Stadium yesterday.
Thika United were leading
1-0 courtesy of free kick from
Dennis Odhiambo in the 15th
Fans were demanding re-
moval of Secretary General
George Aladwa. Thika coach
John Kamau opted not to allow
his troops back to the pitch de-
spite referee Nasur Doka inter-
Earlier at the same venue,
Muhoroni Youth beat KCB 1-0.
Abass Akinyemi scored the on-
ly goal of the match for
Muhoroni Youth converting
from the penalty spot in the
55th minute.
At Meru Stadium, Tusker
hit KRA 3-1 as the league was
played at the venue for the rst
Goals from Clifford Alwan-
ga in the 35th minute, Brian
Osumba in the 53rd minute
and Lloyd Wahome in the 85th
minute helped Tusker to
bounce back to winning ways
after a three match losing
For KRA, it was their rst
loss in six matches.
Their only goal of the match
was scored by Barrack Odhia-
mbo in the 68th minute.
Thousands of fans thronged
Meru Stadium, including Meru
Governor Peter Munya, to
cheer the brewers and he
promised that more interna-
tional matches will be played
at the venue.
The brewers could easily
have been three goals up be-
fore the send of the rst half
had they utilised their chanc-
es. Coming into the match
from a long losing streak, the
brewers were on re and
showed every intention to pick
maximum points.
Tuskers rst chance of the
match came early. But Athman
Buki failed to tap home an
open chance in the sixth min-
ute and then Jockins Atudo
was denied from a long range
free kick.
Alwanga who was wasteful
in the rst half set up Brian Os-
umba at the tenth minute
mark but the latter failed to tap
Two minutes later Kevin Ki-
mani forced KRA goalkeeper
Philip Odhiambo to a desper-
ate save resulting in the rst
corner of the match.
Alwanga nally scored in
the 35th minute after he
chipped home an Athman Bu-
ki pass.
The brewers kept up the
pressure even as the second
half kicked off as Lloyd Wa-
home failed to head home
home from a Jockins Atudo
throw in.
Osumba made up for the
miss in the 53rd minute after
he dispossessed a KRA defend-
er to score.
But the tax men pulled back
in the 68th minute from
Odhiambo. The goal inspired
KRA and they should have got
a second almost immediately.
However, it was Tusker who
had the last laugh with a Lloyd
Wahome goal to pick all three
Ulinzi roll
over Top Fry
in Nakuru
AFC fans break loose before the end of the match after they were beaten 1-0 by Thika United
at Nyayo Stadium, yesterday. The match was called off. [PHOTO: BONIFACE OKENDO/ STANDARD]
Tuskers Clifford
Alwanga (left) and KRAs
Rodgers Ochieng tussle
for the ball at Kinoro
Stadium. [PHOTO:
Divisions threaten Indomitable Lions World Cup campaign, P.55
Page 54 / FEVERPITCH Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Samir Nasri (left) celebrates
with Pablo Zabaleta.
man Nasri told Sky Sports.
There are no words to
explain my feelings now.
For Chilean Pellegrini it
was a rst league title since
he won the Clausura with
River Plate in Argentina in
2003 and a maiden success
in Europe.
Im just so happy for the
manager as well because its
his rst title in Europe, its
amazing, Nasri added.
The atmosphere at An-
eld was muted as an own
goal from Martin Skrtel put
Newcastle ahead in the rst
half, but goals from Daniel
Agger and Daniel Sturridge
ensured they ended with vic-
tory against opponents who
had Shola Ameobi and Paul
Dummett sent off.
Chelsea had to settle for
third spot after coming from
a goal down to win 2-1 at Car-
diff City, ending a trophyless
rst season back in England
for manager Jose Mourinho.
United drew 1-1 at South-
ampton in Ryan Giggss -
nal game as interim man-
ager, which saw last seasons
champions nish 22 points
below cross-town rivals City
in seventh place after a mis-
erable campaign.
United captain Nemanja
Vidic, playing his last game
for the club, was left with a
bloodied nose by Ricky Lam-
bert as the Southampton
striker put the hosts in front
in the 28th minute. Juan
Mata equalised for United
with a sumptuous free-kick
early in the second half.
Norwich Citys relegation
was conrmed after they
lost 2-0 at home to Arsenal,
although they were already
practically assured of joining
Fulham and Cardiff City in
the Championship.
Aaron Ramseys sublime
53rd-minute volley put Ar-
senal ahead, with Carl Jen-
kinson adding a second goal
shortly after.
Arsenals FA Cup nal op-
ponents Hull City nished
the campaign by losing 2-0
at home to fth-place Ever-
ton, who prevailed through
goals from James McCarthy
and Romelu Lukaku.
Third-place Chelsea,
meanwhile, came from be-
hind to win 2-1 at relegated
Cardiff, with Andre Schurrle
and Fernando Torres secur-
ing victory after Craig Bel-
lamy had put the Welsh club
Elsewhere, Swansea City
spoilt Sunderlands survival
party with a 3-1 win at the
Stadium of Light, while Stoke
City won 2-1 at West Bro-
mwich Albion and Fulham
drew 2-2 to Crystal Palace.
Continued From P56
... but no one will remember who nished second
Manchester City win Premier League title
Liverpool came from be-
hind to defeat Newcastle
but were denied the Premier
League title by Manchester
Citys victory over West Ham.
Needing a win and a City
defeat to capture the league,
Liverpool fell behind to a Mar-
tin Skrtel own goal.
But the match turned
around when Daniel Agger and
Daniel Sturridge converted
Steven Gerrard free-kicks.
Newcastle striker Shola
Ameobi saw red for dissent and
team-mate Paul Dummett was
sent off for fouling Luis Suarez.
Liverpool had been in con-
trol of the title race with three
games remaining before a 2-0
defeat by Chelsea and a 3-3
draw at Crystal Palace handed
the initiative to City.
A 2-0 victory over West Ham
for Manuel Pellegrinis team on
Sunday ensured Liverpools re-
sult was academic.
Eslewhere, Tottenham
sealed their place in next sea-
sons Europa League in em-
phatic fashion with a 3-0 win
over Aston Villa on Sunday.
However, it was the end
for Norwich City, who got rel-
egated from English Premier
League. Sunderland remained
in the top ight despite slump-
ing to a 3-1 home defeat to
Swansea City.
Tim Sherwoods team need-
ed a point to ensure the sixth
place nish in the Premier
League which would guaran-
tee a place in Europes second
tier club competition.
Paulinho opened the scor-
ing and Nathan Bakers own
goal increased Tottenhams lead
before Emmanuel Adebayors
penalty nished off lacklustre
Villa before the break.
TOP: Liverpools
Steven Gerrard
striker Daniel
Sturridge after he
scored against
Newcastle United
at Aneld
stadium yester-
day. LEFT: Arsenal
play against
Norwich City.
RIGHT: Tottenham
Hotspurs in action
against Aston
Villa. [PHOTO: AFP]
FEVERPITCH / Page 55 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard

CHALLENGE: Defensive
woes could hinder Japan
Japans hopes of advancing to
the second round of the World
Cup in Brazil rely on manager
Alberto Zaccheronis ability to
tighten up the sides talented-
yet-leaky defence, according
to former Iran boss Afshin
Ghotbi. Japans 2-2 draw with
Netherlands followed by a 3-2
win over Belgium in November
friendlies have convinced Ghotbi
that the Blue Samurai are a
force to be reckoned with going
forward but that goal threat is
hampered by a lack of solidity at
the back. Reuters
FOCUS: Hard-tackling
Herrera seeks Mexico lift
Miguel Herrera, an iron man
tackler as a player and ery
competitor as a coach, may have
been just the man to rescue
Mexico when all seemed lost last
year. And the 46-year-old still
believes his teams underdog
status can help create a World
Cup shock next month. Herrera
was brought in as the fourth
coach in six weeks last year as
Mexico appeared on the brink of
failing to qualify for the World
Cup nals a huge shock to the
national psyche. His side made
the cut by trouncing New Zealand
in an inter-continental playoff.
FANS: Belgian diabolica
will replace Vuvuzela
Move over vuvuzela. A
compact, Belgian-made
trumpet dubbed diabolica
is gearing up to replace the
South African horn as the
noisemaker of choice at the
next World Cup games in
Brazil. Its young designers
said they are overwhelmed
by the ood of orders coming
from all over the world, and
predict that a million models
will be sold by the time the
month-long tournament starts
on June 12. Unlike the long,
plastic vuvuzela whose love-
it-or-hate-it drone went global
at the last World Cup in South
Africa in 2010 the diabolica
is easier to carry, collapsing to
12 centimetres. Reuters
Liverpools striker Luis Suarez
celebrates scoring a goal.
Divisions threaten Indomitable
Lions World Cup campaign
Cameroon have brilliant
players like Samuel Etoo but
keeping them together holds
the key to 2014 World Cup suc-
cess as the team makes a record
seventh appearance by an Afri-
can country.
Squad cliques were blamed
for a disastrous 2010 tourna-
ment in South Africa with the
Indomitable Lions losing all
three matches they played. The
same cannot happen in Group
A this year against hosts Brazil,
Croatia and Mexico.
Captain and star striker
Etoo was at the centre of the
2010 storm as some players
backed him while others sided
with deposed skipper Rigobert
French coach Paul le Guen
replaced ageing Song with for-
mer Barcelona and Inter Mi-
lan star Etoo a year before the
World Cup. The move opened
deep wounds with Barcelona
midelder Alex Song, a relative
of Rigobert, among those who
shunned the national team for
a long time after the debacle.
However, Sevilla midelder
Stephane Mbia believes Cam-
eroon, the rst of only three
African nations to reach the
World Cup quarter-nals, can
present a united front.
Everybody is ready to listen
to each other and to make sac-
rices, he said. We are ready
to give our best for the sake of
the country, our team-mates
and ourselves.
But not everyone is con-
vinced and Etoo complained
that team-mates refused to
pass him the ball during a play-
off in Tunisia late last year.
Defender Benoit Assou-
Ekotto from English second-
tier outt Queens Park Rangers
condemned other players in an
This team compares fa-
vourably with the one which
reached the 1990 quarter-nals
in terms of technique and skill.
But when the players meet
they all consider themselves
big shots from top clubs and
silly little problems spoil the
changeroom atmosphere.
Many of us are parents,
but it is us adults who are act-
ing like children. We need to
change our mindsets and put
the egos aside.
Haphazard preparations
have also previously hampered
Cameroon, who have won just
one of 12 World Cup games
since the last-eight loss to Eng-
land 24 years ago.
Mbia said: We must prepare
better than in 2010 because we
are in a difcult group.
Record ve-time world
champions and hosts Brazil are
overwhelming favourites to top
Group A, leaving Cameroon,
Croatia and Mexico to scrap for
the other second-round place.
Francois Omam-Biyik, a
star of the 1990 squad inspired
by Roger Milla, fears the Lions
will be among early departures
from South America.
Cameroon cannot get past
the rst round because al-
though they have quality foot-
ballers, the team does not play
as a unit. Everybody believes
he is a star and it will be tough
winning against Brazil at home
Croatia and Mexico, he said.
German coach Volker Finke
plans to prove the doubters
wrong and says 33-year-old
Chelsea goal poacher Etoo will
play a vital role.
Samuel is back to his best
level at Chelsea. He is the best
Cameroonian footballer and
can make a big difference.
Former Liverpool goalkeep-
er Charles Itandje, centre-back
Nicolas Nkoulou, midelders
Jean Makoun and Song and
striker Benjamin Moukandjo
are other key gures. AFP
Chelsea manager Jose
Mourinho has claimed that
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez
is an unworthy choice as
this seasons Premier League
player of the year.
Luis Suarez is a very good
player. Theyre not voting for
a player who has no quality,
Mourinho said, in comments
carried by several British
newspapers on Sunday.
(But) the prole of player
who wins the player of the
year is not the prole of play-
er who used to win in English
football 10, eight, six years
Suarez was banned for 10
matches after biting Chel-
seas Branislav Ivanovic last
season, but has returned to
become the countrys out-
standing player, scoring 31
league goals to inspire Liver-
pools title challenge.
He was subsequently
elected player of the year by
both the Professional Foot-
ballers Association and the
Football Writers Associa-
Mourinho has criticised
Suarez this season, accusing
him of pulling off an acro-
batic swimming pool dive
in a vain bid to win a penalty
during Liverpools 2-1 defeat
at Chelsea in December.
The Chelsea manager also
believes that the player of the
season should come from
the Premier League champi-
ons, and it is City rather than
Liverpool who are in pole po-
sition to secure the title later
on Sunday.
He bit (Ivanovic) not this
season, but the previous sea-
son. This is a different sea-
son, Mourinho said.
Im not speaking about
one mistake that a man can
have. You dont have to be
punished for the rest of your
life if you make a mistake on
the football pitch.
(But) my player of the
year would be always from
the champions, in every con-
dition. If the champion is
Man City -- they need a point
-- I would say a Man City
player and if I have to choose
one, I would choose (Edin)
In praising Dzeko,
Mourinho directed several
veiled criticisms at Suarez.
The kind of player he is,
hes not just a goalscorer,
the Portuguese said. He as-
sists, he plays, he behaves,
hes fair, doesnt dive, doesnt
try to put opponents in the
stands with accumulation of
He was the third striker
at the beginning of the sea-
son. He was hidden behind
his managers rst choices
and when the team needed
him in crucial moments of
the season, I think he made
the difference.
In this moment I think
he has 16 goals. Sixteen goals
for the third striker is some-
thing spectacular.
Mourinho says Luis Suarez undeserving of awards
Tunisian striker Yassine Chikhaoui
(left) vies with Cameroons forward
Bilong Song during the World Cup
qualication match in October at the
Rades Olympic Stadium in Tunis.
Monday, May 12, 2014
Rob stars in Nyali as Kimani dominates during the Mugs Mug Golf at Railway Club, P.51
Divisions threaten Indomitable Lions World Cup campaign, P.55
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S You A1 NYAYo: 6er Mahia feIIewers. |lnOO: SlllOlL
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On Muy 22, Tuskef wefe uI home uguInsI Gof Mu-
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poInIs Ifom Ihe muIch.
The pIoI dId noI wofk, us Ihe 'Gfeen Afmy` some-
how Iound IIs wuy InIo Ihe MumIus CompIex In u
muIch IhuI ended In u buffen dfuw.
ThIs IIme, Ihe bfewefs huve no opIIon us Ihey
come Iuce-Io-Iuce wIIh Ihe ufmy us Ihe Iwo sIdes
meeI In mIdweek Ieugue cIush uI Nyuyo SIudIum Io-
moffow evenIng.
The hxIufe Is cfucIuI Iof boIh sIdes, whIch seek Io
keep up Ihe chuse on Ieudefs Bungefs.
Gof MuhIu skIppef JefIm Onyungo hud no kInd
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
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Manchester City clinched a second Premier League
title in three seasons with a 2-0 win over West Ham
United on Sunday that sent their Etihad Stadium into
raptures and condemned Liverpool to second place.
Blue and white ticker tape rained down and fans
poured onto the pitch at the nal whistle as City, who
only needed a draw to win the trophy, nished two
points clear of Liverpool whose campaign ended with a
2-1 win over Newcastle United.
Samir Nasri calmed City nerves by drilling them
ahead in 39th minute and captain Vincent Kompanys
neat nish four minutes after halftime put the hosts in
cruise control, rounding off a superb debut season for
manager Manuel Pellegrini.
Its an amazing feeling. My second title in three
years. It was an amazing league the whole year, French-
Blue side of Manchester
wins English league title
Manchester Citys captain
Vincent Kompany celebrates
with the English Premier
League trophy following their
win against West Ham United
at the Etihad Stadium
yesterday. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Kick Off Your Week
The Perfect Way To
Pullout Section B Monday, May 12, 2014
Kick Off Your Week
The Perfect Way To
Theres no
such thing
as a sworn
married P4
Men & Rejection
Strange men who just cant take a
no from women,P8-9
Page 2 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
launched following
botched execution
A strange story is re-
ported about American
authorities. They have ap-
parently launched inves-
tigations into the death of
a death row inmate who
prematurely died during
his execution.
................................Page 3
Africa sinks as we
watch, what a shame!
Peter Wanyonyi is afraid
that there is devastation
all over Africa, and no one
seems to care. He calls on
Africans to swing into ac-
tion, lest the continent
goes to the dogs.
............................Page 6
Nothing such as gold
diggers, some women
just love moneyed men
Anne Muiruri argues that
men should not grumble,
complain and call wom-
en who love moneyed
men gold diggers. She
urges men to stop ap-
plying double standards.
.............................Page 10
Students arrives in
style as school opens
Mwalimu Socrates nar-
rates about students in his
school who hired a matatu
with loud music to bring
them to school, annoying
the headmaster.
.............................Page 11
Of jalopies and why
Ugandans fear being
rained on
Grace Nakato reports on
why Ugandans dont like
being rained on, and why
they drive very old cars
without authorities rein-
ing in on them.
Page 14
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Sexiest woman in the world
So Jennifer Lawrence has been crowned
Sexiest Woman in the World 2014?
Okay, let God grant some of us the grace to
accept things we can do nothing about, and
the wisdom to remember the following:
The Queen immediately the Oscars
were announced, feted all nalists and
invited them to Buckingham Palace. Poor
Lupita Nyongo is yet to land an invite to
State House Nairobi and has to settle for
congratulations dispatched from our Head
of State. For the record, Oprah Winfrey
and Jennifer were the ladies sitting next to
Lupita when our very own was called out to
receive the Oscar that Jennifer was widely
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CHICKENED OUT: See, AFC Leopard has turned to juju.
ost African governments have poor communication units, or so it seems.
A couple of weeks ago, Nigerias dreaded Islamist terror group, Boko
Haram, kidnapped over 230 girls from a boarding school. When the
breaking news reached my desk, courtesy of a Crazy Monday West Af-
rica-based correspondent, the Nigerian government denied such an oc-
currence ever happening.
Later, they changed tune, and claimed that indeed girls had been kidnapped,
but they had rescued them. Much later, the tune changed, again, to, No, weve
only found some of the girls. Before long, under pressure from parents, they
claried by saying, Weve got back most of the girls. Things got thick and they
confessed, We havent found any of the girls. But what tickled me most was their
later clarication, No, we didnt say we had found the girls.
Disappointingly, the Islamists went back to the area and kidnapped eight more
girls. Never mind the area has been under a state of emergency! Only in Africa!
Doesnt this remind you about Interior Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenkus square-peg-
in-round-hole performance Westgate? Boy, Kenyans werent treated to a circus by
government authorities! Oh, those are some mattresses our boys are burning;
oh no, its the desperate terrorists burning them to scare our security men; oh, a
woman is among those terrorists; in fact, they are 10 to 15 terrorists; now weve
cordoned them in a corner now we have killed all of them (never mind gun-
shots went on for a couple of days). Only to be told all terrorists escaped!
How about the famous lose bulb falling into a dustbin and causing the JKIA
blast, only for some four men to be produced in court to answer to terrorism-
related charges? Elsewhere, some time back, a Zimbabwe court acquitted a man
who had been charged with planning to use president Robert Mugabes election
poster as toilet paper, at a bar. Apparently, comrade Bob Mugabes sycophant
spotted the man, pounced on him and frogmarched him to a nearby police sta-
tion! Thank God the court threw out the matter. Sticking with matters toilet, a
couple of years ago, a daring policeman was arrested for using a toilet preserved
for comrade Bob at a function.
Pressed by a call of nature, the good cop, seeing as there was no bush nearby to
rush to, dashed to the nearest toilet. Disastrously, the gods and nature had trans-
pired and ensured his goose gets cooked, when it turned out that the toilet in
question belonged to Mugabe. The policemans colleagues manning the loo tried
to stop him but wapi! He wrestled and overpowered them, and used the facility. A
scandal! How could he dare! He was, of course, arrested and jailed.
And if you thought that was funny, then, clearly, you missed the one about a
politician who while waiting for commencement of his court case, and in a bid to
keep his restless eyes busy, stared at a portrait of Mugabe in the silent court and
loudly mumbled, How are you, father? How is your health? The gesture tickled
the quiet court, leaving people in stitches. Guess what, the poor soul was arrested
and charged with insulting Comrade Bob. Let me not talk about that politician
who was arrested and hauled to court for calling Mugabe a limping donkey! Dont
forget, it was also in Zimbabwe where a gang of females waylaying men and steal-
ing (or was it harvesting?) semen was busted and arrested! How about those South
African robbers who were only interested in stealing dreadlocks? Africa is funny,
isnt it? Meanwhile, surprise! Surprise! Guess whos back? Starting next week, I
present to you one of the nest satirist, humourist in the country. Mark Mutahi is
back, with a bang. Enjoy.
The less youtalk, the more youre listenedto.
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her
GotoHeavenfor the climate, Hell for the company.
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Probe launched as death row
inmate dies after botched execution
mericans are crazy. Appar-
ently, an American death row
inmate in Oklahoma died of
a heart attack after his ex-
ecution was halted because
the lethal injection failed to work
properly. Interestingly, authorities
have launched investigations into
the matter!
Why investigate, yet the man
was going to die anyway? Whats
more, the man, together with fellow
death row inmates, had unsuccess-
fully moved to court to challenge
the usage of the drugs used in the
botched execution. The state
maintains the law is necessary to
protect the suppliers from legal ac-
tion and harassment.
The inmates argued they needed
to know the names of the suppli-
ers in order to ensure the quality
of the drugs that would be used to
kill them and to be certain that they
had been obtained legally.
The execution of Clayton Lock-
ett, 38, was stopped after 20 min-
utes, when one of his veins rap-
tured, preventing the drugs from
taking full effect. The execution of a
fellow inmate, due two hours later,
was postponed.
The problems surrounding
Locketts execution come amid a
wider debate over the legality of the
three-drug method and whether its
use violates guarantees in the US
constitution against cruel and un-
usual punishment.
Lockett was sentenced to death
for shooting 19-year-old Stephanie
Neiman and watching as two ac-
complices buried her alive in 1999.
Ms Neiman and a friend had in-
terrupted the men as they robbed a
Lockett writhed and shook un-
controllably after the drugs were
administered, witnesses said. We
believe that a vein was blown and
the drugs werent working as they
were designed to. The director or-
dered a halt to the execution, Okla-
homa Department of Corrections
spokesman Jerry Massie said.
But Locketts lawyer, David Au-
try, questioned the remarks, insist-
ing his client had large arms and
very prominent veins, according to
the Associated Press. The prisoner
was moving his arms and legs and
straining his head, mumbling as
if he was trying to talk, Courtney
Francisco, a local journalist present
at the execution, told the BBC.
Prison ofcials pulled a curtain
across the view of witnesses when
it became apparent that something
had gone wrong. It was a horrible
thing to witness. This was totally
botched, Mr Autry said.
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
said in a statement that she had or-
dered a full review of the states ex-
ecution procedures.
Fellow inmate Charles Warner,
46, had been scheduled to be put to
death in the same room two hours
later in a rare double execution.
Charles Warner was due to be ex-
ecuted two hours after Lockett War-
ners lawyer, Madeline Cohen, who
witnessed Locketts execution, said
he had been tortured to death and
called for an investigation.
The state must disclose com-
plete information about the drugs,
including their purity, efcacy,
source and the results of any test-
ing, she said.Warner was convict-
ed of the 1997 murder and rape of
an 11-month-old girl.
He and Lockett had unsuccess-
fully challenged an Oklahoma state
law that blocks ofcials from reveal-
ing even in court the identities of
the companies supplying the drugs.
US states have encountered increas-
ing problems in obtaining the drugs
for lethal injections, amid an em-
bargo by European pharmaceutical
Some have turned to untried
combinations of drugs or have
sought to obtain the drugs custom-
made from compounding phar-
macies. It was presented as a more
humane replacement for lethal gas
and the electric chair, but critics of
the three-drug protocol say it could
cause unnecessary suffering.
Adopted from BBC
Picturespeak Crazy pictures from social media
-Source: Internet
Page 4 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
I wouldnt be optimistic of
the options out there. You would
have better luck nding a hen
with teeth than a single man over
40 devoid of serious baggage.
For aspiring bachelors, Cloo-
ney is not the ideal role model.
Anyone who is not married by
53, had better have a solid alibi
for this omission in their life.
An independent and successful
Theres no such thing as a sworn bachelor
he number of lives lost
to alcohol has surpassed
terrorism and is possibly
only rivalled by road ac-
cidents. Examined closely,
many of those road accidents
are caused by alcoholism, which
probably places alcohol as one
of the countrys deadliest killers.
Despite the well-funded organi-
sations tasked with regulating
alcohol use, fatalities still occur
fairly regularly.
Beer manufacturers have taken
to preaching about responsibil-
ity. While the cigarette manu-
facturer pretty much tells you,
to your face, that you may go
impotent, lose your teeth and
lungs and eventually die from
Alcohol blues
opular local band Sauti
Sol released a music vid-
eo that set the Internet
ablaze. Extracted from
their upcoming album,
Live and Die In Africa, the hit
song Nishike was rated too hot
for TV.
It went on to garner over
100,000 You Tube views within
24 hours and the last time I
checked, it was climbing on
upwards to 300,000 in under
two weeks. The videos popu-
larity has a lot to do with its ex-
plicit content. The boys are bare
chested, oiled down and pull-
ing some raunchy dance moves
with equally skimpily dressed
and endowed models.
Yes, marketers, sex sells. I
conducted my own poll among
my female friends and they all
admitted that when they rst
watched the video, they did not
hear a single lyric other than
Naturally, the moral police came
out guns blazing, accusing the
boys of aping the west and us-
ing sex appeal to sell their wares.
Some TV stations declared the
contents of the video were in-
appropriate for family viewing.
This is where they get my goat.
way from the depress-
ing local news headlines,
Hollywoods most eligible
bachelor is off the market.
The guy, who made bach-
elorhood seem like a calling, is
getting hitched.
Personally, I like George Cloo-
ney. He is a decent actor who
always struck me as accessible
and his work had some measure
of principle. I liked his roles in
Oceans Eleven franchise and in
the Syriana. His political/hu-
manitarian activism in places
such as Darfur and Haiti had im-
But we know Clooney more
for the string of beautiful women
he dated and the endless maga-
zine covers that focused solely
on his sexiness and eligibility.
George Clooney, described as
one of the enduring male sex
symbols of the silver screen, had
often sworn he would never get
Therefore, his change of heart
has shone a huge spotlight on
the exotic woman who stole his
heart. Her name is Amal Ala-
muddin, a British-Lebanese who
is the perfect beauty-and-brains
package. She has a resume that
will impress even her most en-
vious critics. She advised Kof
Annan on Syria and represented
Wikileaks founder Julian As-
sange in his ght against extra-
dition. Clearly, she is the brainy
Of Sauti Sols Nishike video and Kenyan hypocrisy
from previous relationships and
change even the most rigid of
The narrative for single wom-
en who intimidate men with
their brains is one of hope. Amal
found George, so the prospects
cannot be that bad. Hang in
there, make no compromise and
some good man, who is rich,
famous, good-looking and ter-
ribly well-mannered will come
one in the relationship and at
53 years of age, George Clooney
will come out shining for hook-
ing up with a smarter woman.
Women respect men who are not
intimidated by sharp women. It
is a sign of cahones because the
popular myth is that men cower
when faced with the prospect of
life with an intellectually supe-
rior woman.
George knew that stakes were
high here. So he proposed to
Amal with a $750, 000 (Sh65.2m)
diamond ring.
I doubt there would be a girl
out there who would hesitate for
a moment at the sight of a rock
that large. Therefore, what can
we learn from this George affair,
for as it is written in Hollywood,
so shall it play out in our inno-
cent lives?
The rst is that some things
do not change. Nothing says, I
love you more clearly than a
Second is that there is no
such thing as a sworn bach-
elor. A man may live in denial
for years but as long as he has
a ourishing career and some
measure of stability, sooner or
later some woman will convince
him to make room for two on
his island.
Thirdly, the right woman can
clear all doubts and hurts held
Kenyans are quite tolerant of ex-
plicit music videos and steamy
movie scenes as long they are
labelled foreign. A Mexican soap
opera star burying her tongue
down her lovers throat while ev-
eryone is at dinner will raise no
A racy Rihanna video would
never attract the attention of of-
cials at the censorship board.
Moves inspired by Beyonce in a
lace bikini grinding her bottom
on a piece of furniture will be
the highlight of toddlers twerk-
smoking, the alcohol seller still
insists that all will be well as
long as you drink responsibly.
It is a catch-22. Responsible
drinking is achieved only after
the experience of irresponsible
drinking. The sober mind today
is often yesterdays drunk.
Authorities continue to remain
highly responsive after the di-
saster. More has to be done to
legitimise traditional brews to
allow the lower-end chaps en-
joy alcohol as a social right. As it
stands, those who are too poor
to afford a legit drink will al-
ways be one glass away from a
permanent blackout. Drinking
for Kenyans is a stress-coping
mechanism and the victims are
caught in the cycle of poverty,
depression and destruction.
woman in her 50s could always
level the excuse that men were
intimidated by her brilliance.
A bachelor in his 50s on the
other hand will be dismissed as
a miser shunning responsibility,
a woman hater and probably a
closeted gay man.
The bottom line? You cant be
single and happy forever. Some-
time, you will have to get mar-

ing contest at a soda and cookies
birthday party.
However, show me a picture
of a policewoman in a tight
skirt (hallo Linda Okello) and
you would have ignited a na-
tional debate on the morality
standards of womens clothing.
I suppose one of the key ingre-
dients of an effective moral sys-
tem, is hypocrisy.
Twitter: @realoyungapala
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Ted Malanda draws on the wisdom of his royal Wanga
ancestors to try and understand a world gone mad
omeone has bewitched
my sons all of them. And
that witchery is aimed at
their eyes, so that when
the teacher writes 2+2 on
the blackboard, they see noth-
ing. They have eyes, but they do
not see.
I have launched investiga-
tions into the matter. As we
speak, bones have been cast on
the oor to nger the miscreant,
and the problem will be xed
with the slaughter of a black
But in the meantime, just in
case, I visited the hospital to test
the white mans medicine, even
when I know it pales in compari-
son to the potent power inherent
in the slaughter of a black hen.
Those who know these things
better, however, say the eyes
would heal quicker if they were
spat upon by a 23-year-old vir-
But when I asked around
where such a woman could be
found, villagers convulsed on
the ground shaking with laugh-
ter and said, See? He ate books,
writes in the newspapers, but
knows nothing!
So to the doctor I went. Like
all doctors who treat eyes, he
wore glasses, meaning he, too,
has eyes, but does not see.
But to his credit, he saw the
problem very fast. What irked
me, however, is that instead of
saying who had bewitched my
sons, he blamed me, saying,
You wear glasses; they must
am happy to report that my
son, who happens to be a
student at one of the nest
public schools in Kenya, re-
ceived a lovely welcome as a
A more enlightened fellow
broke into his metallic box and
made off with his blazer, two
pairs of socks and a sweater.
That this school churns out
more As than some counties
means we will soon have very
sophisticated criminals.
I shudder to imagine who will
be investigating those crimes if
we continue using the ability to
run marathons, and not an IQ
test, as the criteria for recruiting
Anyway, as a result of having
to x this and that, the lad could
not report on opening day,
meaning I had to accompany
him to school.
First, we were fortunate to get
The not-so-funny side of back to school
have inherited it from you. In
short, he was accusing ME of
bewitching my children? Good
Lord! What do they teach these
people at the university?
Anyway, halfway through the
consultation, an elderly wom-
an pushed the door open and
said, Daktari, you treated my
daughter last month but I had
no money here, take this, and
thrust a few wrinkled notes his
I formed the impression that
this happens quite a bit; that he
probably gets paid with chicken
as well.
When the old lady left, af-
The world of a rural doctor
ter offering profuse thanks (try
getting treatment at a mission
hospital on credit and see what
happens), the good doctor fur-
rowed his eyes and said, I will
be leaving the ofce shortly, but
if you tell me where your village
is, I can drop the glasses at the
market on my way to Kakamega
These village doctors do not
win awards. They do not drive
fancy cars, are not rich and work
in decrepit facilities. They charge
cheap and most times offer ser-
vices on credit and never get
paid. But they are the ones who
x diarrhoea and witchcraft and
Good morning, folks. Who can kindly forward to me the
phone contacts for the following: Cabinet Secretary for
Tourism, Inspector General of Police, Brand Kenya CEO and
the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission? I just
wanted them to know that there has been a steady stream
of thousands of tourists into India these past two weeks.
Reason? Some 814 million eligible voters have been slugging
it out on what has become known as the biggest democratic
show on Earth. And before you ask, heres a free leakage:
Yes, there are separatists running around blowing up staff.
Yes there are hundreds of political parties, scores of religious
persuasions, trillionaires, dirt-poor, jigger-infested voters,
strong historical/cultural/legal/economic/political bonds to
Kenya, and a county-like system of government. Okay, now
what did you want to ask?
That governor in Western Kenya and the Mombasa administrator who
feel the Mganga-Maarufu-kutoka-Tanga-type fellows have no place
in society would be surprised to hear of some devotees in the North
Indian city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. These Hindu worshippers claim
(with wide-eyed innocence and conviction) that drinking fresh cow
urine cures all diseases including cancer. And, yes, their adherents
have been quafng the stuff for centuries. Different strokes for
different folks I guess, but for now, each man/woman to his religion.
You see when I was urging Mama Taifa Margaret Kip-Kenyatta
to keep that history-making track suit and running shoes
safe; I was doing it knowing this is a World Cup year. Of
course that means there are more ways to raise funds for
this, that or the other cause. For instance, can you imagine
that 1,283 lucky fans of Brazilian football legend Pele will get
an opportunity to buy a strand of his hair? Yes, the 73-year-
olds hair not his playing days jersey or soccer boots this
time gets to make real chapaa out of his hair at Ksh652,000
($7,500). And folks think I am crazy!
Happy Belated Birthday Mr Land Rover. Remember that 66 years last
week, precisely on April 30, 1948 saw the birth of the rst Land Rover
prototype. Word has it that it premiered at Amsterdam Motor Show.
Listen to this direct quote: It was Cobbled together from Rover parts
(it used a 1.6-litre engine from the Rover P3 sedan) and a Jeep chassis,
the Series I was billed as a go-anywhere vehicle, a portable source
of power, and an alternative to the light tractor To illustrate the
utilitarian nature of the vehicle, the doors were sold separately.
Wow! Who can argue with that?
Whats all the hullabaloo about the Chinese Premier gracing
Kenya with a visit? Why is Kenya being accused of looking
East and loving all things Oriental like it is a bad thing? I
did not hear anyone accuse Obama or the French prezzo of
doing the same when Chinese president Xi Jinping toured
their countries! Get a life! Mark you, since no normal person
likes his bank manager, I am not just salivating at the extra
$15 billion credit lines, $100 million to protect our elephants
and rhinos from certain chaps who have a misguided view
of drugs to improve bed-minton. It is the prospect that the
Chinese could provide high-speed rail across the continent.
Hoping that means they will also have nished the standard
gauge line from Mombasa before then! Because, currently,
the journey to my shagz is quite a laborious pain, what with
speed governors, a ban on night travel and the very real
prospect of becoming past tense on any Kenyan road.
Blimey! And here I was buying that whole lie, hook, line and sinker
that Luis Moreno-Ocampo now works at FIFA! If he does, how come
there are reports that former vice-president of FIFA Jack Warner and
his family received $2 million from a Qatari company linked to the
countrys successful bid for the 2022 World Cup? They claim the cash
changed hands just after the controversial decision to award Qatar the
tourney and that it was paid into the accounts of Warners sons and
one of his employees. Ati, now FBI is investigating the matter! Kwani
what job did they give Ocampo at that place? And here I was mumbling
incoherently this past week about Anglo Leasing.
keep this nation alive.
If I were young, and had the
brains, I would be a rural doctor.
Some dogooder sms service
has been sending unsolicited
health information to my mobile
Sample the latest: If you nd
a swelling that feels warm next
to your anus, it could be a boil.
See a doctor.
Now, look, I am old, and edu-
cated enough (I studied Biology
at college and taught it for years),
to know what a boil is and when
to see a doctor. Now get lost!
Yours Truly
a Probox for half of the journey,
meaning a quarter of the Malan-
da clan almost perished.
Then we squeezed into a
matatu that was parked like
madness before I switched to
another packed rickety contrap-
tion for the last leg where the
conductor rode with his butt
protruding out of the window.
Maybe his stomach was bloated,
I mused.
Meanwhile, he was breathing
into my face and his breath was
not exactly as fragrant as Lu-
pita Nyongos (not that I would
His choice of toothpaste smelt
like some concoction made from
stale changaa, cheap ciggies and
last weeks matumbo.
He had a toothpick wedged
in his mouth (early in the morn-
ing), too, and kept rattling off in
staccato fashion in his mother
tongue. Headache, pap!
And for all my troubles, the
school watchman made it clear
I had no role beyond the gate.
Why then must all students be
accompanied by a parent?
Page 6 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
politicallyincorrect/ A skewed look at the political scene
ack when Africa was
still cut off from the
world, the continent
was anchored on four
countries Egypt to the
north, Nigeria to the west, Kenya
to the east, and South Africa.
The latter has always been the
unsung hero of Africa, possess-
ing vast deposits of minerals and
a rst-world economy that was
the strangely uplifting legacy of
a brutal system of institutiona-
lised oppression. In the centre
of Africa lay the Democratic Re-
public of Congo, a vast country
larger than all of Western Eu-
rope combined, and endowed
with enough natural resources
to make South Africa weep with
The 1990s, and the ve years
after that decade ended, were an
era of hope in Africa. South Af-
rica nally threw off the yoke of
apartheid, and we all imagined
that in a couple decades hence,
it would naturally emerge as the
leader of Africa in all elds, such
was its head start. In Nigeria,
military rule nally came to an
end in 1999, with a democratic
election that ushered in a civil-
ian administration.
In Egypt, there were good
prospects as the ending of the
Cold War led to new prosper-
ity for the Egyptian people, and
their president even lifted some
of the more odious restrictions
on movement of people and
freedom of assembly.
Even in Central Africa, the
DRC looked set for peace and
development at last, as stability
was achieved with the succes-
sive Kabila regimes, and min-
eral wealth nally began mak-
ing a difference in the countrys
provinces. And, in Kenya, multi-
party democracy nally arrived,
a peaceful handover of power
was achieved after an election
that the challenger won over-
whelmingly, and Kenyans were
even voted the most optimistic
people on earth.
And then we lost it. Kenya
led the way with broken dreams,
as the old corrupt networks
made a vicious comeback after
a few years of being suppressed.
Scandals slowly but surely be-
gan emerging from the govern-
ments corruption kitchens, as
massive amounts of money were
It is tiring, disappointing
and annoying to hear the
same words over and over
again in response to whatever
atrocities terrorists choose
to visit upon us. After the
Westgate scandal, the
president vowed that Kenyans
would never again be made
to go through such attacks.
He then formed the Nairobi
Metropolitan Command, a
division of the Kenya Defence
Forces, to deal specically
with terror threats in
Nairobi. What happened to
that? Why are we still at
the mercy of terrorists
in buses, churches,
mosques and even in
the streets? Or should
we expect even worse in
the future?
looted by government ofcials
in thinly disguised schemes like
Anglo-Leasing and alleged mili-
tary procurement scandals. The
ght against corruption that we
had all envisaged was quickly
set aside as colossal appetites
for public money embarked on a
voracious eating spree.
We were not alone: in South
Africa, Jacob Zuma became pres-
ident. When future South Afri-
cans look behind from what will
then be a Zimbabwe-like wreck
of a country, they will note the
ascension of Zuma to the presi-
dency as the beginning of the rot
of their country. President Zuma
has turned South Africa into the
laughing stock of Africa, a conti-
nent with no shortage of presi-
dential buffoonery.
Asked about a recent refur-
Africa in dire need of leadership
to save her from age-old woes
responded by setting up a com-
mittee to look into the abduc-
Nigerias paralysis in the face
of what appears to be a fairly
straightforward threat is symp-
tomatic of the political rigor
mortis that has gripped African
states across the continent. The
problems that face the continent
are fairly obvious: there is a mas-
sive threat from various terror
groups which, thankfully, have
not yet seen it t to unite into
one huge ogre.
These terror groups are not
coming from nowhere: they are a
consequence of the corrupt net-
works that, in virtually every Af-
rican country, allow non-locals
to easily obtain identication
documents, including passports.
These intruders are free to sell on
these documents to terrorists.
Corrupt border ofcials will,
in any African country, take a lit-
tle cash to ignore inbound cargo.
In many cases, this cargo turns
out to contain weapons that will
then be used to commit crimes
or otherwise terrorise the citi-
zens of the country in question.
This glaring absence of lead-
ership is what Africa needs to
resolve. That, however, appears
unlikely to happen any time
soon in Africa.
Continent sinks as we watch
oodluck Jonathan is
a hapless politician.
Faced with the abduc-
tion of 230 schoolgirls
by the radical militia
Boko Haram, he went quiet for
two weeks, saying nothing at all.
When his government nally
emerged from hiding, it was a
government minister claiming
that the girls had been rescued.
This was quickly exposed as a
lie, however, and the claim was
quickly withdrawn.
The Nigerian government then
claimed that only a few
girls had been abducted,
not 230. Boko Haram re-
sponded by releasing a
video in which the leader
of the group veried that
over 200 girls were in his
custody, as he gloated that
he would soon auction the
girls to willing men at a nearby
market. Jonathans government
bishment of his personal estate,
work that cost the government
millions of dollars, Zuma said he
was unaware the work was going
on at all yet he lived in the same
Egypt unravelled practically
overnight. Within just months,
the president had been toppled
and the country has never been
the same since. Nigeria is even
worse; a radical Islamist militia
has turned the country into a liv-
ing hell, and constitutional rule
is in such peril that the wife of
the president apparently orders
the arrests of citizens and the
police obey her instructions.
Africa, it seems, is now one
giant banana republic. So much
promise, so much disappoint-
ment. And yet the African still
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
t is a fairly common barroom
practice for drunk patrons
to order beer for everyone
around, including strangers.
It is also standard practice
to be shocked by the bill once it
is presented. For bar maids, be-
ing accused of inating the bill is
an occupation hazard they can
never run away from.
And that is what happened at
a popular joint in Nyeri, recently.
Two drinking friends were forced
out of a pub following a bitter ex-
change of insults and blows over
an inated bill was presented to
them. The two arrived at the bar,
perched themselves atop of the
esteemed sina taabu seats next
to the counter and ordered mul-
tiple rounds of beer.
Their conversation was high-
ly animated and grew more hi-
larious with every round of beer
they ordered. And the more al-
cohol they imbibed, the more
philanthropic they seemingly
became. They ordered drinks for
other revellers and other strang-
ers in the bar. This is what would
Inated bill sends
drinking buddies
into sticuffs
later result in a brawl after they
disagreed on the bloated bill.
As they were still laughing their
lungs out in frenzied discussion,
the barmaid arrived with the bill
stuffed in a plastic tumbler, and
placed it next to their drinks.
One of them checked the bill
and was shocked at what he saw.
He began shaking his head and
ordered the barmaid back to the
counter, demanding to know why
she was trying to con us.
Madam ureciria tutiath-
omete mathabu? Tiga gututu-
nya tukionaga (Do you think we
never studied math, Madam? We
have chewed books, think twice
before you try to con any of us,
proclaimed one of the men, his
blood-shot eyes wide open.
The barmaid calmly took
the two through the bill, item
by item, reminding them of the
drinks they had bought other pa-
trons, and this was when hell all
broke loose.
The two started pointing ac-
cusing ngers at each other over
who should pay, with each other
claiming to have enough money.
The barmaid asked the two
men to clear the bill and stop
wasting her time.Gutiri mundu
ndiragurira njohi, no ngorirwo
ndi nyina (I am not paying for
anybody elses alcohol. Not un-
less am somebodys mother),
one of the drunks swore.
Ultimately, the two resolved
to only pay for what they had
drunk, and asked the barmaid to
collect money from the others,
claiming everyone must pay for
what they took.
At that declaration, some
of the benefaciaries of the free
beer, who had been following
the disagreement keenly, started
slithering out of the bar. And by
the time management arrived
with a beefy bouncer in tow,
most of the culprits had already
This meant that the two bud-
dies had to settle the bill. Unfor-
tunately, they couldnt agree on
the criteria to clear the bill.
You are taking this joke too
far. I am not contesting any po-
litical seat and will not pay for
alcohol you ordered for your fel-
low dirty villagers, yelled one of
the men.
The statement angered his
friend who immediately went
hammer-and-tongs at him,
wrestling him to the oor. They
exchanged a couple of blows be-
fore they were separated by the
bouncers who warned them of
dire consequences if they failed
to fail to clear the bill.
Grudgingly, they cleared the
bill and walked out murmur-
ing to each other. They have not
been spotted drinking together
middle-aged woman in
Nairobis Bahati estate
is nursing injuries after
her teenage daughter
struck her on the fore-
head with a soda bottle, seri-
ously injuring her for embar-
rassing her.
This was after the teenage
daughter got fed-up enduring
embarrassment and discomfort
of sleeping on a rickety couch,
as her mother entertained her
boyfriend in their single-room
The 19-year-old girl laid bare
the scandalous details of this un-
fortunate incident to a band of
curious onlookers who could not
help but laugh their heads off.
Apparently the girl felt bad that
her mother and her boyfriend
had disrespected her for long by
engaging in the act of the rod in
her presence.
A neigbour who witnessed
part of the drama told this writer
the young girl lives together with
her mother in a single-room
house. Her mother had allegedly
been inviting her boyfriend for
sleepovers in the house, a situ-
ation that had been forcing the
girl to sleep on the couch, or at
friends houses.
The witness said the girl is a
student at a college in the city
centre, but her mother operates
a shop in the estate where she
met the youthful man who used
to supply bread around estate
The man used to supply
bread around. I used to see him
hanging around the womans
shop for hours. The man must
have been seducing the woman,
or so it seems, revealed the wit-
He added, On the fateful
evening, while the girl and her
mother were preparing supper
around 8pm, the man arrived on
his usual visits.
Fed up with the mans vis-
its, she became rude when her
mother told her to give them
room to discuss some business.
Shockingly, the girl made
as if to leave, and reached for a
soda bottle, which she used to
Girl assaults mother for entertaining boyfriend in her presence
strike her mother hard on the
forehead, sending her sprawling
on the ground bleeding as she
writhed in pain and wailed for
Within minutes their house
was swarming with curious
neighbours, who thought the
family had been attacked by rob-
bers, only for the teenage girl to
bare it all.
My mother has been misbe-
having with his boyfriend in my
presence for long and today I
could not take it any more. I usu-
ally spend nights on the couch
whenever he visits or alternative-
ly I beg my friends to allow me to
sleep at their houses as if I dont
have a home, she announced.
As the neighbours gave the
injured woman rst aid, others
were searching for the man be-
neath the bed, thinking he had
hidden there, only to realise he
had melted into darkness.
What kind of man is he to
inconvenience such a young
girl just because he wants to be
served the forbidden fruit by her
mother, and in her house? He
should be ashamed of himself,
one of the angry neigbours was
overheard complaining.
Some naughty neigbours
made fun of the woman, urging
the young girl to also invite over
her boyfriend and disrespect her
But he was shouted down by
yet another neigbour who yelled
at him, You should be a shamed
of yourself. It is her mother who
pays rent.
The woman was rushed to
a nearby dispensary where her
wounds were stitched before be-
ing discharged.
Page 8 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
There is a group of unrened men
who just cant take a no from women
they make advances to. Rejection
from women bruise their fragile egos
so much that they react in rather
extreme ways, including killing such
women, writes LINDA KEYA
Men who dont take rejection from women lying down
y virtue of ours being
a patriarchal society,
male dominance has
been known to know
no bounds. It is a cavemen mind-
set that some men still hang onto
dearly, in the 21st century.
Such men have this outdat-
ed mindset that does not allow
them to imagine women, par-
don the pun, on top of men in
anything. To such men, women
are (and should be) inferior and
powerless. An attempt to, for in-
stance, reject a mans advances
is deemed as rebellion or an at-
tempt to challenge mens power
and dominance.
For a woman to try and make
a choice contrary to such mens
expectations by, for instance,
turning down their advances,
she is seen as trying to challenge
the mans power, thus has to be
subjected to dire consequences.
Kwenda uko, Malaya wewe
(to hell with you, prostitute).
You are not as cute as you think!
In fact, I was just saying hi, its
not like its a marriage proposal!
Such are some of the snide re-
marks some women have been
subjected to after rejecting the
said unrened and unhinged
Mark you, these are men who
have not necessarily dated the
women they vent their anger
on. These are women they have
merely tried to seduce or date
unsuccessfully. Many women
are victims of this backward
Tales have been reported of
men who kill women because of
rejection. For instance, a 93-year-
old French man killed a (mar-
ried) 82-year-old woman after
she rejected him. The man had
apparently developed a crush on
her, and when he requested her
to visit him as her husband was
away for some days, she refused.
The mans ego was bruised,
and went to the womans house,
beat her up and killed her. When
questioned by the authorities, he
said he was teaching her lesson
for she had made him feel like
a fool (you know how honest
most of these people are).
A tale is told of a woman in
Vietnam who was recently way-
laid and acid poured in her face
by an admirer who had unsuc-
cessfully tried tuning her. The
man was on a motorbike as he
poured the acid. Locals pursued
and caught up with him, and
upon being presented in court,
he confessed that indeed the
woman had turned him down,
telling him she was already en-
gaged to another man.
And as recently as three
weeks ago, the Indian media re-
ported of an unfortunate case
in which a stalker was arrested
after he burned a woman who
rejected him with acid in his
desperate attempts to force her
to drink it. This was before he
pushed her into the sea.
Closer home, Nancy Okinda told
this writer about her friend who
was rst demoted, then red
under unclear circumstances,
only to nd out much later
that rejecting her bosss sexual
advances had necessitated her
sack. Apparently, her boss had
been hitting on her. Never mind
her boss was a married man.
But when she turned him down,
he reacted with fury and even
threatened to re her. But that
was not to happen soon. Days
passed, months passed but her
work relationship with her boss
dangerously deteriorated to a
point where they were not com-
municating verbally; he used to
communicate to her via email,
even though their ofces were
housed in the same building,
narrates Ms Okinda.
This state of affairs went on
for a while, and before long, Ok-
inda was red. As women we
yearn for attention from men
but at times, this attention can
land you in trouble, especially
when you have a rogue boss.
Some have very poor wooing
skills, and you could be single
and willing but then again the
approach is at times wrong, with
some wanting you by force, and
in the process putting you off,
adds Ms Okinda.
Not long ago, our sister news-
paper The Nairobian, published
a tale about a born-again county
assembly speaker in a county in
Eastern Kenya who was unseated
by her male colleagues after she
refused to be nice. Apparently,
most of her male colleagues had
tried to unsuccessfully hit on her,
and decided to conspire and vent
their anger by passing a motion
of no condence in her.
A couple of years ago, Kate
Kawira, a marketer, faced the
wrath of her university lecturer
after she turned him down. The
lecturer, who, she says, had (and
still has) a greedy fascination for
the forbidden fruit, tried to se-
duce her. But seeing as the man
was not only her teacher, but had
also gained notoriety for engag-
ing in gland-to-gland combats
with his students, she told him
The guy had a bad CV, and
had been rumoured to have slept
with most of his female students
for marks, so I rejected him. But
little did I know that was to haunt
m e
later. I failed his course,
and he forced me to re-
take it, reveals Kawira.
She proceeds to tell
this writer how such
cases are rampant at
universities. I am
not alone. There
are so many wom-
en who have
gone through
cases. Do a
spot check
in these lo-
cal univer-
sities; there
is always
a rogue
l e c t u r e r
who wants
s t udent s
by force.
Failure to
w h i c h ,
they fail
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Men who dont take rejection from women lying down
In this day and age of social
media, men are wont to make
advances to women through
the social networks. Many have
always had an easy time with
some women on Facebook,
Twitter and other social sites and
imagine such is (or should be)
the case with all women. When
someone rejects their advances,
they resort to cyber bullying, and
insulting such women by writ-
ing rubbish on their walls. Social
media has slowly become the
best option for men who cannot
take rejection lying down, to hit
at their target. They turn dirty
online in their rush to have the
last laugh by embarrassing or re-
venging, because to them rejec-
tion is tantamount to an assault.

Some go as far as besmirch-
ing your name and spreading
false rumours about you. Others
want you to respond to their
greetings by force. When a
man says Hi, where is it writ-
ten that a woman must reply?
And when you dont reply to
their Hi, even in the streets,
they shout insults at you, says
Natasha*, who has also fallen
victim to unrened men on
social media whom she refers to
as cavemen.
Not long ago, Lynette Kabura
had an ugly encounter on Face-
book. It all started when a
man who apparently had a crush
on her sent her naughty mes-
sage laced with sexual under-
tones. Just because he had read
a naughty comment I had made
on a friends status, he imagined
Im one of those loose Facebook
women. He began sending me
dirty stuff, telling me how ex-
ible I look and about the acro-
batics he would subject me to if
he were to meet me, she says.
Ms Kabura suspects he may
have fallen in love with her Face-
book prole pictures. She avoid-
ed the man and blocking him
from her wall, but in a strange
turn of events, he opened an-
other account through which
he began tormenting her. Some
15 fteen unanswered messages
later, the pervert understood
the writing on the wall he was
not wanted.
He stopped sending her mes-
sages and kept off commenting
on her status for a while. Then
one day, out of the blues, the
man wrote a long tirade on Ms
Kaburas wall in which he abused
and scandalised her.
He called me a few unprint-
able things and wrote me off say-
ing I would never get a husband,
unless I go looking for a retired
old man, says Lynette.

Anthony Muhoto, a psycholo-
gist, argues that most men react
this way because they have been
brought up in extremely patri-
archal environments. Most of
such men have been brought up
in social set-ups where wom-
en always play second
ddle. So, having
an opinion that
goes against his, rejection in this
case, is viewed as an attempt to
challenge his power, thus they
hit back hard, says Mr Muhoto.
He proceeds to explain that re-
jection to such men is the worst
form of humiliation as it not only
hurts their feelings, but also sort
of dents their manly image.
In their desperate bid to sort
of reclaim their dominance and
mend their tainted or dented
macho image, they resort to ex-
pressing their displeasure and
rage in rather anti-social ways,
he adds.
The expert further advises
women to be very
careful whenever they get the
slightest hint of such men. When
rejecting such men, women are
advised to be very diplomatic.
You can always notice such
men by keenly observing them.
They are poorly socialised. They,
for instance, talk with a lot of
nality and bang tables for em-
phasis when talking.
Such men must be put off nicely
and avoided at all costs, or else
they might express their rage in
rather violent and neanderthal
Page 10 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Boyfriend has very active
sexual past
Hello, I have been in a relationship with
my boyfriend for three months now. I am
28 and he is turning 30 next month. We
went to the same campus and he used
to be a play boy, and slept around with
many girls whom I knew. But recently I
got a job at a place he also works. And we
started dating, but recently I found out
he has slept with a huge number of our
colleagues. Plus he has three children
with three different women. He claims
he has changed, but now I think of him
in a really bad way. I also feel like other
women in the ofce are laughing at me
and I feel disgusted with my boyfriend.
Its now ruining our relationship. He has
said its the past and it should not matter
now, which is true but I cant easily get
over his past now. Please advise? Kate,
This is a train wreck waiting to
happen, you need to jump out now!
Wife is not interested in sex
I am 23 and have been married for two
years now with the girl I love since Form
One. I have a problem with her when it
comes to bed time. I have to force her
when I want to make love to her, and
sometimes I can go even for a month
without touching her. Please help.
Robert, Eldoret.
Talk to her and nd out what is
wrong, in many cases men do not
bother to nd out what a woman
prefers in the bedroom. Or even how
to please and satisfy a woman. They
only think about themselves rst.
Also you need is to court you wife
again because when a woman does
not feel loved she will withdraw. Meet
her needs and she will meet yours.
Not ready for a baby
My girlfriend of two years wants a baby.
We are both 27 and although I love her I
do not think I am ready to be a father. All
her friends are having babies and so she
also wants to be a mother. I am currently
unstable nancially as I have gone back
to school to do my masters plus I am still
paying my car loan. I have tried to talk to
her but she is still determined. I love her
and I do not want to hurt her. How do I
let her know that I am not ready? Please
advise? Matt, Nairobi
You need to have a serious talk with
your girlfriend and explain to her
that you do not want a baby now and
why, and if possible do it as bluntly
as possible, no Mr nice guy here. A
baby does not belong to one party, it
takes two.

Send doctor love your problems
Cupids arrow
High time men who abandon their families styled up
Gold digger is a mans myth, theres
more to womens love for rich men
am not a gold digger; I just
want the best for me and
my future family. I do not
understand what puzzles
men or angers them so much that
when a woman chooses a man
who has money over one who is
still nding himself nancially.
It is a logical choice for any
woman to make. Recently I was
privy to a conversation held by
some of my male colleagues. They
were discussing a female colleague
who, according to them, was a
triing gold digger.
Her unforgivable crime was
letting them know they did not
have a chance in hell with her
because she was looking for a man
more nancially stable than they
Well, it would be all ne and
dandy to pick any man no matter
his nancial position if we all lived
in a romantic and perfect happily-
ever-after world. Unfortunately,
that can only be found in fairy
tales, as in the real world bills must
be paid.
However, according to my
colleagues, a woman should see
beyond a mans pay cheque. She
should see his potential, and also
love him for what is on the inside
and not for what he owns.
Chalk that for those who think it
is okay to marry a woman because
she has a big butt.
deally, a child is supposed
to be raised by two parents
a father and a mother.
However, some men like
misbehaving and acting silly. They
sleep around with women, but bolt
the moment they hear the phrase,
Honey, we are pregnant.
Such men sometimes
disappear from the family picture
for life. However, over the years
some of such characters have been
shamelessly crawling out of the
woodwork to claim their children,
especially when the child turns out
to be sucessful.
Back in 1994, news broke
that the rst African and Kenya
Olympic gold medalist, boxer
Robert Wangila, had lost his life
after collapsing during a ght with
David Gonzalez at the Alladin Hotel
in the United states of America.
Wangilas death sparked a
big feud after two men emerged,
claiming to be his father and
demanding rights to bury him. One
I nd it ridiculous how men
apply double standards in
everything especially in matters
relationships. Men believe judging
women on the basis of how big
their butts and bust are is okay,
but when women script their own
manualjudging men on the basis
of their nancial stability, men start
foaming at the mouth-sides.
of the fathers was Karani Angila,
the other was Karani Kanyimbo.
Wangilas mother, Eunice Moraa
Mabeche, later said Kanyimbo was
his father.
After all was said and done, one
thing stood out; both men were
only interested in inheriting part
of the late boxers property. Never
mind none of them had ever played
the role of a father in nurturing the
late Kenyan hero.
More recently, some man
shamelessly came forward to
claim that he was the father of six-
year-old Emily Wanjiru who stole
President Uhuru Kenyattas heart
with her great poem at the Sagana
State Lodge.
Why do some men let us down
so crushingly? This is stooping
too low. Men are known to work
hard, so why would a man prey on
anothers hard work and success? It
beats me.
As soon as the man heard
that Emily had received a full
scholarship, and moved from her
desolate home in Gachororo Village
to a more decent house courtesy of
the president, he showed up like a
bad actor in a badly scripted stage
play, claiming he wanted his family
Do I have to mention this other
one who came claiming to be
husband to the late Autie Zaituni
Obama? Just because she had
become a celebrity of sorts in her
death? He should be a shamed of
himself. I could list hundreds other
incidents of such men but the space
wouldnt allow.
Thing is, if you are a man who
abandoned your wife and children,
and you hear your child or wife has
made it, please spare us your ugly
face and drama.
If you were not there when your
wife and children were suffering and
they somehow make it, leave them
in peace and stay in your hole.
of mother to a grown man.
And judging from stories on
the ground and from personal
experience in my formative years,
when you help grow a man, I
assure you he will leave you for
a much younger woman. The
women of today are not the long-
suffering types of yester years who
took whatever crap they could get
from a man and forgave him for
The image of the persevering
woman of yore is no longer
appealing to the modern-day
woman. The woman of today is
more educated, exposed, wants
more from life and expects more
from men.
Further, men who do not
have money may not know this,
but it is not just money that
attracts a woman to a man but
the condence with which a man
who has accomplished quite a lot
carries himself. If you missed the
memo, money makes a man sexier,
and more handsome.
All women want is a sexier,
condent man who can give them
and their future children the best
in life. No woman is willing to
do guesswork and experiment
with nancially unstable men.
So, gentlemen, if you want a good
woman, work hard and make more
money. No two ways about it!
Men want women to take
chances by settling with nancially
unstable men, hoping they will
be stable at some point. Where is
the time for that? Well, have I got
news for you because although Mr
potential may be cute, and maybe
one day he may be the next Mr
Obama, there is nothing interesting
or attractive about playing the role
CRAZY MONDAY / Page 11 Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
while ago I happened
to eat at this beach
hotel. The only prob-
lem was the darn es-
tablishment was nowhere near a
beach. Ok, may be it was, there was
a mini-lake of murky dark-grey
water heavily laced with raw sew-
The food was awesome, I have
to say; they even had coconut
something on the menu. At the
hotel, you enjoy your delicacy while
gazing across an expansive pool of
stagnant water. This, perhaps, is
what inspired that beach bit.
I know inspiration can be
a tough thing; I struggle with
it every now and then when I
have to le some piece with the
editor breathing re across the
newsroom. But I always wondered
where Kenyans get inspiration
when naming their businesses.
There was an era when all you
needed was to add the sufx, &
sons to your name and that was it!
You got a name for your business.
This was probably inspired by
Asians, if am not wrong, for they
Why cant Kenyans be original in naming businesses?
fancied such.
Then there was a time when
virtually all estate kiosks were
called blah blah blah general
shop despite the fact that all that
was sold here was economy-pack
And by economy-pack I do
not mean those massive packages
supermarkets call economy packs
nowadays. Not at all. Im talking
about those Sh2 tealeaves and
quarter kilo sugar packaged neatly.
There as even smaller portions
of sugar packed in cone shaped
papers, in Isiolo we called them
naita. No idea why, but the nature
of Isiolo means the name might
have come from any of the myriad
communities that call the town
I hear a number of these
general shops are still around.
Going home the other day, I saw a
Uhuruto store somewhere along
the road with no indication, of
course, if the duo own any shares
or have merely been philanthropic
enough to donate the name.
You can imagine the agony
a budding business owner goes
through trying to crack that all
important code to come up with a
catchy business name.
This must be even more so
today when businesses are all over
the place. Back in the day there was
little need to name your business,
especially upcountry, where you
instance, Gathanga Success, I cant
remember where it disappeared
The bus would successfully be
driven to my rural home, where
it returned loaded with bananas
and enough people to ll a small
I still dont understand why
Kenyans cant be original with
names? Or must we copy?
his term has found
Okonkwo, the senior
principal of Meta Meta
in a most foul mood. The
mood has nothing to do with fam-
ily issues.
He has been livid because many
teachers failed to attend the open-
ing staff meeting. While some sent
text messages claiming their rela-
tives had been injured by the ter-
rorists attacks on the buses along
Thika superhighway, others did not
even bother to send an apology.
Despite my protestations,
Bensouda put me on duty with
madam Margarita during the rst
week of the term. Since we are a
mixed day and boarding school,
the boarders report a day earlier.
We were in school on Tuesday to
receive them.
There is a group that always
arrives in style. These are mainly
Form Twos and Threes. They always
meet in town and hire the most
pimped-up Nganya (Matatu) on
the road.
The Nganya that meets their
elaborate taste is adorned in the
latest grafti and plays music so
loud it can put many discotheques
in Kisumu city out of business.
No trafc cop can tell the vehicles
original colour without consulting
its log book.
The group led by Timo of Form
3G, zoomed into the compound in a
Nganya christened Thunder Clap.
A sticker near the door proclaimed
If you nd the music too loud,
umechapa ( you are too old).
Vuvuzelas and whistles blared
out of Thunder Clap windows as if
the boys and girls were competing
for a slot in the Guinness Book of
Records for the noisiest teenager.
The ensuing din could have easily
brought down any reinforced wall
of Jericho.
The driver appeared to have
little appetite for what you and
I consider food and was busy
chewing some leaves. His cheeks
were puffed up like an inated
He kept on blowing the horn
that must have been borrowed
from a pirated ship at the Kisimayu
harbour. The chaos made Okonkwo
and Bensouda dash out of their
I was standing close to Madam
Margarita, who is also the Christian
Union patron, and I heard her
mutter something about the devil
himself visiting Meta Meta.
The disco on wheels made
out of range of Okonkwos sight.
Get this juke box out of here before
I call the police, fumed Okonkwo,
trembling with rage.
The driver just looked at him
and growled, Kuwa mpole buda,
sisi hatuna noma (relax, were
He then stepped on the
accelerator and Thunder Clap
ew out of the school compound.
The noise made by its remodeled
exhaust pipe could be heard ten
kilometres away.
With the Matatu out of sight, we
fell back to inspecting the students
bags. Our keen eyes unearthed
some items that have no business
in a self-respecting school of Meta
Metas stature.
That is a story for another day,
Send Mwalimu feedback on
a lap of honour in the school
compound as other boarders
who had arrived earlier cheered
on in undisguised envy. Parents
who had accompanied their sons
and daughters to Meta Meta were
clearly appalled.
An agitated Okonkwo ran
towards the Matatu. The bleary-
eyed driver brought Thunder Clap
to a stop barely an inch from the
senior principals feet.
Ni aje buda (hello old man), he
shouted above the racket of music,
whistles and Vuvuzelas while taking
a sip through a tiny hole on the
cap of the bottle of Sprite he was
holding. Before Okonkwo could say
something, he spat a ball of some
green stuff that landed next to his
Safari boot.
Within an instant, the matatu
was empty as the rascals scampered
Students arrive
in style as
schools open
were probably the only shop in the
People just knew the owner
of the shop and called his shop as
such. In the competition to survive
today, the name means a lot.
Talking of which, why were
almost all matatu owners adding
the word success at the end of the
name of all their buses?
Where I grew up we had, for
Page 12 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
ho is a real man?
That is the ques-
tion we found our-
selves mulling over
after Frao was accused of neither
being a real or total man by one of
his ex-girlfriends. There are many
things you can possibly accuse
Frao of, but if buying beer for the
boys and conquering women left,
right and centre is anything to go
by, he is the ultimate man.
However, the mythology sur-
rounding this question still looms
large. So much so that men of-
ten experience a hidden battle;
whether their decisions should
be self-determined or dictated by
how masculine they will seem to
others. Do I let my missus know
how much something is bother-
ing me or will that come across as
not being in control? Do I speak
my mind at work or does that risk
being seen as too emotional? If I
take a stand on a principle that
bucks the boys club, will I lose
After a drink-induced dis-
cussion, we philosophised and
busted some of the biggest myths
that have been peddled for years
about we men.
This may come as a surprise,
but men are probably more emo-
tional than women. How is this
possible? Unlike femininity, mas-
What does being a real man entail?
culinity does not permit emoting
on a regular basis, so men are like
Victorian novels: placid on the
outside, but concealing a deep
emotional life within. Convinc-
ing a man that it is masculine to
open up in fact, it takes more co-
jones to do so is a cause women
should embrace.
By encouraging men to reveal
their true feelings, women are
helping them release pent-up
emotions, leading to a happier
and healthier guy.
Yes, sex is important to men.
Its one of the ways we access our
imaginations. (At times it might
seem like the only way we do.)
But one of the big secrets about
men is how much they long
for real solidarity with
their partner.
And sex,
it makes
t h e
i magi -
nat i on
l i t -
eral, is
t hi ng
w e
r e l y
on to
a c h i e v e
that bond-
ed feeling.
Next time you
lease allow me to
speak freely. I had nev-
er heard of the uni-
versity. It must have
bagged a charter recently.
But I knew it from the story
of one Cyprian Nyakundi whose
run-ins with the administration
of that institution has set social
media tabloids ablaze. They cut
him off his course because of (you
wont believe this) his relation-
ship with the media and writing
about anything happening in the
school without the Vice Chancel-
lors approval.
That he was expelled from
school for apparently tarnishing
the name of his campus is sad,
and rather unfair. But that expla-
nation up there as written in his
expulsion letter, is (and you will
agree with me) hilarious.
So now he was asked to con-
sult the Vice Chancellor rst be-
fore updating his Facebook and
Twitter accounts because he was
fond of complaining about how
the system works; impassable
roads, a moribund library, a small
Why expel comrade for criticising campus on social media?
on pins and needles, desperately
hoping that nobody bursts into
his ofce guns blazing. But when
you come to think of it, where I
come from, the school does not go
through students online activities
with a ne comb. So this would
never happen, unless you are a
avoiding any overt displays of love
and affection, which can be det-
rimental to a relationship. How
often have you witnessed a man
shut down during a tender mo-
ment or make a joke to detour
from it? The toll this eventually
takes is enormous, depriving men
of the riches of intimacy, one of
which is completely giving over to
a true and loving partnership.
While men may appear to
prize freedom and independence,
in their heart of hearts they truly
value loyalty. In standing by her
man, a woman can ll a primal
absence. And once he realises you
have his back, he will start to show
his feelings in his own way which
may not be traditional romantic
gestures, but they will be gestures
nonetheless. So when I dont
kiss you when you expected to
be kissed that does not mean my
feelings have changed, charged
Nope. A womans beauty is a
thing to behold, and sometimes
we can behold it at the wrong
times (like when passing another
woman in the streets and try to
steal a glance with the madam
around). But thats just visual tit-
illation. The stimulus that mat-
ters most reaches our hearts and
minds. A woman with a laser-like
intelligence, sharp sense of hu-
mour and a compassionate soul is
like an arrow to a mans heart.
cafeteria, among other inadequa-
cies of a newly charted university.
He did not listen, so they slapped
him with an expulsion.
This is how you know univer-
sities are poles apart. If this were
to happen in my university, the
Vice Chancellor would be sitting
I know that freedom of speech is
still a Constitutional right today.
And that is a right, not a favour
regardless of the limitations that
come with it. If the president was
to jail all the people who speak ill
of his administration, the streets
of twitter will be deathly quiet.
This is not Ethiopia, for petes
Look, anyone who gags a per-
son who speaks his mind is a ty-
rant. A tyrant only wants songs
of praise, ululations and sonnets
of his eternal reign. A tyrant lives
on a whim, so much so that if you
remind him to zip up his trouser,
your head will be up on a pike be-
fore the sun tags in the moon that
Nyakundi fell on the wrong
side of a tyrannical system. He
told it to at least get some more
chairs into the lecture halls. That
was his sin, and so the tyrannical
system sentenced him to the guil-
Question is, does the sentence
bet the crime? Wait, what crime
did he commit?
visitor in Jerusalem, with no idea
on how to handle University of
Nairobi students when they cheer
to the rallying call of Comrades
Power. Nyakundis predicament
got me thinking, though. I do not
know much about the nuts and
bolts of running a university, but
see your mates desire for sex as
chauvinistic; remember that he
may be asking for proof that you
and he are the team he fantasises
about. Simply because a couple of
women have made wrong choices
and ended up with sex
maniacs is not rea-
son enough to
condemn the
whole lot of
ity is one of
the most op-
pressive forces
as far as behaviour
goes. Reason? It de-
mands that men ap-
pear tough at
all times,
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Page 14 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
ugandanaffairs/GRACE NAKATO
Our jalopies, weird
laws and epic fear of
being rained on
he Kampala Capital City
Authority and the pow-
ers-that-be never cease
to amaze me. They want
to remove all the boda
boda stages within the CBD be-
cause boda bodas cause conges-
Seriously, have you compared
the size of a boda boda and the size
of a car? How much space do they
take when parked? I agree they can
be a menace to other road users,
but they are a necessity. A total ban
is not going to help decongest the
city. The problem is with private
cars, their owners and the rainy
Look, most of us, in Kampala
especially, suffer from Pluvio-
phobia the fear of rain or being
rained on. There are a number
of underlying factors that lead to
this. First, some of us are made
from papier-mch, or so it seems,
which means we shall dissolve
or get disgured when water falls
upon our person in public.
This is common especially with
women and some of our metro-
sexual men. The hair will be the
rst to resemble a heap of wet sisal.
This sisal could then cause colour-
ful rivulets to start trickling down
the owners face. The trickle effect
of free owing water will start erod-
ing the thick layer of makeup that
you see as awless youthful skin.
The city will soon resemble
zombie town, and many shall be
denied entry into their homes
or ofces, for being confused for
What about umbrellas? Well
our Chinese or green clothing
(Kenyans call them mitumba?)
does not do well when exposed to
water. The colour will be the rst to
run streaming down the wearers
legs and the streets shall be rain-
bow coloured in no time. This may
cause the city authorities to rethink
the cleanup budget.
Some of the clothes are so aller-
gic to water for water makes them
shrink and look smaller. Woe unto
the wearer if the attire was already
a size or two smaller they shall be
arrested for public nudity.
And during the rainy season our
jams are legendary because most
people bring out their ramshackle
jalopies and use them like a big
umbrella to commute to, and from
work. When the downpour is heavy
however, the roads are devoid of
movement and when there is only
a light drizzle the trafc is bumper
to bumper.
If the trafc police were de-
ployed to check the street-worthi-
ness of our vehicles like the alcob-
low checks many vehicles would
be sent to the scrap yard.
Here, when a car reaches a cer-
tain age, servicing is never a must;
we do it when we feel like. Its very
common to see in Kampala cars be-
ing jump-started, and that tells you
a lot about the unroadworthy na-
ture of most of our cars. Budgetary
constraints mean that we usually
x a few bits with third-hand parts
and slap a brand new coat of colour
to keep the exterior looking new.
I once, unsuspecting, hopped
into such a contraption during a
heavy downpour to get to an ap-
pointment quickly. The cab guy
had used throw cushions to cover
the springs on the worn-out seats. I
could see parts of the road through
the oor and he said he could not
drive in the rain because the wipers
do not work.
In Uganda, unlike in Kenya
where you have age limit for im-
ported cars, you can drive a car
older than you are, and nobody will
bother you.
Picturespeak Crazy pictures from social media
-Source: Internet
Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
fortheloveofthegame/WITH ANIL BAKARI
costs sports
journalist job
Are you a sports journalist, an-
chor or commentator? You better
watch what you say or write about
players, lest you lose your job as
happened to a sports commentator
with a US newspaper.
The journalist working for The
Oklahoman was red last week for
calling a top basketball player un-
reliable. BigMike69, as the editor is
known, went with the headline Mr.
Unreliable on the front page of the
newspaper, a thing that did not go
down well with the papers top of-
The May 2 title was in reference
to basketball star Kevin Durant who
plays for Thunder. When I hired
BigMike69 to help our paper pro-
vide coverage that would get peo-
ple talking, I feel he went too far in
this case and I will turn the sports
section over to a more traditional
editor, said The Oklahoman top
editor Kelly Dyer Fry as reported in
SportsPickle, an online site.
The newspaper hired BigMike69
in August last year after his wacky
commentaries on blogs caught their
eyes. They believed he was the right
person to boost circulation, which
was dwindling. And BigMike69 in-
deed boosted the newspapers sales
in the short period he worked for it
with his captivating headlines.
On that day, however, BigMike69
had two headlines; MR. UNRELI-
insisted on the second one. He was
anchester United
was not relegated
after the scare that
was David Moyes.
Fans can sigh with
relief, as the 2013/14 English Pre-
mier League (EPL) campaign drew
to a close this past weekend.
By the time we went to press,
Liverpool had squandered their
one-in-twenty-four years chance
of winning the league by settling
for a barren draw with Crystal
Palace FC. This made it possible
for Manchester City FC to be
crowned champions. Even as the
crowned champions celebrate,
it is Manchester Uniteds sacked
coach, David Moyes, who has had
the last laugh.
Moyes did a lot for the former
EPL giants, yet like a dog, which
has annoyed her master; he was
sacked and thrown out of his ken-
nel. For the Love of the Game does
not understand why Man U own-
ers rushed to sack Moyes given
little changed for the few remain-
ing games that veteran player-
turned-coach Ryan Giggs was at
the helm.
No sooner had he left than
they succumbed to another home
defeat to Sunderland FC. Losing
seems to be the teams modus
operandi, especially when they
meet teams they had previously
been referring to as small teams
at Old Trafford.
It is obvious that Moyes was
by Newcastle at Old Trafford for
over four decades. But guess who
broke this feat? The one and only
football genius called Moyes.
Again, thanks to Moyes, Man
U clung to position seven for the
better part of this season, regard-
less of a win or a loss. For a team
that was used to staying at the
summit for an entire season, this
was an unbelievable record that
will go into the annals of the Pre-
mier League history.
Another record the great Moy-
es set, and he deserves a standing
ovation and a state commenda-
tion for it, is that for the rst time
since 1995, Man U will not play
not the problem, after Giggs con-
tinued with Moyess trend of a
win, then a loss.
Who knows, It could be the
players, the pitches or the club
owners themselves, who have re-
fused to loosen their purse strings
to buy talented players. No one
cared to investigate the real prob-
lem facing Man U before sacking
Moyes. He was the obvious villain,
but as things stand, he was a sac-
ricial lamb.
Looking at it, Manchester
United should in fact thank Moyes
for helping them break records.
In its annals, Man U boasted
that they had never been defeated
Something not adding up in the Athletics Kenya report
Moyes set and broke records
at Manchester, hes a genius
thletics Kenya (AK) should
not take us back to the dark
days on matters transparency
in our sports. Why should of-
cials fail to account for tax-
payers money and cash from sponsors?
Their recently released report for the
last nancial year that was endorsed by
delegates is printed on a white paper,
partly to show its purity.
However, some delegates believe the
document is nothing but a sham. First,
they point out that the report did not in-
clude expenses the team incurred in Mos-
cow during the World Championships.
The trip was funded by the govern-
ment to the tune of Sh 27 million. That is
not small change to play with and fail to
account for.
It can be used to settle debts and free
this country from the ghosts of Anglo-
Leasing and free the country from its other
Other anomalies in the report include
double entries of AK Weekend Meeting ex-
penses and World Cross Country.
Now, how did this happen if the -
nancial statement was prepared by pro-
fessionals and certied as true records of
Even a basic accounting student can
detect such errors, so why should AK err.
The least Kenyans demand from AK
President Isaiah Kiplagat and his deputy
David Okeyo is transparency. Something
is not adding up.
in the elite Champions League.
Finishing EPL at number seven
leaves them out in the cold.
Thus, as Manchester City, Liv-
erpool, Chelsea and Arsenal will
be battling with their peers like
Barcelona and Bayern Munich
for the top honours, Man U play-
ers and fans will be watching the
teams from the comfort of their
Is this not a feat to be proud
of? Long Live Moyes for scaling
new heights at Old Trafford and
giving For the Love of Game and
his ilk good fodder this entire EPL
CHICKENED OUT: Hey, have AFC Leopards turned to juju? FACE-ACHE: Look at his face, and they lie they enjoy playing.
CUTE BABE: Gentlemen, heres what awaits you in Brazil.
Page 16 / CRAZY MONDAY Monday, May 12, 2014 / The Standard
Hamza Babu serves and sips juicy gossip
in the breezy Coastal town of Mombasa
atrons of Kahawa Tun-
gu were left in stitches
after news wafted in
that their friends at-
tempts at seeking his
wifes permission to marry a sec-
ond wife earned him beatings,
Chulu is a big baby who had
gained notoriety for not showing
interest in women. The man had
refused to marry despite his ad-
vanced age, and instead he had
been sampling the good things
life has to offer. A friend of his,
some time back, suggested they
take a trip to Lamu to enjoy what
life there has to offer.
They set off on their journey,
and came back after a while,
boasting about the great time they
had in Lamu.
We rode on asses, sailed in
dhows, tasted the famed biryani
ya samaki but the show-stopper
was the Lamu women, he de-
clared to his friends.
He assured everyone at Kaha-
wa Tungu that nowhere on planet
earth had women perfected the
art of taking care of men than on
Lamu island.
And to drive his point home,
he boasted about his new catch ,
who was in his custody. I even
came back with one. She is at my
house as we speak. Her name is
Amina, he boasted.
At last, our stud had seen the
light and was about to marry,
I mused. Indeed, Chulu had a
woman at his house. She was a
petite. How he ended up with her
surprised most of his buddies be-
cause he is not known to get at-
tracted to such women.
However as they say, wonders
will never cease. Chulu exhibited
devotion to Amina, a woman who,
interestingly, spends the better
part of her day polishing nails.
With time, she became tough on
him, so much so that whenever
he got home late, he had a lot of
Woman clobbers hubby for
seeking her permission
to marry second wife
explaining to do before he was let
Friends began complaining
that they were not seeing Chulu
regularly, since he put the wom-
an in his house. And thats when
they hatched a plot to save him
from the clutches of his new wife
We are going to set him up
with the most beautiful damsel
from Mombasa as a second wife
to keep Amina in check. This will
help him at least breathe free,
one of his friends suggested.
Ashina was the woman given
the mandate to redeem Chulu. She
took up her responsibility with a
lot of gusto. She was introduced to
Chulu whom she befriended and
promised him her undying love, as
long as he accepts her as his wife.
What you see is what you get,
she reportedly whispered to him,
brushing her lips in his ear lobes.
The electried Chulu promised
that he was going to negotiate with
Amina to have him get another
wife. He headed home hoping to
convince his Lamu woman.
Neighbours reported that a
erce ght ensued when the man
got home but there was no telling
who was on the receiving end of
it all until the following day when
Chulu was seen with a large ban-
dage tied round his head.
He looked as though he had
been run over by a train. The
same evening, Chulu appeared at
Kahawa Tungu and pleaded with
everyone to kindly desist from
trying to save him from the wild-
cat he was rearing at home lest he
gets killed. Just do not send any
more Ashinas to cause trouble for
me, he pleaded.
Everyone obliged and from
then onwards, Amina, the pocket-
sized lady from Lamu, earned our
respect, and Chulu has become
the laughing stock of Kahawa
Tungu. As they say in Lamu, Ki-
donge kidogo ladha tele.