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Shuaiba, Kuwait

292'N 4810'E
UN Locode
Also see
Mina Abdulla and Mina Al Ahmadi
Max. Size
LOA 225 m., draft 14.0 m. Containers: LOA 220 m., draft 14.0 m. Ro-Ro: LOA 220 m., draft 14.0 m. Tankers: LOA 260 m.,
draft 15.85 m.
Marine fuel and diesel oil.
Kuwait Int'l, 35 km.
Facilities available.
Pre Arrival
Multipurpose port, handles containers, Ro-Ro, general and dry and liquid bulk cargoes.
On the central east coast of Kuwait.
BA Charts No. 1223 and 3773.
Publications: BA Persian Gulf Pilot, NP 63.

Port Limits
Bounded by the following co-ordinates:
Lat. 29 03 09.7 N, Long. 048 09 04.6 E a.
Lat. 29 03 09.7 N, Long. 048 09 27.6 E b.
Lat. 29 02 45.0 N, Long. 048 10 24.6 E c.
Lat. 29 02 45.0 N, Long. 048 15 09.0 E d.
Lat. 29 02 00.0 N, Long. 048 15 09.0 E e.
Lat. 29 02 00.0 N, Long. 048 10 16.8 E f.
Lat. 29 01 15.0 N, Long. 048 10 16.8 E g.
Lat. 29 01 15.0 N, Long. 048 09 29.4 E h.
5 Bills of Lading
1 Bonded Stores List
15 Cargo Manifests
2 Crew Lists
1 Last Port Clearance
1 Passenger List
Ship Safety Construction Certificate
Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
Ship Safety Radio Certificate
1 Stores List
Cargo Manifest:
15 copies which should clearly indicate weights in tonnes and measurements in cubic metres; each copy should be duly
signed and stamped by the loading port Agent.
The copies of the manifest may be photocopies or carbon copies but it is imperative that the original stamp and signature
made by the loading port Agent appears on each copy.
If cargo is carried in transit 15 separate Cargo Manifests (in transit) are also required in same fashion as above.
Bills of Lading:
5 sets of non-negotiable copies of Bills of Lading, i.e. ordinary carbon copies of Bills of Lading. Photocopies will not be
In addition the following documents are to be provided:
2 Dangerous Cargo Declarations (if dangerous cargo is being carried, each copy to be duly signed and stamped by the
loading port Agent)
4 Final Stowage Plans (duly signed and stamped on each copy by the loading port Agent (photocopies are accepted as long
as same are signed and stamped))
4 Hatch Lists (as above)
Since all cargo for discharging at Shuaiba has to go on direct delivery, and Customs clearance has to be completed prior to
berthing of a vessel, it is therefore imperative that all documents, as above, are in Agent's possession for submission to
relevant authorities at least 7 working days prior to vessel's ETA, otherwise berthing of vessel is likely to be delayed.
Port is compliant.
Max. Size
LOA 225 m., draft 14.0 m.
LOA 220 m., draft 14.0 m.
LOA 220 m., draft 14.0 m.
LOA 260 m., draft 15.85 m.
Vessels over LOA 250 m., berth/unberth during daylight hours only.
Compulsory, requests for Pilots may be made to Shuaiba Port Communications Centre (call sign ``Shuaiba Port''). The Port
Communications Centre monitors VHF Channels 16, 9 and 13. Shuaiba Port Pilots Fax: +965 (326) 3825; all working around
the clock.
Bounded by the following co-ordinates, and available for vessels calling at Shuaiba for cargo operations or intending to use
facilities available at the port such as bunkering:
Lat. 29 02.75 N, Long. 048 15.11 E a.
Lat. 29 02.75 N, Long. 048 12.72 E b.
Lat. 29 02.00 N, Long. 048 12.72 E c.
Lat. 29 02.00 N, Long. 048 15.11 E d.
All other vessels, such as vessels waiting for orders, are not permitted to anchor in the Shuaiba Port Anchorage and must
anchor well to the east of Long. 048 15.11 E.
Ships are not permitted to anchor to the west of Long. 048 12.72 E.
Vessels calling at Shuaiba are requested to send the following information to ``Health Shuaiba Port'':
name of vessel a.
last port of call b.
health condition of crew c.
validity of Cholera Certificates d.
request for free pratique. e.
Masters are also required to complete Declaration of Crew in Good Health form, available from Agent, and forward it to the
Port Authority.
Free pratique will be considered at the discretion of the Quarantine Officer, and vessels must hoist the yellow `Q' flag
unless they are informed by Shuaiba Port Communications Centre that free pratique has been granted.
All vessels calling at Shuaiba port are required to submit an initial ETA 72 hours and then confirm 36 and 12 hours prior to
arrival. ETAs should be sent via Agent, who will advise the Port Authority, and should contain details of arrival draft, LOA
and beam.
Contact Shuaiba Port Communications Centre when within VHF range.
Agent shall provide Vessel Arrival Notice List, to be completed and returned to Agent for forwarding to Marine Operations
Department, Shuaiba Port.
Vessel bound for Shuaiba Petroleum Products Pier (SPPP) should contact Mina al-Ahmadi Port Control on VHF Channel 69.
Berthing Ops
13,000 h.p. available at the port. 15,600 h.p. available from Kuwait Oil Company.
Berth Draft LOA Length Cargo
No. (m.) (m.) (m.)
Dry Cargo Harbour:
9.50 120 Disused
11.50 160 Bulk urea
12.00 200 General, clinker, iron ore
6.71 175 Disused
6.71 175 Tugs, barges
10.50 250 Bulk sulphur
12.50 200 General, clinker, iron ore
12.50 200 General, clinker, iron ore
14.00 200 Cement
14.00 200 General
14.00 200 General
14.00 210 General
14.00 210 General
14.00 210 Bulk petcoke, general
14.00 220 Containers, Ro-Ro
14.00 220 Containers, Ro-Ro
14.00 220 Containers, Ro-Ro
14.00 220 Containers, Ro-Ro (military)
14.00 225 General
14.00 225 General
Small Craft Harbour:
476 Small craft
Barge Harbour:
936 Tugs, barges
Shuaiba Petroleum Products Pier (SPPP):
15.85 260 336 Black and white products, ammonia
13.72 200 302 Black and white products
15.85 260 360 Black and white products
Equate Chemical Pier:
11.30 190 249 Chemicals
12.00 190 247 Chemicals
The seaward side Berths No. 48 are occasionally affected by bad weather.
Agents of vessels with dimensions in excess of the above must make due representation to the Port Authority for
permission for these vessels to be accepted; ample notice is necessary when submitting such requests.
Also see "Tanker Facilities".
Bulk Cargo
Conveyor belts available at Berths No. 1, 2, 6 and 14 for handling dry bulk cargoes.
Also see "Berths".
Shuaiba Area Container Terminal (SACT): Operator: Kuwait Ports Authority.
Location: Berths No. 1518.
Facilities: Occupies 4 berths, total length of 880 m., and a total storage area of 31 ha., equipped with 341 ton gantry
cranes, straddle carriers, heavy duty forklifts, tractors and trailers. Both LCL and reefer services available. Gantry cranes
can be supplied for discharging/loading of containers stowed on deck.
Ro-Ro vessels accepted. Cargo discharged/loaded via vessel's stern ramp will be handled by SACT, provided it is mobile. No
length restrictions for vessels, but subject to berth occupancy and prior Port Authority acceptance.
Other Facilities
Breakbulk cargo loaded on flat beds or flat racks can be handled by 2040 ft. container spreaders in conjunction with the
port overheight gear.
Ro-Ro cargo handled at Berths No. 1518 including military cargo.
Also see "Container Facilities".
Shuaiba Petroleum Products Pier (SPPP): Owner: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). Contact: Captain Mohammed Hassan
Al-Ajmi, Port Captain III, Marine Operations Team (MAA). Tel: +965 2326 1551, 2320 2006. Fax: +965 2326 2265.
Operator: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).
Location: To the east of the southern quay mole.
Facilities: Consisting of 3 berths. Berths No. 31 and 33 comprise the eastern berths whilst Berth No. 32 is located on the
western side.
Berth: 31 32 33
Depth (CD):
17.0 15.0 17.0
Max. draft (loaded):
15.85 13.72 15.85
Max. draft (berthing):
13.72 7.62 13.72
Min. S.d.w.t. (tons):
20,000 20,000 20,000
Max. S.d.w.t. (tons):
115,000 50,000 115,000
Max. displacement: *
120,000 65,000 120,000
Berth length (m.):
336 302 360
Max. LOA:
260 200 260
Cargoes handled:
Black and white
products, ammonia
Black and white
Black and white
Loading rates (approx.): Naphtha/1,200, jet A1 kerosene/1,500, EGO/1,500, HSD/1,500, HFO/1,700, LFO/1,700
Distance between fenders/dolphins:
32 32 20
Min. manifold height (m.):
4.6 4.6 4.6
Max. manifold height (m.):
17.4 17.4 17.4
* Vessels restricted by max. displacement, large vessels may not be able to load up to max. S.d.w.t.
The above berth lengths are inclusive of mooring dolphins positioned northward and southward of the pier.
Hoses: Each berth is supplied with 220 in. fuel lines and 516 in. supply lines for naphtha, avtur and gas oil. All lines
reduce to 12 in. at the loading arms. Additionally at Berth No. 32 there are lines for discharging lubricating oil and for
loading liquid ammonia. An 8 in. line for slops is available.
Fuel: Each berth at the Petroleum Products Pier is equipped to provide bunkers by means of 220 in. lines for fuel oil and
marine diesel oil whilst light fuel oil is supplied by an 8 in. line.
Equate: Owner: Equate Petrochemical Company. Tel: +965 189 8888. Fax: +965 2576 5733.
International joint venture between Petrochemical Industries Co, The Dow Chemical Co and Qurain Petrochemical Industries
Facilities: Two berths located on the inshore side of the southern pier.
Berth: 34 35
Depth (CD):
12.5 13.3
Max. draft (loaded):
11.3 12.0
Max. draft (berthing):
8.0 9.0
Min. S.d.w.t. (tons):
5,000 5,000
Max. S.d.w.t. (tons):
45,000 45,000
Max. displacement:
55,000 55,000
Berth length (m.):
249 247
Max. LOA:
190 190
Cargoes handled:
Chemicals Chemicals
Loading rates (approx.): CG/200, DEG/400, Px 450, Sty/500, benzene 500, PEEG 600
Distance between fenders/dolphins:
15 15
Min. manifold height (m.):
2 2
Max. manifold height (m.):
19.5 19.5
Also see "Shipmaster's Report" dated December 1999.
See "Container Facilities".
Stevedores shall be nominated by owner or Agent from a list of stevedores registered by the port for cargo handling
operations. A common tariff published by the port applies.
Vessels will be required to maintain a minimum daily tonnage dependent on the type of cargo they are carrying.
Permission for the landing of heavy lifts on the quays must be obtained from the Port Management each time in advance.
Working Hours:
1 January to 31 March. Saturday to Wednesday: 06301330 and 14002100. Thursday: 06301230 and 13001900.
1 April to 31 December. Saturday to Wednesday: 07001300 and 14002100. Thursday: 07001200 and 12301900.
During Ramadan. Saturday to Thursday: 07001630. Overtime 19000200. Friday: 07001630 and 19000200 on an
overtime basis.
Skips can be provided and placed alongside a vessel. Requests for this service should be made to the Port Authority.
See "Tanker Facilities".
There is a medical centre which provides service for vaccinations. Notice required if medical attendance required.
Fresh Water
Limited availability by pipeline, dependent on berth. Otherwise available by barge.
Bunkering facilities are available by bunker barge. Bunkering possible alongside berth (except for vessels handling
dangerous cargoes) and at anchorage.
Also see "Tanker Facilities".
Tank cleaning, compass adjusters, divers and underwater cleaning.
Dry Dock
See "Shuwaikh".
Small repairs can be arranged if sufficient notice is given.
See "Shuwaikh".
Police etc
Emergency Tel: 112.
Watch to be maintained by ship's crew.
Ships whilst in port limits during daylight hours shall fly their national flag at the after part of the ship and, where a ship is
of foreign registry, also the Kuwait national flag at the forward end.
Port Regulations:
Disposal of garbage over the side of the ship into the harbour is prohibited.
The Harbour Master or deputy may order a vessel to leave the berth at short notice in the case of emergency, bad weather,
Vessels carrying explosives or dangerous cargoes must declare quantities and categories of same when they report ETA.
Crew members are prohibited from swimming in the harbour.
Lowering ship's lifeboats, launches or liferafts into the water is prohibited without the written approval of the Harbour
Master or deputy.
Mooring ship's lifeboats, launches or liferafts to navigational marks and buoys is prohibited.
Due regard shall be given to the safety of divers when they are working within the Port Limits. Engines should be stopped
when approaching their working area at a circle of 150 m. The launch attending divers displays International flag letter
``Alpha'' during diving operations.
See "Shuwaikh".
There are no facilities for shipboard telephones. Mobile telephone coverage provided, GSM 900/1800 and 3G 2100 (2011).
Kuwait International Airport, 35 km.
Kuwait City is approx. 43 km. by road from Shuaiba, via the Fahaheel Expressway. Frequent regional international air
services available from Kuwait Airport (KWI). Services also available to Europe and USA.
National banks with ATM facilities available.
Tobacco, no restrictions. Wine and/or spirits, alcoholic beverage strictly prohibited to be held out of bond.
Shore Leave
Can be arranged.
Also see "General" before first port.
ID Cards
Passport or Seaman's Book necessary.
Seamans Clubs
Planned upgrade of fenders and cranes.
Head Office:
Kuwait Ports Authority, PO Box 3874, 13039 Safat, Kuwait. Tel: +965 2481 2622, 2481 2712. Fax: +965 2481 9714. Telex:
22740 HMSHP KT. Contact: Director General. Tel: +965 484 8483.
Port Office:
Kuwait Ports Authority, Shuaiba Port, PO Box 10099, 65451 Shuaiba, Kuwait. Tel: +965 2326 2307. Fax: +965 2326 2943. Contact: Shuaiba Port Director.
Gulf Agency Co (Kuwait) Ltd, PO Box 20637, 13067 Safat, Kuwait. Tel: +965 2226 4188. Fax: +965 2483 6375.