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Cathy Pilkington - Thing-Soul
Marlborough Fine Art 2014 ISBN 9781909707054 Acqn 23666
Pb 24x30cm 40pp 40col ills 12.50

This entirely new body of sculptures, prints and drawings asks the viewer to invent and to
imagine. Drawing on work as diverse as Pierre Imans wax mannequins from the 1920s, Henry
Moores reclining nudes, Hans Bellmers tortured puppets, and Morton Bartletts strange retinue
of love-surrogates, Pilkingtons work threatens to make itself available to the viewer on more
intimate terms than the art-worlds customarily mediated object / viewer relation, more in the
manner of a dolly than an artwork. This unusually embodied connection is troubled by a sense of
doubt, a conceptual response that deals more in belief than reason. In this, her work approaches
the immediacy of ordinary figurative playthings, while at the same time playing with an
ambiguous, compound object-hood shared alike by religious statuary and a childs favourite
transitional object.


Nina Murdoch Enlightenment
Marlborough Fine Art 2014 ISBN 9781909707061 Acqn 23667
Pb 30x24cm 28pp 11col ills 12.50

Blakean outpourings of dazzling light rendered in colour that is subtle but also explosive, with a
burnished patina of marks and sheens, characterize Nina Murdochs latest paintings. Sometimes,
the paint seems to float, tied neither to the picture surface nor to any recognized distance within
the image. She depicts what could be a flare path to an underground car park or bunker, the
undramatic subject of corridor and underpass lit to an unearthly pitch. This might be underworld
light yet it is celebratory, beneficent, not hellish and destructive. She returns again and again to
the same places for inspiration: to the streets and buildings of south London, to a bunker in
Devon, a car park in France. A painting may be sparked off by something as apparently simple as
reflections on wet tarmac, but in other respects Murdochs gritty urban subjects are also an
excuse to paint an incredible ultramarine blue she has seen and marvelled at Andrew Lambirth



Peacocks With Hiccups
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790560 Acqn 23670
Pb 14x22cm 144pp 21col ills 9.95

Edited by Fiona Bryson, Keren Cytter
Contributions by Karl Holmqvist, Luna Miguel, Catherine Wagner; drawings by Koo Jeong-A

The second issue in the Poetic Series takes its title Peacocks with Hiccups from the poetry of
Berlin-based artist Karl Holmqvist, whose work is featured alongside American poet Catherine
Wagner and emerging Spanish writer Luna Miguel. Artwork is provided by Koo Jeong-A, whose
simple line drawings were chosen from a series titled Dr. Vogt. Koo Jeong-A walks personal and
cultural grounds to record relationships and comical encounters within landscapes and interiors.

The Poetic Series brings together works of poetry and literature in combination with visual art,
introducing young as well as established writers concerned with challenging the boundaries of
traditional forms of narrative. Initiated by Keren Cytter and coedited with Fiona Bryson, the
quarterly publications focus on three experimental writers or poets per issueimage content is
supplied by one artist.

Nanna Debois Buhl - Atlas of Anatomy
Revolver Publishing by VVV 2013 ISBN 9783868952629 Acqn 22721
Hb 16x30cm 80pp 15ills 21

Atlas of Anatomy is a poetical interpretation of the historical anatomical reference book. The book
contains 15 photographs of body parts belonging to people of different ages (5 - 87 years), and
133 footnotes all of which, concretely or metaphorically, describe a body part. The text fragments
are collected from medical, literary, philosophical and pedagogical sources: a fragment from a
childrens song, a description of a burial ritual and the treatment of a burn, for example. The
photographs are narrowly cropped, so the body parts almost appear abstract. Like maps. The
book borrows its format and typography from historical anatomical reference books. Atlas of
Anatomy is a journey through a collective body composed of many bodies and voices.


Christian Marclay - Fire & Water + CD
Dis Voir 2014 ISBN 9782914563734 Acqn 23340
Pb 17x22cm 64pp 60col ills 27

In 2011 Christian Marclay was invited to create an artwork for Mixed Bathing World. A
contemporary art festival held every three years in Beppu, one of Japans most famous hot spring
resorts. Marclay designed a field of one hundred flags installed on a jetty near the harbour. Fifty
flags represented water, and fifty fire. At the bottom corner of each flag he attached a small bell.
Fires brass bell was heavier, needing more wind to chime but with a longer sustain, while
Waters stamped iron bell was lighter and had a short, dry and low ring. The enclosed CD
documents these bells ringing in the changing wind, mixing with sounds from the harbour.

Choreographing Exhibitions
Les Presses Du Reel 2014 ISBN 9782840666820 Acqn 23623
Pb 17x24cm 416pp 5ills 33.95

An overview of the relation between choreography and exhibition, through the contributions of
over thirty international visual artists, choreographers, musicians, filmmakers, theorists, and
In 2008, the Contemporary art centre La Ferme du Buisson, invited the curator Mathieu Copeland
to present his work, Choregraphed Exhibition, composed of movements executed by three
dancers over two months. This exhibition nourished a multitude of questions that gave birth to a
book, Choreograping Exhibitions, overview of the relation between choreography and exhibition.
It brings together over thirty international visual artists, choreographers, musicians, filmmakers,
theorists, and curators.
Contributions by Kenneth Anger, Fia Backstrm, Jrme Bel, Julien Bismuth, Giovanni Carmine,
Boris Charmatz, Mathieu Copeland, Tim Etchells, Barbara Formis, Maite Garbayo Maeztu,
Kenneth Goldsmith, Amy Greenfield, Abbie Hoffman, Karl Holmqvist, Pierre Huyghe, Myriam Van
Imschoot, Jennifer Lacey, LeClubdes5, Franck Leibovici, Pablo Len de la Barra, Andr Lepecki,
Alan Licht, Raimundas Malaauskas, Loreto Martnez Troncoso, Malcolm McLaren, Gustav
Metzger, Lilo Nein, Phill Niblock, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Michael Parsons, Julie Pellegrin, Mickal
Phelippeau, Michael Portnoy, Claude Rutault, Irena Tomain, Catherine Wood.

Moyra Davey - I'm Your Fan
Camden Arts Centre 2014 ISBN 9781907208492 Acqn 23630
Pb 14x21cm 48pp 7

Im Your Fan contains six of Moyra Daveys recent essays and transcripts, interspersed with
excerpts lifted directly from working notebooks.
Influences, affinities, internal concerns, the weather, and partners circulate among the texts.
Despite following a gentle chronological pull Im Your Fan persistently intercepts the biographies
and methods of others, promiscuously re-grouping literary and critical territories, and effectively
determining Daveys own legacy.
The essays consider the prohibitions and permissions of art theory, value and panic, the
equipment of her process, the problematic relief of productivity, the explicit re-inclusion of the
figure into her work, as well as death and expectations.

Edited by Camilla Wills to accompany the exhibition life without sheets of paper to be scribbled on
is masterpiece, from 11 April - 29 June 2014 at Camden Arts Centre.


Trevor Brown - Drawing Book. Signed
Editions Treville 2013 ISBN 9784309920047 Acqn 23676
Pb 19x23cm 112pp 100ills 92col 29.95


Silke Otto-Knapp - Questions of Travel
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790522 Acqn 23677
Pb 15x21cm 100pp 20col ills 16.50

Edited by Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen
Contributions by Elizabeth Bishop, Susan Morgan, Vanessa Joan Mller, Nicolaus Schafhausen
This book is published on occasion of the parallel exhibitions Silke Otto-Knapp presented in two
markedly different locations: on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and at the Kunsthalle Wien
Karlsplatz, Vienna. The contrasting influences of placebetween rural and urban, new and old
worldis evident in the selection of works presented and compiled in this catalogue. The
partnering of these exhibitions clearly brings into focus questions about art and its contexts. The
tensions between nature and culture provide an appropriate figure for the artwork: a context
imagined and devised for the circumstances of its own activation.
Questions of Travel includes essays by Susan Morgan and Vanessa Joan Mller and a
conversation between Otto-Knapp and Nicolaus Schafhausen. Mller reflects on how the
tensions Otto-Knapps artwork engenders are the substance of its experience, while Morgan
approaches the work via three significant influences: the cultural geographer J. B. Jackson;
avant-garde dancer Anna Halprin and her husband, the landscape architect Lawrence Halprin;
and the poems of Elizabeth Bishop. In the conversation with Schafhausen, Otto-Knapp likens the
art exhibition to a theatre situation that is both distinctly separate from reality and engaged with it
at the same time. As the activating element of an exhibition, the viewer could also be said to
embody the reality of a works engagement. Otto-Knapp took the title for this project, Questions
of Travel, from Bishops poem of the same name, which has been reprinted for this catalogue.

J. Parker Valentine Fiction
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790416 Acqn 23678
Pb 17x24cm 116pp 91ills 31col 18

Texts by Mary Ceruti, Suzanne Cotter, Christiane Maria Schneider
Although deeply grounded in drawing, J. Parker Valentines diverse practice spans film, video,
photography, collage, and sculpture. By pushing the limits of mark making, the many possibilities
of narrative and image are encountered and explored. The drawn line exceeds its supports and
materials, extending beyond the two-dimensional edges of material to something more sculptural.
In the same way that Valentine uses erasure to create an image, the negative space or
ephemeral material within a space, such as shadow and light, becomes part of the work.
This artist book includes a selection of imagesa documentation of exhibited works and those in
processthat offer a sense of Valentines approach to working, which gestures toward
abstraction and improvisation. For this book, many images have been adapted, reoriented, and/or
manipulated. Also included are three essays that investigate Valentines process, considering
work that has emerged from her previous projects, residencies, and exhibitions to date. Mary
Cerutis essay describes Valentines lasso sculptures as oscillating between drawing and
sculpture, and discusses the suggestive narratives that play out in sculptural space. Suzanne
Cotter touches on Valentines interrogation of the integrity of the medium of drawing and its limits,
as well as the transformative nature of her work, as eluding any static reading. Describing the
development of Valentines work in situ, Christiane Maria Schneider considers how each of the
works presented are affected by the relationships they enter into, continually moving between the
material and immaterial.
Valentine was born in Austin, Texas, in 1980. She was artist in residence at Artpace, San
Antonio, in 2013. She has had solo shows at Supportico Lopez, Berlin (2010, 2012); Galerie Max
Mayer, Dsseldorf (2012); Taka Ishii, Kyoto (2010); Peep-Hole, Milan (2010); and Lisa Cooley,
New York (2008, 2010). She lives and works in New York.

Jalal Toufic - Forthcoming Second edition. e-flux journal
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790553 Acqn 23679
Pb 11x18cm 296pp 9.95

Jalal Toufic is a thinker and a mortal to death. He was born in 1962 in Beirut or Baghdad and died
before dying in 1989 in Evanston, Illinois. This second edition of a collection of his essays whirls
around the appearance of the unworldly in art, culture, history, and the present.

On the first edition of Forthcoming published by Atelos in 2000: Although sometimes couched in
what looks like the language of critical theory, Toufics formal hybridity and poetic methods
sharply distinguish Forthcoming from most other titles on those shelves labeled Cultural,
Poststructuralist, or Postcolonial Studies. In his insistence upon treating the dead as a great
part of the potential force of this world, Toufic plumbs the poetics of disaster and recuperation in
ways that remain both incredibly suggestive and relentlessly radical.
Village Voice Literary Supplement, April 2001

Armen Avanessian, Andreas Topfer - Speculative Drawing: 2011 2014
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790447 Acqn 23680
Hb 15x21cm 320pp ills 15.95

Speculative Drawing presents fifteen booksfrom monographs and translations to collections of
essaysthat emerged from the research platform Speculative Poetics, conceived by Armen
Avanessian in 2011. This book gives a somewhat different introduction to contemporary
speculative philosophy, raising questions on how thinking works and how thinking occurs in
drawings or illustrations. How does a poetic thinking work that's not about but with art?

Andreas Tpfer's drawings in this book are not illustrations of the texts. Rather it's the other way
around: they need to be read so that the texts can start to refer to them. In this sense,
Speculative Drawing does not provide a shortcut to the theories presented; it does not aim to
build a representational relationship between a pictorially correct understanding and a correlative
conceptual thought. Instead, the drawings provide an occasion to think about thinkinga
speculative thinking and writing in concept and through images.

Hito Steyerl - Too Much World. The Films Of Hito Steyerl
Sternberg Press 2014 ISBN 9783956790577 Acqn 23681
Pb 13x22cm 244pp 118ills 107col 15

Edited by Nick Aikens. Texts by Nick Aikens, Karen Archey, Thomas Elsaesser, Pablo Lafuente,
Sven Ltticken, David Riff, Hito Steyerl, Ana Teixeira Pinto

Hito Steyerl is rightly considered one of the most exciting artists working today who speculates on
the impact of the Internet and digitization on the fabric of our everyday lives. Her films and
writings offer an astute, provocative, and often funny analysis of the dizzying speed with which
images and data are reconfigured, altered, and dispersed, many times over, accelerating into
infinity or crashing into oblivion.
Published to accompany the artists survey exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, and
the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Too Much World gathers a series of essays and close
readings of Steyerls films from the past ten years. Newly commissioned texts by Sven Ltticken,
Karen Archey, Ana Teixeira Pinto, and Nick Aikens, alongside writings by Thomas Elsaesser,
Pablo Lafuente, David Riff, and Steyerl, are spliced with over one hundred pages of color stills.
This publication is a charged slideshow of the artists extraordinary investigations into the status,
circulation, and materiality of images.


David Hockney - The Arrival Of Spring
Annely Juda Fine Art 2014 ISBN 9781904621584 Acqn 23684
Pb 25x27cm 96pp 54ills 23col 30

Annely Juda Fine Art presents David Hockney's series of 16 iPad drawings; The Arrival of Spring.


Lisl Ponger - The Vanishing Middle Class. Secession
Revolver Publishing by VVV 2014 ISBN 9783957630087 Acqn 23685
Pb 16x22cm 192pp 39col ills 19.50

For many years Lisl Ponger has been concerned with the construction of (cultural) identity, with
the often stereotypical imaginings and perceptions of the Other and the associated issues of
pictorial representation. Her art frequently engages with the academic disciplines of ethnology
and anthropology, whose methods and politics become manifest in the collection and exhibition
practices of ethnographic museums.
In order to take up and examine the disappearance of the middle class in her show, Ponger
meticulously researched the structures and presentational conventions of ethnological collections.
She also applies this principle of imitation to the conception and design of the exhibition and the
accompanying reader.
The articles by US American historian and ethnology critic James Clifford, art historian Yvette
Mutumba, currently research curator at the Weltmuseum in Frankfurt am Main, and the Vienna-
based artist and author Tim Sharp offer a wide-ranging survey of critical considerations relating to
the function and operation of museums of ethnology in general and Lisl Pongers MuKul in
particular as well as a comprehensive discussion of the history and present state of the so-called
middle class. By treating the Western middle class as an object of study in the same way that,
even today, exhibitions make a spectacle out of exotic peoples or ethnic groups in remote parts
of the non-Western world, Pongers show strikingly illustrates how many museums operate; the
resulting exercise in deconstruction invites critical engagement with these mechanisms.

Brice Marden - Ru Ware, Marbles, Polke
Matthew Marks 2014 ISBN 9781880146675 Acqn 23356
Hb 26x30cm 88pp 38ills 36col 24.95

Brice Marden: Ru Ware, Marbles, Polke features the most recent paintings from this towering
figure in contemporary abstraction. The books title alludes to the breadth of Mardens
inspirations: rare Chinese pottery, coarse Greek marble and the late German artist Sigmar Polke.
Each of the works or series in this volume stems from these sources: the Ru Ware Project (2007
2012), composed of nine small panels painted in pale blues and greens; 15 new paintings in oil
on marble, which Marden completed on the Greek island of Hydra in 2012; and a large oil-on-
linen painting, "Polke Letter" (20102011), a painterly homage to Mardens contemporary.
Helping to pinpoint Mardens place in the flow of time is an essay by David Anfam, along with a
statement written by the artist, an extended meditation on geometry, proportion and colour.


Charles Ray - Young Man
Matthew Marks 2014 ISBN 9781880146682 Acqn 23394
Pb 33x45cm 32pp 174col ills 32.95

This volume documents the stages of work and materials used to realize Charles Rays "Young
Man" (2012), a 1,500-pound sculpture in solid stainless steel. Printed on unbound pages, this
publication shows the development of Rays sculpture alongside a set of life-size details that can
be reconfigured into two full-scale photographs of the work.


Petr Nikl - The Game Of Time
Arbor Vitae 2014 ISBN 9788074670411 Acqn 23402
Pb 23x27cm 328pp 240ills 100col 56.50

This book features the painting and printmaking work of Czech artist Petr Nikl (born 1964) from
the last 30 years, including a series on the subject of hatching, embryos and the mythology of
origins. Writing by the artist accompanies his visual works.


David Shrigley - As Soon As Possible
Caja De Burgos 2014 ISBN 9788496421561 Acqn 23525
Hb 29x26cm 76pp 53ills 35col 16.95

Published on the occasion of a solo exhibition of British visual artist David Shrigley at the Caja de
Burgos in 2007, this catalogue provides a window into his peculiar oeuvre, ranging from drawings
and paintings to sculptures and photographs. His deliberately limited technique is especially
apparent in poorly executed drawings with often crude forms, while the disquieting and darkly
humorous subject matter of his works surfaces in their giving place to the abnormal. Shrigley
addresses the thin, permeable barrier between public and private realms, pointing out absurdities
that others might overlook. It is a comprehensive introduction to his work, with an essay by
Katrina M. Brown.


Mark Manders - Cose In Corso
ROMA Publications 2014 ISBN 9789491843006 Acqn 23605
Hb 22x29cm 126pp 63ills 1col 33.95

Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Collezione Maramotti centring on the installation
piece Isolated Bathroom / Composition with Four Colors by Dutch artist Mark Manders, this book
comprises a lengthy series of black-and-white photographs from behind the scenes and of the
artists working environment, together with his creative process. In a special insert, Manders
explains his thoughts on the piece, which Mario Diacono then further analyses in detail,
discussing the spatial and semantic hierarchy of elements, its triggering of multiple associations,
and relationship with Manders entire body of work, extending from Self-portrait as a building,
begun in 1986.

Christoph Niemann at Galerie Max Hetzler
Holzwarth Publications 2014 ISBN 9783935567701 Acqn 23656
Hb 24x31cm 64pp 37ills 34col 28.50

Art and soccer, these are the two great passions that unite illustrator Christoph Niemann and
gallerist Max Hetzler. Both live and work in Berlin today, but as they were born in the region of
Stuttgart, their hearts still belong to the VfB Stuttgart soccer club. So one thing led to another, and
for his first solo exhibition on occasion of the 40-year anniversary of Galerie Max Hetzler,
Niemann created 32 absurd silk-screen prints that pair off the gallerist and his roster of artists
with imagery from the world of soccer. The series was presented under the fictional title Galerie
Max Hetzler celebrates 40 years of VfB Stuttgart and is collected in complete form for this
Christoph Niemann was born 1970 and after completing his studies at the University of Fine Arts
in Stuttgart he moved to New York, where he lived between 1997 and 2008. His illustrations were
published on the covers of magazines like The New Yorker, Time Magazine, New York Times
Magazine, Wired, and ZEITmagazin. In 2010 he was inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Art
Directors Club, New York. Currently Niemann is writing and drawing the column Abstract
Sunday for New York Times Magazine from his home in Berlin.


Defying Stability - Artistic Processes In Mexico Between 1952-1967
Turner 2014 ISBN 9788415832393 Acqn 23665
Pb 22x28cm 620pp 485ills 185col 45

This publication, the second volume and exhibition to result from a multidisciplinary research
project into contemporary Mexican art begun in 2008, attempts to link the diversity of visual arts
with social and economic processes in the country during the 1950s and 60s. The time was
characterised by accelerated modernisation, which reflected with great dynamism in the cultural
field and saw the formation of new educational institutions, not to mention the emergence of
alternative cultural spaces and events. Through various artworks and critical essays, the book
aims to continue the investigation of artistic multiplicity in Mexican modernity.

Lucy Williams Pavillion
Timothy Taylor Gallery 2014 ISBN 9780948835520 Acqn 23668
Hb 21x27cm 58pp 28ills 23col 18.75

British artist Lucy Williams is known for redefining the concept of collage through her intricate,
mixed media bas-reliefs of unpopulated mid-century Modernist architecture. In a new departure
for the artist, Pavilion presents 16 spectacular new works within a striking modular structure
variously inspired by architects and designers such as Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and
Manfred Lehmbruck. Williams has softened the original references by rendering the grid structure
in soft wood with peg-board inserts, reminiscent of contemporary childrens furniture and
suggesting a more homespun aesthetic. The centerpiece of the exhibition, and the work that most
graphically describes the nature of Williamss practice, is an almost three metre wide collage
depicting Jean Dubuissons apartment complex in Maine-Montparnasse, turned into an intricately-
woven frieze running the full width of the work. Using nothing more than thousands of individually
cut fragments of paper and card, Williams has translated this iconic example of what many
describe as brutalist architecture, into a delightful, colourful and ultimately celebratory object.
Williamss work has an almost redemptive quality her painstaking and meticulous handiwork re-
investing these often unloved structures with something of the idealism, freshness and beauty
that the architects originally planned.


Queer Zines - 2nd Edition Vol 2
Witte De With 2014 ISBN 9780894390708 Acqn 23686
Pb 19x27cm 264pp 220ills 21.50

The variegated output of zine makers past and present is collected in two volumes, from North
America and Europe, listing them alphabetically. Across more than 350 pages are comprehensive
bibliographies and synopses for more than 120 zines, excerpted illustrations and writings, reprints
of notable articles and a list of zine outlets around the world. Also included, a 1980 interview with
Boyd McDonald by Vince Aletti and Adam Blocks early writings on zines. Volume one updates
and corrects the original edition, published in 2008, while volume two adds more than 30 recent
titles and fourteen new essays by Bruce LaBruce, Scott Treleaven and Edie Fake, among others.

Rene Zeh - 13 (2012-1999)
Revolver Publishing by VVV 2014 ISBN 9783957630063 Acqn 23691
Pb 21x27cm 128pp 130ills 110col 17

In his installations, sculptures and collages, Ren Zeh examines the superficial perfection of our
contemporary world, duly revealing the discrepancy between the designs for a better world and
its actual implementation. In so doing, the coordinates of design, architecture and lifestyle shift in
favour of a seemingly perfect but essentially flawed environment which has elevated living to
become a social spectacle in which modern subjectivity must continually present itself.
With texts by Marcus Lu tkemeyer, Dr. Vanessa Joan Mller and Ren Zechlin.

Hannes Schupbach And Joel-Claude Meffre - Instants + DVD
Revolver Publishing by VVV 2014 ISBN 9783868953411 Acqn 23692
Pb 21x30cm 68pp 3ills 17

Instants encompasses a new film by the Swiss artist Hannes Schpbach and a literary text by the
French archeologist and writer Jol-Claude Meffre. The artistic project and the publication that
was created for it, with an essay by Marco Baschera (Thinking in Images), are devoted to a
central point of convergence of the arts: the INSTANT. In photography, film, or literature, the
instant in its entrance or descent signifies a performative opening in the sequence of time that
radically breaks through any concept of linearity.

Also available without the DVD:
ISBN 9783868953404 Acqn 23694 17.00