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Change Cost of weapons

Backup the file before editing

It is possible to edit the INI.big file in your game directory. But you have to use a Hex-Editor.
Do not change the lenght of the file or the game ill not boot again..
!ust "verrite the #ext you need.
%earch for &Build'ost& and overrite it like
&Build'ost ( )***& "rig.
&Build'ost ( ****& +aked.
Do not DE,E#E anything.
How to blow up a battalion of infantries
If you are the 'hinese make at least -* inferno tanks and send them all together at once and park them
somehere here your opponent love to send you those rebels or rangers or red guards to sneak on
you and once they pass you you can atch the fireorks blo inferno tank orks great ith their
technology too no you kno ho to beat those scums
.note$ this orks too ith the /,0 toxic truck.1
Get Old Unit Names
Bring up the console and type in 2ussia$3uri2elived to get unit names from older '4' titles No ne
graphics though
How to win against turtling opponents
5ell6 tired of those online players that do nothing but build up there defenses7 5ell here8s the solution
all you have to do is6 if your usa6 send raptors to eliminate there defenses and supply centers as
necessary6 try going for the poer supply first6 and use the 0-* strike to eather don there defenses
more. #hen after there poer and supply center is out they ill have trouble knoing hen you
coming and creating ne defenses. 0t this point simply send in a si9able force of humvees ith the
to missile upgrade and full of rangers ith capture building. %imply send them in unload the rangers
and capture and sell there base.
Airfield Tip
5hen you are china6 build an airfield and put a speaker toer right behind it. %o hen your planes
have got damaged in battle they heal faster. #o make it even :uicker upgrade the speaker toers in the
propaganda center
GLA healing tipscreenshot taking
If you are /,0 and have damaged units near a tunnel netork6 you can heal them by sending them in
and evacuating them straight aay. It orks for tanks as ell as infantry. #o take a screenshot hich
goes in your generals data directory press +-) hen you ant one. 3ou may ant to 9oom in or
remove the command bar to get a better shot. #hese are bitmaps so can be edited by using ;aint etc.
Black Lotus ower !trike
#his is a rush techni:ue and may not ork long into the game.
+irst6 build a nuclear reactor then :ue a do9er from your command center. Next send the nely created
do9er to a supply site and make it build a supply stash. <ake the other do9er build a barracks. 0fter
the first do9er is finished ith the supply stash6 make it build a ar factory. By this time the other
do9er should be finished ith the barracks so go to secondary supply site and make it build a supply
stash there. =ue in to supply trucks on your -st stash and make the other do9er build a propaganda
center. #hen > enough cash make black lotus and a troop craler. %cout for the enemy base. 5hen
you find the enemy base6 distract it ith the troop craler and the red guards in it then :uitely sneak
black lotus behind the battle front and find his poerplant if his using ?% or 'hinese6 if he8s a gla go
for the 0rms dealer. Next #arget any troop training facility that he has and then go for the supply stash.
#his strike is made6 it ould virtually make you the oner of his base and he ould be don on his
knees asking you for a rematch.
"estro# ULA bunkers
If your sick and tyered of thouse annoying ?,0 stinger sites. 5ell there is a simple and cheap ay to
clear them out. 0ll you need is about @ ?%0 rangers ith the flash grenades upgrade. #hen send them
to the bunkers and tell them to aim there flash grenades at the bunker. #his ill kill the @ rocket
soldiers inside and you can then use your rangers to finish off the stinger site ith there machine guns.
The onl# $ tanks #ou will e%er need
It doesn8t get any easier than this. Build four "verlord tanks. #he big ones 'hina has. #o of them
must have ;ropaganda upgrades and the other to need the 'haingun upgrade. It6s also helpful to
have the to Nuke upgrades6 but thats optional. Because of the ;ropaganda the "verlord is un-killable
in a small group. I took out aprox A** enemy units and AB buildings ith these bad boys. Its best not
to use faster units in this group because they get too far aay from the overlords and get killed. Have
&U'C( AN" )A!* +'N +'TH CH'NA
5hen 'hina the most easy ay to in is by doing the folloing. then the game starts get your
construction do9er to build a nuclear plant.0s soon as it starts to construct buy another construction
do9er from your command center.hen the ne do9er is ready make it build Barracks and hile this is
building look at your generals options and you should have one point to use. %elect the option that
gives your red guards one bar of veterency hen bought. 5hen the Barracks are ready build about -*
to -C red guards. 2emember that for every red guard you ant ) ill be built so you should have an
army of about )* to @* red guards. Before sending them to the enemy base build about C tank hunters
to protect the red guards from tanks then attack there base. 3our army ill be un-stoppable.#his orks
great for skirmishes and online multiplayer games.
GLA strateg#
/,0 has aesome opportunities ith the terrorist and the hiDacker simply use terrorist on their units
or battalion of soldierstheir toxic truck orks Dust like the 'hinese inferno tank but shots off different
stufftheir vehicles aren8t that bad but they stink cause they got no airplanes. build some tunnels around
enemies base this ay this ill make it easier to deliver rebels6 mobs6 terrorist or hatever then start
sending anthraxes on the base
U,!, strateg#
5hen you8re the us you can make the aurrora strike fighters. #o in real fast simply build some of the
paladin guys to protect the fighter and let the aurora Dust ait for a moment and let your paladin tank
blo some of their defenses and no move in the aurora fighter and start bloing up the base
especially the command center. if any of your aurora fighters get killed Dust simply move in the
paladin and start bloing up their defenses don8t let the red guard or rebels attack your paladin they8re
annoying then start doing this over again send some fuel bomb fighters too. good luck and have fun
hen playing as the ?%06 Dust build about @* E paladin tanks and you ill in @ brutal enermy ith
these paladin tanks and don8t forget about to use the general promition 2epair
%ubmitted by mAi--i
H"5 #" #0FE @*.*** .<"NE31.5HEN 3"? 02E ;,03IN/ #HE /0<E #3;E$
2I'H/ENE20, 0ND N"5 3"? H0GE @*.***.<"NE31.
%ubmitted by gereegg
New sounds and title screen
Bring up the console and type in 2ussia$ccsboom to get sounds and a ne title screen from older ' 4
' titles.
%ubmitted by ,e<mIn/90p;a
Battle Honors
Ho to gain the folloing %kirmish 0ards.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Complete China.s Campaign -ode 'hina 'ampaign Honor
Complete GLA.s Campaign -ode /,0 'ampaign Honor
Complete U!A.s Campaign -ode ?%0 'ampaign Honor
Build /01 Aircraft in a solo or multipla#er
0ir 5ing Honor
Build 201 Tanks in a solo or multipla#er mission Battle #ank Honor
Complete all !kirmish maps Endurance Honor
Build each of the !uper +eapons 0pocalypse Honor
"efeat an enem# in less than 304 24 or 5 minutes, Blit9 Honor
+in 54 304 or 50 matches in a row, %treak Honor
la#er 6anking
#hese are the rankings that can be achieved by completing certain standards.
5in$ @ points
,ose$ * points
Disconnect$ -- points
Unlockable How to Unlock
0 oints Needed 7Gained after 3
2 oints Needed 'orporal
30 oints Needed %ergeant
/0 oints Needed ,ieutenant
20 oints Needed 'aptain
300 oints Needed <aDor
/00 oints Needed 'olonel
200 oints Needed Brigadier /eneral
3000 oints Needed /eneral
/000 oints Needed 'ommander in 'hief
Easily selecting units
5hen you have many units of soldiers or vehicles6 first select all the units. #hen6 press .'trl1 and a
number H* to IJ to find the selected unit.
;revent enemy from passing ith 0mericans
5hen playing as the 0mericans6 put six 2ocket %oldiers and four %nipers inside a building. #hey ill
stop any enemy movement nearby6 even the helicopter combat drop. #he 2ockets %oldiers ill tear
any vehicle and airship6 hile snipers take out %oldiers. 3ou can use this to defend your base or
specific places.
Helicopter pilots alays eDect ith 0mericans
If you are playing as the 0mericans and a ranked Hveteran6 elite6 or heroicJ helicopter gets shot don6
you can force the pilot to eDect. =uickly use the green drag-box to attempt to select the helicopter as it
is falling out of the sky. 3ou ill not actually select the crashing aircraft6 but the pilot should eDect
every time.
#o armies for the price of one ith /,0
?se !arrem Fell to kill the driver of an ?%0 or 'hina 'onstruction Do9er. #hen6 send a soldier or
!arrem inside the do9er. 3ou ill be able to construct all the installations of that army.
0llied artillery
?se the %trategy 'enter8s Bombardment. It ill be same as the 0rtillery. Note9 If you shoot very close
to the %trategy 'enter6 it cannot fire.
+lying man
Destroy one of the /,08s assault trucks H#echnicalsJ and the rebel in the back ill go flying. Note9
%ometimes the rebel can get hit hen falling if there area lot of #echnicals6 hoever this is rare.
Note9 #his procedure involves editing a game fileK create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
?se a text editor to edit the &skirmishstats.ini& file in the &command and con:uer generals data& folder.
It can be found in &c$Lmy documentsL& or &c$Ldocuments and settingsLadministratorL& in 5indos M;.
'hange the Honors line to &Honors ( IIIIIIIIIIIIIII&. If you do not have the Honors line6 enter
that line under the 'hallenge line.
-**N complete
Note9 #his procedure involves editing a game fileK create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
?se a text editor to edit the &skirmishstats.ini& file in the &command and con:uer generals data& folder.
It can be found in &c$Lmy documentsL& or &c$Ldocuments and settingsLadministratorL& in 5indos M;.
2eplace the current contents of the file ith the folloing. Note9 #he &instreak&6 &best in streak&6
&ins& can be changed as desired.
Best5in%treak ( -**
'hallenge ( *
Honors ( -******
,astHouse ( 0merica
,osses ( *
,oyal/ames ( @-
Nuke ( -
;;' ( -
%'?D ( -
5in%treak ( -**
5ins ( -**
mapsLalpine assaultLalpine assault.mapO) ( -
mapsLarmored furyLarmored fury.mapO) ( )
mapsLdark mountainLdark mountain.mapO) ( -
mapsLdesert furyLdesert fury.mapO) ( -
mapsLfallen empireLfallen empire.mapO) ( -
mapsLfinal crusadeLfinal crusade.mapO) ( -
mapsLfortress avalancheLfortress avalanche.mapO) ( @
mapsLgolden oasisLgolden oasis.mapO) ( -
mapsLheartland shieldLheartland shield.mapO) ( -
mapsLhomeland allianceLhomeland alliance.mapO) ( @
mapsLlone eagleLlone eagle.mapO) ( -
mapsLrogue agentLrogue agent.mapO) ( -
mapsLsand serpentLsand serpent.mapO) ( -
mapsLscorched earthLscorched earth.mapO) ( -
mapsLsilent riverLsilent river.mapO) ( -
mapsLtournament desertLtournament desert.mapO) ( -
mapsLtournament islandLtournament island.mapO) ( -
mapsLtournament lakeLtournament lake.mapO) ( -
mapsLtournament tundraLtournament tundra.mapO) ( -
mapsLtilight flameLtilight flame.mapO) ( @
mapsLasteland arlordsLasteland arlords.mapO) ( -
mapsLhiteoutLhiteout.mapO) ( @
mapsLinter olfLinter olf.mapO) ( -
2ead more$ http$>>>pc>commandacongen.htmlPix99-muhFlQ<@
?nder 'reative 'ommons ,icense$ 0ttribution Non-'ommercial No Derivatives
Empire earth
?nlock a full map ith all resources ... my name is methos
?nlock -**6*** of all resources ... all your base are belong to us
?nlock -*** more gold ... atm
?nlock -*** more ood ... you said ood
?nlock -*** more rock ... rock4roll
?nlock -*** more iron ... creatine
?nlock -*** more food ... boston food sucks
?nlock +ull map ... asus drivers
Gie all codes ... display cheat
5in game ... somebody set up us the bomb
,ose game ... ahhhcool
No resources ... the big dig
No gold ... boston rent
No ood ... uh6 smoke7
No food ... slimfast
No iron ... girlyman
No rock ... mine your on business
2emove the obDects from map ... headshot
2eveal an entire map and remove fog of ar ... bam
Gie fish and animals ... columbus
2estore energy to >Hero><ana user ... i have the poer
Instant building and research ... brainstorm
Building of all structures completed- ... coffee train
+ree upgrade to lvl.-* for all units ... the :uotable patella
2efuel your planes in mid-air ... friendly skies
)mpire )arth '' Hints : Cheats

Cheat Codes
Cheat List
5hile in game6 hit enter to bring up the chat box6 then enter one of the cheats belo. #hey aren8t case
Cheat )ffect
idontcheat Disables all 'heat 'odes
ta;es %ubtract -** of each resource
punish Inflict )* points of damage on selected unit
con%ert 'onvert selected unit
recharge me Instant recharge poer for selected unit
toggle fog #oggle the fog of ar onLoff
sea monke#s #oggle instant build onLoff
epoch up
0dvance an epoch ithout meeting any of the
gi%e tech 0dd C* technology points
pla# god
/od <ode onLoff H3our ?nits and Building should take
no damageJ
icheat Enable 'heats
Loot 0dd -*6*** of each resource
+in 5in current scenario
/ives an additional -** troops
Empire earth @
Display frame rate
5hile playing the game6 press .'trl1 R .0lt1 R .%hift1 R +.
Display version number
5hile playing the game6 press .'trl1 R .0lt1 R .%hift1 R G.
'heat 'odes
5hile playing the game6 press .Enter1 to display the chat indo. Enter &icheat& to enable cheat
mode. #hen6 type one of the folloing codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note9 %ome
codes have no effect in the international versions of the game.
#oggle /od mode pla# god
#oggle instant construction
#oggle fog of ar toggle fog
#oggle maximum population capacity ma; pop
'offers overfloed6 instant build6 max
cap6 no fog of ar
"pposite of &super cheat& code
R-*6*** of all resources loot
RC* technology points gi%e tech
0dditional -** troops
/ive )* damage points to selected unit punish
0dvance one epoch era up
'onvert selected unit con%ert
2echarge poer for selected unit
5in scenario win
,ose -** of all resources ta;es
Disable super cheat code
Disable all active codes idontchea
2ead more$ http$>>>pc>empireearth@cheatscodes.htmlPix99-muD9E9#'
?nder 'reative 'ommons ,icense$ 0ttribution Non-'ommercial No Derivatives
0ge of empire @
Cheat )ffect
< marks the spot 2eveals map Hfog of ar still thereJ
-edium 6are lease /ives -*6*** food
Gi%e me libert# or gi%e me coin /ives -*6*** coin
No%a : Orion /ives -*6*** M;
A recent stud# indicated that 300= of herdables are
+attens all animals on map
!peed alwa#s wins #urns on -**x gather>build rates
!ooo Good
#urn on S<usketeerTedUV hen you
get killed by <usketeers
*a gotta make do with what #a got
%pans the <ediocre Bombard at
your Home 'ity gather point
>censored? /ives -*6*** ood
this is too hard 5in in singleplayer
tuck tuck tuck
%pans a big red monster truck that
can run over anything
!hi%er me Timpers@
Destroys all the enemy boats on the
+here.s that a;eA /eorge 'rushington