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Mobile # 0933-2882441 / 09237365172

Employment Highlights

October 19, 2009 to May 10,2012 Staff Nurse
Corniche Hospital
P.O. Box 3788
Abu Dhabi,UAE
299 bed capacity

June 16,2007 to July 23,2009 O.R. NURSE
Al Noor Hospital,Airport Road
P.O. Box 48481
Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
150 bed capacity

Oct. 11, 2004 to Oct. 10, 2006 O.R. NURSE
King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
P.O. Box 9862, Jeddah 21159
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
420 bed capacity

June 2000 July 15, 2004 O.R. NURSE
World Citi Medical Center
960 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City
276 bed capacity

Job Experience: Duties & Responsibilities

1 Checks the right patients name, medical record number, age, sex, informed/signed consent
and the surgeons proposed surgical procedure.
2 Provides safe care of the patient during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative
phases of surgery.
3 Accountable to swabs, sponges, needles and instruments count all throughout the procedure.
4 Informs the surgeon for each correct or incorrect count made.
5 Responsible for the orderliness and cleanliness of the room.
6 Supervises the housekeepers and provides instruction on proper cleaning procedures.
7 Maintain sterile field contamination-free all throughout the course of surgery.
8 Communicates properly with the surgeons, senior and junior colleagues and other health
team members.
9 Supervises and guides any new team member.
10 Acquaints oneself on the established policies and procedure guidelines and assumes
responsibility to conform each action to them
11 Anticipates the surgeons needs by keeping one step ahead.
12 Reports and documents any untoward incidents appropriately and accurately.
13 Maintains a safe environment for all patients and staff at all times.
14 Assists in the evaluation and review of the surgical equipments and instruments.
15 Accurately documents all care rendered to the surgical equipments and instruments.
16 Accurately documents al care rendered to the surgical patients during the entire phase of
surgery for legal purposes and for quality audits.
17 Closely follow each surgeons protocol to eliminate wastes and inefficiencies.
18 Serves as a role model in the manner of wearing the proper O.R. attire.
19 Assumes duties and responsibilities of a Team Leader in a 3 month rotation time inside the
operating room.
o Checks equipments daily prior to any surgery ensuring that they are in good working
o Calls patients for pre-medication and ensure availability of blood, x-ray/MRI films,
diagnostic work results and old record files pertinent to the surgical procedure.
o Communicates with the Nurse-In-Charge of any event that takes place inside the
operating room (changes or modification in the scheduled cases, unexpected events,
etc.) and arranges a relief for a team member on break.
o Updates and maintains stock level of surgical supplies inside the room (removes and
replaces expired ones, check integrity of packages, etc.).
o Ensures that each surgeons written protocols are updated.
o Orients the new staff members and students ensuring that their respective roles are
well understood and conforms to the hospital standards.
20 Recovers post-anaesthetic patients as may be assigned by the Head Nurse at a given
duration of time and/or as needed.
o Administer oxygen to post operative patient under general anaesthesia and to those
whose respiratory status deemed it necessary.
o Closely monitor the patients oxygen saturation ensuring that airway is patent.
o Monitor the patients post operative vital signs until stable.
o Closely monitor for any signs of bleeding (respiratory and pulse rates, BP operative
site, wound drain, perineal pad, urinary drainage, chest tube drain, etc.) and promptly
report to surgeon/anaesthetist concerned for immediate action.
o Ensure warmth & comfort to patient by providing warm blanket or radiant warmer.
o Closely observe post operative patients for the need of pain reliever and inform
anaesthetist at once.
o Prepare the PCA pump and drugs and administer as per anaesthetists written order.
Educate the patient as to its proper use and benefits.
o Accurately document all events observed in the patient all throughout the phase of
recovery period.

Cases Handled

General Surgery
Thyroidectomy, , appendectomy, laparoscopic/open cholecystectomy, laparoscopic/open
appendectomy laparoscopic gastric banding,laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy,laparoscopic
gastric bypass,hemorrhoidectomy, stapplinghemorrhoidectomy, mastectomy,
colostomy,fistulectomy,excision biopsy

OB-Gyne Cases
Cesarean section, dilatation and curettage, anterior-posterior repair, hysteroscopy, TAHBSO,
laparoscopic ovarian drilling, polypectomy, laparoscopic tubal

Strabismus repair,pterygium excision, cataract surgery(ECCE/phaco), enucalation,

Urologic Cases
Cystoscopy, herniorrhapy, trans urethral resection, hypospadias repair, nephrectomy,
laparocopic nephrectomy, lithoclast,insertion of DJ
stent,hydrocelectomy,cystoscopy,urethroscopy,laparoscopic/open varicocelectomy

ENT Cases
Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myringotomy,FESS,tymphanoplasty

Lobectomy, thoracotomy, VATS

Total knee replacement,shoulderreplacement,kneearthroscopy,shoulderarthroscopy,below knee
amputation,above knee amputation,k-wire fixation,open reduction and internal fixation

Burr hole, laminectomy, craniotomy

Pediatric Cases
Circumcision, hypospadia repair (open and laparoscopic), cystoscopy, cleft lip repair, esophageal
dilatation, anal dilatation

Vascular Cases
AV fistula, vein stripping, AV graft

Plastic Cases
Blepharoplasty, adominoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction,face lift

Maxillo-facial surgery
Dental Cases

Medical Equipments Handled

ECG machines Suction machine Nebulizer
air drill leica machine smith and nephew
Defibrillator Cautery machine Cardiac monitor
Pulse Oximeter Ligasure (valleylab) Warm Touch
Laparoscopy machine(storz& wolf) primus dragger Overhead Warmer
PCA machine Moller-wedel microscope Hysteroscope
Lithoclast machine Spacelab monitor Glucometer
Tourniquet machine Legacy series 2000(alcon) Sigmoidoscope
Synthessodem power Neurotherm Epiduroscope
Alaris infusion pump Level 1rapid infuser CADD Solis
Dragger machine(anesthesia) blood warmer SCD(kendall)

Seminars / Trainings Attended

IV Therapy June 10-12,2000
Quezon City Medical Center

ORNAP Annual Convention July 5 - 6, 2003
Manila Hotel, Philippines

Basic Cardiac Life Support October 24, 2004
King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, KSA

Orbit and Oculoplastic Symposium February 24, 2005
Jeddah, KSA

The 7
International Cardiac Symposium March 1 - 3, 2005
New Horizons In Cardio Vascular Disease Management

New Guidelines Of BLS,ALS,PALS, and NRP July 13, 2006
Jeddah, KSA

Infections In Diabetic Patients March 4,2008
ADNOC Lecture Hall,Abu Dhabi, UAE

Major Risk Factor Of CVD March 18, 2008
ADNOC Lecture Hall,AbuDhabi,UAE

Lipids Metabolism And Drug Therapy April 1, 2008
ADNOC Lecture Hall,AbuDhabi,UAE

Vitamin D Deficiency Common Cause June 17,2008
of Many Ailments
Sheikh Khalifa Energy Center
Auditorium Hall,AbuDhabi,UAE

Basic Life Support April 6,2009
Al Noor Auditorium,Airport Road
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Advance Cardiac Life Support May 24-25,2009
Al Noor Auditorium,Airport Road
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Rhinosinusitis January 4,2011
ADNOC Sheikh Khalifa Energy
Complex - Auditorium

International Comprehensive Sept 20-22, 2011
Pain Management Conference
Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel,UAE

Basic Life Support Renewal October 31,2011
American Safety & Health Institute
Al CornicheHospital,UAE

Advanved Cardiac Life Support September 9-10,2011
American Heart Association
Al CornicheHospital,UAE

Personal Data

Birth date November 7, 1978
Place of Birth Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Gender Female
Weight 50 kgs.
Height 411

Educational Attainment Bachelor of Science in Nursing
De Los Santos College
Year 1995 -1999

Government Exams Passed Ministry Of Health,UAE
Licensure Examination for Nurses
July 2010

Health Authority-Abu Dhabi
Licensure Examination for Nurses
September 2007

Nurses Licensure Examination,Phils.
November 1999