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A Nation Divided 1

Running head: A NATION DIVIDED

A Nation Divided

Julie C. Moon

Grand Canyon University

Old Testament History

BIB 113H

October 15, 2009

A Nation Divided 2

A Nation Divided

Kings of Israel or Northern Kingdom

King Dates of Duration Covenant Synopsis

Reign Kept or Violated
He led the revolt of the ten
Jeroboam 931-909B.C. 22 Yrs Violated tribes of Shechem. His
false religion caused Israel
to Sin. His false alter was
destroyed, his arm
paralyzed, and his son
stricken by God due to his
sin. He was stricken with
a plague from God and
He was the son of
Nadab 910-908 2 Yrs Violated Jeroboam. He was
assassinated by a rebel
named Baasha.
He killed Nadab. He
Baasha 909-885 24 Yrs Violated fought with Asa and built
a wall to cut off trade to
Jerusalem. He was
rejected by God because
of his sin. His seed was
predicted to suffer the
same judgment as that of
He was the son of Baasha.
Elah 885-883 2 Yrs Violated He was assassinated by the
commander of his royal
chariot troops while he
was drunk.
He fulfilled prophecy by
Zimri 885 7 Days Violated slaughtering all the seeds
of Baasha. He was
trapped by rebel soldiers
in his own palace,
resulting in a fiery suicidal
He made Samaria the
Omri 885-873 12 Yrs Viloated northern capital. He was
the most powerful king up
to his time. He arranged
the marriage of his son
A Nation Divided 3

Ahab to Jezebel.
Ahab 874-852 22 Yrs Violated He married Jezebel. His
Baal-worshiping practices
caused a great famine to
fall upon the land. He
tricked godly king
Jehoshaphat into a twofold
compromise- matrimonial
and military alliance. His
death for his many sins
was predicted by three
prophets. The death of
Jezebel was also predicted.
He was killed in battle
with Syria.
He was the oldest son of
Ahaziah 853-851 2 Yrs Violated Ahab and Jezebel. He
persuaded Jehoshaphat to
enter into a ship-building
enterprise with him. He
suffered a severe fall,
which proved fatal, in his
palace in Samaria. He
turned to the pagan god
Baal-Zebub for healing,
but received instead
He was the youngest son
Jehoram 852-840 12 Yrs Violated of Ahab and Jezebel. He
persuaded Jehoshaphat to
ally with him against
Syria. He was on the
throne when God used the
four lepers to save the city
of Samaria from
starvation. He was also
the king with whom the
Syrian leper Naaman met.
He was finally murdered
by Jehu in the Valley of
He was anointed by Elisha
Jehu 841-813 28 Yrs Violated and ordered to execute the
dynasty of Ahab, which
included Jehoram and
Jezebel. He executed
A Nation Divided 4

Jehoram, Ahaziah, the

sixth king of Judah, and
Jezebel. He also executed
the seventy sons of Ahab
along with their
descendants and friends.
Finally, by trickery, he
assembled all the priest of
Baal in a large convention
hall in Jezreel, where he
ordered the slaughter of
each priest.
He was the son of Jehu.
Jehoahaz 814-797 17 Yrs Violated His army was wiped out
by the Syrians. He
experienced a brief period
of remorse over his sins,
but apparently not genuine
He was the son of
Jehoash 798-782 16 Yrs Violated Jehoahaz. He defeated
Amaziah, the sixth king of
Judah, on the battlefield.
He led Amaziah back to
Jerusalem as a captive and
left the city, taking both
wealth and hostages. He
was visited by Elisha on
his deathbed.
He was the son of
Jeroboam II 793-752 41 Yrs Violated Jehoash. He ruled longer
than any other northern
ruler and was also one of
the most powerful kings of
the north. He recovered
much of Israel’s lost
territory. Jonah the
prophet lived and
ministered during this
He was the son of
Zechariah 753 6 Months Violated Jeroboam II, great-great-
grandson of Jehu, and the
fourth ruler in his dynasty.
He was murdered by a
rebel named Shallum, thus
A Nation Divided 5

filling God’s prophecy

against Jehu.
He was murdered by a
Shallum 752 1 Month Violated cruel soldier named
He was one of Israel’s
Menahem 752-742 10 Yrs Violated most brutal dictators. He
rewarded any opposition
on the part of his subjects
by a wholesale slaughter,
including the riping open
of pregnant women. He
bought off the Assyrian
king Tiglath-pileser with a
two-million-dollar bribe.
He was the son of
Pekahiah 742-740 2 Yrs Violated Menahem. He was
assassinated by his army
commander, Pekah.
He joined Syria in an
Pekah 740-732 20 Years Violated unsuccessful attack against
the Judean king Ahaz. He
ruled for twenty years
although only eight years
are in view here. His first
twelve years were shared
by a co-regency
arrangement with both
Menahem & Pekahiah.
Pekah was assassinated by
He was Israel’s final king.
Hoshea 732-721 9 Yrs Violated He joined with Egypt in
rebelling against Assyria.
For this he was imprisoned
and the people were exiled
to Assyria.
A Nation Divided 6

Kings of Judah or Southern Kingdom

King Dates of Duration Covenant Synopsis

Reign Kept or Violated
He was the son of
Rehoboam 931-914 B.C. 17 Yrs Violated Solomon. His stupidity
and tactlessness sparked
the civil war. He had
eighteen wives and sixty
concubines; they gave him
twenty-eight sons and
sixty daughters. He sees
his capital, Jerusalem,
invaded by Shishak.
He defeated, by
Abijam 914-911 3 Yrs Violated supernatural intervention,
the northern king,
Jeroboam on the
battlefield. In spite of
God’s help at this time, he
later degenerated into a
wicked king.
He was Judah’s first
Asa 911-870 41 Yrs Kept righteous, saved, king and
lead Judah in a revival.
God answered his prayers.
He even deposed his own
grandmother because of
her idolatry. He later
backslid and threw into
prison a prophet who had
rebuked his sin. He died
with a foot disease, which
problem he refused to take
to God.
He was the second
Jehoshaphat 873-848 25 Yrs Kept righteous king of Judah.
He instituted a nationwide
Bible education program
by sending out teachers of
the Word of God. He later
marred his testimony by
compromising with three
ungodly northern kings.
He appointed a religious
A Nation Divided 7

director and civil director,

thus recognizing the
separation of church and
He married Athaliah,
Joram 853-845 8 Yrs Violated daughter of Jezebel and
Ahab. He began his reign
by murdering his six
brothers. He received a
posthumous message from
Elijah predicting judgment
upon him because of his
wicked and murderous
reign. He was attacked
and defeated by the
Philistines and Arabians.
He died of a horrible
disease and was
unmourned at the funeral.
He was the son of Joram
Ahaziah 841 1 Yr Kept and Athaliah. He was
killed by Jehu, the tenth
northern king.
She was the mother of
Athaliah 841-835 6 Yrs Violated slain king, Ahaziah. After
the death of her son, she
took over the throne of
Judah and slaughtered all
of his children except one
who was hidden from her.
After a rule of six years,
she herself was executed.
He was the surviving heir
Joash 835-795 40 Yrs Kept of Athaliah’s bloodbath.
For a while, he lived for
God, but later became a
cruel leader. He
sanctioned the stoning of
Zechariah, the godly
Jewish priest who had
rebuked Judah’s sin and
called for national
repentance. He was
executed by his own
palace guard.
He was the son of Joash.
A Nation Divided 8

Amaziah 796-767 29 Yrs Kept He was a good king for a

while, and executed the
men who had assassinated
his father. He was
rebuked by a prophet for
hiring some mercenary
Israeli soldiers to help him
fight against Edom. He
reluctantly dismissed these
paid soldiers and, with
God’s help, defeated
Edom with his own
soldiers. He foolishly
brought back some of the
Edomite gods for
worshiping purposes. The
reckless king then
declared war on northern
Israel and was soundly
He was a mighty warrior
Uzziah 792-740 52 Yrs Kept and builder. He attempted
to intrude into the office of
the priest, however, he
was punished for this sin
by leprosy.
He was a good king. He
Jotham 750-736 16 Yrs Kept built the upper gate of the
Temple and erected
fortresses and towers. He
defeated the Ammonites
and received a huge
annual tribute of silver and
wheat from them.
He was perhaps the second
Ahaz 735-719 16 Yrs Violated worse king of Judah. He
sacrificed his own children
to devilish gods. He was
the first person to hear
about the virgin birth.
He was Judah’s second
Hezekiah 716-687 29 Yrs Kept best king and the richest of
all. He organized the
greatest Passover
celebration since
Solomon. He saw the
A Nation Divided 9

death angel defeat the

Assyrian enemies which
had surrounded Jerusalem.
He was supernaturally
healed of a terminal
disease and given an
additional fifteen years to
live. He foolishly showed
the wealth of Judah to
some nosy Babylonian
He ruled longer than any
Manasseh 697-642 55 Yrs Violated other king of north or
south. He was the worst,
most wicked king of all.
He experienced the new
birth while in an enemy
He is the son of Manasseh.
Amon 643-641 2 Yrs Violated He, like his father, is a
wicked sinner, but he did
not repent. He was
executed by his own
household servants.
He was the godliest king
Josiah 641-610 31 Yrs Kept since David. He was
Judah’s last godly king.
The book of Moses was
discovered in the Temple
during his reign. He led
his people in a great
revival. He was killed in a
battle with the Egyptians.
He was the middle son of
Jehoahaz 609 3 Months Violated Josiah. His reign was evil
and short lived. He was
deposed after only ninety
days by the Pharaoh who
killed his father. He was
carried into Egyptian
captivity where he
eventually died.
He was the oldest brother
Jehoiakim 609-598 11 Yrs Violated of Jehoahaz. He was put
on the throne by the
Egyptian Pharaoh. He
A Nation Divided 10

was probably Judah’s third

worst king; he was very
materialistic and self-
centered. He murdered
the innocent and often
persecuted Jeremiah, the
prophet. He burned a
copy of a part of God’s
Word. At his death, he
received the burial of an
ass, as Jeremiah had
He was the son of
Jehoiachin 598 3 Months Violated Jehoiakim and the
grandson of Josiah. He
was an evil king and
because of this, he
incurred a curse from God,
stating that his sons would
not sit upon Judah’s
throne. He was carried
away into Babylonian
captivity where he
eventually died.
He was the youngest son
Zedekiah 597-586 11 Yrs Violated of Josiah and uncle to
Jehoiachin. Jeremiah was
persecuted during his
reign. He rebelled against
Babylon and for this he
was blinded and carried
off as a captive to
Babylon. Jerusalem was
burned to the ground and
the Temple destroyed at
this time.