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The eclipses are powerful because they involve the Sun and the Moon (luminaries) and Rahu

(north node of the moon) and Ketu (south node of the moon). These are the most important
planets in astrology, and determine our daily and yearly activities. The Sun is our soul and source
of light and the Moon is our mind (Manus) and emotions. They represent the yinyang, male
female, day and night.
!ith this in mind " want to ma#e some ma$or predictions based on the eclipse patterns. The solar
eclipse degree occurred at % degrees &ancer '( minutes. "t is when another planet crosses this
degree that can cause events to occur. "t remains li#e a landmine that can be activated once a
planet crosses this mar#. The e)act day transiting Mars crossed over an eclipse degree in '**+
was September ++th, '**+. Transiting Mars will cross over this current eclipse degree ,ctober
+%th, '**- and before that Ketu will be crossing over this degree the first wee# of September.
Then on top of that, transiting Mars will con$unct transiting Ketu on ,ctober +*th. Mars con$unct
Ketu means ."n$ury/. 0lain and simple Mars was con$unct Keu in Sagittarius in the na#shatra Mula
on September ++th '**+. Mula is one of the most destructive na#shatras, and is a ma$or reason
why that was such a volatile time. Mars will be con$unct Ketu in ,ctober in &ancer in the
na#shatra 0unarvasu. Mars is debilitated in &ancer meaning it will be a difficult and dangerous
time. Ketu and Rahu rule epidemics and can indicate some severe outbrea#s in the swine flu or
other dangerous viruses. 1eing in a water sign (&ancer) can mean these problems are
transmitted from fluids or the water supplies. 0unarvasu is a more positive na#shatra and means
the return of the light which can shed the light on matters that have been in the dar#. " suspect
there will be intense fighting, war and attac#s prevalent during this time.
,nce again 2upiter is bac# in &apricorn until the end of the year (3ec +-th), indicating a drop
again in the world4s economy. '**- is one the worst years " have seen in terms of the financial
mar#ets. "t tempers the people with e)treme fear, depression and financial ruin. 2upiter is
retrograde till ,ctober +'th where it will turn direct at '5 degrees &apricorn. The degree 2upiter
will go stationary direct is a very powerful and fortunate degree. "f you have any planets at this
degree of '5 &apricorn, or '5 Taurus or 6irgo 2upiter will con$unct the degree in &apricorn and
trine the Taurus and 6irgo degree. 7ou will e)perience a wind fall of luc# or fortune. " give it a one
to two degree orb. "t will pertain to the houses the planets reside in or rule.
!hile 2upiter is retrograde between now and ,ct +'th there is a return of all the troubles
e)perienced earlier in the year pertaining to financial problems, relationship issues, and losses.
The fact that 2upiter is debilitated with Rahu further complicates the problems. 2upiter rules
#nowledge, wisdom and spirituality which means there seems to be a loss in these areas as well.
There is not much concern for spiritual growth during these difficult financial times. " believe
2upiter4s transit through 89uarius '*+* will change this lac# of wisdom. 8nd since 89uarius rules
astrology there will be a revival in this ancient 3ivine #nowledge.