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Protective Magick
Consecration of the Abrasax Stone
1. Te temple should be established with a single white candle at each of
the points of the pentagram; that is to say one before the magus who
stands facing east, one each at his lef and right, one to the rear lef of
the temple and one to the rear right. Te incense should be frankincense
and storax. On the altar, prepare a chalice or wine glass of water into
which you have mixed salt and baking soda.
2. Open the rite by the Calling of the Sevenths.
3. Circumambulate counterclockwise, lighting the candle at each point
while reciting:
Anax Sabrex Apemenon Borau Peritrara Nouannoonospetal Kenon
4. Return to the center of the temple, facing East. Ignite the incense and
Ho! Sax, Amun, Sax, Abrasax; for thou art the moon, the chief of
the stars, he that did form them, listen to the things that I have said,
follow the proceedings of my mouth, reveal thyself to me, Tan, Tana,
Tanatha, otherwise Tei, this is thy correct name
I invoke you,
Te one who governs from heaven to earth,
From earth to heaven,
Te great one, whose name is the number of days in the year,
Tou who art our father,
You, who dwelleth in the light of Eleleth
You, who preside over the Sun, its rising!
The Book of Abrasax
Holy, holy, god almighty, creator, invisible one in whose hands are the
Scourge of Power and the Shield of Wisdom!
I adjure you by your powers and by your name, by the places where
you dwell and the paths you cross! Descend, Great God, and empower
thy likeness! Touch my amulet that in your timeless image and by
your will may it take life!
5. Dip the amulet into the chalice, incant:
ABRASAX (vibrated 365 times)
By your name I make this amulet so that it may fortify me! I bind the
rocks of the earth and tie down the mysteries of heaven! I overcome all
demons and harmful spirits in the world, all powers aligned against
me and all enmity!
In the name of Gabriel, the mighty angel,
In the name of Yehoel.
In the name of Yah, Yah, Yah, Sabaoth.
Amen, Amen, Selah
2 Te seven Greek vowels, vibrated 21 times each. Pronunciations for these vowels are
given in the chapter on Securing Space.
3 For exercises of this sort, requiring multiple repetitions of the words of power, my SOP
is to use a string of beads containing an appropriate number of beads which can then be
counted while chanting the given name. In this case, I use a string containing 120 beads. As
I chant the name I count the full string thrice, then repeat the name 5 times more.