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Smartphones vs. Regular Phones
Phones are important to almost ever single person on a !ollege !ampus. Whether
it is an iPhone or Android" students" along #ith man others depend on them dail" $ut
there are still those #ho o#n a regular !ell phone. %oth o& these phones have the
!apa$ilities to !all" te't" and ta(e pi!tures $ut one o& these produ!ts has the a$ilit to do
so mu!h more. With all the advan!ements that have $een made in te!hnolog toda"
smartphones have $e!ome even more popular" leaving regular phones o$solete. Regular
phones are reall just restri!ted to $asi! &eatures li(e !alling and te't #ithout mu!h else
in terms o& !ustomi)a$ilit or additional &eatures. *e# developments" &eatures" and
models o& smartphones are !reated ever ear" !onstantl evolving and advan!ing #hile
regular !ell phones remain $asi!. +& !hoosing in-$et#een $oth these produ!ts is !on&using
or seemingl hard" this revie# #ill help people !hoose the !orre!t tpe o& phone.
Some people ma argue that smartphones ta(e a#a so!ial time &rom &riends and
&amil as #ell as so!ial time" supposedl smartphones ta(e a#a time &rom e'perien!ing
ne# things and depriving people o& an a!tual so!ial li&e. +t sounds li(e smartphones are
ma(ing )om$ies out o& people. ,ust re!entl a video releases on -ou.u$e !alled
/Smartphones 0um$ People"1 emphasi)es ho# unhealth the a!tivities o& oung adults
and teenagers has $e!ome. .he video e'press the !on!ept that te!hnolog and the so!ial
online media is nothing $ut so!ial $ut merel an illusion. .o !ontrast it is not the
smartphones that are ma(ing people dum$" it is the li&estle that people !arr that
identi&ies #hom the are. +t is not the smartphones that ta(e a#a peoples so!ial li&e $ut
the attitudes and #a o& $eing that displa #ho the are. .oo mu!h o& anthing is $ad &or
an$od. .o agree $eing on a smartphone and even a regular phone all the time !an $e
Smartphones are revolutionar pie!es o& te!hnolog that have reall $e!ome
almost a ne!essit during t#ent &irst !entur. Smartphones are uni2ue devi!es that give
people instant a!!ess to the +nternet or means o& !ommuni!ation. %e&ore the smartphone"
the !ell phone #as used simpl &or te'ting and !alling" $ut toda the smartphone !an do
mu!h more than that. Most people use a Wi-3i !onne!tion or their smartphone4s data to
a!!ess the +nternet to pla games" a!!ess so!ial media" !he!( email" or simpl pass the
time $ro#sing the +nternet. With the smartphones" the possi$ilities o& its &un!tion are
almost limitless. As mu!h as te!hnolog is !onstantl evolving" people are no# allo#ed
a!!ess to more &un!tions that the #ant out o& the phone. 3or e'ample" man
smartphones !ontain a !amera as #ell as an mp5 plaer as a standard &eature. .he #ide
variet o& &eatures to a smartphone o&ten lead to !omparisons to !omputers and ta$lets"
$ut a smart phone is porta$le and easier to ta(e !are o&.
+n addition to the ama)ing te!hnolog provided $ smartphones" a #ide variet o&
!hoi!es and plans are o&&ered #ith smartphones !arriers" allo#ing more people to o#n
one and at a pri!e that4s !onvenient to them. .he most !ommonl pur!hased
smartphones are the iPhone and Android. %et#een these t#o $rands" there are ver &e#
di&&eren!es. .he $oth have the !apa$ilit o& plaing musi!" sur&ing the #e$" ta(ing
pi!tures" video !hatting" !ountless appli!ations" games" and so mu!h more that it just
$e!omes a matter o& pre&eren!e. .he smartphones !ater to #hat most people enjo doing"
and i& the don4t li(e using the +nternet or plaing games" the still have a reall !ool
phone to use to !onta!t #hoever the #ish to !onta!t. +& someone is reall onl #orried
a$out te!hnolog and &alling $ehind #ith ne# smartphones $eing made as &re2uentl as
the are do not have to #orr sin!e most the smartphones release updates to their
so&t#are ver &re2uentl.
Some o& the most important things that !ome to mind #hen !onsidering #hat
produ!t to get is #hat is in our $udget and #hat4s the $est deal. Smartphones have man
di&&erent varieties" loo(s" stles" et!. there are so mu!h options. +t is 2uite in!redi$le to &it
a smart phone that &alls in to our &inan!ial situation is 2uite eas there are !ompanies out
there that have no !ontra!t li(e %oost Mo$ile. %eing a !ollege student at a universit it is
good to $e independent and !are&ul #ith our mone. 3or those o& ou #ho need a
!heaper option %oost Mo$ile is a great !onvenient !ompan to !hoose &rom. An smart
phone in toda4s mar(et has the $asi! a$ilit to do #hat an other smartphone !an. +&
apps are important to ou" ea!h smartphone has the !apa$ilit to do#nload it. +& there is a
spe!i&i! ne# phone that ou must have $ut the4re e'pensive to pa &or ea!h month there
are alternative !ompanies that !an &lash and send servi!e to that phone.
+& it is the $rand ou are #orried a$out there are man options to !hoose &rom.
A!!ording to re!ent a surve !ondu!ted to 617 students at the universit o& 8olorado
a$out 409 o& !ollege students o#ned iPhones" 5: 9 %la!( %err" ;; 9 android and the
other ;9 per!entage is those o& less popular $rands <Smartphone =ser Surve" Par.>?.
0epending on #hat $udget people ma have ou have" going #ith an android or a less
popular $rand #ould $e a great idea. .o !ontrast smartphones the have a$out the same
!apa$ilities in there o#n #a. 0epending on the stle" loo(" and $udget there are endless
produ!ts out there to !hoose &rom. ,ust re!entl the gala' s6 !ame out #ith its ne#est
#aterproo& phone" @A also has a ne# &le'i$le and +Phone !omes out #ith $rand ne#
phones ever Septem$er. .he most advan!ed smartphone has on a 1.BAC) 2uad-!ore
pro!essor" #hi!h those o& ou don4t (no#" ma(e it as &ast as a regular !omputer or
laptop. .o its advantage it uses that speed to have man &un!tions #or(ing on one single
devi!e. 8ompared to a dum$ phone the most advan!ed so&t#are used in these phones is
$re# or $inar runtime environment &or #ireless.
Some o& the most !ommon apps used among smartphone o#ners in a !ollege
setting are so!ial media. 3a!e$oo( and .#itter are $eing used on a regular $asis toda.
A!!ording to a #e$ page on statisti!s there are a$out 154 million users in the =nited
States alone that are 3a!e$oo( users. Dn average that is a$out 160 million posts a da.
<=.S 3a!e$oo( users ta$le ;?. Musi! is important as #ell. People hear musi! almost
#herever the go. .here are also phones #ith internal storage as #ell as phones having
slots &or mi!ro S0 !ards to store e'tra media li(e pi!tures video and musi!. Dn a !ollege
!ampus more than :69 o& students are on their smartphones on their &ree time.
Even no# some o& the more modern smartphones have the !apa$ilit to help
people #ith home#or( or even i& ou #ant to read $oo( on the go. Caving an old phone +
&elt deprived &rom these !apa$ilities $ut no# that + have a smartphone + !an use it to m
hearts !ontent. Everda + use it to $ro#se the #e$" get around pla!es" on!e in #hile loo(
&or pla!es" listen to musi! to #or( out" get on so!ial media and other thousands o& other
possi$ilities to use #ith these phones.
Regular phones" on the other hand have $een almost e'a!tl the same over the
past several ears. .he onl real di&&eren!e &rom one phone to another has $een the model
tpe and the loo(. Sin!e smartphones #ere invented" the name /dum$ phone1 has $een
adopted as the name &or a regular !ell phone. Among the man set$a!(s o& regular
phones is their tin s!reen. +t is &rustrating to $e una$le to see pi!tures or te't on the
s!reen espe!iall #hen #e have had larger" higher de&inition s!reens availa$le on
smartphones. Also the are not Wi-3i !apa$le and !annot to $e used to !he!( emails or
go to so!ial media sites. %asi!all these phones are $e!oming /old &ashioned1 and
almost #orthless in this da and age. .he are reall slo# !ompared to ne# smartphones
and are su$je!t to glit!hes and !rashes on a regular $asis. Some o& them do not have
regular headphone ja!(s $ut tinier holes that are made &or headset devi!es. .his #ould
not $e a pro$lem $ut most people have an e'tra set o& headphones" some #ith $uilt in
mi!rophones" and most regular phones need a spe!i&i! tpe o& headsets to even #or(. +n
&a!t" most smartphones !ome #ith headphones #ith a $uilt in mi!rophone in them. At
this point #ho #ould still use a head set devi!e anmoreE .hese phones in general are
$e!oming outdated and are mostl &or people #ho do not have to use a phone ever da.
.hese $asi! !ellphones are $land and there is nothing interesting a$out them. .he seem
as regular as a telephone in an o&&i!e. Personali)ation is also limited on theses phones.
.here are onl a &e# !hoi!es to !hoose &rom" ranging &rom limited !olor !hoi!es and
generi! ringtones and #allpapers. 3or a regular !ell phone user #ho is interested in ne#
te!hnolog these #ould $e !ommon pro$lems.
8omparing $oth o& these produ!ts is 2uite simple. Smartphones are $e!oming the
ne# regular phones. Phones overall have had a $ig impa!t on the #a people &un!tion in
so!iet. Dne da the $asi! !ell phones #ill not $e on the mar(et $e!ause the #ill $e so
outdated that the are #orthless. .he smartphone #ill eventuall $e the onl !hoi!e
availa$le to people leading to drops in the pri!es" espe!iall #ith ne# te!hnolog !oming
out as o&ten as it does. 8hoosing a smartphone over a !ellphone in general is an eas
de!ision. People are going to #ant a $rand ne#" sli!(" &ast phone over a /dum$ phone.1
.here are man ne# 2uite $rilliant smartphones availa$le to !hoose &rom #ith a variet
o& di&&erent plans" !ompanies" and a!!ommodations that !an $e made a!!ording to #hat
someone ma #ant. *e# innovative te!hnolog &or these phones is !reated on a earl
Wor(s 8itedF
GSmartphone =ser SurveF A Alimpse into the Mo$ile @ives o& 8ollege
Students.G .est Hit!hen. *.p." n.d. We$. 15 Ma ;014.
G=nited States +nternet and 3a!e$oo( =ser Statisti!s.G =nited States +nternet and
3a!e$oo( =ser Statisti!s. *.p." n.d. We$. 15 Ma ;014.