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A very good morning to the principal, Mr Ibrahim b

Mahmud, teachers and friends. The topic of my speech today is Leading a
Healthy Life.
!riends, I am sure you all heard the saying "Health is better than #ealth$.
%ithout good health, a person cannot en&oy all the good things in life. 'o my
dear friends, it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle.
In the first place, your health depends greatly on the type of food you
consume. (ou should cut do#n on s#eet and oily food that #ill not only make
a person gain #eight but it #ill also cause many types of diseases for
e)ample high blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailments. Instead you
should increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
*egular e)ercise #ill help to keep your body trim and fit. +)ercising for at
least ,- minutes a day, three times a #eek #ill help to burn e)tra calories.
.o#adays, a students life is very hectic #ith loads of home#ork,
assignments and e)aminations. Having a hobby #ill help you to un#ind. In
addition to this, make sure you get a least eight hours of sleep each day. If
you dont, you #ill feel tired and lethargic.
Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol and stay a#ay from drugs. 'moking can
lead to lung cancer. /onsult a doctor if you are not #ell and take your
medication as directed by your physician.
'o, my dear friends, take care of your health. Lead a healthy lifestyle. A
healthy lifestyle is one that is free from sickness and #orry. Thank you.
Assalamualaikum. A very good morning to all teachers and fello# friends.
I am 0000..1your name200. I am proud to be chosen to deliver this speech.
I #ould like to share #ith you some "Tips on ho# to score in e)aminations$.
!irstly, study smart and intelligently. %hen #e study, #e prepare our o#n notes.
As an e)cellent student, #e must plan a good timetable that include all sub&ects. If #e
design a timetable #e must try to stick to it. 3ut aside a fe# hours a day for revision.
'econdly, #e must balance time bet#een studies and recreation. It cannot be all
#ork and no play. There must be time to study and time to play.
.e)t, pay attention to the teachers #hen he or she is teaching. Taking do#n
important notes #ill also help you to remember #hat has been taught.
In addition, make sure you do some revision on your o#n. This can be done
efficiently by coming up #ith a time4table to help your organi5e your time better. %hen
you study, find a place that is 6uiet and free from distractions. (ou can use the library,
your room or even your kitchen for this purpose. If you dont like studying on your o#n,
group study can also help. !ind a fe# reliable friends and agree on a time to study
Ho#ever, you must ensure that you get enough sleep as #ell, especially the
night before your e)amination. A good nights sleep #ill help you to focus and recall #hat
you have studied.
Thank you for listening and good luck.
Assalamualaikum and good morning to the 3rincipal, teachers and fello# students. In
con&unction #ith Health %eek, I 001your name20.., the Head 3refect #ill deliver a
speech. I am going to talk about the bad effects of smoking.
'moking is one of the #orst habits especially among teenagers. Those #ho smoke #ill
harm their bodies. They can ac6uire diseases like cough, heart and lungs. 'mokers #ill
also have bad breadth and can easily get sick. The money given by parents to teenagers
is spent on buying cigarettes. 3arents e)pect the allo#ance given to be used #isely on
reference books and food but instead teenagers use it #rongly.
Teachers and friends.
The tobacco in the cigarettes contain nicotine #hich is addictive. 7nce you start using
nicotine, the body and mind #ill get used to it. A smoker must have it then only they #ill
feel good. That is #hy some smokers #ill have problems in 6uitting smoking.
.icotine and other poisonous chemicals in the tobacco can cause diseases like heart
problems and cancer a killer disease. +ach time you smoke, you are only hurting
Lastly, my advice to you is never start smoking. It is difficult to 6uit smoking. If you are
already smoking then you must 6uit today.
Thank you for listening.
Assalamualaikum . A very good evening to all the members of the Malaysian 'tudents
I feel very privileged to stand here to give a fare#ell speech and yet I am very sad
because #e have to say goodbye to a very good friend, 8r .icholas Michael, #ho has
been here #ith for the past eight years. In our association #ith him, #e have gro#n to be
like brothers and sisters.
I feel proud in addressing him as a 8octor because I kno# ho# hard he had #orked to
attain the degree. He has finally fulfilled his dream and is able to go back to his
hometo#n and family in 9ulau, 'ara#ak.
8uring the past eight years, 8r .icholas Michael has organised and has been actively
involved in many activities carried out by the association. He is a very good performer
and has impressed everyone #ith his Iban native dance, the nga&at. Moreover, he also
gave dance classes for young Malaysian and Irish children in .orthern Ireland.
+veryone here #ill definitely miss our dear friend. He has been a helpful, kind, patient
and reliable to anyone #ho needed a helping hand.
7n behalf of the Malaysian 'tudents Association in .orthern Ireland, I #ould like to
present you #ith this little souvenir as a token of our appreciation for all your contribution
to our association. %e #ish you all the best in your ne# undertakings back in Malaysia.
3lease do keep in touch and safe &ourney. Thank you.
Assalamualaikum .:ood morning teachers and dear students. I am here to give a
talk on a science book that is useful for all secondary students. The book is 'cience
Made 'imple by 'harifah 'ha5ana and the publisher is ;unga 3ublications.
This book is popular because of its attractive presentation. The cover of the book
is attractive and the contents of the book are also presented in a very attractive
manner. It also has clear e)planations and each topic is e)plained in detail to help
students to remember important details. 'o, students from the #eaker classes can
understand the topic #ell.
In addition, this reference book provides helpful diagrams that are colourful and
clear. 'tudents #ill not get bored and can understand the processes e)plained. This
reference book also has a variety of e)ercises in it. +ach topic is accompanied by
various e)ercises and students can check their understanding by attempting the
e)ercises given. The ans#ers for the e)ercises are provided #ith the book for
There are also various e)am format practice 6uestion that are useful for group
discussion. 'tudents can use these 6uestion papers for revision purposes and
sample ans#ers are provided as #ell.
Apart from the reasons mentioned this reference book consists of relevant short
notes and is useful to students in preparing for the e)aminations. +ach topic starts
#ith a discussion of the topic. 'o, students can e)press their ideas before making
use of the contents of the book.
!inally, there are useful tips for e)amination preparation in the reference book. I
am sure this is #hat all students need in their preparation for the coming '3M
I hope all of you #ill buy this science reference book and benefit from it. ;efore I
end my talk, I #ould like to thank all of you for listening attentively.
Assalamualaikum. :ood morning to the 3rincipal, teachers, honourable &udges, ladies
and gentlemen. My topic for today is 'chool uniforms are here to stay. In the ne)t fe#
minutes, I #ill e)plain #hy. 'ome people think uniforms are out4of4date, but I disagree
#ith them. There is no reason #hy school uniforms cannot be designed to look modern.
9ust look at the attractive uniforms of students in private institutions.
The main reason for having uniforms is that it does not make a distinction
bet#een the rich and the poor. All students dress the same to school so no one can
sho# off or make the others feel inferior.
Having school uniforms #ould lighten the burden of parents #ith many children.
They #ill not have to buy so many clothes. <niforms can also be passed on to the
younger siblings. 'ince the uniform is used throughout the country, manufacturers can
produce the cloth in bulk, #hich makes it cheaper.
Another good argument for having school uniforms is that it is less distracting.
'chools should not be a place for fashion parades. Time may also be #asted every
morning in deciding #hat to #ear.
!inally, the school uniform encourages unity. It reminds us that #e are members
of the same body. It promotes loyalty.
Thank you for listening.
Assalamualaikum. :ood morning to the 3rincipal, teachers, honourable &udges, ladies
and gentlemen. It is no# fashionable for many Malaysian students to go for private
tuition. In fact, most students feel insecure if they do not have e)tra tuition after school.
Isnt that correct=
+)tra tuition may be necessary for some of you. !or e)ample, some of you are
#eak in Mathematics. %ithout help, you may be left behind. Many of you are in classes
#hich are large. (our teachers cannot give special attention to #eak students. ;ut your
private tutors can.
'ome teachers may seem unapproachable. Timid students feel afraid to ask
6uestions. They dont #ant to look stupid. In a small tuition group, such students may
feel more confident. Tutors can also afford to be patient and allo# students to take their
time. They do not have to #orry about completing the syllabus.
.ot all teachers are e)perts at their sub&ects. <nfortunately, you cannot choose
your teachers. 7n the other hand, you can shop around for good tutors recommended
by friends. (ou can also change tutors #hom you find unsatisfactory.
Ho#ever, not all tutors are #onderful, either. .o#adays, ne# graduates &oin
tuition centres #hile #aiting for other &obs. They are not trained teachers. They leave
#hen they find something better to do. They are not bothered about completing the
syllabus before they resign, so be careful.
!inally, e)tra tuition takes up too much of a students time. A lot of time is #asted
on travelling to and from the tuition centre. 'ome of you treat tuition classes as social
gatherings. (ou can actually use your time more profitable on hobbies or personal
revision. After attending tuition classes, you may be too tired to do your home#ork or
your school#ork.
Thank you for listening.
Assalamualaikum. :ood morning to the 3rincipal, teachers, honourable &udges, ladies
and gentlemen. To begin #ith, I #ish to say ho# surprised I am that so many people feel
that co4education is not healthy. I strongly disagree. There are many successful co4ed
schools in the country today, especially in the rural areas. I support co4education. Let me
tell you #hy.
In the first place, it is a good idea to have co4ed schools for economic reasons. In
some areas, the school population is too small to &ustify having separate schools for
boys and girls. Instead of t#o small schools, it is better to have a bigger one #ith more
facilities. That is ho# co4ed schools started in the first place.
'econdly, there are good social reasons for co4education. At an early age and in
a neutral environment, both se)es get to learn to understand and to get along #ith each
other. They learn the best the #orst about each other at a time #hen they are innocent.
Ladies and gentlemen, a co4educational school offers a #ider variety of learning
activities for both se)es. !or e)ample, in Living 'kills, boys can learn cooking and
se#ing and the girls can learn Industrial Arts. Many teachers also prefer a co4ed school
because they find the teaching of mi)ed groups less boring.
!inally, I have heard teachers say that discipline is generally better in co4ed
schools. The boys dont like to be scolded in front of girls so they behave better, #hile
the girls tend to be less petty #ith the boys around.
In conclusion, Im sure you agree #ith me that there are advantages in co4
education. !rom the economic, social and academic vie#points, it is better. In fact, it
might not be a bad idea for all schools to be co4educational in the future. Thank you for
your support.