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Invitation for Bids

Loan No. and Title
2846-PAK: Power Transmission Enhancement
Pro!ramme - Tranche "
#ontract No. and Title
AD$-6%&-2'(4 - Desi!n) *an+,act+rin!) -+..l/) Erection)
Testin! 0
#ommissionin! o, 22'12 AI- -+3station *ansehra.
Deadline ,or
o, $ids
(. The Islamic &e.+3lic o, Pa1istan has receied a loan ,rom the Asian
Deelo.ment $an1 4AD$5 towards the cost o, Power Transmission Enhancement
Inestment Pro!ramme - Tranche ". A .art o, this loan will 3e +sed ,or .a/ments
+nder the contract named a3oe. $iddin! is o.en to 3idders ,rom eli!i3le so+rce
co+ntries o, the AD$.
2. The National Transmission and Dis.atch NTD# 46the Em.lo/er75
inites sealed 3ids ,rom eli!i3le 3idders ,or Desi!n) *an+,act+rin!) -+..l/)
Erection) Testin! 0 #ommissionin! o, 22'12 AI- -+3station *ansehra)
Pa1istan. International #om.etitie $iddin! 4I#$5 will 3e cond+cted in
accordance with AD$8s -in!le 9-ta!e: :ne 9Enelo.e 3iddin! .roced+re.
". :nl/ eli!i3le 3idders with the ,ollowin! 1e/ ;+ali,ications sho+ld .artici.ate in this
- The contractor<3idder 4indiid+al ,irm<=25 m+st hae within the last ten 4('5
/ears) s+..lied and commissioned at least two 4'25 s+3stations with at
least one 4'(5 .ro>ect o+tside his<their own co+ntr/ with e?.erience in
-+..l/) installation) testin! 0 commissionin! o, 22' 12 or hi!her olta!e
s+3stations with A.I.- .lant with ma>or e;+i.ment li1e A+to-trans,ormers)
circ+it 3rea1ers) instr+ment trans,ormers) disconnectors) etc 4each with a
net .resent al+e o, at least (2 million @-A5) and these s+3stations shall
hae 3een o.eratin! s+ccess,+ll/ ,or at least three 4'"5 consec+tie /ears
as on 3id o.enin! date. The similarit/ shall 3e 3ased on the .h/sical siBe)
com.le?it/) methods) technolo!/ or other characteristic.
- -+3mission o, a+dited 3alance sheets and income statements or) i, not
re;+ired 3/ the law o, the $idder8s co+ntr/) other ,inancial statements
acce.ta3le to the Em.lo/er) ,or the last three 4"5 /ears to demonstrate the
c+rrent so+ndness o, the $idders ,inancial .osition and its .ros.ectie
lon!-term .ro,ita3ilit/. As a minim+m) a $idders net worth calc+lated as
the di,,erence 3etween total assets and total lia3ilities sho+ld 3e .ositie.
4. To o3tain ,+rther in,ormation and ins.ect the 3iddin! doc+ments) 3idders sho+ld
#hie, En!ineer 4*aterial Proc+rement 0 *ana!ement5
622-CAPDA Do+se) -hahrah-e-E+aid-e-ABam)
Lahore) Pa1istan. Postal #ode: F4'''
Tele.hone: GH2-42-HH2'2FH%
Iacsimile n+m3er: GH2-42-HH2'2(%"
E-mail address:
F. To .+rchase the 3iddin! doc+ments in En!lish) w.e.f 22.04.2014) eli!i3le 3idders
sho+ld write to address a3oe re;+estin! the 3iddin! doc+ments No. AD$-6%&-
2'(4 ,or Desi!n) *an+,act+rin!) -+..l/) Erection) Testin! 0 #ommissionin! o,
22'12 AI- -+3station *ansehra) Pa1istan) on s+3mission o, a written a..lication
to the address a3oe and +.on.a/ment o, a non-re,+nda3le ,ee o, 8)''' Pa1 &s.
:r @-A (''<- 3/ $an1 Dra,t ,rom an/ -ched+led $an1 o, Pa1istan in ,ao+r o,
#hie, En!ineer 4*aterial Proc+rement 0 *ana!ement5 NTD#) the doc+ments
ma/ 3e collected in .ersons or ma/ 3e sent 3/ e?.ress airmail. Ior an additional
,ee o, &s.4)''' ,or domestic delier/ or @-A F' ,or oerseas delier/) the
doc+ments ma/ 3e sent thro+!h co+rier serice) in s+ch a case no lia3ilit/ will 3e
acce.ted ,or loss or late delier/.
6. Delier /o+r 3id:
to the address a3oe
on or 3e,ore the deadline i.e at ((:'' am on '6.'6.2'(4. Tender shall 3e
o.ened on ((:"''am on same da/.
to!ether with a $id -ec+rit/ o, an amo+nt as s.eci,ied in the 3iddin! doc+ment.
$ids will 3e o.ened immediatel/ a,ter the deadline in the .resence o, 3idders8
re.resentaties who choose to attend. Late $ids shall 3e re>ected.
%. Chen com.arin! $ids) AD$8s Domestic Pre,erence -cheme will 3e a..lied.

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