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Thank you for praying & giving!

Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries on deputation to the Philippines
Standing for the KJB, Separation, & Soul-winning
Sending Church:
Mt. Zion Baptst Church
48 Muddy Creek Forks Road
Brogue, PA 17309
(717) 927-9227
Mission Funds:
Central Missionary Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218
(800) 262-7729
Contact Informaton:
The Hardeckers
111 S. Pine St.
Red Lion, PA 17356
(717) 880-5011
Relevant Dates:
Bill (01/10) & Marcia (09/30)
Anniv. (06/15/2004)
W.T. (09/14/10)
Joe (12/28/12)
14 u p d a t e

Praise Reports:
1. Praise God we saw a teen girl get saved
afer an AM service.
2. Praise God for adding another new sup-
portng church: Maranatha Baptst
Church, Lyons, NY. They have been pray-
ing for us since we started and now have
partnered with us fnancially. AMEN!
3. Praise God for His provisions for our van
repairs. We have experienced multple
needs but Gods help always comes
4. Praise God for a week of spiritual edifca-
ton at the Fairhaven Baptst Church and
College Preaching Conference in Chester-
ton, IN. We always leave with a renewed
vigor to keep on keeping on for the Lord.
5. Praise God for two excellent meetngs
with churches in Latrobe and Carlisle, PA.
We are doing our best to stay local and
thus far the Lord has blessed. We believe
that there are plenty of partnering
churches in PA, MD, VA, NC, NJ, NY, IN, IL
and OH - we just need to fnd them. :-)
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our spiritual strength &
wisdom. We need Gods power to be able
to be efectve servants of the Lord.
2. Please pray that souls would be saved. A
huge burden within our deputaton minis-
try is that God would use us to see peo-
ple brought to the saving knowledge of
our Lord.
Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you,
that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. (Lk. 12:27) #Godcares
Gods blessings abound!
What a blessing to be
able to share our burden,
calling, and sending forth to the Philippines
with several fne churches. I was able to speak
and preach in a Christan school chapel, at a
mens prayer breakfast, and a missions confer-
ence banquet night. It is so cruel to eat so
good and then turn around and preach, but
someone has to do it. :-)
I preached a message at a church on Sun.
AM on the topic: Without Excuse (based on
Rom. 1:20) and a young lady came forward at
the invitaton tme to receive the Lord Jesus
Christ as Savior! Her name is Cassie. My prayer
for her is that she would become a fruitul
Christan and atach herself to Bible Baptst
Church in Latrobe, PA.
I was able to
atend an evening
meetng at Old
Paths Baptst Church
in Columbus, OH. I
heard a powerful
preacher (I mean, rich in the Word of God) by
the name of Evangelist Ted Alexander. He also
happens to be an excellent Baptst historian.
For what its worth, I would highly recommend
this brother and his family and their ministry.
A Christan academy in OH
Mrs. Schwender (Pastors wife)
dealt with Cassie when she
came forward. Praise GOD!
An internatonal banquet in Carlisle,
PA the people like so many churches
are missions-minded. What a blessing!
call: (915) 526-2832