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"Heaven Is for Real" - the title of Michael Tymn's current blog is accurate.

Heaven is a spiritual reality that consists of a variety of levels of

ascent. There is a lot of activity on each level with the higher realms
possessing a glory and splendor beyond human comprehension.
The ecerpts below that confirm my statements are ta!en from The "piritual
#orld $ournals published by %ro &eatrice' (urich "wit)erland. These divine
teachings were transmitted through deep-trance medium &eatrice &runner over
a period of *+ years ,-.+/ - -./01. The two spirit teachers were 2oseph and
3ene. 4nd what is eciting to !now is that in many cases' these teachings
agree with the spiritual communications received from earlier spirit guides'
such as "ilver &irch' 5rederic! Myers and Imperator. Here are some heavenly
6manuel "wedenborg's visits were right on the money7 His report of "many
spheres' planes...levels...and degrees of vibration" is confirmed by
4ngel-"ister 3ene8
"#e' therefore' will spea! of spiritual planes...There may be mountains and
hills there' or valleys' rivers' broo!s and gardens. "ome places there are
very beautiful' whilst others are less attractive to live in because the
houses' gardens and views are not 9uite beautiful."
":enerally' when we spea! of a spiritual plane' we mean a great' open
space. However' as I said before' within those planes are different areas.
If a spirit has incurred guilt during his incarnation' he still returns to
the same level which he occupied before incarnating' but he will not be
allowed to return to a beautiful place. #ithin the same plane' there are
plenty of unattractive areas where he can be sent."
,"# - --;//' p. /<1
Her description agrees with "wedenborg's observation8 "#e begin at the
level we have prepared ourselves for." Therefore' "%urgatory" is not one
place= each level of ascent has its own "purgatory" for spirits undergoing
purification. &ut once over' spirits will return to more beautiful areas
within the same plane. 3ene continues8
"#hen a spirit has reached the highest stage of a particular plane' he
en$oys a splendid view and beauty all around. #hen such a spirit finally
leaves that plane' he will' of course' enter upon an even more beautiful
spiritual plane."
"6very spirit must wor! his way up step by step. He can live on a beautiful
plane where he is loo!ed after by angels and where he can en$oy bliss. 4s
you ascend in the spiritual world' as you come closer to the house of :od'
you will notice that the light grows steadily more radiant' art more
splendid and everything more beautiful...The higher a spirit ascends' the
more radiant his spiritual body becomes."
"This' then' is the world of the higher spirits. It is the world of light
which is celebrated in hymns and which we all yearn for...The glory of this
world transcends human description. The closer a spirit comes to :od' the
more lustrous do the flowers become. The animals' too' are magnificent. I
suppose the most splendid animals are the horses' but there are also other
animals which the angels and the higher beings can en$oy"
"It is difficult for human beings to imagine this' but when we try to tal!
of the splendors of Heaven' it is factual. The diversity of its splendor is
beyond human imagination."
,"# - --;//' pp. /< - />1
The picture continues to be filled in with more details. In Heaven there
are also hospitals and sanitariums that help those souls who are in pain or
are still suffering from their earthly addictions to alcohol or drugs.
Here's 3ene again8
"In all the planes of ascent there are spiritual hospitals or sanatoria.
They are generally unnecessary at the higher levels' but they are sometimes
to be found there' too. In all the many other levels' including the very
lowest' these places offer refuge to spirits who for the time being are sic!
and in pain. They stay there for as long as necessary. "ome re9uire a longer
period of sleep than others' but each tormented soul needs sleep until it is
clear that all the odic force has flowed into him' merging with his own
spiritual odic force in such a way as to eliminate pain." ,"# - -;/?' p.@1
4nd we return to school as we ascend. Return to schoolA Bes' there are
schools' libraries and halls of learning. 6nter 2oseph8
"4s you !now' in the spiritual world' too' one has to learn to read' to
write' and to do arithmetic along with many other things' though this may
seem strange to some people. 3anguages are studied' and there are also
schools for music and the other arts. Indeed' one can ta!e advantage of a
wide variety of educational oppor-
tunities in order to attain higher and more etensive !nowledge." ,"# -
<;/*' p. *.1
2oseph tells us more on this sub$ect8 "Cow I must tell you that the
inhabitants of this town were more or less all newcomers to spirit. 5or all
of them' it was a new Heaven' a new world. This town had a special purpose
to fulfill' and' therefore' there were many great buildings among the
houses' such as libraries and schools and special !inds of museums. It was a
Denter of 3earning...These 'students' were eager to learn and study the
boo!s in the great library - yes' we have boo!s. They visited the history
museum where they were shown films depicting life from the beginning of
6arth." ,"# - 0;@@' p. @?+1
6traordinary' isn't itA #ell' that's what awaits us. &ut what about inside
the houses that you read aboutA &elieve it or not' e9uisite furniture also
eists in a level's more beautiful areas. %eter' an ascending spirit' was
also allowed to communicate to us through &eatrice. &ecause %eter met an
untimely death at the age of 0-' he came under the loving care of a spirit
mother' who lived in a beautiful home. %eter marvelled at what he saw8
"4 door was opened for us' leading into a large room which was the living
room. It was very beautiful' and once again' I found myself marvelling at
all the various ob$ects there. 4 very handsome table stood in this room'
made out of what I too! to be a 9uite rare !ind of wood...The chairs I also
thought very handsome' and they loo!ed as though they would be most
comfortable. 4 magnificent candalabrum' etendng far out on all sides'
illuminated the entire room and gave it a very splendid feel."
,"# - <;.-' p. *<1
%eter's descriptions' which continue at length' can finally give us a
glimpse into the interior of one of the "many mansions" Eur 3ord tal!ed
Ene last glimpse. Fid you ever wonder what happens to a 5renchman who
passes on to spiritA Er a 2apaneseA Er a 3atinoA How will they communicate
with the angelsA 6nglish is not the only language spo!en in Heaven7 2oseph
stated that he had to learn :erman ,he was originally "cottish1 in order to
communicate with the Dommunity in (urich. 3ene etends our !nowledge of
Heaven even further8
"In trying to visuali)e this scene Ga social gathering in a city on one of
the higher planesH' do not imagine that all the guests will have white s!ins
or that they will all be spea!ing your language. There are $ust as many
languages and dialects in Heaven as there are on 6arth. This is because when
they leave their 'island'' human beings $oin with !indred spirits in a place
set apart and which is perfectly suited to them. "piritual beings are
divided into nations as humans are' and these nations differ in appearance.
There is as great a variety of s!in color in spirits as in human beings.
This may help you to imagine the diversity of spiritual beings in our
world." ,"# - .;/0' p. @.1
In referring to Mr. Tymn's blog title' Heaven is real and certainly not the
"humdrum" place we were taught to believe. It is dynamic' vibrant
and ever self-renewing. 4h...if only these wonderful descriptions of Heaven
could be included in sermons given by our clergy.
I sincerely hope all the above descriptions have helped you to visuali)e a
realistic picture of what awaits us in our true home. To ascend is not a
free tic!et' however. #e will have to wor! and apply ourselves. Eur
continued ascension is one reason why it is so important to gain as much
spiritual !nowledge as possible on 6arth. If we do' then we don't have to
ta!e beginning courses= we can move onto graduate school or better still'
help those spirits who need introduction in the basics. 5or Heaven is also a
place of service to others. 4nd we have to be ready to serve.