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Muhammad Saifullah

Mechanical Engineer
#38$C %&&'an (ana Mod&l )o'n *aho+&
To join a value driven organization for mutual benefits, giving me a chance to apply
theoretical knowledge gained during my studies and work experience leading to the
achievement of organization goals.
2008-20#2" 0ational 1ni.&+sity of Sci&nc& and )&chnolo2y
E !Mechanical"
20##-20#2 Schn&id&+ 3l&ct+ic 3n&+2y 1ni.&+sity
2005-2004" (SSC
2003-2005" SSC
5+o-&cts 6 7nt&+nshi8s
5a9istan 5&t+ol&um *imit&d %un&20##-S&8t20##
5osition )itl&" 7nt&+n&&
#orked in the research team. $nalyzed and evaluated mechanical components used in an
oil rig.
#orked on forecasting of instruments, piping layouts dynamics. $nalyzed efficiency and
made a report.
S8a+co ;<a+achi= 5+o-&ct ;)&am *&ad&+= 20#2
%irect dealing with &', (hina market consultants for Titanium 8u+chas&
according to specification of material and research work need.
)esearch and %evelopment !*on+%estructive Testing, Tensile, hardness
Testers" for Titanium alloy Ti+-$l+./ at 0(12) and *ed 'arachi.
>a8da Mu?a+2a+h 7ndust+ial )ou+ 20#2
$ssisted in Technical 2nspection of the thermal unit of 345 Mega #atts with a
team of 2talian Engineers for the replacement of $utomation systems for oiler,
Turbine as demanded by #apda tender.
@/1A 3n2in&&+in2 ;35C= *aho+&
D&si2nation" M&chanical 3n2in&&+ %un&20#2-Ma+ch20#3.
6verlook for different fabrication activities carried out in manufacturing
workshop according to $1ME, $02 and $1TM standards.
7ands on experience with 8as #elding, $rc #elding !1M$#,8M$#" 9
8T$# while fabrication of $02 standard Tanks and $1ME certified 0ressure
*%T, %0T and 7:%)6 Testing of /essels and Tanks.
$02 -;5 1tandard 0epsi Tank
Three 0hase water oil separator piping works according to <4.4 and <4.<
0iping works for Engro 0owder 0lant
5+o8osal 3n2in&&+ /8+il 20#3- S&8 20#3
2ntroduced $1ME codes and standards for welding, fabrication, design and
execution in =auz Engineering. 0rovided company top management with a
presentation on $1ME standards use and benefits keeping in regard the
company motive of undertaking overseas projects.
0iping codes and 1tandards overview. Made a thorough presentation on
process, li>uid piping codes, flanges types and instrumentation works for a <+
phase water oil separator.
Engineering (onstruction projects update and coordinated for efficient supply
chain and man power deployment.
0re+>ualification documents, giving (ompany 0resentation to different clients
like 68%(?, E*8)6 and, Mari 0etroleum onsite as well as in business
)ates confirmation from procurement and assisting proposal manager for
development of complete rates calculation for the project.
(omplete understanding and assisting in developing values for margins and
pricing based on the 0roject nature and scope. 2ncreased company annual
margins@ 0rofits.
MT6@6A reviews for engineering construction projects.
E0( 0rojects 0roposal data update with efficient data management system in
responsible manner. 'ept company records for up+coming and old engineering
projects up+to+date for efficient working and coordination between planning
and proposal departments.
%aily meetings with company management discussing the scope of work, made
minutes of meetings.
ased on tender documents and scope of work, coordinated for procurement
rates and items list preparation.
30:3S35* 5B) *aho+& ct-20#3-5+&s&nt
Cli&nt" D&scon 3n2in&&+in2
)anolia 7ydro 0ower 0roject 1iphon and 0enstock piping works
D&si2nation" M&chanical 5lannin2 3n2in&&+
(oordinating with project engineer for allocation of all resources, manpower,
e>uipments and tools for project site.
0roviding feedback to higher management for project progress, daily activities
report and progress.
(ommunicating with client, correspondence through emails if any issue arises.
Soft'a+&6 S9ills
Microsoft Office, Sales Negotiation, Strong Management, Effective Communication, Time
Management, Event Management Skills, Project Management