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Medha Patkar

6th, Prasanna,
Plot no 534, 11
Christian Colony, Church lane
Chembur East, Mumbai 400071
Phone: 022 25212555

15th May, 2014

The Returning Officer,
North East Mumbai,


Dear Sir,

This letter is regarding a very serious issue regarding polling for LS-2014 that needs to be urgently taken
cognizance of. We are shocked to find that the serial number of the paper seals used to seal the control units have not been
recorded in the Form 17C. As per the directives published by the ECI, the serial numbers of the paper seals provided to the
Presiding Officer need to be noted and also the serial numbers of the paper seals used need to be noted. The serial
numbers of paper seals used have not been noted. In many of 17C forms, which are available with us. The serial number on
the unused paper seals are also supposed to have noted. This is most serious as you too will agree.

In the case of those booths & units where two paper seals were used and two paper seals returned. as the
numbers of the paper seals used have not been noted, is it not very likely that the votes registered in the control unit may
have been tampered with and the control unit resealed with the returned paper seals ?

We are also shocked to note that the format translated and used by your officers is somewhat different from the
updated 17C format supplied as 'Mandatory' by the Election Commissioner of India. Please explain this serious flaw.

We therefore demand that each of the 17C forms should be shown to us tomorrow on May 16th. Also the returned
paper seals with numbers, in the case of each unit are displayed on each counting table and each counting agent is allowed
to verify the serial numbers of the returned and the used seals. In case this is not logistically possible then we demand
that the counting scheduled for 16th May 2014 be immediately postponed. Kindly take this as the most serious & urgent.

With Regards & expecting prompt action.

Yours Sincerely

( Medha Patkar )