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Syed Aftab Hussain Shah

C-13, Mariam Chamber Apt.4 Phone: 01-!00""4"

#irst #$oor Main Shaheed-e-Mi$$at %oad Mob: 031-14000"
&ara'hi, Pa(istan. 033!-14000"
CA%))% *+,)C-./):
To obtain a challenging position in a reputed bank, where I can use my interpersonal
skills and utilize my abilities to the maximum and play an important role in achieving
the organization goals in persuasion of my career.
CA%))% P%*#.0):
Extensive experience of five years as Wealth anager in !omestic
#ttracted and retained almost $%%%& 'ew and old #ccounts
Excellent interpersonal skills with great adaptability
Excellent presentation, persuasion and communication skills
#bility to build strong customers relations ( creating long term customer
P%*#)SS.*1A0 )2P)%.)1C):
*C- 01 to ti$$ date 3 +4%, +A1& PA&.S-A1 0.M.-)5
%e$ationship Man6er
!riving monthly growth of deposit mobilization, #uto financing with the help
of proactive sales team, cold call ( personal references
)enerating "usiness and maintaining portfolio of clients in respect of service
and targets
*onvincing customers for opening #ccounts !ocumentation follow+ups
1*/ 007 to *C- 01 3 +A1& .S0AM. PA&.S-A1 0.M.-)5
8ea$th Mana6er
Increased business through networking and building new client relationships
#ssisted managers in identifying sales opportunities for the branch
!eveloped and updated daily reports to the manager
,upervised and trained new employees
aximized customer satisfaction with -uality service
#)+ 009 to *C- 007 3 &AS+ +A1& PA&.S-A1 0.M.-)5
Persona$ +an(er
*onvinced customers for opening new accounts
anaged the team of business executive of deposits, home financing and
auto financing.
MA% 003 to ,A1 009 3 &AM%A1 M*-*%
Sa$es Mana6er
.esponsible for demonstration of cars such as test drives etc.
.esponsible for explaining the operating features, warranties, paper work of
car to the customer.
.esponsible for understanding the re-uirements of the customer and
demonstrate car according their convenience.
.esponsible for dealing with the customer -ueries and problems and
troubleshoot them.
*ross ,ell
"anca T#/#012 3 with a portfolio $.% mln4
*ar I5arah 3with a portfolio 6 mln4
7ome usharkah 3 with a portfolio $% mln4
"achelor of *ommerce 3".*om.4 from 1niversity of ,indh , in 8ear 9%%6
*,E 3icrosoft *ertified ,ystem Engineer4
!iploma in computer ,cience from '*.
*-H)% S&.00S:
,trong work ethics: work well with others
)ood interpersonal skills written : verbal
0luent in English, 1rdu and ,indhi
;roficient in , <ffice, Win =;, >ista and Win ?
P)%S*1A0 5A-A:
0: 'ame @ ,yed )hulam Ta-i ,hah
!ate of "irth @ $6+$9+$A??
arital ,tatus @ arried
'ationality @ ;akistani
.eligion @ Islam
)2-%AC4%%.C40A% AC-./.-.)S:
;laying *ricket, 0ootball and snooker
Traveling with friends
2istening music
Will be furnished upon demand