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Wrestling is a very, old sport which is still popular all over the world today. Most wrestlers are big-sized
men, but none can compare with the sumo wrestlers of Japan.
They are really giants; each weighs between 100 and 165 kilogrammes and stands at least 1.8 metres. One
famous sumo wrestler was 2.34 metres tall!
Sumo wrestlers start their training young-around the age of ten. From the beginning, they are encouraged to
eat all the rice and drink all the sake ( Japanese rice wine ) teht they want. Before long, they can eat ten
times as much as a normal person. Naturally, they grow very fat, but they are also very muscular because
they practise judo and exercise every day.
Championship fights are held three times a year at the Kokugikwan Stadium in Tokyo. The Japanese are
such fans of sumo wrestling that they will pay very high prices for tickets. Millions of others watch the
fights on television.
Before each fight begins, the two wrestlers drink water from a bucket. Then, they spit out some of it onto
the sanded floor of the round ring. They also spill some salt over the area where they will wrestle to scare
away wvil spirits.
The referee enters with a fan in his hand. The two wrestlers bend down and. Crouch on their hands and
legs, glaring angrily at each other. Sometimes, the referee takes fisteen minutes or more to start a fight. So
the wrestlers get up a few times to stretch themselves, then crouch again to stare at each other.
Suddenly, the referee points his fan down and the fight begins! The opponents charge at each other,
pulling and swaying as each tries to throw the other out of the ring. Whichever wrestler touches the floor
first is the loser.
1. What is the topic of the next above ? A. The history of sumo
A. The history of sumo
B. Why sumo is popular among Japanese
C. How to become a sumo wrestler
D. What sumo is all about
2. Which of the following is TRUE ? D. Japanese wreslers are bigger than most wrestler
A. Wrestling is only popular in Japan
B. Wrestling is a sport for ald men
C. Most wrestlers are from Japan
D. Japanese wrestlers are biggr than most wrestlers
3. How tall was a famous sumo wrestler from Japan ? C. 234 centimeters
A. 2.34 centimeters
B. 23.4 centimeters
C. 234 centimeters
D. 2340 centimeters
4. In paragraph 2 line ?, what does the word muscular mean ? C. Strong
A. Skillful
B. Expert in Judo
C. Strong
D. Likes eating
5. Why are the Japanese willing to pay such high priced tickets ? C. Because they like sumo a lot
A. Because they can have rice and sake
B. Because the Championship is held at Tokyo
C. Because they like sumo a lot
D. Because they cant watch the Championship on television
6. Before the sumo wrestlers fight, what do they do ? A. They drink sake from a bucket
A. They drink sake from a bucket
B. They scare away evil spirits
C. They scatter some salt around the ring
D. They hold a fan
7. In paragraph 2, the word high price has the closest meaning with D. Expansive
A. Rare
B. Exclusive
C. High Quality
D. Expensive
8. Which of the following statements is TRUE ? C. Sumo wrestlers spill some salt to scare away evil
A. Sumo wrestlers begin training when hey weigh around 100 kilograms above
B. Sumo wrestlers only need to be big and fat
C. Sumo wrestlers spill some salt to scare away evil spirits
D. The fight begins when the referee raise his hand
9. How long does the referee usually take to start a match ? A. A quarter hour
A. A querter hour
B. Half hour
C. Fifteen hours
D. Less than ten minutes
10. From the next, we can conclude that to win a match the sumo wrestler has to B. Throw the
opponent out of the ring
A. charge at the other wrestler
B. Throw the opponent out of the ring
C. Touch the floor first
D. Bend down and crouch


Perhaps you have read of Madame Tussauds famous waxworks in London. It is an unusual collection of
life-size models of famous men and women of the past and present. Do you know how to a waxwork is
made ? in order to make life-like model, agreat deal of time, skill and patience are needed. Firstly, the
subject ( usually a well-known person ) has to be interviewed. This can take place in a palace, theatre
dressing room or a government office.
Sometimes the interviewer has to travel thousands of kilometers to meet the subject. At the interview, exact
measurements are taken of all the important details of that subject, as to his hair, eyes or skin
color.Photographs of the subject are also taken from every angle.
Immediately afterwards, a copy of the subjects face is made from grey potters clay and measured against
a life-size photograph of the subject. If the copy is satisfactory, a mold is made from it. This is dried do as
to drive out all the air bubbles inside. Next, wax is melted. In this process, oil colors are added to give the
correct flesh-color. The wax is then poured into the face mold.
Meanwhile , different work goes on in other sections, where the body and limbs are faashioned. Whenever
possible, molds are made-from the subjects own hands and legs, especially if he or she is an athlete.
When the face has set in the molds, the face is removed, and the final touches-such as-eyes and eyebrows
are added. It may take as long as a fortnight for an expert worker to sew in a whole head of hair, strand
by strand!
Then, the whole life-size waxwork is dressed in suitable clothes and placed in an attactive pose for
1. From this paragraph, we can conclude teht Madam Tussaud is a D. Museum
A. Pawn shop
B. Gallery
C. Outlet
D. Museum
2. These are needed to make the life-like model, except C. Money
A. Skill
B. Time
C. Money
D. Patience
3. Based on the paragraph, Madame Tussaud located in London collects B. Statue
A. Painting
B. Statue
C. Antique archeology
D. Archive
4. Those collections in Madame Tussaud are usually made from.C. Wax
A. Ceramic
B. Clay
C. Wax
D. Soil
5. The word well-known has similar meaning with word C. Famous
A. Natural
B. Celebrity
C. Famous
D. S
6. These are the first steps before creating a waxwork, except C. Take some dress size
A. Take some pictures
B. Take an interview
C. Take some dress size
D. Take an exact measurement
7. To get the real-life color of the subject, what is usually added to the melting wax?A. Oil color
A. Oil color
B. Paint color
C. Oil paint
D. Color palette
8. Those figures are placed in museum for D. Show
A. Exhibition
B. Being sold
C. Being studied
D. Show
9. The word subject in line 7 refers to B. Model
A. Interviewer
B. Model
C. Madame Tussaud
D. Clay and wax
10. What thing that should be sewn carefully from the model ? B. Hair
A. Dress
B. Hair
C. Skin
D. Body


In many countries when you are sick, you go to a doctor. The doctor examines you to find out what is
wrong and gives you some medicine or some pills to make you better. But in some countries, other
methods of curing diseases are used.
One of these is the ancient Chinese form of medical treatment called acupuncture. When you visit an
acupuncturist-a doctor who uses acupuncture-he doesnt give you any medicine or pills. He place very thin
needles made of copper, gold or silver into different parts of your body. The acupuncturist believes that the
body contains twelve invisible lines or pathways. These carry life force which must be able to flow thought
the body easily. If the forces cannot flow, our bodies become ill. The needles help the life force flow
throught the body again.
Today there are acupuncture clinics in many parts of the world. Another different type of medicine is called
herbal medicine. Herbs are plants or leaves which can be used to make natural medicine. Some people say
that by taking heerbal medicines the body is able to fight off many diseases. People who use herbal
medicine believe that the body contains repairing processes which enable us to cure ourselves without
taking drugs. By taking herbal medicines regularly, we can make our bodies resistant to diseases. And
certain herbal medicines can cure diseases.
An English doctor called Nicholas Culpeper wrote one of the firs books about herbal medicine in the
seventeenth century. Some of this medicines are still used by herbalists today. In 1977 the World Health
Organization studied, herbal medicines in different countries around the world and said that many them do
produce cures. They also provide cheaper medicine for thousands of people who do not have enought
money to buy Western medicines. The important thing perhaps is not to believe in only one type of
medicine-Western medicine, acupuncture, or herbal medicine-but to keep an open mind and realize that all
three types of medicine have their uses.
1. What does the passage mainly discuss? C. All types of medicine have their uses
A. Acupuncture methods
B. Herbal medicenes
C. All types of medicine have their uses
D. Repairing process which enables us to cure ourselves
2. When did Nicholas Culpeper write the firs books about helbal medicine? D. Seventeenth Century
A. In 1977
B. In 1917
C. Ninteenth century
D. Seventeenth century
3. According to the acupuncturist why our body become ill? A. Because the life forces cannot flow
A. Because the life force cannot flow
B. Becaouse the needles help the life force flow
C. Because of curing diseases
D. Because he / she doesnt give you any medicine or pills
4. What is untrue about herbal medicines? C. Certain herbal medicine can cure diseases
A. They are plants or leaves which can be used to make natural medicine
B. They can fight off many diseases
C. Centain herbal medicine can cure diseases
D. They contains repairing process which ebable us to cure ourselves
5. What does he in line 7 refer to ? B. Acupuncturist
A. Ancient Chinese
B. Acupuncturist
C. The body
D. The patient
6. When you visit an acupuncturist, these what happened, except? D. He gives you herbal medicine
A. He doesnt give you any medicine
B. He places very thin needles into different parts of your pills
C. He doesnt give you pills
D. He gives you herbal medicine
7. What does they in line 24 ( the third paragraph ) refer to ? C. Herbalists
A. The World health Organization
B. Nicholas Culpeper
C. Herbalists
D. The English doctors
8. The word ancient in line 8 can be replaced with C. Young
A. New
B. Old
C. Young
D. Unique
9. The word fight off in line 6 has the similar meaning as C. Cure
A. Flow
B. Produce
C. Cure
D. Provide
10. According to the text, why does World Health Organization provide cheaper medicine? B. Because
they are many people who do not have enough money to buy western medicine
A. Because they produce cures
B. Because they are many people who do not have enough money to buy western medicine
C. Because of herbal medicine
D. Because they are many alternative medicine


An architect is aperson who designs houses and other buildings. An architect has to think of many
different things when he designs a building. Firstly, he must think about the purpose of the building. He
may be designing a building for people to live in, such as a house, a hotel or an apartment.he may be
designing a building for people to work in, such as a foctory, an office, a shop or a restaourant. Or he may
be designing a place where people go to pray, such as a temple, a church or a mosque.
He may be designing a place where people go for amusement, such as a theatre or cinema, or a place for
sick people, such as a hospital.
The architect must think carefully about who will live or work in the building, and what they will do in the
building. The building must be the right size for the number of people who will use it. An architect must
carefully plan buildings that will be used by many people. A cinema, for example, will need a large lobby,
where people can sit or stand while they are waiting to go in and wacht the film. It must have enough doors
so that large numbers of people can leave the building quickly and safely if there is a fire. The architect
must also be both an artist and a scientist.
He must know how to arrange the different parts of the building- the doors, the windows, the roof, the
walls so that they look attractive and also serve their purpose well. There must be enough light inside the
building and it must be cool and quiet to live and work in. These are some of the things which the architect
must think about. So an architect is a person who must have special training to do his job well.
1. What does the passage mainly discussed? A. A professional of architecture engineering
A. A profesi=sional of architecture engineering
B. How to build buildings
C. Artists
D. scientist
2. According to the passage, an architect has to consider these things when de signing a building,
EXCEPT.... C. The number of the building
A. The people who will us it
B. The aim of the building
C. The number of the building
D. The arrangement of the building parts
3. The word he in line 4 refers to? C. An architect
A. A person
B. A thing
C. An architect
D. A designer
4. According to the passage, what is TRUE about an architect? C. He must plan a building very
A. He is also an artist
B. He plays as a scoentist, too
C. He ,must plan a building very carefully
D. He must be cool and quiet
5. The word they in line 38 refers o ? B. The different parts of the building
A. The doors
B. The differen parts of the building
C. The architects
D. The people
6. What is NOT MENTIONED on the passage about what a building that will be used for a big
number of people must have..... D. Enough lights
A. A large lobby
B. Enough roof
C. Enough doors
D. Enough lights
7. The word amusement in line 9 could be replaced by ..... A. Entertainment
A. Entertainment
B. Happy
C. Funny
D. exciting
8. Which of the following that is implied in the passage? B. A architect designs building for different
A. An architect merely disgns houese
B. A architect designs building for different purposes
C. The size of a building should meet with the number of people who will use it
D. The right arrangement of the parts of a building will make it look beautiful
9. The word carefully has got the closest meaning with.... B. Thoroughly
A. Think
B. Thoroughly
C. Seeming
D. care
10. What is implied from the passage? A. A goog architect must have special skills
A. A goog architect must have special skills
B. The doors, windows, and roof of a building can maake a building look good
C. An architect can only designs Praying places according to his religion
D. A large room in a public place will be useful for waiting