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Assessment Criteria with Evidence of Learning

Scheme: Lino cutting based on Chester Beatty Exhibition, Costumes Parisiens.

Assessment Criteria
1. Drawing 25%
Students should demonstrate.

Drawing and tracing skills with
attention to detail of the subject matter.
(Selection of a prop and a silhouette
from plates shown), using line, contour
and texture.

2. Design /planning 25%

Students should demonstrate:

An ability to plan and draw a suitable
composition, using a prop and a
silhouette, onto lino.

Plan and mark the areas to be
reduced, from light to dark, according
to colour.

3. Making and craft skills 40%

Students should demonstrate:

Develop skills in the use of lino cutting tools and the safety
issues involved.

Understand the reduction method in linocutting.

Design and make a register from heavy card, for printing

Learn to register a print correctly and produce a clean print,
working from light to dark.

Recognise the importance of taking your time, when cutting
and allowing paint to dry between colours.

Understanding and attitude 10%

Students should demonstrate:

Willingness to cooperate in the lino-cutting
workshop learning activities.

Understand the lino cutting process, from drawing
and design selection through to finished print.

Willingness to persevere and overcome technical
and creative challenges.

Understand the Costumes Parisiens fashion plates
in terms of content and context.

Became more skillful in using lino cutting tools and material.

Managed the registering process during printing, creating a
clean, registered print suitable for display purposes.

Personally engaged with the lino cutting process,

in all its facets.

Explain the key points regarding the contextual
influences of the Costumes Parisiens fashion plates
and their contents.

Evidence of learning. Evidence that the student:

Observed with accuracy and skill the
plates shown, focusing on line, contour
and texture.

Created a drawing with a strong
composition and effective use of space.

Showed precision and care in setting

out the shapes selected in the overall
pictorial layout.