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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 1

Kickbutt Metabolism
The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss
By David Cassell
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 2
Medical Disclaimer
This book provides suggestions in the area of health that are based on current
research and advanced nutritional theories. However, it is not an individual
prescription for any reader.
If you have health issues of any type, it is always recommended that a medical
doctor and team of health care providers are contacted and new ideas discussed
with them; as they have the best insight into your health.
The sale or free distribution of this ebook assumes that you have done exactly
that. Thus, the author and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the use or
abuse of information in this book.
Copyright 2011, David Cassell. All rights reserved.
This report is NT for sale and may not be resold. This is a !"##
report and may be freely distributed or shared, provided none of the
information or links are changed.
You may contact the writer at ic!utt"improvemeta!
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 3
#a!le o$ Contents
Intro $ies, %& ' information verload (
)hapter *. +hat ,etabolism Is -
)hapter .. &tress )an /ive 0ou %ig %elly 1
)hapter 2. $ate Nights +reck 0our ,etabolism 3
)hapter (. The /olden !ormula !or !at $oss 4
)hapter -. &abotaging 0our !at $oss #fforts *5
)hapter 1. #at 6rotein To %urn !at **
)hapter 3. The 7oubled #dged &word f )utting )alories *2
)hapter 4. 8 New +ay To $ook 8t !ood *-
)hapter 9. The %est #xercises !or !at %urning ..
)hapter *5 The 7angers f ver #xercising .1
)hapter **. 6otty Training !or Improved ,etabolism .4
)hapter *.. &upplements That &upport !at $oss 2*
%onus. 9 7iet !oods 0ou &hould Not #at 8nd +hy 2-
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 4
%ntroduction& 'ies, () * %n$ormation +verload
0ou are reading this e:book because you are experiencing one or more of the
following problems.
0ou are gaining weight easily despite dieting or exercising
0our weight loss has slowed
0ou are ashamed of wearing certain clothes because of unsightly fat;
0ou want to improve your body composition
0our diet has left you feeling starved
0our weight is causing a lack of energy
0ou weight is affecting your cardiovascular health

!rankly, it is not surprising that you and millions of others are experiencing these
problems, despite efforts to correct them. +hy; %ecause when it comes to fat
loss, you have been sold lies, half:truths and confusion by the media.
Here are a few examples<
8 lip balm that contains chromium and claims to shed pounds
8n ab belt that promises to give you a six pack
)elebrity endorsed supplements that are worthless for fat loss
)onflicting advice about diets. =one diets, 8tkins, li>uid diets. +here do
you begin;
7iets that promises rapid weight loss and a body builder?s physi>ue in a
few weeks
8re you as tired of the %&, hype and information overload as I am;
The weight loss industry is a multi:billion dollar industry with endless marketers,
gurus and big businesses involved. @nfortunately, many of the these people
have lied or twisted the truth about fat loss to further their bottom lines.
The end result is that many dieters fail to lose any meaningful weight. 8nd many
of those do actually lose weight end up regaining it and then some.
In this e:book, I give you the honest straightforward truth about achieving a
Aickbutt ,etabolism : a maBor component in achieving sustained fat loss, more
lean muscle mass and greater energy.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 5
Chapter 1 , -hat Meta!olism %s
0our metabolism is a complex network of hormones and enCymes that converts
food Dproteins, fats, carbohydratesE into fuel and determines how effectively that
fuel is burned.
It is what happens when the nutrients released from the breakdown of foods get
into the cells. ThatFs when true nourishment of the body occurs and it happens on
a cellular level.
0our metabolism does other things too but what you need to know now is that
ultimately, your metabolism determines how >uickly you gain or lose weight.
Now, looking at this definition you might think that you have no control of your
metabolism since it runs automatically .(G3. The good news is that barring
certain situations such as having a poorly functioning thyroid or taking certain
medications Dfactors that can adversely affect your metabolismE, you can indeed
crank up your metabolism.
.actors #hat A$$ect Meta!olism/
*. The thyroid gland, producing thyroid hormones
.. The adrenal gland, producing adrenal hormones
2. 7igestive system health
(. @se of caffeine
-. @se of alcohol
1. @se of drugs H prescription and non:prescription
3. 8mount of sleep
4. Immune system status and presence of an infection
9. 8ttitude
*5. Toxic load of the body
**. The water content of the body
*.. The oxygen content of the body
*2. The muscle mass content in the body
*(. The fat content of the body
*-. 0our body frame siCe H small, medium, or large
*1. 0our height and weight
*3. The hormone insulin and glucagon
*4. /rowth hormone levels
*9. #xercise and activity levels
.5. !ood that you eat
.*. Iitamin and mineral status
... Number of times food is eaten during the day
.2. )rash dieting
!or the purposes of this e:book, I?ll focus on the ( maBor problem areas that are
most likely to affect people?s metabolism : stress, sleep, diet and exercise.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 6
Chapter 2 0 )tress Can 1ive You .at (elly
0our metabolism functions best when your body is in homeostasis Dinternal
stabilityE. %ut during times of stress and survival situations, your metabolism
shifts to a different setting.
The changes in metabolism during stress are essential to your survival. However,
if these changes are maintained for a prolonged period of time, your metabolism
can be negatively affected.
In times when you are stressed, adrenal gland hormones are produced in high
amounts. The stress could be anything; stress from a family situation, stress in
rush hour traffic or stress from financial pressure. 8ll stress has the same
physiological effect on the body.
These high levels of adrenal hormones cause shifts in your body. 0our memory
functions are enhanced. 0ou have a lowered sensitivity to pain. 0ou feel a burst
of energy. 8nd your immune system gets a super charge of energy.
These are good changes in certain situations, but only if they are short:lived. The
longer that your stress hormone DcortisolE level is high, the more damaging it is to
your health and the more fat your body could end up storing.
#xcess cortisol secretion can suppress thyroid function, increase abdominal fat,
raise blood pressure, lower immunity, promote higher blood sugar levels and
decrease your bone density and muscle mass.
&peaking of muscle, it is a very critical factor in fat burning. ,uscle is a
metabolically active tissue. In other words, muscle burns calories and it burns
more calories than fat does.
The last thing you want is a situation where you are losing muscle mass. I?ll talk
more about the important role of muscle:mass in later chapters.
Pay attention to your stress levels. Do activities that help to relax and de-stress

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 7
Chapter 2 0 'ate 3ights -rec Your Meta!olism
6roper sleep : perhaps the most ignored aspect of fat loss. Inade>uate sleep
wrecks your metabolism.
If you donFt get at least six hours of sleep, which is e>uivalent to four complete
"apid #ye ,ovement D"#,E cycles, then homeostasis does not rule your
nervous system and stress results. This shifts your metabolism pathways to ones
that store fat.
8s you already know, long periods of stress, such as what happens when you
are not sleeping well, could interfere with your bodyFs composition by increasing
fat and decreasing muscle. 8nd this in turn causes a sluggish metabolism.
&leep deprivation also interferes with hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, which
are essential to the control of appetite.
&leep deprivation increases inflammation in the body which in turn, increases the
risks of getting a whole host of illnesses. "esearch has shown that people who
are sleep deprived are at higher cardiac risk and also more likely to get certain
forms of cancer.
How much sleep should you get; 3:4 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep is ideal.
&leeping more than that regularly is likely to slow down your metabolism.
+hoever said sleep is overrated probably died prematurely. If you have a
problem falling asleep, you can take a safe non addictive sleep aid or consult
your physician.
However, be very wary of some of the sleep aids that are pushed by big
pharmaceutical companies. These can cause some harmful side:effects.
Drinkin alcoholic beveraes may make you sleepy at !irst but overall it disrupts
"#M sleep. $t is better to have a %arm sho%er and drink a cup o! hot milk to help
you et your &&&&&&&&&&s.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 8
Chapter 4 , #he 1olden .ormula .or .at 'oss
%efore you start any diet you need to know your baseline, that is, how many
calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. !rom this reference
point, you can know how many calories you need to cut and how many you need
to burn from exercise.
0our basal metabolic rate Jaka (M5 or sometimes used interchangeably with the
term Krest metabolic rateL D5M5EM is that baseline.
0our %," refers to the amount of calories that is needed when your body is at
rest, in order to breathe, circulate blood, keep your muscles toned, keep the
intestines moving, maintain your glandular activity and keep your body
temperature where it should be etc.
Now here is a surprising fact. The more you weigh, the faster your metabolism is
likely running. 8 large &umo wrestler that weighs 2-5 pounds has a higher %,"
than a woman weighing *25 lbs. This is because his body has to work harder to
carry around that extra weight.
The formula to calculate %," Dboth men and womenE is 235NJ.*.1 O $ean %ody
,ass D$%,E in kgM.
&o let us calculate the %," for a 2-5 lb sumo wrestler with 15P $%,<
* kg Q ... lbs. +eight Q 2-5 lbs. $%, Q D5.1 x 2-5EG... Q 9-.(- kg
%," Q 235 N D.*.1 x 9-.(-EQ .(2*.3. calories
&o for the sumo guy to maintain his weight, he must consume .(2*.3. calories
daily. n the other hand, a *25lb woman with 35P $%, will need to consume
*.12 calories daily to maintain her weight.
Here is why knowing your %," is important.
In order to burn fat, you must consume less calories than your BMR.
But the source of your calories will affect your metabolism to your
advantae or to your demise.
0ou can find out your %," by running down to the local gym and having a
personal fitness trainer calculate it with a hand:held bio:impedance device. r
perhaps you could have your doctor tell you your $%,. 0ou could then use that
figure to calculate your %,".
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 9
$n case you do your o%n research' you(ll !ind that there are various !ormulas !or
calculatin )M"' each %ith its o%n pros and cons. There %ill be some variances
in the !iures but don(t be overly concerned %ith this.
The key is to use your )M" as a loical startin point and then ad*ust your
calorie intake each %eek based on ho% your body is respondin to your diet and
exercise plan. +o need to calculate your )M" %eekly.
Later on do%n the road %hen you have made sini!icant proress in your !at loss
or %ant to maintain your %eiht or seek to build muscle' you may recalculate
your )M".

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 10
Chapter 6 0 )a!otaging Your .at 'oss 7$$orts
$et us expand on the idea of consuming less calories than your %,".
8t one time, many dietitians were telling people that Bust by decreasing their
calorie needs by -55 calories a day D2-55 weeklyE, they could lose a pound a
The premise of this diet was that Ka calorie is a calorie.L It didn?t matter where
calories were cut H the important thing was that calories were cut. This kind of
diet worked briefly but it turned out not to be effective in the long run.
Sust as ineffective for fat loss, was some people?s embrace of vegetarianism in
an effort to restrict their consumption of calories. They may have lost weight in
the early stages of their diets but eventually regained it. Not surprisingly, many of
them eventually gave up their vegetarian lifestyles.
+hy did these people fail; The reasons will be discussed in greater detail in
chapters 1 and 3. &uffice it to say, calorie restriction is fundamental to fat loss.
%ut when diets are based on severe calorie restriction or on the premise that all
calories are e>ual, then there is a problem.
8lso know that ade>uate protein intake is a vital part in achieving a Aickbutt
,etabolism and permanent fat loss. )utting too much protein from your diet will
sabotage your fat loss efforts.
+ell, what about the proteins in vegetables you ask; /ood >uestion. There is
still a debate as to whether or not people can get complete protein from plant
based foods. There are many in the health community who feel that plant based
foods can offer this.
Sust to make it clear, I am not for or against vegetarianism. %ut if you are a
vegetarian, ensure that you are getting ade>uate amounts of protein.
The ,-DA %ebsite says' .veetarian diets can meet all the recommendations !or
nutrients. The key is to consume a variety o! !oods and the riht amount o! !oods
to meet your calorie needs/.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 11
Chapter 8 0 7at 9rotein #o (urn .at
8t this point, it is important to note of the following e>uation<
#otal Daily 7nergy 7:penditure ;#D77< or #otal Calories (urned = (M5 >
#hermic 7$$ect o$ .ood ;#7.< > 9hysical Activity 7nergy 7:penditure
;9A77< .
8round 3-P of the calories you consume goes to sustaining your %," and the
T#! and 68## burns the other .-P.
0our T7## is known as your Kmaintenance,L that is, how many calories you
expend each day to function on all levels. 0ou have to breathe and you have to
eat but you also have to walk to the bathroom, take the bus to work and
DhopefullyE exercise. 8ll of these activities re>uire energy.
%$ you want to lose $at, you must consume less calories than your #D77.
&ome people, including vegetarians, take the route of embracing a low protein
diet in order to restrict their consumption of calories. There are . potential pitfalls
with this diet.
!irst, to fill the void in calories that results from consuming less protein, some
people over:compensate by eating more refined carbs, foods that are high in
calories. This is one reason why some KvegetariansL complain that they are not
losing weight or losing very little.
The second reason is that by significantly cutting the protein in our diets, we are
affecting our bodyFs ability to burn fat at the highest level.
6rotein is on one the least efficient foods we eat and this is a good thingT In
protein, you are getting fewer calories with more volume. It actually cost your
body calories to access the calories present in protein. This is great for fat loss.
The process of your body accessing the calories from food is called
thermogenisis or the thermic effect of food DT#!E. Thermogenisis is what
happens in addition to your %,".
$ean protein has a thermic effect of around 25P. Therefore, if you consume *55
calories from lean protein, your body will burn around 25 calories Bust to digest it.
Thus your net calorie intake would be 35. &o essentially, it is harder for your
body to store calories from protein.
!iber:containing complex carbs Dsuch as beans, vegetables, whole grainsE have
a thermic effect of around .5P.
n the other hand, fat and refined carbs have a thermic effect of Bust 2P which is
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 12
why dietary fat and sugary foods are so easily stored as body fat. &o if you
consume *55 calories from refined carbs H your net calorie intake will be 93.
In one sense, the thermic effect of food refutes the idea that a calorie is a calorie.
&ure, on a unit by unit basis, * calorie Q * calorie. %ut as you Bust saw, some
calories are more easily assimilated into the body and are more likely to cause
weight gain.
8lso bear in mind that some calories are KemptyL H they offer little or no
nutritional value but contribute greatly to weight gain.
6rotein has other benefits too. #ating protein sends the KI am full signalL faster to
the brain and hence cuts off appetite faster. 6rotein takes longer to be emptied
from the gut, making you feel full for longer periods and making you less likely to
binge. 6rotein also supports muscle:mass.
6rotein also slows down the absorption of sugar. This is why it is suggested that
you should eat carbs and protein together. +hen you do so, rather than getting
the famous Ksugar crashL : you get a slower more stable release of energy
throughout your body.
%ecause of the significant drop in calories that dieters on low protein diets can
experience, they often find themselves in a state of constant physiological and
emotional hunger. +hen this happens, they tend to crave refined carbohydrates,
which are foods high on the glycemic index.
High glycemic foods tend to be foods that contains lots of sugar or high fructose
corn syrup DH!)sE. )onsuming these foods will cause your insulin to spike and
likely lead to unwanted weight gain and an increased risk of getting some very
nasty illnesses.
&o, ensure you are getting ade>uate protein in your diet. The success of your fat
loss regimen depends on it.
"esearchers at the Denmark ,niversity o! 0openhaen contend that a diet rich
in lean meats' poultry and beans and lo% in starchy carbohydrates appear to be
more ideal !or %eiht loss. The also !ound that the drop out rate !or sub*ects on
this diet %as less than that o! other diets. The research %as printed in the +e%
#nland 1ournal o! Medicine.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 13
Chapter ? 0 #he Dou!le,7dged )word o$ Cutting Calories
It is the mantra for legions of dieters, cut calories and cut more calories. %ut
whilst it is an indisputable fact that to lose fat you must consume less calories
than you burn, the story doesn?t end there.
)utting calories is a double edge sword that must be handled with care. 8s a
matter of fact, very low calorie diets usually results in greater weight gain after
the initial weight loss slows.
Here is why. +hen you are heavy, your body?s metabolism is already running a
little faster. %ecause essentially, you body needs more energy to fuel itself.
&o when you first start to diet and cut calories, you tend to experience weight
loss >uicker. 8nd so you think great H I?ll cut even more calories.
%ut after a while, your body figures out what is going on and starts to slow down
your metabolism to conserve fat for energy. This is work of your body?s defense
mechanism, which is only concerned with your body?s survival. It doesn?t care
about your goal to look good in a swimsuit.
&ome of the other aspects of your body?s defense mechanisms include<
*.0our cells release less leptin hormone. This hormone signals to your brain that
you are full. $ess of it means you end up eating more.
.. 0ou lose muscle mass. &ince muscle burns more calories than fat, your
muscles need a lot of energy to keep them going. 0our body tries to conserve on
calories by cannibaliCing on its own lean tissue.
2. 0our body kicks your hypothalamus into high gear. 0our hypothalamus is the
appetite center of the brain. 0ou become ravenous for food : especially carbs
high in sugar.
The end result of all this is that your weight loss slows considerably and your will
to continue dieting falls flat. 0ou also have less muscle mass than before so now
you look fatter.
8dd all of this to your slowing metabolism and your increasing appetite for carbs
high in sugar, you start gaining weight and potentially end up heavier than
*. Avoid very lo% calorie diets. $n the lon term' they make you !atter.
2. 3et more exercise and overall try to live a more active li!estyle. Physical
activity causes you to burn more calories even %hen your body is at rest.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 14
4. Aim !or a moderate decrease in your calorie intake. Moderate decreases
should not cause such a severe trierin o! your body(s de!ense mechanism.
5. #at ade6uate protein. $t is essential !or muscle buildin.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 15
Chapter @ , A 3ew -ay #o 'oo At .ood
Now that you know that Ka calorie is not a calorieL and that the source of your
calories is a very important consideration, you are going to have to look at the
foods you eat in a new way.
8ll foods are composed of uni>ue mixtures of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
&ome foods are *55P protein foods. &ome foods are *55P fat foods. &ome
foods are *55P carbohydrate foods. 8nd others are a mixture of protein, fat and
I hope you will take some action into improving your sleeping habits and
including more whole foods in your diet. These are crucial steps to improving
your metabolism and accelerating your fat loss.
8 little later in this ebook, I?ll talk about another critical step : exercise. %ut in this
chapter, I want to impress upon you the new way you are going to have to start
looking at your diet. The old way of eating anything in sight won?t cut it.
&ince you are overweight, it is very important that you start analyCing the
composition of your food. %y altering the ratios of proteins, fats and
carbohydrates in your meals, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine.
0ou see, food has one of two fates in metabolism< it either ends up causing the
bodyFs cells to store fat, or it causes the bodyFs cells to breakdown fat.
If you are reading this ebook in search of a Aickbutt ,etabolism, then your
metabolism is most likely leaning towards one that causes the bodyFs cells to
store fat instead of burning it.
&o how do should you analyCe food. $et me show you an example.
#hese are $at $oods&
8ny oils
8ny margarines
8ny and all nuts
7airy products made from whole milk, .P milk, or *P milk will contain fat
%utter, cream, and whipping cream
8ny products that contain any of the above mentioned foods
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 16
#hese are protein $oods&
8ny milk products including milk, yogurt, whey, cottage cheese, cheese, and kefir
8ll products that contain any of the above mentioned foods
#hese are car!ohydrate $oods&
6asta of any kind
&tarchy vegetables such as acorn s>uash, peas, corn, beans
8ny milk products
&ugar and any sweeteners with the exception of &tevia and artificial sweeteners
Nuts like cashews, peanuts, chestnuts or ones that have been sugared
8ll products that contain any of the above mentioned foods
This list will become the basis for how you make any food:related decisions in
the process of creating a Aickbutt ,etabolism.
ItFs very easy to make serious mistakes in food selection and many people do
this every day of their lives. ThatFs one of the maBor reasons why we have such
an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.
7id you notice on the lists that milk products were mentioned on every list;
ThatFs because first of all, milk is a protein, but it also has >uite a few
carbohydrates in it. ,ilk can also have varying degrees of fat in it, based on how
it has been processed.
7id you notice that nuts are not listed on the protein list; ften, people think that
nuts are a good source of protein. Take a look at the label for cashew nuts and
decide if you think that cashews would be a good nut for you to create a Aickbutt
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 17
3utritional Composition $or Cashews
&erving &iCe * oC D.4.2 gE
8mount 6er &erving
)alories *-1
)alories from !at **.
P 7aily Ialue
#otal .at *..(g *9P
&aturated !at ...g **P
6olyunsaturated !at ...g
,onounsaturated !at 1.3g
)holesterol 5mg 5P
&odium 2mg 5P
#otal Car!ohydrates 4.-g 2P
7ietary !iber 5.9g (P
&ugars *.3g
9rotein -..g
!rom the label, you will see that * oC. cashews will give you -.. grams protein.
ThatFs actually a hefty serving of protein compared to many packaged foods.
However, - grams of protein from nuts is not e>ual to - grams protein from any
of the foods listed in the protein category above.
The foods on that list are complete proteins, which means that these proteins will
give you all the amino acids re>uired for life. 0ou could subsist on foods from the
protein list if you had to, without developing a protein deficiency.
This isnFt the case with the protein from nuts. Nut protein is missing at least one
amino acid, which means that if you expect to get all your protein needs from
nuts, you will eventually suffer from a protein deficiency.
7id you also notice that * oC cashews provided *..( grams fat and 4.- grams
carbohydrates; This tells you that nuts are actually a mixed food, containing a
little protein Deven though itFs incompleteE and some carbohydrates.
The main point here is that when you think of nuts, you should think of !8T not
protein. 8nd now you must also >uestion how many nuts you consume because
the carbohydrates that are in them )@$7 throw off your metabolism.
IFm not saying that nuts are not good foods. They are when used properly. 8ll I
am saying is that knowing whatFs in the foods you eat becomes one of your
biggest ally in achieving fat loss.
Next is a label for flax seeds. &ome health food enthusiasts rave over flax seeds.
$etFs look at what they are raving about by reading the label<
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 18
3utritional Composition $or .la: )eeds
&erving &iCe * oC
8mount 6er &erving * oC
)alories -.
)alories from !at 23
P 7aily Ialue
#otal .at ( g 1.2P
&aturated !at 5.21 g *.3-P
6olyunsaturated !at ..34 g
,onounsaturated !at 5.32 g
)holesterol 5mg 5P
&odium 2 mg V*P
#otal Car!ohydrates ..4g V*P
7ietary !iber ..1g *5P
&ugars 5.*- g
9rotein *.3- g

8gain, you see that flax seeds are not *55P fat, protein or carbohydrate. They
are a mixture. 8nd like nuts, flax seeds should be considered primarily fat, and
secondarily, a carbohydrate source. !orget the protein content; itFs not good
enough as a high >uality protein source.
Now letFs look at the composition of a large egg<
3utritional Composition $or 7ggs
&erving &iCe * egg
8mount 6er &erving
)alories 3*
)alories from !at (-
P 7aily Ialue
#otal .at - g 4P
&aturated !at ..5g 4P
Trans !at 5.5g
)holesterol .** mg 35P
&odium 35 mg 2P
#otal Car!ohydrates 5g 5P
7ietary !iber 5g 5P
&ugars 5g
9rotein 1.5g
#ggs are considered protein foods but they also contain some fat. The good
news is that they have no carbohydrates that you need to consider.
However, for the purposes of a nutritional analysis of your diet, weFre going to
count them only as a protein food. The reason for this is that you will most likely
not sit down and eat more than . eggs H *5 grams fat.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 19
Now letFs look at the different types of milk products on the market and their
&erving &iCe Q
* cup
Total !at
!at DgE
6rotein DgE
&kim ,ilk 95 5 5 less than - *2 *. 4
*P ,ilk **5 ..- *.- *- *2 *. 4
.P ,ilk *95 *1 . .5 3 2 4
.P )hocolate
*35 - 2 .5 .( .2 4
+hole ,ilk *-5 4 - 2- *. *. 4
Half and Half 2.5 .4 *1 45 4 4 4
Heavy )ream 455 91 -1 2.5 5 5 5
*P %uttermilk *55 ..- *.- *- *. *. 4
6lain &oy ,ilk *25 ( .- 5 *2 3 **
Ianilla &oy
*-5 2 5 5 .2 *- 3
6lain "ice ,ilk *.5 ..- 5 5 .( ** *
"ice ,ilk
*15 2 5 5 2( .4 .
8lmond ,ilk 95 ..- 5 5 *1 *( *
&trictly speaking when you read the term Kmilk productsL, you should only be
thinking milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir milk, cottage cheese, and cheese. &oy milk
is not milk. 8lmond milk is not milk. Half and half is not milk. Heavy cream and
cream cheese is not milk.
,any people want to know why they cannot consider soy milk or rice milk as
milk. The answer is simple.
Sust because itFs white and looks similar to milk, this doesnFt mean its nutritional
content is anywhere near what milkFs is. Take a minute and compare the soy milk
nutrients to regular milkFs nutrients.
"egular milk generally contains around 4 grams protein, *. grams carbohydrate,
and anywhere from 5 to 4 grams fat.
&oy milk on the other hand, contains ** grams protein, *2 grams carbohydrate
and ( grams fat. +ell, thatFs more protein than in regular milk, you may say. ItFs
gotta be good.
+rong. &oy milk Dor rice milkE does not contain all the amino acids in the right
combination to sustain life. 8nd now, research studies have shown that when
animals eat soy, their progeny eventually stops reproducing. Incomplete proteins
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 20
in a food means we donFt consider that food a good source of protein.
That means soy is a )8"%H07"8T#. 8nd that is important for you to know if
you want a Aickbutt ,etabolism.
7uring your fat loss regimen, you should keep a Bournal of all the foods you eat.
+rite out their composition for fat, protein, carbohydrates, and calories.
0ou will find nutritional information by looking at the back label of the package
your food comes in or by searching the net for nutritional information. 8 great
place on the net to find the nutritional content of various foods is found at )alorie
Now itFs time to look at what percentages of protein, fats and carbs your diet is
comprised of. This will help you ascertain the likely effect of your diet on your
body. Is your diet conducive to burning fat or fat storing.
0ou first need to know how to convert grams of protein, fat and carbs to calories.
This is very simple. ne gram of protein is worth ( calories. ne gram of fat is
worth 9 calories. ne gram of carbohydrates is worth ( calories.
@se the chart below to start your analysis.
!7 &vg &iCe Total #aten 6"T !8T )8"% )8$
HereFs an example of what your daily report could look like for breakfast. 6lease
note that the number of calories in a food will vary across brands.
!7 D* 7ay E &vg &iCe Total #aten 6"T !8T )8"% )8$
#ggs, hard boiled * . *5 *. 5 *(4
Toast, whole wheat * . 4 . .( *(1
%utter * tsp * 5 - 5 (-
range Buice * cup * . 5 .3 **1

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 21
&ub Total .5g *9g -*g (--
&vg &iCe Total #aten 6"T !8T )8"% )8$
/ranola %ar * * . 2 .- *2-
8pple * * 5 5 *5 (5
&ub Total . 2 2- *3-
)hicken on salad
)hicken 2 oC 2 oC * .* 5 5 4(
$ettuce . cups * 5 5 5 5
Tomato * small * 5 5 2 *.
7ressing . Tbl * *G. *- * *(*
8pple pie * slice * . *2 2. .-2
7iet coke *5 oC *5 oC 5 5 5 5
&ub Total .2.- .4 21 (95
&almon steak ( oC * .- ( . *((
,ashed potato * cup * 1 2 29 .53
/reen beans * cup * . 5 4 (5
)hocolate cake * slice * - *- -5 2--
&ub Total 24 .. 99 3(1
#otal @2.6 ?2 221 1@88

P protein intake Q D42.- x (G*411E x *55 Q *3.9P
P fat intake Q D3. x 9G*411E x *55 Q 2(.3P
P carbohydrates Q D..* x (G*411E x *55 Q (3.(P
This diet is a bit low on protein and low on fruits and veggies too. 8s you already
know, protein is essential to fat loss. Ieggies don?t contain too many calories but
are high in nutrients. It is very hard to over consume vegetables.
Dr Andre% 7eil !amous author and doctor suests that your diet should consist
o! about 58-98 percent !rom carbohydrates :includin veetables' !ruit' %hole
rains' starchy roots and tubers' and leumes;' 48< !rom !at' and 28 to 48<
!rom protein' %hich amounts to bet%een =88 and =98 rams on a 2'888 calorie-
a-day diet.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 22
Chapter A 0 #he (est 7:ercises .or .at (urning
0ou won?t create a Aickbutt ,etabolism on diet alone. 0ou must exercise as
Here are some of the things exercise does<
U Increases circulation throughout the organs and tissues and the extra blood
feeds and nourishes the cells by bringing them nutrients. The added blood flow to
organs is a good way to keep those organs, especially the heart, reBuvenated.
U &trengthens the heart and allows you to utiliCe oxygen optimally.
U Increases the production of endorphins, which are chemicals produced in the
brain that make us feel happy. If you recall, attitude is one of the factors on the
list that can affect metabolism.
U Tones your body, reduces fat and increases muscle mass. If you recall, the
greater your lean body mass, the higher your metabolism is likely running.
How to Wuantify 0our #xercise
8ll exercise will increase blood flow in the body but the faster you increase the
blood flow Dup to a certain pointE, the more you will increase your metabolism
That Xcertain pointF is based on the target heart rate during exercise. This rate is
calculated like this<
Target heart rate Q 15P to 4-P of your maximum heart rate.
,aximum heart rate Q ..5 minus your age.
$ook at the target heart rates of the following age groups
.5 year old< *25:*35 beatsGminute
25 year old< *.2:*1. beatsGminute
(5 year old< **3:*-2 beatsGminute
-5 year old< **5:*(- beatsGminute
15 year old< *5(:*21 beatsGminute
35 year old< 94:*.4 beatsGminute
!or people who are very out of shape H having your target heart be --:3-P of
your maximum is a good start.
If your heart rate is in this Cone for a good portion of your exercises, you are
on target to increase your metabolism and burn fat at a good rate. If your heart
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 23
rate is too low, increase the intensity of your exercises to get your heart rate to
the correct level.
+hy is this important; If you donFt put out the minimum amount of power needed
in your exercise to raise your heart rate to the desired Cone, don?t expect to lose
much fat.
n the other hand, if your heart rate is too high, you run the risk of over:training,
burning yourself out and inBury. ver training can lead to increased appetite
which can lead to weight gain because people tend to over:eat the wrong foods.
#xercise Increases 0our %,"
Now, here is something very important. #xercise increases your %," in a way
you might not expect.
,any people think that after they stop exercising, they are not burning calories.
%ut this is not the case. 7epending on the type of exercise you do, your body can
be burning calories Dat restE up to 21 hours after you exercise.
Isn?t this great H you could be taking a shower, watching tv and your metabolism
is burning extra calories. This is what you need to achieve great results in your
fat loss.
8nd this is what overweight people who go for KwalksL need to know. +alking
has gotten a lot of press lately as a way to lose fat. %ut Bust going for stroll is not
going to cut it.
If you are walking in order to lose fat H you have to make it brisk. %etter yet H
walk briskly up a hill or walk briskly up a hill wearing a backpack with some soup
cans in it. The added weight will get your heart rate up and you?ll do more than
Bust break a sweat.
If you are older or pregnant, then you may not be able to walk briskly or walk up
a hill. If this is the case H Bust walk normally for about .5:25 minutes to start. 8s
the saying goes, Kthe best exercise to do is the one you can do.L
%est #xercises !or !at %urning
However, not all exercises are e>ual in terms of their fat burning capabilities. I
have previously mentioned the limitations of walking and that if you expect to
seriously lose fat and build lean muscle H walking is not up to scratch.
8erobics or cardio is another form of exercise that, far from being useless, is not
the best for fat:burning. Sust have a look at some of tv?s top proponents of
aerobics. 0ou?ll see that even after years and years of aerobics H they are still
chubby or have little muscle mass.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 24
The reasons they are chubby are likely to be a combination of inefficient
exercises and poor eating habits. $et me explain.
The !ody pre$ers $at $or $uel when you do steady state, low intensity exercises
such as cardio. Now you might think that is great H cardio burns fat. %ut wait...not
so fastT
If all you are doing is low intensity cardio H your body being the remarkably
adaptable machine it is, becomes more efficient at holding $at in order to make
you more efficient at cardio exercises. verall, you may lose fat but not as much
as you?d like.
Typically, don?t expect to lose much fat doing only .5 minutes of low intensity
aerobics. To maximiCe fat loss from aerobics, you have to up the intensity and do
25:15 minutes about 2 times a week.
&ome people go to the extreme H and do fre>uent long duration cardio H such
those who do marathon running. $ong duration cardio triggers your body?s
defense mechanism and causes your body to KfeedL on its own muscle. If you
recall, it is the same thing that happens when you go on a very low calorie diet.
8gain, what your body is doing is adapting to the situation by Kstripping downL to
its lowest mass in order to make you more efficient at long distance running.
This is why many marathon runners look as skinny and frail as they do. &ure they
are not fat but they have little muscle mass. 8nd the less muscle:mass you have,
the smaller engine you have to burn fat. %ecause remember, muscle burns fat.
There is one very popular Kcurly hairedL proponent of aerobics that has been on
tv a long time. He has lost weight but even after years and years of aerobics, he
still looks fat.
Here is why I think he still looks fat. ne; it is likely that he has not added interval
training or weight training to his routine. Therefore, he is not building muscle
&econdly, he probably is not getting enough calories or on a low protein diet. 8s
you know, protein is vital to building lean muscle.
8part from loss of muscle mass, research has also linked long endurance cardio
with a decrease in libido, maBor illnesses and shorter life span. &o which type of
exercise is the best for fat;
Bands down, the single !est e:ercises $or $at loss is short duration high
intensity burst exercises, aka interval training. That is to say, you alternate
between high intensity and lower intensity exercises or rest.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 25
0our body?s hormones respond best to this type of exercise. High intensity
exercises increase growth hormones, promote muscle growth and reduces fat
Sust have a look at sprinters. They are built, strong and have endurance. This is
partly because they utiliCe high intensity, short burst exercises to build
acceleration and speed. )onse>uently, their bodies produce more growth
hormones which contributes to lean muscle mass.
7uring high intensity exercises, your body burns more carbohydrates for energy
but this is Bust the tip of the iceberg. 8fter you finish high intensity exercises, your
body switches to burning fat for fuel, sometimes for up to 21 hours afterward.
8erobics or cardio won?t give you that duration of after:burn unless you are doing
long duration cardio such as running marathons.
High intensity training has other benefits too such as it improves good
cholesterol, sex drive, memory and bone density.
"esistanceG+eight Training
!irst, let me tackle the myth that weight training is the best for losing fat. It is not.
I can see why people believe this to be true because when they look at body
builders H they see guys with massive muscles and very little body fat.
%ut unless you are a genetic freak or on steroids Dwhich many body builders are
on by the wayE, it is gonna take you about 1 months or more to add -:*5 pounds
of muscle on your frame.
Those -:*5 pounds will up your %," by about *55:.55 calories daily which
results in about 5.- pounds extra per week in fat burning. %asically, this means
that muscle gains help you burn more fat at rest. %ut muscle building is a slow
way to burn fat.
This is why you need to add interval training into the mix. .or ma:imum $at
!urning, do cardio, weight training and interval training.
$! you are very un!it' you can start out doin about >8< cardio and 48 <
resistance trainin. As you et !itter' you can increase the amount o! resistance
trainin and interval trainin that you do.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 26
Chapter 10 0 #he Dangers o$ +ver, 7:ercising
In life, we always have to prevent extremes, donFt we; +hen the weather is cold,
we have to bundle up enough to stay warm. %ut if we put on too many clothes we
might feel too hot or find it difficult to move around.
&imilarly, extremes should be avoided when you do exercises. +hen you have
dropped a lot of fat and more or less achieved your overall weight, you might be
so enchanted with your new body that you start to over:train.
%ut recogniCe that not only is there no need to over:exercise but you can actually
end up damaging your body.
ThatFs because the process of exercising generates free radicals H and over:
exercising produces even more. !ree radicals are linked with faster aging, heart
disease, inflammation, cancer and other degenerative diseases.
&cientists figured this out in the *945s when suddenly there were a lot of long
distance runners, supposedly in the best cardiovascular shape possible, were
being diagnosed with incurable diseases like cancer. &cientists concluded from
their tests that exercise caused an excess of free radicals, which in turn led to
If these people had consumed enough antioxidants in their diets, vitamin 8, #, ),
7 and A, they perhaps could have protected their bodies from free radical
damage. This is one reason why it is essential to eat a balanced diet plus take a
potent antioxidant supplement that >uenches free radicals. #specially if you are
exercising on a regular basis, getting ade>uate antioxidants is crucial.
How do you determine if you are exercising too hard; There are a couple of
things to look at.
!irst : check your heart rate. If your heart rate is racing in the morning before you
get out of bed, youFre exercising too hard. If your heart rate is *5 beatsGminute
higher than your usual resting pulse it could mean that you are exercising too
+hen you see that your heart rate is - beats too high, do something to slow
down your exercise. 7onFt wait until your heart rate hits *5 beats higher.
+hat should your resting heart rate be; Normal heart rate beats between -5 :
*55 beats per minute. If youFre a conditioned athlete, you may already know that
your resting heart rate is much lower than that H and may even be in the (5s.
If youFre out of shape, your resting heart rate is most likely closer to 3. beats per
minute or higher. However, the good news is that as you exercise and get fitter,
you?ll see improvements in your resting heart rate. +hat started out as 3. beats
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 27
per minute starts falling to 14, then 1( and then 15. 8nd thatFs a sign of you
becoming more and more heart healthyT
ther signs of over exercising include insomnia, fatigue, moodiness, nagging and
muscle aches.
How to 7etermine 0our Heart "ate
ItFs a good idea to own a heart rate monitor or at the least a watch with a second
timer. If your watch has a second timer, you can easily calculate your heart beat
either at resting or during exercise.
To do this, simply take your middle finger of your right hand and run the pad of
the fingertip up the middle of your neck Dthis is the area of your voiceboxE. 0ouFll
notice that at the top of this area there is a little fatty mass.
If you turn your hand slightly so that your palm points upward and your finger is
on that fatty little area, there you will find your pulse. It will be beating strongly.
Now look at your watch. +hen the second hand hits *., start counting those
heartbeats. &top counting when the second hand hits 2. Now take the number of
beats you counted and multiply the number by (. That is your heart rate.
+rite down your resting heart rate for about 2 days and average it.
RRRRRRRRR Heart "ate 7ay *
RRRRRRRRR Heart "ate 7ay .
RRRRRRRRR Heart "ate 7ay 2
RRRRRRRRR Total of all three
RRRRRRRRR 8verage beginning resting morning heart rate
Now do your exercises as normal and keep a record of your resting heart rate. If
you see your heart rate increasing - beats, itFs time to start making changes by
slowing down your exercise.
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 28
Chapter 11 0 9otty #raining .or %mproved Meta!olism
0ou already know that metabolism occurs in every cell of the body. The food you
eat is a basic re>uirement for metabolism to pump out energy in the body and get
all your cellular needs met. Thus, the digestive system is a key player in this
How well is your digestive system working; @nfortunately for the average
8merican, the answer to this >uestion is not very well. In fact, a poorly
functioning digestive system has become the norm.
)ases of gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, colitis, diverticulitis,
celiac disease, allergies to foods, pain after eating, reflux H burping up what you
ate afterwards etc. If you cannot digest your food properly, how can you expect
to get the nutrients out of the food to fuel a Aickbutt ,etabolism; IFll give you a
clue : itFs not going to happen easilyT
If your stool contains undigested food particles, then nutrients are escaping
without your body capturing them for appropriate usage. That means you are
leaking energyT +onder why you donFt have energy and canFt get up in the
+orse yet, if you occasionally see something crawling in the stool or black flecks
in the toilet bowl, this may indicate that somewhere along the route of life, you
picked up a KcritterL. 6arasites live off the same nutrients that are meant for you,
and they will take everything that they can get.
6otty Training %asics Needed by ,ost 6eople
The easiest way to address most of these digestive issues is to start with the
basics of potty training for adults. ,any adults have had to relearn this, including
myself. ,any have denied its importance only to find down the road that this
denial contributed to their present illnesses. In many ways, health starts in the
7igestive health may not be mentioned in many other books that discusses how
to boost your metabolism. ThatFs because those authors are ignoring simple
physiological facts.
+e are what we eat and digest. If you make the changes suggested in this
chapter, you should feel lighter and experience improvements in your digestive
health. r better yet, consult a natural health practitioner who can advise you on
remedies for your digestive system. 7onFt procrastinate on this.
%ecause our digestive system standards are so low in this culture, many people,
including doctors believe that it is okay to not have a bowel movement for ( daysT
ItFs notT
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 29
+hether you are a vegetarian or meat:eater, the longer that food rots in your
body, the faster the chemicals and substances in food turn into toxins. These
toxins travel to the head and cause a headache; travel to the Boints and cause
Boint aches and pains and travel to the muscles and cause chronic fatigue.
0our goal is to eat a meal and then, within 25 minutes, move out an older meal
that has finished the digestion process in the body.
+hat you also want is to experience what itFs like to have a clean colon and to be
able to achieve optimal absorption of the nutrients from the food you eat.
How 7o 0ou #liminate the ld !ecal +aste;
The easiest way to get the process going is to drink Y cup D( oC.E of aloe vera
Buice twice daily. It doesnFt matter if you drink the aloe vera Buice between meals
or with meals. However, itFs best to drink it before meals to help re:establish
7rink between .:4 ounces a day and reduce the dosage until you re:establish
regularity. &ome people however drink aloe vera Buice every day. ver time, you
should see more waste come out than you have seen in a whileT
%ut donFt worry H there shouldnFt be any diarrhea or uncontrollable movements.
8nd itFs waste; itFs not your organs coming out. +ithin a week or so you should
see some reduction in your weight as a result of the elimination
%elieve it or not, some people have *5 to *- pounds of the old rotten poop sitting
in thereT That excess waste takes a toll on the body. nce itFs gone, your bodyFs
vibration is immediately improved. 0ou begin to emanate a golden aura of health.
8nd will people notice. %ut most of all, your metabolism works better.
&lippery #lm %ark 6owder ,akes ld +aste &lip "ight ut
The second easiest way to move out the waste and create a Aickbutt ,etabolism
is to add * Tablespoon slippery elm powder to *G2 to Y cup applesauce, mix it up
in a bowl, and eat it. The slippery elm thickens the applesauce to a consistency
of thick oatmeal and has a pleasant taste. 0ou can flavor it with cinnamon if you
wish; Z teaspoon cinnamon is good enough.
This mixture can be eaten twice daily as it is also heals the intestines that have
been damaged by leaky gut syndrome. It is also good for intestines troubled by
either diarrhea as well as constipation. This mixture is gentle enough to be
administered to children, to the very ill, debilitated elderly and even those on
nly ne +arning on the @se of &lippery #lm Herb
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 30
Sust follow the simple rule that you donFt take prescription medications along with
herbs, ever. Instead, leave at least an hour between the consumption of the two.
If your colon is really in poor shape, it is helpful to drink the aloe vera Buice first
thing in the morning and before bed along and take the slippery elm and
applesauce one to two times during the day.
+ill this much hurt you; No. %ut again, if you have had long:standing digestive
system ailments, obtaining specific professional advice from a natural health
practitioner who is well versed in this area is strongly recommended.
+hen 0ou )an &top Taking the &lippery #lm
+hen waste is successfully moving out of your body on a regular routine, thatFs
when it is time to start backing off the use of the aloe vera Buice andGor the
slippery elm. )ut the dosage into half for both of them.
ItFs impossible to make a general statement about how long these remedies
should be used. &ome people may need to take these two natural remedies for a
week while others may need to take them for months.
)olonic Hydrotherapy< 8 $ast "esort or a !irst $ine ,ethod;
8 third method to clean out the waste in the colon is to schedule a series of three
(-:minute colonic hydrotherapy sessions with a well trained, knowledgeable
colon hydrotherapist. This is a method of cleaning out the colon that began back
in the early *955s and is still an excellent method.
8 colonic hydrotherapy machine is connected to both a water line and drain. 6ut
simply, a gentle flow of purified water flows into the colon via a hose and waste
flows out.
8 colon hydrotherapy session will XdeflateF you like a balloon but donFt expect
that one session is going to be a cure:all. It wonFt. The colon needs constant
work on it to get it back in the shape it should be in.
8ccording to 7r. Norman +alker, a natural health practitioner well known in the
century, one colon hydrotherapy session is e>uivalent to 25 enemas. %ut
three sessions are a good start, especially when they are used along with the
aloe vera Buice and the slippery elm powder.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 31
Chapter 12 0 )upplements #hat )upport .at 'oss
"egular exercise and restricting your calorie intake are important for fat loss and
overall health. %ut, if you arenFt getting the foundational nutrients you need to run
your metabolic pathways, you are limiting your own metabolism.
If it were at all possible to eat a balanced diet everyday, we would probably be
able to get all our nutrients from food. I say KprobablyL because the nutrient
contents of foods are much less than what they were -5 years ago.
%ut even if our foods had the highest nutrient content possible H most of us lead
busy lives which prevent us from eating right all the time.
&o this makes supplementation very important. 8nd in relation to getting leaner,
there are safe supplements that you can take to accelerate the rate of your fat
loss and to give your body the foundational nutrients it needs.
Here are the suggested supplements<
U +mega 2 .ish +il . The king of all supplements. In my other writings, I have
said that if you can only take one supplement in life, make it omega 2 fish oil pills.
#veryone should be on it regardless of weight.
It is truly a supplement that positively affects you from head to toe. 0our brain,
your eyesight, your heart and your Boints all re>uire omega 2 fats for optimal
mega 2 fish oil is also very useful for fat loss as it helps to metaboliCe stomach
fat. 8s a matter of fact, it when fish oil is taken in conBunction with exercise, it
accelerates fat loss. There are numerous other benefits of omega 2 fish oil that
makes it the [* anti:aging supplement on the planet.
%ut before you buy it, is important to pay attention to the purity of the product.
,ost fish oil sold in stores Dincluding cod liverE contains harmful pollutants from
the the sea.
Therefore, make sure you buy only pharmaceutical grade fish oil which has all
the pollutants removed. 8nd make sure you take enough too; between (:1 grams
a day.
U Multiple CitaminDMineral& This supplement is essential as it contains special
compounds that act as cofactors or catalysts to help optimiCe almost every vital
function in your body and provides vital anti:aging coverage.
0ou can tell a good multivitamin from a bad one by looking for these ( clues<
)ontains all the % vitamins, not Bust %*, %., %1 and %*.. )heap companies that
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 32
donFt care about your health will skimp on % vitamins. They are notorious for
especially leaving out biotin or putting it in at very low levels H like 22P, when
you need *55P of a daily re>uirement.

The % vitamins are intimately tied in with the metabolic cycles. 8t certain points in
the breakdown of carbohydrates, certain % vitamins are re>uired. This happens
with the other metabolic pathways as well.
.. 8 bad multi vitamin leaves out phosphorus.

2. 8 bad multi vitamin XforgetsF to put in molybdenum, manganese, lithium,
selenium, and iron.
(. 8 good multivitamin is created with food sources; itFs not Bust a combination of
laboratory:synthesiCed vitamin and mineral forms. This means you need alfalfa
andGor other foods in it. The foods help absorption.
+e could spend an entire ebook Bust on multi vitaminsT %ut these pointers will be
enough to weed out a lot of the bad supplements on the market.
E ( Comple:
8ll the % vitamins should be included in your multivitamin tablets but an extra %
complex will do most people some good. The % vitamins are intimately tied in
with the metabolic cycles.
8s previously mention, at certain points in the breakdown of carbohydrates,
certain % vitamins are re>uired. This happens with the other metabolic pathways
as well.
0our % vitamin should contain<
Iitamin %* DthiamineE
Iitamin %. DriboflavinE
Iitamin %2 DniacinE
Iitamin %1 DpyridoxineE
!olic acid
6antothenic acid
Iitamin %*.
How much it contains is really dependent on your age, health status and level of
sugar you have consumed in the past. If you ate a lot of sugar and processed
foods, then your needs are higher because these foods lack the % vitamins and
draw upon your stores to furnish them. $ook for a level of at least *55P of the
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 33
daily needs for each % vitamin in your supplement. 8gain, natural food sources
should be used in the actual supplement itself.
The easiest way to find out exactly what your body needs for its nutrition to be
perfect is to obtain additional testing. )ustomiCed tests may be found via the
internet which provide a health practitioner with an idea about which supplements
your body is lacking.
The practitioner then sets up a plan of nutrients for you to take for a specified
amount of time. This is the easiest way to get your nutritional needs met H at the
highest level.
U CoF 10 . In your metabolic pathways, one of the final steps to releasing energy
is dependent on )oenCyme W *5 or )oW *5.
This nutritional supplement can be >uite pricey but it is well worth it. ver*55
different medications such as statin drugs, diabetic drugs and high blood
pressure drugs, are culprits in creating a )oW *5 deficiency in the body.
!urthermore as we age, our body levels of )oW *5 diminishes.
)oW *5 deficiencies can show up as extreme muscle fatigue, memory loss and
personality changes. !ood doesnFt contain high levels of this nutrient, so a daily
supplement of *55 mg is pretty essential.
U Antio:idants. I briefly mentioned earlier the importance of antioxidants. 8s
your body KfeedsL on food, water and oxygen, it KburnsL energy and creates
This waste includes free radicals which can damage your cardio vascular
system, your sex drive, cause wrinkles and cell fatigue.
8 good multivitamin will contain antioxidants but as you push your body to do
more exercise, you?ll increase the free radicals in your system. This is why it is
recommended to also take a potent antioxidant .
&uch a supplement will among other things, promote cardio vascular health,
make hard workouts easier and improve recovery times.
U -hey 9rotein. If you are serious about maximiCing your fat loss, building lean
muscle and supporting muscle recovery after your work out, then you ought to
take whey protein.
+hey is healing to the intestinal tract, helps boost immunity and supplies the
amino acids in the right combination for the body to replenish its protein stores
and build new tissue.
+hey supplements are commonly used by those who exercise regularly and they
are great supplements for athletes to take. The amino acids found in whey are
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 34
branched chain amino acids H the very ones that exercise physiologists have
discovered to build muscle the fastest.
,ake sure you read the label on any whey protein supplement and go for the one
that says Kminimally processedL since protein that is heated to very high
temperatures is denatured and of no use to the body. 8lso look for a minimal
amount of sugars added to the list of ingredients of that protein supplement.
8void whey protein supplements that have corn syrup, corn syrup solids,
dextrose, malto dextrose, sugar, maple syrup, dextrin, raisin syrup, rice syrup,
and other types of sweeteners. Ianilla or chocolate is fine, though.

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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 35
(onus Chapter& 3ine Diet .oods You )hould 3ot 7at and -hy
+arning< &ome diets recommend these foods for weight loss. 7onFt eat themT
They can affect your health andGor pack on the pounds.
+ith so many diets out there to choose from, you really do need a discerning eye
to discriminate them and choose a good one. )hoosing a fad diet or a diet not
based on a good, strong foundation and scientific principles can set you back six
months or greater, or worse yet, it can damage your health.
This bonus section outlines some of the foods you should stay away from. 6ay
attention to reasons why eating these foods are not advisable to those you want
to lose fat. @se these reasons as a guideline for analyCing other foods you plan
on eating.
1. 9opcorn.

6opcorn can potentially be a good food. Here are the conditions<
\ If you make it at home
\ If you spend the time to make it with an air popper
\ If you donFt add butter and more than a few shakes of salt
\ If you only eat *:*G. cups total.
If you really want the pleasure of eating popcorn, can you follow all these
guidelines; The problem with microwaveable popcorn is that it blows all your
hard:earned weight loss efforts for at least three days because of the sodium and
fat content.
The sodium added to microwaveable popcorn is far too high for any human to
consumeT $ess than 255 mg sodium per serving is the upper limit if you are
health:conscious; one bag of microwaveable popcorn could contain *-55 mg
sodium or more.
The problem is that salt loves to attract water once inside your body and
complexes with it. &hifts in the water balance in the body occurs and then you
end up retaining water, your face looks puffy, your clothes donFt fit as well, and
some people will have ankle swelling as a result. ver half the population is
estimated to be salt:sensitive and susceptible to high blood pressure as well.
That water that complexes with salt in the popcorn was supposed to be used in
the process of breaking down fat in your diet and now the water is unavailable for
weight loss. Not goodT
No matter what, choosing popcorn is a losing proposition H and itFs not weight
loss that weFre talking aboutT
ThereFs another problem with microwaveable popcorn. The chemicals used in the
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 36
lining of the popcorn bags are linked to thyroid dysfunction, infertility, cancer and
other maBor health issues. 8nd as you know from the list in chapter *, a thyroid
dysfunction will significantly slow down weight loss.
2. 5ice Caes
"ice cakes look innocuous to some unsuspecting dieters but they can be
downright dangerous when consumed on a regular basis. These abominations of
the food industry are made of puffed rice. The process of puffing the rice subBects
the rice granules to such high heat that chemical changes are created in the
)hemicals called Kadvanced glycation end productsL are created during
processing which rapidly accelerate any diabetes complications, arthritis
destruction of your Boints, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, and cancer
progression in your body. 8nd if you donFt have any of these degenerative
diseases, then look out H they can be on the way when you eat rice cakes
"ice cakes are also rated high on the /lycemic Index, which means that they will
cause a much greater release of insulin than what your body can handle. This
ties in with weight gain H because insulin will cause a shift in the bodyFs
metabolism to store fat for at least the next *4 hours.
&o if you are are unhappy with the speed of your weight loss efforts and rice
cakes are part of your diet, then it is time to stop eating them.
2. Gasmine 5ice
Sasmine rice looks appetiCing enough when itFs served during a meal with plenty
of vegetables and chicken cooked in a wok. %ut the truth is that this white rice
isnFt so pure and wholesome as some people believe.
"ated on the /lycemic Index with a number greater than *55, Basmine rice
causes an insulin burst from the pancreas greater than some of sugar:filled
XdessertF drinks that are loaded with calories and fat.
8nd as you already know, anything that is that high on the /lycemic Index is full
of the potential to cause damage in the body that is long:lasting.
!orget the Basmine rice. /o with brown rice or @ncle %enFs converted rice. %oth
are much lower on the /lycemic Index and donFt release as much insulin.
4. (o:ed Cereals
The sad news is that our children has been raised on boxed cereals. +ith
/lycemic Index D/IE ratings greater than 1- for most cereals, weFre producing a
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Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 37
generation with weak pancreases, a propensity towards diabetes, and an
increased risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer, and other degenerative
%ut itFs not Bust your children you should be concerned about. If youFre on a diet
that includes boxed cereals on a regular basis Deven some %ran cerealsE, some
of which have a /I rating of well over *55 H then youFre headed for lessened
health and fat gain. &ay no to diets that include boxed cereals, period.
6. .armed .ish
+hatever an animal or fish eats or is fed, ends up in us if we eat that animal or
fish. The industry of fish farming is not currently looking out for your welfare when
they feed their fish antibiotics, 6)%s, 77T, dioxin, carcinogens, hydrolyCed
chicken feathers, soy and chicken litter.
)hemicals and pesticides are stored in fat cells and they make weight loss more
difficult because the breakdown of fat will release these chemicals and
pesticides. ThatFs part of the reason why some dieters get headaches and feel
lousy when they are losing weight.
&witch to the real, wild:caught fish. "ead the labels carefully H most of the shrimp
on the market is now farmed fish. Tilapia is, too.
8. #una
Tuna may taste great and itFs included on many different diets but stay clear of
this fish. Tuna is one of the primary fish in the oceans that accumulates mercury
and thereFs plenty of mercury in the seas and oceans nowadays.
8ny potentially toxic element is a haCard to your weight loss when it accumulates
in your body. ThatFs because the more that accumulates, the more that the toxic
element interferes with functioning of that cell.
,ercury will accumulate in fat cells, and when youFre on a diet, the fat cells that
are being burned up have to give up their toxins. That means they release them
to the blood where they circulate through the body. Hopefully your liver is strong
enough to handle the toxic metal dumping into the bloodstream] but if not, youFll
?. -hole 1rain (reads
%read H itFs supposed to be the staff of life. %ut it isnFt when the bread
manufacturers pervert it into a food that can do us in and end up contributing to
diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, inflammation in the body, dementia and cancer.
How do you know what bread is good and which one isnFt; "ead the labels.
Eat For A Ried Body ! htt "##Burnthe$at%&mroveMetabolism%com#
Kickbutt Metabolism - The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss 38
HereFs an example< . slices of a popular +hole /rain )ountry +hite %read
contains ..5 calories, ( grams fat, (.5 mg sodium, (. grams carbs, and ( grams
+hatFs wrong with that; The sodium is too high; it should be 255 mg or less. The
carbohydrates are too high; it should be less than .5 grams unless you want that
infamous big surge of insulin coursing around your bloodstream damaging all the
organs along the way.
,ost diets would do best if you Bust left out the bread.
@. (roth
,any diets tell you to use broth, meaning the hydrolyCed protein broth cubes that
are generally high in sodium and filled with artificial preservatives. ,ake your
own broth by adding a little extra water to the pots you cook chicken, turkey, beef
or pork in. &ave the homemade broth by freeCing it H it will be free of excess
sodium and still >uite flavorful.
#ven if the broth is a sodium:free variety, the methods used in creating the broth
cube subBect you to the production of 8dvanced /lycation #ndproducts D8/#sE
in the body. 0ou donFt want anything to do with these nasty chemical and
metabolic byproducts that are far worse than free radicalsT
A. Yogurt
0ogurt has been touted so much as a healthy food that almost every diet
includes it. However, itFs the original form of yogurt H wholesome milk with
lactobacillus culture added to it that is the healthy food H not the concoctions that
we find in many grocery stores.
If you look at the ingredient label, you will find all sorts of additives that are
>uestionable. 7o you really need all that extra sugar; &hould the carbohydrate
level be more than *. or *- grams per serving;
NoT 0et, youFll find yogurt on the market that contains 2- grams carbohydrates
and .- grams of sugarT This is outrageous and unacceptableT %y the way, that
brand was popular low:fat froCen yogurt.
If you include a product like this, what will you get; 8nother big burst of insulin
from your pancreas and that means another day of diet disastersT read the
labels. ,ake sure the yogurt meets your highest expectations. 8nd donFt settle
for less.
Eat For A Ried Body ! htt "##Burnthe$at%&mroveMetabolism%com#
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