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Crime is like a puzzle where all the pieces must be put together.

Its well known that crime is

increasing day by day and it represents one of the biggest problems of humanity. How can we combat
this major problem of society?
First of all, Criminology attracts me because of the degree of complexity and its beneficial
effects for society by discovering the criminal. All I know about criminology was learnt from movies or
books, following step by step the plot and trying to discover the profile of the murderer. Nowadays,
there are more and more crimes which cant be resolved and society needs people to work in this
domain to discover what is hidden in criminals mind and how this phenomenon can be prevented.
Also, Criminology implies Psychology; the knowledge of human mind always had fascinated me. If you
know who someone thinks you can prevent their actions.
As shown by, Psychology means more than just learning a few terms its about the capacity to discover
criminal intentions and stop them before its happening. As far as I know, crime came as a result for
unhappy childhood or severe damages which were made when the person was still a child.
Well, for me this was always a passion. Now I had decided to transform this passion into a future
profession. Ive choose this country because I believe it can provide me more opportunities and a wide
range of course in the domain I want to study. My family and my friends encouraged me to apply; they
strongly believe that I have the qualities which are necessary for this type of course. My spirit of
observation is one of my biggest qualities, more than that Im organised and I like to imply myself in all
kind of activities. hoping for the best final result possible. Travelling is also a passion for me, discover
other cultures and interact with different types of people. Im also an active person, one of my favourite
activities in my spare time are playing basketball. It helps me to relax and to keep my mind healthy.
In my high school years I paid much attention to Psychology classes. It was one of my favourites
subjects. My desire was to discover more about human capacities and the way human brain is working.
Psychology gives us all the tools we need to build a profile for someone. For example, Ive always tried
to pay attention on the details, to follow every single move and to discover different characters for
every person I know.
During my high school, I participated as a volunteer for some projects like: Lets do it, Romania an
ecological programme because I believe nature must be protected because its the biggest gift we have.
Programmes for European Union on 9 May and Childs Day were a part of my job as a volunteer and
during summer holiday I had worked for a company, I was assigned with administrative problems and
with translations into English or French. Ive got a DELF B2 certificate.
All in all, Criminology and Psychology will always be the most important passions for me and Ill try to
develop my skills according to the demands of this domain of study. Why are some people capable to
take someones life? This will remain my principal question and I really hope someday Ill find an answer.