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Road to World War II Revision

Abolish the Treaty of Versailles Thought it was unjust and humiliating/ didnt like Tiny
armed forces, Rhineland demilitarised, Anschluss with Austria forbidden, Germans forced to
lie in !"echosloakia #$udetenland% and &oland #including 'an"ig%(
)*+and German territory To unite Austria with Germany/ To get e*tra lebensraum ,liing
s+ace- for Germans(
'efeat !ommunism .elieed .olsheiks hel+ed cause German defeat in //0/ 1eared
.olsheik takeoer(
Conscri+tion 2 Rearmament .egan in secret/ Took Germany out of 3eague of
4ations/ 0567 8ntroduced conscri+tion, 8ncreased s+ending on arms, 9uge rearmament
rally,4aal agreement with .ritain allowed German nay of 67: of .ritish nay/
8ncreased airforce to ;,<7= by 0565(
Rhineland > ?arch 056@A moed troo+s in, breaking Treaty of Versailles and 3ocarno
Treaty/ Bustified it by claiming that C$$R D 1rance agreement threatened Germany/
German army #only <<=== soldiers% had orders to withdraw if o++osed/ 1rance and
.ritain did not sto+ him/ 3eague of 4ations +owerless, didnt want to risk war(
Anschluss 056EA 1ailed attem+t/ 1eb 056;A 9itler encouraged Austrian 4a"is to stir
u+ trouble, Austrian !hancellor $chuschnigg sought .ritish and 1rench hel+, but was
refused/ 5 ?arch 056;A $chuschnigg called for a +lebiscite on union/ 00 ?arch
056;A 9itler sent in troo+s, then held a +lebsicite/ 0= A+ril 056;A 55(>: oted for
Munich A+ril 056;A ?any Germans 4a"is lied in the $udetenland stirred u+ trouble
07 $e+t 056; .erchtesgadenA 9itler agreed to the +arts of the $udetenland which oted
that they wanted to unite with Germany( 9e +romised that the rest of !"ech( was safe(
<> $e+t 056; .ad GodesbergA 9itler demands immediate control of all $udetenland
<5 $e+t 056; ?unich AgreementA .ritain, 1rance 2 8taly gae the $udetenland to 9itler
6= $e+temberA !hamberlain calls ?unichA F&eace for our timeG(
C"echosloakia 07 ?arch 0565A German troo+s took oer the rest of the country( 4o
!"ech resistance( .ritain and 1rance abandoned a++easement(
U$$R/ 4a"i Germany &act
<6 August 0565, 4a"iH$oiet &act shocked worldI frees 9itler to attack &oland(
0 $e+t 0565 9itler inaded &oland .ritain and 1rance declared war on Germany(
APPEASEMENT Br!a" a"# $ra"%e
0( Acce+ted reHarming of Germany #.ritish naal agreement, 0567%
<( 4o action oer reHoccu+ation of Rhineland #056@%
6( Allowed 9itler to use German bombers in $+anish !iil /ar #056>65%
E( 4o action oer Anschluss #056;%(
7( Gae in oer $udetenland at ?unich #056;%(
0( !hamberlain feared another war( &eo+le wanted +eace so not enough +ublic su++ort to go
to war(
<( .elief in the 3eague of 4ations to sole +roblems so they did not threaten 9itler with
6( .ritain too weak for war in 056;, needed time to reHarm so a++easement bought .ritain a
year to reHarm(
E( Treaty of Versailles was considered unfair so many .ritish +eo+le sym+athised with
9itlerJs demands(
7( !hamberlain misjudged 9itler so he trusted 9itlerJs +romises that $udetenland was the
last thing he wanted
@( 1ear of !ommunism so +eo+le let 9itler grow strong because they thought a strong
Germany could sto+ Russia(
0( 1ebA 1ranco #a 1ascist% won the $+anish !iil /ar so it seemed 1ascism was on the
increase eerywhere(
<( 07 ?archA 9itler inaded !"echosloakia so +eo+le realised that only a war would sto+
6( ?archA !hamberlain +romised to defend &oland which made war ineitable when 9itler
inaded &oland(
E( A+rilA ?ussolini conKuers Albania which made it seem that 1ascism was wanting to take
oer the world
7( ?ayA &act of $teel ,9itler and ?ussolini- which showed 9itler was building u+ his forces
for war(
@( AugA .ritish alliance with C$$R failed, but <6 August 4a"iH$oiet &act so 9itler was
free to inade &oland(
>( AugA 9itler stirred u+ trouble in 'an"ig and demanded the &olish corridor, then
;( $e+tA 9itler inaded &oland(
AU, )*+*: AN,LO-SO.IET TAL/S $AIL [memory 0or#: SCAB]
Sus+icion !hamberlain didnt trust $talin !ommunist 2 dictator( $talin didnt trust the
.ritish ,thought they wanted to trick him into war with Germany-( &oland didnt trust C$$R(
Choice 8f $talin allied with .ritain, he would end u+ fighting in &oland on .ritains behalf
9itler was +romising half of &oland for doing nothing(
A++easement $talin didnt think .ritain would honour its +romise to &oland( 9e thought
he would be left fighting 9itler alone(
Britain delayed, Aug 0565 .ritain sent an official #&lunkettH)rnleH)rleH'ra*% to C$$R by
boat H too slow( An admiral, he was not im+ortant enough to make decisions(
WH& A NA1I-SO.IET PACT [memory 0or#: THU,]
8n August 0565 the C$$R signed an agreement with Germany(
Time to +re+are for war 8t gae Russia 0; months to make military +re+arations(
Ho+e to gain $talin ho+ed Germany, .ritain and 1rance would wear themseles out in a
long war(
Unha++y with .ritain $talin turned to Germany when .ritain was too slow(
,ermanyJs ?oties 9itler thought it would make .ritain back down oer &oland(